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"orcol Soccv
To ntocrlto for Tht Rcrkw.
AH.tlw mm whU k It ntwi U
ear motto. Coll In and enroll
Deroted to the Intcrctti of the Penlmula, tbe Manufacturing Center of the Northwest
VOL. 4
The Second Annual K. of P. Picnic at Estacada
Wednesday Was a Huge Success
Tho nocond annual picnic of Holmes prlzo nwnrdod was a ponlmlfo. Tho
Lodge No. 101, Knights of Pythias,! ladles' nail driving contest was next
has bocomo a thing of tho fastThat 1 on tho list and wnB won by Mrs. Moss-
If was a successful affair, 01:0 and all
of tho crowd in nttendanca will hear
tily attest. Tho day was perfect,, tho
car sorvlco flno and tho picnickers
congenial, and with n combination
llko this a fall tiro could not occur
Tho happy aggregation left lions as
per schodulo at 7:30 a. in., It roqdlr
Ing two cars to comfortably soat tho
compnny. Tho special cars which had
, beon chartorcd far tho occasion woro
on hand when tho pleasure seekers
arrived In Portland, and rller trans
furring tho Lnskota and baggngo tho
trip to Estacada began. It Is cortaln-
ly an onjoynblo trolly rido, this trip
to Kstncada. It Is a continual foast
for tho oyo. Tho flno farming coun
try It traverses, tho groin fields,
tho slight hills, tho dales and small
streams, tho wood land and foliage,
fringing tho track on both sides, and
tho fragranco of tho nowmovvn hay
permeating tho atmospha.-o with Its
odorlforous offorvosconso, makes an
excursion out this way something
worth whllo. Tho distance from Port
landlsnboutSS miles and It requires
about two hours to cover tho trip,
but It was not a bit too long nor did
tho rldo bocomo Irksome Tho party
finally arrived at tho picnic mounds
In good shape, and nftor each llttlo
party had soloctod a good comfortablt
spot to suit tholr fancy nil sottlod
down to rout and commuuo with na
ture for a fow mlnutos.Tlio commlttoi
In chargo soon announced that tho
tltno had arrl .cd to start 1)10 sportlni
oonts of tho day and iho first num
ber was called. It was a fat and loan
mens' raco, and after a largo amount
o'. puffing and blowing was won by
Darney Noonan.tho prize tolng a box
or cigars. This ovont so tired tho run
ners and iho sympathizing nudlonco
that a halt vaa called for dlnnor.
Ah this was ono of tho most Intor-
citing happenings of tho di, a gram
narch to tho spring was I ( sun nnd
after wator had boon brought In ovory
ctncolvablo sort of a vo.isel, tho Job
of disposing of a portion of what tho
baskets contained was taken up and
tarried through in an impropriate
nnd satisfactory manner.
Ladles' egg- raco was then called.
This was ono of tho humoious feat
ures, and tho ladles skipped down tin
line and back again wlti an egg
la a spoon with innrvoloiu rnpldlty.
Tho prlto of n 3-pound can of coffee
was won by Mrs. B. 0. Hurlburt. A
boys' threo-legged race wns won by
Masters Clarke and Brlco, and they
were oach presented with a baso ball
Tho girls' fiK I. race was won by Miss
tnnn, prizo being burnt box Marvel
ous to rclato not ono of the contest
ants pounded her thuraD Instead of
tho nail In this contest.
Tho baso ball gnmo wound up tho
list of sporting ovents. Tho gnmo was
between Vincent's Hnsbeens and liar
Ifl'ii Hard Hitters, and wn von by
tho latter In 0 scoro of 8 to 3. Tho
NO. 41
01 odrertlilm In Tlie Review
nd you'll never rtfrtt It. Be
tin t once and keep rtfht it It
i - a c t a c . A . . . , , The 0ld Bys and Best Gir's Presented a Pleasing
Interesting Session Tuesday Evening in Which a Large Pr0dram a, Tneir an Saturdflv
Budget or Municipal Business was Disposed of
Tho 10th convocation of tho city
board TueBdday and agitated tho var
ious Improvements under contempla
tion. Tacomn nnd Ilurllni;ton strcots
rero hold over another w.'ck pond
ing somo nssBnry chaiiget In tho
plan and for further information fron
tho city engineer.
On motion of Hunter, tho rcsolutloi
to Improvo Durllngton street as wns
principal fualuro of this uffnlr wus Passed by tho council Inst mcotlng
Chief of Pidlco Dlnck'a wlerd nnd "Ight wns nrlckon from tho roc
nmnzlng work nt tho bat. Ho Intro- ord8al1 voting ,yc8.
ducod a stunt that hao nover boforo 0n motion of Huntor, tho protllo
appeared on tho dlnmond. Tho way nnu onttt ',lM roforenca to tho lm-
Joo worked It was to Jtnnd at tho provomont of Durllngton Btreot wns
tlnto nnd w'ab tho bnlt wan dollvorod referred to tho city onglneor nnd city
to poko at It with tho bit llko a attornoy to bo prepared In nccordnnco
person poking n raccoon out of n hol- wllu 11,0 omittances now governing
low stump. Tho prlmo object is to tho Improvement of streets and to In
mako fouls and scaro tho cnlchor lo tludo crushed lock nnd sldownlks
denth . It .dso wears tho nltchor out On motion of Huntor tho bid for dt
and mnkcB him an onsy mnrk for tho ,nK 1,10 cnrth work on Durllngton
bntsmnn to follow. Joo cnlli It tho I troot was rejected and the rocordor
'Pltchor. Tenser," nnd II bids fair wn8 Instructed to return the certified
to mako him famous. It muH bo soon chock mat accompanied tho bid to
lo bo appreciated nnd only Joo can 11,0 bidder. All yeB
work It effectually . Another feat- I'otltlou to establish grndo on Hud
uro of tho gnmo was Dr. Hnrtol's "on lroot 011 motion of Davis was
homo run 011 a hit to idiort stop, occoptod and city engineer Instruct
Tho ntmosphoro was punched so oa 10 d0 "10 work "on ns pos
full of holes nround tho homo Plato lo. Tlio hi, mo action was taken
Hint It was difficult for tlio batters w"h regard lo tho grndo on Now-
to got tholr breath beforo tho unmo Prt "troot. All voting yos
wni. concluded. Postmniii-r Vnlontlnc A Pennon for 1110 improvement or
prosldod In an unsparing manner as South Jorsoy '0 city limits wns pro
umplro, nnd C. L. Goodrich was offl- "ontod nnd on motion of Ilonhnm
clnl scorer. mi received tnd placed tn file nnd
Aftor tho Hnsboons had boon prop- cty nttomoy repuestod to prepare
orly subdued nnd thoy squonlod 1,10 noocssory resolution.
' onouKli."tho company onco moro ro. On motion of Davis U10 rocordor
palrod to tho pic nlo groundi nnd on- wn Instructed to request Suporlntonf
Joyod tho fruits of tho Hnsbecns' do- u,t Puller of iho O.P.W. company to
feat. As a fitting punishment for o-ther como In porsou or send n rop
tholr losing tho game, they woro ro- ontntlvo to confer with tlocouncll
qulrod to furnish Ico for tho nnu n,nko .1 cvoful examination of
crowd, nnd rfter wishing I horn many ,,iat Portion of Fossondon strcot It
roturns of the Waterloo, they "llckod M" aosircd to improvo with u vlow to
tho platter clean." making arrangements sntls'nrtory to
Anothor lunch was then taken caro ,uo cty nnd nd to tho conpany.
of nnd soon tltno camo for tho return T,,o rocordor wns asked ro Invest!
trip. At 7 o'clock tho stragglers had Knto 11,0 tntus of tho troll? cotnpan
boon rounded upnnd tho trolloy start- 0,1 tho portion of Ilurllnnton stroot
od off with Its tlrod but hnnny load occupied by tholr sldo trnck
of humanity. Tho roturn to Portland M T- 8wa requested n ton-days
wns mado In good tlmo tnd soon tho "tontlon of tltno to comploto tho
wulcomo sound of tho condumor was work on Richmond stroot, vhlch wns
heard calling out 'St. Johns." and srnntod on motion of Doblo All voti
tho picnickers gathered up tholr traps ,nK yB
and dopnrted for tholr rotpoctlvo
In tho mnttor of thu opening nnd
wldonlng of Willis boulevard,! ocord
cr rcportod that up to date- ho had
received but two rpmotistr.uicos.tito
first from Dr. Fltzpntrlck of HlddloB,
Oregon nnd tho other fron. Pascal
Hill. Tho latter was In tho form of
a letter Bin ting that his pretest wns
on thu snmo grounds ns his previous
ono nnd that ho would contest tho
caso tntho courts if the condemnation
wnB carried through.
On motion of Johnson tho alter
nuy was directed to prep.iro an ordl-
nnnco adopting tho report of iho
vlowors on tho land to bo condemned
on tho opening nnd' widen ug Willis
boulevard. All voted yes,
Tho matter of tho laying of tho
fclx-lnch water plpo on South Jorsoy
camo up with nn nuxllllnr proposi
tion from Mr. Kdlefsen to 1 nt In tho
six hydrants and thu plpo n. soon ns
tho plpo could bo obtains! from tho
Bast, .which would bo about thu first
of , Docombor.that If the city would
permit tho hydrant to rnmnln thoy
had nuked to be moved tho voter cor
pany would not chnrgo for the uso of
ono of tho hydrants on South Jersey
until Jnnunry 1st, 1003. This would
glvo tho city tho free mho cfono hy
drant for ono month If tint lino wns
In on tlmo.
On motion of Hunter city attornoy
Instructed to prepare nu ordlnnnco
authorizing that tho seven hydrants
bo plncod as por Mr. UdlefHCn'a pro
position and that tho six-inch plpo nn
those hydrants bo Installed not lnt
or thnn tho first of December. All
votod yos.
Tho following bills were allowed
nnd warrants authorized for their pay
Hoy Simmons $ t.5C
It. W. llallmnn.. police 2.GC
Mbort Olln,, Cednr Park pol'to..
paid for by park tenants.. fi.OO
D. J, Horsmnn, li-montli snl. .
J. Largan.rodmnn on survey.. 17.00
Isnao Uakcr, work on cri.slicr 10.00
General Compson Post O, A, it, gave
o light entertainment to lta friends
and members nt tho hnll on I vim
touring car a booh ns tho company n,1(1 Chicago street Snturdny
demonstrated to tho satisfaction of nftcr noon T,l vetJinns of 01 und
tho council that It wnB sound In wind 1,10 B,rls they loft bohlnd thcin woro
limb nnd bottom. Carried with nn 0llt ,n ful1 forco and thero wan nil
unnnlmoiiB vote. 1110 hall could well seat
On motion tlm ntnt nf !, -Ifnnl, Wo 8W1II1B 'to lino Just ns Colonel
Hill" nilitltlnn lin rnrnrr..,t Imrt, n,IOW W08 PUttltlg Ills IBW IVCmltS
tlm fli..r win,,.- through tholr first pacfn nnd wo did
regular pint with dlroctlour.posltlons, !lrar ,ono ,f, 1,10 oli VC,B "I"
otc. Thero was serious opjoctlons " u worou umn
nncloii nmniiinniiia nr .,,... I Iho homcguards of 'CI. Hut tho brav
mado by somo of tho member 1 to tho rlono1 f,nn,,y Bot 11,0 8(luml ' 1,1 3
fact that thero was n street through ,rP'!r of 1,10 roo,n n,ld "niIol them
tho tract which wns but 30 feet wldo. l,c,oro nny ncclIot hnppwied. Tin
This trnet la the most bonutlful In tlm "!" . wo nollcod wn" n 1111,0 ,,0' of
city , Is tho ono wo desired so much S; !',,,'u,, 11,0 fl,,,lb op violin nnd
for tho city lo acquire ton pnrk,nud I " wo 'c"'ci tnnt nis inmn
It does seem that tt.o ntt-n.t. .r wn" ,,,wo11 nl,,t tlt oven Inlho inco
such n dcslrnblo rosldenco jortlon of ?f ,ho ''"torlorntlng Influonceof 81
tho city should bo mndo wl.ln wiiuurs o snmo nnm
for tho convenience of tho citizens
A firo stnrtod on ono sldo of n 30-1 Intorctinfi Pvtpartc
foot street It would bo ImpoKslblo to Ullvl Cillllg LAU Cilia
bcr of summers spout in tho old
Swimming hole, ho am dnnc'o 0 Jig
og well as tho best of tho young fry
of tho present day.
Thero wns singing ti.hlonua.fniceu
nnd somo good noting l.y the old
youngsters nnd their boH girls nnd
nil woro ns hnppy ns n bunch of
kit's on tho Inst day of school..
Wo woro told thero had boon
no prnctlco nt nil and thut thoro won
n number of tho Btar porfnrmorj who
did not know Just whoro to load
in put thoy ncted Just llko vouunn
It Is thu purpose of somo of tho
b(-ys to got up n 'iioro elnlmrntu
program n llttlo later nnd put It on
the Btngo In lllcknar's ludl. Thero
nrj worso things tho boye could do
for thoro la good timber umong them
nnd n llttlo prnctlco would ounblo
thttu to glvo n flno entettnlnmont
residences which will oventunlly ho
erected on thlh tract should havo
better uvemos for trnvul thnn n
blind alley All voted yes on tho mo
tion .
From Our Exchanges
Natives of Badger
State Hold Picnic
As nnnouncod In our paper Init
H. Tollver,
O. W. Warnor
Total $122.25
On motion of Davis recorder was
dlroctod to notify Ho woo & Co., thut
tho city was ready to accept tho
According to tho 0os liny Times,
Mrs. W. J. Colo of Ten Mile. Is tho uotk tho good people of tho old Ilnd-
Hnglneor Atidrows stated that ho champion scrapper of tho Pacific tntu mot nt liOiitJ last Hnndiiy
expected to navo 1110 estimates for Northwest. Shu demonstrated this " eflocted n pormanont orgaulzn-
1110 city uock prepared to presont when sho took hor bnakot to tl.o htm tlon, which thoy Imv.j iinmcd tho
to tho council by thu noxt meeting houso to gather tho eggs n fow days "ndger Htnto Hocle'.y. Thoiobjco4.
Ilosoliitlons to Improvo Pittsburg, ago nnd oa entering tho houso mIio "f Iho society Is to k-?p In touch
Rnlem and IMiioit ns published elso- aw n Inrgo panther Just In tho act w:,h thu old friends form thu hninu
where In this Ihsuo was iiunnlmoiiHly of ipriuglug upon hor. Dropping her "tntc, to hold nn unn inl picnic for
passed by tho council , basket slio grabbed a heavy club that "iln purpoHu and to fnttor tho old
In vlow of tho fact that tho mou- v-i lying couvunlently uenr 1111J w n. I frntfriinl ties that bind ono to tho
oy for tho city dock will ho forthcom fnituunto enough to kimm thu nnlninl 'd asKoclntlotis of bygono dnyw.
Ing before tho noxt regular mooting down nt tho first blow, then sho nine Thnso who gathered i.t aiuIh Inst
tho city nttorncy wan dlrocted to pro- h'm no opportunity to recover hut put Buiiduy, oujuyod u moHt delightful time
pnro an ordlnnnco placing tho city tho finishing touches to his career, '-u the uny wns flno and thero went
tionsuror under $10,000 m.iro bonds Shu will receive $10 bounty nnd his mi.i.y old friends who lmd nut met
to Insuro his being good mnkluit his P'-lt will bo 11 prottr souvenir ot tloK1" ",ll,y dnyn nnd hoiiio foi joith
bonds total $30,000. I battlo, but wo will witgor tho lady Is and this rouowlng jf ooqualutuM'us
A flro escniiii nt tlm nWnti.wr rink not anxious for niiotlior scrnp of Unit I" ar off land Is particularly plens-
nnd somo othor buildings In tho city k,"d' "'"' 1,",ro wn" to l,,lk "rll",
was discussed nnd hv rnmninn run. Pla clouds, tho old lioineH, thu old ns
sont tho flro board wns clvon thu I "ana r. Hneelii.lins severed his con M",.'u too on iivoa woro
Adjournod to meet Friday night.
homos,, fueling glad that they had
boon in attendance and that tho K,
of P. picnic will go down In history
us a succoks in ovory son so of tho
Much crdelt Is duo tho commltteo
in cnargo, Messrs. Horsmnn, Hlllor
and C-oodrlch, for tho aloasant man-
Will Not Begin Work
Until Next Spring
Ruth Couch, prize a bottlo pcrfumo. nor In which tho affair was pullod Tho Columbia Stool company lias
Earl Walker won tho prlre.n Jointed
fishing rod lr tho broad jump con
test, and Arthur Clark ono dollar as
the prlzo in tho 17-year-oId or-undor
broad Jump contest. The sack raco
was won by Oloynn Mossronn and the
A Good Game
An Interesting gamo of "ball was
played at the Jorsey street grands
on the 16th Inst. The St. Johns fire
department and the Coldon West ag
gregation wero tbe opposing clubs.
off. There wat not a bitch or an coramonced work upon a 700-foot dock
nccldont of nn naturo to mar the . . ,. . ,
Pleasure of the day, and those who at L,nnton' tho P'm""y ground
did not go linvo ronson to feol sorry work for ,u futuro ,,ant- T," ,lto
that thoy wore not with the jolly adjoins that of tho Clark & Wllcon
bunch. Lumber company. As stated by tho
C aL jl Ut CI Ausiraci somo eigni montns ngo,
Something UP nlS jleeVe ot the immediate Intention of
the Columbia Steel compaany to ro
move to Llnnton, though It will oven
Meet for First Time
in Forty-five Years
J, J. Hlll.the railroad king, has uc- tually do so, but not until some tlmo
ceptod an Invitation to bo presont next year. It Is nwrely paving M10
at tbe exercises attending tho en- way, as It wero, by building the pros
tranco ot the North Dank railroad In-lent dock, whon it docs finally en
to Portland. It Is likely that Jimmy ttbllsh Its plant at IJnnton It will
With little or no practlco the fire I has something else up bis sleeve employ soveral hundred men, and
rays uninreu wm irny. ana me ninnii . wnicn win do unroiuea wnen no ar-1 ubw uum, m, uu.-iu eoiimuiuu
audience present were really sur- rives. Ono thing will no doubt be I that possibly about $SO,()00 will be In
prised at tbe excellent showing they ( tho securing of a long strip of land vested In tho plant. Ho thinks It
made against the colored lads.who , between tbe new bridge over the Wll likely that tho actual work of build
have been playing regularly tho great ( lametto and the fair grounds for ter- Ing the plant will eln some t'me
er part of the season. For tbe homo rrlnal grounds and large car shops, next year. Speaking Jrom memory,
team Walker and Lee Ward led with, It was ruinorod that this deal was aud not having tho blue prints ul
tbe stick Tho umpires did good work consummated some tlmo ago. but the band Manager Qunn said thero
and the contest throughout was do-, report has never been substantial- would be four buildings of about the
ed . fii'lowing proportions, A found'-,
120x250, a high gabled building with
traveling cranes and other modern
equipment; a machine shop, 60x120,
about VA stories; a blacksmith shop
50x50; a pattern shop 40x50, 1 story;
a pattern storage building 50x120 of
2 stories
The Columbia Steel company and
void of wrangling except In ono In
stance whan a little, was Indulged
In. Thescore was 6 to 9 In favor of
tbe Golden West team.
New Town Site'
Will Locate Here
W, A. Olen, recently from Appleton
Wisconsin, U among the latest arrlv
uls who will become permanent res-
Ii'ents of St, Johns. Mr. Olen will
look after tbe St. Johns era of tbe
business for L. II. Smith & Co. He,
Is sb attorney by profeisloa and will
so doubt take up legal wcrk as a
aide line. Being of a genial disposi
tion tie will Mkely meet with succses
ia big sew field of labor.
P. 8. Bannon and Osra' Mason
spent Sunday by tbe sad sea waves
st Seaside. Like many otters, they
were ready to return aftc several
twin at tfcU ratber tame retort.
Four hundred thousand feet oflura
ber were bought by Swift & Co. tbis
week for use on their town-site nearltho CIark & WJl8on LuraW coropany
lt. nliiHi 1. I I ... 1 1 llf . ...Ill I " tnuui uw uuiuS uuui. worn wm TJnnton lo-lntlv lnirnorfi,l n
bo sUrted immediately to erect 25 8fdtary company recently, known as
dwellings, some of ttwm quite pre- ,he Unnt0B Kgtate conipany.
trntlous for the officers cf the com- Thlg company has platted a portion
P'.-y, Hundreds of smaller hjmei or the Columbia Steel company's tract
win bu up as mpiui as praciiciu.o. Into lota Which will hn anM The.A
Everything indicates that the Swifts whi nrobhiv ireiv h nrnmi ih
wUl make good and win have a towi. kome for employe. Dally Abstract.
auuuii 0 tttrKv M ,BU 4'JUU in IUV
"""f '"f Poultrr la tn hav im dn
-- . - v - - -o -
tlcn at tbe stock show in S'jiu
Charles Bredeson received tb ro- bor. Over $500 in prizes is offered
tii'-ns from the civil service exumlna- and the interest may be judged from
llou this week and has a record be the fact that already over 1000 en
nay well be proud of, standing 97.0 tries have been mado. Poultry Is mi
ana nas a years itmo 11 wmcn no important product In Oregon and
nuy be called upon for service means $5,000,000 to her exchequer.
Tho hnpplost man In St. Johns, wo
bollovo Is Goorgo L. Porrlno. Tho
causo of his excessive hilarity Is tho
vUltoftwoot his good old nuntlosof
his boyhood days, Ono 0: tlioso ho
has not noon since ho noved from
whoro sho Ilvjd somo 4.1 years ago,
This aunt Is Miss Ada Pcrrlno, his
fnthor'a slstor, whoso lomo is In
Michigan. Tho other Is Mrs, Kezla
Porrlno, wife of Georgo'a nnclo, whos
homo Is in Ashland, Oregon. Ills
aunt Kezla always Ccorgo's fa-
vorlto aunt for tho roaion that sho
always sympathized with him in all
boyhood troubles. When his fathor
would tako Goorgo out In tho wood
shod for an lntorviow, Aunt Kezla al
ways poured balm Into Inn wounded
feelings and whenever thero was a
discussion of the subjoct beforehand
Aunt Kezla was always attornoy for
tho defendant, and her success was a
forogono conclusion. In tbeso cascH
which occurrod occasionally and somt
tlmoB oftoner, If Georgo could got his
attorney's ear before tho futal mo
ment bo felt pretty safe, II Is nat
ural then that ho should think that
Aunt Kezla na just about perfect
and ho has not grown old enough to
forsake tho convictions of hit child
Tho ladles are 72 years of ago, nro
very bright, sweot, happy,wbolosouled
perfect women, whom It l a delight
to meet and converse with and we
like George better becauro bo has
such good,, liveable relatives, Thoro
is .some hopes for him yet.
Miss Porrlno has been In California
where sbo spent tho winter and came
up hero to visit her relatives. Both
the ladles remember tho war times
and Mrs. Perrino was at Lawronco,
Kansas the noxt day aftor Quantrcll's
mnttor in chnigo. It Is hoped that tho I nctloii with tho Peonlos' Press to no M'v' ovt'r ngnln nnd tho trials nnd
flro board will talto vigorous action coa n IIK0 Pomuoii tvitn nn custom '"'"""'' ro lorgouon, or 11 ro
In tho casus mentioned so that wo "yndlcuto. It Is not stated whoro ii'nuberod, only to lomparo with tho
mnv nnt Imvu tho linimrtni.v nt n. his field of operation will bo. .but If Joyoim present. No wonder lliero was
mnttor demonstrated by the repotltloi Wo woro t'ornilttod to guess wo would 0 't f happy, oiithuslPMitu Hadgeiu
of somo of tho frightful burnings that "" tho Ponlnsuln." Wo hopo 1,1,110 ''oino glad that thoy woro muni
aro so frequently chronicled In tho 01,r "urmlso Is correct, for Mr.Jueoth '"ira tho now socluty.
is ono or inumosi versntuu writors 111 ",u "' n u mu nuoiuiy us muo.
tho statu and has tho utmost fnlt'i In ,0(I tho grounibi fiu ns foll iwa:
tho futuro of tho Ponln&uln. Ho will Wilcox, president, N. A. Gee,
thorcforo always bo a vuluublo boost- v,tu ProBldontjKlbert llrowu.keereln.
or for tho Peninsula us long ns ho r' roy Osgood , trosmiror. Tiiosn
is connocted In any vny with It. Wo ra also coiiHtltuto tho executive
should bo ory sorry Indeed to loso couimlitoo who nro nuthorUod to
miiKo nocssoi.ry urrnngeineuts for u
picnic for next year.
nVMI-vllflitv IVHU ..11 Huitf ..swt.l
Do you know that next Monday lghl lo o ZZ"?: "
the council will open bids for IS 1(k Mi...,.i.i i.
What would happen If Ilarrlman Lloch8 of, moUor ''Itullthlo street occatolli u ,B ,,,, Ul0 ni
should die? Is thu nuxlo-ts Inquiry of J'n,tnt n "eburfT. That In wba'. w hftV0 Uor pIonIa , Cod ,
a Kansas editor. Well, wo do not Lsotuly s ra'TSts ,, 0 of " W" " M
...... loasonauiy suru mat some or mo nnd onlovt 10 r,i r.iinvini,iii
--r t v
What Would Happen
if He Should Die ,i,m from our Bldo f tl,u rlvur'
think thoro Is any suca good link bids will bo satisfactory ,Itoseburg
coming to Oregon this docudo. if Ilovlaw. What Is tho mnttor that St.
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