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Not a freak food with a freak name
but simply the little hearts of the
finest wheat. Easily cooked, of
delicate flavor, and contains all the
nutritive elements of the wheat
berry. ' ' '
All grocers. 5 11). pneknge 35 cents,
The Portland Flouring Mills Co.
$1.00 Undermuslins 59c
fhjjjj an opportunity not to be overlooked if you have any needs to sup.
nlvin the way 01 muaim umiuHtMi i imisim uuucrganncuuot liner
cambric, beautifully made nml tinislied with clusters of tucks, rows
of insertion nml mating; snori sums, lotij; skirts, gowns, corset
covers, drawers and chemise, cut in nil the latest styles. We offer
this great special in order to reduce our stock of iwpular-priced
Uti(iermiislius for
earinents of wincit we nave n very supply tor uns sea- -v
L), c offer you nil our regular 75c and $1.00 LMg
Corner Fourth and Morrison, Portland
Our Local Grist
day"7 BcebcecauSht3Ctyix Wednes
Ht ... . .
mc lienor Dm nii.. i. i
MV , ,uc sm, j- uiglll.
woric on the trrnillni nf itnrilt,
Hi "ul i 10 pusn aionn as
nijnuiy as contemplated.
Rev. A. L. ltoltpr will
PMlp t ot the Evangelical church next
Sunday evening nt eight o'clock.
Ilcforc Judge Hanks vcstcnlnv the ensr
I nttnliu, 1 1 ,-...- . -
.iiir)- ujuuru, as mentioned
i-iBcwiiere in tins issue, was dismissed
The St. Johns 1'harmncy has a change
of ml this week, and is strongly urging
me uisiiiicctioii project which was com-
iiicul-cu msi ween by this paper. Good.
.orrcsponilcnts are urecd to write
ujioii one side of the paper only; also
urged to write, or even print, all proper
names which may occur in the tiianu-
The St. IoIim.
s building a warehouse at the rear of the
101s recently purchased hy A. D. Mac
Donald. The wnn-liotin will l ,
with tcn.foot ix)sts.
The new flour mill timnnsltlm, I. m.
assured fact. Minneapolis parties will
hack Joseph 15111, of that city, in a Hour
Ing mill of 2,000 barrel capacity, and the
site hat already been secured.
. . . Now is the time to . . .
Disinfect Your Premises!
Dbn't put it off any longer 1
nisi' regret it 1 .
Chloride of I.iine I
Fumigating; Sulphur 1
Crude Carbolic Acid !
Piatt's Chlorides I
Ilroiiio-Cliloniltim I
Crrolin-Konnnlin-I.ysol I
. . In stock ut the . .
" WllltKK Tint Cau Stoi-.s!"
And learn something about our special
The old reliable Heath & Milligim llest Prewired Taints
Oils, Paihvay White Lead and Chi-Nuiucl
Varnish always on tap.
Tint IIaiuhvakk Mhn.
That chamber set nt ilm Si.
llaiar is a dandy and only jc 11 chance.
Oeorec O. O00M. of lti..r,i
who underwent an otxrntlnti nt St.
Vincent's Ilosoital two w1m
appendicitis, Is home again. He is very
tnucu improved and expects to soon be
back In the store.
Hcgulur services will Ik hold nt tlm
Congregational tabernacle Sunday tuorti
lug and CVeniltL'. Ill the ttinrnliiir nl
eleven o'clock Kcv. Upshaw will siwuk
on "The Test of a Mfe"; In the evening
at eight o'clock the subject will be
"Refuges of Lies." The sutilrct for
w eiiuesday evening prayer meeting will
be "The i)isiciiMtlou of Grace." All
arc cordially invited to these services
lake your lllhlcs.
Plrst-class coffees ami teas at Alcorn's
Mrs. V. C. (nv has returned from
trip to the cast,
Mrs. Hamilton's truest from l'oitlund
went Home today.
A ureal ileal of caiutiliiir Is uolni? 011 In
I 1 f 1 o o
i.wimuii 111 present.
Mrs. Glllmore illetl verv stulilcnh-
.i.-.i . 1 .
wemieiMiiiy morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Ulchanl Devull have
company from Portland,
The two cool n)ls In I.lntitoii
Alcorn's store uud the ravine.
Ice cream served Saturday nMit nt
wie nance. 1.0111c one, come all.
J. C. Novel, of Duluth. is now In
Chicago seeing about the machinery for
the new box factor'.
V. 1. Carr and sister, of Detroit, nre
tuc guests 01 ."Mr. mul Mi. diaries (1
WllMXi, ol tills place.
I)t of rliKj fruit here now: aimles
pliiius uud some icars. The lwvs found
this out before the owners. Not so much
left now.
B. S. Johnson
Ivanhoc street.
is building a home on
Mr. Falrchlld is building a fine resi
dence on his lot on Vandcruuilt street.
Miss Rose Hatfield is not considered
out of danger yet, mul is still at St.
Vincent's hospital.
miss I'cierson, lroin Wisconsin, is a
guest of Mrs Walstcd for a few days.
one, niso, Dices tuc l'arK,
Vincent Allen, nephew of Henry Izard.
of Portsmouth, has returned from his
hunting trip. He met with 110 success.
Miss Kuth Latvcrettc, who has been
guest of Miss l'antiy Ilctustock, returned
to iter Home in .Mc.Minnvlllc on Friday
Miss lira Giffortl has been indisposed
i iicr uoiiic in I'oini view, hi. loiins.
She is employed at the Meier Sc I'rauk
Our Local Grist
Sunday was torrid enotiirh to bp p
.. 11 1 . ..
n lvonu oaoy,"
Good morning I Have you seen the air
snip 1111s morning t
Mrs. A. V. Learned is spending a
month at Sea View, Washington.
Did you sec that chamber set nt Hip S.
Johns ilazar?
The llaptlstfl will hold their usual sen
vices next Suiulav In tin AiUimiiUi
A son was bom to Mr. and Mrs. 11. C.
Henderson Wednesday, June 2. And so
we grow.
Muck & Deerle arc advertising n lidr
sale on coffees and sugar for Saturday of
una nee.
little son,
sick list for
Nuslt, ol
I.ota, arc
mttuice, near
: TI18 Edward Holman Undertaking Company
Funeral Directors and Embalmers
iloJtrn Aiiibulaiice Talttphon 607 Iidy AuUUiiit
120-222 Third St., CoroK Salnon,
44444444444444 444444444444444
The flazelwood
It nn up-lo-tlnlo quick Lunch,
Cijnr, ConfeiMioiieiy und Ncwh
blsna. The Celebrntcd IlnwU
oo4 Cream mid Hutter kept
la stock.
Cttiir Jersey St. and Broadway
St. Mu, Oregon
whestrit't' f res5llence l)rolurty
J0iKWmS ',l's-treelK grailoil, lots
tnlu't Td at J1" 'le most fuv
Mw in Die market.
JCluaber of Commerce. Portland
Portland Jobbing Co.
numwnj, Oaifltllnf
&mflttin,j, Roofl
Qultfr. r.
ARonble Kates'. Stoves. Pur
Tinware Repairetl. Quick
All Work Guaran.
lFiflh St CorAnkeay
L. Tyner, Propriet
Ih (lie .strongest char
acteristic of a watch.
If you would know
why, ask
Mr. and Mrs. John Stencil celebrated
their thirtieth wcddlui: niiuiverwirv Sat
unlay evening. May they have occasion
to ccieunuc many inorc.
Will Alcorn and wife sticiit Suiulav at
ncumne. iiie piucc nu ih-coiiic very
ixipular a there arc about live thousand
jteople viitiug there now.
Mrs. llell Is seriously ill with fever.
Monday noon It was ucccMary to remove
iter to it rottianu Hospital. Mie is be
ginning to show signs of recovery.
Htlgar C. Wilson, of Woumii. WIhcoii
sin, who hat been visiting here, left for
the enn Tuesday lat. 1'reilcrick Scott
mul I'rauk KcNtcrcxprct to leave 1'rliUy,
tue luunu.
W. C. O.i v. who has been sufferini!
with pleurisy, has returned from the
hospital, Idle not in his usual i;ood
form, I.lutilon hopes to sec his sttccdy
IXiu't forget the dance Saturday ut the
new store, rrlec of udiniksioii joe (four
hits) iter couple, A nice smooth floor
uud good music, livvryoue is cortliully
tiivitca to autnii.
The Clark t Wilson I.umler Coiiitxiuy
is erecting u lurge iiiauiug" mill tlie old
lone King too small to meet tlie great
demanil for il rested lumler and other
planing mill products,
Saturday evening all the young folks
of I.iniitnu enjoyed the games, so dear to
childhood, around a bontirc wltli uu
n.ti.iul.I.iiaMl rf oiah imJ au-u
I ..t lk...l.l llIl..n..A ,.1 si.
mm w J w i iiunur ui tiavui usuu m viuvcihii uiriu
Wilson,- tne jeweier, -""iverry.
i litre win uc a nance at tne nan nuovc
Tacoma St., St. John, Ore.
35 large airy rooms divided into
Suites of two to four rooms, also
single rooms. Situated one block
from Columbia University, near
cor. of I'isk St. and Itoulevaril.
Furnished or UnfuruUhed for
A. W. DICKSON Phen Scott 1296
Watchmakers, Jewelers,
Importers and Wholesale Dealers
286 UerriSM SkMt.M's PORTUND
Drav and Baoaaaa Line
Piano Moving Specialty.
I-eave orders at Blackburn's Furniture
store ami they will receive prompt
the new store Saturday, Auciut s. A
gooucrottii is exXrcieu as it win oe me
last dance in that place. Mr. Sheik, the
proprietor, intends to start fitting up
rooms immediately for his wife and two
1'or a long time I.iuutoii people have
been endeavoriiig to ecurc regular
church services. Sunday tcnooi has been
established and is well attended, At
present they have church service ever
other Sunday, There will be churcl
Sunday, August 13.
Down town rates at Sheik's new store.
Remember that!
Surveyors sent out by Northern Pacific
railroad have been setting up queer little
stakes with numbers on them in our
fields and back ards. It is reported that
that company intends to build a bridge
starting from the Washington banks of
the Columbia ami cud!ni near i.tnuton,
This will make one of the largest bridges
in the world.
Sinclair and Kdward Wilson, assisted
bv their friends from Michigan, gave a
"Marshmellow Roast" in honor of Harry
Incky return to i.innton, ah tne
young people between lourtecn and
twenty were invited and gathered round
the mammoth bonfire with their long
poles. After the marshmellows had
been visited thoroughly all were invited
to partake of ice cream, the mice of each
dish to be a fine stiecch to Harry, Prom
the many coiutifitnents tendered him
Harry must be very popular. Singing
ended tne evening's euienaininem.
Faulk & Merrill
Coal, Hay, Grain,
Ground Feed.
a.:.L. a:i. ..j as.u:.. MtKtU
Phone East 713
A Passible Chance.
Since the birth of her babe a
couple of months since Mrs. I. N.
Suitter has been seriously ill, as has
has also been the babe. For more
than a week both have been lying
at the door of death, with almost
no hope of recovery. As we ge to
press both ure Vesting a bit more
University Park,
Ort an Keep Your Eye On St. Johns.
Mrs. Lamon and
visiting Mrs. licllc
Park. Thcv arc from
urcgon uty.
William Matthews, of University Park,
tioitig itrouuii wltli 11 iMtidaci
n result of a bud cut and blood poisoning
lias developed.
Mrs. I'rauk Knudall uud her two
sisters, Misses llertilce and Panny Hem
stock, took in the base b.dl game last
Friday nlteriioou.
Mrs. I.ecaiul Miss Hthel llovt. both
uaugiiters 01 sirs, lioyt, 01 University
Park, left last Tuesday for Seaside ami
will occupy n cottage.
Mr. Wrluht. who has mid his mother.
.urs. 31. wniNit. 01 university, uu le nu
extended visit, left for his home In
Drain, Oregon, last l'riday.
Mrs, David Morgan, of University
Park, and her three children left lat
l'riday for the lleach at Seaside, nml will
remain until school opens in Septcmlcr.
Mrs. ltduar Hoyt's little sou hns liccn
slightly !iidisK)scd,'hut Is all right again.
Mrs. Iloyt took him to the fair last
Thursday, Kiilher a young slght-seclng
Mrs. Pcrris, of Dwlght street, by the
advice of her physician, has iNistimiicd
her trip to White Salmon iiuleliiiitcly, us
.hiss jeniiic s ncnuii win nut ticruiii iter
to Maud the fatigues of the Journey.
auss i'ctersoti,oi .larsuiiciii, soittiiern
Oregon, Is visiting her sister, Mrs
Smith, of St. Johns on a two-weeks'
vacation. Mrs. Smith Is the wife of
Motorman Smith on the St. Johns ear
place last
m Rivers.
n Hiptilar lady of University Park, was
united In marriage with W. D.infortli,
also of the Park, May greul happiness
iiiiemi iiiciii,
A very pretty wedding took
week on 1'itk street, when Mis
Miss Marguerite l'ltrgcnild and Miss
Martha llroughtoii sciil Monday with
Mrs. Ilieuueii and took 11 stroll about the
Park, with which thcv arc t!citcd.
They arc young tcuclicis of the lluttc
school in Montana.
Mr. Iluntiiii! and his family arc visit
lug his sister, Mrs, Stearns, and Is taking
In the fair. He is also gteatly luiprcsud
with the beauties of the Park. Helms
rooms with Mrs. Perns, at 1670 Dw tht
street, university raru.
Mrs, Ilrous, who lives on Haven street.
University Park, Is iccoveriui! from 11
severe ami painiui accident caused by a
spent sky rocket striking her 011 her
during tne rourtii ol July celeiira
In University Park. Ilcrclothlut!
cauuht fire mid shu had 11 mlniculous
escape from more serious injur',
Mrs. lillrabcth Perrv. who U visltlui
her daughter, Mrs. llroioe, of University
Park, is a pioneer of Columbia county,
having lived there since 1H4H, She came
to Yamhill comity In 1815 nud Mrs,
Perry can safely say she was the first
white woman living where Dayton now
siamis, niic is iiciiiHitcu witu tne rurk
ami despite ner in years sue lias ih-cii a
constant visitor nt the fair and joined in
the festivities held there last Saturday in
honor of Columbia county, She met old
Mrs. Oeorue Hall and
LaVcrne, have been on the
the past week.
I. A. Parker, of Poresl Orovp. U vUli.
Ing his father mid brother uud ulll
remain about a week.
The local brick vard has received n
good-sited order for brick to m to
Clatskniiic, WashliiL'tou.
William Donelan.of Olenwood. town.
was in St. Johns last week, guest of R.
A. Shcunl, of Shepard & Tufts.
If there is nuvthlliL' on earth stowir
than "finishing up" n good residence it
must lie "finishing up" another one.
Sllverficld. comer Pourthand Morrison
streets, appears in our coluiuns this week
with some line bargains in underwear.
The condition of the atmosphere
around lottc's dock last Sunday was
what might lie called of an indigo hue,
Miss Nettle P.ThoiniHon and MissKtta
Allen, both of Sllvcrton. Oreiron. wens
guests last week of Mrs. Nora McCaiiu
Mr. nud Mis, C. A. Cook were lnicsl
inn marriauc in iimsiioro. urcihrn. at
week Wednesday and came home
muck it Deerle arc udvvrtis in .loo
coffee next Saturday for only i$c: hut
they will sell but four ouuds to any one
Mrs. Oeorge ltverell and dauiihter,
iicieii, 01 .cw unveil. Lou leeiicut
were the guests )f Mrs. 1 A, McKeou
iat Wednesday.
Henry Knleluh was vlslttiiL' his cousin
Vieorgc nan, last .Monday. .Mr. Rulefgli
is a delegate from the Tueoina AitiMiis
to the local Circle,
C. IC. Secbcr. of I.oveliilid. Cohinnhi
arrived in ht. Jouiis last Saturday uiulit
Mr. St-eber Is one of the finest job
printers 111 tuc state.
Work of dMnfectliii! outlioues Is
going merrily 011 nud coplc are doing
tuiicligood 111 this direction, l'.vervoue
should iiuy some lime.
a gentle siiowcr irom live to seven
Wednesday tuorulm! Iiiviuomted veuela
tlou and heliied settle the little dust. It
was a strictly local ulfalr.
A.I. 1 lards nud daughter, lenule. of
lacoma, nre visiting tlie tuir uud came
out to St. Johns to visit friends. Mr.
Hards Is n barber of Tacoma.
Miss Clara Heller, ut one time ol Tint
RKVIKW force, came up from llwucoou
Sunday and Is vlsitiui! In this city. Her
sister, Mabel, left yesterduy for her
eastern home.
friends of her yoiitlrund I proud to My
she was the oldest woman of Columbia
county. She was Introduced to (ouruor
Chumlicrlulii uud other oiliciuls of the
fair. She returns to her home in
Houltou shortly.
Mrs.llrouss.of Haveusstreet. University
Park, treated her Sunday school class of
tiiirtecu pupil 01 tne v-oiiL-rciMtioiml
church to a picnic In Columbia Purk lust
Thursday, She was agisted In cuter
talnlug the young people by Mm, Wilson
uud Miss Kerr, They had n merry,
happy time uud there was an abundance
of good tilings to cat. Till is the lultiul
picnic held in Columbia Park, und wus
suggested by .Mrs. llrouse, tlieir teucher.
Thoc present were: Anualubot. I'.velvn
Jal)ot, Marguerite Kerr, Florence Kerr,
U'laltrouse, lluzel McCord, Rean, Ilniel
aim .Margaret .Mucmumeri, Ktiiei iirlcc,
iiorgau ciiristeuseii ami neryl .M. uisou.
r 1. . f. ....... 1
iiMviitin .nu. iirouse, .ura. Jvcrr uim
Mr. Wilson.
Airship Came.
Just iMjfore seven o'clock last
evening the airship Augehis, carry
tug i.eonaru ifcacny, uoveretl over
this city, with its engine disabled.
rior to this the monster tnaiiou.
veretl in fine shape in plain view of
couple of thousand sicctutor.s.
Willing hands towed the muchiue,
still aloft, to the new dock where
the launch I-ox towed her to
ortland. Another ascension will
be made tomorrow afternoon.
Modern Woodmen of America are to
give 11 dance this evening that will ccatc
at uililuluht. Good time promised to nil
who conic and the tickets hold 11 man
up for only 35c.
Mr. ami Mrs. D, Cline and two
children, from Stella, Washington, were
visiting .Mrs, 15. A. rainier. 01 rolut
View precinct, 011 Sunday. Mrs. Cliue Is
Mrs, Palmer duughter.
The steamer Alliance. In from Cull
lornia iKjints wltli n Heavy curuo. was
discharging ut Portland the first of the
week. She Is nowlu the St. Johns dry
dock for necessary reuilrs.
Mrs, II. II. Petreuud Mrs. OeorueMc.
of Akron, lowu, und Arthur Ovctn. of
llllllnns. Montana, are vIsltitiL! at thu
residence of A. S. Douglass,
The senior memlier of this firm is off
for a fishing trip the latter uirl of this
week uloiig with a few more descendant
of Ananias. UulckS the fish are lmmuiies
they'd better look a little out.
several 01 tne new trailer weru run
out here the first of the week to set) how
they took in the curves of the road. It
is understood that trailer will run
through to Alder street ut oure.
Oliver Nowell. brother of Mrs. Nancy
Copies, left St. John on Sunday, after a
lime week' visit at the Laplcs Home,
He went to his Chicago home by the
way of San Pruuclsco und U Angeles,
P. II. Johnston, business maiuiuer of
the Sugluuw IMIchlguu) Courier-Herald,
wus in this city on Tueduy, He, with
hi family, contemplate u cIiuiikc dl
locution uud he I look Inn over the cot
country to that end,
If the lxjy und ulrls who bathe In the
reservoir every warm day would consent
to first wusli at home before trying tlie
reservoir the flavor of the water would
be improved. Several croii ure kick
lug over this trifling mutter.
A. P. Allen, editor of the Volgu (South
) Tribune, nccomiuuleil by his
was in the city this week and
hem were guests of the family of
P. J. Peterson. This is their first trip to
the coast,
Only sc a chance for the chamber set
cousistiiiu of one wash bowl uud pitcher.
one chumU-r and one couibiiict, to be
rallied off ut the St. Johns H.izjir.
water company would arrange
If the
some signal itliout thirty minute prior to
shutting off the water it would save u
neap 01 prolanity. A it now I the only
alarm given is when the hot-watrr tank
cracks uud goes to the devil.
A Pleasant Surprise.
Mrs. C. II. Thayer was pleasant
y surprised last Thnrday evening
at the home of George Hall, when
the members of the Evangelical
choir came in for a short time to
bid her goodbye, as she is going to
Hamilton, Montana, for a two
months' visit with relatives and
A very pleasant evening was
sneut nlaviiiL' flinch and nit. CaV
and lemonade were served, and the pla" 'en accepteil by the prosiect
t'iipfit ,l,.rvirtl wUlil.i.r fr ve huyer- "' a" .'' remains to be
guests departed wishing Mrs. d0Ilc is the settlement of a ew minor
1 uuyci u vciy incu.-fciiii vacation. 1 details.
. ,
Tuewlav uftenioou while 'Charles
Suittet was driving the delivery wagon
for the lioston fiaktry past the woolen
mills, his horse became friuhteued arid
ran the wagon over a bank at the side of
the road and upset it. Tlie driver was
not injured, but the harness ami the
wagon were somewhat broken
Mr. uud Mrs. Kvcrrtt ure lata m-oulsi.
tious to St. lohus. The couple were
married in Hillslioro last Wednesday
the bride lielug Mis Maude, daughter o(
Rev. ami Mrs. C. I,. Hamilton. The
wedding was largely uttended,
A deal is on foot whereby the Cone
Lumber Comiunv will dispose of all its
holdings here. The price set uixin the
Mrs. Thayer has been the oruunist
at tne cliurcli for a long time.
Mail Schedule
Mail arrive at St. John at 7U a. 111..
and 1:15 p. in,
leaves at io;i5 a. m., and 4:50 p, ni.
0(tc bours, 9 (o if a. ni., s to j p. m.
Office rbone, Scott 1104.
Xtsldtncc fbooc, Uoloa J701. '
Offcc in Usimsltr lsr k Drug Store.
There will be uu open-air meetloir this
(Priday) evening close to the Cedar Park
station at which Rev. John Ilentzeln will
preside. He will sixrak 011 "Tlie Hvpo-
crite: What He is and Where to l'iud
Him." There will be a chorus from the
White Tetupleand Fred Mosier,coruetist,
will play "The Holy City" and other
selections. All are invited,
These Very Specials!
Will save you money this very month. To keep our stock
dowuso that we can get It all in the house, we
arc compelled to make these very
special prices :
Canned Tomatoes !
You may order all you want at this
price :
Pour cans for. ,
One case, 1 docn
25 cents
1-75 cents
Sweet Corn I
This Is a finegrade of Canned Corn,
mid would regularly sell for 10 cents
Our price, three cans 35 cents
Per case, 2 doieil 1-yo cents
Our Six Days Special !
He sure and sec this list. It is now
being printed. We arc compelled to
have our room. You will l aston
ished at the prices wc have made.
Iwodoicn country eggs... Scents
llcst Creamery Hutter. ...... 55 cent
Klgln Ilmnd llultcr 50 cents
Three packages Ccro Pruito 23 cent
Pound best Mocha and Java. 35 cents
Three cans Sweet Corn . ... 25 cents
Can Diamond W Il.iklug Pow 35 cents
Might ixntiuls llroken Rice.. 25 ccnU
Six pounds Good Rice 25 cents
Three pounds llcst Macaroni 25 cents
Pine Cream tlrcaJ I This is the fin
est bread put out anywhere, nml wJ
get It every morning. Plvu cents 11
loaf j six loaves for 25 cents.
Farm Produce 1
We want your farm produce and
are willing to pay you the very same
price that we have to pay in Pcttland.
St. Johns Grocery Co.,
Genoral MorohnnU, St. John, Oregon.
Hardware, Tinware, Plumbing
Tin Roofs, Gutters, etc.
Phone Scott 1065
Our Savings Department
. We wish to call the attention of all,
especially salaried people, to our Sav-
ing Department. Deposits as low as
$ taken. Hank open pay day even
ings. Drop in and lei us explain our
Saving Department plan.
The Peninsula Bank
X BIIW W BBS IWWI Bm Ills gnt ,
Umlm In
, LATH, 00AL. ETC.
(l IMIrnc.l M P.irlUn.l Prlrrs I'lus tin. Ilslf I'n-lslit ('liners
l'riMii'l Drlltrr sml Currrrl t'llrri
Phono Union 3101 ST. J0HN8,
t '
The Very Best of Crushed Fruits
used in sorvinn this popular
Miniincr bcvcriiKe at
St. Johns Sash and Door Co.
A. I). Ak'DONALI), AlnnnKer.
I.iKik over our t(ck of
! Screen Doors and Windows ; i
And you will find exactly wlmt yoti want, as we
carry all grades and Mcs.
Phone Main .1262
Prompt Delivery
Tcleptiono anil We
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