St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, May 22, 1908, Image 3

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    Quality Wins in Ranges
Tint is wti all ll THEN
Why pay big prices when
you can get the best for less j
money t Wc sell
The Toledo
a handsome range and fully
No. 8-18 for . . $37.80
No. 8-16 for . . 34.20
No. 8-16 Charter Oak, 36.00
No. 20 Niagara with
Reservoir, - 28.50
No. 18 Banner Niagara, 24.25
No. 18 Handsome Cook 19.80
No. 18 Roslyn Cook 16.85
No. 8 Alert $10.50, No. 7, 9.50
These prices include
Remember the place
Our windows will be occupied
1 May 25, 26 and 27 1
by a demonstration of
the best and most popular varnish j
J stains on the market. - ?
"5 Stop and learn how to nmkc the old scratched
V up (uriiiture look like new. Hut that isu't all. Wc
it will show you the many uses to which it may be put. J
Norton's Hardware
Successor to Potter & Goold Ji
The Latest
Nnm. Shuttle n4 ftofcMM
m All NkM ( Sawing HmMrm. j ersey , ana l acoma.
J$ Thre thlftf are essential
ll 1st Right Goods
3rd. Right Treatment
You wlM Hud all these if you trade with
R. F. LASH 107 135?"
Plumbing and Tinning t
Call imi mc er mw
f t t
MiBnftirm of Clay Bride
Sd m btmit at U tma, Orders
new pipe.
vJ&nm Opposite
Full line of
New and
Second Hand
Stoves, Tinware,
Kitchen Utensils
and Appliances.
Come in and see
that costs nothing.
Prices are right.
H. F. flat
to aucceec in business
Gardwi Kmc.
wey 91 St. Mat, tnM
aad Prewad Brisk, Ptutorias
Local Ntws.
He who by hit bit would rite
Mutt either-butt or advertite.
Old papers for sale at this office.
Remember the memorial services
at the Baptist church Sunday,
May 23.
Walter Coon is doing circular
work on the express cars of the
Suburban these fine days.
The genial face of C. W. Stearns
is again shining behind the counter
in the Suburban express here.
"The American Eagle and the
Weasel," the topic Sunday night
at the Evangelical church Come.
J. H. Kissel, a Portland business
man has commenced the erection ot
a five-room bungalow in Whitwood
Court which will be modern
The G. A. R. Post will visit the
schools on the 29th at n o'clock,
the sumc hour in both schools.
The pupils will have programs for
the occasion.
All the Rcbckahs should take
notice that the car for Vancouver
leaves St. Johns tomorrow evening
at 7 o'clock, sharp. You will have
to hurry or you will get left.
Gordon Bragg, an old Hood Riv
crlte, now in the employ of Gadsby
& Co., Portland, was in the city
Tuesday and called for a few mo
mcuts to say hello. Gordon is al
right, is a good employe and wil
vote for Tom Word which shows
that his heart is in the right place.
George L. Per Hue returned Mon
day from an extended visit at Kcl
so where he has been engaged in
the erection of a three story brick.
It is about time that big brick thut
so much bus been said alxut was
being put up here. Tuesday George
went to btcvensou, Skamania coun
ty, to help erect another big build
The Rcbckah's are going in a
body in their own chartered car to
Vancouver next Saturday, tomor
row, to visit their sisters across the
river. A week from tonight the
Odd Fellows arc going to do the
same thing. That is something
like There is nothing so fraternal
as brotherly and sisterly visits, ex
ccpt more of them.
Mr. Drinker of the First Nation
al bank has something that is
cood for the sore eves. It is a
bunch of crisp new bills of St.
jonns money. There arc two de
nominations. and io bills.
These new bills were received from
the depattment at Washington last
a t
wcck, anu are Dciug put into circu
lation bv the bank. Thcv are cood
to look at aud better to carry
arouud with you.
K. C. Mouuich returned from his
farm near Scio where he has been
spraying his trees. He reports the
prospects good for a bumper crop
of fruit this, year. Thiuks he will
make as much or more than the
entire place cost him. E. C. h a
uood fellow and we hone he has
struck a bonanza, and if he will
continue to make St. Johns his
home we hope he will double his
money every year.
Mr. Willis, who recently lived
on North Jersey street, moved
Tuesday to Whitwood Court where
he will build a house at once.
There is a keen interest being ere
ated in the fine, new residence dis
trict opposite St. John and the
fact that the United Railways are
to build a line at once along the
foot of the tract will make the
property values go up la a hurry.
It would be a good plan to get
hold of something there before the
rise. We did.
The trustees of the M. E. church
have held a meeting at which they
decided to sell at least two of the
lots of their nronertv where the
Church Is located la order to, liquid
. . . .
ate their indebtedness on the prop-
erty. This will give them enough
room for their church building and
the parsonage. We think this is a
very wise move. Paying rent and
interest are two things which look
"lots" to us like pouring sand down
a rat Hole and the cmircb or indl
vidual who is able to cut out either
or both has reached a happy stage
in taetr existence.
Editor Review: The Question
is often asked me whether I think
it pays us to carry our advertise
tnent and in commendation of the
Review I wish to say: Last week
we put oa a rug special and adver
tised it only ia the Review and
our windows. The result was per-
fectly satisfactory to us sad tarec
customers mentioned of their own
accord that they had not intended
to buy yet but noticed our sdver
tiseatent in the Review and decided
to take advantage ef tnaeiH 'prk.
We sweaty think it Paya as ia" use
MM Review. Cskf Bros, Per A.
C. C easier. .
The Oresea committien to the
AWwka-Yuken -Pachte -ex peek ion
has issuad i circular letter toS the
eeuaty judges, caamlniiairs sad
to presides of the dittoes com
metal bodies of OresW urging
to UMkc the Emissary arce-
M collect anal aarsiaaT to
the Orecwa state haiidtsw at Seattle
assiisus of the grains aud ra m
of this smsm's growth 'with the
fruit mi their asasau for mMytioa
at shot Mr. It is hoped that oar
esloisls awy he ssalous iu this work
and that we mmm have a bonntifnl
of the mm ay Imuran of
the greatest nonary iu the state,
Bring iu your job printing,
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Archie
Berry, Friday ( May 15, a son.
Wanted To borrow $300 for one
year at 7 per cent. Gpod security.
Money wanted at once. .Address
J, this office.
Did you see the local of Prall &
Co. where they offer a free picture
with every $3 purchase? It will
pay to investigate for the pictures
are beauties.
V. S. Bannon, who has been
spending the past several months
at White Salmon, Wash., and
Grccnpoint, Ore., returned to St.
Johns last week.
It is rumored there, will be a big
temperance speech made iu the open
air iu St. Johns Sunday evening,
May 3tst. If we can locate the
particulars in time wo will let our
people know.
Mrs. Shepardson, mother of Mrs.
E. S. Wright, is visiting at the
home of the latter on South Hayes.
Mrs. Shcpardson's home is at Cat
lin, Wash., and she is quite taken
with our beautiful little city.
Mrs. J F. Hendricks ami daugh
ter, Miss Jennie, leftf yesterday for
Seattle where theyWill' visit the
fleet. Mrs. Hendricks has a neph
ew on one of, the' vessels "and the
ladies anticipate d delightful visit
with him.
Mrs. H. E. Collier, who went to
San Francisco to sec the big fleet,
returned this week and reports a
most enjoyable visit. The night
scene with the big war canoes all
ablaze with lights.on the waters of
the bay was indescribably magnifi
The work on the new school
building at Peninsula, is progressing
nicely iu splle-of the weather. It
was a much needed structure and
the people of. that section arc de
lighted that tney arc to nave better
school facilities.
Some of our people aud others
from Portland have' formed a cor
poration and purchased some 60
acres of land adjoining the Swift
tract and will have it platted and
put upon the market. This will
be another booster for the pcuin
If the young men wish to know
which of the girls have holes in
theirstockiugs, all they have to do is
to keep their eyes open, according
to an exchange, whicl says that a
girl who giggles iu church is almost
sure to have holes iu her stockings
lor she isn t worth q djirn.
In another column will Ik found
the first publication ef the standing
of the First National linnk in ac
cordaucc with the National Dank
laws. It is indeed ri very good
showing made u these times
of socalled financial depression, and
is another evidence that the dc
prcssion docs, not depress. St. Johns
to any great extent.
T. M. Goodrich! brother of C.
L. Goodrich, of Goodrich & Good
rich, architects, has come to Port'
land from New York1 City and is
engaged 'with his brother in their
olhce iu the Fenton building, 84
Sixth street. These- lads have
been kept very busy the past few
mouths because of the great activ
ity in the bulldlug line,
Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Greene gave
a delightful little party iu honor of
their daughters, Misses liulalia and
Jennie. There were, covers laid
for 16 and the eveuing was spent
in singing, music and daucing.
The table was decorated with blue
and yellow, and two immense jars
of roses adorned the ceuter. The
young people enjoyed a most huppy
Yes, if you are a K. of P. and
belong to Holmes lodge you will
miss the time of your life if you do
nnf attpnri Mih Krw-lal tliv crivo in
Odd Fellows hall tonight. If you
are a stranger in the city do not
fail to come up to the hall and
meet the boys. They' arc the right
kind and you will be made wel
come. This invitation is to all
knights, who may be in the city.
W. J. Sterling leaves' this week
for I.os Angeles where he has an
office. He has been visiting his
brother, J. A. Sterling, who is
erecting a fine home (at St. Johns
heights on Tyler street that will be
an ornament to that part of the
city, We would be glad if Mr,
Sterling could do like k his brother,
make him a home here in St. Johns,
for there-is no better location for a
bone this side of the "new Jerusa
"To the thoughtful sud practical
mind there is bardlyT a magazine
that is more interesting or attractive
than the Scientific American. It
does not necessarily ateau that' the
. . 1 .1 i . t
mvaa must ue inai 01 a mecnauic,an
inventor, or scientist;' but it must
be one who takes an' interest in the
advancement aud progress of the
human race. To such an one, in
whatever walk of life he may be,
the Scientific American will prove
Intensely interesting.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A, Wood, Mr,
and Mrs. J. B. Willlauts and Mrs.
Green, who is visiting the family
of Mr. Wood, composed a party
who went to see Uncle barn's big
loss at Astoria, The party
west out to see the feet on the
steamer Roanoke some ten miles
from shore, and the entire fleet
steamed by their vessel at a dis
tance of little more than a block,
It was the grandest sight, the vis
itors declare, tbey em saw, and
was well worth the trouble and
expense of the trip.
Go to the Home Creamery for
ice cream.
. Alt the latest novelties in ladies'
belts at Prall's.
Lot on Lively street $400. Easy
terms. S. h. Dobic.
50 foot lot on Jersey street,
$4000. Terms. S. L. Dobic.
An acre near Stewart Station
$1800 $400 cash. S. h. Dobic.
Do not fornct Bitcood & Cole
give you meat at Portland prices.
i acre, oixiogi one block from
car line $600 $200 cash. S.
You get full weight and first
quality nt tiie Central market. Just
try it awhile.
Ladies silk and lisle gloves at
Houses any size or price on easy
payments. McKimicy, St. Johns
Heights Station.
Bitgood & Cole's trade is stead
ily increasing, the result of small
margins and prompt service.
$tioo s room house hud 50X
too lot, ftjoo cashbalance two
and three years. S. L. Dobic.
Ready made sheets and pillow
cases, all prices at Prall's.
Choicest varieties of pansy plants
aud rose bushes at Brodahl's green
liotise. Place your orders now.
$750, corner 100x100 near French
block. McKiuncy, St. Johns
Heights station.
If you wish clean, fresh, nicely
cut meats go to Bitgood & Cole's.
Spring weights in underwear aud
hosiery for everybody ut Prall's.
50x100 corner on Jersey street
between postoffice and batik, $3750.
First conic first served. Call up
Jersey 391.
All our meats arc government
inspected aud the best that money
can buy. They arc neatly and
carefully handled. Come in mid
leave your order for free delivery.
Ward's Central Market.
You get more meat aud less bone
for your money at Bitgood &
Cole's than anywhere iu the city.
Fine line of men's furnishings at
50x100 lots close to car only
$300. 10 per cent cash, balance
5 or $10 per mouth, 6 per cent.
Call aud ask tnc about these lots.
McKitiuey, St. Johns Heights Sta
tion. E. D. Walker, 119 N. Jersey,
111 4 N. Jersey, cigars, tobacco,
confectionery and ice cream.
;Frcel Frecl With every $a pur
chase, we will give a pretty fratiict
picture. Prull Mercantile company,
llolbrook block.
2400 buys 7 room modern house
bath, pantry and cement basement.
Lot 100x100 nicely fenced, 3 apple
trees, 2 cherries, 60 Iogau berries,
200 strawberries. Fine river view:
four blocks from postoffice. ft
cash, balance 2. years at 7 per cent.
See owner, 622 North Edison or
address postofhec box 23I, bt.
Johns, Oregon. iQtf
S acres. 2 miles from' porxl cltv
all In hk'ii state of cultivation, c
room house, barn 30x36 feet, root
bouse 12X10, chicken house 10x35,
another 25x84, another 12x12, one
acre ol Ktraivberrles. 2H0 loerati
berry bushes, 200 gooseberry bush
es, 100 black, cap berry btisues, it
apple, 3 pear, 2G peach, 20 cherry,
and 5 nut trees, one acre of the
very best creek bottom land, 2 acres
iu pasture. This is an ideal little
home. Fr ee S2100. Box .107.
St. Johns' Oregon.
- w 1 1
1 mil mcikuimic viu Klvl-
1 ...If.. 1 t
n 11 nr. ...!! r
II U'H U I. I lf-II I1I1I11I I II II. lilt E WIIMI
nnwr Itnctt ivltti cuitv mtr
...... --. ., j.
Buy your tea aud coffee of R. F.
Celery plants for sale at 205 N
Edison street.
Good horse for sale. Call at
Norton's hardware store.
Nice, fresh eggs from the conn
try at the Home Creamery.
If you want to buy, rent, sell or
exchange property see Wolcott
(The Kent Mail.;
Found Scow 12x30 in Willam
ette slough. Call at Gattou's
slough. P. Turner. 3op
Now is the time to secure your
cabbage and tomato plants. Nice
oues for sale at Brodahl's green
Wanted To rent piano for sum
mer. Will receive best ot care. No
children. Phone Richmond 621 or
leave word at ice plant.
Have your property insured in
the St. Paul or Northern fire insur
ance companies. They are the
best. S. L. Dobie, agent.
The ladies aid of the Congrega
tional church will serve dinner in
the Holbrook block on Jersey
street on election day, Come aud
eat with them.
Mandolin or Guitar Lessons.
Would like to instruct a class of
mandolin scholars who have not
completed a course of lessons. Also
beginners will be given lessous.
Guitar pupils also. Apply for in
formation to 13, v. Taylor,
R. L. Davidson, Mntingcr.
St. Johns Creamery Co.
Phone Jersey 221.
115 West Burlington Street.
I Fresh
Parisian Ice Cream Cones
Wholesale ST. JOHNS, ORKGON Retail
We prophesy that the
If It does you will need a Straw
Hat and perhaps a pair of Low Shoes.
We have put in the nicest and largest
line of Men's Straw Hats and Women's
Straw Sun Hats that we have ever ven
tured to carry. Wc believe wc can
please you. Why not ? Our past rec
ord of shoe sales tells us we have found
out your wants for your feet and wc
think we can supply the needs of your
Four Hundred Thirty regular custom
ers Indicate to us that our grocery de
partment Is all right. The comparison
or shoe sales this year with that of last
Is more than gratifying, and with this
encouragement we expect todcvelopc
the Men s Furnishings and Staple Dry
Goods line to compare with the Shoes
and Groceries.
The Leading Merchants.
Mason & Urban
Cement Blocks of Drain Tile, Porch
Piers, Foundation Piers and
Sidewalk Work
Telephone Richmond 641. Cedar Park, St. Johns.
Real Estate and Fire Insurance
Good buys in residence and business lots.
Factory sites, acreage and water frontage.
CitMitNT Block
Chicago and Jersey Sts.
Don't go to Portland
Wc carry a full line of fresh meats, also salt and smoked
meats. As residents of St. Johns we believe iu patronizing home
industry and want you to get the habit. Why go to Portland
when you can get your meat right at home at Portland prices?
Come and give us a trial, We will surely treat you right.
53 rO e43 eS3 eO K eO c0 sio e0 c0 c sn-j
Washed Gravel
Best for Concrete Work
West Side Washed Gravel Co.
I,cuvc orders with
Llio n, jersey btrcct
Tlicy arc tmlunl (or Imalucti In a liliicM-llkc way,
I'Ucrd 351 pupil. Into lucrative Kltloiu during pa.t wur.
Why not curull In a reputable! tchK tliat place alt ol iu urailuatm?
II W. HUllNKH, l'rti.
K1!N1) 'OK
Hcon 1'orTNHk, Vice Pres. Q
sun will shine next week
Phono Klcliiuotiil y)l.
510 Is, Jersey blraut u
M WALK Hit. I'll!!.