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Bonham & Currier
St. Johns the Center of Attraction
Now is the time to invest. Iti the spring in
vestors will flock here and prices will double.
Wi have a few I.ots left at
x Hiisiu ss I'rojierty I.ots
2 Lots with alleys ...
W. H. King Land
Bickner Brothers
Department Store
All floods Sold at
k'i't'p a Inijie slink of (It'W'inl Mi'ielmnilihO, Ini'hnlliuf Dry (IooiIh,
lloiitH ami Simon, (Jriieoiirn, llmdwari', IIuiimu KiiriiiHliltiKN
IVed, i:ic. In fact uvorytliini;. Tliuir I'lices are
liuht. Don't- Mitxl.t .u r limo ki!iu to
I'oillniul, Itnt ciiino in anil mu our
Hlnck ami pi-iron.
Remember The Big Department Store
(,'ui nor .lorwy .Sheet ami Itrnnilwny
fit. JoIiim, Oregon
t J. i. I'Oll'
I'riiii llrllirrjr 11111I
Phono Union IllOl
If You Had a
Bank Account It Would
Kncotiniuo thrift and economy.
Systematize onr business.
dive yon a permanent record of your business trans-
( live a uood impresKion to
business lelations;
And jjivc you more confidence in yourself.
The Peninsula Bank
: The Edward Holman
Funeral Directors
Mk ru 1nlu1l UK t -
Te-lanhonu B07
220-222 Third St., Corner Salmon,
mr-f iU . i.mii ami' uml. uuli tv
v I rttmlcHtv IK I't.l. u V. til
nil. u. .i i i.hii tu.iwtli iMiii itjti'i
17 '
' J '" " A
I i. M ' " 1 l",h l''lllll
J ' V it 1 HrMi
. !.. HI, HH. ll.IIM.IIMg I If .1
I ! ! In MIC il.Ull.l
WISH IJIiO.S. Dentists.
' , I Ailing HuiLtlNg i. ii
lfH ri linn, nil v
lu 11 III
I'K W Ull
Fnulk & Merrill
Conl, liny, drain, Plour
(iromul Peed,
Painls, Oilt and Building Materials
Phone East 713
University Pork,
Should Ik; looked
after at frcipu-nt intervals. If
neglected you are doiuj it uu
iujiutic ami a doesn't fcivc
tho watch 4 Jiow. CluuniiiK it
U one uf cMir H.viais. Kor
ukitint; w dev. of vourNe.
Wilson, the Jeweler,
Tacuaia Si , Si. Juhm. On;
V 1.AUR1-L 1.0 Dill:
No. 186 1. 0. 0. V.
Mit t I'uclt Mouihy vvvaiiiK in Mil
1'vIIom hull, at 7:30. VUltnr urloomril.
O. W. 0crtict, ii. 11.
1?, HIHoU, SccKtuty.
1 200.00
Co., St. Johns.
Portland Prices!
Cirrrrl I'llrre
all with whom yon have
Undertaking Company
and Embalmers
,udy AmUIuuI
WW ' I ct
Mllllclll (i I 1
ij.U Miiiti; . mi
Thml mill r n
i HI KUIl'lDll 1 I
AUiii uu
The llazelwood
K. r. TiHi.MM, lroj.
In an tip to-dato ipiick I.unch,
t'igitr, t'onft'etionory and Nvn
htaiul. TI10 Cck'liralt'd Hatel
uooil Crouitt anil Mutter kept
in stuck.
Corner Jorsey St and Broadway
St, Johua, Orcs'Jj
Houses For Rent
YUhituUr, JcMtUf,
Importer an J Wholmle Dealers
286 Morrison Street. tlSui POUTLAHB
Forced To Yield Bottle.
Last August a man died nt
Kalama, Washington, under cir
curnstances jxjculiar. When iound
his room was on fire but no signs
of violence were seen.
Coroner li. V. Wicker, now of
St. Johns, held an inquest. A
small bottle of white powder was
found by the coroner in the dead
man's room and this was taken
by Mr. Wicker who has since re
tained it.
The widow has been having
trouble In getting the $10,000 for
which O. M. Kosenclale was in
sti red the company refusing to
nay on what it deemed a suicide
The company has also been very
anxious to get hold ol the bottle o
powder but Mr. Wicker has stead
ily refused to yield it.
Last Saturday an order was
issued from the federal court which
could not be iiiiiored. The bottle
was turned over to the court on
Tuesday but precautionary meas
ures were taken to avoid attorneys
for the insurance company tamper
nir with the contents. It wouh
be a very easy matter to Inject
jwisoii in the bottle where so large
ti stun was at stake even if the
present contents were harmless.
The court has ordered mi iinaly
sis of the powder.
The drip.
"llefore we can sympathize with
others, we must have suffered our
selves." No one can realize the
suffeting attendant upon mi attack
of the grip, unless he has had the
actual experience. 1 Here is prou
ably no disease that causes so much
physical ami mental agony, or
which so successfully denes medical
aid. All danger from the grip,
however, may be avoi'ied by the
prompt use of Chamberlain s (. ough
Kemedy. Among tne tens o
thousands who have used this rem
edy, not one ease has ever been re
ported that has resulted In pneii
nioiiia or that has not recovered.
For sale by Jackson's Pharmacy.
Contractor Was Hit.
The latter part of the week
rumor was rife regarding the brick
block being erected by W. C
Adams for the Chinese. It was
asserted that an iuiliuelion luu
been Issued neaiust farther work on
the building, that it would have to
be torn down, and that it was uu
These stories coming to the ears
uf Ailiiiim In tun.ti-it 11 nutlet? llmt
was sharp and to the oitit. This
notice reliites nil these claims ami
declared that the btiildiui; was to
be a very fine one.
lust where these rumors oriei
untcd Tint Kitvntw does not know.
The heavv rains nenetratetl the soil
about the brick walls so that the
foundation settled and the walls
were braced in order that the whole
wall might settle evenly: and it is
(MKiihlc that this gave rise to the
Mr. Adams when consulted about
the notice said:
"That means itist what it snvs.
Hy gracious, I tell you I'm loaded
lor oearl I ve had enough of this
knocking on me these stories that
the building is falling down, and
that I've been stunned workini? on
.. .... r
it! Theie's eoliu: to be trouble if
someone don t quit it. the build
ing is going right along and will Ik;
the lcst ?.sooo building in the city
wueu 11 is iinisueii."
Dinners Of A Cold And How To
Avoid Them.
More fatalities have their origin
in or result from n cold than from
any other cause. This fact alone
should make cople more careful as
there is 110 danger whatever from a
cold when it is properly treated in
the Degiuiiiug. lor many years
L hatniRTlain s Lough Kemedy has
been recoguted as the most prompt
and effectual medicine in use for
this disease. It acts 011 nature's
plan, loosens the cough, relieves
the lungs, oiens the secretions urn:
aids nature 111 restoring the system
to a healthy condition. Nml by
Jackson s niarinacy.
Abide A Trial.
K. V. Wicker was awakened
about midnight Sunday by a niuf
lied noise and noted the glare of a
iiasuiigui. lie sprang trout his
lcd and called to bis urtiicr, Mr
lllackburu, at the same time reach
ing for his gun, A moment later
the premises weie clear but he
awakened in the nick oi time,
The same night a couple lellows
were driven away from Paschal
mils property and it is lwlicvvu
they tried to fire the barn. Some
burned ivuter. shavings, and charred
u-ood placed against the bant arc
evidence toward this accusation.
Levy Is Made.
The school Uvuil has made its
levy iiton the valuation of $1,543,
594 1 d J fio mills is the figure
selected. Of this amount 1.7 mills
is for the general fund; street im
provements, .4 of a mill: outstand
ing notes, .66 mills: bonds, .33
mills: interest, .5? mills.
New One.
St. Johns man to Portland man.
"We'ie eoiinr to have a nice sa.
loon in St. Johns."
Portland man to St. Johns man;
"Do tell!"
St. Johns until to Portland man:
"No: ho tell"
The Man,
A man with a fireplace seems to
have n contract to heat all out
doors. Wonder if anyone has wished
the Russian potentate a "Merry
New Year" ?
They are going to hold n goat
show at Dallas. Turn to the left,
please, and butt in!
Cupid had the busiest year in the
history of Portland but the divorce
court showed a mighty spritely
liver notice how much better the
fire burns when vou are tin enrlv
than it docs when you're twenty
minutes late?
liver since Potter & Goold have
gotten their stock of calenders
Ooold has Ik'cii ciissin' umbrellas
(This is not an nd.)
"The Hluck Heifer" was recently
played by nit Oak Grove Dramatic
Club. Here s hoping none of the
actors made a bull of it.
C. T. Ycrkis, the rapid-transit
king of the world, died in New
York Friday night. He knows
now what real "rapid transit" is.
The trust has gobbled nil the
catch of Maine lobsters and now
the only lobsters left there arc those
who join the get-rich-immcdiately
The Portland Journal's "benuly
column" gives a rccitc for n lotion
"for 11 red nose." And we always
thought eop1c desired to get rid of
a red nose I
It is claimed that the "STattie of
Satan" over which so much usli
has recently leeii read bore
strong resemblance to Jojin I).
Kockef -r. Well?
The man who wrote "Throw
Out The Life-Line" received but
$25 from his publisher for the
work. Iividctitly he threw the
life-line to the wrong crsou.
A message .was sent around the
earth last Monday in eleven sec
ouds. Next to the spreading of a
bit of spicy gossip nt a sewing cir
clc that is the swiftest record made
Key. Dan Under Sxke in Port-
laud Miuday aiteriioou 011 "Losing
The Man." It is understood that
a sccial invitation was extended to
the Portland oIice mid detectives.
A new railway nd says "Quick
lime to a warm clime." Po.ssibly
prosieetive passengers should look
up the crcciitagc of fatal accidents
on that toad before touching their
Arizona is getting pietty mighty
particular. Rather than to go into
the union in conjunction with New
Mexico her jteople .say they'll wait
a score of years ami go in like 11
Isn't it oild that whenever a de
faulter hikes away he always leaves
a "luo'a'ii hiartcd" wife? If he
leaves a full purse it doesn't take
long to )utclt tip the heart so it 1
work all right for another man.
At Mc.Minnvllle, so the News
Keorter asserts, is a cow that can
wiggle lur horns. A cow who
couldn't wigwag signals ol distress
would be of no use in McMiuuvilU
uiilc;s they run her for city mar
A Chicago man went home
Christmas live without a present
for his wife This so enraged her
that she Veat him with a poker til
the police came and arrested her.
She hung her stocking up in the
mill-pen that night.
A Houston (Texas) editor had
his throat eut from 'ere to ear last
Saturday by one of his type-setters.
Possibly the editor persisted in
"marking out" the final "me" on
program and the compositor
didn't like it that way!
Philadelphia's Y. W. C. V. has
decided to turn out all members
over 35 years old. But who ever
heard of an unmarried woman of
35? However, if they do quit
there'll be a chance to form an O.
O. C. I'. (Qld Girls Christian
Professor Paul Carus asks "What
Is Forgetting" Forirettinir. Paul.
is neglecting to agitate the yellow
matter in your imagination bulb so
as to definitely settle whether you
were to take home a chunk of short
ribs, order a cord of short wood, or
get your teeth filled and be short
for six mouths. Forget it J
The swectot one I've ever met
Are dear old maids:
You'll uevcr we them In a pet
Thoe dear old maids:
They exereix, at people know, that good
old chrutiaa ck'arity,
They take the gilts that come to them
without undue Hilarity:
And keep their VoubleV to themselves
wnicn surely I rarity
Those sweet old maids
' 1 Thorn, i
jiit to B Obstrved In Cooking Vae
Onions should-fllwoys
hard water, salted, because they lo3e
much of their flavor and aroma it
boiled in pure soft water.
String beans usually need to boil
forty-fivo minutes. The addition of
small bit of salt pork will general
ly minimize any rank flavor und will
improve them. When done dram
thoroughly, season with Bait, pepper
and butter.
Turnips, carrots, cabbngc nnd on
ions fchotild be boiled in a great deal
of water and taken up immediately
and drained when sulllcicntly done.
Overcooking destroys the taste, and
too little wntcr will allow them to
turn dark in color.
A very little sugar added to toma
toes, squash, peas, corn, beets nnd
turnips will improve them.
Turnips will cook more quickly
when cut into thin slices; otherwise
thev will need to cook a long time.
Cauliflowers should bo tied in a
net to prevent boiling to pieces.
Potatoes on Half Shell.
Hake large, smooth potatoes of
uniform size until they yield to the
pinching fingers. Divide each care
fully in half lengthwise, scrape out
the interior, taking cure not to break
the skin; mash the potato with 11 lit
tic hot milk nnd melted butler until
vmi rnn limit it into a cream: salt
nml iiiMitwr. IWt iii two tublcatJOOn
ilia it ifrri plm.i4i fur two cunfuls
of potato and return to the waiting
shells. et into the oven until not
through and slightly browne
Serve in the skins.
To Clian Ribbons.
Pin lliimi iiimii a board covered
with 11 clean white cloth and scrub
with 11 bit of soft white flannel from
end to end with cold wafer to wind:
vou have added a little houschol
ammonia. Do this faithfully, nm!
lrv iiiwiii iliu boii nl in the sun
bleaching at last if necessary with
tiornxldo of hvdroL'cn. then exoosini!
to the sun. When almost dry, cover
with thin muslin and iron on the
The Oust Cloth.
A damp cloth is the best of al
dusters, nltliom-li many women wil
not use it on any account, claiming
that it injures the polish on the itir
niturc. Tills objection is absurd
for if tho cloth is clean it will not
harm tho furniture in the least. I
mav remove tho uloss. but this can
easily be brought buck when tho
surfuco 01 tho wood is dry ny run
bing hard with 11 dry, soft cloth.
Deviled Chicken.
Tnko thu left over meat of cob
cooked chicken and cut into neat
nieces as hiruo as possible, dust each
piece lightly with cayenne pepper
and suit and brush with a little
made mustard. Melt a tablespoon
fill of mustard in n chafing dish am:
put in tho chicken with n quarter of
n citn of stock or milk. I lent thor
oughty, turning the pieces over in
the gravy, and 6ervo on toast.
To Avoid Taking Cold.
Stop worrying about diseaso
germs, which you cannot cscnpo any
how, and fortify your system against
them by hardening processes. Keep
thu foot dry nnd avoid sitting in
drafts when heated. Harden the
body by reasonable exposure to cold
air and cold water. Then you wil
never have a cold, ami tho grip nni
pneumonia germs will nover bother
To Brighten the Hair.
Uso yolk of eggs with a bit of bak
ink' eoda beaten un in it nnd a little
claret added as a slmuqioo to bright
en your half. Honey and rhubarb
btalks steeped in threo parts of
whito wine is also a good hninpoo
ior urigniening unrK liuir. Let it
Btand twenty-four hours, strain ami
uso by wetting hair, roots and all
ijil dry on.
To Drive Out'Rats.
Tho rat has a very sensitivo foot
covered by a very delicuto integu
ment, which is burned bv unsluckei
lime. If wo sprinkle the holes am!
runways of the rat with unslucked
limo ho will dtsert the houses, fie
u also u very thirsty animal, and if
wo eut oil his source of water ho
will desert tho region.
Baked Cranberries.
Fill n casserole or stone crock
two-thirds full of fino largo buries,
not overripe, cover with hot water,
put on a tight mting lid and bake
until tender. As thev homii in ir..
soft stir in carefully" half as much
ujpr as there are cranberries, and
nnisn ouking.
Tomato Bouillon.
A con of tomatoes and a quart of
strong bouillon, one email onion,
(dimtruvl ftnn n liniimml ......I.. .:n.
. wum.uvi umuc mill
six cloves, twelve whole peppers and
linlf . .... ..I 1 tr ,
a.i u ivaspuumui ui eeiery seed
wrapped in a bay leaf. Roil and
ill ll.. 1 Ml 1
'". me uouillOU 10 C001
heat again and serve at once.
A Jamaican Ijtdy Sneaks Hichh
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
Mrs. Michael Hnrt .if r
"I ...v v., C
supcnmeiKient ot Cart Sen-ice at
Kingston. lanmim ivi t..,i: t-
lauds. SslVS thllt Cllfb line fsNt-
years used Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy for coughs, croup and
whooping cough ami has found it
verv ii i.... :...i::.
IIIU "111111111
confidence m it and would not be
Without a bottle nf 11 in l,Ur l,.
- . ... ..v. IIUIIIC
ix.d by Jacksou's Pharmacy.
in sj.
aT Per
from date of purchase we will refund
' our money with 6 jier cent interest.
This same guaranty we have been
offering since wo first undertook to
get ii di'striis to St. Johns, something
over three years back nml up to date
no one has asked for his money back.
Lots and Acreage
on Installment
I UWvl 3
There arc laundries and laundries some
turn out poor work and some turn rut
worse. You sometimes get disgusted
with the work that is returned to you:
but if you patronize
The West Coast Laundry
Recently re-opened, this steam laundry is doing the fin
est and best of work. Agencies at Portsmouth and
University Park. Work called for and delivered.
To Am. Whom It Mav Conckknj
Notice is hereby given lhat there is
now iH.-niliiiK More the Common Coun
cd of the City of St. Johns, County of
.Multnomah, State of Oreguu, a petition
akiuj; for the vacation of all that por
tion of Albany street ifonnerly North
Second street) in James Johns First Ad
ditiou to the town (now divl'nf m
Johns, County of Multnomah, State cf
,.vKuii, Hum me wieriy une oi uur
lington street (formerly Wuddueton
street) in said chv. to a mint fnrt
feet northwesterly from the westerly line
..v... .mvvi 11'iiiiiiv ittyiur sireeii
wid city; which said petition was
uuiy llico Willi Ilie Cltv rrrnn pr nf cni.l
viiv 01 m. jonns on tue utli day of Dec.
VMS Irs. 1 . IUUN.
That said jKtition will be called up
said council on Muml.-iv. the mil .In,. ,A
iui iicanni; ui ine reim ar 1,111.1.. ,f
January, 1906, ut the hour of 8 o'clock,
IMblished in Thk Rkvikw December 23,
"J ''5. januar)'5, . 1900.
F. J. Koerner,
Mans and srteeinVntinn.. 11..
furnishetl on nnnloiw... in ..! 1.
Is best expressed by our
guaranty of 20 per cent
Increase in value of
property during the
coming year. This guar
anty provides that In
case the property you
purchase does not in
crease in value at least
One Year
3 Chamber of Commerce
Portland, Oregon
Agent at St. Johns
To All. Whom It Mav Conckk.n:
Notice is hereby giveu that there tt
now pending before the Common Cow
cil of the City of St. Johns. County
Multnomah, State of Oregon, a ptbtw
asking for the vacation of all tn P?'
Hon nf Inlin iliwt in the Said City W '
Johns, running from the southerly "f
of Bradford street to the harbor m
the Willamette river; which &aiu pcuw
was duly filed with the city recorder
said City j( St. Johns on the 1 Ith day ,
December, 1905. ... '
That said petition will he calledaf
for hearing at the regulai -Meeting otst
Council oa Monday, the 15th dy. JJ
uary, 1906, at the hour of 8 o clock, p.
W. C. Franc
Published in THK RKVIKW Dccea'
29, 1905; January 5, H.
To Ait, Whom It Mav CoscfH.v:
Notice ia kereby given Uiit tbew-
now peadiMC Mtore
the Coawe-
Council of the City
of St.
County of MtUtnotaaB, State of Orat".
a petition" for the vacation of "
portion of Sakm street (formerly TO"
street) in Jaaaes Johua First Addit
the tbwa (now city) of St. John, ,
Jiomah CoUBty, State of Urrgou,
the southerly lisc of Bradford "
harbor line ia the Willamette nm.
which said Bctkioa was duly bled
the cltv nconlsr of said City of St.
ou the nth Mr ot Vtctmixr, y.
That said prfkkw will be called W -
bearing at the regular wi.j, - -couneitoa
Moad.y, the 15th 1 - JJ
uary, iqob. k we iri o -W.
C. FbaW
t". '
1, worn
done with neatness and dispatch.
9i 19& JMMX 5'