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Cubllihtd Rrirr Friday
Subscription rate. 11.00 per rtsr In adrsnce,
A, rafni. fl.oo Dir Inch ter month,
All ndteltlilnz bill! prlle lint of (Scb
Job I'rlnllne treutcri In flnt eUit lyl
1 illx for Job I'rlnllne cain on ueiiterr.
All commnnlritlont thouM b addrened to
Th IlOTltw, HI. Johm, Ortfon.
Tint KKVIIUV Is filtered nt port office
In Saint lolius. OrcL'on, ns malt timttcr
of tlie second clas. tinder the Act of Con
grcss of March 3, 1879,
OmcUl Howipipir of tht OHj tt St. Jokni,
Phono East 6100.
IT whs n very clever scheme of
the railroads of this country to give
birth to the slogan "bee America
Pirst" because nil over America
the newspapers have nicked it til
mid coined column after column of
gush from it.
The dwiired end is a cx
cellcnt one to gain: but why should
the newspapers do all the work am
the railroads leap all llic rewards
The railronds of this great north
west do not have the same oticn
policy possessed by their brethren
of the cast: nor do the papers here
acting til)on the .selfish precedent o
the raihoads, have any sincere love
for the roads.
When the railronds of the north
west tilirstte the same liberal policy
adopted in all civilized communities
the uewsiiatiers will do more than
their share of urging jwople to "Sec
America Mint." Were it not for
the country press thousands o
localities would fail to be brought
into prominence: and it is to th
wiiue country ptus all railroad
should enter.
Till. UK is an item going the
rounds of the pi ess to the effect
that in the government departments
at Wuhiui!tnii tlfete are 670 clerks
each mote than 70 years of age,
One of them, a man over 00, lias 11
record of holding his Hsltiou foi
14 years. This is really lament
able. Any one with 110 nunc am
billon than to iImj nbovca clerkshii
in one of the huge tieadmills at the
nation s capital is of hut little use
to himself and the test of the world
While a position with Uncle Sam
is supposed to be a "snap," it
one of the most trying and exacting
that can be imauiued. A man is
ineiely a cog in the machine, and 11
Doudeious machine at tliat. Am
your Uncle Samuel is one of the
hatdest, and we might say. one 1
the most vicious, ltosse.s in the
The well-worn ciy of the Tacoma
boomer of "Watch Tacoma Glow!
has .HUH.'i.scdcd by something
in the same line that will have the
center of the stage for a while
ProsMM, a thriving county scat
town some 30 mile oust of Nortl
Yakima, Washington. wishing to
attrai-t the attention of the home
seeker in imiticular and the worlt
in General has selected "lliing
Youi Wife to Pioscr! as some
thing attractive. Meuhauts am
otht'is use Mittionaiy with these
words piomiiieutly displayed, nut
they haw iccuivcd the endorsement
of the town's hoaid of trade.
J ut why anyone should take his
wife to Piomci' is not cxplaiuct
PeihaMi it is the climate.
REGARDING Sunday closing
tlie cottage l. rove Leader says
"nine-tenths of the cities of th
I'nitwl States have found it for
their let intcieMs" to have
closeii Minilay. II the Lender can
mention one city nut one in the
United Stati1 that has an absolutely
closed Sunday Tint Kltvutw wotil
be plcuscrt to know whuiu that
good biKit is loctitud. In an in
veMigatinu of over ,tex) cities and
a ixirsoimi vihlt to moic than 1500
we have never found a city that
wasn't oiKMi for business in many
line 041 Sunday. Jfweaiu in toi
Having lioswi Sundays let's do it
right nud clrtte'tltu whole khooting
1110 RHL'ORI).
THAT Mormon initio, M. W
Metrill, who iccently died In Salt
Lake City, left U-hind bim many
encumtirnuees. oven wives, 47
sons aim daughters, 141 grand
l ninui-ii nun men some is a
tecord few men achieve in one short
lifetime. Seven wives! Think of
how the H)or critter must have
IV a . ....
MUieusi! Jh-vcii scoie cuthlrcu to
climb upon his lap, muss his shirt
1 rout, mm tickle ills neck I Happy,
happy nnui to die!
MONTANA politicians certainh
know how to do things and do
tiieni tignt. une of them is uying
all the e.Nenses ot 75 newspajier
men of that state for a tound-tiip
excursion to l.os Angelas- and it
may le a surehing guass he'll lose
nothing by it. Oregon politicians?
IPy.a-c.h-t spells "yot" whucht
a lacht of hacht shackt would racht
on thespacht during a campaign by
those who could nacht spill
HVHN in this democratic country
it is cstimnted that fully five
hundred thousand columns of stuff
have been printed about a mere
wedding. Frankly speaking it is
two-thirds rot and the other third
is maudlin idiocy.
Just as good couples arc married
every day and a dozen lines tell
the story of each. Alice Roosevelt
happened to have a father who is
as truly a ruler of America as this
great country has ever enjoyed
while Nicholas Longworth was
sufficiently lucky to gain her as a
wife. Farther than these two facts
there is nothing about the jierson
ality of either of the couple to make
them better, grander, or greater
than the thousands who are con
tinually entering upon a like part
nership. The American people ton certain
extent delight to gush over any
thing in society circles: and in order
to satisfy this yearning column after
column is written. When one
stops and calmly considers the case
he wonders why so much comment
is made upon a simple marriage.
Why all this balderdash over an
affair which resulted from two
people being stuck 011 each other!
America, as n nation, is getting
tired of grand-stand plays.
A LL the rough houses are not
among oliticiaiis und papers. In
Chicago Sunday a mob drove a
priest from his sanctuary, one man
was killed and many injured, and a
special detail of police had to pro
tect the man. This riot was started
by women.
The same day at St. Paul a
preacher in the African Methodist
church ixiundcd a deacon who de
sired to handle the contribution
plate, theiuiuister was then knocked
galley-west, and a general free-for-all
followed for thirty minutes.
"Heboid how good and how
pleasant it is for biethreu to dwel
together in unity."
JOHN A. McCall, of insurance
fame, credited with being one o
the smallest giaiters of the times
is dead, before dying he receive!
Joliu II. Mctson, an honest am
conscientious maker of good hats
is dead. Not heiug a chinch mem
her he required no absolution to
make him safe.
The present whereabouts of both
men is at present unknown to us
The question is, ilid thedeathbei
repentance of the one or the death
bed iinu-rcciitaiicc of the othe
save or damn tlie dlllereut in
dividuals? If this luint could be
settled a much-mooted question
could Ik: taken off the list.
Wl'l II an overplus of zeal the
Women of Oregon bless 'em nre
hustling for all varities of free ad
verlisiug. Knelt week we receive
communications fiom them advo
eating that all voters should help to
lower them to the scale of common
politicians but communications
fail to contain the regular advertis
nig rates. ,mi party or issue can
deadhead space fi 0111 Tint RitVlltw
it is 11 pity unit tlie women are
mi iKTslstent in their endeavor to
"mix" with the "mixers." If
successful it will ptove a dreadful
blow to them although it will le
quire-several years to "show them.'
ONK blight individual has in
vuntcd a calendar good lor 200
yeais and has placed the same 011
sale. If a buyer should Hud at the
end of 300 years that the calendar
was in any itftpoct incorrect he may
nave 111s money returned or a new
calendar given him.
TUOSK pieachers. Rev. Sharp
and Kev. IImiii, who patronized
tue romaiui par iree luncli, no
doubt ate to be good fellows. There
was 110 harm done except to es
liuilisu 11 money -Iosiiih precedent
1 he next time, however, they
Minum carr their I1.1lfr.1te permits,
. 1 t, ma 1
i4 t 1 uk i icy mini is anxious
to have all salmon can labellct
truthfully. F r instance "Packet
by Siwadi Indians, a filthy gang o
nasty unwashed creatines, who
link so one can smell them four
hundred feet away."
Many of our exchanges contain
notices to the ellect that on such
aud-such u date "the prices of lots
in uiauK addition will m advanced
J.S ier cent." This shows that
values me tcudiiu: upwards all over
.. . .
me state, and now s the time to
Chicago, MinueaiHilis, Duluth
or Seattle were not built up by ob
structing the progress of everv
euterpnse that knocked at their
looi. ResiKxtfully letencd to the
slow hoys of the village of Portland.
- t-
When you rvalue what vou could
have done by investing that little
surplus of cash you had on hand a
year ago in St. Johns real estate,
loesu't it make you feel queer?
Now let some fearless individual
deep up and jwke a little ginger
nto our local lioard of trade.
Portland wants 100 additional
wlicemen. The indications are
that Portlaud needs them.
Audience Disippoinled At The Lnck
Of Anticipated Pireworhs.
At the adjourned meeting of the
council Wednesday evening there
was a luck of excitement. Mayor
King was in the chair and only
Councilman I.eggett and Uudquist
were absent.
Hills to the amount of $22 were
audited and ordered paid.
The Miner note, amounting with
interest to $449.50, wns reported
Deputy-recorder Downs made
his declaration of principles: it was
either $too per month for him or
"Goodbye, Annie, I Must Leave
You," for him. He had set his
stake and wouldn't backdown. It
was the general idea that $100 was
too much especially as there was
still $40 per month going to Re
corder Hanks.
A projKjsition was received from
Otis Learned and another from
Klmer Hutiuu: both agreed to .lak
the iob at $60. A Mr. Churchi
consented to take the place at $40
but after discussing the thing ot
some length it was made apparent
Hint t he council did not anno hit .Mr,
Downs as deputy nor could it
accept his resignation. Attorney
Greene offered to do the work free
until Recorder Hanks was able to
It was finally moved that Re
corder Hanka ba notified to have u
deputy for business Thursday
Adjourned to the regular meet
ing, March 5.
Potter & (loold
buy their poultry netting, nails
screen doors, etc., at the factory
ami are daily receiving large ad
ditious to their well selected stock
of hardware and paints.
Resolutions of Conilo'encc.
Peninsula Lodge, No. 128, I.O.O.F
University Park, Portland, Oregon
February 17, 1006
WllltKKA.s: The Angel of Death
hascutctcd the houieof otirbrother
K. S. McKcen, and taken from him
his beloved wife' therefore be it
Rii.hoi.viii: That Peiiiusu
Lodge, No. I2S, I. O. 0. F. extern
to the husband, parents, lister am
brother of the deceased our pro
found sympathy in this season
their tireat sorrow nud bereave
meiit. He it farther
Riwoi.vhp; That a copy of these
resolutions be spread uihiii the mill
utes of this Lodge, one copy be fur
uished the St. Johns Review foi
publication mid 11 copy be sent to
the family of the dcccescd.
Fraternally submitted.
L. G. R1tv.N01.PS.
C. A.
T. A. RilVNoi.PS, Jr.
United llv.mgvllcal Church.
Rev. K. I?. McYickcr, pastor.
Services next Sunday:
Morning at eleven. Subject:
"The Disadvantage of Holding
Meinlersliip in 11 Large church 01
None At All."
Kvening at seven-thirty. Sub
"Fiom The Creation To The
A 9-Cent
Tinware Special
We want every lady in St. Johns
to call and see our big sivcial in
these gtods. This is the biggest
bargain that we have been able to
secuie in these gods, and they
wont last long. These are not cheap
goods, however. Not any cheajer
in oualitv than iiuvIkkIv else sells,
Hut we aie selling them at our reg
ular grocery profit, and this is con
siderably less than most eople like
to take
Some of
the articles
we ciimiier
:tu here U
Dish I'.tn. It
of well nud
nd of Kxl
quality. Our
price Oc.
A nice r.tutnU' DitiiKT, ult atiuuij: tliia
Mini- y-vrm u-xiruiK'iii now on aalc at
our More.
llili 1 a in c
Dukt ran U now
retailed in our
hardware dp.
parttui-ut at ijc
eaeu. out you
wilt find it on
the Vc. lurKahi
This is another
article that is
among the 9cnt
Some articles are now on sale at
the tniutciiM-lv amall price for v cents for
your choice.
St. Johns Grocery Co.
Our Local Grist
Many trees ure now in full bud.
For best fire insurance see W. H
S. McClave the second hand man,
is quite ill.
A Wurwan of Red Men was
organized here Wednesday even
Several children gave a surprise
nartv to little Laura Oberu on
Thursday afternoon.
Trv the "Par Kxcellence" :- the
champion 5c cigar: made in St
Ruds on the trees are now be
comiiur very proud. 1 hey are
fearfully swelled up. '
Among my list can be fount
some fire insurance to please you
W. II. Kimr.
Mrs. M. A. Goethe, of Portland,
was a guest of Mrs. W. L. I horn
dyke on Thursday.
For fine cigars it will pay you to
call at Valentine s: opposite city hall
Miss Mabel Ralston, from Gas
ton, Oregon, has been guest of Mrs
hltner h. Haiiua for a week.
Smoke a St. Johns cigar best 10c
cmur on the market the "White
The Methodists are planning for
a "somethinir different" social on
the evening of Friday, March 16.
Carnage repair trimming ami
painting neatly done at the St. Johns
flarucss Shop.
D. P. Kllis was up from his
bottle at 'Ridgcfield, Washington,
last week to sec his relatives in St.
Smoke a St. Johns cigar best 10c
cigar on the market the "White
A surprise party was given to
the fireman of the veneer factory
Saturday night. A jolly time was
The family of James Near lias
removed to the old homent Mnuton,
Michigan. They will be back here
ere long.
Remembcrl You cannot buy
finer candies or cigars than the
goods Valentine sells in his neat
Recorder J. W. Hanks came from
the hospital in Portlaud to his St.
Johns home last Sunday and is
getting along nicely.
I. S. Flynn, son of Mrs. N. G.
Plyiiu, arrived from Pheonlx, Ari
zona, 011 Sunday morning, for 11
visit with his mother.
Try the "Par Kxcellence" : the
champion c cigar: made in St.
The lodge of Knights of Pythias
will be instituted by the Grand
Chancellor on Saturday evening of
this week, February 24, at Hickuer
W. Arthur Flynn and family re
ccntly visited with Mrs. N. G.
My 1111, for a week, on their way
from Coos Hay to Canada. Mr.
Flynn is n son of Mrs. N.G. Flynn.
5500 to load at once. W. C.
Adams, at his office.
A good three-plank walk is being
built by M. L. Holbrook across his
sixty-acre tract. It is on the east
side of Lively street between St.
Johns avenue and the Gattou prop
Suittrllous hair, moles, etc., per
iimiicutly removed by the electric
needle. Fiances Vaiihorn, 311
I'.ast John street, St. Johns.
On Thursday evening, Fedruarv
32, at the German Lutheran church
on Williams avenue, Portlaud,
John A. Valentine, brother of F.
W. Valentine, was united in mar
riage to Miss Luella Hrous. Mr.
and Mrs. F. W. Valentine attended
the wedding
Protect your property from loss
by lire by insuring 111 only first class
companies, X'c tlie rcninstiia Manic.
Saturday evening a birthday stir
prise was given for Hliner U.
Hanna. "under the hill." Mr.
Haiiua was thirty-two years old,
and was genuinely surprised. Mrs.
Haiiua. his mother, had ordered an
elaborate birthday cake, und with
other substantial refreshments nud
games and music the evening passed
Miss Nellie Reid, one of the
promising music teachers of Port
laud, visits St. Johns every Thurs
day. Lessons given on piano, man
doliu, guitar and banjo. Address
709 hast 7th Street, North, Station
II, Portlaud.
I weut five girls and boys who
neglected to "surprise" Wylena
1 horudyke on the occasion of her
fourteenth birthday unuiversary
were reminded of the fact by Maud
Peterson, and accordingly the v. on
ruesduy evening, gave her an en
joyable patty Delicious refresh-
uients were carried and also a fine
copy ot Miss Alcott's "Little
Women' as a gift. Games, music
and lunch occupied the hours until
miuiugm. rnose present were
Lowell, Jesse and Geraldina Alder-1'1
son, Arthur Clark, Norman and
uertrtule HaUIwin. Anna and
Howard Price, Gladas Hrederson,
Ralph Carlson. Clarence Conroy,
nam ami Louise Couch. Fred
Monne, Jack Douglass, Hazel
Knight, Hertha Merrill. Palmer
utul Jennie Mcvicker, Maud and
ua Peterson. Harry Saruuelsoii.
Archie Smock, Kthel Thayer ami
I any Yotiug.
At Methodist Church.
Rev, P. lf. Young, pastor.
Services next Sunday;
Sunday school at ten o'clock
C. K. Thurstou, superintendent.
Preaching at eleven
Preaching at seveu-thirty.
W. E. SWENGEL, The Harness Maker
We use the old-fashioned
genuine Oak Tan
California Leather. Very
best obtainable. Gives
long, fuithful service.
Trimmings perfect.
Thread, Irish Linen.
My work is all hand
sewed: and it i.s seldom
that a stronger or more
durable harness can be
found than those I han
dle. We make a speciulty
of repair work doing it
neatly and satisfactorily.
One trial will convince
you that we do pleasing
A Wcll-Huwkcd CamlL'nto.
Nearly all the older residents in
this county either personally know
or feel fairly acquainted by popular
ity with S. C. Ueach, of Portland.
He has been before the public in 1
. ... .
various capacities tor a nuinner 01
years, and all who have kept track
of his work for this portion of the
county realize that he has few
superiors as an official. His term
in the legislature was marked by
fair dealing -and it is asserted by
those who arc in a position to know
that he lost no opportunity to do
good work for this section of the
Mr. Reach is now before the
ptiblicasun aspirant for the x)sition
of state senator on the republican
ticket, and asks that he be given
that support which his past acts
have merited. We shall have more
to say of this' matter tit a later date.
The M. I;. Kpworth League will
give a "hard time social" at the M.
W. A. hall, Wednesday, February
28. Fine program. All are in
vited. This livening.
At the "anniversary entertain
ment" at Hickucr's hall the Ivvau
gclicaii society will present the
following program:
Piano Solo Miss Fdmnudsoii
Selection .... Carnation Orchestra
Duet .... The Misses McKinnie
Recitation .Rachel Schelter
Instrumental Duet
.... Misses Reach and Castle
Recitation , . . Miss Marie Marcy
Reading Mrs. Minnie Hall
Piano Solo Miss Castle
Reading Miss Minnie McClave
Selection , .Carnation Orchestra
Refreshments are included in the
price of admission. Adults 25c;
children 15c.
For Sale.
100 cords of wood green, dry
ami mixed. Also 5000 cedar jwsts.
Orders socicited. J. K. Williams,
Phone Fast 6.300, 810 Kellogg
street, St. Johns.
George 11. Lashbaugh. of St.
Johns, was married on Friday,
February 16, to Miss Annie Cal
kins, of Centre Station, Oregon
me ceremony oeiug performed in
Portland. The groom is son of F.
M. Lashbaugh, and is well-known in
this vicinity while the bride has a
large circle of acquaintances at her
I he groom s father nresonte.1
nun a nue team wttli al the extras
while the bride's father made a
cash gift of $150 to help start in
lite 1 here were many other eifts
o -
Cries To Come Back.
W. R. Pettinrew. who. with his
family, went back to Oil Citv.
J'entisylvanta, six weeks ago, drops
.iiiv iu iiiu u'.w in sav mnr
he yearns for old Oregon's climate
and conditions. He has pnttf lit
work at carpeuterimr but the
morning he commenced it was 20
legrees below zero and he diiln't
nice it. liven
It. llVCIl Mrs. Pettiirrew iU.
cided that "the old home aiut like
usel to be" ami she would like
10 oaclt n Oregon.
Leased A Hall.
Laurel Lodge, No. 1S6, I. 0. O.
K has just completed a lease for
votws nan, over the room for
meny useu as a liowling alley.
piucc ls 10 be Handsomely
nueii up -as t ie lease nuw f-
three years aud a Rebekab lodce
.a iu uc lIlMllllieU 111 the HMr
The lodge will have a gala nicht
on ruesday evening. March 30,
when it is expected to have every
thing nicely arranged.
Keep Your Eye On St. Johns,
Department Store
All Goods Sold
Keep a large nlnik of General
HimiIh ami bliuex,
(J 1 ixciIiih,
reeii, i,ie. in met eci-yiiiing. ineir ntres aio
rijdit. Don't wante your time going to
Pol I html, hut como in and neo our
slock and price.
t at 1
$ Remember The Big Department Store
o Collier Jersey Street mid Hmndway
S St. Johnii, Orogon
Shepard, Dobie & Peterson
Come and see us in our new quar
ters in the room formerly occu
pied by Peterson's Cigar
Store for Snaps.
Special bargain in n 9-room house. Phone Scott 4061.
Nollce is hereby given that at (lie
meeting of (he Council of the i
City of St. Julius, Oregon, held
on the Nth dn. of February, A
D. I06, the folUvlng rcsolu
tiou was adopted:
Ritsoi.viiii: That the Council of the
Uty of ht. Joint. Oreuon. ilceiu it ex
iKMlivnt and proposes to improve I.eavitt
street from the northerly line of Hayes
street to me Mmineriy line 01 jersey
atrect in the followiiie manner, to wit i
To establish the iicceawtty grade for
tuving ami to improve hjiil I.eavitt atrect
lay kiuc walks, graue, etc, bam lin
provement to lo made in ncconlauo
with the Charter ami Ordinances of tlie
City of .St, John, ami the plans, specifi
cations nud eatimatea of the City Hnui
neer, filed In the office of the Recorder
of the City of St. Johns. The cost of
Mill improvement to be assessed as iro
vuled by the city charter ujmn the prop
erty specially and jwuliarly benefitte'I
thereby ami which I hereby declared to
be all the lots, lurts thereof, and tiarcel
of land within a line loo feet from the
outside Hue of each aide of said I.eavitt
The Kneineer's estimate of the nrob
able total cost for the improvement of
awn aircci is 307.07,
t lie plans, apeciticattons and estimate:
Utile City Kuirineer for the iinurove
nient of said I.eavitt street are hereby
Rhsouvkh: That the City Recorder of
wie CUV ot M. otitisJi:. and is. herein-
directed to give uotice of the proposed
improvement of Mid Teavitt street as
provided by the city charter.
Remoustrauces ayalnst the above im
provement may e filed in writing with
the undersigned within it ilavs from the
date of the first publication of this no
Ily onler of the Council.
J. W. Hanks,
City Reconler.
Ily O. R. Downs, Ieputy.
Published in the St. Johns Review Feb
ruary 16, 33 and March a, 1906.
Baptist Church.
Re IS. A. Leonard, pastor.
Services next Sunday:
Sunday school at ten.
Preaching at eleven.
Preaching at seven-thirty.
Exposition 1st Pralm.
All are invited.
at Portland Prices!
nrhtilinir Drv (loouV
Hardware. Hotixo Fiirninliini:.
. mi at
Fuel ftirtdalicil, either tliort or
long, Untying ami team-work
of every kind. Prompt wrvice.
Terms reasonable.
Conic? Jersey ami Catlln, ST. JOHNS
meeting of the Council of le
City of St. Johns Oregon, ItU
on the Nth day of February A.
D. 1906, the following r.jefci'
tiou was adopted:
Rhsolvko: That the Council of tk
City of St. Johns, Oregon, deems il
pedient and proposes to ioiprote IrM
street from tlie easterly line of BonjiKP
ton street to the westerly line of
mond street In the following iuBftK, w
wit: ...
To cstablisli the necessary g!u,!
luvlnir and to improve said ivw
street, lay side walks, grade, etc.
ImnrnvwiMPiit in he made In OCCOru"
with the Charter and Ordinances of Ik
City of St. Johns, and the pUns,
cations and estimates of the City W
neer. filed in the otUcc of the Keco
of the City of St. Johns. Tueco
said hnproveuient to be assessed P
VUleU by tlie c;
erty sjeclally 1
be all the lots, parts thereof, and p
of laud within a line l feet f"
ouume line ox eacii siuc
street. , ., v.
The Knglneer's estimate 01 "r
Ic total cost for the iwvtn.
The plans, specifications and e1"
of the Citv Kngineer for'tSSt
ment of wi'd Ivanhoe street are
Rksolvxd: Tkat the City Rec
. 1... r-:... f il, .. Iw. and l.
directed to give BOtice of the pwj"
Improvement of said Ivanhoe
provided by the city clwrter, .
Remonstrance against tbe
provemenx may oc iuiu ... .7
""TT- At
the undersigaed within 15 o?? Iri,
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