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Bonham & Currier
General Merchandise Cochran Block
A Few Bargains in Homes :
One acre with n lo-room house, nil
finished in good shape, for $2,500.00.
One quarter acre close in with four
room house, for $600. Also fine river
view and business property and factory
sites. Good time given on property.
J W. H. King Land Co., St. Johns.
4AK wish to call your ntten
T " tion to our complete line
of Children's, Misses' and La
dies' Oxfords and Shoes in
medium priced goods. Also
Hosiery, Hats, Overalls, Pants.
Phone Union 4066.
UK line of Groceries was
never so complete. We
have just received a case of
fancy cream brick cheese
which is very fine. Try it.
Now is a good time to buy
sugar; it will go higher.
Couch & Company
206 and 208 Philadelphia St.
A New but a Mean Way to Collect an
Old Debt.
A woman in stunning nttiro got
aboard a Columbus avenue car at
I Forty-ninth street. When the con
, ductor called for her faro she gavo
1 him a five dollar bill. Ho put tho
1 usual question about smaller change
and sho gavo tho usual ncgativo re
ply. Tho situation was unpleasant,
i especially for tho conductor. Ob
viously she was such a lino lauy
that to put her off tho car for non
payment of fnro would bo to invito
ids own downfall. Ho looked at thu
men who sat near, with an urgent
, appeal for a nickel in his eyes, but
I thoso uncluvalrous passengers wcro
I inured to tho woes of tho woman
I who travels with five dollar bills.
Tho woman got nervous. "What
shall I do?" sho said,
j "Perhaps I can find somebody
who has chango for tho bill," snid
j tho conductor.
Ho sounded several pcoplo on tho
subject, but they proved to bo Bhort
of change. Presently a woman up
front oaid, "I have tho change."
m 1110 sound 01 nor voice me
owner of tho five dollar bill turned
with a startled air and blushed vio
lently. I "ou need not bother about the
change," sho said. "I believe I will
Cunning and Skill of the Lltho and
Agtlo Brute. t
It was dark, and tho windy dark
ness was full of the mysterious
noises of the jungle. My shikari and
I were huddled silently on a plut
form built in tho boughs of a trco
on the edgo of tho jtmclo. IJolow
us tho undergrowth was black and
still, for tho moon had not yet risen.
Suddenly there was a movement as
though a portion of its blackness
had detached itself from tho rest
and begun to creep a.vay. Just at
that moment the moon roso and
revealed to us tho litho body of a
panther slinking through tho under
growth. A shot rang out, and with
u yelp of pain tho panther disap
peared into the bushes.
With tho sunriso wo descended
from the platform and began to
examine tho panther's trail. Tho
effect of tho Bhot was shown by tho
patches of blood on tho ground,
which led us through a couplo of
hundred yards of thick jungle.
After crawling on hands and knees
undor tho brushwood wo reached a
narrow nullah. A little beyond
this we camo upon tho wounded
panther scaling a tree. I fired, but
the rnngo was too long and tho shot
proved futile. Tho disturbance had
ihn rnanlt. hnwnvnr. nf stnrtlinir Hut
get off at tho next corner, anyway." I nnimni jnt0 falling from tho trco
Tho conductor said, "All right," to tho ground.
Agents for the Queen Insurance Co., American Cen
tral of St. I.ouis, Norwich I'nion Fire Ins. Society.
These companies are thiee out of the thirty-two that
are paying their losses in full at Sail Francisco. It
costs no more to insure in n good company than in
a poor one.
Don't Insure in a Six Bit Company.
Shepard, Dobie & Peterson,
Phone Scull .1061. Krai EsUto sud Fire Insunnct. ST. JOHNS, OKH.
and reached out his hand for tho
bill, but the second woman had al
ready tucked it into her pockctbook
and had counted out CO cents in
nickels and dimes.
"Here," sho said, "givo this to
her and tell her I havo kept back
tho .$1..'0 sho has owed mo for a
year and n half."
Tho conductor looked from 0110
to tho other helplessly. "Givo it to
her," was tho supplementary com
mand. "She'll toko it. Sho knows
I hotter than to raiso a row."
i Ho tendered tho 50 cents to thu
well gowned woman. Shu picked 45
! cents out of his palm and started
toward tho door.
"1011 mean old thing," sho
shrieked at tho woman who mnilo
change. And then sho loft tho car.
Now York Press.
filrana. Incident In the Childhood of
Alexandre Duma.
Alexandro Dumas was a little
more than four yeurs old when ho
lost his father, yet ho relates a
strange incident connected with tho
event to which ho attached so much
importanco as to havo it accompa
nied by a plan of tho houso in which
it occurred. This was tho abode of
a locksmith, whither young Dumas
had been removed tho day before
his father's demise.
"I remained," ho says, "till a late
hour in tho smithy. Tho forgo gave
out at night effects of light and
shade fantastic reflections which
greatly pleased me. About 8 o'clock
my cousin Marinnno camo to fetch
mo and put mo to bed in a littlu
impromptu couch near a larger one,
and 1 went to sleep with that good
sleep that heaven vouchsafes to
children liko tho dews of spring.
"At midnight 1 woke up or?
rather, wo were roused, my cousin
and I by a loud knock at tho door.
V nuzhl lamp was burning in tho
room, and bv tho licht of that lamp
l saw my cousin riso up in bcu, mucn
alarmed, but not saying a word.
"Ao one could knock at tho door
without getting through an outer
"Hut I. who oven at tho nrscnt
. . . . . . 1
duy shudder in writing thoso lines
"Make Hny While the Sun Shines."
There is n lesson in the work of
the thrifty farmer. lie knows thut
the bright sunshine may last but a
day nud he prepares for the showers
which are so liable to follow. So
it should be with every household.
Dysentery, diarrhoea and cholera
morbus may attack some member
of the home without warning.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Rcmedy( which is the
best known medicine for these dis
eases, should always be kept nt
hand, as immediate treatment is
necessary, nnd delay tuny prove
fatal. For sale by Jackson's Phar
S. H. GREFisin
K.00111 q. Iit.,i.
In the County Court of the Stale of Ore
gon, for the county of Multnomah:
In tlic tnnttcr of thci-stntcof M, A. Town
send, deceased. Citation copy.
To Iila Hllcy, Hdwnrd Scott, I.ticy A.
Quny, Wilfred Scott, Alfred .Scott
nud Untile A. Townseiid nml l'rnuk
Townseiid, minors, nnd to I.ticy A.
Quay ns gtmrillnu of wild minors.
In the name of the Mute of Oicgou,
i'ou lire hereby cointunndcil to appear he
ore the Honorable County Court of the
slnle of Oregon, In nud for the county of
Multnomah, nt the court house in the
city of rortlmul, oil the loth day of Sep.
lumber, 1906, nt the hour of 10 o'clock
A. M. of said day, to show cause, if any
exist, why thut nn order should be made
mithuriilng nud cuiMiwering l'.hvootl ,
Quay, nn administrator of the ufotcMilit
estate, 10 sell nt private wile the follow
'K, corner Tl, uTvL iBul
streets, Portland, nt" S. 1 ,hi,,!
Phones Pacific snos ' 1 m!.'
. Cl"r:Sl.j0llns
Joseph McChcsncy, M.lx
Office In llolbrook Mock
St. Johns, Oregon.
Cn pi tnl, fully paid up, - 25,000.00
Surplus and undivided profits, .-152.38
Commenced business June 5, 1905.
Oi'i'iCKHH-j. W. Fordney, IWdent; It. T. Piatt, Vice President; C.
A. Wood, Ciudilcr.
Iln.uuioi' Dikkctous-J. W. Porduey, K.T. Phut, P. C. Kniipp, V,
A. Ilrewcr, II, I,. Powcrit, Thou. Cocliriiu, M. I llolbrook. C. A. WwmI.
B A I M T r a r-
t T n I IN IO Ml OUOl
will sen you palul at wholesale prices. "Ihiy Now." Dealers in
See us for prices. 205 S. Jersey street, St. Johns, Ore. 1
Hardware, Tinware, Plumbing
Tin Roofs, (hitters, etc.
Phone Scott -1065
Houses For Rent Your Horse Lame
Followed Instruction.
"Gracious, man!" exclaims tho
doctor when Mr. Glubblns calls him
in n hurry. "Your temperature is
rioting along near tho danger point
ami yoti"
44 1 1 V Mia
"rtiiu i m worso oil tlian 1 ever
was before, all through tho diet you
"Impossible, Mr. Olubbins. I toltl
you' distinctly to conflno yourself to
such foods us would bo taken by
11 ..... -
a uircc-year-oiii ciwii.
"And didn't 1 follow ordors?
nto itpplo cores and doer biscuits nml
onds of burned matches and scraps
of potato pooling ond everything
else I could pick up while no ono
was looking and hero I nm pretty
win Willi
Hastily reflecting upon tho gas
tronomical tendencies of tho aver
ago threo-year-old child, tho doctor
tells Mr. Olubbins that 10 has been
overdoing tho diet nnd will hnvo to
subsist on soft toast nud hot water
for n week. Life.
Naming Hit Quiverful.
A farmer in an ICnglish town has
eight daughter)), who aro named to
represent his feelings nt tho timo
of their birth. Tho eldest is called
"Joy," and tho second hears tho
nnmo of "Summer," ns sho was born
in July. Tho third arrived at
time of financial difllcultics and
would havo boon called "Sorrow,"
but nor mother refused to havo tho
name. So Sarah was substituted
Things woro brighter when number
four came, and "Ilopo" was her nor-
11011, winio nvo anil six twins
wero respectively "Spring" nnd
"April," this last being their birth
month. Tho seventh was styled
"Harvest" and tho youngest "Com
fort." Dlvlilon of Labor.
Two English clergymen, ono 11
very stulwurt and muscular Chris.
Uun, tho other 11 frail little man,
wont for a sail at llrighton, accom
panied by an old salt. When thoy
were some utswinco out at sea
'"You sco whero I nm Koinir,' I
answered quietly. 'I nm going to
open the door for papa, who hr.s
come to bid us goodby
"Tho poor girl jumped out of bed
terrified, caught mo fust as I was
opening the door and brought mo
back by force to my bod. I strug
gled in her arms, shouting with nil
my strength: 'Qoodhy, papal Good
by, pupal'
"Something liko 11 dying breath
passed over my face nnd calmed 1110.
"Nevertheless I went to sleep
again with tears in my eyes, sobbing
"Tho next morning wo wcro
awnko nt break of day.
"My father had died nt tho very
moment I had henrd that loud knock
nt tho doorl
"Then I henrd these words, with
out being nblo to understand thor
oughly what thev meant: 'Mv noor
Tho shikari and I followed riuickly
on its track. It led finally to a deep
and thickly wooded nullah, which
hud taken the form of a horseshoe.
Tho panther entered tho nullah nt
the center of tho bend nnd turned
nloug tho left nrm, growling angrily
ns it covered tho ground in lienvv
strides. Wo kept about twenty yards
from tho nullah nnd skirted it along
tho right until tho top of tho bend
was reached. Hero n linlt was made
while I apnronchcd tho nullah, tho
panther growling away at tho other
end, about X'UU yards distant.
Then nil was still. The animal
seemed to havo vanished. Suddcnlv
it sprang out right from under my
feet, having doubled back along the
water course, without making tho
slightest noise. Caught by surprise
1 11 red rapidly nnd stepped back to
avoid tlio nnimars spring and in
so doing fell into tho nullah. The
next moment tho panther was on
me and had fixed its, teeth in
Suddenly my littlo fox terrier
Toby flow at tho panther and fixed
Itself 011 its back, tearing hard t
its neck. This diversion caused tho
panther to leave mo to attack the
dog, nnd I was able to stagger up
nnd out of tho nullah nnd run to
whero tho nativo trackers woro cow
ering. There I fainted and was car
ried back to the bungalow bleeding
from fourteen wounds. Missionary
l'rico of Central China in Chicago
rttmtnyl'i Rout.
On ono of his early concert tours
of tho west, before tho famous vio
linist, Edimnl Itcmcnyi, was thor
oughly familinr with tho railway
routes of tho United States, ho in
quired in Chicago concerning tho
uest way to reach 11 town in Illinois.
"C. li. and Q.," replied tho hotel
clerk without looking up.
Jtemcnyi was quite dazed. Hut,
says the contributor of tho storv
to tho memoir of tho violinist, his
senso of fun carried him through.
"Aiir no suiu gravely. "Then I
win go u. a. T.
It was thu clerk u turn to bo miz
"What does that mean?" he said.
looking up this time.
"Well, what did you moan?" do-
munded ltenienvi.
"Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, nsked, much hurt in his prido.
01 course." "Ah, you raiso too much noiso nil
ah 1 i meant day after tomor- tho timo, nnd I can't stand it."
row.' "Nhv don't VOU balnnnn mntrnra
by raising something yoursolf? I
I felt no fear. I got out of bed nnd lug described property, to will Lots
went toward tho door. (") ""I1 . V,B W) r", 1,,I(.,ck., MMe 1 1 )
vi,.n ..!.,,. u. Clilpiimn's Addition, nml lots three ( t),
hero aro you going, Alex- ,k lhrui! i) AtU'm,t A,,lluloil( n,fi
ondro ?' my cousin cried out. 'Whero the city of St. Johns, Multnomah county,
nro vou collie ?' Orvirmi.oru wile of mi much thereof ns
St. Johns,
Crown nnd I)rli1Kc Work
Rooms 1 nud a, Holbtook Illock.St. Johi
Pliyilclan and Surgeon.
Office! Unlhrnnt,'. VZ... -lA'
loluis Hotel.
tuny be necessary to tuv off the claims
neiuiist, nun seme sum esmic.
I rfT!.. an. t....ll.
Witness my linnd and the seal of said " J W,,,,H Jcfcy et. Allhoan
duy nt August,
. Mltl.DS,
Court affixed this loth da
uw6. 1'. S
Clerk of the County Court,
lly 1'. W. 1'hasp, Deputy.
I'ublMicd In the St. Johns Review Au
gust 17, J, n, September 7, 1906.
child, your paiin, who loved you fo
ueariy, is ueatij' "
Littlo Jonathan Edward had often
begged his mother to tako him to
church. That was his heart's desire.
So ono fiuo Sunday morning mother
took littlo Jonathan Edward, who.
mi agreed, wus marked for tho min
istry, to n neighboring sanctuary.
Thero wns much in tho church to
arrest tho lad's attention. Ho
seemed to bo deeply impressed, nnd
men, uecommg ttiotiglitful, ho
turned nnd nsked in a rather loud
whinner. "Hut. mother, whern'n ihn
When mother recovered her .pres.
onco of mind sho enid: "Whv. mv
denr, thero's no monkey in church.
Whnt mndo you think of bucIi nn
absurd thing?" '
"Why why you said thero wns
nn organ in church, and 1 thought
thero would bo a monkey too."
Buffalo Commercial.
Sidles of two to four rooms, nisi
single rooms. Situated one block
from Cohimhln University, near
cor. of 1'isk St. nml lloulcvnril.
I'uriiMied or Unfurnished. A
plenmint walk from St. Johns,
suitable for mill men,
Ofllc hours, 9 to it , m , to , M
Office l'lioiir, Svotl 1 104.
Hmlitcncc I'liont, Union jyoi,
OITlctln UnUtr.llr I'tek !ni !,.
Wt (luarinltt o I'Utx
U. T. JloUn. It WllUmtlii lhwtrl
C. W. Ilokn, 7JS T)kr Slml
Rcnl I'.stntc, Iwtu, Iiiiurancc am
Ihislncss Clmnccs. S. C. Norton,
corner Ilrunswick nml HuiUon
streets, Resilient AkciiI. I'hout
Itast 6390.
A. W. DICKSON Prion. East 0268
Real Oitate.
An All Round Rail.
A man owning a doublo houso
sublet tho half ho did not occunv
to n noisy tenant. Such n rnckot
wns kopt up that ho notified tho
party to quit.
"Yi lint's the mater with mo?" ho
Contractor and Uulldcr.
Carpentering hi nil Its branches ilwili.
prices. Residence 727 Lively it.
Watchmaker', JcHeltri,
Importers and Wholesale Deltas
286 Morrison SlrKCiPOAJUU
Dray and Baggage Line
l'hono Scott ijoS.
riauo Moving a Sjxclalty.
Leave order at HaUbcrK's I'umlttre
store and they will receive prompt
Oraduato Optician
Will test the eyes free of clurge.
1 10 Tacoum Street. St. Johns, Ortgos.
Sirmon Staaltri
"Sermon stealers," snid u minis.
tor, "ought to bo careful. Thoy
ought to read over sovcral times tho
6crmons that they steal beforo de
lvenng tnem.
"I know a young man of twenty
ono or iwemy-two wno prencned n
stolen sermon ho had not read over,
don't object."
"Don't you?
Goodrich & Goodrich,
.... . . ....,.. Tl.. PmI
run rroiesstouai seniccs tiac 1 v
Saint Johns anil rortlaud.Ore.
Well, I'll just raiso
tho rent And ho d'id to such an U'5x-Iot 50x100, cor.; two-story brick ZcIler-BvrnCS&BlackburnCa
citcnt that tho tenant left. Strand
Th Arehar Fish.
The archer fish has a natural blow-
gun. 'I his animal possesses tho p.utI.
I It! .. . .. 'I" . "
iioy; nnu in n most imnressivo part ho "8 property ot being ablo to shoot
tho found himself declaiming, 'My drops of water from its mouth with
Will soon be erected in uitu. l.l,t-
Th s is a splendid investment, nnd you
had better look into it nt once.
f jcxI,ot 15x100; a cloe in iiuidc lot
on Jersey street.
(Soo-hot 50x100. A nearbv residence
tot; H5 casn you bull.! ut once.
4?T7Iot 5otioo. Fine location; one
half cash.
I am also aj-ent for the American De-
Undertakers and Embalners
2W Jersey Street
Lady Assistant.
Take him to
Godsey & Clark
ik you want a mum: cat, on UK , Uxpcrt Horscshocrs,
Star Market
We shall handle
only the finest of
nud our patrons may
be sure of being sat
isfied in every ease
Our sjK.'cinIty is horseshoeing, nnd
we guarantee our work.
Smith & Hoover
Next door to Kdiuoiulson's
Faulk & Merrill
Coal, Hay, Grain, Flour
Ground Feed,
Paint. Oils and Building Materials
Phone East 713
Unlvaralty Park, . Orgon
Mail Schedule
Mail arrives nt St. lolms at 7:10 n. tn.
nml 1:15 p. 111,
Leaves at 10:10 a. m anil 4:45 p. ui,
Ofttce oiK'n week dav from 6:ak a. m.
to 6:10 p. ui. Suuduys from 9 to 10 a, 111.
jno malls arrive or depart Sunday,
wind commenced to blow gale, so friends, when 1 firTt cainoilg oxiiaory
the sailor hauled down the sheet I you more than forty years ago these nblo distances. This singular faculty 111 mm m i -11
and said, "Now one of you gents thin, white locks were thick and is of use to tho animal in securing Ml I UL nniOnDfl
ft. u.i Luuiounu
House Mover
and mo will havo to tnko to tho oars
to get her homo." Tho muscular
Christian said, "Very woll. mv
I wi
friend will row, and
responded tho sailor:
you row. 1110 littlo tin pray."
His Heartbreaking Task.
"Darling," said tho now brido, "J
had a terrible feeding of sadness
como over mo this afternoon at -1
o'clock a sort of feeling that you
wero doing something that would
break my heart if I knew of it.
Think, sweot, what wero you doing,
now, this afternoon nt 4 o'clock?"
"I was licking stamps," replied
uiu uiuuauu promptly, ana pasung 1
mum uu envelopes. -XNew i OH
For return of bay mare.
Brand on left shoulder.
Shod all around.
St. Johns, Ore.
brown nnd this bent back,' etc. its food. A fly or small insect nass-
"Anottier sermon stea er. nreaeh. me over tho water has vrv fifUn
ing in a villain) of about 100 souls, chance of escape from tho domllv
said, beforo ho could check himself, a" ot tho archer fish. Tho drop of
'In tho teeming streets of this great watcr brines down tho insect, which
metropolis.' " Indon Mail. is then incontinently devoured.
Notary Public.
By the Barrel.
Sho is an English woman and a
now iiomcstic m a boarding houso.
A Lost Rebuke.
"George," said she in n rnn
outer reouKo, "as far as I can seo
Sho was rolling a heavy barrel along aro going to tho dogs."
tho basement hall when one of the "You'ro never contented.
boarders passed hor.
"What havo you there, Annie?"
"The hash barrel, sir."
"Tho what?"
"Tho hash barrel."
"Great Scott 1 I know we ato a
lot of it, but I didn't think the
jxnigiit u by the barrel."
Central Market!
Holbrook Illock.
Bon Ton Barber Shop
MaNSHIKM) & Kakmmun.
First class work and clean hot towels for
patrons. Hair cutting a
Agents for West Coast Laundry.
01. jonnsi
rsif urn a A Yia 1 1 1
made mo givo up horses, and here ) C X C(
you aro complaining about dogs. Do U vUL,llj U LU.
1 oDject 10 your cats and your cana-
rceal estate and
See us for the Choicest Cuts of the Best
.Meats Obtainable.
nes? No, madam 1 I wonM
to interfero with your pets, and I
beg of you to respect my preference
for nobler animals."
The Wellington
KNIGHT GLOVE, fcoprktw.
Orders Filled and Family Trade Solicited
Fine Wines and Liquors.
Family Supplies a Specialty.
J5o Lots 50x100 in South St.Johus.
finest residence lots in the city.
65o Lots 50x100 on Ivanhoe street.
Close in.
fiooo and up-Busiuess lots on Jersey
street. J.. J '
11900 A new modern 5-room cottaKe.
f j6oo New modern house.
jujiuu, Miocic irom car
nd Repairer
Houses moved, raised and re
paired, Odd jobs of all kind.
Prompt service, reasonable chin!..
Ivanhoe and Catlins treets. rnow
Kast 6i8g
Saint Johns - - OtP
Fuel furnished, either short or
long. Ilraylng and teaui-worlc
of every kind. Prompt service.
Terms reasonable.
Corner Jersey and Catliti, STJ0HNS
No. 186 I. 0. 0. F.
Meets each Monday evening W t
Fellows hall, at 8:00. Visitors welcomeu.
G. M. Hall, N. G.
E. Hlliott, Secretary.
Holbrook Block, 103 South Jersey
street. I'hone Union J35
Saint Johns -
WARD, Props. lH0,l,x,tB,ock.s,,ohus, o,J
Phone Scott 3104.
mended with care and promptae
Ladies' clothes a specialty.
Old Postoffice Building
Saint Johns 0t