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    . !T.LIJ.J
t'ublliti.d T.ttrr 1'rldsy
Huliirrlptlon film, 1 1. OU per er In idrance,
Ail.rrtlilnc rstn. 11.00 ucr Inch Der month
All mUr t llilnjc bills mrll flrit of each
Job l'rlntln? iieutl In Aril-etui, itjle.
Iltlii (or Job l'rlntlnr eh nn eiellterj.
All cornniunlctloni ihouM be iddrened to
Til RsyIow, HI. Johns, Oregon.
Till', KitVlKW Is entered nt jost office
in H.ilnt Jolnu, Ureuun, as limit matter
of the second class under the Act of Con
Krcst of Mnrch 3, 1879.
Offldtl Htwiptp.r of th. City tf Bt. Joim.
Phono East 6100.
Road Commissioner Simmons litis
been making .some more improve
ment) on iiis highway!,.
Try tlie "I'ar Ivxcellence" : the
chnnmioii .sc citmr: made in St
Nuarly everything tliat we really
desired to limit this week lias bee
crowded out by a lot of city lega
Don't pay any more than 25 cents
per pound for ri high grade baking
powder. The St. Johns Grocery
Co. has the Crescent.
I,nst evening the Kvangclica
church, in 11 body, visited the Sec
ond church at Alblna located on
Kirby and I'argo streets.
1. J. Kocrner lias commence!
work 011 the McChcsncy building
He is first building a corrugatci
iron woodshed 100 feet long.
Fred Valentine remarks that
every dog has his day, and that he
gets one once a year. Mr. viileii
tine's day was 011 Wednesday.
Attention is called to the ad
the Hill Addition in this issue
The lots advertised ate esiecially
fine and are valuable piocrty.
Rev. J. J. Stobbs, of l'ortliim
will occupy the Coiigregatiotia
pulpit hete. Services in the M
W.A. hall at thReo' click. All in
C. Cat roll is the name of W
C. Adaiim' new architect. Mr,
Catroll is well and favorably know
both at AnIiIiiikI and N'cwhcrg, am
comes well iccomuicmlcd.
The latest reiKiit fiom J. V
Hanks, who is yet in the hospital
is to the effect that he In getting
along nicely. It Ik expected that
he will Koou be able to be biought
T. J. Mouahan took up a collee
tion on Monday to procuie some
schoolhookx for the childien of
Mrs. Vork. It took him but a few
moments to scenic the neccMuiy
1 lie women ol Woodcrull aic
plaiiuiug a pleasant caid p;
their hall for this evening. The
admission wilt Ik. but 10c and
general invitation is extended,
ptomises to be a nice affair.
Harry wngener letuructl 011
'luesday fiom Outaiio, Idaho
wheie he has completetl all arrange
meiitN for the cieaiuury to be III'
stalled by his coiiip.iny. I le is Imu
in his praise of the country in that
ill do all kinds of sewing at
very k-iimhirIiIc pi ices, and in sutio
lactory iiiunnei. Mis. H. .Saiule
.110 Chilis.'! street.
Mm. V. A. lUgeiton. of Ninth
fin lull, will soon letuiu from he
Illiuois dip, accompanied by hut
mother, while the family of George
Campling, who have been living
Willi Mr. KdgeUou, will move
North St. Johns.
I'.vanjjeiihiic service will liegiu
at the Kvaugelical chinch oil Sun
duy evening, March .. Rev. Guy
Kitch I'lteliM and mother will con
duct the service .insisted by the
pasloi . MciiiIhm of all denoininu
tioiis, with the geneial public, ate
invitwi to attend.
K. 1'. Togiiini of The llaelvvo.Hl
has udded 11 first class teatuiiiiint to
Ins establishment. A uieicliauts
lunch fiom 11 to 2 daily will Ik;
sen ml. One of the best chefs is in
chaige. When you ate hungry give
1 lie jineiwoiKi a mm.
W. U. Swennle is expecting thi
week Hie hi rival of his In other,
lieorgeW . Swengle. fiom I, mimiue,
North DHkota. It will be his first
tlip to this fK-ctiou of the couutiy
Mi. Swengle is cashier of the Hlk
alley Uuik. at Laiiiuoiv.
Don't foiget that the livuiiueli
cal ladies w ill hold their annual sale
on the afternoon of l'riday, Feb
ruary j.v In theevening the siilon
diil pHHtram will Ik? leudeivd when
that wedding 111 high life will take
place, l'rogtaiu will bu publishctl
next week.
Any one wishing to tout a six
room House, near business center,
with line liver view, cull at this office.
l)n Wednesday afternoon Miss
Minnie McClavc entertained the
Jtiuioi League of the evangelical
chutch in the class-room of the
church. Thcio were some esK.c
ially invited gueats Ivsidcs the
League. (James, a valentine Kvt
oHiev and ictickhmcuts made the
young jKuple happy.
St. Johns W. C. T. U. met in
the Advent chutch Monday after
noon. Alter the regular business
meeting a good piognim was ten
deied. Mesdaiiui. Scott, Rildwin,
Sacketl and Churchill lead very
good articles on our woik which
is the piotectiou of our homes.
Next meeting will be held at the
home of Mis. Scott. U will Ikj a
"mothers meeting." It will com
ineucc at -V30 in the afternoon. 1
hope that all the mothers of St.
Johns will be ptasunt.
I'lUfciS Stn'lJKI.VTii.NllHNT.
City Council Refuses to Place Ordln
tinccs on the Pinal
An adjourned meeting of the city
council was held Wednesday even
ing, Mayor King presiding and
nil members present except Mr.
Upon the final disposition of the
sewer ordinance Mr. Urice moved
"that it be adopted" which was
seconded by Mr. Shields. This
was the first time in the history of
the city that there has been a
failure to move "it be placed upon
its final passage" after the third
reading of any ordinance and a
dangerous precedent has thus been
created with a view to retroactive
The mayor hesitated about put-
tine the motion. He paid that it
would do no harm to incorjorate a
motion to "place upon its final
passage" with the motion to adopt
but he feared this would render
the acts invalid. It was then
stated that the new attorney had in
structed that course and it was per
sisted in. The motion prevailed.
Imtirovcmcut ordinances for
Salem, Crawford and Pittsburg
streets were actum t'ro.v in this
The city engineer was ordered to
prepare plans, stHjeirtcntions am
estimates for the improvement o
Charleston street.
An application for a liquor
license from 15. 0. Magoon was
referred to the license committee
It was thought, however, that the
location (104 South Jersey) placet!
the saloon illegally close to th
The marshal was instructed to
sec that the billiard hall closet
promptly at midnight instead o
running till two or three in th
Poller & Ooold
have a large line of the Heath
Milligan paints. Try their '
lite" the best interior am
paint ever made.
(living (lood Service.
J. l nrliiK is certainly giving
good service hi his ferry pro'tosi
tion, and oil Monday he coiiuicncct
a I.iuuton service a fact wbic
pleases the citizens of that town
Prior to this the citieus of Liuulon
were forced to walk up to the ferry
lauding at the Claremoul Tavern
a walk which leipiiied time am
muscle. Now the boats make reg
ular Hips each day ami the traffic
will be increased as time goes on
We enjoyed a ferry trip 011 Sun
day on the Rover and it was really
enjoyable: worth double the price
cliaigcd. 1 lie boat is a swift one
has a neat little cabin, a toilet, am
nlcutv of deck room: and is canabl
of doing much work. In addition
to the Rover Mr. brink has it half
doen little gasoline launches am
tovvhouts all of which arc for
Potter & (loold
have a good assortment of garden
seeds, onion sets ami a variety of
lawn grass seeds.
United llvnngclicnl Church.
Rev. K. 15. McVickcr, pastor.
Services next Sunday:
Morning at eleven. Subject:
"The Disadvantage of Holding
McmlKitship in a Large church or
.None At All."
livening at seven-thirty. Sub
"Piom The Creation To The
nought More Property
M. I. Holhrook cannot refrain
from buying unimproved real es
tate. it is second nature for htm.
Just this week he purchased th
glove beside Hie .sclioolliousc 0
Mrs. Mary K Swiuert, mying for
the same, It 1,000. There are
iboul two blocks in the tract.
Wanted : Cook niul kitchen
lelper at once. Central Hotel.
At Methodist Church.
Rev. l. I.. Voting, pastor.
Sciviecti next Sunday;
Sunday school at ten o'clock
Mrs. C. K. Thurston, .sutcriuteii
Pleaching and baptism of child
rcu at eleven
Pleaching at seven-thirty.
A Valentino social was held Wed
nesday evening at the home of L
11. Chipinau which was a delightful
tlair. 1 he house was U-autifully
ccoruted and teficsltmeuts of the
aleutiue older. Several novelties
were introduced- - ami the proceeds
netted a nice sum.
lively thing in mint and oils at
Voj it Kugland's, French block.
1 he furniture tirm of Rudolf
Halllctg has now nicely arranged
the store and has placed a nice
stock of goods therein. Mr. Hall-
crg is an artist in his line and is
now leuuy tor business. A large
announcement from him is crowded
over to next week.
People of the Peninsula should
not fail to jutronie and patronize
ell the new bakery which will be
iKined next Monday by C. K.
.inue. Mr. Linnets an experineetl
ktker and will make and sell the
IkisI of goods at his new store, 670
Dawson st revt, University Park.
Council Harmonious
(Concluded from pntfc one.)
street, passed readings, and were
referred to the committee. Res
olutions to improve Leavitt ami
Ivnnhoe streets also passed. t All
these were carried to first adjour
ned meeting, with a destre to have
proper publications made this cur
rent week.
The plumbing ordinance was in
definitely tabled.
The laundry was given permis
sion to construct a temporary run
way for waste water over to Ivan
hoe street, from which point it
will be taken down on Uurlington
street. Work on the sewer will be
hastened for this purpose if for 110
other because if the laundry is
again forced to close, it will remove.
Adjourned till Wednesday even
ing February 14.
liven if the gas plant does come
to St. Johns there'll be very little
need of piping the city hall.
After a ten-minute smoke the
clouds of blue were so thick in the
council chamber that Recorder
Downs tried to force a lot of it into
the stove for an imitation heat.
Recorder Downs became very
itidiimaut at one time during the
ineetimr and intimated that if any
one was really set on bullyragging
him they'd have to Increase his
f. 11. Shields' law library and
grip were handled this time by J.
H. Nye. There was a jealous feel
ing shown by Mr. Shields when he
noticed that W. R. Mctiarry Had
changed armor bearers but Nye
didn't see the joke till it was ex
plained. Then Nye shifted his
responsibility to V. W. Valentine
who is "also reading.
Through n misunderstanding this
paper last week credited M. L.
Holbrook as having purchased the
interests of h. B. Chipmati in the
St. Johns Land Company. This
was an error.
The interests of L. II. Chipman
were bought by Charles Bailey
who has been in the office for about
a year and who has proven him
self a young man with a good head
for business. He has been making
many sales and has really had con
trol of the office Mr. Chipman
havingother interests.
Mr. Bailey is now part owner
and completely manager of this
office and is fast making a rep
utation for square dealing.
A Wedding.
The ladies pf the IJvangclical
church will give their annual pro
gram at Bickncr hall on Friday,
February 23. They will have a
sale of goods. Ice cream and cake
served from one to six p. m. Doors
opened to all. In the evening
there will be a program of recita
tions, vocal and instrumental
music, and will be concluded with
a wedding af'.r which ice cream
and cake will be served: 25c will
be the charge for the entertainment
ami refreshments.
Smoking is a pleasure if the cig
ars are bought at Valentine's.
Goodrich & Goodrich,
Saint J0I111.1 and Portland, Oregon
W. E. SWENGEL, The Harness Maker
We use the old-fashioned
genuine Oak Tan
California Leather. Very
best obtainable. Gives
long, faithful service.
Tri minings perfect.
Thread, Irish Linen.
My work is all hand
sewed : and it is seldom
that a stronger or more
durable harness can be
found than those I han
dle. We make a specialty
of repair work doing it
neatly and satisfactorily.
One trial will convince
you that we do pleasing
kt C ClAIE-IUnn Tacoma Street
" 1 V,,
Poller & (loold
buy their diiltry netting, nails,
screen doors, etc., at the factory,
ami are daily receiving large ad
ditions to their well selected stock
of haidware and paints.
Sad .Mishap.
Tuesday, just before noon, a
serious accident occurcd at the'bas-
ket factory, whereby Roscoe, son of
Mrs. II. S. Magoiie, lost his right
hand. The victim was at work 011
the small joiner, where grape bas
kets are made, when the sad uffair
hapiicued. No one knows just
how it happened us the lad wa4s
used to the working ot tlie maciilue.
Manager Carlson was busy some
distance away but heard the cry of
pain and in an instant was at the
scene. A lialfdozeu co-laborers at
Notice is hereby given that at the
niceline of (he Council of the
City of St. Johns Oregon, I
011 the 14th dnyof Fcbnmry, A
D. 1906, the following r.solu
lion wn adopted:
Ititsoi.VKit: That tlie Council of tl
City ol St. Johiii, Orcuou, ilccinn It ex
peiiicnt and jroKe to Improve Ivnnlioc
direct ironi tne caticriy 1111c 01 imriiii
ton ittrcct to the westerly line of Kiel
innml ittrcct in the following manner, to
To cAtalilmt the ncccsKtry entile fo
paving mill to improve tuiiil Ivnnlioc
trcct. lay side walks, entile, etc. Sal
improvement to he uiinlc In accordance
with the Charter mid Ordinance of the
once Drought me mimed boy to city of St. Joltiu, ami the imitu, iiwclfi
the office of Dr. Holland where it cation mid cttiiiintisol Hie City l!n
was found the wrist was severed
completely. Magouu was later
taken by ambulance to a Portland
'11.1.. .
ncvr. Itlcil in tlie oince ol tlie Kecori
of the City of St. John. The cot of
mIiI Improvement to tie nM.'Hcd in pro
viueii 1 iy tne city ciuncr upon tlie pro)
erty nii-emuy linn iectmiiriy icnciiite
TMiU Occident fulls with crushlm? thereby and which U licrcliy declared to
"W-"1"11 " W "M!,m "1 l,c nil the H. ptru thereof; mid parcel
ce iiiKiu the whole family and r ,,, .,,(' ne I0() ccl ,rom l)u.
is also deeply deplored by all the InuUlde line of cuch utile of salil Ivnnhoe
nssiuMiiles ill tlio fuelorv its well ns I street.
Mr. Carlson, inaiiaiier. As closelv .The Hiiglncer's citlmatc ol the prol
as can be learned there is no blame
to be attached to anyone for the
affair except that sullicicut care
was not shown in running the
machine. ,
(lo lly Boat.
For Portland and way ixilnts
take steamer liaelle at public dock.
Leaves m. jonns at 0:15 a. m. ami
6:15 p. m.: arrive Portland (Stark
street dock) at 10:00 11. m. and
7:00 p. 111.
Is Branching Out.
W. C. Adams, whose ad apiKuirs
in tins issue, is now making a
strenuous bid for' business in the
line of cariK'Htcriug and contract-
ug. He now lias with him at his
otlice cottier Philadelphia and Ivan-
hoc a resident architect whose
work is mi id to lie of high quality
and whose services may be secured
at nominal figures.
.Mr. Adams linns mere are some
who desire to build better homes
than their means will allow and
or such he has a stxx'ial olitu to
furnish the extra money. This
will enable a better grade of homes
to Iw erceteq and ujKin very
reasonable terms; it will repay
those about to build to sec Mr.
able total cot (or the improvement of
Mid street U ;( 1,108.33.
The plan, siiecillcutloiu mid estimate
of the City Hnglneer for the improve
ment of said Ivanhoc ttreet arc hereby
kksoia-iui: Tluti tiieuty Recorder 1:
the City of St. John lie. mid I. hereby
directed to i-ive notice of the pmixincd
Improvement of said Ivanhoe street u
provided by the city charter.
Kcmoiiktnincc uuahut the atxnc hn
movement be filed in writltik' with
the tinilerslgncil within 15 day from Ihe
date of the first publication of till
lly order of the Council.
J. V. Hanks,
City Recorder,
lly 0. It. lMwiw, Deputy.
PnblUheil in the St. John Review l'eb
ruary 16, 33 ami .Murcli 3, 1906,
Notice is hereby given that at the
meeting of the Council of the
City of St. Johns. Oregon, held
on the I Ith day of February, A
D. 1906, the following resolu
tion was adopted:
fire may destroy your Home tiny
time. Are you protected auaiust
uitial or total lass ? If not, call
at the Peninsula Hank and learn
the small amount that will give you
Had Pine Wedding,
Wednesday morning, leh-
7, St. Francis church at Port-
Ri',so!.vii: That the Council of the
City of St. John, Oreeoa, deems it ex
pedient and proposes to improve I.eavitt
trectsftm the northerly line of Hayes
street fo tne totititeriy line ol jersey
street in the following manner, to wit ;
Toestabluli the necessary eraile for
tMvtiiK lotmpruvcMtiui.eaviiifcireei
ay klilc walk, eraile, etc. S.(iil hit'
provemcut to be made In accordance
with the Charter and Ordinance of the
Citv of St. lolitu. j tut the iilaiiij-
cation uiiil etlumtes of the City Hnei
neer, tiled in the orticc of the Recorder
of the City of St. John. The cot of
dd improvement to ue assessed a pro
viueii uy nte city charter upon tne pron-
atul, was tlie scene ot a Cbarmiuir " sjvetany ami peculiarly oenentteo
wcldiug wherein A. 11. neitkeinicr
ami Miss Ktithcriue M. Siutiott
were the chiefly interested parties.
The ceremony was informed by
Rev. Kather Watt at nine o'clock
and a wedding lunch was served
immediately following.
1 he gtoom is n cigar maker of
us citv and the home of the
couple will lie at 415 West llur-
ingtou street after March 1. The
bride is well known in Portland
here hasts of acquaintances wish
her and her husband the greatest
future happiness.
For Side.
100 cords of wood green, dry
and mixed. Also 5000 cedar posts.
Orders soeieited. 1. H. Williams,
Phone Kast 6399, Siy Kellogg
street, bt. Johns,
thereby uttd which is hereby declared to
be all the lots, rurts thereof, ami parcels
01 latui wtinui a line 100 leet I rum the
imUlde line of each side of said I.eavitt
The l-.neiuecr's cstluiate of the irob
able total cost for the improvement of
-kita street 1 !k7.67.
The plan. kPeciricatlous and estimates
oi trie v-tty unsineer lor lite Improve,
ment of said I.eavitt street are hereby
Rksouvko That the City Reconterof
lite Ultv Ol M. lohiii tw. anil is. lierrhv
directed to eive notice ot the proposed
improvement of said ivauhec street ts
provided by the city charter.
Kcmousirauccs against tne above lui-
provemcut may be rued in writing with
the uudersh-tied within l dav from the
date of the first publication of this no
Uy order of the Council.
Citv Recorder.
Uy O. R. lWiii, Deputy.
Published in the St. Johns Review Feb-
ruarj-16, 33 and March 3, 1906.
Star -:- Market
We shall handle
only the finest of
and our patrons may
be sure of being sat
isfied in every case
Pull line of all
Meat Market Sundries
I Bickner Brothers
Department Store
All Goods Sold at Portland Prices!
Keep n huge hlock of General Meidinntlit-e, ineludiiie
Moots and Shoos, Giwuiicp, Hardware, lloimo Fumls
Peed, lite. In fact everything. Their Pricon 1110
right. Don't wnstto your linio going to
Poi'llaml, hut romo in and too our
Htoclc ami priccH.
Dry CIimkIi.
Smith & Hoover
Next door to Kdmondson's
An Ordinance Assessing the Cost of
Const tiding a Sewer or Sew.
crs : Commencing nt Ihe In
ter ect Ion of John mid Jersey
Streets In the City of St. Johns,
thence to Phil tdclphin Street,
mid thence to (lie Willamette
river on said Phllailclph a Street,
and Directing nn l:ntr, of such
Assessment In the Docket of
City Mens.
The City of .St. Johns doe ordain a
The Council of the City of St. John
having iiKcertuincd the cot of eoutruct
ing said sewer in said Citv of St. Johns,
as shown by resolution of council of said
city, of record und date DccemU-r i6,
noj,nud notice thereof having been pub
lished in the SL Johns Review for three
consecutive weeks, from December jo,
1905, to January u. 1006. inclusive, us
shown by the affidavit of the foreman of
sam ijK-r 011 tile, anil the legal posting
of notices of such construction, a shown
by the affidavit of City Ktiglnccr on file
with City Recorder, as provided by said
resolution of December 16, 1905, mid
that the City Hugiuecr's estimate of the
iroiuuie cost ot saiiiscuci or sewers is
t3, as a preliminary estimate made
y said City linelneer. to be more nccu.
ratelv determined bvsaid Citv Hnidneer.
and us to time within which Mid sewer
or sewers is to be completed, which i
now fixed at sixty days from last tmbli
cation of notice for proposals for Mid
worK ; proisisais to im? tiled
I96, at 4 o'clock p. in.
Now. therefore, it is herebv ordert-il
that said sewer or sewers be constructed
accordingly, and that the Recorder shall
give notice by publication for three in
sertions in successive weekly publications
in the St. Johns Review, a newsumcr of
Kcucrui eireumuou 111 me tuv ot .st.
Johns, Oregon, inviting propoufs for the
coiistnictlou ot said sewer or sewers, and
said sum us estimated by City Kniiiiieer
s eosi wicreoi, or sucn sum us shall
nnauy ie iixeu ami uetermluetl by Citv
KriKiueer not exceetlini' said sum . U
ucreuy assesseu 10 tne lots, ami parts ot
mis anu tracts in tneir several proiwr
tlous in the asesitieut district of said
sewer or sewers aforesaid in the resjH-ct-
ivc uiuouiiis 10 oe uereaiter iieterminr.i
and ascesseil to said lots, parts of lots and
tracts, as being benefited bv said sewer
sewers, vii :
The district bounded :
Commencing at the uorthwest corner
it pot aituition m sant
Remember The Big Department Store
Cornui- Joincy Street ami Hrondwny
Ot. Johtif, .O.rogon
Best Buy in St. Johns
Fine Bearing Fruit Trees on Each Lot
St. Johns Title, Abstract and Trust Co.
Holbrook Ihilldiiij:
Willis Motoii
1.1 I'srkcr
Citv of St
ilme in I.. ... . .
, wvmv w jviwrj- street ; ineuce
lonowing luiiitnore street to the Will
amette river; thence following the
meunderings of the Willamette river to
uisourg street ; ineuce on I'ittsburg
treet to Orcsham street ; theuce to lolm
iiwi , uicuee 10 Ncaoee Street, follnw.
ng John street ; thence to the northe.m
corner of Depot addition on llurlingtou
iucuwv lunuwing tine ot Uepot
addition to the place of beginning.
The Recorder is hereby directed to en
ter at the proper time the said assess
ment hereby made in the Docket of City
Liens, and cause notice thereof to be
published as provided bv the .-it v ,i,,.
tcr. ' '
l'assetl the Council Fcbnury 14, 1906.
Approved Vebruary 14, 10.16.
. W. II. Kino,
Al,,cu . Maor'
J. W. Hanks,
By O. R. Iowus, Deputy.
Published in the St. Johns Review Feb-
luarj- to, na ilarch 3, 1906.
There are laundries and laundries some
turn out poor work and some turn cut
worse. You sometimes get disgusted
with the work that Is returned to you:
but if you patronize
The West Coast Laundry
Recently re-opened, this steam laundry Is doing the fin
est and best of work. Agencies at Portsmouth and
University Park. Work called for and delivered.
Hardware, Tinware, PliJhibinf
Tin Roofs, Gutters, etc.
Phone Scott 4065
The citiicns of St. Johns to know we
a "uie in tuts citv. Iure
uuik ueavereilat your door for 2 a
MUni, uuuiunai quarts at 7c
Taken Thursdays and Saturdays, de
livered Fridays and Mondays: jqc a
KJ- Send orders to
Dr. W.
Crown and ltridbe Work a
Rooms 1 and 3, HolbrooU Block. St. lohus
Faulk &
ST. J0HM. r
Coal. Hay. drain,
Ground Feed,
Phone East 713
UnlvaivHy Park.
. ... ... -V. rt AT
Fuel funiisliea, eiiuer :k
long. Draying and
ofeerykind. mP n,t'
Terms reasonable. .
Comer Jersey and Catlin, ST.