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rulillibed Rrirr Frldsj
Rnltcrlptlon ritri, 11.00 prr rear In sdrsncc.
Adrrrtmnc ril, vi.oo.pcr 11
All tdterllilnK Mill pajrtt
Job Trlnllnr siecntfd In flnt etii style.
Illlli for Job Printing ch on dellterr.
All commnnletltona iboold b kddrtiifd to
Tht Btrltw, St. Johni, Oregon.
Inch pir month,
le flnt of eh
OOelit Hwippr of tht City of Bt, Joknj.
Phono Scott 0990.
I'RIDAY, JUNK 23, 1905.
THIS week we publish the ordi-
nance authorizing the sale of muni
cipal bonds and the reader may
note from it that the money derived
from the .sale can in no manner be
If there shall be tiny illegality
about these bonds the fact will be
brought to liKlit when these bonds
arc on sale. It has been staled
that the town officials have several
times endeavored to sell these
bonds but have been turned down:
this rumor is very far from being
correct. up to this writing
bonds have not come from the
hands of the printer and only in
this issue of Tim KitviKW is the
ordinance furthering the legality
There is little doubt that these
AS a rule all pushing business
people believe in advertising of a
legitimate nature: but so much fake
advertising springs up that the pub
lie becomes suspicious and in the
end the legitimate journals have to
suffer along with the fakirs
Grafters have been in this city
the past week laboring hard to foist
a fake upon the business men. The
journal claims to be of great circu
lation and by smooth talk upon the
art of the audit business men are
frequently seduced into lalling over
one another to get into its columns.
The sample copies of previous
issues do, indeed, present a pretty
appearance: but it is a publication
like the far-famed Missouri mule:
it has no pride of ancestry and no
Hope of jKMtcrity. I lie man once
caught by it separates from his
money as easily as tlnu oil runs
down a chute .slide and there is
less to show for it.
Tint Kkvikw is ready to encour
age any advertising plan which has
the merit of a genuine circulation.
It believes in advertising where
TOO much care cannot be exer
cised in preventing the starting of
even a small fire on the coming
Fourth and children both small
and large should be carefully
warned against the practice of
igniting fireworks of any nature
near dwellings, barns or business
A tiny spark might bring a dis
aster upon this city which would
require years to overcome. A fire
fairly started in any one of n half
dozen localities means the wiping
out of business interests and prop
erty values to a large extent: and
no man or woman can be heedless
to the importance of diligently be
ing on the watch.
livery year there occur
Our Local Grist
The gentle rain of yesterday
nicely laid the dust.
The youngsters are earning fair
wages picking cherries.
Kennedy Scott of Stacy ville, la.,
was looking over St. Johns pros
pects on Wednesday.
W. H. Boncbrakc, of Glen wood,
Iowa, was guest of his old school
mate R. A. Shepard on Wed
nesday. Crown and bridge work a spec
ialty. W. T. Slatten, Dentist.
There will be a union service of
Resolutions of Respect.
Saint Johns, Oregon,
June 19, 1905
Hall of Laurel Lodge,
No. 186. I. O. 0. F.
Whkrkas: God in His infinite
widnm has removed from our
midst Brother G. F. Hurlbert; and,
Whkkkas: In the death of Bro-
thpr Hnrllert this lodffj has lost an
esteemed and honored member, his
family a kind husband and indul
gent father, and the community a
highly respected citizen; therefore
be it
RiiSOLVKD: That we do at this
time show our sorrow and esteem
for our deceased Brother by drap
ing the charter of this lodge for a
period of thirty days, by extending
to the family of our late Brother
the young people's societies of Saint
great Johns at the Conereirational taber-
losses from the careless use of fire- nacle at seven o'clock next Sunday our sympathy, and assuring them
works. The evil seems to grow cvcninir. that their interests will ever be
stronger each year and the results The Peuinsuli Bank has a newlBunrc,1 alld t,lclr welfarc ,ookcd
show what carelessness and 'Wdu't l.v nverv Brother who is
our University Park and Ports
mouth readers.
Patronize a home bakery. The
inoro money that is left in town the
more we. have to spend among the
merchants here.
Geo. A. Steel of Winchester, Ore-
Thank Your Lucky Stars
That I what you will do if you read
bur message carefully and try Olympic
Whtat-Haarta for your morning meal.
Made from the little hearts of the finest
Sterlliad there's a wide difference be
tween a cereal that it sterlizcd and one
that is not. It's the purest, most tiutri
tious, most appetizing cereal now on the
Sold by all Groec-ra. FIva-pound
pnekaga, 25 cant.
The Pertlapi ?mii Milts C. . '
think" will do. Let everyone
careful and be on guard.
Ritvntw has just installed
someone oiner tnai tue aiiyeruscr a telephone in its office to aid in all
sees the matter. I he publication iiiiin,Mi mtntlmw n... t.i.t.tb.
u,2 moiv Mng workwl js hut 11 graft liven during the short time it has
mm our reauers unci mi n my Mccll in usc U Jlas proven, so highly gon, president of the Umpqua Im
.ive .nuuey mr i.m. mg i.owii me beneficial that it is a wonder how provement League, was an interest-
............. ..... ...-, .w. ousincss nas been conducted wltii- I visitor in town last Wednesday
good commission and is not to be 0, it l ti,u hlifh-ifrnde nlnnt.
blamed: but those who arc backing I Til,. r(. line lv.(. 11 n ,ilpf liirrrnci. itt
Mr. Goold, of the firm of Potter
the graft can show no legitimate tlc munbcr of phone-users in this & Goold, has been seriously sick
circulation: nothing worth a frac- wllvni.,l i :u .,(.. tn unv i,' the past week. He was able on
bound by the ties of Friendship,
Love and Truth; be it farther
Rksolvkd: That a copy of these
resolutions be spread on the min
utes of this lodge, a copy sent our
deceased Brother's family and a
copy furnished tlie bautt joiins
T. J. MoNAllAN,
0. L. CitAt'Ki.,
P. Him,,
I Willi tu lulll twi tirittittt t tiittti
The Interest is good mid the secur- i me cnsn iicinamicu. lor me ns S001, ns tIe 8y8U.m hUM
ily excellent. The sale and the exploiting jowii. 1 lie mat er rcccivcd the iniprovcments
proer investinenl or the money
will give Saint Johns a new int
imitis: it will liven the town and
the improved niiticarnucu will aid
in bringing new tesidents here to
gain 11 livelihood. There is room
for a vast number of K.ople to
locate and there is 1111 owning for
those who will commence the fruit
and berry culture. There is room
for new industries along the water
front; and there is no doubt but
every available tract there will
ultimately Ik.' occupied.
To build a town icquiics ener
getic hustling and conservative
methods: and the woik requires,
also, careful price making. It will
not do to create prohibitive figures
regarding any projierty: there is n
Kint above the Msslbty of the
prosK.ctlve settler to pay. This
point has not yet been reached
and we ti 11st that it will not he
but it .should be guarded against by
Conditions and possibilities make
valuations: eiivitoiimeuts add to
them, Detract from any one of mid values must denreclute:
it is the combination that makes 11
winner. .Saint Johns has the com
bination: and now it leiiialus for us
to show it. The real Mart will be
made from the day the bonds are
sold: if they shall not he sold some
. other Kiiut must be taken from
which to make the Mart.
ONI? Industry we burn that has
never liceu touched iiwu here
which might be made a verv oiofit-
able one if lightly can fed on.
We icfer to the raising of mu.sli
rooms. Theie is much money to
be made in piodiiciug this luxury
uml while the labor is rutlicr con
fining the iiivcMiiiunt Is trivial.
In llciitnii county muii are making
a success of the business and in
some counties of which we know
women ure .supMiitiug families by
the same means. To In? successful
in the ciiltuic of mushrooms means
u .steady application to the business
at the start
1 ii.i im.-i.-ii .Miveieiy luueiieu upim uy isc(i lllcrc wlI1 jK. n6re .)atr0ns
II... I.I.lI.... ....... .....I n.l ..!.... I . . ...
iiiu iiiaiuu.-v.-i iiiwii mm uu vwj iinvi.i 1 (JjjS City.
of Portland, who, a few days ago, 1
strongly condemned fake pub
lications. Business men .should go slow
upon these grafting proosltions.
have Wcth'rataY ; to sit tip-
nrnm. 111 al ll"t "me.
-but was very
IN bible times it might have
been all right to turn the other
when one was smitten on the one
cheek. At the present time, how
ever, if one is punched, he either
knocks the pitddin' out of the
puncher or has him arrested for
assault. Thut's business.
AS one of the corrcsoiidciits of
this paper last week suggested there
is 110 use in knocking the Portland
fair. It is alt right and is 11 mag
nificent advertisement that the
average Orcgoiilau has at last awak
cued to what the state has before
To see the fair mounds in them
selves is well worth the price of wiee with the custom mid the
admission for anyone. The entire I tilar demand of the patrons."
area that was but n short time ago In addition to the names of each
a baircu bit of waste with a mud- teacher and the institution from
hole of a shallow lake and unwieldy which the teacher graduated, the
hills adjoining, is now like it fairy reiort shows that eight teachers
laud; the lanitscatH. artist has were employed an increase
touched with deft hands the spots the preceding year of three. '
which nature left iiuprctty mid the were five siisiHMisious during the
result is one which provokes iidiui- year: one for cariyiug concealed
iiition, wcuimiiis, two for insubordination.
School Report,
J. Tctischcr, junior, principal of
.1... ..!.. l t . f
me .-;i m i juiiiis schools tor me year
ilist closes!, has nrescnted to the
school board his rerwrt "in coinpli- Mnrtius Springs to enjoy an outing.
K)p-1 "-' misiiana portion of the families
Tint Rrvikw trusts that the
new correspondent at the Heights
wilt be a frequent visitor. We
desire correspondents in every sec
tion of the town.
Why spend your time this hot
weather baking when you can buy
bakery goods so cheap at the Saint
J on ns bakery f
Shepard & Tufts sold W. L. Sec
a (itiartcr of a block of real estate
adjoining Jo!cs' mill. Mr. Sec is
building two cottages on the prop
Mcsdamcs W. C. Walker mid S.
Iv. Walker left on Tuesday for St.
will follow at the week cud.
United Ivvangelical church Sun
day school at 10 o'clock Sunday
morning. Children's day exercise
at eleven. There w be no serv-
over ices tu the evening of any kind.
IJ TI .... t ......
j-.. 11. uoyic, via president 01 the
Peninsula Savings Bank of Detroit,
Mich., and former state treasurer of
Michigan, was the guest of C. A.
Wood of the Peninsula Bank last
1 iiestluy.
Children's Day Program.
The following program has been
arranged for the services at the
Ivvangelical church next Sunday
morning at eleven o'clock:
Opening Song.
Responsive Reading.
Recitation Jennie Green.
Address and Song Class of Boys.
Recitation Bertha Knight.
Solo Miss Douglass.
F.xerclsc Class of Girls.
Recitation Mabel Ucllcr.
Chorus Class of Young Ladies.
Ivxcrcise- Class of Boys.
Recitation Mary Orcirel.
Presenting Rewards of Merits
Young Men.
Recitation Ina Peterson.
Primary Class F.xercise.
Recitation Bessie I Itighes.
Recitation Class of Girls.
Solo Mr: Perkins.
Recitation Opal Davidson.
Recitation Marie Marcy.
Drill-Girl's Class.
Chorus Young Ladies Class.
(Jood Recommendation.
Will sell you lots in North St. Johns,
overlooking the river, near the Weyer
haeuser mill site, for
$300 per Lot, :.v .
Ten per cent down, balance' $10 per
mouth. Inspect this property.
Office in Peninsula Bank Building.
l'lionc Scott 4061.
Notary 1'ublic. I'irc Insurance.
Wr ItuUll Lighting nJ fewer I'Unti mil rrptlr Motor ud Dttumu.
llouw uml Btll wiring tprcUlty '
l'hinr: omcr l'at
It, C. WKKIIIT. MmiAiitr
5l KuiH MrM
Kttldciicc, Scott IKij
Hei'e may lie found a vast empire hum two for other offenses. There" '"' .was. ,llc K of C. A. Portsmouth. Okhoov.
..t ....1. 11.1. 1 i. .'. I t I WCMMl Of I.illlictiln TI....L. I..... I . '
11 L-.M111111.1 iimiiii in hijen lairs-1 lusv.s 01 corporal puuisii-1 ,., . - ii June 30, 05.
with niiieli. of course, iievershowiii iHent four of them l)eiug for wll-1 Dr. Slatten made me a set of
yei itis uot in these alone which uiuy injuring other pupils. Mrs. Jennie Nelson nml iiu "ul I can truly say they are
iiiiike the grouuils so charming. Ilicschoo iwpulatioii of Saint Louisa Nelson, mother and sister e"tirc,' ""tlsfactory in every
I'.iecmcai e lects shrewdly con- joiins winch menus children be- 0f Ivd L. Stockton, are ejtnectl M51, 1 ca cheerfully rccoiumend
ceivcd ami cleverly cairicil out shed iwix-n lie ages of lour mm twenty today from their home in Greclcv " J?lattcn to a"'onc wishing work
iiiium lemigeiice over me enure yvum 1, uy coiint, 550: nun 11 ine Co orndo. TIipv n.i in ...t..: " ""s kiiiu.
. I .1 t .
space aim iwiiiKiiug lights are to same mcmoti 01 oDiaiiuug the op
be found among the shady tree-tops illation of the city should be taken
as if myriads of fireflies weie play- as is used in other cities (multiply
iug hidi'-aiid-Mrek in the hidden the number of pupils by four will
ivcesscs. one-half) the imputation of Saint
There is not one dislntercsting Johns would Ihj over 3600. Mr.
sMt of gintiud to Ik fotiuiL within Teuscher, however, estimates the
the gules yet it is difficult to deter- Iopulation at 3300.
mine which is the most lieuutiful, The
the most attractive
an extended visit.
W. J. WlllTINO.
the most pleas
ing hMit. ah says the oct
" 'TI not the Hp or rye we beauty cull
Hut the lull one uml joint elfniof all."
THAT the msIiooI Imard should
keep its funds in the Peninsula I
ll.tiik now that we have u local
institution in plain to all. There
Justin Pease Rjxrnt n few days
...IaI. I.J. .1 f
wmi ins uroincr ami sister at the
"Cabin" last week. Mr. Pease is
a millwright and was on his way
w iniicK, wasniugton, where a
large mill is to be constructed.
- ..... I
rcixm hiiows mat t ie num. I k. i. K(wrnr u mi,,
lu.r it i.n.htl .... t.. , u v... I ... .1... I ... .t. .. . . . . .
.0.. wi .u.,,.i iv.hi.m.iv.Ti ui 1 in.-1 viik on me iioiurooK brick block
M.-niNnn lie nrsi mourn was 354 unjoining the frame block he has
111111 me milliner Miring the year just huislied. Foundation will at
mo 4 1. 1. 01 once go in, and, if the local brick
160 or 16 new pupils each mouth, yard can turn out brick sufficiently
I'otir new rooms will lie needed fast, only Saint Johns brick will
iui ine luiiiiiik
i r....t i 1
u iiumi irouers : too
wages and steady work. Apply at
once to the West Coast Laundry, I
It is
Applications for the installation of electric light
or power should be made at the office of the company,
or on request by mail or telephone, a representative of
the company will call.
T.l.phon. Exohang 13.
Portland General Electric Co.,
A good, reliable boy to work in
store. Apply at once nt Pr,
mouth Pharmacy.
S.v.nth and Ald.r StrtaU.
1'. A. SMITH
school veur
four new teachers are urged by
le used.
after that time there
I .1 .... ... 4 e a . . I ... I . . . II. t .11 III. ..
m im Kin amouiii 01 labor. An ' a pioiiaiiiiuy 01 their
invalid may do all necessary woik Mii'K otheiwiso. The Peninsula
to produce large iiiiuntlties mid .strong and iteifcctly .safe bank
me supply mis nevei i iiallwl the
Itnplizcd Tlilrty-Four.
Two or three nirls to learn u-mv.
Apply at Portland Woolen
Mills, St. Johns.
NIJVUU liefore has Poitlaiul had
any suit of an outing place ami
iiic jx'ople have gone mail over the
icsoit established by the Oicgon
Water Powei Coinpauy. livery
day the Oaks has almost as many
jwttrous as the Poitland fair while
011 Sunday enough cats cannot be
hccitieil by thcrailway coinatiiy to
intnsH)it those who dcsiie to lie
carried to that ivsoit. The chief
attnictlon is the music one of the
Ivst bauds ever in Pottl.iud Iteiug
picsent while there we lots of
ways to .sep.11 ate a jhxii fellow from
Ids money and have scads of fun.
hveryhody goes yet no one knows I
Why except for the mnvltv itf lilt
the ranks of the Seventh Day Ad
and pioves a valuable adjunct to ventists last Sunday as Ivlder R.
me city, and theie is no reason why " -'"wn impiucu inirty-iour in
our school district should not take ,ne Wllatnete here at Saint Johns.
advantage of its picsence. It may " ,s ilKissiliie to get the names of
Miss J. M. Pease, of Saint Johns
iieigms, isiorminga class iti the
Peruln "system of shorthand and
typewritimr this wi- vn....
There were many accessions to people wishintr to take n
these branches without the iucon- We
.lo lvX ? K "K ,nt t0W" W0,,,M!arK and awning factories
do well to see her. i0rtlaud. Will save you money
w. j. Miiuiy and Moses Tufts!"" um Km 'ou are Rohig to buy.
. . I l'TTUII Km Wnnm . . .
ogents for one of the
00 a good ihing lor the Iniard to
have the new bonds financed by
the home bank for, as a usual
thing, such work is usually handled
are building u couple of neat little
cottages corner of Crawford and
.Salmon streets. The lots were
sold by Mr. Tufts to W. II. See and
1111 uapiircu nut we
.secured the following list:
Henry Dirk.seu, Pred llradley
A .I..II l III '
he Tho n ' H' 'reteing built fr
Tim liHv.iivv Julia Polkenburir. Mildred CulLl.w , UBVt.. MO! ". working attire
, " . !'""- I. ... . ..,. ". - - .T. .7 MIS WOrill a tr O to the wareriVm.
but iiieielvl rwuiiw tinier, nugtisi Wallace. -
. ------. 1. . 1 1 V. . 1 1 . ... . . - I '11... . . m ...
ixiiiigii niKer, r.isie r.mersou, mcs Mercantile
Rodger Newcomb, William Cox, lronght suit in the name
.Mr. .Meeker, Grace Meeker, Vera orK ,ail I'riday agalust August
Newcomb. 1). Angclo, Mrs. Celia Unck for the sum of $31.05. The
smith, U. v, Hamilton, Maria was heard before Justice J. W.
Sluidmever. 1 r-l Wiilwin I Hunks. A cnrntcliM. nlin......i
fllUlIC I J. Ills. Lllelhl Aneelo. Pnrrie WIom. and Mr. I'riek's ninlovHr cmI-i
irillk I I.llliril jl U'illinn. I.,. H.... I the SIHIW fnr -A ir ...I.UI. ...!.. I
: w. . j 1 nun iiiviiui-
... .1 i..... ...... I. 1. .
iii tneiiiie in me oi cutis
oilers this us a suggestion 'lest
mey lorget "
IT would have lx-cn a fine
for the town council to have
the iKMinit for the laying of
l OTTJtR At UOOI.1). next dnor m
. r '
on J Z , T "S U . ,-nura lfolke , ttrg
to Dr. W. T. Slatten q,i
Johns for first-class dental work.
ONCli upon a Tiuie ti teal man
went into an eastern Houh and
i milium I lrf . v. .1. i i. . i
.. . . ' " 'ivm'i ihmik on me
nine oi a I deplume a black handle.
ne placed the thing to his Mar
aud waited "Why do you
wait?" queued His Kriend. "The
t ling is loaded: Go ahead." And
the iuiatieut man replied "Why, I
am waiting to Hear the other Hud
say - wop a nickel, please.' "
Moial. The man was ftoui
AHOUT a year ago a soIkt
V..... ..II
iiucr leu iiuo me Miakc river at
Weiser, Idaho, ami, in spile of all
that could be done to save him, us
(irowueu. j.ubi week another
ixintcr this time a fellow who was
a wreck and was very drunk fell AN AG K LIMIT.
., ii i ",e ,4 Nrtt",e n husband is
1 V ,C l,lpcVt,1,?, K,Ul8 imx"! ave an age limit made
out alone. Wonder how a tweu- for elojK'rs. His wife, aeW 6o
tleth century moralist would lackle ellllktl : w..l- Oa,. ...
thu iiiustrutio.,?. .. .,Vr.;rj;Vi::i.r.7,,w MU,,,C"
US HOW Ob.strUCtlllL' the niniii
. J. ... " ...w,-, . .. ...
'IIKIIIIII V. U lllllllkrslllllll 1 1111 1 I rJLMIHI IIUHI A-IIILL-. I lttrr Ii.l..;. T 11V ... .
this truck will all be removed in I It is currently reorted that as Tuesday wus heard the case of
a week or so when the track will soon as the new dock at the foot of Adum Gable versa lfM.rt
be put to grade; but .sometimes Richmond street shall-be complehxl Plaintiff suing for I46 for lubor oer
ga-ut corjwrutions forget that small a Portland jwssenger and freight formed. Defendant brought!
v......... ui.n.ji nuvc u mrge amotinu fci vice win oe inaugurated. There counter charge for a board-bill
... ...v... j.nv.w .... in mx- imugs " now ii ooai piying exclusively JO. evidence seemed to conflict
' ...vv 4u iiiive usseu wmwi iiiiiiioii an t'ortlutid ami me judge coacluded that tin.
ii r.xi.lnii.iu ... .I.... ........ .: j. i. n ...... .... I. iii mc
" eweet woiiiu, im ii i oeucveii mat mere will be xi ining to do was to allow about
at least, have done no harm. enough traffic both freicht and hSia of that lxxirdhlll. rvn,..ii.
passenger -between Saint Johns he allowed a verdict for plaintiff of
.. n i i i rrw i n . i i... .. . i . i .
l.UUK Olni I , "maim iu krcji uuc ix uitsy.
...... iunp uuncvvi, lllU U nrsi
exists I ii.e I ...... ..ii i .,ii..i i
I iur mis iiuuiiiur tu nnU t.-.
what amotiiit of business can
Charles Webster aad son, Dr. C.
Chani.r Houte. .V . c.?lcr' ?,ul " f ranklin
r t.. " ..., ,ra' ?ew "an'Pi. were visit-
Sal,,, w 5 u r.r.u.u? 8 ircoUS1U( w. h Piumroeri
routJ rn"7 Prtru...i "1" ' "I " ouf. c-. ,ast They have
..,.:?.." .V." V . ".a L" coast from Redlands.
.... ,c luiiiiiiii Mauou they califoru a, north iscludiuir stori
will loop from Third, to Sevl ,..! r.. n .M,rfIMX,u i1.0?8
. . . . t a IUC llllUClIiai nrtaftfi In im
come to the brulge by way of Sec- like Portland wtVWh and like
oiid ami Plunders, This is to re- everyone from theS ' Tot Jit
one v : , or- several daj-sxvhere health aad
Notice of Dissolution.
Notice ; s hereby given that the
partnership heretofore exist!,,.
Itii.. It It c .
, ..,, n. n, onum and Ii. Don
Agency j iielly, and doing business tinder the
of Mrs. . firm name of The Saint Johns Mar.
1 . . . L ? .
Kei, amiiu c Donnelly, at . Saint
Johns, Multnomah county, Oregon
is herewith dissolved by mutual
consent. All accounts due the firm
are payable to li. Donniu. ....
authorized to receint for Z ,, . Lo3 6".
aii liability . ;"::. .Tr,:.'. rr i i-oruuni
e 1'.. IjoiikpIu ilm ...: I r. ...
.. - , tutu in itiiii. i - -
tltuie the business at the old stand.
k, is, Smith,
r. . i o . DONNRMiV,
Uated: Saint Johns, Oregon, June
J. I'. I"OJ'P
Pitl.rt In
Cuil P.IUrrrJ it r-orlltDj lrlf n On. H.lf TitU Ch.rjM
Prompt D.llt.ry taj Oorwl PrU
Phone Union 3101 gx jQBNg, oi
orablo in the mart!
The Cozy
Httk Jersey Street
A newly-furnished and fine!-
conducted house, where boards
have free use of a convenient Ua
and toilet, and where verv reasoai-
im d.p.nd on u, b,ieM, J ble rates arc-given.
pronnt .1.11....
when jou ord.r
eonrUou, (r.tmwi
IN the "fair city" there
one genuine hold-up. That
iiaiUT siiop. Parties who go iu
font looora 15c shave are taxed
from 60c to $3.40 and there .seems
to lie no redress for the sucker who
t i ;.....v.i 'ei... 1 ..
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SUohns Meat Market
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Saint John, Oregon.
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