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    I'. A. SMITH J. '. vow
Ilol.rt la
Oott P.llm.J it loMhr4 I'rlfM I'll. On. ILIf fr.likt Ckt
Prompt Dill. try nd 1'rlt.i
Thono Union 3101 8T. JOHNS, OREOON
F. J. Kocrncr
1'liinn nml upcciflcntions promptly
Fn rtiinf if;l on iipplicntion. Alt work
ilmio with ni'iitiiMH nml dinpatcli.
Tlio finest list of residence property
hi Ilia iliHlrirl.
Wiilnnl I 'ink iifTers tiio inont tlcsir
nlilo Iioiiii) Kites lruulH graded, lots
fiUxKH). Kohl nl iinco rlio moHt fav
ornlili) ill tlio market.
U03 Ohambor of Commerce Portland
Bon Ton Barber Shop
I'lrnt clitvt work nml elenii liot towel fur
)mltoiiH, llnlr culling a
Jcrney uttccl St. Jolun
Scientific Footologist.
Two of I'nrlliiiiil'it mint populnr nml
ullitble lulinUtH pirillcU'il Mayor Will
iiini' election by III liiintl. I)., I.iinelri
tin-MHM'wir of Ihi' most fortmmti foot,
lit Ilium n lime In iniIIDch, I'oolology
U the ImU of num. Without It he In to
nil Intent ninl put tunc lino fnctoutill nml
void. Don't full to connilt Uiiuiln on
tiiidlni: in notioloL'y,
clitltvoyiinio nml I'ntiU. I'einmiieiitly
nil iilliiimof life
ill l i I'omtli Sticet, ticitr Court Hiiiim.
Carpenter, Contractor, Builder
Never Mind Details !
Just send the child to our
store If yoti feci too tired to
come yourself, nud your hill
will Ik.' filled as cnrcfullv nud
cheaply us if you cniue in
We Supply the Best
And otir general stock is very
complete. Goods deliverer
ut your door at the very low
est prices nud selected front
fresh stock. We always
please. One order makes
you a constant customer.
W. A. Edgerton
Cochran IJIock St. Johns.
The Cozy
North Jersey Street.
A ncwly-furnishcd nud finely
conducted house, where !oarders
have free use of n convenient hat
and toilet, and where very rcasotta
hie rates nrc given.
Jul) wink piomiilly itllciiiled lo.
mm nm-ciiicntion ittiuiniiui
on iippiicntioii.
I'lriuc full nml leuve your unlcrnl I)
I), WimmI'h Mcyclc ntuio on Tiiroiiiu t.
hour Union .im),
Nice Lunches Served At All Hours
Regular meals or meals
witli rooms furnished at
pleasing xpnlur prices.
Mrs. Lillie Shields. Prop'
Saint Johns, Oregon.
W. J. Peddicord
I f 350 j l.i nriv nt jju h.t acre
I lor pun,
I., 'li... ir...i i' i.,r'i .,f uo-i.ot soxiifi. Unc in; near cn
III IIIW Wllbllll V1MIII 111 I IIV .11 I Mill CltltiVillcd
Oregon for Mtilliioiiinh County, ll.oso-i'ourroom house, lot umxioo.
i.. ii i ii... i ww-iw. imxiiM. A line comer on
lliiltte .S.iIuiiiiiii to liuve iegltleicd (he
title to Iota J mm (i in liliM'k 15 01 Jaitif
lolm'a jiI Aiiillllou to the Town of .St.
Julius, In Miillnoimih county, .State of
Dii'Kou, vii.
Itnlieil Cutliii, n uiliiiliilnliiitor of the
etnte of JiiintH Jolui, defeated I'. A.
Muiiinuni, lli.u. I', l,tiii, l. 0. Ilio
1 1 it 1 1 1 1 , A. P. I'leel,tu liuxtce of the
luiiiei totiit'M Tumi utiiler the will of
fame John, ilrt'iMneil, John A. Cuir,
Miiiy Aiimin, I .ill 11 Tiiiuey, licit
John. Wulter John, Samuel John,
Allelic Joint, I'.IixiIk'IIi It. Sliowluliljje,
jMinni Jnlin, Viiinin I.iiismmi, Milium
Ward, Hvn IViltli mul Mury J. UliiVcr;
Miuy J. Sinllli, llemy W. .Smith, I'liillp
A. Smith, Miiitliu I'luiifch I'otf ami John
Toll, het IiioImiuI, .Muty A. Cwey 11 ml
Cuiev, her hinUim, liilio
lliHteruml J..M. Ilixwcr, herluinUiiiil, , 1', (Snillh) ll.11 Ihsiii mul
lUtheuu, her InuUiml, liicue Dnvul
mul Itlmlne liu wife, nml ull olhern
whom It may ciiiu'ein:
To the uUne named defendant mul '
to ull ulioni II in-iy oxit eiii: '
III the n.imeof the State of Olefin;
TnVe not iff. that on the 1 tth day of
June, A. II. i5, mi application wun
lilcd hy Mhl ll ittle Salomon in the Cir
cuit Couil of the Stale of Otcc,nu for,
Multiioiuuh county, for Initial icnltia
tiou of the title to the land uUive tie-1
M'lihtll. I
Now, uiileM ou on or In-due
the 17th day of July. A. I., ami '
nhow cUM? why kiicli upplicatioii ulutl
not In' Krmitcd, the Mine will he taVeu
h ciii(eM.etl mul 11 decree will Ik1 eutcriHl
uccouliii to the piuycr of the npplicu
tiou mul )im will W fotcver Uutctl (tout
diputiiiK the Mine. ,
I'. S. I'liil.ti.s, Ctrik,
hy M. S. I'llll.l.iw. Deputy. I
11. 11. .-Mcnoiai, .iiiiitur .U111ney.
I'uhlUhtol in the Saint John Kevlew
June in, i5.
Ctmhil otreet. Level.
$J50 yxii.i, Central ; fit, ami
flo icr iiioutii,
$5tM) Tho-iihiiu limine, lot 5JxiHi
Vmiiif; tiff, f jyirnih,lNilmice time,
JISOU- 5-100111 uoute, lot iikjxiHj, liu
$1500- 11 iimiiii lioue : new, overlook
$750 l.nt 7Jii, corner; hoiuc i y,
$ ,vUi, St. John llelnliln.flui'
iik'iiiioii, f 75 culi, iMluurc in ItiHtall
$1,000 A hltH'k clo.e to Imliutrieiaml
(). It. N, K. It. ICa.y teruu.
Real Estate
l.oli. In AivIiImmi'ii uilditloii, North
St. loluu, overlooking the liver,
U 1 1 1 k 1 1 mul klKhlly
I'lne lot, vixitai, tuo liliK-l from
from the luuk
Cholcckt ronier lot oil lloutcvnrd
l.ot ,Vxl. xlimll hoioe, oveilook.
iiiK tiver.hlKh mul kiKhtly; iimiap
New 711HH11 hoiue, clone tocar line,
11 nice home.
I'llie laijje K-ioooi hounr, lot IJJX
li", uisir center of city, komI out.
huililliiei., cot f J,, will ell for
New s-iiHini houne, lot joxliu, well
New fi-iimm houc. lot Vix7l. one
lihwk fnm Mathm.
Sole uKeut for Title (iuarantee Ttut
Co. l.ot. in Poim View Mihl $j tlnwn
M JH-r IIUMIlll.
I Hi)
Scaled piopM.iti. will he rccelel t
the ollice of the Krconler of the City
of Saint Jolnm, Olefin, until tune ;o.
ly5. at -t o'cliH-k j 1. m. for the improve
ment of lliiiliiiKton kticct from lliailfoul
ktirrt to Ivmiluy ktiert. ami the Im
provement of I'htlailrlphU ktiret fiom
lvMiihoc klicet 10 Jeikcy ktieet In the
manner pioviilcd hy onliiiauce No. 4S,
Mthjevt to tlie provikioiu of the Chatter
nml OnliiiaiK-e of the City of Saint
Johiu, ami the plaiu, iHVit'tc.itioiik mul
Cklimalc of the City t(ue,iuccr on tile.
Hulk mutt If kttictly In acctinlauce
with punted hUukk which will Ik- fur
iiikhetl on uiplicutitui ut the ollice of
the Krconler of the City of Saint
Joint, mul kJitl Improvement imut le
ctimplrttM 011 or Utoie (. davt fiom
tiic ilate 01 laii puiiiicuiion ot notice
for piv)ntl for alil woik.
No pio.vwil or htiU will le cvtuiUI
rretl uuKm arcoiup.iiiicl hy u certitietl
check payuhlc to the order of the
Mayor of the City of Saint loluu, cer
tilled hy a rcnIMc lank, for an
amount opial to ten per cent of the
aKKteKitc propial. The ri;lit to lejcvt
any ami all I1I1U i hrrchy icrrcd.
Hy order of the City Council.
J. W. Hanks,
Recorder of the City of Saint Jolnu.
(PuhlUhetl in Satut Joluu Review
June 9, 16, ti, J.)
1 l.ot ivvtxii", on car line, ton feet
fiom Mtolttce . 11,500
five airck In center of St. Joint
' for - . .ixxi
oix uciekery clone in lor f jjo jer
I'lfty-fiHil lot on Willamette twule-
vuri, mrriookk ever) tliinn, tor 350
Very choice half acic for 450
Rogers & VanHouten
l'houe Scott jiut.
Is the strongest chur
nctertstic of 11 watch.
If you would know
why, usk
Wilson, the Jeweler,
Tacouu St., St JoJmu, Ore.
The l-ocal Yard is Now Burning
Hrst Kiln.
Kumors have lccn floating nlwut
for several weeks relative to the
new hrick plant which have lecn
absurdly misleading. According
to some printed matter several kilns
have been burned and orders have
liccn received for millions ujwn mil
lions of brick enough to stimulate
the installment of another plant.
Hut such arc not the facts.
The first kiln was fired last Sun
tiny and will be out about Tues
day or Wednesday next. It is but
a small kiln, and was made more
for extx-'rimcnt's sake than for real
business. It is absolutely necessary'
that all existing conditions be care
fully studied in order that 1cst
results may Ik; secured and Man
ager M. I? I.oy is finding out all
about such thincs as rapidly as
A Oo-horse power electric motor
is now leiug installed at the brick
yard which will suffice to furnish
twwer even when the yard is run
ning nt its utmost capacity. This
capacity is 40,000 brick jcr day
but at the start the calculation is to
make only about 20,000 tcr day.
It is figured that this amount of
brick will at the start supply the
needs of this immediate vicinity
but as time passes and the excellent
quality of the brick becomes known
the plant will Ik: forced to run to
its full capacity.
These pressed brick will be of
fine duality, if the expectations of
the projectors are realized : nud will
In: sold at from $7 to 48 tcr thous
and. Prices will vary as the haul
iug distance varies: white at the
yard they will be sold nt a less
A Pew Thorns.
When he wax noakcil nt Semitic
lie nwore he'd u,o no more:
He wondered why the occnu
Won Inillt mi clone to kliorct
A man in Portland tried to suicide
last week while in jail. Arc the
jails that bad?
The religious nwnkculng in Saint
Johns this week is really n very
fti-tcnts nITuir.
Polk county has a famous goat
"(Jul Jiailcy, supiMiscd to be 11
connection by marriage of "Old
Dill Hailey."
Wonder if It is especially neces
sary that the new flour "treated by
electricity" should be naked in an
electric ovenf
Always wondered why n uiaii-o'
war was called "she" until last
week. It costs an awful lot to rig
her out, doesn't it?
A Kosehurg girl wouldn't ixy
her 50c at the fair gate until she
sH:nt half 11 day ascertaining if she
could get trading stamps with her
Mayor-elect I.aue, of Saint Johns'
suburb Portland, declares he will
lie "broad." A broad I.ane is
really a street and we wonder if
he'll work both sides?
When the Italian ship came to
Saint Johns last week one of our
realty men said he hail 110 objection
to seeing the night come but he
hated to see the Dago.
At Seattle it woman wishes a
divorce liecattse she has just found
otit that her husband is a convicted
rimiual. Maybe if he hadn't been
he'd have gotten a letter wife.
We have never made a sticciiil
study of the matter but we presume
a "widow woman" is some connec
tion to the "widower man," am
why not say "female widow wont
an wliile we are aliout it?
At loietlo, Washington, a tner
chant offered a prize for the farme
who unloaded the most "women
at uis store 011 u certain date and
to the "lady" who liought the larg
est lull he gave another prize.
The ,mos(uto', fleet in tlte rtv
er attracts considerable attention
or n real mosquito fleet one that
will make a fellow duck his heai
under the iKtlclothes connoisseurs
should go down to Klamath county
livery time we see a heading in
a paper saying "pool" selling, at
urst glance (we are a bit shy on
sight) it appears to lie "fool" sell
iug: yet, after all, there s so little
difference between the two that it is
inrdly worth while to take a second
We wikh tome rae here in this hop;
If they're too laree we'll tear 'em;
W khouttl tik up the raj; we have
lint We nave to wear cm I
Should Carry a Card.
1 Here are so many new-comers
here who use water from the mains
and who do not know where to pay
the amounts due that the water
company should by all means carry
cant in 111K kkvihw to give
proper Information.
We personally know cases where
water consumers do not know
where to pay the amounts due; ami
no one about town cares to tender
the information. The water com
pany is urged to occupy space in
our columns in order tliut he who
runs may read.
We are agents for one of the
largest tent and awning factories
iu Portland, Will save you money
on that tent you are going to buy.
ortKK it Gould, next door to
Our Local Grist
The Point View section of Saint
Johns seems to be rapidly growing.
A son was born on Monday. June
n, to Mr. and Mrs. lilijah Adams.
And so we grow.
I)r. J. P. Prizzcll, of Kenneth,
California, is visiting for a few days
nt the home of li. H. Parker.
Mr. and Mrs. V, Peterson were
in Portland on Sunday to attend
the funeral of a distant relative.
M. P. Loy is now nicely located
with his family in the house recent
ly purchased from W. A. Moxon.
The Suburban is giving all its
stations along the Hue a spring coat
of paint greatly to their improve
ment. The opening of the Peninsula
bank has proved very pleasitig
and business is coming along at a
phenomenal rate.
Mrs. P. I. Holin has sold hei
home on Fillmore street to Jay
Stevens and lias gone to Portland
to make her temporary home.
Mrs. Nora McCann is building
nice little cottage on Jersey street
just north of Paschal Hill's home
It will soon be ready for occupancy,
Dr. C. P. Webster, of Franklin
Falls, New Hampshire, Is guest of
re at vesat University rark. lie
is looking for a location in Oregon
W. A. Moxon started on Tucs
day witli his family and will put
iu several months at Seaside wjicre
the noise of the loud boardbil
drowns the roar of the surf.
From a locality overlooking the
Willamette a gentle maid will tak
up the matrimonial halter next
week. A little bird whispers that
the wedding will occur on Wcdncs
day, June ai.
M. h. Holbrook desiring the city
hall removed from his ground th
little building is to be lifted over to
Oihusc block where the "rea
thing" will probably lie built when
bonds arc Issued.
II. C. Ward, of Ashland, Oregon
was iu town tlte first of the wee
and purchased a home site on the
water front. He will be here aga
in n week nud commence the crcc
tiou of a fine residence.
C. D. Avery, junior, iu the inter
ests of the Lewis ami Clark Journal
a monthly publication, was in
this city the urst of the week sccur
iug photos to be inserted in the
next issue of the Journal.
Charles Uredeson is now police
man nt Cedar Park where he-
looks after things iu general. II
is also supposed to looic alter am:
arrest law-breakers whenever he
finds such itidide the city limits,
A grand ball is to lie given on
Saturday evening of this week
llickuer shall. Music will be by
Hanna's orchestra audit late (or
early) car will leave for Portlant!
at 1 no Sunday morning. All are
Wanted: Agent to canvass Saint
Johns for a clever little article uset
iu every kitchen. Ilig money
Hurry. M. W. Walter, 1600 Dcuiia
street, University Park.
The Saint Johns I.aud Company
is now located in the enst room 0
the new Holbrook block. As soon
as the ollice shall be arranged as
contemplated nud all additions
made the ollice work will be a mere
pleasure instead of a hardship.
llefore Justice J. W. Hanks was
to have been heard the case of P. J.
Peterson versus R. F. Horsmau on
Wednesday. In this case plaintiff
sued to recover for a bill claimed to
have liecn contracted some mouth
ago. Complaint was amended
and the case ordered continued.
Messrs. Rogers and Windle, who
have the big contract on Jersey
street, cxcct to commence the work
this week. Nearly every necessary
signature to the waiver of rights
has lcen secured and it is expect
ed that work will begin liefore this
issue of Thk RKVIKW reaches its
I Portland and Suburban j
I Express Company . . i
(Ojwrating cars over Portland Con
solidated lines)
Rates Reasonable
Service Prompt
J. W. Simmons, State Deputy
Lonsui, m. W. A. 1 of Portland,
and J. l. Fine, Clerk of Ilaker City
Lamp, were iu saint Johns batur
day evening to visit the Neighbors
of the local Camp. They were
entertained by Consul Commander
H. li. Knight and spent a pleas
ant evening.
Chief-Justice J. W. Hanks has
removed from his former residence
on Richmond street to a house near
the water front. Mr. Hanks at
first stated that he moved because
the owner of the house insisted on
demanding rent: later on he cor
rected himself by saying that his
new locatiou was more convenient
for his sons who work iu the mills
Many of our readers have useful
articles of furniture, stoves, musical
instruments, live stock, etc., they
would dispose of if they could find
a buyer. And there are always a
lot of people looking for bargains.
but do not know where they are to
be had. The way to sell anything
ts to let the bargain seeker know
you have something to sell. That
cook stove, folding bed, bicycle, or
lot of chickens you have to sell
would find a ready purchaser and
net you a tidy sum if the fact were
known. A small ad at a small price
in The Review will dispose of your
surplus stock. There are all kinds of
people looking for any old kind of a
bargain. Sunnose you trv a small
ad iu The Review. i
We have made arrangements ot
transfer all frieght in the city and
at St. Johns when necessary by
team at reasonable rates.
Do not move your lurniturc (of
course you arc going to St Johns to
live, Portland is moving that way
until you get our prices.
Portland & Suburbai
Express Company
W. R. STEARNS, Manager
Houses For Ren
6CnCOCo artistic cmcncjo((
Paper Hanger
and Decorator
Order can he left nt Cotich'a htorc
Social Attention Given to All Order
You can alwajri l.pnJ oa lit cholctit
prompt dtllttrr tnj
wbfii jou orJtr from
tourUoui lrlmnt
tb old rtllibl
St. Johns Meat Marke
Btrnfr comlnc Into
mtir irm win i ipprtt
uppllfd 10 ibtlr
fll. Johnt will On
rcltd. mil Ibtlr
St. Johns Market
; : Airs. L. Tyner, Proprietor ; ;
Pint Clan Koonu
Cuisine Ihcellcnt
Thc George W. Cone
Ceiling, Rustic,
Kinds of Building
And All
Tramp! IMIrrj autnnUiO.
Sealed proposals will l? reeelvp.1
the office of tlte Recorder of the Citv
St. Johns, Oregon, until July 3, 1905, at
4 o'clock p. 111., for the eoiutmctiun of a
puoitc tiocic at the toot of Richmond
sireei in tne uity 01 bdtut Johns as pro.
viimi uy uminatice jso. 4b subject to
inc provisions ol the Charter and ordi
uauce 01 the City of baint Johns and
the estimate of the City ljnjjincer on
Uiils must be itrictlv in aceonlattPH
vrilli printed blanks which will I- fur
nished on application at the office of the
Kccomcr ot the City of Saint Johns: ami
Id improvements must be cumuiM-i
within 60 day from the date of last
publication 01 notice for proposals for
van, nvui
No proposals or bid will be rnnci.l
red unless accompanied bv a cenitll
check payable to the order of the Mavor
"iv .iit in oaiiii tuna, ccruneu uv a
respoiuible bank, for an amount eoual
to teu percent of the are-ate proposal.
The right to reject apy and all bids is
ucreuy recrvei. runs ami specifica.
lion may be teen at the attic ..r .1,.
.y Kccomeroi saint Johns.
Itt nnlikv nt . I. r.'... I 1..
... J w Hanks,
Recorder of the City of Saint Johns.
(Publuhcd in Saiut Johns Review June
9. ", 13, 19.15.
Any printing office having a pair
of seven-column chases for sale can
fiud a purchaser by mailing a postal
to this office. Must not be over
36 1-2x35 inches, outside measurement.
. Is best expressed by our guaranty
of 20 per cent increase in value of
property during the coming year
This guaranty provides that in case the proper
ty you purchase does not increase in value at
20 per Cent
20 per cent during one year from
date of purchase we will refund your money
with 6 per cent interest
This same gauranty we have been offering since
we first undertook to get industries nt St. Johns,
something over three years back nnd up to date
110 one lias ever asked for his money back.
Lots and Acreage on Installment
Hartman, Thompson & Powers
3 Chamber of Commerce, Portland, Or.
O. L. CHAPEL, Agent at St. Johnt.
Henry C. Schrocdcr
Funeral Director and Undertaker
Received GOLD MEDAL, at the St. Louis Exposition
Eclipse all for Baking. Guaranteed
for 20 years.
Oixxl. lit. ot chstjt. We will remit !rtt car lire to purchiKrs llln t
It is
. Applications for the installation of electric light
or power should be made at the office of the company,
or on request by mail or telephone, a representative of
the company will call.
Tltphn Exchange t3.
: Portland General Electric Co.,
Savanth and Aliir Straata