St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, August 28, 1908, Image 2

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PaMltheil Hirjr frliUy
Al itt Wert Bafllngtmi trn t, St. Jlm.
Tltil Kitvntw In entered, nt txjstolllro
lu Stint John. OrfKon. as mull matter
of tli second class tinder the Act of Con-
Kress of March 3, 1870.
AiltMllnUiC rAtc. S1.00 per lnh pr month.
All eomiamiliAlIoni )l.riM l ildried to
The jlMlew, HI. Jolinn, Urion.
Jul) I'rlnttne ftceutnl In Ilrte1i Hiile.
Hilt (or .Intt Printing on lUIWery.
OBtUl Newintitr of the City tf St. John.
Subscription prlco $1.50 par year.
fkidav, auoust js, 1908.
Wo wish to seeuro one or more
nimmri In Si. Jehns, enc In Linn
ton. en or rnoro In University Park
Wrk fr the Hevlcw. We will
give a liberal commission and besides
ts the one teeurlnn the most votes
by their wbt'Orlptlens and sollcltlnu
vo will glvo a paid up ochMarshlp
to the amount of $90 In come busl
itess Collcao. We hovo on sehol
sroliln nald up and seme ono will
cjot to nso It this winter. Will It bo
you 7 Csmc In and lot us tell you all
about It.
Ordinance Requiring the rtl,We,, bv the city rf . II A .....m- II an1 ...
City Treasurer of the City . to improve Kat fturiingtith tn t u m
inc cim linn ui jciwt bimi i" m
I street
of St. Johns to dive an
Additional Bond and Fix
hit: the Amount Thereof
Tliu city of St. Johns doe ordrtln as
Section l. Tlmt the cltv treasurer ol
the city of St. Johns is hereby required
to ulvu to said city ntt additional liond.
Section a. Tlmt the amount (if said
nililltlotmt bond to Ik; given by the city
llcawirer of tile city of St. Jolliu lor im
faithful tierfortimnoe i.f hi dull Is lure
hy fixed at the stun of f.,oin, aald bond
to be approved iy the mayor.
section .1.
That fur the reason that money, to wit
5,ro lint: or tliu purchase oi ikiiius to
dock MiriKtsua Is to lie raid to soli
'Ity, an emergency is declared to exist
and that this ordinance shnlt Ite in full
fort ami effect immediately tijwn It
paiatage nml approval by the mayor.
Pasted by tliu common council the 3 tst
nay oi aiium, iim.
I lie mayor llie atsi nay o
Atmroved by
.mirum, 1909.
II. W. liiuut,
Attest; Mayor,
City Recorder.
I'ublhdied lit the St. Johns Review Auk
Tb Wmt dill (m iHrtxmilitg famou
through the tMIhinnl of mi nero
plana fnoUiry. It will aoou ho tin
iiawamiry lu (Kiiiatniflt ellhsr the hiiIi-
wny or the imapenalon brldio,a all
inity K( h' tho NoroplHim.
A liar who inlaw hla hrwlh hy
Mlaiulerlni hla neighbor must hide
hlmaolf. I fx la Imtwl hy oToryonu wh
)(Hm hi mcMiiiow, nml h wiuhl
oortHlnly mhim Ikjcoiih ho lonoaimiel
IUhI liowwiltl hat hliMMir for tlmt If
rfjr nothlHK
" 1 11 1
()n of our ii: ti'lmnta hIiI tlmt
lilt oMh rootlnti for tho month of
July ami no fur In Auguat wrt tho
iHHtvlfMt llioy had over btwu ilurlnt
tint month nomvil ntuoo ho hail Imon
In Mt. Johna. AJlhr aalil hla iah
revulpti ler July woro thu iHHtt for
that month ht haa otoi- had In the
city. Tlil aoimit awfully rocky for a
dry town,
Ordinance Adopting tiie
Report of the Viewers
Appointed to View the
Proposed Changes in Wil
lis Boulevard in (lie City
of St. Johns, and Pixing
the Damages and Bene
fits Occasioned by Reason
of said Proposed Change
of said Boulevard.
Mre.Thonulyho ami daughter, Ml"
W'yltaa, wore In Iho city yoaUTitny
ami loonotl lu on ua lawr morula
Mr. TttsriMtjlm waa In I'urtlaml hut
had to MHok la tin In mUIhr roady
for a trip Ml that ho could mil
uskw over Mid aay good byo to hla
old tlUleuma. It waa II month to
a day alm-e Mr. Thorndyho U-ti for
tho wind rltjr by tho tn, mid mIm
haul not boon hack alnro. Hlu ould
hao boon ilad to bavo viltd fur
row nay to av how tht old town
waa nroaBtrliia, but tlioy wore blllml
to loavo last ulahl and could not l
Itmaltod upon to at ay. Hlio aaya sb
was HllgutHl with Aaloria, hut Mr
THorHdyk did imh IIMl then-, and
Im aaa another doal ou tho atrltia
waleh wo worn not ttorniltiod to vi
;- Iwowlodgo ol.thnt la taking l horn
In ta oaat and lav Loudor la Ufi
In ohamo ttt tno hoy a. The orai
taat wo ran aay la that wo wlah Mr.
and Mrs, TlMtiiidyho too boat of lhl
world wkorovur I hoi hang up thli
The Cily of St. Johns does ordain as
SlM'tKlll I.
That the rcmirt of the vfrwetaatmolnt
cil to view iniit)rl rhiinxM lu VVIIII
hoiilf vnnl In tliu city of Ht. Johns, to nil
at tliu iioriiiwcM coiner ol
lit loin lllock i in Mill's Addition of
the t ity of St. Johns: tht'iiif soiilh H dv
Krt'va, vast ITr.S-I'.'et to tlif Hraterly slur
rine of I'rsM-mli'ii strvt'l; them north b
dfuii-ea, cast V feel; tht'lli'e lioilli .u dv
luietn, wtnl 1 77.5 let't; tliem-f noutli 56
lejirev, wm .V leel to lilt place of In--
uiiiitliiK, hy wuWnltii; Mid iMitilevanl and
tu Include therein the Intel of laud alwitr
dvMtilHsl and kwwIiii! ilMiuaueH ami
lieuenialiy uttMin HuriMil is lu all re.
uhm rraMiiiituiu ami just -11111! hhii i it'oi(
U hereby adoiitnl and aiitinivtxl, which
miii tcirt im us loiiona, to wit;
SltroNIl ItKIHlltT.
To the liouoraiile mayor ami coitimoit
ruouell of Ht. Jnhns, ()reiou:
U'ti, th uiidrr-iuiieil. ytmr duly and
logulatly apixiiiiti'd, (putllnetl aud arting
viewer ami appmiM-r uerutuioro ax
nolHtnl lv voiir hiiiiorahla Uxtv lii iem
that curtain tru. t and idtva of laml to Iw
cuniU'iiioeii lot tin- ouritoae of wlili'innu
ami altvrliiK Willi lmlviird. which tuid
UtlKl l IllllV lU'SiTllMMl II til ICWlllllloMK
of the con iw 1 1 pucicil ifhitlvo thereto, rv-
mil as loiums: 1 iial ttu u.ivu care 1 11 1 ly
Ti UtUa danhUr of Mr. and Mr
Okgrtoa Dradoaon. after an llluoaa or
Juai inh wotk died Thurwlay of laat
woak and waa burled lu Columbia rem
trtary Friday of lnt wook. Tbo
IttUo one waa but la mouth tdd
and auf fared from luflutuaUon of the
i3W4a., Tho funeral aeriloea wvro
ooiultK-Usd by Itov. f. I. Uatea In tho
Uallad Kvangollial i hurih. Tbo b
imxm HVHU bate the deepest ym
paiby of all who kuow thorn lu the
of their tilth mm
viewed Mid atrip laml ami do adjudge
the iUiimk'" iid la-iMOta in aaldctMiilfiu
nation piucectiiot to Ut us follow:
That klrio id laud nmixwuil lo m con.
dciu ucl , to tii: W7Jo fust 1 the prou
dly of I'M Maple, tlmt the ilaiuatfo, t
tid Maple Mould U- 6qo. That the rv
iiiaiiiiiiu uiriiiui nf aahl tract, to h 11: a
triii id laml &yj feet Is Ihu iropcrl of
8. II. I'cunv, ami that as 111 some lu mi
outlet on any trect exeupt liy these con
detuiutthMi piuvecdiugti, nml further that
the lam'hnMT a iuformoil wbenhc lair-
.'hn-wl Mid liact ol wllioll tills yty left
1 a irt. mat It would uu mini re I fur
truct imrinnc-1, ho deem (he dam.uic
4ml liemlit. ..( ami that tit remain
der oi the ttui t will be 110 lea valuable
by reaom of opening up sntil Willi ImiuI
cvarit, .nut tuai tne louuwii
lot and iNirccU of laml will
ly Ueuclili (I by the om'Hiug of M U'il
lis iMiolevunI in the uiuattiiU a lollow:
line of KcIIokK
John, In tho Pdl
1 t
i St.
In th nij
IIowIdr lllnlHUr, t'
llv lowering same to snl-itradt i I'V
macAdamUliiK ame without t-snd I n l r
said macadam to lu 2 iuchei I. ,!li
center of street and tapering to .1 ,' t
of ( inrhea deep at either euro. '
done in the timnin r tuovidrt i ' 1 .1
nance No. ioj of wild city, and 1a i oiii
pleting the (idvwalk on lith stMis "
aid street, to be retttibitlon wi-niltit U
walks; and by two cross walks, out m-roi-tturliuKton
Ktreclon went side of KcIIukK
Street, atitl one acroas Kriiogg sireei 011
the east side of Borliturton street, and
accordimr to the lilans and stC
lticatloiis of the city enitlneer on file in
the office of the city recorder relative
thereto, which wid plans, speclftcnllon
and estimates are nitisfiirtory and are
heteby approved. Said improvement to
he made in accordance with the charter
and ordinance of the city of St. Johns,
and under the supervision and direction
of the cltv encineer.
That the ciwt of said improvement lo
lie asaesteel ns rovtiHil by tne city cnar-
ler upon the proicity especially ami par
L-iiy, ami wmcii i
all the lots, parts
tlcularly l)ciicfiiiil there
heretic declared to lie f
of lots, block and ttarccl of laud be
tweeii the termini of uch imtirovemciits
ntttiltlnK upon, adjacent or pniximate lo
aahl ICast llurllnuton street, from the
ui'irttiunl lines of said street hick to the
center of the ,ldm-k or blocks or tracts
of laml ahuttiui; thereon or proximate
That alt the iirnncrty inclmleil in said
Improvement district aforesaid I hereby
leclareil to m "1,001 Improvement 1I
irict No. 11."
Tlmt the city enKineer'a a"esment of
tliu tirolatble total cost of said liui-rovi--
meiitof said I (as I Iturliugtou si reel Is
That cost of said 11. IlurliuKton street
to be nnsensetl against the property in
aahl local atmut district as provideil
by the city cltarter of the city of St
Adopted the 75th day of Attutul, i
A. 21. ICSStlN,
City Recorder.
Published In the St. John Kelcw,
Aug. 18 and Sept. .), lyoH.
In the Circuit Conit of Hi Stale of Ore
goo, for the County of Multnomah.
Nettle I'alrchild, I'lalntiff,
Kills O. I'alrchild, iK-femlcnt.
To KttisO. I'alrchild, the nlwive-mun-
tal defemlent, lu the name of the state of
Oregon, you are hereby rcoulrcil to ap
taasr and answer the coiiitilalnl filed a-
gainst you in above entitled court and
Mill within six week from date nf the
first publication of this summon, to wit:
from Jnly 17. 19 and if you fail to h
apta-or or answer or otherwise pic' I in
aid suit the plaintiff above-named will
apply to the above-named court for the
tt-iiei iiemamnn 111 iiercintiMaint uieii in
I he Mild suit to wit: lor a decree illsMily-
iuu the bonds of matrimony now ami
heretofore cilliiu between italntlff and
and yimrnelf ami alsoluli'ly divorcing
pi lintill from too, and for the care and
uatoily 01 I lie minor clillil 01 plant I
ami ourclf, to wit: J'.dlth I'ain hlhl a
inueliler, ami tor oilier such outer ami
further relief a to till court mav seem
jul and Mluble.
1 ins suuimom. 1 miiiiiMieii puratiiint
lo the order of the lloiiorable Thomas
O'ltay, Jiulge of IhealHtve-eiititleil court
niu'ie 111 open court in tut cause
lily ij, lonii, which order tircacrila- that
litis fumniou Mian ix' iuiiuiie,i in the
Si. John Review once ciu'h Week for the
Ih iumI of not lew than ia week. Th
t laiiiiicaiioii or tliu siimnuins
uiuilc on July 17, 100H, ami the Ut tail
lle.iii.iii of thU sum nam Will be 011
AllgiKl in, y.
II. H. Collier
6-4. Attorney for the plaintiff.
ilanti! rliurvh R. A. Iowanl. naitor
Sunday school at 10 a. in. I'reachlii,
Get a
home where you do
not have to spend two or
three hours every day on the
'You will be able to reach the heart of
the city from Whitwood Court within
TWELVE MINUTES on the new car line
will soon be completed.
50x100, $200 and up;
Water piped to ev-
ui. rreachiiut
1 a. ui. 11. v. i. U.-7 P. til. lraeliliig
ai a m.
MeuuaMsi cmircH i'. 1., Young, pa,
r. Suwbty scltool 10 a. m.; Meaeluug
at 1 1 a. ui. and K p. hi, Hmorth l.uKUe
at 7 p. ui.
Holy Croa Catholic church, I'ortamoulh
matiou: :ij a. ut., low in; u:ij 11.111.
high uuua; 7:40 p. ui.. ytr and bene,
Chritiau church Meets every Sum!)
in I'abenuwle a follow: Sum lay school
at to a. 111.; preaehiiig at 11 a. ut. and
p m., mm 'k , r. u. t. meeting at 7 p. 111
K. J. Johnaou, jautor.
St. Andrew's UpUcopal Cltaixl. Uni
vendty I'ark Rev, Ww. K. IHiwell
chaplain. Heicular service JIM 11. m
Suuday school at p, 111.; Mible claw 7 p
ui.; i.i-iiiuit servwea every I'lUlay at 10
a. ui.
rivatigclical church -Sunday mIhmI n
10 a. ut. Preaching 1 1 a. m. Junior I
I,. C. H. r.u, u. 111.; Senior K. I,. C. It. ;
p. ui. Preaching at S p. m. Cheater IV
(.ate, pastor.
I'lrat Congregational Church-G. W
.e:oii, paaior. !umUy tcliool 10 a.
ut.; preaching 1 1 a. m. ami 7:45 p. in
. r. M. 1. . it. nieeliiig at 7 i. iu. I'rayer
mrv'tiug juiinumy at 7:10 p. 111. , uut
ami welcome to all.
Hamtat Chuieu, University l'ark. Rev.
A. II. Wait, pastor. Hegttbtr survlec
ever) Siuulay uioiiilug awl eveitiun
Cermau IlaUiat church Service held
each Sunday at finKiat church as follows:
fttimuy 4ituui 1 1. w., lueacliiii); at $ (t.
ui. isev. raiimoHi, jHuwr.
(eruiau l.utlieiaii Service at 10:15
a. iu eei v Sumlav imiruiuu at corner of
rentiikiiu .Hemic unit KtliMtrick street,
uiveraitv ruiK. .Ml l.crin.itu ui M.
John- invited to atteml. C.
lituvliii 1 , M-i,,r.
C !int 1 til S. u 'n -ci.t linilim;
lulluwillg' t1ecrilHi
I bo epecial
Pointers for our Patrons.
014 iMiwrs fur kale at this oflicc,
Our nil I the bt stooU and
Itedt work fur our iwttutia.
vi do uot allow guy iniiiter tu
lit out tiicr work lUau wr tlo nmt
we juit the U-at stuck iutu our jot.
1 rve utiicrettce mnwceit jwur
stock and first cluas atoek on 11 job
is a small ilcui w lieu yuu consider
llie value of the job. It is the
pi ice of a satistictt ttistotncr. It is
IttUar to tuakt 50 cenu less 011 it
job aud licve a cttstouter who will
com back, than (u ttsc tliu llimsy
stock, make the extra 50 cents and
lost your customer. Thnt is the
way wo fignrtj it.
Our Charges.
As ij citatowuiry, we will clwrjic
lur enm m tnanics. 50c; lor resolu
tions 01 rwpect, i.oo; for UQticosI
of church or lodge eiitertaiuuiimts,
snmiers), sociabks, etc., where tttertt
arocliarges for udtuissjon. c per
line, hut where there are 110 charge
for thaw events, wc will break the
inhi mill infill ilwm fr. .. '..
innkt this anin iiiuiuiitit mi'
our rootl friciuls may umUrt,iinl !
our rule In tljia respect.
UU 1 to 10. block 1, llill'a Aitdl.
tiou, 5u each. Aiao.uu
IrfMs I to 1.1, bl.-ck 1, St. Joint
I'ark Addition, melt 156.10
IM in, block A. Comjaioti Aildi
llon,u.bge.Ah q.6o
Uit tu, block A, CoutlMtt AtWI-
(ion, fg.j each S. 12
mU h tu yt, block A, Qmiisiu
A'btitiou, i&.7$ each 82.15
tats 1 nml 5 iu block 1 ami 3 mwl
, tU UUH'S t, iu usk tMrx AlWt-
tiuu. fJl.46 each J05.S.I
Ihipl tract t7 jjo fmjt, jo. . . . ju.00
Toul finxt
That tb total iliiusasa mo 4 too. aud
tho total bencliu are jllJ, of which iit
w for couipoiihatiou of viewers; three
viewer two day each at fa por day.
Kepciittiiy suuiuuicsi,
S. C. Cook,
A. S. Stuuc,
II. T. I,oai!tt.
Section j. That each of the reainvtive
tot ami bliK-k naiueil hi said rt'nrt ;
would be lienrlitcd by rvttsou nf mi, I ,'
laiulcvard lieing so chunuoil and alu n .l held ..t II
lu llie respective uuiounU tot opioite l ' ,l , ;
escli lot, UKh'K or parcel of mud dewnli
ed lu said iert. and no more,
bt!Ciiou j. the laml belougiUK '
Itlias .Muple. a ilcwrilied in mid retn
would bo dauiauiil bv reaoii oi miu
chsngu in atd Uulcvard iu the iimoum
iu aul )Cirt contained, and tltat ;
nnswt oi said icHcr i hertbv aiir.,
Oil ill all things ami is heicby itdoplol 1
(His orniuaiwo.
lVtfeHHl by the couueil Aug. is- io3.
Appfovwl Aug. 35, i8.
II. V. IlKIWl'.
AthMt: 1
A. M. lbwOll,
l'uhlbtbod in tb St. Johtw Review
4u;tui w, irvx
.1 1, -
i ni l
The Lull, b of tint M.
jt'old i the flrsl
1 Uocember
lj. church wlil
Weduomlay lu,
easy terms,
ery lot.
Phone Richmond 1021.
1 1 0 N. Jersey, St. Johns.
Si Johns
Land Co.
The Largest and Oldest Real Estate Firm
in St. Johns.
East St. Johns
The center of the great development now taking
place on the Peninsula.
We have only n few business lots left on Columbia
Uoulcvanl, which for a short time only will be sold at
present prices.
Some fine residence lots still on sale. .
Choice iinanufacturiug sites ndjoiuing the 0. R. &
N. railroad for sale ou reasonable terms.
Holbrookes Addition
We have some choice lots in the vicinity of the
new $20,000 school building to be sold ou easy install
ments. Call at" jour office for prices aud terms for either of
these desirable tracts.
St. JohllS Phono Jersey 931 QregOIl
Is the only way to secure immediate delivery of your
Roods nt the most reasonable of transportation rates.
Therefore ring up the
Operating electric freight cars between St. Johns and
Portland. We call for and check your trunks direct
to destination.
Turn your trunk checks aud shipping receipts
over to us and your goods will receive prompt attention
We have teams connecting with cars nt St. Johns and
Get our rates before shipping. Special rates ou car
load lots. Experienced and courteous employes.
Phone Main 358, Portlaud office.
Phone Main A 3358.
First and Flanders Streets.
Phone Woodlawtt 818. Ageut at St. Johns.
Office 105 E. Burlington street.
ve,vve've$vevve' eeeeeeWi''t
1. Johns Lumber Co.
II kinds of lumber, kiln dried and otherwise.
lub wood. Timlers of nil sizes cut to order.
Get your winter's wood now and save trouble.
St. Johns, Oragon. ,
Capital $25,000.00
Surplus 5.133.85
Interest paid ou savings deposits.
y i v
m 9 , .
. MM 1 5"