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Totubwrlb (or The Review.
All the newt while It li newi it
our motto. Cell In and enroll
01 adicrlUInx In Tho Rolcw
nnd )ou'll nccr regret it. He
Kin at once and keep right at It
Devoted to the Interests of the Peninsula, the Manufacturing Center of the Northwest
VOL. 3
NO. 35
A Number of Mishaps Have Already Occurred at
The James John Ferry Which Was Placed in Commission on
St. Johns' Skating Resort
The accidents occurring nt the skating rink have come with a fair
degree of regularity. Gus Johnson suffered a broken wrist about three
or four weeks ago, the next victim being Miss Owens with a triple frac
turc of the wrist, from which the little liuly is still suffering, although
doing well. Monday a young man, whose name we were unable to sc
cure, fell and broke his wrist. Tuesduy evening Baker Liuuuist, while
skating, fell in such u manner as to break one of the bones of his ankle
just above the joint. He was taken to the office of Dr. Storey, who set
the limb. It is a simple fructurc and doubtless will heal in a short time.
Mr. Linguist, whose home is in Kansas, came out to spend a few days
visiting his father and family and having a good time, but this event
puts a damper 011 the enjoyment for a time at least.
The rules which the proprietor has for the government of the rink
are very good if they arc observed by the skaters, and they should be.
If they arc not, Mr. Apple will insist on the parties leaving the rink.
Of course if one is injured in the halt it is their own affair, as they take
the skates at their own risk, and they should use every precaution to
avoid injury to themselves 11s well as to others. In Mr. Linguist's case
we understand there was really no one to blame, as he was entirely alone
at the time of the accident, und it was occasioned by n temporary loss of
balance. One thing a skater should learu the first thing after he gets
his skates on is how to fall down.
The natural thing, one would think, would be to learn to stand up,
but this is a mistake. When you find you arc about to fall, do not try
to regain your feet or to cutch yourself or keep from falling hard, or the;
hundred other things you would naturally do if you were walking along
the road but simpl) relax every muscle in your body and just sort of
wilt down on the floor of the rink like a cabbage leaf in the hot sun. If
you will practice this until proficient you will never get injured in the
rink. The only way you could be hurt would be for someone to jump
on you with both feel and jump hard. Let everybody remember these
suggestions and the accidents in the future will be fewer, or, at least,
not so severe.
Wednesday is One of the Finest on the River
Portland Suburban
Express Company
C. W.
Q Phone Woodlawn 818.
The event which St. Johns and Linnton people have been praying for has come to pass. The St
Johns ferry made its initial trip Wednesday afternoon.
The boat, the James John, is a sidewhccler 122 feet in length with .jo feet beam and has u carrying cn
pacity of six 2-horsc teams and as many people us can get on board.
The James John is furnished with a double slide valve engine, link motion, 12x48 inch cylinders, sup
plied with a boiler 44 inches by 25 feet 111 length and carries 80 pounds of steam. The machinery of the
boat was made by the Willamette Iron Works in Portland. J. C. Ferrell, engineer, who had the placing of
the machinery, assures us that the boat carries a large surplus of motive power, that the engines do their
work easily and smoothly. He also incidentally remarked that this was the thirteenth he had fitted with
machinery, und all of them did their work nicely; he, therefore, felt sure the James John would tlo the same.
In the cabin wc found 150 or more life preservers in most convenient places and three fire ex
tinguishers where they could be quickly readied in cases of emergency. besides this fire protection
there is a steam pump in the engine room which may also be used to fight fire. There is also another
pump in the engine room to supply the boiler with water and an injector to use when the pump does
not work.
The crew consists of the following: Captain, James Whiteomb; chief engineer, J. C. Per roll; purser,
Henry Smith. The names of the other assistants wc did not learn.
The ferry jcoplc are deserving of the heartiest support of our jwople and the highest praise for their
determination and perseverance. lfrom the very start they have been up against every kind of obstacles
and have been hindered in a hundred ways, but they have given evidence of the right kind of metal in
their makeup, and St. Johns, Whitwood Court and Linnton are now a united community. The initial trip
was made Wednesday afternoon, the little steamer leaving her dock at St. Johns nt 2:300111! made the
trip in about five minutes. Hverything worked fine and she rounded into her slip as gracefully as it thick.
llrothcr Stockton of the Telegram nnd Photographer Ferguson were on hand with their cameras and look
several shots at her as she came to. The jcoplc at Hotel Clareitiout near the lauding on the west side
of the river welcomed the new craft with the blowing of horns, firing of guns and waving of hats and
handkerchiefs, which was answered by waving of hats, cheers and blowing of the whistle 011 the steamer.
After a stop of a half hour 011 the west sitle of the "river the steamer returned to St. Johns. There
were three or four vehicles and about 50 or Co foot passengers 011 the trip, nil of whom enjoyed the
new boat in the highest degree. There will be n few changes made yet in the slips so as to make the
landings easier and belter, nnd within a few days there will be nothing left to be tlcsired in the way of
a ferry for St. Johns and Linnton.
The merchants of St. Johns should not lose sight of the fact that there is 11 fine farming com
tnuuity right over the ritlge in the Tualatin valley; that they are by leason of this ferry some seven or
eight miles nearer to St. Johns than to Portland; that they will have 11 large amount of country produce to
exchange for merchandise and should be encouraged to make this their trailing point. The street to the boat
lauding should be placed in the best possible condition, every concession possible should be made in the mat
tcr of ferriage, arrangements le made whereby their produce will be tukeu cure of as promptly and profitably
ns it is done in Portland. Wc believe this cati be done without any appreciably exense to our business men
and at the same time win for St. Johns u good bit of trade which now goes to Portland. Let us all work for
it. There is nothing too good for St. Johns. We are here for business and let us get it.
Any package, no matter how large or small, will
be delivered by us. Leave your bills of lading
or baggage checks with C. W. Stearns, agent at
St. Johns. We will go after your goods, pay
charges and deliver at your door iti St. Johns.
Agent at St. Johns. O
Electric Light Will Make Salesmen of
Your Windows After Dark
There is no known illumiuaut which will light store win
dows as effectively, handsomely and sat'sfactorily as Electric
Light, Fabrics are shown in their true colois and every little
detail is brought out in true proportion to its surroundings.
Keep your place of business bright with Electric Light, and
don't neglect the ELECTRIC SIGN, and you will keep busy.
Light is the magnet that draws trade.
The use of Electric Light is an advertisement of your pro
gressive enterprise. It's th light that's bright.
Call Main 6688 for information. .
First and Alder Streets,
TckphoM Mala 6488 PORTLAND, OREQON
Interesting Cases Disposed of
by Judge Esson.
In the records of transactions in
the city clerk's office we noticed
two cases where action was taken
to facilitate collection of delinquent
. it - - t,-i- 1
I Aiioiuer ca c which creaieti con
sidcrable interest, particularly so
inasmuch as it was impossible for
our city court to administer u pen
alty severe enough to do justice to
, the crime, was the case of the City
,of St. Johns vs. I. Wilson, charged
with n crime of unmentionable in
decency involving two little chil
dren 10 und 11 years of age. The
full limit of the law was dealt to
the contemptible culprit, which was
but 50 days in jail. It was unfor
tunate indeed that he Could not
have been brought before the state
authorities, where he would un
doubtedly have been given a good
long sentence of penal servitude.
We believe that a Jew feet of hemp
judiciously used would be as ap
propriate in such cases as it is in
that of murder in the first degree,
and we would be in favor of making
that the penalty.
Manufacturing Confactlenar
Fresh Candies made daily No stale goods.
Cigars, Tobacco, Ice Cream, etc.
Jersey Street Stop on car line.
Bear It in Mind.
We have endeavored this week
to place a copy of The Review in
every home in St. Johns and imme
diate vicinity. We have tried to
secure good, honest carriers, and if
they perform their duty well every
home is supplied with a copy. If
you are not a subscriber, we would
be greatly pleased to have you be
come one. If you do not have the
dollar now send in your name any
how; we'll trust you. Don't wait
for our solicitor; let us have your
name without personal solicitation.
Your friends in the east would also
no doubt le pleased to have you
send them a year's subscription as
a present. They are interested in
you and want to know something
about the city in which you now
reside, and The Review will tell
them about it. It is better to sub
scribe now and get the benefit of
semi-weekly which we anticipate
publishing soon. Now it costs $1
a year; then it will be $1.50. Think
it over.
Stevenson and Have a
Good Time.
Between tiic Woodmen and
I Odd Pcliows.
The St. Johns C tlzens' baud
spent the Fourth of July nt Steven
son, Wash. That enterprising town
on the bank of the Columbia had
figured on having a rousing old
time on the national holiday, nnd
A most commendable effort is
being put forth to get up a match
game between the I. O. O. P. and
the Woodmen lodges. Pascal Hill
has very generously offered to do
nate the use of the ball grounds for
in looking around for the very best 1 1 lie purpose and it is the object of
the movement to nave tliese two
lodges each pick n team, play 11
lively game of base ball nnd give
the gate receipts to the public
This library Iwnefit game should
apjK'ul to every citizen in the town
and our business men should nr-
W. V. Jobes, President of the Jobes Milling Co.,
Passed Suddenly Away Tuesday
The community was shocked Tuesday morning when the report was
confirmed that Mr. W. V. Jobes had suddenly expired nt the office of
the Jobes Milling Co. Mr. Jobes had not been in the best of health for
some time, but there was nothing to indicate that the end was at hand,
and therefore the blow was nil the more
unexpected on the part of the relatives
and friends. The deceased had gone
to his office from his home ns usual
Tuesday, and was with his son, W.
H., when he suddenly dropped to the
floor. Three physicians were hastily
summoned, but it was nt once discov
ered that he was beyond mortal aid,
and he soon passed into the great be
yond without being able to sieak a
word. Heart failure was the cause of
his death.
Mr. Jobes was an upright man and
11 model citi.en. Honest mid upright
in his dealings with his fellow men, he
was greatly re.sjc:ted by all who knew
him. A man of sound judgment, he
was conservative in his views. In the
death of Mr. Jobes St. Johns has suffered 11 distinct loss and his untime
ly end Is greatly to be tegrettetl.
Mr. Jobes was born in Roekford, III,, 55 years ago. He came to
Spokane, Wash., whete, with his two sous, he engaged in the Hour mill
business until 1004, when he erected the large mill in St. Johns.
Deceased is survived by 11 widow nnd two sons, W. II. and A. R.
Jobes, the latter at pteseut being one of our Couuciliueii. No funeral
services were held here, the remains being shipped to Roekford, III., for
interment. Mrs. Jobes and W. H. Jobes accompanied the body thither
Wednesday evening.
W. V. Jobes
C. 1-. BAII.UY
St. Johns Land Co.
The Largest and Oldest Real Instate Firm
in St. Johns.
musical organization to lurulsli en
tertainment for the occasion, they
decided that no better act could be
done than to secure the services of
the local musicians, All the boys
had a good time. 1 hey were
treated finely, the girls were good-
the best. They took in the ball 1 range to permit as ninny of their
game, the races and the dance, help attend ns jtossible. It will
Laurence Thorndyke, the irrepress- K-rliaps be difficult for all to get
ible, went along as mascot. He j away, but they could buy tiekets
entered into the free-for-all 100 .even if they could not attend and
yard race and beat all opponents to
a frazzle, and was rewarded for his
extraordinary burst of speed with
h prize of 4 10. The boys all re
turned on Friday morning tired
but happy.
Others who went up from St.
Johns are Mrs. Penney and the
Misses Laura and Mcrta Gattou,
Keep Him at Work.
thus swell the receipts. It is ex
pected to make the admission nomi
nal ioc or 15c and it is hoped
that an immense crowd will be the
result. The date will be announced
The public library is a commend
able institution and should receive
all the supiort jiossible.
East St. Johns
The center of the great development now Inking
place on the Peninsula.
We have only a few business lots left on Columbia
Houlevartl, which fur a short time only will he sold al
present prices.
Some fine residence lots still on sale.
Choice manufacturing sites adjoining the O. R. &
N. railroad for sale on reasonable terms.
Holbrookes Addition
We have some choice lots in the vicinity of the
new 520,000 school building now in course of construe
Call at our office for prices anil terms for either of
these' desirable tracts.
St. Johns Pll(,nc Ulli() 3104 Oregon
Enjoyable Outing.
Mr. and Mrs, C. II. Derrie und
Mrs, C, J, Muck are spending the
week at Seaside. Next week Mr,
Muck will take his summer vaca
tion and spend it at the same favor
ite resort. Mr. Muck ot course
docs not wish his customers to rush j
him this week, but we would like)
to call attention to his new ad in
another column and ask you to give
the gentleman all that's coming to
him, Nothing like making a fellow
work when you have the chance,
Some Fine Cherries.
Johnnie Montgomery of Oregon
City spent the Fourth with his
friend Charlie Lelaud.
Pascal Hill, the genial proprietor
of the ball grounds, brought in to
the Review some of the finest cher
ries we have ever tasted in Hood
River or any other place. They
are of the Lambert variety, anil
Mr. McKeon was buncoed into buy
ing a box of them which would
make, any country sit up and take
notice. Mr. Hill shouk) place his
cherries iu competition at any avail
able cherry fair, for he certainly
would take the buu.
Dr. and Mrs. Strattou, their
daughter, their sou and his wife
and our whisker sharp, F. II.'
Mansfield, enjoyed a fine little launch '
excursion on the river Sunday af- j
teruoon. Mrs. Strattou was the
first white child born at Oregon
City. There is no more restful way 1
to spend an hour or two or even
half a day. We have a bid in for 1
a trip of this kind when our chap-1
crone arrives to take care of us.
? St. Johns Undertaking Co. 2
Undertakers and Embalmers $
? ?f
b I.aily AsUtitut. l'lione Maui 6jj. IM Tmouw Stiect. U
li CN C5 C5 C?o Gxs CJ (5vs Cjo Go GJ Gnj c-s Cjo Cj 0s 3
Should Be Looked After.
A little sou of one of our patrons
was running along Polk street and
stepped on a loose board, tripping
himself down and injuring his arm
severely. A job for the street com
mittee. We understand that prop
erty holders must keep their side
walks iu repair, but u broken arm
and an irate father might be an ex
pensive reminder that someone had
overlooked a duty.
Undertakers Embalmers
Phones. Mum office, Fast 1088
llrauch office, Woodlawn 232
Phone M 2025 Offices
Cochran lllock, St Johns 408 Abiugtou Hldg., Portland
PETERSEN & NOCE, tailors
Mrs. K. Litikev and children, of
. 1 a 1 -1 .!..:. r 1 1
urcuani, muuumu, arc visiiui m
Mrs. Linkey's sister, Mrs. Urown. jj(
Have moved to 408 N. Jersey St.
Ladies' and Gents' Suits Cleaned Pressed and Repaired.
Steam Cleaning and Dyeing. Will call for and deliver.
Drop us a ostal . , , . . , . . . . g