St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, March 02, 1906, Image 4

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    Bonham & Currier
General Merchandise
Cochran Block
0O00O004O.O40OOO 0000O0000O000
$ St. Johns the Center of Attraction
1 Now Is tlic time lo invest. In the spring in
9 vestors will flock here uud prices will double.
$ We have n few J.,ots left ut .... . , ...$200.00
Business Projicrty Lots . . 550.00
2 I.ots with alleys . .. 400.00
W. H. King Land Co., St. Johns.
O000O00040000O 000000O005000
A Chance For
Good Investment
J. I'. l'OI'I' II. H.CAUHYf
Ileal, rs In
T.ATIT. nflAT. T TO.
t"- '
!'roinit IMImy ami Correct Trim 4
I Phono Union 3101 ST. JOHNS, OIlEdON t
V444 a a a4a4. at)t, at
OtOO0'0O0XO000O0O000O0O O0OO000OOX0O0OOOO000000CH
Lying seventeen miles north of
Ccijx; Horn, in Skaintiniu county,
Washington, are to be found several
groups of mining properties which
are bound in the near future to be
most valuable. There has been a
great deal of work done on ninny of
these prosccts, and the ore so fur
taken out is of good values and
runs well on assays.
Probably the best group of prop
erties to be found there is that of
The Lurch Mountain Mining Com
puny, a company incorporated with
a capital of $1,500,000 and a
company that has done u deal of
work on its claims; a combination
that owns fourteen claims in the
immediate vicinity.
Due of the principal owners of
this property is M. I.oy, a resi
dent of St. Johns, and that he feels
extremely confident of the ultimate
success of these properties is proven
by the amount of money lie has
already invested. And there is no
doubt that everything now points
to the high worth of the claims
owned by The Larch Mountain
Mining Company for the assays ,ll right to call her
as maue ny ine lacoma hineiiing ... ,r , ,
Company return over 43 in gold ' A Merchant of Venice' was in
silver, lead and cop r-from A1,'ay ,ast 1 11 f 1,1 ?
samples that were not picked. 1 !,t llotll'Il e tried to sell
There have been run already on ,lim iucthI"K.
these proerties four tunnels one Put Crowe did not, after all, kid
of them 157 feet in length and nap lid Cndaliy. The jury said so
there are now samples at the office hence it must be true. And now
of Tint RitviUW taken from this Crowe is Croweiug.
longest M.nnel. These are not what When a man tells me that
might lie termed "picked samples" ...Imnt... fnl..s.. , .lUtinetlv .,,.,.
The Mak.
There are laundries and laundries some
turn out poor work and some turn out
worse. You sometimes get disgusted
with the work that is returned to you:
but if you patronize
The West Coast Laundry i
"I was just going to" is a second
cousin to "I forgot itl
I wonder which one of I loch's
wives will aflilliate with hint in
heaven ?
To "prevent hair falling by
haudfulls" I would advise securing
u divorce.
If an Oregon Indian should name
his daughter "F.lla" wouldn't it be
Your Valuable
Papers !
but were taken from the tunnel by
those who were not adepts at ore-
sorting. 1 hese samples will bear
the closest investigation and all
should call and see them. They
are Iroin a six-foot vein which has
already been traced through a half claims, and which increases
11 as the tunnel is extended.
Iter that all mine ever said to me
was "You'll never see me again!"
The reason that the rain in this
portion of the state Is so wet is
said to be that the country lies so
near the ocean that the dampness
seeps through.
. . t
j woociDiiru man says unu ir a
Recently rc-opened, this steam laundry is doing tlic fin-
t est and best of work. Agencies at Portsmouth and
I University Park. Work called for and delivered.
Successful "Annual."
i lie entire entertainment given
by the Kvangclicul church at Hick-1
ncr hall on lust Friday evening was
one marked with pleasure for all
who attended. The afternoon
audience was not large but the
evening crowd was one spoken of1
as the largest gathering ever in the 1
city and one of the most orderly.
More than four hundred visitors
were Muttering about the hull every ,
moment, bo dense was the crowd I
that refreshments hud to be served i AI A A IWI C
us the people could be reached with- W r Ln I VI O
out rcgnrd to "age, sex, orprevious
condition of servitude." The pro
gram rendered was pleasing to the
majority, and the affair was voted a
"large success."
sV i
Office: Room 9. Breed en Build
lug, comer Thin! and Washington
HtreeU, Portland.
Rcsldcitde: Saint John
Joseph AlcChcsncy. M. D.
Office In llolbrook Block
Residence: 404 Tucomn Street,
l'hone Hnst 6198. Office: Hoi
brook llrick Mock, rooms 3 nml 4
l'hone Hnst 3080.
St. JollllS MrPirnH
Crown and IlrltlRe Work a
Rooms 1 and 2, Holhrook Block, St. Johns
Physician and Surgeon.
, "C8,,1,t;"?P ?',",,le Sco" 4064.
Office: Holbrook's New llrick Block.
Residence, St. Johns Hotel.
Alwnvs Kccpj Clianibcrlnln's Cough
Remedy in his Mouse.
"We would not be without
Are you running the risk of losing tliem by
keeping them mound the premises? If so, you
had better, rent a wife-deposit box at oucu.
They cot you ft out $5 lo $15 11 year, nccotdiiig
to sle. Single eiivelottw wiled for nt trilling
(Jlliillllwrlnlii'tt f'niurli Pmiiixtt. It
There is a well-founded belief that man doesn't support Walter Too.e Is kept on hand continually in our
the ore will soon reach the $75 he is a cabbage head. I plead home," says W. W. Kearney,
guilty, w nois nno: wiini etiitor of tlic Iiidetiendcnt, I.owry
Peninsula Bank
murk: but even if it does not there
is big money in the present grade
us soon us 11 smelter shall be erected
within 11 leasoiiuble distance of the
Oie can be mined and delivered
at a smelter in hi. Johns at a cost
not lo exceed $7.50 jer ton, and
witli any reasonable smelting charge
it is .seen that fit ore will iav a
is he running for?
Kcv. J. It. Savage says "I would
enter hell to find my friend." And
here I have been laboring under
the delusion that Savnge had loca
ted nil his friends in the other
Wr iloucmll ith'l lnl.Ur Mull Milium! iIii
IIiii Mrai' 1 Hrilri-r In ulatr tt tk til
. III hi( urn all n.mliHlnlih
1 In W A Wlr haa I.MlKil a Mir av I ir
. .i ll. 'Ill nl..illilv HlllHHll III T
I Wiv miriHit ill uolil I1III1111 iiml i hii
mill liihlar Mink Kilimlliiit lur Hlim
ila. nil iHl.lni-.mriMili iol
WISH IIUOS. Dculisls,
I hIIIiik IIhiMIiiu. nil TI1I11I mul Watli M
0iriirriiliiitl)tlM p 111 Minilii) (111111 v
In 11. Or .Main iuj-j,
UK W A U lull
Proposals for Street Work Proposals for Street Work
III Kentucky two. men last week
handsome dividend 011 all stock, mtiurrellcd over a load of corn and
At iireseul there is 110 convenient one killed the other. No, it
smelter, and the ore is being stacked wasn't rom whiskey -just the corn
for future handling. The ore is of before it wu: lniuified. No moral
NthIi'iI p.itaMil will Ik li t l ivi d ill
tli oIIk'i- ol the Uit'iiitU-r n llu City nl
Kt. JiiIiik. (iriKini, until Murvh 5, ii, Jidiim. On (in, iinlll Mnreli
ai 1 iii hhk p. 111.. nir uitf iiiiprittfiui'iit ovim'k 11 111
01 until Mri tu inmi tlif i-u.l hiii' nl I.im1 Min t (ruin llii' not ill lim- of
tavny utwi 10 ji'tM-y miwt 111 iiu nmu 1 iiiinii atiei-l to tlu mhiiIi line of Cut
llr IHiivitlrd by Ohlill.lliri' No. An, will , Iiu Mini. In lu. 111, ..r iiinv litiil liv t)r-
jurl lit llii' piiivUluiia n( the t hiiilcr Mini .iIumiih S'u. (i, l to ho imiviMuiix
Sttlril iiiimmimIn will Ik1 rtrt lvulnt tin-
iilluviif Hir KivofiliT of theCitvof St,
liMi. at .1
for thv liimmvt-imut (
tHlllaii- .if IheCltviif St. Inliua. mul
lllf llllllla, HH,llllMtllll llllil falilll.llmnf
tlteCily KiiKiut'itr on lllr.
IIUU 11111. 1 Ik ktricllv in mviirilniii'f
with iiriulul lilmikM uliloli will ho fur
11M111I Mil lipiililllttull Hi lllti nlliiv of Ihr
Uavutilcr ut llu City n( Ml. Juhim. tunl
isiiniiU'tiMl mi
III iH-fllH' kUly llii) a frulll till- llllil' llf Ual
IMllllkatilMI llf IHllit'l' fur pKllaHallk for
hM Mork.
No HMMUnrlililavill iKitMllkiiU'lltl
lllikMu't-oMiMllits liy a i-vMiliwl i-luvk
iM.valik l tlin iiiiltr of tin- ,Mii)r f llw
City ttt SI. Jiiluik, I'l iliftisl liy 11 umni4
Uk laitik. for 1111 aiiiuuul opwl to ti n n r
rtil nl Iiu- .iKKili' iiiihm,iI.
TUr light to lejisl mt mul nil ItiiU i
IHrii-liy H'm tvihI.
Ily nnlir of tlu city ioitm ll.
J. V. Hanks.
Itnsmlvr of the City of Sl. Jiihiu.
Ily (). It. Duwiik. Deputy .
Pulilikitt'it in the St. Ji.liiu Uih w. I'i-I.
marj . a. "ml li j, 11X1.
Proposals for Street Work
tomlvil ihuihhmU will In- imivis nt
HlioutU-rul tin- IttriNiflvr nl tin- City til
U. lulliut, Oieituii, until Mau li j, H).,,
; . a'tWfk ji. in., fur llio iuiiruMmu'iu
of llwnpMl ktrvvt (nun Myi-r atrivl tu
lily Strict In the umuiu r pmviiUsI h
OrUliHUici- Vo. ,, wjbjwt tu tin- imivf
ailNM OMIlt iliuU-l MtHl lliiialli-tii of
thu ulty of 81. jnluu: mul th-i,n,.
aiMBiiH.numa 411.1 talllliuttsi u I ho Cilv
llnuhiccr 011 tali-.
ffliU iniut U- utrutly in rtivuMliinoe
with prlntwl M.iiiU uhuli will ho fur
niahwl 011 uiiii'4tiin t ilu office of the
Uyounlur o( the Cll of St. Juliiia, ami
Mill jmpiowim nt niiikt he eoiuiJi teil tin
or bufoio kivty iIum. I1..111 the ilale of l.i.t
HiolIition uf Hutui- tor iiioikkaHU fur
miI work.
No prnikiU or luU w ill Ik coiuiilcivd
llllllM arouiuiainusl l. u i-. iliHiil elnvt 1
f tin- ihiirter 11 ml unliii.iiut-k uf the
iiivoi ht. JiiIiiih, mill the plmik, kH-ein.
rHli.iii ,iinl Oktim.iteti ul the City llllil
mvr 011 lile.
II11U iniiit lie all icily In luvunhiuc-c
uliii piiuiiil liUukri, which will U- lur
uikhi'il uu application nt the office uf I lie
Hcouiler nl the City ol St. John, mill
Mul liiiivinu'llit'iil iniikt lieeniiiiilt tiil nn
or iK-fuie wity ilay fruiii the il.iteul Ul
hiIiIIimii.iii of notice fur pruiaiwiN for
mki wrk
Nn fiiUur hiil will he emikiilt-intl
iMiii-w. .i...hikiiiIihI liy u mlilietl eluvk
M.iiMe tu iiieonieriil the .Miijorol the
S'H u(Ht Juhii. eeitilieil liy 11 iihimim
Mr Iktnk. lur mi iiiuuuiit to leu t
n nt ul tin- iiKKrcuute piuai.
The null I to reject imy ami nil hiiU ia
ui n-iiv h nr veil.
Ily onler ul the city euuucil.
J. V. Hanks.
Itetm.lcruf theCltvnl St. Juhiu,
Ily O. It. IKiwua, Deputy.
riil.llah. .1 111 the St. Juhiia Iteview 1'eli-
nm it ib, 311 mul .Mnreli j, irfi,
Proposals for Street Work
tne sort unit will easily llux as
there is 11 good tiercentuge of lead:
uud the probability of the erection
of 11 smelter ue.irby is very good at
this time.
Just at present the company is
handicapped by lack of funds, uud
11 small amount of development
slock isoutlie market. The money
received for litis stock will be used
wholly for this woik and but 11
few dollars' worth will be placed.
This home institution should be
endorsed by our jicople: not wholly
iiccnusc 11 is a home institution Put
lieeuuse it will without question
proven money-maker for those who
get in on the ground lloor. It is
not a wildcat sievulatinu because
I lie ore is there to be seen by aiiv
who choose to visit the mine. It is
not far away: two miles from the
Washoiigal river, on Silver Creek.
north of Carte Horn. .Mr. I.oy
win oe pieuseu 10 nave all prospec
tive iiivcslois visit the place uud
sec wliut they niv buying; Itccuuse
lie feels rtoMtive that there is a
houuuu there.
Tint Ultviuw takes pleasure in
giving its endorsement to the ad
which uiuy Ik? found elsewhere in
this is-stie. for it fully believes the
outlook is of a high-gmde, and that
tliete is really 110 chance to loe out
on whut may be invented, Consult
the ad in this issue, uud then talk
Willi .Mr. i.oy about what he has in
store for the teisoii who will in
vest u few dollars.
Senle.l iiioivtviU will he rcechcil at
the oIlW of the Itecohler. il the Citv uf
m. joiitik. tnenun. iinlll .M.irh I J, 1 !,
nt . iiVloek p. 111.. fur tin- liupruveiiient
l( PitlklilllK kllfol. from llu- snullu-rK
line of llin.ll.inl atreet to the aoutherly blockwoivl
lineu Uuwfur.l atu-tt in the iiijuuei follr fl)ol ...
imivitliil h .mliiwiiee No. 7j. nuliject to . 1 ,U
IMJBUlo to thi ur.ler ul the MUi of the
viy ui oi. jihiiw, eeriineil
11.' i.
l.ll...l. t." ... . ... "7 - " ." 'l'"
-I nuinuui tiiuai tu IVII IH!r
KKl ile loakwU.
J ho right to irfet-t any ii1 nit bills ia
hereby ipKtrvl.
Ily onlui of tUe city omuril.
, , , J- W. IIanks.
Kcnlur of tlic City of St. Juhus.
Ily O. K. IKiwn.. Deouty.
I'ubllkhwl in lilt- St. Johiu Urvivw l'elt
tuury ifa, JAiiml .M.inh j, u,.
the provikioiia of the Charter mnl Dnliu
nuciik of the Cllv nl St. Inliua: mill Hi.
pliiini. kiH-clln attnna mnl otiumtes uf the
city vneiueei n lile
liikiiiut Ik- Mnctly in lu'conluiic
with priiiUM I'laiiU whlcli will U fur
iiimusi on tipi luatiou at the office of the
Kvronk-r ol the City of St. Johui.. mul
kuiil luipiovem.iit nnut he iMinpletiNl on
1.1 m-ii.n- ii uu)k iroin tin- uate ui l.i.t
puiuirtuion nl notice for pnioala for
miii work.
No propoMUor hiila will he euniilereil
iiiutsv. acconipune.l liy a certified duvk
uiyahle to the m.ler of the .Mayor uf the
City of Sl. Juliii, eertuie.1 liv a iemu-
-" iMiifc, uu an aiiiouut tiptai to leu
. viu ni me .ixreKaie pioiotMlil.
I'he riht to n-Uvt any mul all hid
U hon-hv rekere.l.
Ily onlerof the Citv Council.
J. W. Hanks,
Iteconler of the City of St. John.
O. It. Downs, Deputy.
PulJikheil in the St. Johiu Uevicw Peh
nury j.i. Mnrvli j mul ij. it.
- a - a a)
naraware, Imware, Plumbing t
Tin Roofs, OuUers, etc.
Phone Scott .(065
W'ooil TtirSalt'.
At the ferry luudinir at foot of
IMttsburg stieet. we have oiK'iie! a
woouyaru aim are prepareil to de
liver good dry wood in any jurt of
Will furnish planer trimniiiiL's.
or slabwood either
ood, or stove leneth.
l.ul us have a tnal oider. No
wood is better than ours.
Hkink vt Kosthk,
Ifoot of Pittsburg Street,
St. Johns.
to this.
At Pendleton a doctor wants to
be 11 "joint" senator and is asking
votes. He niny be nil right 011
joints at Pendleton but the Lord
pity him if he gets nftcr the joints
at halem:
I don't wish to be (Krsoiial In
this nutter but I'd advise the
weather man to keep closely hidden
uliout this time of year. The fool-
killer might happen across him if
he were muchly out-of-doors.
St. Johns doesn't seem to be in
it. Down In Tennessee where they
also haw surprise parties and candy
pulls thtee were killed uud two
fatally injured Saturday night.
I hut s the way to do business I
Rev Martin, of Portland, says
getting into a church is like learn
ing to ride a bicycle. Yes, and
there's many a puncture received
on the trial while the bills for
repairs coins to something awful I
I wonder If those two religions
men of Portland, Wilson and True,
when they hired a minor to enter
places ol ill-repute to obtain "evi
dence" thought of that ancient
prayer "Lead us not into tempta
tion?" She wns a dear young thing
writing to ncr sweetheart mui when
she turned the gas down declared
she was writing 11 secret. Some
relation, possibly, of the man who
wrote a large hand because his wife
was tleafj
City, Missouri. That is just what
every family should do. When
kept nt hand ready for Instant use,
it cold may be checked ut the out
set and cured in much less time
than after it has become settled in
the system. This remedy is also
without a iccr for crotiti in child
ren, and will prevent tlic attack
when given us soon us the child be
comes hoarse, or even after the
crimpy cough apenrs, which can
only be done when the remedy Is
kept on hand. For sale by Jack
son's Pharmacy.
Physician and Surgeon
Office next iloor to Hlllott'a ting.
More. Phone, lnst G106. Rcl.
ilcncc on John utrci-t, first .loor south
of Wrinkle'. Phone lUst 6100.
St. Johns, .... Oreiron
U'e now- have with us 11 cnimhle
resilient architect, nut! we can
orniugc to nilvmice money to nil
thcM! wco desire lo huilil hi
I!. T. Ilolcn. Mo WllUmilif lloubttfj.
fc. n. iKiMrl, dis ikr Slrwt
Second Door West
of Posloff.ce
Ileal Hstntc, Ix)nn, Insurance ami
Iluslucks Chnncci. 8. C. Norton,
comer Ilninswlck mul Hudson
streets, Resident Agent. Photic
F. J. Koerner,
Mans nml spt'clllcntioini
fiiiniHlieil 011 npplicntioii.
iIoiir with ncaliiPMS nml
All work
Carpenter & Dolbow
Plasterers, llrick .Masons nml Cc
incut Workers. Hstliu.itcs given
mul satisfaction guaranteed, Hcfcr
tocdllorof this Mcr. 755 Way
anilsireet, University Park, l'hone
Union 6797.
Shop next diMir to Andcraon'a llakcrv
. dive me a trial onlcr.
f-Ui Lot ymw, fi$ cash If house
Hunt: near M'lioolliousc.
fioo I.ot.5xioj; ceiitml; fijeash, Im.
mice monlhly; hearing fruit trees.
1 575 Lot .SlxlSj; two-room liotue.
650 lAt soio3j new four-room house.
All Odd Thing.
J. A. Itenshaw lives in St. Johns
or rather, in Northern Hill. J.
A. Itenshaw also lives in Pittsburg,
Pennsylvania. The latter is uncle
of the former. This by way of
The other day the St. Johns
IIl-iikIiiiu- r.-r.-li'il unnl fr.mi
company in New York city, and ''vcKVa'rk.11 foui"room ,M,UMf Un-
tne letter encioseti a uni 01 imlinir. ijo.--Ijii cuvim: new aiv.rnn... i......
Ion Tacomn street
St. Johns, .
stilting that a box of goods had
been Miippcil to hint. No box
came, however, uud the bill of
lading when closely examined
showed that the goods were shipped
to ruisnurg.
The oddness of the affair Is that J
the letter should have been misseut 1
here, and that it was received by 1
a J. A. Itenshnw. who was iienhew i
of the real buyer. Such a thinir "5 l.tH
could not happen again in a cen
turyand come out the same. way.
near station, fnw caih, ItTcc monthly.
Real Estate and
Afflicted With Rheumatism,
"I was and am yet nfllicted with
ill South S'. lolnm. I'lnr.t
realiKn-e Nirtlou of the city. All
lots 511x111.
JS5 Lot loxijo. alley, four block from
itot olliee.
f$y Lot vixio-i, five hlocU from noit
1 iiilinv
f 1000 Two Iota looxtm, 011 Tacoum
Ltr,i.,l lf..,il.1....l. r . a. - - .
v- j iik, ry mi.- ini J5xnj, 011 icrey street.
editor of the Hernld, Addiugton, n-Tvvo lotsouthe wnramettc lioule-
Indian Territory, "but thanks to vara .w,tl -i river view that can
riiMMiK-rliiin' i,: n.i.,. ,.. i,i . never iwolutructcil.
... .. ..... ........ ..II, i,r.- fit... t.xt n.. t.-ll, 1...... .
11 HiiiiiKiti; iHniictltl.l
Mrs. 0. T, Yerkes seems to have
fine luck in disposing of her litis-
hands. It costs her only io,ooo
to rid herself of Miner and she
feels that the money was not
wasted. She is now open to other
proH)s.ds always on the install
iiieut plan, of course.
once more to attend to business.
It is the best of liniments." If
troubled with rheumatism give Pain
Halm a trial and you are certain to
be more than pleased with the
prompt relief which it affords. One !
application relieves the pain,
sale by Jackson's Pharmacy.
with river view.
Undertaker ami Umbalmcr
Night office 1001 Oswego st., St. Johns
Goodrich & Goodrich.
Saint Johns ami Portland, Oregon
ZeHer-Byrnes & Blackburn Co.
Undertakers and Embalnnrs
309 Jersey Street
I'or itarileulan. Inquire, of George Pack-
'"', J05 jcrxy st., St. Johns.
General lllacksinltliiug ami Repair
lug. Horseahoeiug n siiecialty, All
work warranted,
Cor. Ivnnlu c and Tacoina st., St, Johns
Chicago Roomlnc House.
Good rooms from Jt week up.
Corner Chicago ami Ivanhoc street
Phone Scott 3104.
St. John. Saint Johns
House Mover
Houses moved.
All Announcement.
The "dear women" who wrote
the govenor of Washington to let
"Kid" White, the murderer, off
easily, received ,a nice note admit
ting the receipt of their letters but
the pardon didn't folloiv as was ex-
itected. Probably thev desired him
In another column 1u.1v be found pardoned because he was n vomic
the photo of Fred W. Mulkey, who murderer, and hadn't gotten used
is canuuiate tor tite short term in t" tne business.
the riiiud States .senate, ami ulu
stands at this time an excellent man anothkr Ti..sTixrpNi.i.
for the lHwitiou. ICstvcial attention Siwrting Powder Company: The
is eaueu to tne announce
.1. ' a
uietein may te tountl some iktIiii
One Opinion.
The St. Johns city council said
they would; then they said they
wouldn't: then when tliev fmiml
they hud iixetl themselves up for an j
elegant dam ige suit, they did issue 1
11 saloon license to the St. Tonus VVilonn 4Ux
Hotel Company. It would seem " "?"" "lc CVCICr,
that they hardly know what they
do want in that little burg below
Portland. Adams Advance.
Should le looked
after at frequent intervals. If
neglected you are doing it an
a..Ia. .a? 1 1 a .
ijusuce ami 11 ooestvi gtvi Saint Johns
tiiw 11 auuw. v.ieuiiiug 11
is pile ot our stecinlties. Keg
ulutiug is free, of course.
and Repairer
raited and
paired. U. il jolts of all kinds.
rOIUPt SCrViee. leiaoimlllix-liar......'
ivauiioe and Cntlins treets. Phono
Hut 6189.
A Favorite Remedy for Babies,
Its pleasant taste ami prompt
cures have made Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy a favorite with the
motlrers of small children. It
Tacoma St., St, Johns, Ore.
eiit lacts regarding bis candidacy.
very quickly cures their couirhsand
Lament, ik I powder you sold me is a nice piecel cou's ulu' prevents any danger of
no iK'rtin- of ootls and very quick in action, pneumonia or other serious
Poller ,Sc Ooold
buy their itoultry netting, nails,
sei ecu doors, etc., at the factory,
and ate daily receiving large ad
ditions to their well selected stock
of hatdware and paints.
While I was' filling some shells a sequences,
lighted match dropteil in the now- mu wnen Kiven as soon as the
der-keg and if I hadn't hurried the croupy cough appears will prevent
powder would have all burned. 1 the attack. For sale by Jackson's
saved about half of it. I went out 1 "annacy.
the other morning and secured five
birds knocked 'em over with a
club. P. S. Your powder makes
Isight-room house with a quarter ol an
acre of land ; cleared and fenced,
Kooi wen, nousc scaled, clothed and
papered, ThU Is on car Hue und
close to station. Trice J 1,000, half
It not only cures croup ; Corner lot, cleared and fenced, j-room
house. . This is a snap at $Soa,
Sixteen lots at $ 100 per lot if taken soon.
Theae will be told at f 10 down per
lot and fs per manth per lot.
Comer lot near wooleu mill, l'ine for
uoardltrg houc. Trice $750, fo
a nice tire kiudler.
R. PiiuusH,
At The Shipyards.
The Dalles Citv has been raised
from near Vancouver, after ten
days at the lottoni of the river, and
is now tit the yard of the ocal shin-
building company, The boat was
badly sprung. ,
Great big drop of water
Like a cloud-bunt's slaughter
Keep a falling daily on the inau and on
the dop;
Make the eye-lid teary
Make the liver weary
aiui iui ine DOOtmacK'a business severe
ly on the hoej
.Wit& the Sash and Door Store
School Census. ;
J. K. Taitch has been taking a
school census. In the i.istrict north
of the railroad, the most sparsely!
ewett, ne loutul an increase of ..... -.w
children of school age of nearly "ILuOA,
fifty, it is figured that all of the Dray and BaggaQ
. . ... . ..... ..u,, . rJ Ilk llic
same increase.
Insure with the Peninsula Bank
l'hone Scott 150S.
Piano Moving a Sr cialty.
Leave onlcrs at Ulackbuni's Purniturc
store and they will receive prompt 1
attention. 1
BrerjroBt taoolsl mbacrib for
bU boma papar, 1 otitr to cat all
tbe local bwi, kt to kaap ia teach
with th wwM'i itilr Tnti
ihoul4 alM nU
Tbe Eveilii Xtkitm,
PtrtiMl. Orefu,
The 1mUb( Ttmlac aawtpapar of
tb Ftcifk Oout, which haj coa
plaU Amoc1U4 Froaa rtporta and
pacuU Uam4-wira ttniet, with
cormpMsUaU is lmyortaat mtwa
caatora ui ia all tha dtUa and
prlaclpal towaa of tha KoithweM.
Portland and nhwht ara oararad
Vy a hticht aiaff af rayartan, aad
ditoiiaL draaaaUc, aaaiaty
ayeclal wrkara. laaarday'i
tion caaaiata if NUN pafas, aad
haa calarai oaaaic yafaa, aa wall aa
a (UfartaMak far ahllirw, aalarai
f aahlam aaja, aa liriaMaj aarlal
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