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    Ths 8hlllslah.
Tlio dblllnlnli owes Its nnmo to th
fact tlint the flnost sicclmcns thereof
used to be grown In the pIcnRant
groves of trees tlint formerly nourish
ed lu the tmrony of HIilllnlnRli, In
County Wlcklow. The best shlllnliih
must ho n root sprung wipllng, for one
takcu from the urnnclics or n run
nrowu treo would lnck the necessary
toughness, llelng trimmed nnd
"brought to hand," the young stick
undergoes prcpnrntory discipline by
bolnc nlnced In the chimney to sonsou,
thus becoming enrly nccllmntlzcd to
the hot work In store for lu This part
nf tlm curriculum llnlshcd. It Is rub
bed until completely siiturnled with
oil. nfter which It Is securely wrapped
In n stout sheet of brown paper nnd
burled In n convenient hotbed. At
this stage of Its development It Is nil
object of unceasing watchfulness on
the part of Its proprietor, who to Tore
stall nny detrimental warp In the ob
tort of Ids care visits It tlnllr. correct
Inir nnv vniitliful tontlctirv to dctiart
from n straight Hue and ultimately se
curing as straight n bit or timber as
heart could desire. New York Trib
Hot Scotch.
The young wife dipped the ladle Into
the porrldw nnd smiled Inipilrlngiy nt
tho overnight guest.
"Will you have some hot Hootch, Mr.
Dash?" sho nsked.
Dash laughed.
"Hot Scotch? Whrre Is It?" said he.
"Why, here, of course," said the
young wife In n (perplexed tone.
"Didn't you know that oatmeal Is
called hot Hootch?"
"Kr-l" Dash stammered, nnd then
tho young husband caught his eye, nnd
lie wns client.
"I didn't know It myself till Inst
yenr," she explained. "I heard (leorgo
Inviting his cousin over the tclcplioua
to meet, him nt tho olllco nnd hnve n
' hot Scotch. I didn't know what hot
Hcotch was till you told me, did I,
George, very red, nnswered huskily:
"No, my dear."
Laughing nt her own Ignorance, tho
lady proceeded to serve tho thick, pain
hot Hcotch. New Orleans Tlmes-Dom-ocrnt.
Vlclsiltudci of Picture.
Tho vicissitudes of Leonardo tin
Vinci's picture, "Last Supper," re
minds a correspondent of the straugo
experiences of Holbein's "Held of tliu
Cloth of Gold," which may bo seen
nny day at Hampton Court palaco.
After the downfall of Charles 1., Crom
well lu order to rnlso funds propoxed
tho sale of certain pictures, this among
the number. Tho bargain was already
made, but when tho would bo pur
chaser came to Inspect Holbein's mas
terpiece he discovered that the head
of Henry VIII. had been cut from tliu
canvas. Ho naturally withdrew his
offer, ft tut the picture was preserved
to thu nation. On the restoration n
nobleman confessed to having com
mitted the theft for love of art nnd hi
country, and he returned the missing
head, which now ix-cuples Its original
position lu the canvas, The circle
mndo by the knife Is still plainly visi
ble. London Chronicle.
Cold Storsgo Rats.
The nttendaut cauii nut of tho cold
storage room with mi awed look,
"Itats aro wonderful." he said. "We
thought modern plumbing would iiImiI.
IhIi i hem, but they live lu the clean
light nnd dryness of the best modern
plumbing more comfortably than they
did In the damp and lllth and darkness
of the past. Wo thought tho modern
ship would nbollsh them, but tho Lu
sllnula has ns many rats ns bad the
Columbus caravels. And hero"
He made mi uwed gesture.
"And here I llnil rats lu our cold
storage room nt temperatures that
freeze the breath and cause It to Tall
lu the form of snow, To nnd fro they
prowl. Their coats are thick and wnrm
like fur, and, with frost on their
whiskers, they feed heartily on moat
and game frozen to rookllko hardness."
Fir Terms In Japan.
l'lros lu Japan are so common that
this destructive agency has established
Itself ns n national Institution, and a
whole vocabulary has grown up to ex
press every shade of meaning In mat
tors llory. The Japanese language has
special terms for an luceudhiry lire, nu
accidental lire, Ores starling from one's
own house, u tiro caught from next
door, ii II ro which one shares with oth
ers, it tiro which Is burning to nu eud,
tho lliuuo of a tire, nuythliig-for In
stance, a brazier, from which a tiro
may arise; tho side from which to at
tack a llru lu order to extinguish It; n
visit of cuudolcuce after n (Ire,
More Wheat to Come.
A Chinese doctor, ns n punishment
for causing his patient's death, had to
pay ten loads of wheat. Whllo carry
ing the grain he miih met by n man
Mbo asked him to come a ml treat a
sick member of his family, "All right,"
said tho doctor, "I will bo there short
ly, but lu the meantime you may Ik
gettlug your barn cleaned out,"-Serup
"Nature plans well for mankind's
"I should say so. What could bo
more convenient than ears to hook
spectacles over?" Washington Herald.
The Soft Answer,
He Artists say that Ave feet four
Is the divine height for women. His
Darling (crossly) You know, I am live
feet nine. Ho (ipilokly) You are more
than divine, my dear.
Laws catch tiles nnd let hornets go
tree. Anncharsls.
We wish to secure a good corres
pondent and solicitor In every sec
tion of the Peninsula. Will not the
different push clubs take this matter
up and see that their own particular
locality Is covered each week with
one or more correspondents. If two
correspondents from the same local
ity sends the same Item we will cut
out the duplicated notes. This means
much to the Peninsula and we hope
our friends will take hold of the
matter and give us all the news cn
the entire Peninsula.
(Jetting an "Old Man,"
"Speaking of new men," said the
boss of the skyscraper builders, with n
twinkle, "comical things happen even
up here, the same as In n theater.
Sometimes lu rush seasons there nln't
enough hands to go round, nnd we
hnve to take 'cm green ns the hills. I
had ono once, n kid from Vermont, a
whnlo of n kid, with bones like n horse
nnd eyes awful nnxlous to plense
cyes that tnado you like him. He's one
of tho best men I've got now, but then
he was green ns God made htm." The
foreman stopped to chuckle.
'"Go up to tho eighteenth floor.' I
told him one dny, 'and bring down an
old man.' I wns busy nt tho time, nnd
when I saw the kid stnrc I snld kind
of sharp that If that old man wasn't
here In five minutes the whole blamed
building would probably go to smash.
This was Just my way of making lilm
hustle, but ho thought I meant It word
for word. He went up on tho run, nnd
lu n few minutes he came down with
n sputtering, cluwlng old feller held
llko n vise In his arms.
"'Ho was the only old man on thu
floor,' said tho kid, 'and ho wanted to
ston nnd nrguo nbout It, but from
what you said I knew wlint It meant.
so I Just grabbed him nnd came.'
"You see," the foremnn ndded kind
ly, noting my puwlcd expression, "nu
old mnn hnppeun to bo tho name of n
tool wo use'-Uverybody's Mngnzlne.
Making Caricatures.
The way lu which some nrtlsts can
distort features without making them
unrecognizable Is certainly very re
markable, Thomas Nast possessed
this faculty to nu extraordinary de
gree, and he had u very peculiar way
of nildlug uuw faces to his mental
photograph gallery. When n fresh
subject would arise In politics, for In
stance, ho would Invent some pretext
to cnll upon him nt his olllcc or house
nnd hold him In conversation ns long
as possible, studying his features.
When ho took his depnrturo ho would
purposely leave his cane. Once out
side, Nast would make n hasty pencil
sketch ou a curd nnd would usually
find that his memory wns dcllclcut ns
to some detail. Ho would then return,
ostensibly for tho cane, nnd another
look at the victim would enable him
to perfect his sketch, After that lie
had thu mail forever. When Joe Kop
pier was nllvc ho used to make fre
quent trips to Washington for the pur
pose of seeing statesmen whom be
wanted to draw, lln was very clever
at catching likenesses and scarcely
ever referred to n photograph.
A Wonderful Dlrd.
Ono dny u wonderful bird tapped at
tho window of Mrs. Nnusen's (wife of
thu famous n relic explorer) home nt
Chrlstlnuhi. Instantly the window was
opened, nnd lu another moment she
covered the little messenger with
kisses and caresses. The carrier pi
geon had been nwny from thu cottage
thirty long mouths, but It had not for
gotten the way home. It brought n
nolo from Niiuseii, stating that all was
going well with him nnd his exKdltlon
lu tho polar region. Nnuseii had fasten
ed n message to thu bird and turned It
looso. The frnll courier darted out
Into tho hllxzardly air. It Hew like an
arrow over u thousand miles of frozen
wastu nnd then sped forward over an
other thousand miles of ocean nnd
plains nnd forests nnd one morning
entered the window of thu waiting
mistress and delivered the message
which she had been awaiting so nox
iously, Would Let Folks Know It.
HomelKKly sent this to thu society
editor and tntidu allldavlt that It really
Hero It Is; They were out nt an aft
ernoon curd party. A stout woman
dropped u card to thu lloor, "Would
you bo so kind as to pick up that canl
for me?" she Inquired of thu little, wo
man nt lur right.
"Cerialuly," said tho accommodating
woman at thu right, picking up the
"You see," explained tho stout wo
man aKilogetlcully, "I've got ou a
brand now llfiy dollar corset, and I'm
afraid I'll strain It If 1 lean over,"
"Hum!" commented the other wo
man enviously, "If I had n fifty dol
lar corset I'd wear It ou the outside.
I really would." Cleveland I'luln
"Wo find tho prisoner not guilty by
reason of Insanity,"
"Hut the plea was not that of In
sanity," remarked the court.
That s Just tho point wo made," re-
Joined thu foreman. "Wo decided that
any man who didn't linvo sense enough
to know that an Insanity plea was thu
proper caper must be crary."Phlla-
delphhi Ledger,
He Wse Sensitive.
Hlobbs You're pretty much stuck on
Miss Ootids, nreu't you. old nmn?
Hobbs-I was once, but nfter what
sho Bald to mo last night I'm not going
lo pay any more attention to her.
Illobbs Oeel What did sho sny?
Hobbs-"No!"-Cleveland Leader.
Freshman Mathematics.
Ereshby Professor, Is It ever possl-
bio to tnko thu greater from the loss?
There Is n pretty close npproach to
It when tho conceit Is taken out of n
freshmau." Jewish Ledger.
Over and Under.
"Archl Is fairly going crazy over
his new motor."
That's strange. Every tlmo I've
seen him hu hns been going crazy un
der It."
Thu trouble with many a man's in
tegrity Is that It needs constant Tlndl
cntlon. Chicago News.
Plant an ad. in
St. Johns Review
watch your business
Porter Always a Bailor.
During Grant's first term his secre
tary of the navy, Ilorie, for n tlmo
turned tho nctunl administration over
to Admiral Porter. Admiral Porter
was n sailor In the strict etymological
sense of tho term In tlint ho believed
there was nothing like sails. As soon
ns he was In authority he cntiBod the
four bladed propellers of the vessels
to be removed nnd replaced by two
bladed ones In order that the ships
might maneuver better under sail. Tho
Inclllclency thereby brought nbout is,
nf course, nppnrcnt to nny engineer, ns
tho size of the propeller opening wns
fixed nnd tho two bladed screw could
not bo mndo largo enough. A few yenrs
Inter In n report to tho department ho
ijctually claimed that tho vessels were
fnster under Btcnin with tho mutilated
screws. Tho facts, of course, wore Just
tho reverse, nnd when his Influence be
en mo less proper propellers were ngnln
fitted. This wns when ho wns still in
his prime nnd ills Judgment wns, nt
least, not Impaired by nge. About
twenty years Inter, when tho Iloncn
cruisers were being built, the denr old
mnn, then over seventy, went beforo
the naval committee nnd snld that tho
Plans of theso vessels were wrong bo
causo they had only nuxlllnry sail
liowcr. In his Judgment they should
hnvo been given full sail power with
steam ns nn nuxlllnry. He was still n
sailor! Tho world hnd not moved for
him. Engineering Mngnzlnc.
The Desert Tortoise.
Ono of the most Interesting reptiles
of California's great desert Is tho ties
crt tortoise. A writer In Suburbnn
Llfo says: "I hnvo found ns many ns
twonty of theso hard shelled fellows
that wo usually associate In our minds
with tho thought of wntcr In tho very
henrt of the desert, whore the wntcr
wns exceedingly scarce. Yet when you
pick them up they generally void two
or llireo largo spoonfuls or liquid, uis
section shows tlint they each hnvo two
largo water sacks ou tho bnck, nnd
these nlTord them their wntcr supply.
They nro grcnt travelers nnd enn walk
faster than wc should lumglno. They
nro also good climbers, I hnvo watch
rd ono for hours climbing up nnd
down tho rocky sides of n desert
mouiitnlu. Hu could wrlgglo himself
up to n rock almost ns high ns he wns
long. Itnlslng himself on his tali end,
hu would use his bend ns n nook
then clnw with his right leg until It
had secured n good hold, then, with
what seemed lo mo extraordinary
strength, he would lift himself up nnd
wlgglo his body Into n secure post
The Wise Eskimos.
Everything In the Eskimo dress hns
n reason for Its existence, writes Cap
tnln Itonld Amundsen lu "The North
west Passage." Tho memliers of Cap
tain Amundsen's expeditious hnd bo
come nccustomed to thu Eskimo dress
and hnd adopted It, but many of them
thought It ridiculous for grown up
men to go nbout wearing fringe to
their clothes, so they cut It off. I
hnd my scruples nbout this, says tho
author, ns t had nlrendy learned that
most things lu tho Eskimo's clothing
nnd other nrrnugumcnts had their dls
tlnet meaning nnd purpose, so 1 kept
my fringe nnd put up with tho ridi
cule. Ho laughs best who Inuglis last.
One flue day tho nnovnks, n sort of
tunic renrhlug below tho knee, made
nf deersktu, from which tho fringes
had been cut off, commenced to curl
up, nnd If tho fringe hnd not been put
ou again quickly they would soon have
looked like neckties.
Only a Letter Out.
"Talk nbout scholards," said tho
proud Ham Hmltli. "Listen to my lit
tlo lad talk nbout grammar. Tommy,
what gender Is thy fnytbor? '
"Masculine," said tho learned Tom
"llcau't It wouuurful!" said thu
proud father. "Ami thy mltbor, Tom
"Feminine," replied the erudite Ju
"Hear that ugcul" cried tho delight
ed father. "An", uoo, Tommy," he
proceeded, picking up thu family teu
pot, "what gender Is this?"
"Neuter," said Tommy.
Ka in's face fell.
"Well, well," hu exclaimed, "It's alius
tho way. Htlll, uot but what tho llttlo
lad was fnr oot, He only Bald neuter
stead of jiowter, tlint a u'l" Londou
An old toper, being very bard up,
went Into his favorite bar and asked
tho publican for a glass "ou tick."
"No," said the proprietor, "I won't
give you whisky on credit, but there's
a sixpence. Now, what do you waut?"
".Nothing here." replied tho tippler,
lifting thu colu nnd putting It In his
pocket. "Tho man who refuses me
credit won't get my ready cash," aud
with nu elevated noso ho mnrched out
nt the door. London Telegraph.
Knew All About George,
"Do you know, uiy daughter, that
every uutiio means something? l'or In
stance, Charles means brave, William
resolute, George"
"Oh, 1 know what G cor go means,
"Well, what la It?"
"Georgo means business. Ho told me
so last night." Chicago Inter Ocean.
Apt Pupil.
Friend You took your son Into your
establishment samo months ago to
teach him tho business, I understand.
How did It turn out?
Uuslness Man (wearily) Great suc
cess! He's teaching mo now.
A cross man would be worth nt least
a dollar n day more If he would become
sTood natured. Atchison Globe.
Union lVpot, Portland.
No. 2 Chicago Special leaves 8:30 a, tu.
No, 4 Spokane I'lyer leaves at 7:00 p. in,
No. 6 Kansas City Exp, leaves 7:40 p. m.
No, 8 Local Paisenger leaves 8:00 a. ui.
No, i Chicago Special arrives 8:jo p. ui.
No, 3 Spukunc I'lyer arrives at 8:00 a, m.
No, 5 Kansas City Exp. arrives 9,45 a, tu.
No, 7 Local Passenger arrives 5:45 p. ui.
Subscribe for the Telegram
best evening paper ou the coast,
See Kd Stockton.
Nott the label on your paper.
A Bank on Two Legs.
"For moro thnu thirty yenrs the
most popular woodsman's bnnk In
Mnlne wns a bnnk on two legs." says
Major Holmes Day author of "King
Spruce." "Until he 'wns over seventy
yenrs old Uncle Nnte Swnu was con
ductor ou tho Unngor nnd I'Iscntnquls
rnllrond, running between the city and
Moosehcad lake. With hltn rode the
woods nud drlvlug crows. When they
forgot themselves nnd made a racket
on his train ho used to cuff them Into
submission, nnd no man over raised
his hnnd against Uncle Nnto. When
tho men came out of tho woods with
their pny most of them realized from
bitter experience that tho city folks
would get nil their money nwny from
them lu n few days. As soon ns they
would get nbonrd the train they would
begin lo strip ten dollar bills off their
rolls nnd band tho money to Uncle
Nnto to 'sink' for them, banking It on
call. They novcr forgot, nor did he,
nnd In nil tho yenrs there wns never
a dispute between Conductor Hwnn
nnd nny of his depositors. When they
enmo back on his train they were sure
of enough money for their fnro nnd
their tobneco nt tho lake outfitting
store They wouldn't hnvo known very
well whnt to do with more."
Her Ideal Villain.
Tho following nnccdotc, tnken from
"My Story," by Hall Cnlnc, Is Interest
Immediately after the production of
"Tho Woman In White." when nil
England was admiring the nrch vll
lalny of Fosco. tho author, Wllklo
Collins, received n visit from n lady
who congratulated him upon his sue
cess with somewhnt Icy cheer nnd
then snld! "But. Mr. Collins, the great
fnlluro of your book Is your villain
Excuse mc If I sny you realty do not
know n villain. Your Count Fosco Is
a very poor one, nnd when next you
want a character of that description
trust that you will not disdain to come
to mc. I know n villain and have one
In my eye nt this moment that would
far eclipse anything that I hnvo ever
read of In books. Don't think that
mil drawing upon my Imngluntlon. The
mnn Is nllro nnd constnntly under my
gnzo. In fact, ho Is my own husband.
Tho Indy wns tho wlfo of ICdwnrd
Pulwcr Lytton.
Fixed Bayonets In London.
The privilege of marching through
London with fixed bayonets Is enjoy'
rd by but very fow regiments, such
ns tho Itoynl fusllccrs, who trnco their
origin to Cromwell's trained bands,
which In later years produced so fa
mous n cnptnln ns Joliu Gilpin. After
tho Itoynl fusllccrs, or perhaps oven
beforo them lu point of regimental
seniority, como tho East Kent "Huffs,"
now tho third of thu line, who claim
n similar city ancestry , whllo tho Itoynl
umrlnos for somo rensou or other also
enjoy tho samo fixed bnyonot rights
In tho city. A battalion of thu gronn
dlcr gunrds was ouco Impressed to
servo ns marines, nud hence they
slinro tho privilege of tho men who
aro "soldiers nud sailors too." This
nlso explains why tlint grenadier bnt
tallon has for lis tattoo "Itulo Hrltao
nln" as a souvenir of tho tlmo when
Its combntlvo cxlstonco wna of the
amphibious kind. Loudon Standard.
Th. Mental Jog.
"Thero Is n certain type of person,"
snld thu business man, "especially In
New otk, who seems unnble to un
dcrstnml what Is said to hi 111 or her
unless the statement or remark Is pre
fixed by somo catchword, usually the
word 'listen.'
"For Instance, I havo a stenographer
who simply stares nt mo In dumb
amazement If I sny nnythtug to her
without first saying 'Now, listen.' If
I begin to dletnto a letter to her sho
will nut write a word If I forget to
give that mental Jog. When I snap
that at her she will scratch llko mad.
She Is uot the only one. The tele
phone girl cannot take a mcssago un
less It hns that prefix. When I nm
out of tho olllco aud try to talk over
thu wire with her I must nlwnys be
gin, 'Now, listen,' or else sho Is hope
lessly nt sea nnd seems not to under
stand n word I say." New York
Different In Books.
In tho books this Is tho way they
say It!
"Outside the wind moaned unceasing'
ly, Its voice now that of a child which
sobs with Itself In the night, now that
of a woman who Buffers her great pain
alone, ns women havo suffered since
llfo began, as women must suffer till
llfo wears to Its weary end. And win
gled with tho walling of wind rain fell
-fell heavily, lutermlttently, like tears
wrung from souls of strong men,"
Outside the books we say:
"It's raining." Atchison Globo.
The Braktman's Joke,
'Han over a cow this morning up
above Coffeyrlllo," aald the brakoman
to n reporter.
"How did It happen?" asked the re
"Sho wns drinking out of a creek
under n bridge," shouted the brakeman
ns ho swuug on to the last car nnd
went grinning out of town. Kansas
City Times.
Jlmson Where's your wlfo? PJuven't
seen her often lately. Weed Ob, I
sent her away on a little vacation.
Jlmson-So? Whero'd sho go? Weed-
To the Thousand Isles. Jliuson-Stay
long? Weed-Yea. I told her to take
n week to each Island. Judge.
A Saving Grace.
Florence 1 can't understand why
Ethel married Mr. Ounson. lie Is old
enough to be her father. Lawrence-
Yes, but he la rich enough to be her
Our Charges.
As is customary, we will charge
for card of thanks, 50c; for resolu
tions of respect, Si. 00; for notices
of church or lodge eutertaiumeuts,
suppers, sociables, etc., where there
are charges for admission, 5c per
iue, but where there are uo charges
for these events, we will break the
rule and insert them free. We
make this auuouuceuient so that
our good frieuds may understand
our rule iu this respect.
"Dr. Miles' Anil
of the Little
and the
Pain ii
Ptln Pill kix been
ted by me far rheu
nutic filnt, tiitiieht
nd piln In bits, (nd
aides, nd In cttry
ciu they (c perfect!
Henry Courtcr,
Doonton, N. Y.
AND Tilt rAlM Ot
25 Doses 25 Cents
Your Dniuiti Milt Dr. Mlltt' Anil-Pun.Pllli
ind be It luihorlcd lo return ihe price of the llrtl
piekije lentrl ll It lull lo benelu you.
ItittitUt church John llcntuln, jmtor.
Suudnv school nt 10 n, in. Trenching nt
1 1 n. in. II. V. I'. U. 7 p. m. Preaching
at 8 p. m.
Methodist church S. II. Uewart, im
tor. Sunday school 10 a. in.; preaching
at II n. m. nmi a p. m. I'.pworiu i.cnguc
nt 7 p. m,
Holy CroMCiithoIlc church, Portsmouth
Million: 8:15 a, in,, low muss; 10:15
high mat,', 7:30 p. m., vespers und bene
Christian church Meets every Sunday
In Tabernacle ns follows: Sunday school
at 10 a. 111.; preaching at 11 a. m. and 8
p. 111., nud v. r. a. u. k. meeting 111 7 p. in
It. J. Johnson, pastor.
St. Andrew's Hptocopul Chapel, 1'nl
vcrslty Park Kev. Win. It. Powell
clinplaiu. Regular cervices 7:1,0 p. ill
Suudnv school nt A 11. 111.: lllbfe eln 7 !
ill.; I.cuton services every I'ridny nt 10
n, m.
Kvnngcllcnl church Sunday school at
10 a. m. Trenching 1 1 a. m. Junior K
U. C. Ii. 3:30 p. m.; Senior K. I,.,C. It. 7
p. in. rrcaciiing at a p. m. uicttcr r,
(lutes, pastor,
l'irst Congregational Chtircli-G. W
Nelson, junior. Sunday school 10 a
m.; prcaclilug II a. 111. an 1 7:45 p. m
Y. 1'. S. C. Ii. meeting at 7 p. m. I'niyei
meeting Thursday at 7!A0 p. in. A cut
nud welcome to nil.
llnntist Chinch. University Tark. Ucv
A. li. Walt, Mttor. Regular services
every Sunday morning nud evening.
German Unptist church Service held
each Sunday nt lkiptist church ns follows
Sunday school 3 p. m., preaching nt 3 p,
in. Rev. l'nltmcat. itustor.
German Lutheran Service at 10:45
n, m. every Sunday morning at comer o
Tciiiuiuin avenue aud KiliMtrlck street
University Tark, All German of St
John cordially Invited to attend. C
iiuccnicr. iKinor.
Christian Science Society meeting
held at Chicago Rooming House, hun
days, II a, m, and WedncMluys at 8 p. in
Pointers for our Pnlrons.
Urine in your printing now.
We do not nllow any printer ot
nut out nicer work than we do nud
we put the best stock into our jobs
The d (Terence between noor
stock and first class stock 011 a lob
is a small item when you consider
the value of the job. It is the
price of a satisfied customer. It is
ix'tler to make cn cents less on a
job and have a customer who will
come back, than to use the illmsy
stock, make the extra .so cents and
lose your customer. That is the
way we figure it.
Smffli Rentier
nns widened its market un
,il it includes the whole civil-
zed world; has become the
ypewriter of over 300,000
jperalors and has, during
1306, broken every previous
ccord of sales, because it
as from the beginning best
act every typewriter need.
pHEtri-color feature of
I the Smith Premier
Typewriter is recog
nized as the greatest Im
provement in modern type
writer construction yet In
providing it, none of the
strong fundamental fea
tures, for which the Smith
Premier has always been
noted, have been sacrificed.
Complete literature on re
Now is the time
to visit
When summer lias
passed in these north
ern states, the sun is
only mild under the
bright blue skies of
Southern Culifomia.
This is one of na
ture's lmppy provis
ions etei mil summer
for those who cannot
endure n more severe
California hns been
called the "Mecca of
the winter tourist."
Its hotels and stop
pine places are as va
ried ns those of nil
well regulated cities.
Visitors can nlwnys
find suitable accom
modations, congenial
companions, and va
ried, pleasing recrea
Will lie idnil to supply some
vcrv nttmcttvc literature, ilc
semilog in detnll the tunny de
lights of winter In California,
Very low round trip excursion
tickets nrc ou sale to California.
The rnte from Portland to Lo
Angeles nnd return Is fA5x,
Limit six mouths, allowing
slop-overs in cither direction.
Similar excursion rates are In
elTcct to nil California Kiut.
l'or full Information, slecpine
cur reservations and tickets, call
on, tclej;ratOi or write C. V.
Springer, C. T. A., vl nnd
lugtuu streets, Portland, or
Wm. MrMurrny. tleti. Pass. ArI.
Portland, Otegoii
City of St, Johns, Oregon
Maor- II. V. iirlce
Mmiritcr A. M l(mti
Trcfl.iirtr ). It Tniuli
AUonii-yll. It. Collltr
liniltiircr C Amtrrw
I'liynlcUn A. W. Vlncriit
Chlclol roller J. II Muck
Mulil l-ollcc-O. I'.tlirililKC
Coiincllnicil nt t.nriic;
A. V. IMI. U. I.. JnhiiMii, H, I.. Ilolilc
Ciiiiiicltiiicii I'ir.l Wnnl
I'.J. Mlllrr W. W.
Cuinicllmcn Second Want:
II. C. Hunter II. W. lUmluin
HtrccU on. I IikU-W. W. I'.J.
Miller. C. I.. Jolinwn
!.lcetitc-ll. VV. Iioulum. II. C. Hunter,
W. W. W In. Ilc
Wntcr suit l.lslil-C. !,. Juliuuin, A. W.
I HU., II. W. Ikmiimii
1'Iiimicc-.. W. imtU, II. C. Hunter. H,
I.. IKttilr
iull.llii!niiil (irtmmW-ll C Hunter. I'.
J. Miller. C. I. Juliiiuin
llcultll sml I'ollrr-lt. I. DctiK II. W.
Iluiiliittn, W W. Wlufllc
Liquor Mcciiw-I1 ) Miller. A W. I)vl,
n. 1. iiuuie
Almanao and Magazine
Should lo In
every homo In
tho land. Ills
weather predlc
tlonscnnbohnd only In his own
publlcatl on a.
No other publisher Is permitted to
print thorn In any form, either with or
without credit. Ills 1000 Almanao ex
cols all former editions in boauty and
valuo, and solid for 35 cent i, postpaid
nis monthly rontrailno, wono and
"Vonics. contains hU weather foro
oasts for each month, together with a
vast uraount of tho best family reading
and costs 81. n year, ono almanao with
each subscription. Every earthquake
and serious storm for 20 years has
been predicted by Prof. Hicks. You
cannot afford to be without those pub
lications. Address all orders to
In tho County Court of tho b.nto
or urogon, tor mo iouuiy or .muii
uomah. .
In tho matter of tho Kstato of W
V. llasor, Deceased,
i no unuorsignod iiavir.c been ap
pointed by tug County Court of tuo
otato of Oregon, for .Multiiomuii
County. Administratrix of tho estatO
of V. V. Kaser, deceased, notice 8
nereuy given to tho creu..ora of. ann
u'l persons having claims against
said decoased, to presont them veri
fied aa by law required. w thin six
months from tho dnto of tho first
publication of this notice to tho un
dersigned ut tho office or Collier &
Collier, lloiorook uulluing, saint
joung, uregon.
Aamtnlstratrlx ot t"o Kstato of V-
W Haser, decoased.
l'irst puollcatlon, Dec. IS. ut.
r JUS kaH4 M Bulim, A UUI wUI 1
bus Toa oar LnuAn4uL cmtinntr.
u Uu l.Mi 1 finto, f utUndlj t ow. 1 twit Tin,.
Writ t-4y; MemOtm thh Pfr.
1 ph sms wm w mm m iy naia vie i
Monthly for sale at
this office.
Kooms in the Holhrook building.
St. Johns, Oregon.
Joseph McChcsney, M. D.
Dny nnd Night Office In McChotney block
Phone WoodUwn 47$
Physician nnd Surgeon.
Office In Holbrook's Hlock.
Residence, 215 Hayes street.
Phone Scott 6993.
office lioum, it to 11 s. 111.. 1 to s p. in.
OITice Phone, Woodlnwn 1H.
KenlJence Phone, Union S901,
Office In Portsmouth nrlck.
Transfer and Storage
We deliver your goals to nud from nil
parts of Portland, Vancouver, I.lunton,
Portland nnd Suhurhaii Hxprcss Co.,
city dock nnd nil points nccesslhle by
wa'guti. Piano and furniture moving
11 upccialtv. 109 K. llurliugton; phone
Rlclimuiiif 61.
Puncral Director and Embnlmcr
I.nily AsMstnnt.
llrunch office nt University Park Drtij
Store, phone Woodlnwn 1874.
.Main office, Portland, Oregon; phone
Sellwood 71.
Daniel 0. Webster, A. B. Al. D.
Resilience, 697 Dawson Street
Office, Pliler hlock
University Park, Portland, Oregon
No. 186 I. 0. 0. F.
Meet each Monday evening in Odd
I'd lows hall, at 8:00. Visitors welcomed,
C. P. Oatcs, N. G,
It. II. IIoIcoiiiIj, Secretary.
Holmes Lodge No. 101
Meets every I'ridny night
nt 7:30 o'clock nt I.O.O.l'.
hull. Visitors nlwnys wel
come. I. II. Illack, C. C.
1!. II. Ilolcoml), K. U.S.
Doric Lodge No. 132
l:. nnd A. Al.
Regular communica
tions 011 first nnd third
Wednesdays of each
mouth lu Odd Pel lows'
hall. Visitors welcome.
It. s.
Harrington, Jos. McChcsney,
Secretary. W. M,
CAMP 773 W. 0. W.
Metis every
ccond und
ourth Wed
lesday even-
mi: in Hick-
tier's Hall.
I. II. Anson, C. C.
W. IC. Swcngcl, Clerk.
Central Market!
Holhrook Illock.
See ut for the Choicest Cuts of the P. est
Meats Obtainable.
Orders Killed nud 1'aiully Trade Solicited
T. P. WARD, Proprietor.
Copyrights Ac
Anton Hndlnf a ikctrh and desert nt Ion un
quickly ucertAlu our opUilon free. wfuHber w
luTtntlon Ii probtblr PMfiitablo Cuinmanleo
sent Irea. Oldest srencr (ur secuiiuif R-Jsnis.
Patents taken throne-It Munn A; Co. rtcttTt
iivrldj tuMlit, without cberse, la tbo
lions Kriciircoiiatieuiiaj. ttAnuDUiM or. ruw
A bandsoihelr Illustrated veeklr. Mrst clr.
Teart tour iuoutu,L Sold bl all nswsrtaaUra.
In order to Insure a changs of ad
ruiatton 01 any scieniino journal, 'j eriue. ee a
vertisement the copy for such changs
should reach this office not later than
Wednesday, at 3 o'clock p. m. Pleas
'emember this and savt th printer
Alail Schedule
Mall arrives at St, Johns at 7:10 a. tu.
aud 1:15 p. m, ' . t
ueavesvai 10:30 a. m., anti 4145 p. m.
Office open week days from 6at a. m.
to 6:10 p. m. Sundays from 9 to 10 a, m
St. Johns Ferry Time Card.
Leave East Side (A. M.) 6110I 7:10.
7:50, 8:30, 9:10,9:50 10:30,1 i;io, 11:50. P.
M 1 3:30, 1:10, 1:50, 3:30, 3:10, 3:50, 4:30
Leave West aide (A, M.) 6:50,7:30,
S:io, 8:50, 9:30, 10:10, 11:50." P. M.
13:10. 13:50, 1:30, 3:10. 3:50. t:v3. 4:10.
4:50, 5:30, 6:30.