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    ST. Johns review
To iubicrlb for The Review.
All Iht newt while It b newi U
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'vcrtlilng In The Review
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Devoted to the Intertill of the Peninsula, the Manufacturing Center of the Northwest
VOL. 4
NO. 49
Now is the Time When the Citizens Should Get To
gether and Push to the Front
Right In lino with what wo hnvo years but Just nt present St. Johns
been Buying In regard to St. Johns Is In soraowhnt of n peculiar position
gottlng ready for tho coming Benson ana If n misstep Is mndo or If your
wo received tho following lottcr from citizens refuso to respond to a libera
0110 of tho Uvest mon on tho Ponln- campaign cf ndvortlslng your growth
suln which Is right to tho point. Our may bo retarded for at least flvo
business mon who uro Interested In yearn.
tho growth of St. Johns must doy-oto Across tho Wlllnmotto river from
enough of their time to meeting to- St. Johns lies tho hustling town of
gcthcr, dlscuBBlng methods and plan- Ltnnton and if any citizen of St.
nlng tho work of exploiting tho nd- Johns feels that Oregon citizens
vantages and attractions of St.Joluis sleeping over 011 tho hlllsldo thoy
to put In motion somo successful should tatto it trip from Llnnton to
con ro of action or tho other sections Portland. At tho end of tho journey
of tho I'onlnsula will lcavo us In tho thoy would bu convinced Hint somo-
renr nnd St. Johns, Instead of loading thing was doing over on thnt sldo
as she has for tho pnst fow yenrs of tho river.
will tag along behind. Wo do not be- Above St. Johns on tho Columbia
llovo that our people are of that class river sldo you hava tho Immense Swift
thnt would bo satisfied to go back- Packing plant, but you must rcmom-
ward or oven to stand Idlo nnd let ber that thjso pooplo aro laying out
others go uhond of them. Wo will bo their town site nnd spending tons of
glad to do anything wo can to further thousands of dollars In street Improvi
such a proposition. If n mooting Is monts, etc.
desired, let us know nnd wo will gladly it looks to us as If our St. Johns
An Interesting Session Tuesday Evening in Which a Small
Budget of Municipal Business Was Disposed of
At tho 27th session of tho city trnctH let occordlngly, nil voting yes. Tho mnttot of a houso for 'ho
council all membors woro present cx- Messrs. null nnd Anderson urged city Chugomtibllo was brought tip by
cept Alderman Hunter who was nb- "trenuously tor tho comont walks on Alderman llonhnm and tho matter
' II.., hlL.. nlt-,..,t ...!,.. ... ....... ... f 1 .. .1 1 1 Ill
irom mo cii. m.i. i,. ,t, 1 ... . . ... .
, "VLi.viou ui KH'.ltvl vtull- HUU WllUfc ill I MilfeUIMUIIIti IJUlllll UU
After tho oponlng exorcises tho omy lIl0 eroiUor vnluo It would add made to itot tho maclilno under cov-
recorder presented n statement from to tho property nnd tho greater rr as oarly as possible.
tho tax collector showing tho amount cleanliness and beauty of tho comont i ,,.,,.,, i,,ti,i..iinin nt
of taxes duo on lots A, H. C, D, E, walk. And thoy woro right. tll0 m(mcu clly uBIIUer Andiow
uuiiiluil'u 10 mo euy uy air. noiurooH t.:onirncior J.inu nsitea permission imj B(;curcd M. W. Schraymeycr ns
last year, which tnxes woro to bo to unload a bnrgo of grael on tho inspector of piling for tho city dock
imm uy ma tiijr. mo uiiy Attorney utenmonu Bireet uock. tiio matter t tho rn(0 ( fun pur month to
was Instructed to tako tho matter up was given capful consideration nnd .. ...,111 u, ..itim. ., i,
with tho proper nuthorltlcs nnd have It was decided that tho traffic going motIuti of llonhnm npiiolntment wan
It adlustod. over tho dock was such that It could irnl'nil All vim
m-i. 1 .... ........ . - ... v... .... v-...
iiiu uiaub on 1110 cuy uock loiatno not no used for uuioniiiug gravel up-
last half of which was to bo paid by on nnd thnt tho dock was not strong
tho city enmo under consideration and enough for that purpose, having had
on motion of llonhnm wnn ordered sovernl timber broken tlm oilier
imld, nil voting yes. time- It was so used nnd that It woh
.Messrs. Gcorgo Hall nnd Chnrloi unsafe for such use. On motion of
Anderson npponred in behalf of tho Johnson, tho rocordor was requested
A Great Factor in Street Improvement by Making
it Less Burdensome to Property Owners
Engineer wan Instructed to secure
mi nsslstniit that would unable him
him to get IiIh ntroel grndeH set and
nt tho same time do ills worlc on the
city dork. This to ha paid out of
tlio dock fund, becnuso tho extra help
was required on that account.
Chief of tmll'o reported soveral do-
citizens on lllehmond street. It seems to notify Mr. Llnd of these comll
announce it frco of charge and mnko frlnniU Himniii irt inmv Immodlntelv. thero arc junto of tho nronorlv nun- ilmm.
nny statement tho exigencies of tho nnd plan n cnmpnlgn thnt will result ir on tho street who do not wish On motion of llonhnm tho following rL'cllvu siuowuikb nnd report on mo-
caso demands. May wo not hoar from showing visitors to this pnrt ofto I"it down tho cement walks nt bills woro allowed and ordered paid: "" ot 1)0 0 wn" lur,ll'u' ovor to the
Borne of tho business men on this the country that they hnvo tho finest this tlmo becnuso there having been rortlnud Abstract ndvortls- street committee for netlou.
polntT Tho letter follows: town nnd harbor between Porllnnd 1 mnilo iilungsldo their property Ing for bids on dock $10.00 After nn extended discussion of
Your editorial of nnd tho sen. 0 seining or 1110 fills would ruin I), II. Horsmnn. Jnnltor sal- "10 ruuuur bireet improvoment on
Editor Hovlew.
September :6th touching upon tho Tho transcontinental lines hnv
work to bo done by tho different clubs just made a 150.00 round trip rate
of tlm Peninsula lii lino with udver- from Mlsiourl river points to the
Using for nnother vigorous cnmpalgn const cities to go Into effect May 1st
wns read with Interest nnd wo can- next and It Is reasonable to suppose
not rcfrnln from urging tho citizens thnt "C per cent of tho people visit
of your town to tako tin this work Ing Seattle will visit Portland. Bt
with spirit. I Johns has tho opportunity of her life
Thero Is no question but whnt tho to got busy. Yours vory truly,
Peninsula Lumber Co,
!. C. Knnpp, Bocrotnry
entire Peninsula will bo thickly sot
tied somo tlmo during tho next 20
Man's Life is Full of
Strange Contraries
Bomobody has figured It out thnt
n innn's life Is made up of n strnngo
lot of contraries. Ho comes Into tho
world without being consulted nnd
usually quits It against his will.
When ho's little tho big girls kiss him
when ho Is grown only tho little onet
do. If ho's pcor, ho's n bad malinger
If ho's rich ho'a dishonest. If ho
possesses ability, ho falls to get a
chance to show it; If he has nono,
he Is pushed Into tho most consplcu
ous placos. If ho needs credit, ho
can't get It; If ho Is prosperous
ovoryono wants to do him n favor. If
ho doosn't glvo to charity, ho'a
tight-wad; If ho does its for show.
If ho Is actively religious, ho's
hypocrlto; If ho takes no Interest In
religion, ho's a hardened sinner. If
he shows affection, he's a soft speel
mon; If ho Booms to caro for no ono,
ho'a cold-blooded. If ho tries to bo
frlondly, ho Is an oasy mark; If ho
doesn't ho's stuck up.If he dies young
thoro was a groat futuro ahoad of
him, It ho lives to an old ago, ho Ins
missed his calling. 'What's tho use?"
Big Crop of Apples
Mrs. D, L. Pago says Hood River Is
not so much. She has ono tree In hor
lawn that Is in full bearing this year
and sho gathered tho crop of apples
tho other day and filled ber cellar
bins and all the boxes and barrels
about thoplaco and then did not have
all tho apples In, Wo do not know
tho size of her cellar, but If It is as
large as tho average, that tree must
bo a whopper. Really, though, there
Is not tho least doubt but Immenso
crops of apples could bo grown here,
and just as flue looking as those
of Hood Rlvor, If proper care wero
taken of them, Tho only advantage
Hood River could have In the apple
line would bo In tho keeping qualities
and perhaps in the color, having
more sunshine there than here. Bat
we do not need to grow apples be
yond our family use, which may be
done on any little town lot.
The post office department has
decided that children going to and
from school chall not bo allowed to
get their parent's mall, so do not
blame the postmaster if your chil
dren are refused the mail. The post
office habit among the children has
become a nuisance both to the public
and the postmaster, and the depart
ment has done wisely In making
this decision. Ex.
Not the libel on your papsr.
Whosoever Will May
Buy Space in Paper
Two or threo of our good frlonds
enmu In and cancollod their subscrip
tton becauso wo run tho ovnngcllsts
matter on tho first pago wock boforo
last. Several other of our citizens
have boon agitating thomsclvos bo
cnuso wo did so. Why bless your
little shrivelled up hearts, tho evan
gelists pay us for tholr space or they
would not receive It. It any of tho
other churches wish to run n page
nd for tho snmo money thoy aro
welcome to do so. lly tho tlmo tho
ovnngellsts hnvo finished their work
hero they will hnvo paid us more
than all tho churches In tho city put
together havo paid us since wo can.-
hero. Including tho church thoy aro
working for. Thoy will havo prld
about ton times as much as ono or
two ot tho merchants who havo been
kicking about It havo paid us for nd
vertlslng and job work sltico wehavo
beon horo . What are you kicking
about? Don't bo a coward and lot
us get tho nows socond handod coino
to us Uko a man and tell us. Wo
like a man who will come to us and
kick, but wo hato a moral coward.
Delightful Event
Mrs. John McNeil and daughter,
Emma, entertained a fow of tholr
friends at their home, C16 North
Hayes stroot Trlday to a Four o'clock
dinner. Those present, as nearly as
we can learn were Mrs. Dredeen,
Mrs. Satterly, Mrs, Gilmore and moth
or, the two M.-s. Selltck, Mrs. McKln
nle, Mrs. Rucker, Mrs. Drown, Mrs.
Leo and Miss Dora Carr. Tho guest
report a mo-Jt delightful afternoon,
Mrs. and Miss McNeil royal enter
Plenty of Roses Yet
The roses for which the North Pa
cific Coast Is bo famous are blooming
with almost tho freedom and per
fection of early summor, and the ap
proach of Autumn has added to thier
coloring. The Portland Commercial
Club has resumed the decoration of
its ables with flowers furnished by
different members, the display being
the subject of much comment by East
era visitors In particular.
Butterworth tho jeweler, has ibo
finest display of silverware, cut glass
and toilet articles in gold and sli
ver we have seen In the city. It is
good for tho soro eyes to look at.
tho walks. After nn extended discus- nry hnlf month l".rC motion ot Dnvls n committee wan
slon It wns decided on motion of Irwin Hudson Co. lien docket 1 nppolnted by tho mayor to Interview
unvis that the recorder notify these and blanks 1 1. OS Mr. Aycrs of tho 8t Jolins Lumber
parties thnt they would not bo re
quired to put down their cement
walk Until the ground had settled to
safe degrco nnd thnt when advertis
ing for bids these exceptions would
bo placed In (ho nils and tho con-
A number ot our citlzoiiB aro tak- lmprovo It. Supposo It cost $1.60 per
ing ndvnntngo ot tho bonding net to "mini tool. Ills lot, fronting no tho
lmprovo their streets nnd sidewalks. Btroot wou,(1 lmvc ,,,ltlor tho present
This wny ot making Improvement wo ori""n"c0 "gnlnllng tho improve-
,. , , , ' , ""-"it of Btreots, to pay 10 por cent
do not believe s generally understood or $C(). lll0 noxt Iot 23 1)8r cent or
or It would ho moro gonornlly 37.C0; tho mxt 20 por cont, or $30;
adopted. A district In tho city mny tho noxt IB por cont or, $28.50. Of
petition for tho Improvement of their thin amount o'io tenth will hnvu to be
streets by grading, mncadnmlzitig or Pnlil at tho (.omplotlou of tho work
finishing with bltullthle paving nnd on tho lot facing tho streot thin wolili
coi.roto Bldowalks or any other Btylo ntnount to 0 down nnd six dollnra
of Improvement they mny sou fit to
ndopt In harmony with tho ordlunii
cch ot tho city. Grading, mncad.Hnlz
per year with tho interest on tho balance
Wo do not think there Is nny ono
Ing nml couereto nldownlku can bu 'so poor tlmt thoy tuny not hnvo u 11111
constructed on most of our HireetH' cnilaml.od stivet nnd concrete wnlltn
at from $1.2i fj $l.r-i) per llnoal foot In front nt tholr dwellings In Ht.
t'DHi 'o tho nbuttliig property. llyj.lohiiH on thin plan. Why not mnko
taking advnntago ot this bonding
net one can pjy IIiIh cost In ten
oiliiiil nunual imymcnlH nnd only six
ono liuw dbtrlct of tho principal
Btreots of SI, Johns and hnvu them
nil Imprnvml according to this plan?
St. Johns Water Co :.n.oo Co. In reference to this mutter nnd
Review ndvertlslng and Job 1 "'o clearing of Burlington nnd llnid
work 10S.20 fort! Btroels from their obstructions
J. Longnu .rodmnn 0 days.. 12.00, t tho mill itllo. Tho committee np
pointed wns Johnson, lloniinm nnd
Doblu, Adjourned.
Total $275.91
Finds the East Not
In It With Oregon
The St. Johns; Brick
Company Incorporates
Tollowlng ts a letter received from Wllllnm Robb, O. L. Archibald and
Ptyil Bnnnon, who left St. Johns sov- O. I), Entlnger, have filed articles
oral months ngo for Nownrk, Ohio, of lucorporrutlon for tho St. Johns
nnd elves a slight Idea of existing Clay Pressed Ilrlck Co. Portland
conditions I here: Is designated as the principle office
Newark, Ohio, Oct, 8, 1S0S. nnd tho amount of tlm capital stock
Dear Frlendd; Well, I got back Is given ns 1 2." 000. The purposes set
East all right, but am far from being forth uro as follows: To manufacture
stuck on th 1 place, ns times are for sale clay nnd cement brick, preys'
niwful hard back horo at tho present ed brick, plain mid ornamental brick,
tlmo. Half 'of tho works are shut building blocks, litmus, columns, pll-
down and most of tho mon nro leaf- asters, building brick, terra cotta, tile
lug nrouud town, roofing, drain tiles, suwo pipe, flumes, I
I think I will bo bnck In good old ornamental figures and designs, ltrl-i
Oregon either next soring or next "cu nml othor millillng materials
fall. Tho East Is simply nothing which can bo mmle from clay, snuil,
compared to tho West. It Is nil ono cement, gravel, etc.; to oxcavnto.sull,
etui do to mnko a living back horo, lort ana export sana aim grnvei,
whllo It Is easy to mnko n nlco living 0" olll'" M ml red materials used In
In tho West, nnd hnvo something munurnciuro ot uumiiug muter-
left over, nnd thon ono does not have '"l" or In construction of buildings
to work during tho worst part of tho or In tho paving of streets or con-
wlntor. You only gave mo sovon structlon of sowors or plpo lines; to
months td got tlrod of tho East whoh purchase sand, clay and gravel pits,
1 inn r .iniiii WHii.vmi iMiouBml mineral nnd other lands, and to op-
It about right, only you gavo mo too rl and maintain excavations and
A Collection Scheme
Which We May Adop
much tlmo. I would not mind eating
my Chrlsmns nlnner In St. Johns,
but am afraid I will havo to spend
that day In tho East. Howovor, you
can pasto it In your hat that tho noxt
ono I cat will bo In Oregon, U. S. A.
It is raining hero today, and wo
had an awful hard thunder storm
last night. I '.bought It was an enrth
quako as I urn not used to hearing
such thundar storms.
With kind regards to nll my frlond
In St. Johns, nnd advising thorn nll
to stay In Oregon, I remain,
Sincerely yours,
Paul Bannan.
The Artisans Meet
Notwithstanding tho very dlsogreo-
able evening tho weathormnn put up
Monday nlsht tho Artisans had n
good turnout at tholr open mooting
and thero wore good things ad Infini
tum. Plenty for all and au abundauco
to spare.
Tho friends and visitors spent tuo
evening most pleasantly with 'no
members of tho Jodgo in games and
a number of old artisans report thoy
had the best time they ever enjoyed
in lodge.
Every artisan In tho city is lnvlcd
to be present next Monday night as
thero will bo Initiatory work and a
big time Is planned for. This Artlsai
crowd Is a live ono and they do
things, so if you aro an Artisan and
can make It a point to meet wlth-the
bunch you will bo made to feel wel
come. H Is a way they nave.
mines thereon; to mnnufocturo, buy,
sell, Import nnd export coment, lime,
llmostono and all kinds of plasters
and artificial stone; to establish
plants tor tho manufacture of Its pro
ducts with all necessary machinery
and euulpmont therefor; to construct
nnd operato powor housos; to acquire
and dispose ot pntonts, patent rights
and socrot procossos for tho construe
tton of tools nnd machinery for tho
making of Its products; to acquire
real estate; to engage In a general
contracting business for tho construe
tlon of buildings, luylng of plpo
lines, etc,.
Man Missing
Mrs. Shepnrdson of Catlln, WsbIi.,
a guest at the homo of her
daughter, Mrs. E. S. Wright
South Hayes,
Andrew McCallum, of 81C North
Hayes street, St. Johns, has been
missing from 'tis homo slnco Thurs
day, October 7. He was last seen nt
noon on that dato at tho drydock.
Mr. McCallum was 69 years of ago,
height 5 feet, 9 Inches, weight 150
pounds; llght-bluo eyes; Index finger
of left hand stiff. When lust seen
ho wore a black fedora hat and gray
clothes. He had been 111 for a long
tlmo nnd this made him markedly
sonsltlvo. Mr. McCallum came to
Oregon threo yearrs ago from St.
Louis, Mich,
Mrs. McCallum Bays that her bus-
band waudered away in a similar
maimer on a former occasion
She Is, howover, extremely
anxious regarJIng him and wlllappro
dato any Information that will en
able, her to learn of his whereabouts.
P, S. Bannon and A, Jones are put-
on ting their bodies to soak In tho hot
springs at St. Martins this wook.
J. C. Shackelford has dropped onto
it most unlqtio scheme for collecting
his accounts, and tho result will be
watched with interest by business
men ot this town who havo bills to
collect. At tho end of thla mouth
Mr. Shackelford will sell at public
auction all accounts which hnvo not
been paid by that time, nnd will pub
llsh n list of ucountu sold, whnt ho
realized from tho sae,etc, If nn no
count Ih not sold It will he held over
until tho next mouth nnd put up with
tho next bunch. Enterprise Chieftain
Wo do not wish to hug a man, Invo
nover dune so In nit our busliiifcs
life and wo had been thinking of tak
Ing tip tho above method and hnvo
been arranging n list of bills wo
hnvo not beon able to collect luclml
Ing those who "stopped tholr paKr"
without paying nrreurs and adver
tise tho bills for milo. Wo will of
courso roporvo tho right to jojuct
such bids as nro not satisfactory
This wo will do In a short tlmo, noon
ns wo can get tho list made up.
Foot Ball Team
A high school foot ball teem has
contly beon organized with Clyilo Tee
Hug ns captain. This la tho first tlmo
in Its history that tho high school has
boon represented with n foot ball clu
and thoy dosorvo nll tho oncourngo
mont our citizens enn glvo It, bIiico
tho boys havo promised to mako good
Tholr first gumo Is being played to-
day with Portsmouth on the Colum
bia University grounds. Tho uverngo
weight of tli03j athlotes Is 130 pounds.
Tom Carroll will act In tho capacity
of coach and sco thnt tho young colts
ure put through tholr paces.
Free Ferry Needed
How about that frco ferry? Why
not go Whltwood Court nnd Llnnton
Interested In a frco ferry botween
tholr locations and St. Johns. It
would bo as much of n benefit for
one as the other. Wonder It a good
live push club could not get In somo
good work nl tig that lino. A free
ferry Is ono thing wo need and
need badly. It would mean ten timet
tho traffic botween tho two sides of
tho river at this point within a few
J. N, Hagenscn and family havo
tuken up their abode at 818 Ivanhoo
street, Wo are glad to welcome Mr.
Hagenscn to St. Johns and wish wo
might havo a thousand moro such
families conio in during the coining
percent Interest on deferred pnymoutt j Tills will mnko It more eeonomlonl
It at nny tlmo boforo the ten years for tho reason that given In lrjo
hnvo elapsed one wishes to mnko contracts the work enn be donuohonp
his payment In full lie may do bo ' er and having; Inrxo quHtitltlM of
nnd thus snvo tho Interest, There Is the bomlit thy would find n more
nothing that Is ho helpful to the man 1 ready and Im'tcr market. This Is all
ot ordinary menus ns this bonding other matter that u live Push club
net fur It enables him to Improve could InvextlgNto and act umm to
his property tho latest nnd hoHl'the Incalculable advuutHRw ttHd nd
manner without Its being 11 burden J vnucumeut ot tho city, nnd tt would
upon him. OnppoHo tt man him n lot find enthusiastic nnd ready helpers
of 100 foot front, nnd ho wishes tt( In tho cltyuotinell.
Whnt nro you doing In regard to
tho growing of rosea? Now Ih
fluo tlmo to plant them Just tin tho
early rains nro coming.
Miss Hula Dunbar, who has been
Buffering for Bovornl days from
severe ubcoHH on her fat e him so tar
recovered that alio lias attended
school again this week.
Mr. J. P. Wlntor, n prominent at
torney of Peiidluton, law partner of
Judge Iiwull of that city wan In the
city tho first of the week the guest
of Attorney Collier.
If you have fleas about your pinin
Ihoh put out it sheet of fly papur
with u piece of raw beef In tho cull
ter ot It. The fleas will get stuck on
tliu paper trying to reach tho beef.
It Is said, Try It.
HlHgeu has out ilouo Tnft us tin t.s
culator. Recently Tnft took 11 llttlo
babe from tliu arum of Its pretty
mother and kissed It just iih IiIh
train was starting; hut when lllsgeu
wiih notified of IiIh nomination twontj
young women kissed him. Now, Hob
mm, where nro you.
Mr. nnd Mrs. P. P. Collier, father
and mother of City Attorney II, K.
Collier havo comu to St, JoIiiih to
maku their homo so us to bo uuar
their sous, their other son, will ar
rive In St. Johns perhaps tho Inst
of this wook and will ulso mako IiIh
homo hero.
The rnliiH of tho past few dfj'H
havo been wonderfully Invigorating.
They havo froshend the ulr, laid tho
dust and put Oregon In hor host pos
sible condition. They hnvo also been
u fiuo thing for tho farmer, tho gar
donor and stock grower, but n llttlo
hard on tho orchardlst.
William Rlehl ot Manitoba became
tired of that rigorous cllmato where
It Is wlntor nine mouths of tho your
and early spring and lata fall tho
othor threo recently cumo down
whero people can live without dauger
of getting frost bitten and bought a
fiuo corner lot ot Mr. Lauthors,
whero ho and ills wife and four chil
dren havo it tine comfortable homo.
Mrs. A. T. llolden, who has btm
vlsltlns her mother, who Is very III,
for soveral tlayit returned home Sat
urday. Tho friends of Gcorgo R. lllnclc nnd
wife will bo Interested to know thnt
ho hnu moved to RohwoII Idaho from
Mm. Leo, (l.tiightur of Mr. nnd Mrs,
John McNuil la vlsltlujc hor pnrentH
whhe hur liotiueliold effects nr boliiK
moved to U'anlioiiint, Washington.
Don't overlook the fact that you
enn date your psper abend at tt
old price ot one dollar per year for
the 1101 few dy. It niujht N wtll
to take sdvuU of this fut d
renew before the ilay of grew ha
Mi. and Mrs. A. I. KIIIImii of Moul.
ton, lowtt, visited their llttla na,)l4w,
Muster Prod, 'tucker Isat wM)t. TlMf
have been visiting friends at IMm,
Idaho, for the psst three weak and
came on to St. Johns for h visit wltli
their nephew before returuliia; to thter
lluwkeyo home.
Coach Robert V. I'orbea, the fam
ous Yale end, who wan hired by (fee
Aksoeluted Mttidentu of the Unlrenitt
of Oregon toonaeh tltalr football '-mm
ts luukluic a ureal hit with ate mm,
I'ifty muii are turning out for prae
tire dully.
Tho Coiiuull Crest station of th
Wireless tiWKrnph company tallied
with Onhu, Hawaiian Ulaiuia last Sat
urday nUht. The distance la about.
2300 miles aa the crow files. Not lavl
for n starter. It Is thought rmgutar
commiiulculleu will be established be
tween these two stations nt ono.
Walter Ilcover nml Mm wife nml
William Hoover and wife were taking
In tho sights of St, Johns Muuday.
The two Kuutlemoii are operutltiK n
saw mill at IKitrult. and while the
mill Ih iiudorgolug repairs they tuple
advantage ot tho fact ami enmo to
seo what was now In our pro-jrasslvo
Tho Portland Railway Light and
Power comtpauy are Intending to
combine their different shopH Into
one big plant, Thoy have no place
ot sufficient slzo favorably located
on which to establish a plant of this
kind. Why not havo them come to
St, Johns? Wo havo plenty ot room
here and there Ih no better place on
tho fuce of the earth for such an
enterprise. The bringing ot It hero
would Increase our population somo
C00 or 800 souIh. It Is worth work
lug for. Why not get after this?
No other section about Portland
eujoyu so fuvorublo a standing
with this company, both iih to tho
country and the peoplo,
To he or not to bo, that Is U
question," Whether It Is ltUr to
got up uud hustle and he mi "it" In
tho progress r.ud development of Ut
'onliiBtihi, or Ho supinely whIU all
our nelghbora outstrip us In the rata
for public favor. It Is up to our cit.
Izoub to aay, Tho Review stand h
ready to do Us sharo and mor too
In tho work of "currying the news
to Mary", ho come running and get
And If you wunt becoming bats bo-
coming to tho Voguo.
Tent 10x20 used 11 months; first
class condition, with mulched floor,
lug flooi uud board walls.
Tent cost f2, floor eost 130 uunw
ploto, will soil for $36 obsIi. dull at
this offlcci.
Note tho label on your paper.