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Vuht;Vt Krrty TtUUj
Al 117 VI lliirllngloii nitrrt M. Julius.
Tim Kkvikw is filtered nt txist office
in Saint Johns, Oregon, as mail matter
of the secuttil class under the Act of Con
green of March 3, 1879.
Advertising rates, $1.00 per Inch per month,
All cwMmnnlratlntK should ho aildremil to
Tbo noTlow, fit. Johns, Orrcmi.
Jolt 1'rlntttaa rireBted In firit-eliii i)le.
hum tor job rrinting en on neuter?.
Phono niohmond 11
fluhMriptton rtM, fl.uo pr eir In uJtnuco,
FRIDAY, JUNK 12, 1908.
JJoth the fisli initiative bills enr-
riatl in Mtilttiotnnli county. Wc
hope they Imve all over the state,
for these !ilt would give the snl-
111011 n chance to get from the
mouth of the Columhia to their
ajMWtilng grounds until 11 new bill
could Ik MH6ed that would permit
the Uniting to lie resumed, uud by
that time time woukl lc h few sul-
mon in the river.
Oregon lias tcdeetned herself in
IManing the university appropria
tion bill. Had she turned Unit
down she would Imve lecn n buck
number nnd (tie
wimifl lm vi.
grown so long
over her that it
won HI It Ave tnKeii Her 11 Hall ceil
tiny to clear herself of the old fogy
mill that would have Accumulated
iHifore she could have again nt
tulnwl the first rank among the
itfllcfi educationally.
It in nintisiug to henr the HrcW'
era Association Riiiming tlie sa
loon. The HrcweiV Association
declares it could not handle the sa-
lomi, uisi it urn not own or operate
the mloous. Hut now it is going
to eiiit umie tue worst eatnres 01
nt""" "' " , ,mw 10
handle the saloon even If it cannot.
iMiimy logic. 11 cnnuoi tontioi tlie
miooiis nut 11 win. 11 is about like
i 4 11 1.1 . .
- uromimion win 1101 nrnmmi mote
II....- I.I I. I.M.l.l I
imiuil nuiu tlliuci iiiiiiuiimiJIl 1 1 11 1 1
iiiMler license; but the saloon etc
incut strives to InhU the ImiiiiI to cut
til Us heavy prohibition trade down
to a ralooii Iwsis in order to give
Mrt 01 their money back to the
government. It makes one laugh
to wltnes their wonderful putii
8. II. Orcein? has been ineiitloiied
to its as a candidate for school di
ivctornt the coming election. Wi
hardly need to suy 11 word in favor
of Mr. Greene. Our 10 pie nil
know him. They know that he is
a progreiwive up to-date
W'tf picnume, Um, thul they know
tltat he is one of the best educated
men In the citv. graduate of two or
tlirt universities, he U able to de
.01114 wiiri would be beat tor our
JKhooUVaddwl to this his intimate
knowledge of the law fits him par
ticulaily well for the ixition. We
Iioims that every voter will have Mr.
(.leeiKr's name 011 his ticket.
won hi uc our choice 01 all tlie men
in the city as the one IwM qualified
in every way lor tlie Million.
In another column will Ik found
a cell for a inaiw meeting for the
loritmtKHi or a law enforcement
league or sonic such oiguninljou.
We believe this movement is timely
and for the good of the city. It
has been too easy for criminals to
escape the just tHiuiiduiiciit for
their inUloiitga. What is every
IkkIy iMiMuote is nobody's busi
ness. It is the duty of every law
abiding citiseu to Inform the lawful
nuuiohtlea of uuy ciime he may be
coutc.eogiiuuiit of, thut the nre
iratoi may Me biouglil to juxticc
l itis UUty is not performed once 111
a tnoustttiti limes. liccmuw of this
negligence on the iwrt of the nidi
nary cHixvii crime has become com
itiou and crhniuuU Imve become
IiuiMHlent and hold. A determined
ulTort ou the taut ol the law ahid-
iug Cttucuk 10 rid our city of the
cuimiual cms should und we Ik
lltve will receive the iuot hearty
Mjifiert 04 every decent ami ict.iHct-
nute Cituteti liere. In any event,
bin is success to the movement.
What is the council going to do
about that ferry? We uuut have a
free ferry tor St. Johns Sonic
Ibiltk the riee uked by the pies
out fcny people pretty high ami
are not iu favor of luyiug it. lint
If thoy were to step into the ferry
..1 i .. ..
invim- a uw, Ku lurungn all tile
hardships und worry in getting the
uoai w ruiiuiug, una now, just as
it is iu position to begin making
luouey, uud it will be when the
ruck eruidier getn into operation,
. 1 ... . . . .
iucy wouia uoi want 10 utve it un
for hwt what it cunt 01 less. It
will be much to the good name of
the city of St. Johus if they jwy the
fetTV neoulr the oriee thev ak for
their boat, even if it u little high,
niwt wc utc 1101 itiiig Wl.ll 11 Ik, HI I
UUlkliug a bout for their own uc,
forciug the pa-sent feny cumiHiuy
out of busiuess b putting in a free
Ku. It Hay do this hikt little
tiick it will be to the evei lasting
disgiuce of the city and St. John
will uoi bear tlie lust of it for a
half century, while if the price is
paid that is asked, the money
itifctQd by voting jo-year houds, no
0110 will feul the burden und the
ferry will save iu tolls 011 the
cru-died rock uloue within the next
yeur or two, enough to jy for the
boat. lMgtue r.p what that crushed
rock will cost at ,;.s cents a lod
nnd stv where it will laud the city
for ferry tolls.
Card of Thanks.
General Compson Post No. 22,
Cf. A. K., through its coinmiltee
desires to express its thnnks to the
citizens of St. Johns for their many
acts of kindness and courtesy ex
tended to them on Memorial day.
Our thanks are due to the press for
the liberal use of its columns; to
Rev. Gates and the ministers of St.
Johns for services on Memorial
Sunday; to citizens and children for
furnishing many beautiful flowers
for the occasion, for decorating the
graves of our deceased comrades:
in ilic Si. Inlms llnms Hand fur its
uenerous liberality in furnishing
music: to the owners of the steam
ferrv in donatimr the use of their
boat for the observance of the ser-
vices by the W. R. C.
The annual visit to the schools
of St. Johns, Portsmouth, Penin
sula and Ockley Green were tin
usually interesting, where the com
rodes were so cordially received by
both teachers and children and the
presentation of beautiful flowers
brought forth the most generous
feeling of loyalty towards those
who had offered up their early life
In protection of our country! show
lug that the cliildreii ot today arc
thoroughly educated alomr the lines
of loyalty and
patriotism home
and country is
not being over-
O. R. Downs
II. I,. Snow
P. T. Hanson
Old Pasliuml Spellin Sktilc.
there will be a old fashund
.spdlin sktilc at the odd fellers Hall
nest Wednesday Nile, inne the I7st.
tin. Ilur lifivu mill f'.Irlu 111 uImhiI
,, roc. st)Ci (0UII lhaWl
hec a hi thyme, nef yu donte cum
yul miss 11 good thing. I think
tuny will charge about 15 scuts at
,IB ,orBi II0W ,0lllc mKn tllt.
,i(li. :,, ,-Kt ni a nvi.wL- H.u
it mt im i, th,. .t..i..,..t.u ,.n,.f
I ft"' "I "J "
"I" "
Mass iMeclliitf.
There will be it mass meeting of
the citizens in favor of enforcement
of the laws held In the United
Kvungclicul church Thursday even
mg, June 18th, to affect a ticriua
ueiit organization mid conduct such
other business as may be necessary
to put the organization upon it solid
business looting. Committee
Apostles vs. The Frukcs.
The Apostles will play the
brakes 011 the home grounds Su it
day. Manager Valentine has
.strengthened his team in several ol
the positions and says he is going
to do the I'rakcs up brown this
time. It will be a hot game.
I lore's a Bargain I
Lot 11, block 7, South St. Johns;
tm Jeisey street; grubbed and ready
for plow; pietty lot; will sell nt any
decent figure. Must sell quick.
W. I.. Thorudyke, 180 Kleveuth
stieet, Astoria, Oregon.
Dissolution Notice.
Nut lee U hi'iehy given that V. V. Mir
ni 11111I M. It. I'iImm, lu'relofori'viieneed
no ikttiiii'Pi uiiiiiT 111c name 01 .'Mmuiu ,S;
I'iImii. anil ciirrvine on a l-imhth!
et'ini'iil liiulmn ut Myerx anil TIioiiiiimiii
iri'i'i. 111 Hie city 11I M. JoliiiK, Mtiltno-
mull I'oiintv, Orceoii, li.ivo ilUolvetl
mrtiiTlii, liiktiii; effect June 5, nvS.
rin- liiiniiu'wi will lie coiiitiH'ti'tllu'rcafter
lv V. W. Miimiii, who Iiiih lUMiineil nil
ol Mum, 11 ,v I'iImm'h ll.iliililU'K ami will
collect ull hills. V. V. Milton.
M K. I rlun.
Will. 111
mui; this
Oregon Railroad
& Navigation Co.
il.uics 111 Oregon)
One way via
.if 72.50.
. 63.15
. 60.00
. 60.00.
.. . 82.50
.... 81.75
.... 75.00
.... 75.00
St. Paul.. ..
Kansas Citv.
TICK 15 TS WIU, lll ON
June 19. 20
July 6, 7, 22, 23
August 6,7,21.22
t.otxl for return 111 90 day with utopavcr
(iicusiuc nitiiiu minis.
I'or further information cull on any local
.ifieni, or wrue 10
Gcuurtil Passenger Ageut
Summer Has Came.
My! what lovely nights wc are
having I A lovers' moon, sweet
scented, velvety clover for a carpet,
a leafy maple to keep the dew from
the pretty curly head, a sweetheart
and a hand-holding match but we
will give no names that would be
Then when wc reached home and
sought our humble couch, at about
a dozen o' clocks at night, a flock of
musical cats began a serenade, or
camp meeting, as me case may uc;
then just as we threw the last stick
of stovewood our wife had cut to
fry the beefsteak with and returned
to our bed a string of river boats
took tin the refrain and we wouli
count seven distinct echoes from
every toot of their whistles! ami as
the last echo said goodbye away up
the Gcrmaiitown road, as it slipped
over into the Ttialitan valley, a
bunch of dogs in the next lot got
into a political discussion which
broke up in a riot; and all this time
wc hod a double barreled shot gun
in our castle which the city ordi
nance would not permit us to use
to assist in making the night in
Hut it was a lovely night, soft,
balmy, salubrious, and when the
disturbing elements unci quieted
down you could hear the trees bark
as you watched the horsefly up the
creek and the cowslip in the grass.
There is 110 place like St. Johns.
Al. W. A. Alemorlal.
The memorial services of the
Modern Woodmen of America nt
the ICvaugelical church last Sun
day were well attended and were
very interesting. The services
were conducted by Rev. Chester P.
Gates at the church, who dclivcicd
an eloquent tribute to the order
and to the memory of the departed
After the services nt the church
the procession was led by the
M. W. A. baud and degree team to
the car mid a large number went to Ifir cemetery from Washington
street, where the ceremony was
conducted according to tlie ritual
by Consul G W. Dunbar in it very
impressive manner, assisted by the
M. W. A baud with 11 number of
selections. Then the graves of the
departed were
1'he M. W.
were decorated with roses.
A. were esiiecially
pleased to acknowledge the fra
ternal spirit manifested in the or
ders of the Odd Fellows, Knights
of Pythias and the Kaglcs, who at
tended the services in the church
in a body. It is vt'ry gratifying to
have the other fraternal societies
join in these ceremonies and it will
induce 11 wnrm fraternal feeling be
tween the different societies.
Building Permits Issued.
In last week's report we omitted
the mime of Mr. II. Fletcher from
iiermit No. 61 to erect n residence
on lots 5 and 6 in block 2.1, A. I..
Minor's addition fronting on Will
ninette boulevard between Tyler
and Richmond streets and did 110
tice the omission until our attention
was called to it. It is 11 nice littl
residence costing lnoo and is 1
credit to that part of the city.
no, 0.1 1 to Mordie Keeney to
erect 11 hot house on lot 2.1, block 2,
St. Johns Park, fronting ou Catliu
and St. Johns avenue. ?.oo.
rto, 65, to James Johnson, to
erect a residence 011 lot 8, block 4
.Marengo addition, iroutliig on
Wall between Menres and Astor
streets. $500.
Dissolution Notice.
Notice is hereby given that R. L.
Davidson nnd George V. I). Port
lier, heretofore engaged as partners.
under the name of the St. Johns
Creamery Company, and carrying
on 11 general creamery business at
115 West Hurlington Street, iu the
city of St. Johns, Multnomah coun
ty, Oregon, have dissolved partner
ship, t iking effect June 2, 1908.
I lie business will be conducted
hereafter by R. I4. Davidson, who
has assumed nil liabilities nnd will
collect nil bills.
R. I., Davidson,
G V, D. Poktnhk.
Our Charges.
As is customary, we will
for card of thanks, 50c; for
lions of respect, Si.oo; for
of church or lodge entertainments,
suppers, sociables, etc., where there
are charges for admission, 5c per
Hue, but where there nre 110 charges
for these events, we will break the
Mile nnd insert them free. We
make this announcement so that
our good friends may understand
our rule in this respect.
Dissolution Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the
partnership heretofore existing be
tween D. G. Mossuiau and li. G.
Sites, blacksmith shop, 401 South
Ivnulioe street, is hereby dissolved.
The business will be continued by
D. G. Mossuiau who will collect
all accounts due the late firm nnd
pay nil bills. D. G. Mossuiau.
muiuioiui aim uiiuar Lessons.
I " x 1
I have organized a class of man
dolin and guitar pupils iu St. Johns
uud can take a few more scholars
011 each. Terms reasonable. Sat
isfaction guaranteed. Hest of ref
erences. Dale b. Taylor, nt Calef
Hros., House Kurnishers, 01m. P. O.
KcIiIiik, Burning Skin Disease Rout
ed Without Use of Injurious
Great inventors often have been
praised for surrendering the secrets
of their discoveries. Practically
the same thing happened in the
medical world in the case of Dr.
Decatur D. Dciiins. the eminent
skin specialist of Chicago.
Dr. Dennis, in his own office
practice, discovered that pure veg-
ctable oil of wintergrecn properly
mixed with othnr a rnmodlos
...a ;rtniii tr
1 f . .
eczema, psoriasis, barber's itch,
salt Rheum, and other itching skin
diseases. Hut the oil of winter-
recti nlonc wn fnitnri incffoptlvo.
0 . " .
11 rn.Mlr,.! rt1.M- ...11,1 I ,1 Irt..t
Ik llltlllUU ItlllVl 11 J LI I II II 19
such as irlvcerlnc nnd thvmol com-
pounded with the wintergrecn to
produce the real eczema cure.
This compounded D. D. D. Pre
scription positively takes away the
itch at once the instant it is ap
piled to the skin. This vegetable
liquid docs away with deleterious
drugs so long used In an attempt to
doctor the blood, whereas modern
science has determined that eczema
is first and all the time n skin dis
If you want to know more about
the merits of D. D. D. Prescription
call nt our store. We vouch for
this remedy. St. Johns Pharmacy.
Old papers for sale nt this office.
An Ordinance (0 Amend Ordinance
No. 52 Passed by the Common
Council nn.1 Approved by the
Mayor, June I9lli 1905.
The City of St. John doc ordain n
That Section No. 2 of Ordinance No.
53, panned by the common council umi
unproved by the mayor of Mid city 011
the 10th day of June lone, be ami the
Mine In hereby amended to rend m fob
Section 3. That hereafter It ihall be
unlawful for any person, peixiin or
ilcalcm therein, to sell or offer for nnle or
Iu any manner to (urnlxli to any pcrnou
iu Ntfil city nny of the cxplodvcn, fire
cracker or fire work, the uc of which
1 Ih prohibited III Section No. 1 of till
Ordinance without fiil obtaining it
written permit therefor from the chief
of mlice of the city of St. John rum pay
therefor the Mini of one dollar, which
Mild penult ihall terminate 011 the ut
nay 01 January 01 cite 11 year.
lWcil the Council lunc 0, 100.S.
Approved by the Mayor June 9, 1908,
Attct Mayor.
A. M. I'.sson
I'lihliftlicd In the St. John Review June
12, 1'tf.
An Ordinance Prohibiting (living or
Selling Liquor to
(Minors nnd
Prescribing the Penally There
The City of St. Johns don ordain
Section 1, That It shall be unlawful
lor nuy mwni or irhoii witiiiu nieciiy
of St. John to wlf. give or came to be
mid or ulven nuy intoxicating liquor to
any minor for any purpose whatever uu
les uiKin the written order of a ihvl
clan, duly ami regularly signed by ucli
iniysiciau, upon any pretext or lor any
Six-tioii 3, Auv teron violating till
ordinance h.dl be utility of a mlMe
uieauor and uihjii conviction thereof
shall lm fined hi n sum not less than five
dollars or more than 100 dollars or by
imprisonment in the city Jail not less
than one day or more than 50 days or by
not 1 1 such line nun imprisonment.
Passed the Council June 9. ioo3.
Approved hy the Mayor June 9, 1908.
Attest: Mayor.
A. M. Hsson,
Published iu the St. Johns Review June
u, 190s.
Oregon Main 547
Home A 3147
Safes, Pianos and furniture
Moved, Packed and Shipped
Oflice and store room;
109 Oak Street,
Notice U hereby given to the legal
crs of School District No. 2 of Mult-
nomah County, State of Oregon, that the
annual school meeting for Mid District
will be held at 109 South Jersey St., to
begin at the hour of 3 o'clock 11. in..
continue until 6 o'clock p. in.,. 011 the
third Monday of lime, beitur the isth
day of June, A. 1). 11)08.
This uicctiui! is called for the purpose I
of electing one director to serve five
years und vote the question ot estab
lishing a full hielt school course of
Dated this 35th day of May, 190S.
Chairman Hoard of Directors.
J. li. Tanch, District Clerk,
The Bible.
(Concluded from page 1)
15th nnd 20th verses inclusive.
The Bible explains it all hi one
verse: "The wrath of man shall
praise Thee (God); the remainder
of wrath Thou shalt restrain."
(Psalm 76:10.) Jtidus passed just
judgment on his own act when he
returned the silver to the priests
who had bribed him, throwing
down on the table before tliem say
ing: "I have sinned in that I have
betrayed innocent blood," and then
"went and hanged himself."
. 1 ,lc '".ost proiounu scno ars ot
the ages have spent their lives in
I ttlrt etmlt rF llm TliUlr ntirl ltrttrt
' -
confessed themselves unab le to
fathoni tl.c depths of its niatcl.less
.bcal,t.y or scale t,le Ilc'Kllts ?f ts
I iTrniulitiir Dnul
of the
I . a l 1 1
mosl icariicu men ot nis uay.
men spoke Greek nnd poetized
Latin and sang in Hebrew. After
his eyes were opened to the facts o
the true, relation of man to his
Maker nnd what divine revelation
meant, he wrote: "livery scrip
turc inspired of God is profitable
for teaching, for reproof, for cor
rection, for instruction which is in
righteousness." (R. V. 2nd Tim
3:16.) He had charged the youth
ful Timothy that the scriptures
alone were able to make him "wise
unto salvation;" therefore, for the
salvation of others, "preach the
word." We could add the test!
mony of such minds as William H
Gladstone, hnglaud s greatest
statesman; Perc Hyaciuthc
Prance's greatest pulpit reasoner
ham Lincoln; Grover Cleveland
Theodore Roosevelt, and hosts of
other men of brain nnd heart who
have made the Hible the text-book
of their lives. Hut fools will con
tiuuc to speak nnd write of the
Hible ns n book of fables nnd Christ
as 11 mere man, nd unttscam.
J. II. Lint'im.
Bank Statement.
Stntemciit of condition of the
Peninsula Hank, St. Johns, Oregon,
nt close of business June 4, 1908:
T.onus and discounts $133,459. 10
Furtiitute and fixtures 3,500.00
Cnsh ou band uud due
trom bnnks 43. I35- 4
1 78.391 25
Capital stock -f 35,000.00
surplus and undivided
profits 5,133.85
Dividend is o. 5 1,350.00
Kcserveu lor interest and
I axes 800.00
Deposits 146,310.40
Pointers for our Patrons.
Our rule is the best stock and
'cst wor'c or our Iatrolls
Wc do not nllow any printer to
put out nicer work than we do nnd
we put the best stock into our jobs.
The difference between ioor
stock nnd first class stock 011 n job
Is n .small item when you consider
the value of the job. It is the
price of a satisfied customer. It is
better to make 50 cents less 011 a
job and have n customer who will
come back, than to use the flimsy
stock, make the extra 50 cents nnd
lose your customer. That is the
way we figure it.
Smffli Prendor
has widened its market un
til it includes the whole civil
ized world; has become the
Lypewriter of over 300,000
operators and has, during
1906, broken every previous
record of sales, because it
has from the beginning best
met every typewriter need.
I the Smith Premier
Typewriter is recog
nized as the greatest im
provement in modern type
writer construction yet In
providing: it, none'of the
strong fundamental fea
tures, for which the Smith
Premier has always been
noted, have been sacrificed.
Complete literature on re
quest. THE SMITH
It Is resolved hv the city of St. Johns:
That S. C. Cook, 'II, T. I.cggctt nnd S. C.
Norton, three disinterested freeholders
of the city of St. Johns, nnd possessing
the iiiaificntions of jurors of the circuit
court of Multnomah county, Oregon, be
nnd they nrc hereby nppofnled to view
the proixised I'lnngc and nllenillon of
Willis lloulcvnrd in said city, to-wlt:
lleglllilllig nt the itoint farthest south
oil the imterly line of lot 10, hi block
1, In Hill's addition to the city of
St. Johns; thence south 35 (leg. cast 177.5
feet to the westerly side line of l'cssen
den street; thence north 56 degtces, cast
50 feet; thence north 35 degrees, west
177.5 feet; thence south 56 degrees, west
ii feet to the place of beginning nnd
innkc assessments of dntunges nnd bene
fits, nnd determine how much, if nuy.
less valuable the land or other propcity
or nny part thereof, through or over
which the projioseil boulevard, ns
chnuged, will be rendered thereby, nnd
shall nsccrtnln the respective Interest ot
nil Dersous claiming to be owners of
said lands or other nroncrtv or liunrov
incuts thereon, or to have nny interest
hi such hinds or Improvements, and the
dninnecs which nn v of sidd owners
sncctively will sustain. Said viewers
slmll ntsn make n lust nnd emilt dilc as
scssuictit of the value of the benefits nnd
nilvnutngcs of said proposed change to
the resjecllvc owners or other .persons
interested in snin mini or oiner proeriy
which said viewers shall deem specially
benefitted by such proposed change, nnd
shall tltcrcnltcr nt tnclr earliest con
vciiicncc, rejKirt the ns csMiicnt of tl
dntungc nnd the benefits to said pro)
crtv owners to the council. Which sali
viewers shall receive ns compensation
for their services the sum of tl 00 n day
for ench day actually engaged in said
tervlcc mid shall assess wild cost ns part
ot the iicuclils to said ptoicuy.
That the office of the city recorder I
the citv hull hi the citv of St. Johns
Orcuoii. I: the nlncc. and the i;tb day
of June, 1008, nl 10 o'clock n. in, of said I
dny the time when and where said view
crs slmll meet nnd then nnd there hi
sworn to faithfully dbchnrge the duties
nsslgucd them, or ou nny subsequent
day to which they may adjourn, (which
adjournment i.liall not exceed one week
nt nuy one time) proceed to view the
proHscd change and assess benefits and
damages aforesaid.
That the city recorder shall send by
mail. tost n.ilil. n notice of the aiuxilnt.
tiient of unfil viewers, their names mid I
the time nnd nlncc for meeting nnd
sicclfy with convenient certainty th
iKniutlatles and teriulmis of said im
jxiseil change of said Willis Ixiulevard to
cocn 01 ine proerty owners, wnosc
projicrty Is projxised to be appropriated
or to the ngeut of such, If the iKistofficc
niitircss 01 siicu owner, ngcui sr auenis n
known to him, nnd If such isistollice nil
dress Is unknown to Mild rccoider the
to such owner or ngent nt St . Johns
That the said city recorder shall nt
least five days before the day set for such
mcelini. enure Mild viewer?, to be not
ficd of their iiiiiNiiutiueut. nnd the time
und place of such meeting, nnd shall
swear eac 1 01 sain viewers, oeioreenir
Ine limn the discharuc of their said
duties, to faithfully nnd Imiurtlally dis
charge the duties assigned to them .
Adopted uy tlie council
June j
A. M.
Hhsr N,
City Recorder.
Published hi the St. Johns Review June
12 nun 19, u3
Resolved, that the Council of the citv
of St. Johns deems it expedient and
uecesary to Improve Oswego Street from
the North line of 1'ortlanil boulevard to
the North line of llarlou Addition, In the
following manner, to-wlt:
uy grading tlie Mine to the etaiilMieil
grade nmi siiiewulklng 12 foot curb,
foot walk with such timbers mid strlne
ers as have been adopted by the council
of the city of St. Johns, together with
regulation eros, walks, ami by erovcllue:
a strip 10 feet wide hi the center of said
street, according to the estimates, plans
and specifications ou file in the ollice of
Said improvement to be made In ac
cordaucc with the Charter ami Ordl
nances of the said c tv of St. Johns, ami
uic piiius, speculations ami estimates ol
tue city enmneer. tiled 111 t he ollice of
the city recorder of the citv of St. I0I111
which saui mans spccuicaiious and e'
tlmatcs are satisfactory and arc hereby
i liat tue cost 01 said improvement to
be assessed as provided by the citv
cuarier hitch we propeny especially aim
jMrucuiariy ieneniieti incrcuy, and
which is hereby declared to be all the
property (land) lietweeu the termini o
such Improvement abutting upon, udja
cent to or approximate to Mid Oswego
street, from the marginal line of said
street from luck to the center of the
block or block abutting (hereon or nd
aceut or approximate thereto.
That all of the proner'v Included in
the said improvement district as afore
said, Is hereby declared to lie I,ocalI,aiid
District No. a.
The sidd city ciie-hieer' assessment of
me nrouauie imai coi 01 said improve.
incut of said 0wego street is $4185.58.
J lie cot 01 said improvement of said
Oswego street to be assessed aguinst the
property iu said local assessment di:
trict, provided by the city charter of the
city of St. Johns.
Adopted oy me council June 3, 1903.
A. M. Hsson,
Recorder City of St, Jolius,
Published iu the St. Johns Review June
5 ami 13, 1907.
Proposals for Street Work
Sealed proposals will be received nt
the oflice of the Recorder of the Citv of
fat. Jolius, Oregon, uutil 4 o'clock p. tn
June 33, 1908, for the improvement of
Kichmonil street from the south line of
Portland boulevard to the north line of
Willis Uoulevard, in the manner nro
vided by Ordinance No. 178, and the
charter ol said city, and the plans, spec
Ideations and estimates of the citv en.
Kiueer uu uie in rue oruce 01 tlie city
I r . . 1 r . . ' .
Hidsunrst be strictlv in accordance
with printed blanks which will 1 fur
nished oil application to the Recorder.
and said improvement must be completed
on or before the iSth day of August.
1 90S,
.No bids will be considered unless ac
companied by a certified check payable
to the order of the Mayor of the city of
St. Johns, certified by a responsible
bank, for an amount equal to ten per
cent of the aggregate proposal.
The right to relect any and all bids
is hereby reserved.
Uy order of the City Council.
Published hi the St. Johns Review June
5, 13 and 19, 1908.
Briug iu your printing uow.
I. U. Klt,KINNV O. I.. IU'l'S
St. Johns i!
Electric Works I
203 South Jersey St.
tt'n ilnn't solicit tiltimhiiiir.
tinning or cnrpcitter work ( or
nny oiner line uoi pcnnming
I to the lilectricnl Business.
I We nre not running n curb-
stone Ulectrical Business. Our
1 way of doing business is legit-
Motors nnd Dynnmos sold
1 ! . t;:..,. ....... 1
nim rciJiiiieui ilnwih uuu
Supplies; House Wiring.
As well ns the other
kinds of Hardware Is
We nrc uinkiug the hard
ware busiuess our study, ntid
it's not how cheap wc can buy
but how good, and wc must
have the quality.
Our Universal Stoves nnd
Ranges nrc ns good ns the
MIST mat!e.
Our mixed nnints nrc the
X Acme quality kind.
Hendricks Hardware
No. 1 1 1 Burlington street
TIAil: TABLE O. R. & N.
I'nlon Depit, rortlaud.
No. 3 Chicago Special leaves 8:30 n, ill.
No. .1 SiKiknne I'lyer leaves at 7:00 p. m.
No. 6 kitiiMiR City Hxp. leaves 7:10 p. m.
No. 8 Local Passenger leaves 8:01 11. 111,
No. 1 Chicago SiK-clal arrives Silo p, m,
No. ,t SiHiknne I'lyer arrives nt 8:00 11. in.
No, 5 Kansas City I'.xp. arrives 9,45 a. in.
No. 7 Local Passenger arrives 5:15 p. m.
St. Johns Ferry Time Card.
Leave Kat Side (A. M.) 7:10.
8:00, yxx, 10:00, 11:00, laioo.M. 1'. M.
1:00, 1:00, y.M, .:s, jijo, 5:30, ojjj,
Leave West Side (A. M.i-6:.v. 7M5.
8:50, 9:30, 10:50, iiijo. 1'. M. 13:30,
1:30, 3:30, 3:30, 4:30, 5:10, 0:00, 0:30.
Mnll Schedule
Mall arrives at St. lolms at 7!io a. 111.
and 1:15 p. m,
Leaves at 10:30 a. m., and .1:45 p. ni.
Office open week days from 6: mi. in.
to 6:10 p. m, Sundays from 9 to 10 a. 111
In order to Insure a channe of ad
vertisement the copy for such chanae
should reach this ollice not later than
Wednesday, at 3 o'clock p. m. Please
rcmemoer inn and tave the printer
Plant an ad. in
St. Johns Review
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JJ t oormonth,L 6oU by all nt4lra.
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