St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, June 12, 1908, Image 3

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Opposite Postoffice
Jewel Refrigerators
Made of best selected Eastern Hard
wood, Golden Oak finish. Prices ac
cording to capacity, $9.00 to $25.00.
One 50 pound ice capacity net $10
has been used a little but doesn't show it.
Buy St Johns made ice and buy
your Refrigerators in St. Johns. You
will get good service.
I Keep cool and be comfortable.
Yes, that sounds nil right, but when you sec the
Without S
Legs 1
uj LnxJ HUB
Von won't buy nn
other. J nst ask your j-
neighbor, who is using f
it, whnt she thinks of v.
We have others ns
low ns $30 for nn S-16
But that is not a LORAIN.
I Norton's Hardware !
Successor to Potter & Goold
Don't go to Portland
We carry a full line of frcsli meats, also salt and smoked
meats. As residents of St, Johns we believe in patronizing home
industry and want you to get the habit. Why go to Portland
when you can get your meat right at home at Portland prices?
Come and give us a trial. We will surely treat you right.
205 S. Jersey
Cash Market
... t 1 T t t
lltrco tmngs arc essential 10 success in dusiiicss
? R
1st. Right Goods
2nd. Right Prices
3rd. Right Treatment
You will find all these if you trade with
207 S. Jersey Street
St. Johns.
ic Gns C3J J Go Co Co C5o mm C5 Co Go C5J
Real Estate and Fire Insurance
Good buys in residence and business lots.
Factory sites, acreage and water frontage.
Cement Block Bidg. iw Tu e DC.
Chicago and Jersey Sts. ST. JOH NS, ORE.
Local News.
Plumbing and Tinning
Call and see our new Garden Hose.
23 S. Jersey Street Phone jersey 9 St Mas, Of e$e
He who by his h would rise
,Mu9t either bust or advertise.
Radium is worth $40,000,000 a
ton. If we had a ton or so we
could lay off nnd go fishing Satur
Peary is ready to start for the
North Pole July 1st, but it is saul
he needs money, lie surely docs
not expect to start a bank at the
N. P.
Clark the furniture man bought
the stock of Colvin Brothers the
first of the week, and moved it all
to his hie store on the corner of
Jersey and Tacoma streets.
Miss Grace Stucker lias been
having a short seance with the
measles: but says no measly com
plaint like that can keep her in biftl,
and is out again having a good
time as usual.
There will be memorial services
of the I. O O. 1 at the United
Kvangclicnl church at 2:30 p.m.
Sunday. All Odd Fellows and
their families and friends arc invit
ed to be in attendance.
Dr. Kambo will leave next Sun
day for a trip over the new North
Bank road nnd expects to spend n
week in eastern Washington among
friends and relatives. Mrs. Kambo
will accompany him on his return.
Professor G. W Brown of Hood
River was in the citv last Friday
during our absence in Portland
We would have been glad to meet
the professor, as he is one of Hood
River's most progressive instruc
tors Be sure to hear the memorial ad
dress at the United Kvnngelical
church Sunday. It will be deliv
ered by Rev. A. H. Leonard of the
Baptist church at 2:30 o'clock and
will be particularly interesting to
nil fraternities.
Rev. J. F. Johnson will preach
at the Christian tabernacle next
Sunday morning and evening.
Y. P S. C. 12. Sunday evening nt
8 o'clock and midweek prayer
meeting nt 8 o'clock Wednesday
Rev. and Mrs. 12. 12. McVickcr
will attend the commencement ex
ercises at the Dallas college the
first of next week. Their daugh
ter, Miss Lillian, is one of the grad
uates from the clussicnl course.
Corvallis Gazette.
Miss Lillian McVickcr will return
with lu r parents from the Kvnngcl
ical college nt Dallas this week
where she graduates. She expects
to remain nt home the coming
twelve months, having been elected
to a position in the public school of
Corvallis for the coming school
year. Corvallis Gazette.
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. McCormack
of Pendleton came down overland
with their buzz wngou to attend
the Rose Carnival and to visit their
friends Mr. and Mrs. II. 12. Collier.
Alter the Rose ijltow tucy went '
up the valley, visiting Salem, Kit-
gene, Albany and other points be
fore returning home.
Comrade P. T. Hanson brought
us in the handsomest bouquet of
roses yesterday we have ever laid
eyes upon. It is just so pretty we
can taste it. The man who does
not grow roses and lots of them
don't know what he misses. They
are the most beautiful flower that
blooms. Mr. Hanson has our
most hearty thanks.
n P. WnlonO. tulin U'ont n fif.
nttle to attend the gathering of the
t n ..!. .
uig ueei 01 war snips ui 11101 pon,
half promised us a write-up of the
event, but we suppose business has
hindered him so far. He tells an
ititf.rACtt.inr ctnri. e( ttir. trin ntwl tllr
... V. W.f WJ w. .. ..' .
fleet and we are sure the readers of
the Review would have been in
terested in an account of his trip.
Mrs. Kemp and family of Bon
ner s rerry, lualio, are visiting
Mrs. Kemp's father and mother,
Mr. and Mrs. I2d Wilson this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson have not
seen their daughter for six years
aud consequently there Is a very
happy bunch at their home these
days. It would just be a nice thing
it the visitors could make tins tlieir
home. We offer this as n suggestion.
The field meet on Multnomah
field this week by the children of
the Portland schools was something
to delight the heart of the child
lover. They were wonderfully
well trained, and enjoyed the evo
lutions fully as well as did the vis
itors. Then the trolley ride was a
feature the pupils will never forget.
It would be a fine thing if these
field meets could be pulled off more
than once a year.
W. H. Warner, who was work
ing on a house 011 Alberta, met
with a very painful accident Mon
day morning. He was drawing a
nail with his shingling hatchet,
when it slipped off the nail, the
blade catching his left hand be
tween the thumb and fore finger
severing the veins of the hand and
making a deep gash. He came all
the way home aud waited an hour
before he secured the services of a
surgeon. He finally reached Dr.
Vincent's office where he was prop
erly cared for and the doctor says
if uo complications intervene he
will soon be able to resume his oc
cupation. Mr.- Warner's hand
bled very profusely and he was
obliged to put a ligature about his
wrist to stop the blood somewhat,
but this did not keep it from bleed
ing considerably all the time.
It seems that precincts 89, 90
and 9! were the only ones in Mult
nomah county to go dry. It is the
entering wedge. Two years hence
it will lie diiven to the heart of
Chester Paul Gates was in at
tendance at the commencement ex
ercises at uanas ana received tuc
M. A. degree this week. We con
gratulate Brother Gates on his ac
quisition of the sheepskin.
Henry B. Conn and Miss Gene
vieve L. Hutchinson were married
at the home of the bride's mother
at 212 Polk street, Wednesday
evening, June 10, by Rev. 12. A.
Leonard. The newly married
couple will make their home in St.
Around the World.
Those who made the tour of the
world Monday evening will not
soon loriiet it. we went to tue
home of Miss Brown, where tickets
were bought and Boston baked
beans, brown bread and pickles
were eaten at the lunch counter.
Leaving Boston we sailed around
the Horn nud louche I ut the island
of Nippon, where in the home of
Mr. B. T. Leggett we were served
Japanese refreshments by tiic pretty
Gieshc girls. The porch was light
ed with Japanese lanterns and pre
sented 11 most inviting appearance.
From there we sailed for Amster
dam where wc visited the home of
Fran Vincent and were regaled
with hot wienies nud saner kraut
mit sundvitches. Fran Vincent was
the prettiest little Dutch girl in the
bunch, and the quaint blue Dutch
ware in which the refreshments
were served added to their taste.
From the laud of rosy-cheeked utid
golden-haired vendors of limbtirger,
lager mid pretzels we sailed to
Scotias fair isle, where we stopped
at the hospitable home of the
charming Miss MacLachlau nud
there our Highland Mary enter
tained us with the pretty Scotch
aire, played by a phonograph,
furnished by Mr. T,ilor the tea
man. Inside the huii-u we were
delighted with the decorations of
Scotch broom and thistles, and a
fine British flag furnished by Cap
tain Dunbar attested the loyally of
the Scotch lassie to the crown nud
McLachlau plaid that adorned the
wall indicated her fidelity to the
clan. After refreshments had been
served Mr. an 1 Miss lrkins sang
Jamie and Jmiie. the former wear
ing the MacLachhiu plaid. We
then sailed for Portland nnd came
to the home of Mi. D.ivis on Fill
more street where we were greeted
with iiumeious copies of Old Glory
which decorated the walls, testify
ing to the diet that it was u genuine
patriotic American home and the
profusion of roses which completed
the adornment indicated the sec
tion of the country represented, the
modern valley of Sharon. Ice
cream nud cake were served here
after which patriotic songs were
.siiugib) request Miss Perkins gave
u rending ur "Ilagar." As the
clock struck 13 the bunch oi tour
ists hiked for home,liaviugeiijoyed
n. happy aud instructive evening.
The High Water Mark.
The following clipped from n
Roseburg paper may be applicable
in St. Johns
Mr. Hditor: A lady friend wants
to say a few words to the grocery
merchants, and really it is a delicate
subject to handle. You know it is
near the time when ourgroccryineti
set their vegetables outside on the
pavement and do not know there
are many tall dogs in the town, nud
it operates ns though they had
drank from some of our medical
Now, Mr. Kditor, you know what
I mean to say, and if you help me
out, you will do the public n great
favor. What we want is the vege
tables in boxes aud "above high
water mark." For the good of wo
men and mankind the grocers will
please attend to it. Those wire
screens, too, they sometimes use 011
their baskets and boxes are not
"water tight."
This, I repeat, is u delicate mat
ter, but you know when a lady
goes shopping for cabbage, lettuce
nud such, she doesn't like to be
obliged to get peas alto. Please
put it in shape so as to offend no
body, and greatly oblige,
A Housekeeper.
A New Laundry.
W. L. Churchill and L. II. Simp
son have purchased the old Iueeda
laundry and are installing new ma
chinery and refitting the laundry
aud will have the plant in operation
at au early date. They are install
ing a new mangle which is guaran
teed to do as good work as an y ma
chine in Portland and they have a
new wagon coming from Racine,
Wis. Everybody knows these boys
and they will be sure to receive a
good share of the laundry business
of the city. The name of the laun
dry will be changed to the St. Johns
Laundry and the firm name will be
the St. Johns Laundry Company.
We wish them success in their new
1 1 1 ,
Mandolin and Guitar Lessons.
I have organized a class of man
dolin and guitar pupils in St. Johns
and can take a few more scholars
on each. Terms reasonable. Sat
isfaction guaranteed. Best of ref
erences. Dale F. Taylor, at Calef
Bros., House Furnishers, opp. P. O.
Lot on Lively street 400. Kasy
terms. S. L. Dobie.
50 foot lot on Jersey sticet,
$4000. Terms. S. L. Dobie.
An ocre near Stewart Station
$1800 400 cash. S. L. Dobie.
Do not forget Bitgood & Cole
give yon meat nt Portland prices.
Yx acre, otxtooj one block from
enr line $600 $200 cash. S. L.
You get full weight and first
quality at the Central market. Just
try it awhile.
Get your eyes tested and fitted nt
Butterworth's. No fit no pay.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Bitgood & Cole's trade is stead
ily increasing, the result of smnll
margins and prompt service.
fi 1005 room house nnd 50.x
too lot, 300 cash balance two
and three years. S. L. Dobie.
Choicest varieties of pansy plants
and rose bushes at Brodahl's green
house. Place your orders now.
If you wish clean, fresh, nicely
cut meats go to Bitgood & Cole's.
All our meats are government
Inspected nnd the best that money
can buy. They are neatly nud
carefully handled. Come in and
leave your order for free delivery.
Ward's Central Market.
You get more meat nud less bone
for your money nt Bitgood it
Cole's than anywhere in the city.
12 D. Walker, 119 N. Jersey,
tit Y N. Jersey, cigars, tobacco,
confectionery and ice cream.
For Sale House of eight large
rooms with bath room, pantry and
two closets. Good woodshed. Lot
50x100. Ten blocks from ears
Price $i3oo. Half cash, balance to
suit. S C. Cook, Cor. Oswego
and Fcsscuden, St. Johns.
Buy your ten nud coffee of R. F.
Celery plants for sale at 205 N.
Kdisou street.
For first class screens for doors
and windows see G. W. Dunbar.
If you wnnt to buy, rent, sell or
exchange property see Wolcott
(The Rent Man.)
Kxpcrt optician at the jewelry
stoic from 1 to 3 p. m. Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays.
Subscribe for the Telegram
best evening paper on the coast.
See 12d Stockton.
Now is the time to secure your
cabbage and tomato plants. Nice
ones for sale nt Brodahl's green
Wanted Someone to care for
io-mouths-old healthy boy. State
price. Address Bob Freeman, Gen.
Del., Portland. 33P
Have your property insured in
the St. Paul or Northern fire iustir
mice companies. They are the
best. S. L. Dobie, agent.
Found and left at this office, a
hair chain bearing charm with poi
traits of two ladies. Owner can
have same by proving property nud
paying for this notice.
If you have any old thing 011
this green earth to sell or trade see
J. S. McKinucy. He will fit you
out. What have you got? Come
nnd see me. Office St. Johns
Heights Stntiou.
A strawberry and ice cream so
cial will be given on the lawn ut
the home of Mrs. Bullis, 611 South
Jersey St., under the auspices of
the stewards of the M. 12. church,
June 19th. Everybody invited.
To Water Users.
Water used throiiL'h hose for
sprinkling yards or sidewalks or
washing porches or windows must
be naid for in advance, and used
only between the hours of 5 aud H
a. 111. nud 5 and 9 p. m. it must
not be used for sprinkling streets,
Anyone using wnter contrary to
these rules, or wnstefully. will be
shut off without further notice.
St. Johns Waterworks and Light
ing Co., P. H, Fdlef.sen, superintendent.
To Exchange.
When wishing to exchange your
property for outside acreage or
farms you should see McKinucy for
oiiicK results, can aim give me a
trial. J. S. McKinnky,
St. Johns Heights Station.
One Year in Business.
Trade increasing by leaps and
bounds. This ought to convince
you of the superior quality of our
teas and coffees. National Tea
Store, "the home of good coffee."
Make an Offer I
I have 1000 shares of the Col
lapsible Box Co.'s stock. All paid.
Make me an offer quick. W. A.
Thorndyke, 77 Third St., Astoria,
How is Your Title?
Have your abstracts made, con
tinued or examined by II. Hender
son, abstracter aud notary public.
Accurate work. Reasonable fees.
205 Jersey street.
I rrr&rrr'?c,irrR.TrninTMr'e I
a Architecture Book-keeping Stenography
2 Bnnking and Banking Law
Commercial Law Advertising Show Cnrd Writing
& Chemistry Mechanical Drawing
jjj 12lcctrical Kngineering
Newspaper Illustrating Civil Kngiueering Civil Service
f Steam Kngineering Mechanical Kngintriug
i Gas Kngiucering Mining Knginecriug Locomotive Running
Plumbing, Hunting and Ventilating
French, Spanish, German tnught with Kdisou phonograph
For full information nddrees,
J. A. SI I ERE, Representative
425 Washington St., Portland, Ore.
right and You
Klcctric Light is the magnet that draws trade. The
bright store is the "hypnotic eye" of buwinww. People can
110 more resist the attraction ol a brilliant, Kleclricnlly lighted
store than they can resist the clarion call of n brnsM ImihI.
Is your conivtltor with the KKctrienlly illuminated nhow
windows, bright inlet ior and sparkling Klcctric Sign Retting
nil advantage over you? The moth never Mutters mound the
uuliglited caudle! llp-to-date stores nowadays consider
shop-window lighting u necessity, whether they remain open
ufter dark or not. Competition forces modem methods.
A show window brilliantly illuminated with Klectrlc
light will make many 11 sale "the night before." Klcctric
light compels attention, makes easy the examination of your
dinptay, shows goods in detail and fnbiics in their true colon.
And don't neglect the Klcctric Sign. It in soliciting
"tomorrow's" busiucH every moment it in lighted burning
your name in the public mind. It is a solicitor that never
becomes weary never stops work cosir little.
Cull Telephones: Alain 6688, A 1675 for Information.
Portland Railway Light and Power Go.
? THE - -
St. Johns, Oregon.
Capital 25,000.00
Surplus 1,500.00
Inturofct jMiid 011 swings deposits.
& i i ifi 0 "SP & dfi
It .sometime pnys to look urouml n little
nud get prices uiul see qunlitics lie fore
you buy. We have Initli.
Phout Tnton 4000.
2'. 3. .s Philadelphia tixU.
ITT--" "
11 11
t. Johns Lumber Co.
Has all kinds of lumber, kiln drud and nthi-rui-.
Also slab wood. Timbers of all sj.e-. 1 ut t uoUr.
Get your winter's wood now and save (rouble.
1 I
iu a
S H HFNHFRSiON 205 Jersey St. S
I Real Estate, Loans, Insurance I
l Abstracts of Title Prepared. Accural- Work Guaranteed.
Manufacturers of Clny Hriek aud Pressed Hrick. Plastering
Sand on hands at all times. Orders solicited.