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Tho union mootliiR wtig hold In tho
OoiiBrogntlonnl church Kniiilny oven
lug iiiul tho building wns filled to Its
fullest cnimclty.
Tho ulnglng wiih uxeollunt, mid tho
nttontlon van nil Hint coi'ld ho do
filrod. Sorvlcowns begun by tho ulnglng
of tho oliolr, followed by tho congre
gation with tho song: "Wo prnlso
Thco O God." ltov. C. 1. Ontos then
rend tho accond chniiter of tho cpls
tlo of Paul to Titus, which pa fol
lowed by tho congrogntlon flinging
nnothor good old aong. A prnyor
wih than offered by ltov. I L. Young
nnd tho congrogatlon nng; "Wliuti
the roll Is called up yotidur." ltov.
Nslton then miule IiIb nnnonncomenti
nnd tho choir sting tho tinthem, 'He
boid tho lllllea," nnd the ioiikor
of tho ovonlng, Huv. Johnson of tho
Christian church wno Introduced
by ltov. Nulson.
ltov. Jolitison toolc for tho lending
thought for IiIh discourse tho 11th
vorw of tho chniiter rend nnd cnllod
nttontlon to tho fact that salvation
was com to nil men, not to n part
or tho men of tho world only, mid ho
umphmdiHtd tho fact Hint If nil inoii
woro not wived It w lint tho fault
nf tho Savior, nor yet of lllm who
iwit HNlvallon,but rather that It wan
tho fault of tticHH who would not
ttiko tho mtlvntlon that was proBcntuc
to tliHin. llt wild alio that It watt
not enoiiKh to know tho lovu of (!od
and of Christ, that Coil ho loved the
World that Hu Have Hl only begottei
hou that whOHoover bollototh In him
lnlght not perish but hnvo oternnl
lUu. TIiIh Ih all right ho far mh It
goen ,hut It dooH not go far enough
to hiivo you. You bavo a part to ilu
or you nro IobI. You navo a work to
do nnd Dint work must bo done. He
Hnld hoiiio puoplu olnliuotl they wero
HiiVed by tho grace of (lod uloiio nnd
ho thought that Much people would
have to bo HHVed In thntway If I hoy
wero over hiivchI ntall an they did
not obey tho noiM tho only ineaim
that ha betm promlmid toman for lili
Another thing that ho (nought out
pronilimnlly wnh that Cod never did
mid iiover would do anything for it
man that he could do for hliiiHulf.
What man enu no (iod linn and wl)
rouulro at IiIh lunula. In I 11m word
(lod him told man what In iioMtmiiry
(or blm to do In order for him to oh
tain hiiIvhUoii. If then man ilncw not
take advantage of the Information
mid obey hlu InMriiclloiiH, Ih (lod to
beblamed (hut man In IomI? HHpeclal
ly when tho liiHtrut IIoiih nro ho plain
mid explicit that Iho HlmploHt may
tiiultiraliinil. and ho onsy that the
weakiiHl may obMorvo them?
Ho dwelt ul hoiiio length upon the
temleucloH of the t linen to devote ho
much time and monuti to tho pleiu'iuvH
of the world that there wiih nothing
for the worhlp or the love of (toil
and tho win Ml wan thin Ih mora par
tluulnrly true of the young (ban of
tho older, which should not be. Wliou
in the tlaya of lludr youth, limy fowl
(IihI.wIiIIb they huvo no rcBHiiiHlblllty
or burden of iuio to tllwtrnit their
mlinia from hut aurvbe, how chii the)
oxiwet to Im anlo to servo lllm when
they iimku their way In the world
hurilomtd with the raivH of a fumlly
a bitHlnoa mid all the worrloH mid
illntrnnttuiM. He admoulHlied IiIh
huarera to taW Hdvautnge oflho prei
tint tlmw, the only time at our tout
mniid In which to make our hiiIvii
(Inn mire. He nlao culled nttoniloii
lit the Mtatumeut of ltov. (latex,
made laat I.orl' Day that but four
puriuiit of itnifwwlng ClirlHtlaiiH were
Brave Knights and Fair Ladles of
SUohna Castle Hall Hold their
Second Auunal Picnic at
Beautiful Estacada
There Ib olio thing certain when
ever the Knights of Pythias of tho
St. Johns castlo ball turns out to
hnvo n tlmo they have cvrythlng go
ing. Thoy held n picnic Inst year at
Kstacada and In some way they seem
to lmvo offonded Jupiter Fluvlus
for hepoured out tho watery vnpors
In such an nbundanco that tho mer
ry plcnlckorn wore nearly drowned,
but despite thin fact the placo was
bo beautiful and tho pcoplo ho kind
henrtcd nnd gonial that our knights
and ladles were captivated with the
location as welt as with tho Idoa
of making It an annual outing. To this
end they hnvo made more than the
usual preparation for a picnic of tho
ordinary character and will present
progrnm that will furnlnh amusement
Irroslstnblo to oven nil old hypochon
drlac. Thero will bo abundant room
provided to carry tho lunch bnakeU
and nil tho necessary accoutrements
for making It tho hnpplcst outing of
tho season.
Special cars will bo provided nnd
the party will leave St. Johns nt 7
o'clock n. m. nharp. Will leavo from
Portland promptly at 8 o'clock. If
one him novor bcon at Kstncnda It
will bo tlmo nnd money well spent
to put In the dnywlth this Jolly buncl
of inorrymnkcrfl. If you bavo bcon
with this crowd anywhere, and cs
peclnlly If you wero with them last
year at Kstnenda, It Is useless to nay
n word to you. You will never forgot
It and will go again this jonr If It In
one fo tho poHslbilltles,
Tho following program will bo put
on the boards on Hint occasion, and
there Ih little doubt but there will
bo lots of little surprises worked In
on the Hide; HiIh biuuh Is built tint
11 a. m, l'nt nnd lean mon'H race
prize, box of clgnrH, by A. linger.
1 1. in a. m. Kgg race ladlcH prlie,
three pouiidH of M. J. II. coffee, by
llonbam & Currier.
1 1 : ::o a. in. Hoys' three-legged
race, prho biiHo ball Couch & Co.
llilft a. m. dlrlH' foot race prlxe,
bottle of perfume, by W. M. Scar
liitermlHHlou Dinner.
1:;I0 n. in. Uroad Jump prize, a
Jointed fishing rod by llonhnm &
I: in p. m. Hack unco prize, pen
knlfo by J. V. Hendricks
l:nn p, m. Nail driving contest
ladles prize, burnt wood box by Mrs.
1 p. m. llnso ball by two clubH
of Knights, Defeated club will be an
dor the painful ncccHHlty of furn
IhIiIuk Ice cream for tho excursion
Now, do not forget tho dnto.Wed-
uoHdny, August 19. Tickets may
be purchased at several places In Mie
city. Tho fare Is very cheap. Only
?n for adults nnd 35 for children for
tho round trip. You cannot afford
to stay at homo nt thntprlce,
Pointers for our Patrons.
Our rule h the best stock
best work for ottr patrons.
We do not allow any printer to
put out nicer work than we do nnd
we put the best stock into our jobs.
lite tlillcrenct: between poor
actively engaged In the tho work of stock mill first clnss stock on a job
thtt MMtar lit said tuora were wii M small uciu wneii you consider i.. iiiMiaiviitmii or i.inrv mui ine viiiuc oi me 100. u is tnu
and Hint If man did not do his part
there wmi no aalvatlnu for hlm nciori
lug to tha word that haw Imhhi given
On (lod'H side hu pointed out the
moMiui of salvation as the a nice of
(lod, life, death and rmuroctloii of
Ohrlit mid on the lwrt of man In
fallh, lepttiiUiiiit. coufeaalou. Imp
t luii) nnd a nww life.
in this last Item of a new I If
hu Htrtd was an eaavntlid Just iih
Imperatively niuaary as that of bap
price of ii satisfied customer. It is I
better to make 50 cents less on n
job ami have a customer who will
comeback, Until to use the ilimsy
stock, make the extra 50 cents and
lose your customer. That is the
way we figure it.
To Water Users.
Water used through hose for
spriiiKium yams or .smewaik-s or
tlHii rMHtMHie ami faith, and that wiislunK porches or windows must
wllhwit It Ml our proeaaion mid ton ior in nuvaiice, ami useu
ttmmUu, U I.. VMlu Ve Uu "y ueiwcvu ine iiuurs oj 5 mm 01
rtiltiiu-tim r f'hrki .n,l l tliu m.u tllld 5 lUld 0 p. 111. It IllUSt
" ' " " I 4 i i r..- t.n
tlHW oontlniw In our aliiful ways. We ' "l ,,L ur P""k'K wc.
iitUKt hv dira of the word net hear
ers uidy. lu thtt languuge of tho Im
mortal 8nm Joiiea.we must unit our
The miMtlug was i'lmad by tho ben
edletlou by Hvv. Johntou.
Anyone usiiik water contrary to
these rules, or wastefully, will be
sunt on wttuout lurtiier notice.
St. Johns Waterworks and Ught
ine; Co., P. II. Kdlefsen, superin
Visitors Prom Hood River.
10 ilorsu, an old demoernUc war
horw from Howl Ither county mid A
(J. Stitan uiaHagt r ef the larmer's lr
rlgutloti dlttti ou tha West tilde
at Hood Illvec was down to attend
the good road couveiitlou audwero
In duty iMiuiid to oouo over and
Hny; "Hello";: it was good to boo
tho boys ami we Uope they will bring
thglr kulttliiK the utl time and
stay nil day.
One of our bett old tllllcuuiH, Will
Ganger, Hood It Ivor's Chief of Police
was lu the city Sunday and missing
us came over again Monday. Wo were
deo-llghted to bco the lad. He Is
nil wool mid a yard wide. Is the best
offccr Hood Itiver has had lu tho J
12yoars that wo havokept tab on her
doings. Will was down to ntteud
tho funeral of a friend mid naturally
could not go back whenso near till
he looked Into our sad brown oyes.
It wns Just like getting n letter from
homo with money in it to see tho boy
Our Charges.
As is eiistomnrv. we will eliaree
lor card ot tliauks, 50c: tor resolu
tions of resDect. i.oo: for notices
of church or lodee entertainments.
r. - ,
sunners. sociables, etc.. where there
arc charges for admission, 5c per
hue, but where there are no charges
for these events, we will break the
rule and insert them free. We
make this announcement so that
our good friends mav understand
our rule in this respect.
It I 11 I I
imiiuioun uuu uuiiar Lessons.
I have organized a class of man
dolin and guitar pupils in St. Johns I
and can take a few more scholars
on each. Terms reasonable. Sat
isfaction guaranteed, liest of ref
erences. Dale 1. Taylor, nt Calef
Hros., 1 louse iMinnshers, opp. P. O.
St. Johns Ferry Time Card.
Leave Hast Side (A, M,) 6:30, 7:10,
8:00, 9:00, io;oo, 11:00, 12:00 M, P, M,
1 :oo, j:oo, y.oo, 4:00, j:jo, 5:30, buo.
I.euvc West Side (A. M.5 6:io. 7LM.
o:jo, 9:30, 10:30, 11:30. r, ai. 13:30,
1:30, 3:30, i'io, 4:30, S'-io, o:oo, 0:30,
These two columns have been leased by the Socialists of St.
Johns. They will furnish and edit their own matter, and the
editor of the Review will in nowise be responsible for anything
that may appear each week under this beading.
Office: Room 9. Hrecden riulld
lug, corner Third and Washington
streets, Portland 1 nnd Room J5,Hol
brook Dlock, St. Johns.
Phone: Pacific 2098. Residence: St. Johns
Rooms In the Holbrook building.
St. Johns, Oregon.
Consider these col
umns printed in red.
Next week we hone it
will be read.
Joseph McChcsncy, M. D.
Day and Nlzht Office In McClieiney Dlock
I'hon. WoodUwn 475
Physician and Surucon.
Ofiicc in Holbrook's Dlock.
Residence, 215 Hayes street.
Phone Scott 6995.
Office hour), 11 to 11 . m,, to 5 p. m.
OlCce Phone, WoodUwn 1141.
Keildtnce Phone, Union 5901.
Office In rortimouth Itrick.
Transfer and Storage
Wc deliver vour coods lo and from nil
Krts of Portland, Vancouver, Llnntoti,
irtland and Suburban Kxprcits Co,,
cuy uock nun an x)inis accessible ny
Iwneon. Piano and furniture moving
In siKcinlty. tog 15. Ilurllneton: phone
. ii f - ...
Kicumomi 01.
Funeral Director and Ombaliner
lidy Asslstnut.
Drnnch office at University Park Drui!
Store, phone Woodlnwu 1874.
Main office. Portland. Orceon: nhonc
bcuwood 71.
Near the mouth of the Columbia River, on the Wash
ington Side, reached from the City of Portland
011 the splendid excursion.-
in about six hours. It is upward of twenty miles long,
very broad and level and almost as compact as a com
position pavement. It is dotted its entire length with
towns, cottage settlements, tent cities, villas, fine hotels
and all the amusement accessories of a popular summer
beach resort. It's the place to go for rest, health and
a good time. Thousands go there for their summer
outing. Try it.
The Potter will sail every day except Sundays
During the Summer Season.
Fare from Portland, round trip, - $4 00
Saturday to Monday, tickets, - 3.00
Purchase tickets and make reservations at city ticket
office, Third and Washington Streets, Portland, or in
quire of any 0. R. & N. agent elsewhere for information
WAl. AlcMURRAY, Gen. Passenger Agt Portland, Ore.
aai e0 e0 cO rO cO e50 mm g0 c-53 c5d eSD ci3 rO
No. 186 I. 0. 0. F.
ecu cacu iiioimnv eve uni in unit n
I'cllows hall, at 8:00. Visitors welcomed. 7
H. II. Holcomb,
C. P. Gates. N. G.
Holmes Lodge No. 101
Meets every l'rldny ulifht
ni 7:too ciocK ni i.u.u.i'.
hall, Visitors always wet
come. J. II. Illnck, C. C.
1. II. Holcomb, K. U.S.
1st. Right Goods
2nd. Right Prices
3rd. Right Treatment
You will find all these if you trade with
R. F. LASH 207 SsfLfrcct
ft1Tal Mflilof I UnjitUt church 15. A. Leonard, p.ntor.
VCU llCtl iTlallvCl 1 Sumlny school nt to n. in. Preaching nt
Holbrook Dlock.
See us for the Choicest Cuts of the licit
Meats Obtalnnblc,
Orders 1'lllcd nnd l'nmlly Trade Solicited
T. P. WARD Proprietor.
It is resolved by Ihc city of St. Johns:
That whereas, there are dclinmicnt
street nstcumeiiU for Improvement there
of ajjniust a number of lots, parcels and
tracts of laud lu the city of St. Johns,
which uid aiH-siiuents nave been duly
and rciiularly entered in the docket of
city liens and the sum nucsscd unou
cucii 101 so delinquent mis 1101 ikcii (mki
10 ine Kccoriicr: unu
Whereas, more than thirty days hnvc
clapsetl since said U4cjiueiit were tn
tered in said lien docket: ami
Whereas, the citv of St. lohus Is auth
orlted under the provisions of its charter
10 collect said assessments by sale ol
said property;
incrciore ic 11 resolved Hint the re
corder of said city be and he is hereby
directed to prepare and transmit to the
Treasurer of the citv of St. lohns
I a list in tabular lonn, made up from the
dockets of the city Ileus describing each
assessment which is delinquent, the name
01 ine person to wuom asaekseii, ami a
particular description of the property,
the amount of the assessment due there
Ion and other facts nrctaluini; thereto
which he may have in his iiossesslon:
He it resolved that the treasurerof said
city shall thereupon proceed to collect
the unpaid assessments as provided by
the law of the State ot Oregon and the
City Charter of said city, ami that said
property be sold as therein provided and
that the cost of advertising and makiui'
said sale be taxed as by law provided
against each lot, truct or parcel of laud
to sold.
Adopted July 38, 190S.
City Recorder.
Published lu the St. Johns Review,
Aug. 7th and 14th, 1908,
II a.m. II. Y. P. U. 7 p. m. Preacnlng
at 8 p. m.
Methodist church 1'. I,. Young, iws-
tor. Sunday school 10 a. in.; preaching
at 1 1 a. in. mid M p. in. Upworth l.engue
at 7 p. m.
IlolyCros Catholic church, Portsmouth 1
Station: 8:1 a. in., low mum; 10:1 s a.m.,
high mass; 7:30 p. m., vespers and bene'
Chrixtlan church Meets every Sunday
lu Tabernacle as follows: Sunday school
nt 10 a. in.; preaching at it a. m. and H
p. m., ami v. 1'. t. 1:. 1t.mcci111ga17p.111
It. J. Johnson, pastor.
St. Andicw's Hptiicopal Chnptl, Uni
versity Park Rev. Win. R. Powell,
cliapialu, Regular services 7:30 p. in,
Sunday school at 3 p. m.; Ilihlc class 7 p,
in.; i.entou services every I'rmay at 10
a. in.
Hvuugclical church Sunday school at
10 a. 111. rreacuiug 11 a. m. junior K.
I.. C. It. 3:30 p. m.; Senior K. I,. C. I'.. 7
p. 111. Preaching at 0 p. m. Chester P.
Gates, ivutor.
1'lrst Congregational Church O. W,
Nelson, tumor. Sunday school 10 n,
111,; lireaclilug 11 a, 111. and 7:43 p. m.
Y. P. S. C. It. mcetlni! at 7 11. in. l'ravcr
meeting Thursday at mo p. in, A scat
and welcome to all.
Itaptist Church, University Park. Rev.
. II. Waltz, pastor. Regular services
every Sunday morning mid evening.
German Ilaptlst church Services held
each Sunday at Ilaptlst church asfollows;
Mimiay scuooi 3 p, in., preacuiug at 3 p.
m. Rev. I'altmeat, ivtstor,
German Lutheran Services at 10:4s
a. 111. every butiday murium: at corner ol
Peninsula avenue and Kllputrick street,
University Park. All Germans of St.
Johns cordially Invited to attend. C
Iluechlcr, pastor.
Christian Science Society meetings
lieiil at v. 11. Kinu'a resilience, bun
days ami Wednesdays at 8 p. in.
City of St, Johns, Oregon
Mayor II. W. IHlce
Kntiutcr A. M. ltoii
Trcn.iitcr I. It, Tnncli
AlloriK)- if. 1, eolllcr
Kiililticcr C. Aiultrws
I'll yolclati A. W. Vlnrtnt
Cliltl ol Police J. II. Illsck
Mllht rollcc-0. lltlicrUliie
Cotmcllnifti m I.arijci
A. W. Davl., e. I., Jolinxm, rt. !,. Doble
CoiiiicIIiiicii I'lrit W'snl:
I'. J. Miller W. W. V Intlte
eouiicltmru Hccoml Wstili
II, e. Hunter II. W. lionhstn
Ktrttli ami Dock-W. W. W'liullc, !'. J.
Miller, C. I.. Jolmwn
Mccnte II. V. nniiliam. II. C. Hunter,
W, W. Wlmllc
W'stcr ami t.lclit-C. T Johnion, A. W.
Davli, II. W. Ikmham
l'lnsnce-A. W. llsvN. II. C. Hunter. 8.
I.. Oolle
IliillJiiil ami riroumlt II, C. Hunter, I'.
J Miller, C. I.. Johnson
Health ami l-otlcc H. I. Dobl, II. V.
Iloiiliam, W. W' Wlmllc
I.IUor I.lcenw P J Miller, A. W I)vU,
H. I. Ioblc
gainst you iu above entitled court and
suit within six weeks from dute of the
In the Circuit Court of the State of Ore.
gon, for the County of Multnomah.
Nettle Palrchild, Plaintiff,
Kills G. Palrchild, Detendeut.
To Kills G. Fairchild. the above-nnm
Ied defendcut, in the name of the state of
Oregon, you are hereby required to ap
pear ami answer iuc complaint nieil a-
first publication of this summons, to wit:
iroui juiy 17, 190a, ami 11 you tan to so
appear or answer or otherwise plead In
said suit the plaintiff above-named will
apply to the above-mined court for the
relief demanded in her couinlaint filed in
1 ine sain sun 10 wit: tor a decree dissolv
ing the bonds of matrimony now and
heretofore existing between plaintiff and
and yourself and absolutely divorcing
plaintiff from you. and for the care and
I custody of the minor child of plantiff
and yourself, to wit: Kdith Fairchild a
daughter, aud for ottler such order and
lurtner reuei as to tins court mav seem
just and equitable.
Tuls summons is published pursuant
to the order of the Honorable Thomas
I O'Day, Judge of theabove-ntitled court, I in open court in tins cause on
July 14, 1908, which order prescribes that
this summons shall be published in the I
I St, Johns Review once each week for the
I period of not less than six weeks. The
first publication of this summons was
wade on July 17. 1908. aud the last nub-
iiicatton 01 tins suiutuous win be on
August 38, 190S.
II. B. Collier
1 36-43 Attorney for the plaintiff.
FOR RENT card at this off let.
Plant an ad. in
St. Johns Review
watch your business
In order to Insure a change of ad
vertisement the copy for such change
should reach thla office not later than
W4ndy, at 3 o'clock p. m. Pitaaa
rmmbr this and aava Mm printer
CopvmoHTa ac
Anrons (ending iketrh and de.etli.tlnn msy
qnleklf ucruiii our opinion free whether sn
liiTentlon ( probably nuteiitAMA. Contmunle.
Ilontitrlciirronadeiitfel. HANDBOOK on Patent
entire. Oltfeit aienrr foreecurmf PAtenta.
Patente taken Ibruua Ii sluuu A Cv. recelr.
fretal noiitt, without, charge, la tua
A bandeornelr IllailralaJ wMtlr. I-aweet elf.
rulallon uf anv aelanlldfl lotiraaL Tenna. Si A
yean ( brail newedealers.
hc-s widened its market un
Ul it includes the whole civil
ized world; has become the
ypewriter of over 300,000
perators and has during
. joO, broken every previous
ecord of sales, because Jt
:as from the beginning beat
ntt every typewriter need.
HPH E tri-color feature of
i the Smith Premier
Typewriter is races-
uizsd as the greatest im
provement in modem type
writer construction yet ia
providing it, none of the
strong fundamental fea
tures, for which the Smith
Premier has always beea
noted, have been sacrificed.
Complete literature on request.