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TBt KCfH.n -
u Department 1$ one
of the very Best-net
the largest In Ore$n.
Thoroughly Modern.
Tk Clrtalillon of THE
RLVILW In the Ptnln
wla utccth Itat (vf all
other rrxrt comhintJ
Advertisers, note (hit.
Devoted to the Interest ot the Pcnlntuta, til Manuticturlnt. Center of the Northmen
VOL. i
NO. io
1st. Johns Park!
No. 2.
Lots 50x1 06 ft
With a 1 6-foot Alley back
of each lot.
Prices :
$200 and Upwards
Terms '.
$5 Down and $5 per month
These lots arc located on Jersey street, three blocks
from car line and
Near the Great Weyerhauser Mill Site.
Dott't pay 350 and $400 for building lots only 100
feet deep, and without alleys, when you can get extra
sized lots with i6-foot alleys, all high and level, and in
tie best locality in St. Joints for $200 and upwards.
T ct im slum' vnn this nroucrtv. We can sell onlv
the first fiftv lots nt these nriees. This is done to ad-
5 vertisc the property. When these arc sold prices will
advance 25 per cent.
I Within one year, when the great Weyerhauser mill
f is in operation, these lots will be worth double the pres-
cut prices.
St. Johns Phone union 3104 Oregon
Brauch Office and Agency on the Ground.
Electric Light in the Home, the Store, or
the office is
Applications for the installation of Electric
Light or Power should be made at the of
fices of the company, or, on request by
mail or telephone, a representative of the
company will call.
Tel phone Exchange 13.
Mland General Electric Co.,
Svntli and Alder Street.
st Johns Lumber Company
For ajl kinds Common Lumber, KILN DRIED
Mooring, Ceiling and Rustic. Sash, Doors,
Mouldings and Columns.
Hd MHI Fmi iuu&u. w MMcEMtSM
Portland Paper Persists In Placing
Our Pcopl Peculiarly.
The Journal seems to take sport
in slamming it Into the residents of
Saint Johns at intervals of so short
duration that it looks like one per
petual jab. Our citizens are not
averse to being skinned once in a
while by some metropolitan paper
but when it comes to rubbing salt
and jeppcr into the slots where
they have been skun an objection
is bound to arise.
Facts are always beyond dispute.
They arc the real thing -and are,
if they pertain to public acts or con
ditions, public property. lint as
the terfect shape of the brilliant
rainbow can be distorted by view
ing it through an imperfect glass so
can the most conservative and
lawful acts be burlesqued by one
Under the flnriiur nnniimi "Saint
Johns Chases Nimble Dollar" the
Journal headlines "City Officers
Strictly Kn force all Local and State
Laws to Secure Funds." When It
comes to the city of Portland the
Journal is particularly ihigcr that
all laws and ordinances shall be
enforced: when il handles Saint
Johns the Journal is as equally
insistent that to act in a like man
ner is u deep, dire, bloodthirsty
The Journal slums at the uucstiou
of urrcstimr and finlnir ordinance
breakers: dlirtf nt the "fines" mid
by Cedar Park; slurs at the fact of
hucksters navlmi a license: and
declares that City Recorder Hanks
is now subbing for Marshal Organ
wiiile mat omctai "raises prize
strawlcrries." To read much of
tin K.nlut Inhtu mutter im tMihllshcd
in Portland p.icrs is but to smile
at the absurdities of the correspon
dent who, either willfully or
unconsciously, fearfully distorts
facts for the purose of creating
damaging fiction.
While Saint Johns is bound for
a while, us have lecn all newly
constructed cities, to have some
absurd rulings and to have some
conditions not at all favorable for
progress, it is not requisite that
matters be criticized in n caustic
manner at the start. Some little
time must nerforcc be allowed for
the righting of wrongs: and incon
gruities will, as time passes on, be
The journal should temiwr its
talk to the tone of the town: help
build rather than raze: thrown rose
now and then instead of a decayed
vegetable. Ami Saint Johns ieople
will like that paper the better tor it.
Tried to Oct Lost.
Saturday night lust Miss Jessie
Hanks, who works in Portland,
came out on a late car alout elev
en o'clock. The conductor was a
new man and called "Point View"
as the car neared Smith's crossing
whereat Miss Hanks left the car.
She saw her error in a moment
but the car had left her.
The only remedy was to wait for
the next car or walk home: and
the misguided passenger chose the
latter. Several of those who came
into Saint Tohns on that car informed
relatives of where Miss Hanks had
been left and they immediately went
to meet her, as the night was very
dark. During her walk she heard
several groups of men near the
road ana wlien one 01 mose who
went to meet her blew Jus police
whistle there were ejaculations and
some lively getting away.
Lodge Elects Officers.
Laurel Lodge No. 186, 1. O. O.
if., held Its election of officers on
Monday evening with the follow
ing result:
N. G. Paschal Mill.
V. G. George M. Hall.
Secretary K. F. Monohan.
Treasurer W. W. Hicks.
Trustees T. J. Monohan, O.
Chapel. H. E. Hewitt.
Although the lodge has been in
stituted less than three months it
has a nleasme membership and is
steadily growing in strength. The
uewly-elected officers will not be
installed till some date in July.
For Mutual Qood.
Tub RKViaw is doiug all it can
to advertise Saint Johns in an hon
est manner. It is paying money to
call attention to this paper and
the more Tub RBVibw is circulat
ed the better this town will be
known and sought. Kvery resi
gn hoiitd heln circulate this
paper because it is for the good of
the whole community. 11 you iwvc
an rastern acquaintance who might
be induced to locate here send him
the paper for a year: it is cheaper
and better tlian writing letters, and
much more complete. Come in
and talk it over.
f DR.
Wtt.t.iAM Wohiwwortii Oooimicii.
Few People Realize The Va$tncss
Of The "Basket Factory."
A visit to the plant of the Port-!.. . . .... ,
1 1 w ... 1 Sweet zephyrs, floating listlessly,
and Manufacturing Company, here oh, Kcntle wave from cvt ty here
in Saint Johns, can jbe made pro- Willi pure symphonies, here I look
ductivc of much 'Information to My iul thrills with their mcuM nlr
lhni tint nlrenlv txWtl n4 to its 'True ns the word of childhood dear,
tliosL not a rcauy jwsieii as 10 us W ,lrvnmlnll(, amtwt ,My m.op,
scoi! and its products. I he title , ciwrmlnuly lisps tlmt evening prnver
of the concern is misleading in so "Now, ns 1 lay me down to deep !
far as it would lend) one. to infer . .. . . , . ,
. ,. n..i.. t . 1 The pvnlitie chime riiie Mitt nml low
that It was n Portland institution; ; ,,, rvtl,tnic wave through vaulted frame
yet as it has been under that title 1 Whfte from the nave 1 love to hear,
that its immense tfnde has been I Sweet miiik nml praise to Hi immc.
built tin it will doubtless iro abend 1 ie organ wiics cress nu.i kiss
just the same.
Through the courtesy of G. H.
Carlson, who is president as well ns
manager ot the plant, the writer
recently enjoyed a hurried trip over
larger ponton ot met piaui
enough to open the eyes
I Sneak Thieves Will Surely bo
i Here this Summer.
The gothlc nrch'it majestic sweep ,
Trysliiig, 1 hear my mother's prayer
"1 pray thee, Lord, my soul to keep t "
lie) oinl the fain, on tttnrry worlds,
O'er ImumUcM was, my spirit llies ; tltt-mtitli tin lilitltt 1 ttli.Illi Itftriir.
t. !. I 11... Hli.r.ll. ulrrtt' lilflllll nrli.u
I V.. ..t It... I..... .
Ol tile f I'lliw .1. Iini IWI ,
i ller tireless wings must ceaseless make:
l uroiiKiioiii me siorm mere comes inai
"When Cod desires my soul to take I "
" O I - w
nwwt ttnbultueiiitr to Hole how hand
ily and how deftly tlic baskets nre
fashioned to suit the; needs of the
various products for which these
goods are used. 1
Here one sees a lad weaving nud
Interweaving strips oif tlexible wood
into a long strip some inree teet
ttiln Ifn In. in llirmtirli with It i
the breadth may be a half mile The meiu'ryof tiwcclchlMhiMMps prnye
1 at OIICC I - iiisiirms i ii miKv i
1 watch her flight across the sea ;
1 see the Hulitiiliiu's awful Hash ;
I hear the thunder's deafening roar ;
I listen to the teiiivcMtM crash I
Hut oft there comes that lonninn hoc
As combing waves their white crests
nrcak ;
Saint Johns, Ouito.o.v,
May jo, 1905,
Clinrmliigly l:iiter(alned.
The Portland Women's nuxlllary
lomr or it inuy be needed at once
to be cut by n baud saw into procr
lengths for 11 measuring basket for
hops. Here we sec girls bending
thin veneers nud clamping them
with metal bauds to make fruit1
baskets. The quick 'eye in tin t
as. n!ilc! I were present.
nen mere s uic au w 10 uci as, R(),, ca WJ( rcslK)mlwl to ,,y
and fastens the steamed lengths , .. , ' fr(1M1 illliw
1 Uiissell I.owell. After the usual
skets. Ihe (jti ck eye in an 'l0 tjlc unlway Mnt Service met at
limit discerns 11 bit of wood unfit 1 le ,1()mc ()f Mr8i cllirIcs W,it,uer,
use: a knotty Section or one ()f j,oinl v, ,usl TlmrM,,iy,
rtially split is nt once thrown out 1 1?,8,ltccll nlcmi)crs and two visitors
waste. were nreseiit.
into boons for the barrels, the has
kets, iindthe like. A couple oft
rapid motions, 11 few taps of the
hammer, and the (loop is tossed
over tion a spindle till it may be
reouired. It is ititcrcstimr to watch
the construction of tt hop-pickers'
basket where upon that center
wood base is laid the thin, iectil-
iarlv-shaocd hits of oak veneer.
and the basket then tacked ami
shaiKxl and rimmed: nud it is ull
1...1H. 1 .... ,..i..t..
nunc iiii.umy inn nw iiiviiimih i where (iC
as to be very lntMwittnw to ui,,tt,t,y .i.
iKMIIWlIlT. .1. .
Then there Is the excelsior "hint
where wood is whittled down to 11
size as small as a politician's con
science and curled like a singed
hair. There are wood-baskets,
shaped like an old-fashioned sun-
routine of business
nrni'ritm was triveti!
Sketeli of Lowell's life and home
Mrs. A. II. Kidder.
Review of "SlrLutiiifnr.s Vision"
Mrs. James .chrting.
Reading Mrs. Abrahams.
Piano Solo Miss llcssie Whit
uier. After adjournment the guests
were invited to the dining room
where delicious refreshments were
After n social
hour the guests left for their homes
votiuir Mrs. Whitmeruiul daughter
ideal entertainers.
A Few 1 horns.
Down near Mist is a nlace called
bonnet with the end bitten out. Khu M n ,lcar cU.,BfM Kjrj
strong and durable anil not unhand- , nlsn
wine. Itur li!isk'Lts. little baskeu.
Iividently the wliticttl parties of
some. Hig baskets, little liasKets, 1
market baskets: lean baskets mid
baskets as robust as 11 Portland Portland think it is "a long Lane
brewer: lunch baskets and baskets .that has 110 turn."
that never will hold a lunch. ' o,,..... :(,lrimi. ... .,.,1... 1. 'M vr
Al.tifiiiiv.i null I'tmrij nift ... . ..
. ", 'V . 1 wins." utners ussert
this factory has built up a business , u h w, )C wr,Mc
Well, let 'er roll I
of which the officials may well feel
proud. The exhibit at the Port
land fair will be a great attraction
to thousands who may be interested
in this line of work find will bring
consiiternble notoriety to the city
of Saint Johns. 1 lie plant is prov
ing some of the iosstbllitics of Ore
iron wood and every citizen of this
community should say good words
for it.
that after
Enjoyed a Picnic.
5vvfii little i' iris and two little
boys enjoyed n picnic down by the
Columbia slough on Saturday.
They carried their lunches and
gathered wild strawberries to their
hearts' content. 1 ney reported a
day of much pleasure. Their
names are as follows: Maim, ina
and Philip Peterson, Jennie and
Palmer McVicker, Gladys Hreder-
son, Gertrude .MCLarty, ustner
Leberman and Wylena Thomdyke.
Fished With Forks.
Messrs. Adams. Titus and Wheel
erall of the Point View district-
went fishing last Saturday "just
like a lot o' kids." They had a
good time and told no fish stories
upon their return. It is a fact,
however, that sdme of the fish
caught were lauded by the uid of
pitchforks because they were too
unwieldy to pull in with hook and
line. At least a dozen of the catch
weighed about five pounds each.
Doing Sonic Hustling.
The W. H. King Land Company
is certainly trying to secure new here, and helping push
along. Thursday of last week this
company sold for Mrs. Uatlln hlocic
24 in James Johns second addition.
I J. Peterson and F, A. Smith
were the purchasers and the consid
eration was $2500.
Change of Firm.
The meat market heretofori con
ducted under the firm uame of
Smith & Donelly has changed
hands and now Iv. Donelly is the
. . 1 . ...1.,. ..mi Lni nnrt nnlv nwner. R Ii. Smith
lust wnai you ucvu iu uia.. ? 1 w.. -j -- - -
better: some of that fine pastry at disposed of his interest and intends
" . ... .-i I n,.r niviM ntluT lmm.utu. veil-
A Hlllsboro man secured his
wife through "Heart and Hand."
After a trial assay he lost her
through "Liver nud Lights."
The matter of abbreviation is
curried entirely too fur 'when 11
breeder of Wyandotte chickens
writes his advertisement "V & ."
When a man hos too many wives
he's a bigamist. We know one
man who has only one wife and he
thinks that's too many. Still, he's
not a bigamist.
"A rose by any other name would
smell as sweet" may be correct
but to us it seems that arose by any
other name would be "got up."
Possibly we may be in error.
It is reoorted that a noiseless
tvocwriter has been invented. We
suppose tliat is one of the kind who
will look up into your eyes us sue
puckers up her lips and when she
lets go. does it sort o' soft like.
They're ull right too.
At Murceliue. Missouri, a man
who received $3000 for the loss of
a leg admitted that he purjwsely
thrust it under the wheels of a mov
ing locomotive. It's a pity he
didn't chuck his head under and
get twenty-seven cents for its loss.
If your scalp is itchy; or if you
have a tired feeling; or if your
mother-in-law abuses you; or if
your corns ure ripening; or if you
are dizzv: if lothercd with any of
these, one year's subscription to
Tin? Rbvm'.w will help you. We
make a rate of one dollar a year to
anyone suffering as above.
Maud Muller gazed with gaze Intense
Aetthe rubbered over thelwck-yard fence,
To where some men, by fiw ami juuii,
Were blowing the waddiu' from old fir
When a judge came along: he wu uleek
and good:
He sauntered to whtre the maiden stood,
He forgot all about the dynamite
As he looked at theKirl: oh, lovely sijjhtl
There came a Ikmmii a dusty air
And chunks of stump went 011 a tear.
A fragment struck and struck him gooil
lietween his back and where Maud stood
When he came to he said, "Oh, I.ordl
I never knew tliat'hernamewasMaudl' "
Residents of Saint Johns will cer
tainly have to be a bit careful from
, this time 011 regarding their prop
erty lecatise of the fact that some
I of the thieves brought to Portland
by the fair will try to "pick up an
easy dollar" in suburban jwints.
' We do not lielieve that this locality
I will lie "over-run" with the critters
J but we do assert that evidence
J now points to the fact that the bus
, iuess will be overdone In Portland
j and some of the mavericks will hie
I over to this point.
' Some of this class have already
I been seen and heard here although
! no deputations have yet been
reported to the authorities One
class of these fellows sends out ns
scouts .someone who is either an
agent for some small cheap article
or one who may be taking orders
for some household necessity. If
lie can gel into u home and it
"looks good to hint" hesotejM)rts
and that home will be marked as
easy prey.
Sunday last there were a couple
suspieIous-upieuring men closely
studying the exterior of several
houses and noting the adjoining
grounds. It is possible, of course,
that these men were upon 11 legiti
mate investigating tour yet they
seemed 11 bit too impiisltive. They
spoke to no one and avoided con
versation and finally disappeared
us dtiietlv us they hud it few hours
before made their appearance.
It will be just as well to run 110
risks by keeping any large sums of
cash about the homes or in insecure
safes. The class of men who will
annoy is not 11 class who will go
beyond grabbing whatever may lie
loose ulnnit the premises. They
would commit 110 serious crime.
The ojieuing of 11 bunk here places
a sine dcository tor cash within
reach of ull: heretofore other means
have been taken to protect large
sums of money, nud, 110 doubt, this
has Ihx'ii well known by the "fra
ternity." It will remove the source of temp
tation if our citireiiti rely Ickh upon
their own ability to protect cash,
and retain only small sums about
them. And it will aid all if every
case of attempt to force an entrance
and every sign of any suspicious
upicuriug individuals Ih retMirted
to the police department. It is
simply imH)ssible for a limited
police force to cover a town so
widely spread ns is this one but if
all due uid le given the authorities
no doubt iKisslble loss wilt be
Frecdman Block.
1 f mi.: 1: a it.i
Dr. Mnbcl Akin.
Osteopathic Physicians
Miu-liMy lllilg., l'oii ttli ninl Wiuli
ItiKlnu sis,, Portland. Hours 9 to U,
2 105, I'honeOlliceCl.i.v 77H, Itestilem-e
Main JI51
Lawrence M. Hcnscl, M. D.
Ollirent Central Hotel
t)er I'ostolhVo . .
Dili co hours, I 105 p. 111.
Phone Scott I I tH.
Ollicc hours, 9 to 12 a. in. I to J p. in.
Residence Phone Scott 6.156.
Office l'hone Union 6991.
Offlc! ttp.tilr.. nml Klllntl's Prug- Star.
Dr. William Wolf Hicks
Ollicc hi the Hicks llulldlng
Office UiMims for rent
Ollicc houiH 9 to 1 1 a 111, 1 to I p m
Photic Union 2S1
Opening Next Sunday.
The formal oieuiiig of the big
Congregational Tulieruacle of Saint
Johns will take place next Sunday,
June .). At ten o'clock there will
be u grand Sunday school rally for
old and young, and a large chil
dren's chorus will furnish music.
It will be conducted by State Sup
erintendent II. N. Smith.
At eleven Rev. Cephas F. Clupp,
state Micriuteudeiit of missions,
will conduct preaching service.
The mule quartette will sing at the
"song and praise .service" nt two
thirty iu the afternoon which will
be conducted by Arthur Johnson.
At three o'clock Kev. ulwiu 1
House, I). I)., iwstor of First Con
gregational church of Portland,
will preach.
At six-thirty John A. Rockwood,
state president of Y. P. S. C. K.,
will conduct a young eople's meet
ing. A gosjK-1 service will Ik: held
at seven-fortyfive, which will le
conducted by Rev. W. L. Upshaw,
of Oklahoma. The plan is to make
this the beginning of 11 rousing gos
11 campaign iu Saint Johns.
A Foreign Shipment.
The Jobes flouring mill has fin
ished its shipment, of flour to China
and Japan. There was a little bunch
of more than 20,000 sacks of Saint
Johns flour embraced iu the deal
and it made the sweat start on the
mill-hands to get the load ojf.
There is no doubt of duplicate ord
ers from the same source iu the
near future.
St. Johns Height
Office In Cochran lllock, next to II..
Hciim'I'n olfice
Ollicc hours, 9 11. ill. to H p. m.
Telephone Scott 1 1,H
Dr. C. W. nOBBITCn
OflW limit.; 0 Iu 13 sml 1:30 la A,
llr.Urnrr I'linn Htall 1301.
omr I'linn Union 4003.
S. II. (1RUI3N
Attorney nt Utw.
Kuom ltrrJn IIM'c.
Cornir JrJ. and Wsih. Sit.
Attorney - nt - Law
Chicago Rooming House
P. W. IIINMAN, Prop.
Koomi from lino n cck up.
Cor. Chicago nud Ivaiiho streets
Columbia Boulevard and Central Ave.
Cigars, Tobacco and
Confectionery ....
at, Johns, Oregon
Anderson & Allen
The hen! llrtad, Cake ami I'Icn In the
vsorlil . (ilve us u trial.
IMione Hcott 3101 St. Johns
C, M, McKiuuie, Prop.
Restaurant uml l.iKhl (iriK-eries, Me-aU
hy the iluy or week. Hoard, ,
lM,r week.
Corner of Chicago and Iviiuho slreoU,
House Aover and Repairer
Houses moved, riiiM'diiud reKilred. Odd
jobs of ull kinds. Prompt serv
ice, rcfcoualilechnrK1"'.
Ivuuho ami Cutlin sis,, ST. JOHNS
i ; Ars. L. Tyner, Proprietor
Did Well Financially.
The Catholic ladies of Saint Johns
are pleased with their success at
their picnic and dance last J'ruiay
evening. The affair took place at
Cedar Park and a goodly crowd
was present. Alwut $40 is given
as the net receipts, for which Mrs.
Grady, who managed the affair, is
We are agents for one of the
largest tent and awning factories
in Portland. Will save you money
on that tent you are going to buy.
Pottrk & Goou), next door to
Subscribe for The Review.
Plrst Clam Rooms
Cuisine Hxccllcnt
The Hazelwood
Ik an up-to-duto quick Luncli,
Cignr, Coiifuctionory and News
Stand. Tho Celobratcd Hazel
wood Cream ami Ilutter kojit
iu stock.
Corner Jersey St. and Broadway
St Johua, Oregon
the Review ofice.
ilic. IWIUI J"" I