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Devoted to the Interests of the Peninsula, the Manufacturing Center of the Northwest
VOL,. 4
NO. 10
Port of Portland Offer to Donate a Location for a
Public DocR at Foot of Tyler Street
It scans that there are some who
think the price too high for the
location owned by Powers and oth
ers to be used for a city park. We
cannot pose as authority on prices
for land in St. Johns, or anywhere
in fact. Wc arc not real estate
dealers. This we do know, that
if the property is not bought in the
near future it will cost a great deal
more than the present price. It is
better to pay an exorbitant price
for a location now, than to wait a
year or two and pay double, or
fail to get it altogether.
Since our last issue we have been
reliably informed that the Port of
Portland will donate to the city a
Irvntinn for n dock nt the foot of
Tvler .street If this location is sc-l
cured for n park. This would
avoid the necessity of buying the 1
38 feet of water front on the north
sine 01 tue street nnu wins oavc
$3800 to the city or what would be
better, this water front could be
bought and sold Inter at greatly
advnuccd figures, for it is u very
desirable piece of property.
The same rule will apply to the
water front at the foot of Philadel
phia street. The cry is that the
nricc is too high, because a short
time ago. the same property
have been bought for two or
thousand dollars less than now.
We think it is not right that this
raise should have been matlc just
now. and that it would look better
for these property holders to
n lower price for the lots in
tion than they asked before.
would show a better public spirit
and would cause thefn to more than
double in gains by the advance
ment of their other properties than
they would lose by giving the city
the udvantage of a low price for
this property.
The fact remains the same in
both these instances, so far as we
Is the only way to secure immediate delivery of your
goods at the most reasonable of transportation rates.
Therefore ring up the
Operating electric freight cars between St. Johns aud
Portland. We call for and check your trunks direct
to destination.
Turn your trunk checks aud shipping receipts
over to us aud your goods will receive prompt attention
We have teams connecting with cars nt St. Johns nnd
Get our rates before shipping. Special rates on car
load lots. Experienced aud courteous employes.
Phone Main 358, Portland office.
Phone Main A 3358.
First and Flanders Streets.
Phone Woodlawn 818. Agent at St. Johns.
Office 105 E. Burlington street.
lUUbllihcd 1M1 In
A. U N
Full line of Smokers' Supplies
Central Cigar Store, Next to Bank.
Manufacturers of Clay Brick and Pressed Brick. Plastering
Sand on bands at all times. Orders solicited,
i Real Estate, Loans, Insurance
have been able to learn, that for
the purposes desired there are no
locations in the city so desirable,
nnd If the nconlo nllnw these to
slip through their fingers now, it
will be greatly to tneir ultimate
loss. Why not take these offers,
vote the bonds, secure the locations
and ns early as possible make the
necessary improvements which win
place St. Johns in the front rank.
Home of the renl estate dealers who
are howling because there is noth
ing doing with them, would then
have something coming. Their
tttnre nrnrrofuive rind ontitnistlc
competitors would have more than
tliey could attend to ana some 01
it would naturally fall to them.
Think of this, aud act upon the
Returns to Nebraska Home.
Some of us feel like hanging
crepe on the door, of our hearts, at
least, because one of St. Johns'
brightest little ladies has skipped
by the light of the mnon. Last
wick Miss Maybelle Holler bought
an elongated piece of pasteboard
which entitled her to ride from
Portland to Verdou, Neb., and
without even leaving us a lock of
hoir, departed for "home nnd
mother." Mis- Heller is a sister
of our compositor, Miss Clnra
Heller, is a bright, happy, genial
little lady and will he greatly
missed by her schoolmates and
friends hero, who will join with us
In wishing her all the happincsi
that comes to the good, in her old
home in Nebraska, and also wi-h
that she may find it her pleas
ure to return to St. Johns in the
near future.
Iking in your printing now.
New York City
During Installation
Make an Unexpected Raid on Their
Laurel lodce I. O. O. I enjoyed
a most delightful evening nt their
hall last Monday night. There
were a number of visitors from
neighboring lodges and the new
officers were put through their
paces in regulation style.
Just at the close of installation,
or in fact, before the deputy grand
master was through with the work,
for two of the newly elected were
yet absent, n timid rap was heard
at the door. One of the little boys,
H. S. Hewitt, opened the door and
told the noble grand the crusaders
were coming. The noble grand
iwunded on the pulpit with his
little wooden hammer and told the
members of the lodge to "be easy."
Then something happened.
We do not believe woman has
changed a bit since Mother Eve
swiped the big Spitr.cubcrg in the
garden of Edcu and hid it under
her kitnona to save it for Adam.
About 30 or 2.s of her nicest repre
sentatives came marching in to the
surprise and delight of their "Ad
ams' with their hands full of
not Spitzcnbergs but cake of all
kinds, complexion, texture and
previous condition of servitude,
aided and abetted by a generous
supply of coffee, satidwichcs, sweet
pickles aud sweet girls. My, it
was a time like you read about in
the books with the backs all off
and the leaves lost out.
After the feed came the usual
speeches from a goodly number of
the boys and a few of the girls.
The retiring Noble Grand lfootc
related in a graphic manner his
sad experience when he proposed
to a pretty Keuekali, wuose miner,
wicked man had illeu. you
know where bad men go. Well, ,
after Brother Foote had made a'
most passionate appeal at the feet i
ol the pretty one, she glanced out
of the corner of her eye aud while
The Turkey's Lament.
A turkey Hood by n lmrn yard gate,
'i was uirlHtna eve ami uic nour wai
IIli eye wm dim and Ills nose was red,
'Twin grief not becrtmd turned his head;
I'or he said with a sigh to his nieclc-eyccl
(She had never written a rhyme In her
Itacli Christmas eve brines erave alarm
To a turkey raised on a western farm.
They'll invite the minister out to dine
On a turkey's wing and a glass of wine,
And some proud bird mutt lose his head
That the farmer's guest may be daintily
It was not so In that happier day
I're Columbus discovered America.
And I've always wished that the I'luta'a
Had sunk deep down in the ocean blue,
l'rom the wild red man we had little to
With his crude ash bow aud Ills flint
armed spear;
Hut alas, my love, what a different deed
When a webfoot boy draws a careful
I have often heard mv erandfather tell
(In Turkish lore he was posted well)
tlow our auccsior sioou iikc a vuicr
And gobbled a welcome to this fair land;
Ilut lie little tliouglit as lie spread 111s
And strutted about as he saw that sail,
How that fateful ship brought deep dis
grace And a vassalage sore to our free born
Hut 'tis now too late to itricve. my dear,
The evil is done and the danger is here,
And he mournfully wiped a tear from
his eye;
Dut the minister feasted on turkey pie.
K. Springer. Simms.
Will Save the Ink Supply.
This office is under obligation to
H. F. Clark for the nicest little
mirror a pretty girl ever saw her
face in. It came about like this:
In a shipment of new goods one of
the French plate mirrors was brok
en. We were in the store as Mr.
Clark was taking the mirror out of
the frame. He opened his heart
and told us if we could make use
of the broken glass it should be
ours for the taking. We took the
larger fragment, selected a frame
to fit it and now have a looking
glass as valuable as some of St.
Johns water front, and our linotyp
ers will not now have to go out on
the street with a smear of black ink
across their pretty faces.
Roy A. Campbell, an old print
from Wessiugtou Springs, S. D.,
drifted into the office last Thursday.
He likes this country tiptop.
Exercises Monday Evening the Rebekahs
n smile played about her mouth,
replied.' "Go to fatherl" Well,
this called for another, and Brother
Foote told about a dream an engin
eer had. The engine driver
dreamed he wns away late and wits
running to beat the baud around a
mountainside nnd as he rounded n
Colut about a mile a minute a big
ridge he was to cross just in front
of him was burning and he plunged
down a thousand feet to the bottom
of the ravine. Before he went
through the bridge, however, he
instinctively reversed his engine,
jammed her down in the corner in
his effort to stop the train. When
he came to, he found himself 011
the floor of his own cottage, with
his wife astride of him her hands
in his hair and pounding his head
upon the floor as hard as she could.
She said that he had grabbed her
by the ankle and reversed her over
the head of the bed.
Sister Hall was then called for
and in her own inimical way re
counted how "Bill ' went nway
out west, strayed from the path of
rectitude nnd almost broke his
father aud mother's hearts by being
put in the legislature, but his
father, who was telling it, didn't
know what it was for, aud there
was no one there to tell him to ask
Heney. Sister Hull was obliged to
answer to an encore and told the
story of hc prodigal sou, which
brought down the house. All told
there were about 80 or too present
and the way they went for the
bachelors aud old lipids nnd leap
year was n caution. There is a
bachelor in the second office of the
lodge, the warden is another (bach
elor, wc mean) the vice grand is n
preacher aud it is the duty of the'
warden to conduct his victims to '
this personage, therefore wc will
look for many occasions during the
year where an erring and happy,
A Joint Installation.
The Woodmen of the World and
the Women of Woodcraft held a
joint installation of officers in Hick
ner's hall Friday evening January
10th. There was a good attend-,
a tice of the brothers nnd sisters of
these orders and a most enjoyable
session was held. Captain Elliott
with 30 husky members of the uni
form rank constituting the degree
team of Webfoot camp, Portland,
assisted installation officer, Win. ;
Keldt in the work.' These lads are
well drilled and gave a fine exhibi
tion of the floor work, never mak-j
iug a mistake in the entire program, '
The Circle officers were installed ,
by the Circle Guards under the,
leadership of Mrs. Tallmau.
After the installation ceremonies
delicious refreshments were served ,
aud the evening spent in dancing,
everybody enjoying the evening to
the full. The officers of the camp
were: W. E. Sweugel, I C; I).
Tollman, C. C; J. II, Anson, Ad.
I,.; D. G. Busby, banker; W. E.
Coon, clerk; It. C. Clark, escort;
Bert Johnson, watchman; G. F.
West, sentry; J. C. Aiken, mana
ger; A, W, Vincent, physician.
The officers of the Circle were:
P. G. N. Augusta Mansfield.
G. N. Lorctta Armstrong,
Adv. Sarah L. Brice.
MagicianMary Reyuolds.
Clerk Hannah Vincent.
Banker Lillie B. Walker.
Attendant Sarah Darling.
C. of G. Lillie M. Hunter.
I. S. Catherine 'feeling.
O. S. Zella Johnston.
Musician Lola Walker.
Mauagers Lydia Tallmau, Sara
L. Brice, Aim Luella Harrington.
Physician A. W. Vincent.
Little Deeds of Kindness.
One of the neatest little acts of
kindness which has been thrown
'our way lately came through the
, postoffice in the shape of news
I notes from some good friend of the
paper who did not sigu their name.
We wish the writers of these notes
would sign their names, that we
may know to whom we are indebt
ed. We will not publish the name
unless giveu special permission.
We wish to thank the writers how
ever and ask them to come again,
but please give us your name.
Bring in your job printiug.
Brother Members
bachelor and old maid will be
pulled over the tow path to stand
before our vice grand.
Hon. D. M. Watson Lucky.
When in Portland the first of the
week we met our old friend, Dan
M. Watson. Dan is the luckiest
fellow that ever lived. If he were
to fall off a house he would laud
on Ins feet "a ruunin'." Recently
he went to n point near the Collins
and Carson hot springs and began
boring into mother earth to see
what he could strike. First, he
raised a flowing well of the purest
nnd coldest water, just like directly
off the ice. Then going deeper he
struck another vein slightly warm
and moderately strongly impreg
nated with minerals. Sinking an
other well he struck n hot place
aud brought up water that would
boil a rubber dog tender in a min
ute, and so strongly flavored with
the minerals that it wilt peel the
rind off your kisser nt the touch.
Dan will lease this site for another
hot springs resort, at figures that
would make him !udcciulctit.
Mr. Watson is interested in n num
ber of profitable oil wells in differ
ent parts of the country, besides
many other interests, nuy one of
which is worth a fortune.
Describes What Is Alan.
The men's meeting nt the Evan
gelical church was well attended
and the address was closely listened
too by the audience. Mr. Gates
gave n plain talk to his hearers up
on the morals nnd immorals of the
day. We have heard very many
complimentary remarks from his
A Very Good Ladd.
After all is said aud done, Wm.
H. Lndd deserves a great deal of
credit for coming to the relief of
the depositors and creditors of the
defunct "Title, Graft & Bust com
pany" as some of the friends of the
institution call it. Mr. Ladd, with
his great wealth, could do as
Schmitz and n great many other
wealthy criminals have done, use
their money to get scot free. There
is nothing to indicate that Mr.
Ladd was guilty of anything crim
inal. The worst that can lc said
was that he did not insist upon his
name being disconnected from the
bank when he severed his connec
tion with it. This indiscretion
morally placed him responsible for
the acts of the bank, although he
had no interest in its operation.
It seems that Mr. Ladd took this
higher than usual view of the mut
ter, and was man enough to make
good the losses occasioned by the
rottenness of the management of
the concern. We think this reflects
great honor upon Mr. Ladd aud
will place him a great deal higher
in the estimation of many people
thau lie has ever stood.
Root Out Dens of Iniquity.
Some genus homo, delinquent in
the fear of God aud man has been
a little too much in evidence in the
north end of the city. Recently
the home of Mrs. Weeks, who is in
Wisconsin visiting her father's
home was broken into, but it is
impossible to say if anything was
taken. Two or three other houses
have been entered recently and
Sunday night while the family of
W. E. bwengel was at church
someone entered his house and
stole a tew dollars in casli some
trinkets aud a watch. Later these
depredators were captured aud they
confessed to the theft. They were
mere boys and have been turned
over to the juvenile court. It is
just what may be expected as long
as the city has such dens of infamy
iu their midst as arc permitted to
work openly iu St, Johns, One of
these rotten dives can do more to
demoralize the youth of a city than
ten churches can counteract. Get
rid of the hell holes and there will
be less excuse for our boys going
to the devil.
Watch St. Johns grow this year,
Hold Regular Meeting Tuesday Evening and Dis
pose of Usual Budget of Municipal Business
The 42nd session of the city
council met in the council chamber
Tuesday evening with every mem
ber present. After reading the
minutes which were approved as
read a petition was presented ask
ing for establishment of grade on
Oswego street from the north line
of the Portland boulevard to the
north line of the city limits. On
motion of Leggett the city engineer
was instructed to do this work.
Petition was presented to improve
Thompson street between Lively
and Meyers, and an arc light on
intersection of Fcsscudeu and Mey
ers referred to committee on light
and streets.
Communication from Mr. Hoi-
brook stating that after consulta
tion with Mr. Bingham, the joint
owner of lots 3, 4, 5 nnd 6, James
Johns addition, he was able to offer
the same to the city for $23,500
and at that price would hold the
property until the election iu April
aud some reasonable time for them
to sell the bonds.
The following bills were nllowed
nnd ordered paid: C. C, Oilius,
labor, 535; Peninsula bank, interest
on bonds, $300; C; A. Seabury,
witness fees, fy, Central hotel, feed
prisoners, $7.40; same, feed election
officers, $2.50; St. Johns Review,
advertising, $2.05; II. Linguist,
labor, fo; E. LiiKptist, labor, f(;
Udmoudsou Co., tiling, fa. 58! W.
C. Wight, electric light wiring,
f 22.50; O. Edwards, money paid
to laborer for city, $2; St. Johns
Water Co., fire hydrant service,
$49. Total $436.23.
W. Scott Kellogg'. s communica
tion of last week was presented aud
the finance committee instructed to
meet Mr. Kellogg, ascertain just
what was wanted aud make their
G. Hofstraud offered bid for a
$500 improvement bond, presenting
in payment $535.30 lit city war
rants. On motion of Leggett bid
was accepted, the bond to be paid
for at face value with accrued inter
est iu warrants with accrued interest.
Official reports of recorder and
treasurer were formally accepted
aud placed on file.
Leggett called the attention ol
the council to the fact that the
different holders of franchises were
neglecting to make their quarterly
reports as required by the terms of
their franchises and the charter nnd
suggested that some pressure be
brought to bear to the end that
they do this.
St. Johns Land Co.
The Largest aud Oldest Real Estate Firm
in St. Johns.
East St. Johns
The center of the great
place on the Peninsula.
wi: iiuvi: iy u tun uuniiiunn mho itu 1111 vimuniijiu t
S Boulevard, which for a short time only will be sold at ;
present prices.
SmiiG fine residence lots
Choice manufacturing
N, railroad for sale on reasonable terms.
Holbrook's Addition
We have some choice
new $20,000 school building
Call at our office for
I these desirable tracts.
i St. JohllS Pne
Mi .... .
Clark & Wilson Lumber Co.
Lumber Manufacturers
Petition for the improvement of
Polk street referred to street com
mittee with instructions to have the
engineer make estimate for same to
the line ol" Mrs. Caples' property.
The mayor rc-appointed City
Engineer Edwards nnd the appoint
ment was confirmed so as to meet
the requirements of the new city
Claim of Page, Lauthcrs aud
Hathaway were presented, their
bills against Yoltngferdorf & Sons
were discussed aud the sense of the
council was that these bills should
go through the same channel which
other bills against this firm had
passed and the gentlemen interested
were so informed.
Deed from Mr. nnd Mrs. Hoi-
brook conveying to the city lots A,
u, C, l) nnd I,, iu Court place, for
street purposes wos received and
The estate of W. W. Goodrich,
through its administrator, present
ed a claim for $4063.13 for services
rendered during his term as city
engineer. Referred to finance com
mittee to report at next meeting.
Representative of the Standard
adding machine was present and
presented the good points of his
adding machine, which were num
erous and very apparent. The
fathers tabled tue proposition for
another week.
The recorder was instructed to
procure from the county officials
the necessary registration blanks
and books Jo be kept iu the city
hall fur the use of the voters.
On motion of Leggett recorder
was instructed to procure for his
use necessary letter and bill files
aud a high stool for his desk.
On motion of Dome city engineer
was instructed to keep the cross
walks of the city cleaned from mud.
The attention of the council was
called to the fact that the water
company were leaving too long 11
string of trenches uncovered with
no protection to men or other ani
mals from falling iu. Recorder
was instructed to call the manager's
attention to this matter.
The Sunday closing ordinance
wns ngaiu brought up und Alder
man Leggett moved its second read
ing hut the motion was lost for
want of a second.
On motion of Doble, chief of
jKilice was instructed to ring the
Methodist church bell at 8 p. m.
during the winter and nt 9 p. in.
during the summer iu compliance
with tlie city curfew ordinance.
C. 15. HA I LEY
development now taking
still oil sale.
sites adjoining the O. R. & "X
lots in the vicinity of the
now in course of construe-
nrices and terms for either of -
Union 3104