St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, July 31, 1908, Image 3

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30 cent Table Oil Cloth now 15
$2.00 Hammocks $1.00
Refrigerators 20 per cent off
$2 to $30
Wc can suit you in anything from a Light
Easy Sewing Rocker to a Genuine Leather
Turkish Rocker. LET US MAKE YOU A PRICE.
1-f Opposite
Main store
K. Morrison
We buy at close prices. Wc sell at close prices.
49 Ir cmtirMtmnu noou in nnl n -, nwl n l.ttlr. Wf
It sometimes pays to look around a little
and get prices and see qualities before
you buy. Wc Have both.
Phone Union 4066.
20G008 Philadelphia street.
Wood For Sale
Four Foot Cord Wood
First Growth, - $5.00
Second Growth, 4.50
Phone Richmond 1021. 1 10 N. Jersey St.. St. Johns.
I If You are
Paving Cash
You want to buy where you can get
the most good goods for your money.
Compare our goods and prices. ....
The Home of Good Coffee." 103 S. Jersey St.
Piumbing and Tinning
Call and see our new Garden Hose.
213 S. Jersey Street Phoue jersey 9 1 St Mm, fagM
Hatters and Gents' furnishers.
Phone East 3597. 132 Rus'l Street, near Mlulasippl av.
"'Manufacturers of Clay. Brick and Pressed Brick. Plastering
Saitd ba bauds at all times. Orders solicited.
H. HENDERSON 205 jy a.
Real Estate, Loans, Insurance f
. Abstracts of Title Prepared. Accurate Work Guaranteed.
Local News.
He who by Ills biz would rise
Must cither bust or advertise.
Watch the label on your paper.
If your business is dull, try an ad
In tho Itovlew. It will bring resultt
If nothing clso will.
This Is tho last wcok for our houso
cut r.d. This will enable us to give
more ppaco for news In tho futuro
Messrs. V. R. Evans and C. S. Mc
0111 tho St. Johns Hardware Co
lino moved to St. Johns and aro lo
cutod at tho homo of Mr. Chlpmnn
o 1
Eugono Wright spent Sunday at
Cutlln, Wash. Ho was accompanied
by his son, Glenn, who will visit
for fiomo tlmo with relatives there
Mrs. Wheeler and daughter Nona
ct Hood Itlvor.wero In tho city last
Monday and looked us up. As our lit'
tin ihaperono was away they promlso
to romo again
Mist. Efflo McDonald will go to The
Dalles via tho Ualloy Qatzert to
morrow to spend 0 week's vacation Ir
tho capital of old Wasco,
Mies Perkins was good to the wld
ow mi" tho orphan Monday 'mcrnlng
by bringing them another splendid
treat to delicious chorrlcs. SI10 has
tho tiionks of tho cntlro forco.
Miss Qraco Stuckcr visited Miss
Holloh Crawford of Vancouver last
week and Miss Crawford cninu homo
with hor Tuesday to spend n week In
the city of the Apostles,
Nov. A. E. Leonard litis tho thanks
t( tlio offlco forco for u troat to tho
finest , most delicious cherries- wo
Imvo tinted this season. Thoy won
of the Lambort variety and were fluo
Bpt clmciiB of that king of cherries,
Ocorgo Mnhor camo down from
ItldKoflohl, Wash.,8nturday and vis
lied hlr sister, Mrs. George Slminoiin,
lelurultiK Tuesday. Mrs, Simmons
mid llttlo ones wont homo with her
urothcr for a visit.
Tho Graco Male Chorus entertained
lady frlundi Wednesday night on
Council Crest. Tho ladles went In ad
nnco nnd had six tables spread with
good things, when tho gontlonioii nr
lived. Dr. Hoppo nnd wlfo were of
the Invited guests. After lunch thu
doctor inndo a speech, very ccmpll.
nu'iitnry of I'rofesnor Wilder and thu
tioyo. Ho was followed by liiuilc and
readings until 10 o'clock.
Ann I'otor said: ' I go a fishing."
Tlio Nsholo offlco forco wont to tho
simo placa Saturday morning. Wo
had oil kinds of luck and caught
a suiiiplo of all tho dlfforont kinds
of fish In tho crook. All oxcopt tho
ciphaii, who could not coax 11 fish
to blto and declared ho bollovod thoy
wore hoodoood. If you noveor wont
fishing you havo missed half your
llfi. Come and go with us somotlmo
and wo will prove It.
Ttero was an agent of tho North
Uank road In tho city last wo ok
looking up tho tounago of tho fi eight
fur 81 Johns, Wo understand that
tl'3 0. R. & N. officials were out ro-
conllv looking up a doslrablo slto for
1 depot and other matters of Intoioiit
to their lino. We hopo thoy will boo
their way cloar to put In a substan
tial depot horo, for It Is badly need
ed riid as thoy havo a track horo
alivndy, they can put In depot at less
expense than anyono else.
Two big fires again last week, ono
In I'ortland, whoro tho Ablngton bull'
ding was destroyed with about
IW.OOO loss. It Is thought that
tho fire was of Incendiary origin and
It ia a. puzzlo allko to tho police and
to thu property ownors. Tho other
flm woa In Vancouver, sVash., whoro
tho Vancouver lumber mill burned
with a loss of about $30,000. This
lira startod In tho boiler room In
some way and bad attained too great
hi'rtday beforo It was discovered to
enable them to extinguish It. Tho
burning of the mill puts 30 men out of
ployraent temporarily. It U ex.
ptrtod that the mill will bo rebuilt.
Ppcbklng about poultry, tbore Is a
"hvup' of comfort in having a good
supply of olco fut birds to select fron
Instead of having to depend upon tho
market for your fowls. Besides,
there are the fresh oggs every day In
tint year. If you wish to know how
tonmkt' poultry pay on a city lot ask
J'hotogiapher Hart, who has succeed-
id in bringing up a flock of about
250 end growing all the vegetables
ho needs for tho family on hlc lot
COxHO. Then let us send your ub
scription for the best poultry paper
on thu coast.tho Northwest Poultry
News. It is only 60 cents a year and
gives you the worth of your money lc
every Issue,
It takes the Chink to mix the lan
guage, as this from the Saturday Even
ing "est will demonstrate: Colonel
Fulton O. Berry, a California capital-
Is., bar a small farm near Fresno,
Cat., whence vegetables and poultry
are wnt to him In town for his pep
sooal use, A Chinese foreman Is
In charge of the place. Recently Mr,
Uro' visited the farm In question
and Inquired of his Chinese foreman
'(Sing, whole lot of ducks, why no
calchcm eggsT"
Mistel Blolly, "explained Sing, "too
many man ducks; slxty-tleo man duel
tH3 cow duck. Man duck him no lay
The Inst day of July ami no rnih
recorded for the month.
Real estate is still changing hands
in n lively manner nt wintwoou
Wonder who doctored the city
charter nfter it left the hands of the
commission I Don't nil speak nt
Turkey has n Henfiy, who Is dc
mantling thnt all the" corrupt officials
bu cut off. t
Many large strings of fish ore
daily being taken out of the river
and sloughs by the'locil-knights of
the rod and line.
An lco cream social will bo given
by the Evnnvollcal nld society August
lilh In tho nftcruoon mid evening in
the Holbrook block.
Miss Clnra Heller, forniorlv cm
nlnvitl ns tvnc sticker in this office
is now reveling in the sea breezes
aud splashing among the breakers
near Newport.
The draw on tho big brldgo across
the Willamette, whb closed for tho
first timo Krlday.nnd it Is expected
thu' trnlns will bo 'running on con
stntction work this week.
Adam Kncmlcin and 11 gentleman
friend chaperoned a party of young
Indies nt the scushore near Ncwpoi t
for several days Inst week, lhey
all report a most enjoyable outing
Tho Portland Bridge company has
already begun work on tho Swift
contract on tho Pcnlnnuln east of us
and pro assembling material for tho
job, Thoro will soon bo a busy placo
on (he big nlough.
No move has yet been rcimrted
toward establishing n cemetery in
St. Johns. This is 11 matter that
should be taken up by the Comma
cinl Club nnd agitated until home
definite action results,
Mits Colo has thu grntltudo of tho
fcrllio for a flno bunch of cherries
whirls she could not nntno, but which
IuhKh like tho IContlah nnd tastes
IIW that fruit. Thoy wcro very largo
mid beautifully colored and hnd a
v-tv flno flavor and wo should Judge
Hu m to bu as Miss Colo HUggcHtcd,
a !uti' Kentish,
J. E, Williams has returned from
n tbreewook:, sojourn nt Tokeland,
Vanh. Ho his clinrm
lug nieces, Mlssos Nlim I., and Grace
W. Stophoim. of Blnglmmptnu. N. Y.,
who has boon visiting nt Ids homo In
this city, to that placo, where thoy
are now tho guostB of Mr. nnd Mm,
M. L. Holbrook.
Notice the bulletin boards nlaccd
in a couple prominent places in our
municipality by the city million
tics. If you haven't time to Mop
and read what is tacked thereto,
perhaps you can borrow the mutter
to take home with you in the even
tig if you bring it back first thing
in the morning. One irreverent
cuss says it is a sure sign ol a one
horse town when there is n newspa
per in the place.
The skating rink has been rein
veuatcd and embellished by the use
of the painter's brusli. A string of
bottled electricity now ndorns the
the front of the structure. Another
window has been added nnd other
mprovements made, ami now the
rink is the favorite amusement re-
sort of the city. The moving pic
tures and illustrated songs nre at
trading many thither these pleas
ant evenings. It is a good place to
go to spenu a lew enjoyable Hours,
A pile driver has been actively
at work all week driving piling for
the Columbia bteei company on
their tract on the west side. We
understand it is the purpose of the
company to erect a dock 700 feet
oug fronting their proposed steel
plant, When this is completed it
will tjieni to ship all their
material for the new. works by wa
ter, It is claimed this will be the
argest steel industry in the North
K, C. Hurlbert, the real estate
bustler and all around good fellow,
had an interesting experience with
poison oak last week that he will
not soon forget, For several days
his face resembled a full moon or a
large sunflower in full bloom, and
his eyes were almost, out of sight.
His smiling countenance has again,
however( resumed somewhere near
normal proportions, and he says his
frieuds are beginning to recognize
him once more.
AV. O. Tucker, chief engineer at
the St Johns Lumber company's
mill, met with an unusual and at
the same time very painful acci
dent a couple of weeks ago. He
was engaged in cutting some grass
and weeds with a scythe around his
home in this place wbeu a burdock
flew up and struck him on the ball
of the left eye. That member be
came so sore and inflamed as a re
sult from its contact with the poi
sonous weed that ati operation be
came necessary. The injured part
of his body is getting' along nicely
now, however, aud he will no doubt
be able to use his peeper as usual in
a few days.
Tho ice mnt' has the bulgo 011 tho
people tlicsj days,.
There Is a beautiful grove of Cann
dlnn thistles In bloom on tho lot op
posite tho skating rink and their
purplo tops nttrnct the attention of
nil who pns.i that way. Certainly
a thing of beauty Is a Joy forever.
The unknown person who fired on
the steamer contnlniug want-to-be-president
Tnft, certainly wns no
sportsman, Hnd this been theenso ho
would not havo used bird shot when
tunning for vuch big gnmc.
Forest fires nro raging In different
parts of tlio state. Tlio government
Is like lota rf business men. They
plnch to save n dollnr on advertising
lose ten 111 trade. Tho government
loses enough through forest fires
every year to pay for an efficient for
est patrol.
The Owens pool room linn decided
to abandon the field of action In St.
Johns, nnd accordingly tho npparntus
wns removed from their Jersey street
location tills week, Tho many friends
of Mr. Owono will bo sorry to seo
him lea vu.
Tho Trl-Clly lcnguo has closed busl
lass for tho season. Tho flow of the
shnolcous had decreased to such a do
I. ice that this course was deemed ad
visable by nil concerned. Woodburii
led the league, Vancouver second nnd
thu Krakes third, Tlio Apostles woro
somewhere fnr down the lino. It wuh
rather a menu trick closing the sea
son Just ns St, Johns had begun to
play ball. Hero's hoping, however,
that they will glvo n better account
of themselves next year.
Tor full weight, fresh meat,
prompt attention, go to llitgood &
Vnii trot full u-i'lirht mill first
O" it -
quality at the Central market. Just
try it nwiitie.
I?. I). Walker, tnj N. Jersey,
f 1 f 1 N. lersev. cli?nrs. tnlmeeo.
... - - -' - - n - - r F
confectionery and ice cream.
Ynn vet. more meat itnd less bone
for your money ut llitgood &
Cole's than anywhere in the city.
All nnr ments tiro I'nvi'rtimt'fit
Itisivecleil nnd tlio best that mouev
can buy. They nre neatly nnd
carefully handled. Come in and
leave your order for free delivery.
wnrtl's central Ainruet.
Corned beef for your cabbage nt
Hitgood & Cole's.
l'nr firHt-clnss screens for doors
and windows see O. W. Dunbar.
If vou want to buy. rent, sell or
exchange property see Wolcott
(The Kent .Mau.;
KiihscrilH' for the Telecram
best evening pajwrr 011 the coast.
See ICd Stockton.
Wanted Olrls to make tin ton
baskets, Portland Manufacturing
Co., loot of Richmond iitreet.
I In vo von r nroncrtv insured in
the St. Paul or Northern fire Insur
ance companies. They nre the
best. S. U. IJoble, agent.
If von wish clean, fresh, nicely
cut meats go to llitgood & Cole's.
All kinds nf Inundrv work done
promptly. Rough dry washing 6
cents per pound. Culls made for
laundry at uuy place, mug ns up.
Phone jersey 331. i. jouus
Laundrv. W. L. Churchill, I,. II.
Simpson, proprietors,
Smifli Premier
has widened its market un
til it includes the whole civil
ized world; has become the
typewriter of over 300,000
operators and has, during
zgo6, broken every previous
record of sales, because it
ha3 from the beginning best
met every typewriter need.
'THE trl-color feature of
1 the Smith Pre in ler
Typewriter is recog
nized aa the greatest Im
provement in modern type
writerconstruction yet in
providing it, none of the
strong fundamental fea
tures, for which the Smith
Premier has always been
noted, havebeensacrificed.
Complete literature on request.
Oregon's Matchless Beach Resort
The Place (0 (lo for Perfect Rest and livery Conceiv
able Form of Healthful nnd Delightful Recreation
and nu abundance of it. I'rcsh water from springs. All mod
ern necessities, such as telegraph, telephone, markets freshly pro
vided every day. b'tul in abundance. Cott.igeM partly furnish
ed or unfurnished to bu had cheaply. Strict municipal sanitary
From nil Points in the Northwest
NMWPORT is reached by way of the Southern Pacific to Albany
or Corvallis, thence Corvallis & linstern R. R. Train service
daily and the trip a pleasure throughout. Leave Portland 8:13
A. M.
Rntc From Portland $6.00 for the Round Trip
Tickets on sale daily, mid good for six mouths. There Is also a
Saturdny-Moiuhiy rate from Portland of $3.00, tickets on sale Sat
urdays, good for return Mondays. Corresjioudiugty low rate
from nil other points. Call tit the city ticket office of the South
eru Pacific, Thitd and Washington streets, in Potllaitd, or at auy
S. P. agency elsewhere, for complete information.
General Passenger Agent, Southern Pacific Co., Portland, Ore.
J ? l8f ?4 ?f 6& 8 B?4 ?! ?4 S?4 6-?fl f?3 &t 1 fa J
A Yes, thnt sounds nil right, but when you sec the &
Yon won't buy no
, 1 t . . , .1 .... w
ouier. jtiKi nsic your
neighbor, who is using
it, what she thinks, of
We have others as
low as $30 for $tn 8-i6
But that is not a LORAIN.
Successor to I). R. Norton fjl
Keep Bright and You
Klcctrlc Light is the magnet Unit draws trade. Tin
bright store is the "hypnotic re" of business, pcuplc can
no mote resist the attraction oi a brilliant, Klectrieally limited
store than they can resist the clarion call of n bnuu band.
Is your competitor with the Hlectricnlly illuminated how
windows, bright interior mid sp.itl;liug Ktectric Sinn getliug
nu advantage over you ? The moth never lluttcrx k round the
unlighted caudle! Up-to-date htoies nowaduyu wuskler
shop-window lighting a necessity, whether they remain open
nfter dark or not. Competition force modern tiifthodx.
A show window brilliantly illuminated with Hleclrlc
light will make many a sale "the night before." HUxtric
light coiiih1s attention, miikcn easy thu examination of your
display, shows goods in detail and fabric iu their true colors.
And don't neglect the Klcctric Sinn. It la solkilfug
"tomorrow' s" business every moment it is lighted -buruing
your name iu the public mind. It is u solicitor that never
becomes weary never .stojui work - cota llltk.
Call Telcrhoucs: Alain 6688, A 1675 for Information.
Portland Railway Light and Power Co,
- - THE - X
St. Johns, Oregon.
Capital $25,000.00
Surplus 5''33S
Interest paid on savings deposits.
Don t go to Portland
We carry u full line of fresh meats, nlsn salt and smoked
meats. As residents of St. Johns we believe in iwtronliutf home
industry aud want you to get the habit Why go to Portland
when you can get your nu-att right at home ut Portland pi im. I
Come mid five us atrial. We wilt surely treat you rtgt.
205 S. Jersey Cash Markt