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Devoted to the Interests of the Pcnlasala, the Manufacturing Center of the Northwest
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NO. 37
t T
Miserable Wretch Endangers Life and Property by
Starting Two Fires in One Night
Of alt tho flondlsh work a depraved
human bolng can bo guilty of, wo
bcllovo tho world In dollboratcly sot
ting flro to tho property of another.
Onco tho flro In started thoro Is no
tolling how It wilt end or how ma
ny lives will bo lost through tho act.
This Is tho woibt foatum of tho caso
and it Is tho fouturo thl would Justi
fy ono In shoot'ng a man ono may
dtiioct In tho net of sotting flro to a
Last week thoro woro two fires In
IK. Johns, thti first occurring on tho
far lino near tho Kronen block laBt
Thursdayovcnlng. Tho housohadnot
boon used for ti long tlmo and thoro
can bo but ono conclusion no 'to cause
that Is that tho building was firod.
Tho flro boys woro out In full forco
and did good work. Thoflro had such
headway that tho boys woro not nblo
to savo tho housobut they kept tho
flro conflnod to this ono building
nnd savod tho loo plant which wna
Later, during tho samo night tho
nlarin called tho boys out tho sec
ond tlmo. This tlmo It was on Taco
ma streot noar Jersey. In this In
stnnco, thoro lb not tho shadow of a
donbt as to (ho origin of tho flro.
Night Offlcor Dunbar, on his rounds
notlcod a fellow crawling out of n
shed at. tho rear of this building
and ns tho icllow would not stop,
took a crack at him with his gun, for
tho man had not mora than got clear,
of tbo building until It broko out In
vi full blnio Mr Dunbar followed tho
man mid wot u couple mora shots at
hint hut failed ti rroro. Thoro was
a strong wind was blowing at tho tlmo
and Mr. Dunbar was (.bilged to drop
his jwnn In order to turn In an alarm.
Tho man was seen to run down Ivnn
hit Vi Ilirlui.onn nnd on Richmond to
ward tho rlvor. Tho most regretta
bio featuro of the occurrenco Is thnt
ono of tho shorn did not tako effect
in such a wa aa to stop and hold
tho inlscroant.
Tho flroboys wn very prompt In
response to this alarm and In nn In
crodlbly ohort timo thoy woro on tho
ground and hat thrco stroama play
ing on tho tiro. Hon, K. C. Couch
was on hand with his hand extin
guisher, but realized that tho flro
had pnBscd tho ttago whorothnt uso
ful nnd efficient firu fighting machtiio
could bo utilized: ho and another
bold flro flghtor then took a lino of
hose up the back it aim which had al
most been burned through and ontorcd
tho room whlsh was nil blaxo. At
Is the only way to secure immediate delivery of your
goods at the most reasonable of trausportntion rates.
Therefore ring up the
Operating electric freight cars between St. Johns and
Portland, We call for and check your trunks direct
to destination.
Turn your trunk checks and shipping receipts
over to us and your goods will receive prompt attention
We have teams connecting with cars at St. Johns aud
Get our rates before shipping, Special rates on car
load lots. Experienced aud courteous employes.
Phone Main 358, Portlaud office,
Phone Main A 3358, ' .
First and Flanders Streets.
Phone Woodlawn 818. Agent at St. Johns.
Office 105 E. Burlington street.
h . m
Best Tor concrete worn 9
West Side Washed Gravel Co.
Leave orders with
no N. Jersey Street
about tho samo tlmo another stroam
was poured through tho roof onto
tho flro and tho boys had It under
control. It was a hard looking propo
sltlon when they first arrived at tho
flro and ono would not havo glv
en much for tho other buildings In
tho block. Thoro was an old timer
thoro, who hns scon many fires In
many parts of tho country and ho
says ho novcr saw flromen do hot
ter work nnywhero and thnt St. John
may well feel proud of her flroboys.
Wa hopo that tho council may bo
ablo to mako such a deal with tho
old machlno that ..tho boys will havo
an onglno worthy of tholr best efforti
Thoy certainly dcsorvoltandlt Is tho
toast that tho city can do to show
Its appreciation of tho work our boyB
aro doing.
Wo wish to mako a corroctlon wo
had booked for last weak, butwo bo
enmo so Interested In our spnrklng
match with tho now typosottor that
It slipped our mind. In writing up
tho announcement thnt Mr. Cobb was
to occupy tho old stand vncatod by
Mr. I'rall, wo stated that Mr. Cobb
had purchased what was remain
Ing of tho I'm!) stock and then wo
continued to diflno tho policy of Mr.
Cobb to go Into tho mnrket and with
rendy cash snap up bankrupt stocks
at prices which would onablo him to
skin anything tho markot horo has
over beheld. Hut In our bungling, wa
mado It road as though tho stock ho
bought of Mr. Trail was bankrupt
stock, whon such was not our In
tention, nor tho facts In tho caso.
In fact, wo wlih wo woro as far from
bankruptcy ns Mr. Trail, who sold
out not bocauso ho could not oporato
his storo longer, but bocauso ho has
a bolter thing tho samo as any
othor busluoss mon would. This
much Is duo to Mr. Trail, and wo aro
sorry that wo overlooked It last wook
Wo entertain a high opinion of Mr.
Trail both as a gentloinnn nnd a bus
iness man and most hoartlly wish ho
may yet find It to his Intorost to
stay with us.
Why not get out tho old greaso
enn and oil tho strcotsT. Wo all ro
mombor how much nicer It was to
do without tho dust last summer, al
though tho work was but about half
done at that time.
Watch tho labol on your papor.
510 N. Jersey Street X
An Interesting Session Tuesday Evening in Which a Small
Budget of Municipal Business Was Disposed of
Vhccommon council mot In rogular
('Sblon Tuesday evening and after
thu preliminary skirmishing of rond-l Mr. Cnproh thon presented a pro
mg tho minutes, etc., Attornoy Coo- position for seating the council chan
tertprcscntod hlo nrgumonts In fa- tor, but It was turned down by tho
or (f thu ordlnnnco thnt Is being ng- tho council.
Itnted by tho Ccntrnl Lumber Co.,' Mr. TorklnB then claimed tho atlon
to eleni tho tltlo to a portion of tho lion of tho council' for n short tlmo It
Charleston street thnt Is surrounded legavd to tho operation of theferry.
by rtrcets already vacated, nnd thus Tho claim was that In ns much ns
correct a clerical error mado by a tho ferry peoplo had gono to tho ex
previous recorder. ponse of putting In abont nndbliidlng
Aftrr llntonlnir in hla nnlnl hn or- themselves under tho temiB of their
dlnanco wns placed upon Its third
reading, but council votod It down.
Tho probability Is that tho city will
havo tho luxury of n lawsuit over It
with tho almost certainty of losing
Mr. Hrtlrtl-UU. H.nn tnn.ln rnnnr nf
hit Investigation of tho chemical en-
glnos In Tortlnnd to tho effect thnt
hu wih offored ono machlno at $1800
aim 0110 nt 1200, and that wo would
b.i rllowod Goo for tho old ma-
cl.m. Mr. Hendricks rocommonded
that tho city put tho old chomlcnl
otmlho on four whools nnd kooD It In-
olenil of putting thu city to the ox
pons of paying tho dlfforonco bo
ttveoii tho prices of tho two mnchlues.
Hie eld machine Is good enough for
tho present and by tho tlmo wo
Imvi not growult, tho city will hnvo
abundant moans to buy tho largor on-
Mr. Hendricks also stated that tho
denier quoted 3916 c. per pound on
. .. ... .. ....
101 ntcll and tho city could tako .as
largo a boll ns thoy desired. Tho old
q.Rvtion of putting tho old boll on tho
cltr hall was brought to Mr. Hon
drlrkr' attnntlnn liv imnn rlllinn hut
as that matter was up before tho old
countll several tlmos. and ovory ono
who had any prldo In tho city hall
and wlshos to koop It In any do-
ecu shape, strongly opjocted to hav.
lug the building dofncod with an un-
galnly doghouse for tho boll, to
say nothing of tho damago that will
luovltnbly occur to tho structuro It
tho bell Is placed upon It. Wo trust
our city dads will escape tho odium ,
that will surely follow tho placing
cf tho old pot-metal boll on tho city
Mr. Hendricks askod that tho tel
ephone company bo required to placo
phono at tho sorvlco of tho flro
chief In accordance with tholr fran
Mr. Hondrlcks also stated that tho
dralei quoted hlra aprlco of 132 for
& stool tower.
fin motion of DavlB, tho report of
Mr, Hondrlcks was accoptod and
placed on file, tho committee on flro
and I'OlIco were authorized to havo
tna chomlcal placed on four wheels.
Cn motion of Johnson tho committee
on flro and pollco were authorized
to procure such supplies as woro nec-
Au Undo Remus rhyme, showing
tbo cualnt style of the lato Joel Chan
dler Harris. From tho Undo Remus
magntluo for July.
01' Joshway stood In front or his tenl
An' slccd his soldiers on,
Out wen he turned fer tor look roun'
Do ay wuz nearly done.
He tubbed his beard, bo acratchod
his head
An' kicked his heel In dor groun';
Kaze bo wanter finish do battle job
Dfcfo' do sun weut down,
lie lookter do East, an ho lookter
do west,
Au' he wave bis ban' on high.
"King Sun,'sozee, "I want you ter so
Mo smite urn blp an 'thigh I
Come down to camp an' rest yo' so'f.
A little wbllo wld me.
I'll clt you a fan an' a big wldo
An set It wbar you kin see."
Dey wus lots mo' talk but do sun
cum down
An tuck a little easo.
An' wen bo got too awful hot,
He called up oT brer Dreeze)
My tlmo Is short" sez thosun.sezeo
"An' yo better do yo do,
Kaze I'm feeling like I wanter see
Dls Bortual scuffle tkrool"
Well, dey fit aa' fit an' fowl an' fowt
Right dar la do light ob de sun,
But Joshway fralled dem out an' soon
He had una on de run.
King Bun be say, "Tsn over due
'Cross dar wbar de night's still
De folks will wake 'fo' de chickens
Aa' put de big docks, back.'- .
rscnty to put tho flro department In
good shape.
contract to operate the snnio during
tho winter, tho terniB of the contract
t.lth tho city was thnt tho ferry peo
ple woro to hnvo tho oxcIubIvo right
to operate a ferry for tho distance of
fno blocks on cither sldo of Tlttsbun
StrOlt A lintnbcr Of pLTSOtlB linVO
tt0" ,olnK R forry business without
cenrd to tho franchise of tho ferry
compuny nnd It Is taking away tho
revenue that Is duo tho compnny by
ll tor'H of 1110 franchise Ho
M tlmt ' couc11 " lnnlty
,or Infrlngmont upon tholr rights
" nK0 11,0 I'rmio.e or oporui
mg a launch In lieu of tho forry bont
niter tho hour of 0:30 p. m. The
city attorney was Instructed to pro-
per tho nocessnry documents on mo-
llj ci Davis.
' hi proposition of Mr, McOurry of
I'orllnnd to havo tho council extend
the timo of tho gas fr.tnchlsu In fn-,
vor c 8. V. Davldor, proposing to'tivit will hnvo to bo relnld nt tho
anA ,ornl' "o plant If this
Wn rPt.A Anlllmll IiaI.I Mi.I ,1.
wnt. done, Tho cauncll held that the
Davldoi franchise had been forfeited 1
and that ho hnd ilo franchlso.niid
that If Mr. McOarry wished to tako
""liter of n gns plant UP
with tho
c!'' ou,d l" J'nPlfy. to ot him ,
1,1,1 1,01 "'rough Mr. uuviuor, ns tney
" bualnow with him. :
Thu fcrry m0l' report B,I0W-
'"' 53.85 receipts for Juno. On mo-
1,0,1 ,ho report, was accepted and tho
returned 10 we rorry people.
Communication from L. II. Smith
I" nloronco to tho grado of ThouiP'
street was roforrod to tho city
('innmuulcatloii from Cnpt. Illack,
(til-iiilt attention to tho condition or
tho (ress walks on Tlttsburg streot
at the Intersection of Crawford streot
a r.t.cepted and plncod on fllo an
motion of Johnson tho street com
mittco having full knowlodgo of the
conditions and aro preparing to fix
no defects
On motion of Davis tho city nttor-1
y vas Instructed .to prepare and ,
noy vas instructed .to prepare
present n wnlvor to thto proporyown.t
01 cu Thlladolphln street and eu-
deavor to collect for tho work that
ban just boon completed. Hero Is
wlirre that cussod printer sat back
and gave tho city fathers tho morry
ha' hal Thoy squirmed around so
as to boat tho printer out of n lit-
OT Joshway thanked him mighty p'llto
An' ax him fer tor cum ag'ln;
King Sun, ho say, ' I speck dat I
WIT be wbar Tvo allers beon,'
Don ho mosled off kaze bo nlnt got
Fer to set an' talk an stay
He butter go off whar do night still
An' start to breaklu' day.
Well, tlmo run on an' peoplo 'sputo
flout Joshway an' do sun,
Some say dls an' somo say dat,
An' splaln how Jouhway won;
Sometimes whin ho wuz sottln' roun'
Whar ho couldn't hep but bear,
"B" uo 10 ou seiwn-room an-
How he scorclnd my big arm cheer!"
An interesting meeting was held
In tho Dlckner hall Tuesday evening,
when tho United Artisans Installed
their nowly elected officers for the
current term. Afior the routine bus
iness of tbo evening had been dis
posal of, Mis M. U. Uullls, past
master artisan, proceeded to Install
the Incurabonts.
The following Is the roster of tho
newly Installed nlllcers; Roy Hall, M,
A.; Ooo. F. West, superintendent;
A. . Vincent, ricretary; Mrs E. M.
Edmondion, troasurer; Mrs. Hunter,
Instructor; Miss Sarah A. Titus, M.
0.; J, E. Kilpack, senior conductor;
Mrs. May Korr( Junior conductor;
LewU Simmons, warder; A. W, Vin
cent, medical xamlner;. Mrs. M, U.
BiiIIIb, past roaster artisan.
If there Is any ono In 'this assem
bly that deserves great cornmonda.
Won U It Mrs, Dulliz. She has been
lb bit of advertising nnd put tho
work through In nn Irregular wny
st thnt now It Is optlounl with thu
properly holders whether thoy pay
for tho work or mnko tho ontlro city
pn thu bill
Koch crusher bills to tho nmoiint
of $t!i." woro allowed nnd ordered
1)11 motion of Doblo street commit-ti-u
was authorized to attend to tho
u'j.ilrB of tho city dork.
The occupation llconso coming up
after some discussion, on motion of
Davis the HcctiBo of merry-go-round
nns placed at 130 per mouth, On
n.rtlru of Wludlo, thu llrensu of thu
1:10 vliiu picture bIiow was fixed at
iir. per month. On motion of Johnson
this ordlnnnco was laid on the ta
ble for a week,
l'ho weed ordlnnnco passed nftoi
a Hi He trimming so ns to take out
tho sting.
, mu,on 01 u"m" 1,10 T . i whether tho monlod power
rUlng two new hydrants In Point ,B domocrallo or ,,,,, forho0
Vimv was referred to thu commltteee.;,nonoy on8 , Bnco
....., ,,.,. . ... ........
rtreet matter, that tho attorney for
tho street railway wont to Denver
to pi-h'.h In tho nomination of tho
Tcerltss onu nnd had not returned.
ITt'ir was all tho report thu clt) at-
terney had to date
Aceordlng to tho report of tho city
engineer thu water pipe on Itlchmoud
cyponso of tho water company berniiHo , ()f t whoIo C0UIllry T .
It U'LIU llflt ttllll ill. 111. ..tlftlll.ll It. tll.ti.
t ih not laid deep enough In tho
flt place.
A.iicruinn Davis asks thnt water
company bo required to put In larg-
or water mulu on South Jersoy mid
claims that tho 0110 thoro now Is not
p.uroiib 01 mo company
Tim mayor suggested thu need of
luKinosB section In order to keep u
bettor outlook for f Iron. This meet
ing n 1th tho gonernl approval of tho
council, ho declared his purpose to
d' ho.
adjourned to meet I'rldny night
when the council will consider tho
ne.v city dock mnttors mid will also
meet Mr. McOarry If ho elects on
thu gas franchise mnttors.
Among tho recently granted pat-j
outs chronlclod by tho Sclontlflc Am-
oricnn, wo noio tno roiiowing:
A Wllll.lllit at n..,.nn Tn '
............ w.vnv... ...
this patent tho lnvontlon relates to
fl!K,nnJ "y8,toraB; th0 n,(!rf0 Pnr
"' ?.bJt. . to. provldo fo'
effectively signaling trains In a pro
determined rotation according to tho
condition of tho track, tho signal bo
lng controlled by movomonts o: tho
trtiln and partially by will of au oper
ator. UritiK in your printing now,
for tho fcnod of tlo orici In noaxon
and out of souson. Always faithful lu
tho discharge ci her and with
a sord of cheer for every one, she
Is worlh her v eight In gold to tho
Tho Inaugural address of Uro. Hall
was biief and to tho point. Ho felt
tho necessity nf making tho meetings
as entertaining on possible I" order
to socuro as largo an attendance us
deslreu, This warm weather and
nlco, tool pln'es olsowhoru, Is not
conducive to ih' faithful attondnncu
of tho mootlngs In tho hot end Illy
ventlllated lodgn rooms, Hrothor
Hall mado somo suggestions which wo
tblnk aro good ones and thoy will bo
,1la.nuuail nt . tw innntlni. nl.rl.t
Como cut and hear what thoy aro and
oxpiess yourselves upon tho plans for
a vigorous summer campaign,
Charles Ronnott and Dan William
son, two of St. Johns' most success
ful disciples of Isuk Walton left last
Thursday for Upper Littlo White Sal
mon to luro tho wary trout from
Its shudy retreat. Thoy returned on
Sunday with a story that Is enough
to make a man't mouth water. Ono
day's catch numbered 17C, and for
tho ontlro tlmo they captured 445 and
say there aro still somo left in tho
creek. Wo knew thoro wero somo
trout up in that country, but wo did
not think thoy would Just crawl out
of the creek ond climb into a fellow's
basket In this way, Whon wo go
fishing w o are going to try and
Induco Dan or 01 Mr .Ronnott to go
along for a mnscot.
FOR RENT cards at this office.
Reports From All Parts of the East Teem With Re
newed Activity Along Industrial Lines
This Booms to bo tho burden of tho
prophets among tho nowBpapor fra
ternity. 801110 ascribe tho fact to
tho nomination of Tnft, others to tho
fact that Uryan Is to bo again of
fered up a victim to his ambition on
I ho altar of democracy. Ho this
ns It mny, Of one thing wo nrcsuro
and that Is that prosperity Is head
ed our way and thnt It will not bo
long getting hero. Every paper from
tho East brings nows of renewed no
tlvlty along all lines of commorco
nnd manufacture. Wo aro now in
nonily tho condition wo were before
tho flurry, except that mon aro to uso
bolter Judgment, greater cnutlun In
their business transactions
It Is not nt nil Improbable thnt
tho nomination of Taft has hnd
11 most salutary Influence on tho fi
nances In tho East. There Is not
thu shadow of n doubt but thu
money lords recognize n close friend
in thu fnt man. This would tint-
unlly sot thorn to work with might
,nnd mnln, that thoy might havo
Ins much Influenco with tho Inhering
clnsses ns possible, nnd It does not
l1Bnm thnt t)l0 a,)orIB clnMCH nro
, too bJ(JW , ,onrnln to-wlt that In
,mncu8 t ,g not iho'miy ,')llt lhu
mnn Wun 0)r ,o 'wl ,
jbocomo 0lcnt0,, u,, to tlH prlncl-
up to this prlncl
lo there will bo somu hopo for Jus
l!co oud right as betweoii tho pri
vate Individual and the monopolist.
Thou It will not bo In tho power
of n low men to tlo up thu buslnosn
learning too.nnd thu next dorado will
i-oo wonderful changes In tho politics
of our country or wo are n hnd
Willi Its nowly reconstructed ball
team St. Johns, or tho 10th Instant.
demonstrated tho fact that they know
how to play the national gnnm. Tho
Ho pi Portland (dim wns their oppo-j
nonlb. Tho t'aiiio was close enough!
to bo full of lull rest until tho Inst,
nm wnH ollt rniKt,r WIls tho bright-
0Bl Blnr of , mwht U) cnK,t
everything that camo within u mll'o
of him In the left field and his throw-
Inir ti, hnsos twin slinnlv niiirvidoiis.1
, llin 1ml li wirn Hull llinr.. ullh
the Kotds.maklng n threo-bngger and
na two ,,uas, besides getting to
first on four wide ones which were
j-irposeiy nniideii mm, .Many gooil
oro mado ami Homo thnt woro!
M. I.. 1 10 Ul ROOK
St. Johns Land Co.
The Largest wul Oldest Rcnl Gstnte Firm
in St. Johns.
East St. Johns
The center of the great development now taking j
place on the Peninsula.
We have only a few business lots left on Columbia
Boulevard, which for a short time only will be sold at j
present prices.
Some fine residence lots still on sale.
Choice manufacturing sites adjoining the 0. R. & J
N. railroad for sale on reasonable terms. J
Holbrook's Addition
We have some choice lots in the vicinity of the jg
new $20,000 school building to be sold on easy install- J
ments, j
Call at onr office for prices and terms for either of J
these desirable tracts.
St. Johns Phono Jersey 931 Oregon I
St. Johns
Has all kinds of lumber, kiln dried mid otherwise.
Also slab wood. Timbers of nil sizes cut to order.
Get your winter's wood now and save trouble.
not so good. Tho catcher for tho
locals cortalnly hnd a day off.
lib could nolthor nor bat
nnd moved uroundllkoa man DOyonrn
old. As a hitting aggregation man
ager Valentino has tho best thnt has
happened this yeni.
The crowd was awfully Bllm, an
most ct tho fans wont to Tortlnnd to
fho Los Angeles piny tho Inst gnmo
of tin series and Incidentally sco
i'crtl.ind mnko niunkcys of thorn
selves. Tho fceoro nt tho end of
tho r.tnth Inning wan 0 to 7 In fa
vor of St. Johns,
What Is tho matter with our com
mercial club? Has tho membershlo
succumbed to the somnorlfio effect of
cllmnllc conditions, or Is a clear caso
of don't-glve-a-damn-a-tlve-nets.
t0""'y l"cro ' Bomothlng wrong
"" iiero. ro club enn nccompllsli
""ytliiiiB If tho members persistently
m,,l0 '"tIvoH conspicuous by
,,,olr "b80,,co' n,ltl tl,ofl oihon If
there are others, emphasize their
mombeishlp by falling to pay tholr
uues. just nnturniiy sot back In
11,0 harness ""d play mulo.
lllght now, during tho dull
of tl.o yenr when most ov
clB0 B bIuI"b 1,1 11,0 Hmul0
dullest tlmo
cry ono
on onny
street, on tho stool of do-nothing,
lu tho tlmo when tho commercial
dub should bo making n supremo ef
fort. When everyone lu rustling
wo nro sure to got n fair share of
thu good thliiKH going, but If wo are
snuff, will rako In thu pluiiui.
Wo do not think any association
cuinpoBod of lazy, Indifferent men can
Accomplish anything, no matter how
nblo pud onorgetlo their officers may
be. Wo do not say our fellows nro
luzy, but
Evciy mombor knows tho hour of
meeting, he knows tho placo of meet-
hig, rud tho date, Why do they not
ntteml tho meetings and help to boost
H'elr town nlong?
It 18 thu provluco of tho club to do
what It can to secure now enter-, to Initiate movements for
tho iidvnueement mid progress of tho
city mid to keep nil thu linos of
rrogii'SM well In hiiiiil, that It may
hu l'1'io to tako adviiiitnuu of unnor.
t inltk'k. This eniinoL tin ilium iillh
half of tho membership nsleep nnd
Do other half dead. Why not
wake up onco?
Old papers for sale nt this office.
Lumber Co.