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fuUUlitJ Bury Ftlily
I1V McKllOK &
HuWrltitlon rslta, $1.00 per Tear In dtnre.
AUrerllsIn rlei. $1.00 P Inch per mo""
All sdtertliln bills prtl flril of Men
.fob Printing hmuUiI In flrit cUit .!.
tlllli for Job 1'rlntlng esth on dellrery.
All eommuiilrsllont should b sddruied lo
Tho Barlaw, HI. Johni. Oregon.
Tint uitvntu is entered nt rust office
In Stint Johns, Oregon, ns mall matter
of the second class tinder the Act ol Lou-
Kress of March 3, 1879.
OfflcUl Htwipsptr of th City cf Bt, Jokni.
Phono East OIOC.
l'UIDAY, JUNK 28, 1907.
I). N. Hyorlee, n well known
newspaper nuin nntl popular writer,
formurly of Hood River, lias pur
olmsed the interest of R. V. Mc
Kcon in The Review, mid will take
possession Monday next, July f.
Mr. Hyurlee lias for several years
been doiiu; tlic writiup, for the
Hood River News-Letter, one of
tile popular weeklies of the
stnto. Mainly through his efforts
this pajKir has built up 11 lnrge cir
culation nnd a liberal ndvertisiug
patronage. In identifying lilmnelf
with St. Johns we believe The Re
view and the Interests of the city
have profiled. The Review will
hereafter be published under the
firm name of Mnrkle & llyotlue.
Vim, you bet the lid is on.
The Seattle spirit will not have
a look in with the loscfkntu. Poor
Suuttlol She illicit uel up a hot
air show.
Pilling hi marshes with slab
wood and raising the price of the
Hiine, as the Portland lumber mills
aie doing, is not going to encourage
homuseekers to thu Rose City. One
of the tilings Portland needs to do
is to eliminate the hog,
Last Friday the Telegram print
ed a story to the effect that build
ing lumber was 0 per thousand
uhuaiur in San Piaucisco than it is
at the mills nlong the Willamette
where it is uinuiifuelutcd. If this
is actually thu ease, and the story
lias not been denied, what is the
matter of shipping a boat of
the liuildiug material bnck from
San I'tuneisco? This looks like a
chance to make a lot of easy money.
It might be well for the council
and the couiMitiei seeking a gm
franchise in this city to give a
little publicity to their plans The
buucfiu aie Mtposed to lie mutual
butweeu the cnuMuy and the con
sumer, but as the latter will My
the bills it is no mine than light
and pioper that he be unpiaiutcd
with all the facts. To the general
public a gus franchise means more
than one or two incmlci.s of the
council ititcictitiug themselves in
obtaining what a corHration de
mand. the ipiality and price
of the gas be thninughly under
Mood. Also, grant to (he coiiiptiuy
privilege) that an fair, and at the
ttimu time give the public the pio
toctiou it deserves. If a cnuikiuy
intends to obtHiu a franchise to
manufacture gas it will not ask too
inuuli. If it wants a triuichisu to
sull, it will try and givu the dear
Kioplu the hot end of the deal. It
will be well to go slow and ttive
both the company ami the public
1111 ovun break.
P10111 iuvctiatioiiii recviitiy
madu it has come to light that the
county toad is not on lliitliugton
and lulisou stieet, as is generally
iupH)sed. The oHicial lines ot the
county are on Ivauhoc stievt
and Catliu to the liattou laim and
from Ivnnhoe down Richmond to
the water front. Those facts .in
worth knowing. It will give the
council a chance to impiove the
it rents loading to and from the
water fiout, and also to improve
ltdisoii street all around the base
of thu hill. It is generally under
stood the grade on this stievt was
uetalilibliwl to please a couple of
iutuiuhted parties, and as they do
not now live on tins lenticular
thoroughtuie it is thought the
grudecnu be placed where it be
longs, and Richmond street should
secure attention from the county.
It is So feet wide, has one of the
easiest grades lending to the water
front, can be improve! for a nom
inal stun and is a thoroughfare that
is known as the main artery of St.
Johns. With tho attention given
to Richmond street that belongs to
it the county w 11 only recoguue a
just claim of the ieople and the
manufacturers along tho water
front. Ami let the city do its share
toward making it easy to gut to
and from the nvor. 1 his can be
done by raising thu guide of Hdison
from a joiut uonr Richmond ami
extending it south. Will tho city
council take the initiative in this
Gas at seventy-five cents a thous-
1 ...!1t t... I.l.tnnll Mtllt rif nil
udvertlsemcnt for St. Johns if a
... r . 1... t..t
good article or gas can ou ouo i
that price.
Senator Horah of Idaho in mak
ing a great effort to send Haywood
to the gallows, but it is now a ques
tion whether Haywood will go to
the gallows as soon as Horah goes
to the penitentiary for timber land
frauds for which he has already
been indicted.
While It is really none of The
Review's business it would like to
see Cierk Taiich of the school board
tlrnw more Day for the work he
tiara for the district. It ha. only
recently conic to light that bis sal
ary is only 1 12.50 per month. The
school board voted him tr.i addi
tional $12.50, but his extreme
modesty won hi not permit him to
accept the extra wages. The work
done by the clerk is easily worth
double what he draws and it is
hoped that he will see fit to accept
the extra money.
Hugh O'Neill, the guerrilla who
reports the proceedings of the Hay
wood murder trial in Idaho for the
Denver Times and Portland Jour
nal says: "The lawyers and the
courts are still ridden by many an
tique practices that date buck to
the period of that crumblldg judi
cial relic called lliackstone." It is
a pity the lawyers in this trial,
and In many other trials, didn't
know n little more of lllackstone,
the greatest legal luminary of the
world, and less of that indefinable
something called the "Unwritten
l.nw," the modern shield for cranks
and murderers.
No action was taken by thocouu
oil in regard to the vacation of
Charleston street near the .Mnrim,
Iron Wot ks. Theie is a report to
the effect that when the iron con
cern purchased its site for 11 plant
the vacation of Charleston street
was promised by the former owners
of the tract, and that the plan to
grab several thousand dollars worth
of valuable water front Is only a
consummation of the ileal. If the
city can secure additional dockage
let it be done by an exchange of
pinpcily with the Marine Iron
works. If it cannot, let the iron
plant buy what it wants like the
rust of us have to.
In inaugurating thu lose fiesta
Portland has done herself pioud
ami has picked up a bit of adver
tising for herself that will be as
lasting as the hills. Not one east
erner in a bundled knows that
roses gmw in abundance until of
California. Portland had an ippor
tuuity to piove that they h and
she tliil herself 1110111I. The man
agers have decided to iimki- the
rose show an annual event and in
o lining have made a wisu move.
What tin Mardi (Iras is to New
()i leans the rose fiesta will be to
Portland. Next year's displwN' will
discount the- one of last week -and
that was the finest sight ever seen
in Oiegou. A lose show to a inn
joiits was something new, ami they
did not know how to proceed. Now
Unit all aie familiar with many of
the details watch for thu event next
year. The tosu show will make
Portland famous.
The pitiful libeling who pretends
to repoit the proceedings of the
Haywood dial for thu Poitlaud
journal should bo backed up against
.1 barn door and nailed there until
his toilette hung out like a side of
sole- leather. To the credit of the
OtcKouiati ami Telegram let it be
said that thev gave excellent 10
parts of Mr. Harrow's ceeli. Hut
that of the Join mil was simply a
one-sided ami vicious attack 011
Haywood's lawyer, woitlty only of
thu Molly Mnguirc who punned it.
Iluvwood mav bo guilty of the
crime- clnuge-d against him, an. I if
that is pun en he should hang as
high as Hainan Hut every liberty
loving American wants to see him
have a fan ttial, wants to see thu
sK'eches of the lawyers ou both
sides of thu ease fairly reported.
Hut it is impossible for the general
reader to form any idea of the
guilt or innocence of the accused
sti long as the patwrs send out such
brutal and bitter tirades against
cvervbodv who is disposed to see
that thesi- uu-n gut an impartial
trial. The contemptible flunkey
who wtites the Journal's rejunts
is utterly incapable of rising above
the gutter-snipe style of journalism
and we ate stttpiiseil that a paper
which is constantly rebuking its
contemporaries tor unfairness should
send forth to the world such lying
and disgustingly unfair rubbish,
miscalled rejKirts, as appear in its
columns. We are very much in
clined to believe that honest minded
wot king men of thu country will
not stand this kind of journalism
much lougei .
Just witness thu conceit of this
luted hteiwry mountebank. A few
days ago he hail the presumption
to criticize the immortal Hlackstone,
and later on he undertook to tell
Mr. Riehatdsou how he should con
duct the defense! And now that
the monumental ass discovers thut
his advice was not followed he
raviis. abuses and sneers nt the
lawyers for the defense, while he
faw ns upon Horah and Huwley and
the Piukertous.
It 8oothJ the Indlani and Probably
Saved General Qalnot.
People often gny very funny
things In tiruc3 of emergency. It
was fortunate for tho general whoso
conciliatory eiTorts nre described in
Mrc. Jefferson Davis' life of her
husband, that tho Indians with
whom the men were dealing had no
great sense of humor. Lieutenant
Davis, then on the start of General
Gaines, had accompanied his supe
rior olTicor to a conference with the
chiefs of tho Sue nation.
Tho council mot in a lent. The
warriors, decked with war paint and
feathers, sat scowling and silent,
their orni3 slacked near by. Seated
with them was a dark old woman,
shrunken to n mero skcloton,
clothed in while woolen. Sho held
herself with great majesty of mien.
Tho general began tho council in
n hesllutlng manner. IIo explained
that it was necessary for tho Indians
to move on, for tho whlto man must
have tho territory. At this tho old
squaw bccanio grcally excited and
began speaking with vehemence.
Sho declared that tho Sacs must dio
on tholr own hunting ground. Tho
general showed considerable irrita
tion nt hor tirade and spoko to tho
"Tell hera that a woman is
not expected to intorforo between
the a whito and Indian braves.
Sho must bo silent."
Tho squaw roso from hor sent
with great Improssivcncss nnd
stretched her skinny nrms nhovo hor
head with n wild gesture.
"Dons ho say I nm to bo silent in
tho councils of my people? In these
veins runs tho blood of tho last of
tho Sac kings. It is my right to
Tho chiefs roso 1tbo.1t hor, stirred
by her words, gosticifNiling angrily.
It was plain Hint trouble was nt
hand, nnd tho Indian 1 far outnum
bered tho whites.
Tho general calmly listened until
tho speech wns interpreted. Then
ho roue, with 11 sweep of tho hand,
to command silence.
"Mr. Interpreter," ho said, "loll
her n that a in" mother was
11 woman."
This revelation brought grunts of
salUfaclinn from (ho Indians, and
thu friiukuivM of tho statement
pleased tho old prluntss. Order wns
restored, nnd the council proceeded
with the business in hand.
A Coitly Joke.
A woiiuin of Hot hum, my n Vi
enna dispatch, wUhing to give hor
voting nophow, living In 11 neigh
Wing town, ti piiusant surprise,
bought a little tablet of chocohtln
nnd potted it to him in an envelope
marked "Value '!3,0l)0." The
package, on account of its high de
clined value, nttrneled tho notico
of the potnl authorities who de
manded $ extra fn on delivery.
The nephew, unsporting 11 hoax, re
futed tho lot tor, which was duly re
turned In llnchiim r.ud tho sender
ndvUcd. Tho woiiii'ii, half ashamed,
doplaroil llmt the onvolopo contain
cd nothing of real vnltio, but it wni
pointed out to hor that tho contents,
whatever thov might bo, woro de
clared to ho worth sJ.'i.OOO and shn
must pay. Tho poor wouinii signed
tho receipt , hut then was (old, to
her dismay, that a tlouhlo fee had
Im'oii incurred owing to tho return
of tho letter. Sho mild $8 without
further complaint.
CltemUtry, Practical and Theoretical.
"Voting gentlemen," said tho lec
turer in chemistry, "coal exposed to
tho clement lotus 10 per cent of its
weight und heating power. This ii
duo to the net ion of tho alkali con
stituent of"
"Hut what if there, is 11 dog sleep
ing near the coal, professor?"
"Nona of your levity, young man.
This is a serious matter."
"That's what father thought
when V per cunt of his coal pilo dis
appeared during three nights of ex
posure. Then lie uskod my ml vice
ns a student of chotn slry, und 1 told
him to buy a dog. 1 le bought it dog
with hay window tooth nnd the
stringhalt in his upper lip, nnd now
wo don't lo 1 per cent of our coal
a month. That' tho kind of n prac
tical chemist I am. Now go on with
your theory."
Willing to Oblige.
A little ciH'knoy boy from one of
the back slums in Loudon was in
vitod. with about thirty others, to n
charitv dinner given at tho house of
a l.tdv lit fashionable society. hen
dinner was over tho Indv asked tho
lKtlo ones to sing or recito in turn
All wont well until it ennto to tlt6
litt'o cooknoy lad's turn, but lit
mudc no sign of starting to sing or
recito until tho lady said, "Come.
Tommy, lot 1110 hoar you sing." Aft
or a moment's muse tho young guesl
answered, "I carn't, lidy." "What,"
snut tho hulv, "von cannot sing?
Then what car. von do, Tommy?"
"Well," aid Tommy, "I aren't used
to singing, but I'll do mv best. I'll
fight any of the other Kids in the
To l:chaiiuc.
Kami of 160 acres, near Albany,
Ore. , worth 5000, to trade for St.
Johns property. Impure 74 b'irst
street, Portland. Also So acres to
trudu for lots.
For Trade.
Property in Hood River for St.
Johns lots. Henderson, 243 Stark,
Cull in and subscribe now.
Every Ainu His Own Doctor.
The average man cannot afford
to employ a physician for every
slight ailment or injury Hint may
occur in his family, nor can he
afford to neglect them, ns so slight
nn injury ns the scratch of n pin
has been known to cause the loss
of n limb. Hence every man must
from necessity be his own doctor
for this class of ailments. Success
often depends upon treatment,
which can only be had when suit
able medicines tire kept ut hand.
Chamberlain's Remedies have been
in the market for many years and
enjoy n good reputation.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholcrn
nnd Diarrhoea Remedy for bowel
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
for coughs, colds, croup ami
whooping cough.
Chamberlain's Pain Halm, (an
nntiscptic liniment ) for cuts, burns,
bruises, spruins, swellings, lame
back nnd rheumatic pains.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liv
er Tablets for constipation, bilious
tress nnd .stomach troubles.
Chnmberlnin's Salve for diseases
of the skin.
One bottle ol each of these five
preparations costs but St -25. For
sale by St. Johns Drug Store.
Subscription Notice.
The subscription price of Tun
KitVlitw outside of Multnomah
county is $1.50 er year in nd
vnuce. All papers will be dis
continued nt the expiration of the
time paid for.
Ancient Rome
is now merely n memory of the
past, llallnrd's Snow Liniment is
the family liniment of the twentieth
century. A positive cure for
Rheumatism, Hums, Cuts, Sprains,
Neuralgia, etc. Mr. C. II. Runyoii,
Stanbcrry, Mo. writes: "I have
used Snow Liniment for Rheuma
tism mid uU pain. I can't say
enough in its praise." Sold by St.
Johns Drug Store.
(lirls Wnu cd.
A number of girls can secure
employment nt the Portland Mann
facturing Co. Apply at once.
Hand ironers at the West Coast
Laundry. Apply at once.
An Ordinance to License and Ucg
ulnte Places W here Intoxicat
ing Liquors nre Soltl NOT to be
Drank on Hie Premises, for thu
Purp:sc of City Revenue.
The City of St. Johns doe onlalu n fol
lows :
Si-i-tlon r. Hvirv nersou. firm or i-or
lmtlou who shall set up, cn or keep
imy iiotite or pi ice wncre wine, iru-
noiu, limn or iirinc-iiitti liquor are miui
NOT to Ik- (I rank on the iirciiiUe's within
thu corporate limits of the City of .St.
Joint. t i it 1 1 mv a mmrlcrly ll(vne of
oik- lillliurt-il trik noiium iiiurivr
for ttie pnrpoe of city revi-mu-.
Section J. The llcciuc herein provld
c I for shall he collected ill like manner
mill with like i ldt't an other IIcciikv iiiu
now collected under the provision of
.1 lt V.. . . ..I . .. I.I 11.
Wllllll'im V .1 t SMIll Villi l.ll.l.Vl.
"All Ordltmtirc to Iiiiooh mid Iteuiilute
Ma-ioc und Provide Tor the Manner of
lni ill! the Mine." imm.m1 liy tile conn
ell nnd approved by the mayor Attgiot
Section J. It i hereby made Hit- duty
of the Chief of I'ollce lo ve that the
provWioii of thi Ordinance are strictly
I'uMcd the council June 25, 1907.
Al'j'fOM'd June 1$, l9-7.
K. 0. Cot-en,
Attest : Mayor.
A. M. Hsso.V,
Published hi the St. Joint Kcvlew June
J8, IWi
To uliom it 111.1v concern:
I.Oeo, M. Hall, City Treasurer of St.
Johns, Oregon, under und by the author
ity vested til me, hereby give notice that
I will sell at the front door of the City
Hall lor the Cltv of St. lohits, Oregon,
ut public auction to the highest bidder,
casli lit li.intl, 011 the 15U1 Hay 01 juiy,
l7, ut to o'clock a. in.
Illock four 14), lot fourteen (u). St.
lohus I leiuhts uihllliuu to the City of St,
Johns. Oregon, or so much thereof as
m:iy te ucccs-viry to ruy tlie sum tegatiy
ucScd uuaiutl the said lot. towit : the
sum of f 75.81, togelherwith interest and
costs or MIC.
That Mid total sum of 7S.8t i due by
rc.iMin of uit utscistucut placed ukiii the
city lien docket of the said City of St.
lolins, Oregon, onthe jgtlttluyot ftepiem
Wr. IQ06. Oko. M, JI.u.i..
City Treasurer of St. Johns, Ore.
liy L . A. vVooil, Deputy.
lHtblished in the St. John Kcvlew June
31, 3S. and July 5, 13. 1907.
To whom it mav concern :
I. Oeo. M. Halt, City Treasurer of St.
Johns, Oregon, under and by the author
ity vested lit me. hereby give notice that
1 will sell at the front door of the city
hall for the City of St. Johns, Oregon,
at public auction to the highest bidder,
cash in hand. 011 the 15th day ot July,
1907, at to o'clock a. ui.
Lot twotJi. block two (3), J, C. Scott
addition to the City of St. John, or so
much thereof as may be necessary to par
the sum legally assessed against the said
lot, towit : the sum of ?M-3 together
witu interest and costs of sale.
That wid total sum of $54-13 i due by
reason of an axcssiueut placed upon the
city lien docket of the said city of St.
Johns, Oregon, on the first davof March,
1906. Oko. M. Ham.,
City Treasurer oj St. Johns, Oregou.
liy C. A. Wood. Deputy,
rubllshed in the St, Johns Review- June
3S and Jul) 5, 13 and 19, 1907,
n Ordinance Granting to the Pa:ific
Telephone and Telegraph Com
pany its Successors nnd Assigns,
the Right and PrMlegi to Ccn
tlr.iu to Al dntnin and Oper tc
lis Present Telephone and Tele
graph System, lo Greet and
(Maintain Such Additional Poles
and Wires ns May Ue Nc;es
sary for Its Telephone and Tele
graph u.incss, and Maintain
and Opjrntc an Underground
Telephone and Telegraph Sys
tem for the Period of Twenty
five Years, In, Under and Upon
tltc Strccls, Alleys and Pub
lic Highways of the City of St.
Johns, State of Oregon, and to
Uxerclst! the Privileges of Opcr
ntlug Telephone and Tclegriph
Instruments Within .cnhl City
of St. Johns, Oregon.
The City of St. John doc onlnlu n
Section 1. There U hereby grunted
ly tlie Uty ol St. loiin. Male 01 ore
L'on. iitiou the consideration mid com!i
lion in till ordinance contained, to the
rncific Telephone anil Telegraph Com
tunc, n corporation nruitiilcd und exist'
inu under the law of the state of Call
foruiu, mid to It successor mid nsnlgu,
lor it perloil ol twenty-live year from
und lifter thi'datu of the pisuige of till
ordinance, the right nnd privilege to con
tlnuc to maintain ami oiicrnte it present
telephone anil telegraph yteiu within
the iwiid city of St. John; to erect
mm munition mm operate sticu miin
tloiiul tulle ami wire nnd other iilMuru
tu tiHiu the street, alleys, und public
highway of aid city n may be neces
sary (or II Mid telephone mid telegraph
basilic, mid to maintain nnd ojicr.itc It
wire unit oilier comiucinn lor 11 saiii
telephone and telegraph limine In un
derground conduit or plie with the
uecesNiry man hole mid other appli
ance in mid under the said street, alley
mm piiinic mgimiiy 01 tne city.
Section 3. Said grantee, It Micccttnr
uml nslgii, may coimtrticl Hie Mill on
ilcrurouuil system under the siitx-rvbl n
mid direction of the city engineer, or
such oilier lnmnl or oiiiciul ol tlie city
of St. John 11 may be liiwful'y deslg.
tinted. 11 fast 11 I rouxMialile mid uracil-
cable, uml shall, within 11 period of
month front the pitgc of tbl or I
nance, equip mid thereafter maintain 11
Mid city of St. Johns u central tallo.
und shall within a period of 01 yc ir
from the dale of the approval of till or
dinance remove it 1111I11 line wire from
the streets, alley und public hlgluvav
within thedistrict fortwofullcity block
in mi direction iroin s-ini cell nil sta
tion, and thereafter It shall iiulut iiuaud
operate said wires mm other eon luctor
III innicrgroutui coi.uuit nun pip
within Mid dUtrict. and it farm pro -licuble,
lo grviiWr diat'ince us the mini
hci of uitron liiciea.c. All iifi-vur
connections to ilscrd,crii' latlou und
toother imIiiI may ih-uimle from stub
wire unit com'ucloi, mid with such
mvuiis, niul appliance us may
be requisite. Said grantee shall file w ith
the city engineer befure doing any work
under the authority of this franchise,
plans of all commits, manholes, illstrilt
tiling le. unit nil other constructions
procd within the limits of the streets,
alleys und highv ays of the city, tu such
form mid detail u said city engineer limy
require and approve in writing, und all
relocation mid change shall be indi
cated therein. Said grantee shall lay it
commit at sucu neptu in tne streets its
may be reasonably directed by the city
engineer, uml sh til m ike such reasona
ble change mid variation in depths of
such constructions, all at its orn ex
pcne, as the city engineer may froi.i
time to time order. Daring the entire
work of construction authoried by this
iruuciiisc an inspector may be appolutol
by the city council to see that all the
term unit condition 01 tuts irauclitse arc
strictly conformed to. All rules erected
hereafter by virtue of this franchise and
grant shall be maintained of such length
and the wire thereon shall tc of such
height uml placed in such uuiiuer at
shall be satisfactory to and uiiiiroveil bv
the city council, and said grantee shaft
not remove its pole after once being set
from any locution to another unless per-
milieu to tio so uy tne cuy council.
PI.ACINO 01' I'OI.liS.
'tt.lfl t 1- &ltil i.r.llit. ll kiiA
ccssois mid ussigus, may, under the di
rection or tne city engineer, or sucn
other official or Ixxtrd of tlie citv of St.
Johns us may be lawfully designated.
make uit necessary excavations 111 any 01
the Mid streets, alleys or public high
ways for the purpose of ercctinu- aud
maintaining poles or other supports for
its wire or conductors ami tor repairing
the Mine ; nnd for the purtosc of laying,
repiiring and maintaining poles und
other supports for its wires or conductors,
ami lor retiring tne same, unit for the
purpose ot laying, repairing, ami main
taining Mid underground pipes or con
duits, and for placing, repairing maintain
ing und operating its wires aud other
conductors therein. All poles that are
erected and maintained pursuant t J the
terms of this ordinance shall be erected
at the edtje of the sidewalks, unless
otherwise directed by the city eng neer
or such other official or Kurd a., the
council or law may direct or designate,
in a good aud substantial manner. The
city engineer, or such other official or
Inxird us the council or the law may
designate, shall have the right to cause
the Mid grantee, its successors or assigns,
to move the location of any pole when
ever the public convenience shall require
the location of the same elsewhere, the
expense of Mid removal to lie paid by
Mid grantee, its successors or assists.
When any excavations shall have been
made pursuant to the uuthority hereby
granted, the said grantee, its successors
und ussigus, shall restore the portion of
the street, alley or public highway ex
cavated, to the Mine good order ami con
dition to which it was prior to said work;
and all such work shall bj done in com
pliance with the necessary rules, regu
lations, ordinances, or orders which may.
during the continuance of this franchise,
be adopted from time to time by the
council or provtueu uy law, aim sam
work of repairing said streets, allcvs
and public highways shall be done to the
satisfaction of said council of said city
or uch official or officials ns the law may
...... .. . . 1
c.l.. 1 Within thlrtv dnvs after
thUorditnnce Mmll be enforced, the said
..... .i,nll.r,t Willi (In riToriler ot
said Citv of St. John. Us acceptance l-t
... .. ' . .....I ...... 11.!.. im
Writing 01 nil me icrmi iiiu rainiu'
of till fraichise, and ulso a bond in the j
sum of tiro thousand dollar, with two
sufficient sureties, to be approved by the
a !., I-.,.-. h). h..1
mnyor, mm conuuioncii um
every street, alley, highway or any por
tion thereof, that may be disturbed or
torn up by said grantee under the pro-
visions ot tins oniiniiuec, mwii v it
placed and put in 11 good order und
condition ns the same was before It wn
disturbed or torn up, and be thereafter
maintained for n period of one year,
... .1 (,..!.. nnK.ll.lmiK.t Hint :llll
grantee will faithfully keep aud perform
every term mm condition iinposeu iquii
it by this ordinance.
utln e V.iililn.r lii ttil nrillnancc
J. ... - ,
.t.nll I... t rt.ii .vlet, rnnftlriirtl n In 111
nut,,, .a. ,.i .. .. ..... . ...... - -
any w ise prevent the proper authorities
01 tne Min cuy 01 , juiiiis nuin
sewering, grading, planking, paving,
repairing, nltering. or doing any work
that may be desirable on miy of the
streets, alleys or public highways of said
city, but all such work shall be done, if
possible, In such manner as not to oli
strtict, Injure and prevent the free use
and operation of said telephone and
telegraph system of said grnutec, its suc
cessors and assigns.
Section 6. The right mid privileges
granted by this ordinance arc granted
only iiKii the conditions herein con
tained and iiwti the following considera
tion, vl.,
r. That during the life nnd operation
of thl franchise the city of St. Johns
shall have the right and privilege to sus
pend nnd m ilntaln ou the two outer peg
of Hie iipn:r cro-nrin on the jmiUs
placed bv wild granl'.-e, It ucccsor mid
nstlgns, hi the street, alley mid high
ways of mild city, any nnd all wire
A liich said city may require for firenlnrm
nnd ptllco telegraph scrvleo free of
charge to said city, mid Incase said wire
nre placed underground by the said
grantee herein, It successor mid a-.-sign,
then the said city of St. John
shall have the right nnd privilege tb use
any nuil nil wire thcirlti mid suitable
sitacc In lid mi lergrouu 1 conduit mid
pi c for the placing of said wires which
said city may require for fire alarm mid
police telegraph service free of charge to
said city.
3. That said grantee shall establish
mid maintain during the continuance of
thl franchise it rate of ten cent for the
first minute of conversation mid five
cent for enrh additional minute of con
versation between the said City of St.
John mid the town of I.hintoii, In Mult
nomah county, Oregon.
3. That said grantee shall dining the
continuance of till franchise furnish to
Mid City of St. John free telephone
service tiKn the l'oitlaud-St. John ex
rhaugc to the nmouiil of forlv-clght
dollar cr month, said telephone seiv
Icc to be distributed nt follow: One
telephone In ncortler' office, one tele
phone lit the city engiueer, office, one
telephone hi thu oflicc of the chief of
jHillec, iiim telephone in the office of the
chief of the tire department, one tele
phone hi the residence of the chief of
jo!icc. one telephone In the residence of
thu chief of the fire department.
.. In farther consideration for the
franchise, rlcht and privilege hereby
granted, a 11 condition thereof, said
grantee, it successors mid iilgu, shall !
pay Into the treasmy of the City of St. j
John, 011 the first day of the month
next succeeding the dale of the accept-!
aticu of the terms of thl ordinance by
tlie grantee herein, the sum of one litin-1
dred dollars, and thereafter, the sum of
one hundred dollar per year for each
mid every year during thu existence of
this franchise, it being agreed thut the
coiislderution afore ild shall during the
term of thl franchUc be In lieu of nil
licenses or other piymeut which might
le iiuKed upoi or required of thu
grantee for the privilege of conducting
a telephone uml telegraph business in
Mid city, making ami collecting rates,
owning nud maintaining mid oerating
all neceary appliances mid npiarutus
therefor in thu manner herein prescribed,
except the ordinary taxation of its real
mid personal jiropcrty used In thu exer
cise of its Mid privilege nud business.
j. The wire supplying thu city
hall shall tie Introduced into the
building by a conduit to the basement,
mid from that point be curried over the
building, Mid telephones to be connected
with the exchange of Mid grantee. It is
understood uml agreed, and the uses
mid services herein provided for, nre
uiKiii the express conditions that uid
city will not use or eniiit to be used
upon uny of the circuits furnished or
supplied under the provisions hereof uny
telephone or telephone nppuratus except
those furnished by the grantee herein,
nor will Mid city connect, nor ixrimit
the Mine to be connected, or used with
uny telephone or telephone line apparu
ttis or exchange except those of Mid
grantee. Provided, that during the ex
istence of this franchise, the grantee or
its ussigus shall not charge or collect
uny higher rental for telephones than
the maximum rates now collected,
Section 7. The poles used by the
grantee, its successors und assigns herein,
shall be so far as practicable, of the Mine
site uml height, shaM be painted, and
the city shall have the right to order the
displacement of any pole or poles which
shall at nny time be obnoxious to the
sightliness of the city or which shall be
come dangerous to the traffic of the city.
Whenever it shall be necessary in grad
ing any street or alley or public highway
of Mid city or in building any sidewalk
or making any other improvement
thereon, to remove any pole or poles be
longing to Mid company or on which
any line or lines, wire or wires, belong
ing to Mid company shall be stretched
or fastened, the Mid company. Us suc
cessors or assigns, siiau upon receiving
twenty-four hours' notice from the city
engineer, or such other official or board
as the couucil or law may designate, re
move such pole or poles, and if Mid
company, its successors or ussigus, upon
such notice shall neglect or refuse to
remove such pole or poles, then Mid
pole or poles shall be removed by the
city engineer or such officer or board as
the couucil or law may designate, at the
expense of the company.
CLUSIVE. Section S. Said company, its success
ors and assigns, hereby agrees and cov
enants to indemnify and Mve harmless
the City of St. Johns against all damages,
cost, and exjue whatever to which
Mid city may be subjett in consequence
of the acts or neglect of Mid company,
its agents or servants, in any manner
arising from the rights and privileges
granted it herein by the city. All rights,
authority, aud grants herein contained
and conferred are further conditioned
upon the express understanding and
agreement that these privileges hi the
strccU mid public places are not to oper
ate in any way as un enhancement of
said grantee's properties or value, or be
an nsset or Hem of ownerihlp hi the ap
praisal thereof, in the event that said
citv shall ever ncquire by purchase anv
or rill of said grantee's property. This
franchise and grant shall not be con
strued ns any limitation upon the right
of the council of said city, or of nny
board vested with proper nuthority, in
the City of St. Johns, lo grant rights,
privileges, or uuthority to other ersons
or cortiorations similar to or different
from tlto Herein set I'irui in mc simc
streets, alleys, and highways.
Scctfori9. All of the rights nnd
francliises heretofore granted to said
itf nil no ttr M.tW MWIIf'l t fit- until l'rnntee
wllhlii the City of St. Johns, or under
1 which said grantee Is now operating, or
I could nt the present time operate, In any
, part of the City of St. Johns, nnd nil
nets nnd ordinances in conflict with this
ordinance nre hereby repealed.
Section to. This Ordinance shall take
cilcct and be hi force from and nftcr Its
passage mm approval.
! Passed by the Common Council of tltc
City of St. Johns this.
day of 190.
Published III the St. John Review June
31 nnd 33, 1907,
E. R. Hogiiu, Plaintiff
Mary Hoguu, Pefeudnnt.
To Muy I refill, bids ilitit:
In the name of the State of Oregon:
You tire hereby summoned nnd require I
to appear mid nusaer the complaint filed
njrnitHl vou in the ubove entitled suit o 1
or before the jd day of August, 1007.
which Is after six weeks have expired
from the date of the first publication of
thl summon. It I prescribed in the
order for the publication of summons
that the summon be published for six
successive weeks, and said onler wa
made mid dated the day of June,
, 1907, nud the first publication thereof I
made the 3tst day of Itiue, 1907, nnd If
you fall to appear mid nnswer, the plain-
till will apply to tne conn lor mc rcnci
prayed for hi hi said complaint, towit:
that the Ixmil of matrlumiiy heretofore
mid now existing between the nlnliitilf
mid defendant Itc dissolved, nud lor such
other mid further relief a shall seem
This summons I published once 11
week for six successive weeks in thu St.
Johns Review by order of the Honorable
Judge Clcland, Judge of the ubove en
tilled court, mi l m ule thu 14th day of
June, iyj7. II. Dknmnokk,
Attornsy for thu I'luhitllT,
414 Chnmb.'r of Commerce.
Pint Insertion June 31, 1937; latt In
sertion August 3, 1917.
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