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ruhlMied F.?rr Friday
Al 117 Weil MiirllMRttm Street, M. Jolitu,
review ORDINANCE NO. 192
Till! Kitvutw I entered nt post office
111 Saint John, Oregon, ns mnll matter
of tlic second class under Hit Act of Con
gress of Mnrch 3, 1879.
Adtprtlilns rain. tl.00 rr Inch pir month.
All fotnmunlcstlotu nhoulJ be ndilreneil to
The noriew, nt, joim, urrgon.
Jab ITlntltiR ncuted In ftrit-etsis ile,
tlllls tor Job Printing rssh on ilMlttrr.
Official Hawtpaper ot ths City of St. Johni,
Subicrlptlon prloo $1.50 pop year.
FRIDAY, AUGUST 14, 1908.
An Ordinance Regulating the
Improvement of Streets
in the City of St. Johns,
Oregon, by Macadam ia
I he or Graveling Same.
Wo Wish to secure ono or more
canvassers In St. Johns, one In Linn-
ton, one, or more In University Park
to work for the Review. We will
give a liberal commission and besides
to the one eceurlnn the most votes
by their aubi-crlptlons and soliciting
wo will nlvc a paid up cchr.larshlp
to the amount of $50 In some bust
ness Collcno. We hovo out echol-
arshln paid un and soma ono will
cet to use It this winter. Will It be
you? Come In and let un tell you all
about It,
Tliu unarjo' utoruil up In n finim
of nullum In wild to liu Hufflmoiil to
drive u (ilMiointipowur iiulomobllo nt
it rnto of HO iiiIIoh 1111 hour around
around tliu world. Hut thu thtiiK
Ih to i;ut thu rndliiin.
rortliuid will upoud 11 million lol
lnru on park liiipmvuuiunt :ih pur
boiiilMruiuutly votudfor Unit purpottv
Too hud Ml. JuIiiih did not Uuttp up
with thu proamnion hy Heoiirlng that
nightly luetitlnii ovtirlonliliiK lha dry
Dont formit our ntlvortliwrn. Thoy
innlio thu uuwupMpur iMHMtlhlH, If you
want lo hulp your homo pitpor pHlroii
Iro thu pooplo whim know oiiouih
to iidvurllMo their ohIm In III col
iiiiiiih, mill td I thttiit you wtw tholr
ml In thu pupur.
Tin m OnuoN HthlflHK won lionorM
At lti Olvmidu minion In Loudon No
otltur 11I11I0 miiilo mich a mIihwIiik
Tim Miyn will lit niynlly uiitortaliiml
In i'ortliiiid whim thoy ruturii onrly
I11 Hoplunihtir. Until iithlutlt,' mid com
muii'liil IioiIIum tuu milling In (h ur-
Atutroftil novum intriitJil Htirvoy of th
l'lilllpplim IhIiuuIh Iihh lovoulod tlinL
tluiro 11 ru about HflflO In thu group.
inuru than twIt'H tlw iiuiuliur Mtl-
initlwl nt thu tlmo of our ouuupii-
tlou. Thiit Ih nil iry do
not luted to rtifund titiyihliiK ItiHjmlu
lit It hi t'OHtlllK IIH llioru tlillli twice
iiHiauch aa wtt flRurtHl on to wviipy
thu IInhIh nnd wi .iro nut done
with llmni by a fow.
A (luritlHIl M'lt'MtlNt 1 1 MM pmpiUMNl
to llnly to uxtlnwiuih tliu flrwt of Vo
ilvltia hy floodlx lht olcnno with
Mm wlwr tliiomh tunittdii. Tim
SHilllllllO U M HUOd (III, hilt VVllHt Will
old VtMmu ln dolna nil I Id Unto?
Wlj IlltVO It fHlllt HllltpU'loil tllHt llMflll
tllU IMIIHI rttHull HII (IIHflllllM Ml
(lint thv aen wMwr t'Hit Ik ulllliod will m it Diitcliiimn who will
hit (Killing DhiiIu to hulp him out of
Ida difficulty.
Thu W'HllH W'Mlltl IhllMlll WtVH till'
rpiihlleni up tit that country hat
otidttd (bu factional ftaht and ttru hII
pulling tutflhor mil)i. Tlmt Ih i
wlswt thing to du mid It I it lip to
thu mui.p.Ih thin Uto. I'ur int
until (key do wt will tliuru or W
miy itbow fur thv unity In pollllcM hi
Orufluii, hut wt will coutlmiu iMiitl
Iuk dWHUflmlM ur other Killtlwl l;td-
ura to iprntt un In iIm IkIIhI
Ivu hnlU of our Mtntiwud untlnu.
plncen tnndc
rollliiL' shall be
The City of St. Johns docs ordain as
Section 1. Whenever n street is to be
Improved by mncmlninlzliiir the anme It
ulinll ho done in the following manner
when mncndnumcil witliottt Baud ninilcr:
The tondwny shall be graded down to
sttliKradu ns fvcti hy the city engineer;
saiilMibKradc shall he not less limn six
nor mote than twelve Inches below tlie
finished surface of the street nt the ecu-
Iit nt tlie street.
Care tnust be taken lo preserve tlic
proper crown. All soil or apingy places
not iiffortllnt! a firm foundation shall be
dtitr out and refilled with good earth,
L'ravet or macadam, well rammed In
' .... . ti 1.- .1 ....1.
1 lie entire ronuoeu sunn ire iihiiuhkii-
ly rolled and compacted with the city
sleiiiu roller to tilt satisiaciioii 01 me
city engineer.
All Indention or sunken
Inrlnif the nroccs of
n ml wini 1110 mater a 01 which such
foundation Is conix)sed while rolling.
Such rolllmr shall be completed In
sections of nt least tine block ami sua 1
!e tested and nccctited bV the City elllM
necr before any material for the pave
lllnllt U tl1liflil tlllTfOII.
On the bed thus pictured shall he
spread the rock for tliu first course, of
such thickness as lo give a depth ol one
half an inch below the finished surface
of the street after being thoroughly com
pat ted by rolling with the cily steam
roller, or by r.imin tut! Ill such places as
flu. rtitlir t'filtnnl nncll.
The i ltv will furnish a steam toller
weighing not less than leu tons to do the
rollliiif. and all 10III111! shall be done
with thu cily steam roller where practl
ltolllng shall be continued until the
street U tolled to the Mttlsfaclioit of tlic
rltv I'tiL'IiietT.
The sle of the roek used In the first
.'in. si. ktiall mil In- luri'iT tllllll 2 1-3
liii'lit-n lii larfcsl dliimiter. nor smaller
tliim 1.3 I in-1 to illiiuiiter.
Any stone larger than till will be re
jected, and must either be icmovcd fttmi
the httiel or rehtokeil to the proper sle
lii liu I'ntit nii'lfir.
The ton or finishing course will be
I nf fillur liiirlli-lllt of stone, oh hv kctecnluu the stone for the
liiuiir rnni-M.
The iimtciliil for the top course will he
spread upon tlic lower course lit a iimi
furiii tin it. uml nfter lieliiL' wet will be
thoroughly rolled with the city roller, to
the satisfaction of the city engineer.
Ikfiire the ton or finishing course is
nut 011. the lower course must ho tested
uml ni'i'i'titi'il In- llif eitv engineer.
Itock for the street shall be hard,
sound, dark colored Imwill rock, or rock
equally us good.
Section 1, When the street Is to lie
mncailauilud with sand hinder it shall
be done n follows:
The roadway shall be gtaded down to
the suligrade as given by tlic city engi
neer; said subgntde shall he not tessthaii
six nor mote tlian twelve incliis neiow
the finished surface of tliu street at the
center of the street.
Care must he taken to preserve the
proier crown. All Milt or spongy
platen not allonllng a f t r lit lounuaiioii
slwll he dug out and telilled with gil
earth, gravel or macadam well rammed
til nutc.
.1... 11. ...1 .i.n i. ,1. ,,....., 1..
IV Vlllllt lW(l'VII PIMtll llllfliiiiKM-
the Mtlkfac
Uniting shall he continued until the
street Is rolled to the satisfaction of the
city engineer.
The sbe of Ihc .gravel used in this
course shall not be greater than four
inches in longest diameter, and the
smallest diameter not less than one Inch
and no stones more than two inches in
largest diameter shall be placed within
three Indies of the top of this course.
Tills course shall lie tested and certi
fied ns to being on the proper grade by
the city engineer before any material for
the lop or finishing course is placed
Kin isi UNO ou top couush.
On the first course shall be spread a
layer of fine crushed rock screenings or
gravel, one inch in depth when thor
otighly compacted; no stones used in this
course to be greater than one inch in
longest diameter. After being thor
oughly wet it shall be rolled with the
city steam roller until the gravel ceases
to sink or creep under the roller, and lo
the satisfaction of the city engineer.
DK1TU 01' ORAVIil,.
The gravel shall have a total depth of
not less than six or more than twelve
inches in the center of the street.
The gravel used in this improvement
shall be upland bank gravel.
raised by the council Aug. It, loo3.
Approved Aug. tt, 1908.
A. M. Ksson,
Published lit the St. Johns Review
August 14, 190H.
An Ordinance Amending Or
dinance No. 95 of the
City of St. Johns, Ore
gon, Entitled "An Ordi
nance Regulating the
Use of Bicycles on the
Streets of the City of St.
Johns, Oregon."
I'mnt'M I inn Umt of nit airt of
tomt fur Mill Imlhldual luhnldtaiit
Mini annually litiiHirtalao.uuu.uoti wmtt
or wooii. Him in wynuuuttically u-
forotltiK hur barren plnctw to ivtort
drouirhU, pnnliU) tmpluyuniil for hor
paoplu uml furnUU raw iimtnilul for
Imr fiiotoiWit. Vo talk about (bono
visionary, fool PYwieiunun; hut vtry
ulnctlou wo aud u lut of fool poll
tlolitna to coiiaionu. who hnvu not tin
ttuiH to iKlilu pruHiiy for thu n
itiruHiiNi out wnatu pimvH uur curt
fur thu furont that tlud Imn nlroudy
Hlvtniua. if the IiIouiuIiik groMihuniH
would follow thu u-xnuiplu of thu vIh
iunnry Krenuhiuttu lutludr ivfoivatliiK
liiBtead uf 8H)Udtua no much niouuy
on tiio navy thur would m !. oppor
tutilty for thu auelallal to liulltr. Wu
do hupu thu tliuu will come whoit
both tlio picusainl thu itoplu will In
Blst mi Btroimly for aihxpmte foivm
protuotion tlmt It will bu forth com
Ing until mioli flrua aa aro niKlug uuv
will bo hoyuud tlio palu ofu otaol
will bu boyoud tlio ivaUof tlio po&sl
bllltlos. If aomethtltig U nut duttu It
will not bu another awneriitUm until
tlio United Status will ho n truuloaa
woottiuBB uesutt. j.umner will liu a
thing boyoitd the roach of thu common
pooplo mid tornmlooa, cyelouou and
btlzzurda will bo provalunt ovorywlwru
on thu contltiunt. Tlila In not a vury
chvorful plctttro, nor In it vury much
overdrawn. '
ly rolled mid i'ouiacted to
tlou of the cltv eniiiueer.
All iiiili'iitiitlon ami suiikiu places
nwile dutliig the process ol rolling mall
htf lilhil with the material of which
such foundation is coiiiikInciI while
blich lolling shall be completed III
section of at least tine block, and shall
be teted and mcepted by the city engi
neer iicloic any material lor lite juve
meiit l nliucil thereon.
t)u Hie fiiiiudaliou thtnt prepared shall
be spread the riK'k for the first course,
which shall be four inches in depth utter
Mm; rolled, and alter being Idled with
imuuitlt Mud to fill thu voids of the rock
shall iillcriMtcIv be thoroughly rolled
and sprinkled to the satisfaction of the
oily enuiiicer. The second course sli.tll
lie lour un Ins tit depth at tlic center ol
the st i cet and two inches in depth al the
curb, mid shall be covered with sufficient
sand lo till the voids, and shall be thor
onghly sprinkled and rolled the Mine as
the hist course, l lie niiai course suait
hv of such depth its lo give a total thick-
iicmi to the street and when completed ot
twvlte inches tit the center and eight the curbs, and shall be spread,
covered with sand, rolled and sprinkled
the same as the Prcccdim courses.
it iieciM irv to tiumuiiMiiy mini me
top coiuse, a layer of clay or other ac
ceptable binding material shall bespread
on tlie suriaco o the street during the
p toe cm ol rolling.
All rolling shall be done w lilt tne city
steam toller where tuiicllcable.
The took iivd in all courses shall be
crusher tuu id rock, not larger than 3
t-7 iucht-k in uteutcst diameter, It shall
be hard, sound, dark colored liavtlt
rock, or nnk uptally as ginxl.
.vtiilll t W'lipll tit,, ulrt'Ot tfl In 1h
Improved tv traveling (he Mine, it shall
be done til the lollowlng manner:
I he roadway shall lie trailed down to
the suburadc, as given hy the city engi
neer. Ntid subgrude shall be not less
than si uur tiioio than twelve inches
U'low the liiiikhed surface of the street
at the center of the street.
Chic must he taken to preserve the
proper ciown, All soft or sH)iigy places
not MiionittiK a tir tit loutidattou ktiaii be
dug out uiul refilled with good earth or
g avil, well niuimed lit place
The euttie roadbed shall le thoroiieh-
,.. I,.. I ... t I ...lit. At. . . .
y roueii ami couii'.vcieti Willi me cuy
steam roller, to the satisfaction of the
city eiigtueei
Ml iitileutatioiisor sunken places made
during the pioccss of rolluu: shall be till
ed witli the material of which such fotiu-
The city of St, Johns docs ordalu as
Tlmt section i of Ordinance 95, tutsscd
by the common council May 11, 1006,
and approved by the mayor .May 33,1900,
entitled "An o.iliuauce regulating the
use 01 bicycles 011 tne streets 01 mo
or St, Johns, Otegoti," be
read as follows:
Suction r.
I. Any sidewalk between John street
and New York street extending between
Hayes and Jersey streets, 011 either side
of Jersey street between l'essendeti ami
Richmond stieets,aud on any street
within one block of any public school
biilhliiiL'. or 011 any sidewalks within
the city ol St, Johns in 11 street where nl
bicycle tut!) is constructed or main
3. Any sidewalk with 11 tlic limits of
tlic city of St. Johns In a street ttMin
which is laid a plank roadway or which
Is mved or Improved with hard surface
3, Ukiii all streets other than those
heretofore described it shall lie lawful to
ride a bicycle upon the sidewalks at a
sjKcd of nut mote than six miles per
I. It shall be unlawful for any rider
01 a bicycle or oincr vehicle 01 like
character to as or attempt to pass more
1111111 two tivopic walking itbrcasi 011 a
six-foot sidewalk, or to pass or attempt
10 isis more than one K-rsoii ou 11 side
walk less than five feet wide without
first dismounting from such vehicle
when at a distance of not less than sol
feet from such ersou or (icrsoiis so to I
tie iMisscd,
5. He lore any person shall be riermit-
ted to ride any bicycle or other vehicle I
cf like character ou any sidewalk 011
any street in the cily of St. Johns, he or I
iney suait nrsi secure a jieriiiii inereior
iroiu tne city recorder, lor which per
mit he or they shall wiy the sum of ft,
whtcn tvermii snail expire 011 the hrst
Monday of April of each year. On re
ceipt of the payment herein described,
the recorder shall Issue to the applicant
a receipt and metal tag bearing t lie name
of the city and number of permit, which
K-rtniU shall run in consecutive order I
rout No, t upwurd.aiid be issued in new
series each year, At the dale of issue
the recorder shall register in the license
reuistcr the number of each iverinil. the I
date of issue and the name of the person
to wnoiit issued.
The metal tag in this section des
cribed shall he conspicuously Placed 011
any bicycle or other like vehicle to be I
ridden as in this ordinance provided.
and any bicycle or like vehicle bciui!
ridden more titan once 011 tne streets
without such tae from and after the 1 tth
day of September, 1908, shall subject the
niter to ine penalties prescribed in this
I'rovided. however, that physicians in I
the discharge of their professional du
ties may use any walk by using proper I
regard tor tne specu 1111111,
Passed hv the common council the nth
day of August, 1908. I
Approved by the mayor the nth day of
August, toon,
Mtest; Mayor,
A. M. 1.SS0N,
City Recorder,
Published in the St. Johns Review Aug,
14, 1903.
Get a home where you do
not have to spend two or
three hours every day on the
street cars.
You will be able to reach the heart of
the city from Whitwood Court within
TWELVE MINUTES on the new car line
that will soon be completed.
easy terms,
ery lot.
50x100, $200
and up,
piped to ev-
Phone Richmond 1021.
1 1 0 N. Jersey, St. Johns.
It is resolved by the city of St. Johns
...... i . . . i
that it is deemed expedient uml neces
sary to establish the grade of Allegheuey
street in the said city, from the northerly
tine ot mis nouicvarit to tue soutit
erly line of Pesseuden St., and it hereby
reipilres from the city engineer plans,
spccilicatious ami ptouie tor estautiMiltig
ttiegraue ot sum street, ami that the city
St. Johns Land Co.
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East St. Johns
The center of the great development now taking
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Therefore ring up the
Operating electric freight cars between St. Johns and
Porllaud. We call for and check your trunks direct
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Phone Main A 3358.
First and Flanders Streets.
Phone Woodlawu 818
Agent at St. Johus.
Office 105 E. Burliugtou street.
Miss Kuulcu SeU will ninUy hr
homo with Jior alstor, Mrs CIojuo
d.ttioti is composed untie rolling,
Such rolling shall te completed in
sections of at least one block and shall
be tostcd and accepted by the city engi
neer before any material for pavement is
placed 1 Hereon.
un tue bed tints pretared snail be
pread the rock for the first course, of
such thickness as to give a depth of one-
half an inch below the fiuUhed surface
ot the stteet after being thoroughly
completed by rolling with the city steam
roller, or bv ramming til sucli places as
the roller cannot reach.
The city shall furnish a steam roller
weighing not less than ten tons to do the
rolling, and all tne roiiitig snail be done
wttit tue city steam roller where practi
engineer shall tile such profile in the
olhcc of the recorder of the city of St.
Johns, Oregon,
Adopted Aug. 4, 190a.
A. .M. KbbUX,
Recorder city of St. Johns
Published in the St. Johns Review Aug
7 and 14, 190S.
There Is getting to bo a need for it
gurugo. In St. Johns , urothor .lobes
has his gasolluo buggy and thu city
has recently acqulroj , fiuo touring
car to iiso lit smoothing our streets 1
and when tho lalny season comes I
theso autos ought to huvo n dry pine
to run into, at lotst a dryer pltcol
than St. Johns.
St. Johns Phone Jersey 931 Oregon
:i' .
.THE fi
St. Johns Lumber Co.
Has all kinds of lumber, kiln dried nnd otherwise.
Also slab wood. Titulars of all sizes cut to order,
Get yeur winter's wwd mw Md save tmik.
St. Johns, Oregon.
t. Capital $25,000.00
Surplus 5.133.85
Iuterest paid on savings deposits
Drown tit Seaside.
FOR RENT cards at this office.