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The Circulation of THE
REVIEW In the Penin
sula exceeds that of all
other papers combined
Advertisers, note this.
ing Department is one
of the very Best not
the largest In Oregon.
Thoroughly Modern.
Devoted to tho Interests of the Peninsula, the Manufacturing Center of tho Northwest
VOL. 1
NO. 15
Ofl hoM! 9 lo ta snd l lSO to B.
MMtnti Bum. Scott 1S94.
UMthM Union 4002.
Office hours, 9 to 1 t0 '"'
Residence I'lioue Scott 6356..
Office l'lione Union 6994. t
Ofltsl Upitlr. neit Elliott's Drue Stors
Lawrence M. Hensel, M. D.
Office at Central Hotel
Over Postoflicc . . .
Office hours, 1 to 5 p. in.
Pliotie Scott H48.
Attorney - at - Law
st. joiins, : 1 ORnno.N
Inductions on PIANO and OROAN
50 Ccnli a Lesion
Corner Jersey and Lcavltt Street.
Juit openeil uliop in ronr of Poddi-
mrd'n real oitnto oflleo.
RepstrlnK Neatly and Promptly Douo.
Boulevard Addition
To St. Johns. High laud between car
llseinJ rlxr. Lots 50x100, alleys, $200
City monthly laments.
0. H. VANHOUTEN, St. Johns
Three 14 Acre Lots for Sale
With alley, nil corner.
Dr. Wllllnnt Wolf Hicks
St. Johns Hclghls,
;;Mrs. L. Tyncr, Proprietor
First Class Rooms
Culilno fhcelhint
Vlii RICH. ProprUlrMi
JiroyStrwt 8t. Johtu, Ore.
Owl UtiU
Cmfoit4lil Booms
The tlazelwood
Is au up-to-date quick Lunch,
Utfar, Confectionery and News
Stand. The Celebrated Hazel
wood Cream and Buttor kept
in stock.
Comer Jersey St. and Broadway
St Johns, Oregon
W. J. Peddicord
Irtltli0"26' "wear Hue, close in.
""co. two blocks fromschool
house; corner.
UOflZi x,0or uear woole" wills.
XI?6' 00 car ne. close in.
"ifm house lot 50x100, in bus
lliftintiscenter' hl',ri0m ,house-,ot 50x100, on the
0, vard, half cash.
lv?m .house- ,ot 50x100, over-
im1" house' lot ro9x8a, other
5Jw, corner, building
two7?,' ltorie. M rooms above.
o store rooms below, new, cen!
"""Lots, both Business and ResldcoM
Various Topics of Local and General
Interest Briefly and Tersely
Commented Upon
Numerous Matters Which Are Before the Public
for General Discussion
1 he ferrv question should not be
lost sigut 01. 1 11c establishment of
merry across t ie Willamette at
this point would most materially
benefit the tradesmen of St. Johns,
uuy wuuiii wui ug worm me ci-
tort it our merchants would mani
fest an interest in the matter!
With a continued and a never-nuit
agitation, the thing can be accom
plished, but it rcmiircs some labor.
and the merchant is the man who
should take it up. The Commer
cial Association will, no doubt.
give its aid and influence if those
who will be most directly benefitted
will show a willingness to push
the scheme.
Another batch of indictments
was returned last week in the laud
fraud cases, among which is one
against John Hall, ex-United States
attorney. Why this man Hull was
ever appointed to such u rcs)oiisible
position is beyond all knowledge,
except of those to whom he de
voted his questionable services nsn
twlitlcul heeler. He is of most
mediocre ability as n lawyer and
never stood high as a political
worker, because his inllueucc with
the better class of his fellow citi
zens was nil. But such is the
way of politicians. To win they
have men in their service who can
influ'tiee votes in the lower strata,
ami these hirleings must be re
warded. The less we have of
Hull's kind in public position the
The prosecution of the laud
frauds is laying oihmi to public gaze
the methods and results of tioliti-
cians and o!itics. They arc most
iiutiseatiug to decent jcople, to In
sure, hut the application of these
methods and the reaping of some of
the results are to the professional
politicians una their henchmen us
the fragrance and Iwutity of the
sweetest flower to the .student of
nature. Honor bright, it is dis
gusting to honorable jeople to
know how great statesmen arc
made, how the hitherto quiet, un
obtrusive and perhaps honest citi
zen is brought out by hU fellow-
citizens and offered as a .sacrifice, in
order to serve the "dear people"
Willi "Illicitly Mid Honor, mil lias
his left hand close to the same dear
... ,.m . ... ... ? . i
IK-oples' strong box nil the time.
Disgusting is u mild term. It's
worse; it's hypocrosy of the most
venlie tyte. But such is politics
in all parties and factious of par
ties. Due is no better man 111c
other. The only difference is one
is "in," the other "out." We
wonder if the good citizen will
ever take a tumble to himself, and
realize that his efforts in "working"
for this or that party or faction, he
is simply what the gamblers call
boosters. It is doubtful.
The people of this city are fully
aroused on the dock question, and
unless they get into a senseless squab
ble as to where a structure of this
kind is to be located, it is quite
probable wharf facilities will soon
be provided. Location cuts little
figure with the main issue, nnd
time wasted in this direction only
means delay in securing this much
needed improvement. Iet's drop
this-location part of the controversy
and first get the machinery in
operatiou for a dock. After this
is done, then apply reasouable bus
iness judgment to the considera
tion of location, and locate it where
it will benefit the city. Of course,
iu determining location, the matter
of economy must not be lost sight
of. This, at this time is a most
important factor. But certainly,
some plan can be devised to decide
this matter intelligently and in a
businesslike way, free from acri
monious insinuations or inuendoes.
Let's have a dock,
Should the seuior seuator of Ore
gon go into retirement, either
forced or voluntary, what an un
seemly scramble there would be to
don the senatorial toga. In fact,
already the political vultures imag
ine they scent prey, and are trim
tniug their sails accordingly. It's
funny, genuinely so, if it is costly
to the poor devil of a taxpayer, to
hear people talk and rant about the
"choice of the people" when it
comes to electing senators, or al
most any other officers for that mat
ter. It has got so nowadays that
public offices, where the emolu
ments are of any consideration, are
retarded as legitimate articles of
barter, But such is politics.
Oregon presents a pitiable spec
tacle at the national capital. The
or senator and both represent
uv.a UMUWl HlMIWkllli;ill, Ullll Ulll
awaiting their return home to enter
the dock and be tried as common
criminals. We doubt if the annuls
of American twlitical history can
furnish a similar case. To be sure,
these men are presumed to be in
nocent until proven guilty, and let
us hotH that they may be able to
show that they arc truly and en
ureiy innocent, and the govern
tucnt officials who are prosecuting
are in the wrong. This for the
good of Oregon. It looks bad.
however, and it will take a long
nrc guilty let each and every one of
tlieiu suffer the extreme oenn tv.
ihcir lugli positions should initi
gate against them,
if guilty, rather
than for them.
It would seem that the time has
about arrived when the city should
be willing to pay the marshal n "sal
ary, even if not a large one. Petty
thicvuig is becoming altogether too
frequent hereabout, and it is high
time some one should be on the
lookout, and perhaps be able to
catch some of the nimble-fingered
gentry. Certain it is, from now
on mid during the fair this section
will be overrun with thieves of nil
degrees, and every community
should take steps to minimize
their depredations. Perhaps no
big salary should be paid, but at
least enough to make it an incen
tive for au officer to do something.
r-4 .
l lie signs ot the times ure more
promising for St. Johns st the prcs
cut moment than at any previous
period of its historv. Several bitr
industries are negotiating with the
view of locating here,
prosiiect of a Mtccessful
and the
tion of these deals are full of prom
tieaiSIire IIIIIOI prom-
ise. At this time we are not ier-
milled to give any details, but the
probabilities arc within a few
weeks developments and will he
made public which will be of
the greatest importance. It is a
little dull now. but the time is near
at Hand for a great season of re
vivnl. This is no idle dream,
a reality.
The Vancouver Columbian
the following pretty things to
about St. Johns;
The flourishing suburb of St.
Johns, across on the peninsula, is
an example of what push can do.
A little while ago it was comtwscd
of a million .stumps, acres of brush
and puddles of deep mud.- Its loca
tion was not oeautilul to look at.
But thanks to the men who live in
the place it has gone forward and
now factories are arising on every
I it !f I t l... .11..
uaim imu me merry jnigicoi uieum-1
nor pail is good music. Men who.
wanted to build were given encour
agement. A bonus was offered if 1
asked for. Sites were donated. In-'
vesters iu real estate were given fair'
terms. They stayed. Hverybody '
prospered. Now the stumps and '
brush tire gone and the mud holes 1
are being made into boulevards.
UverylKKly has the fever of push'
and enterprise. As a result the place
will very rapidlj add to its ulready
3500 population. It takes a good
pay roll to make n town prosper. !
That is what St. Johns has. It is !
what Vancouver ueeds. But will
our people use the kind of tactics
to get it that St. Johns' friends have?
We again urge our citizens to get
u move on; clean up and devise
plans to beautify your home sur
roundings. It will pay, not only
for your own pleasure, bnt in the
good opinions that will be formed
by strangers.
A Yoiing Alarried Couple Thought
Burglars Were Around.
A rather funny but chilly inci
dent occurred at the home of a cer
taiu married couple iu St. Johns
Heights, Sunday night, about the
hour when spooks, hob-gobblins and
burglars are supposed to stalk.
The couple in question were
aroused from their slumbers by an
unseemly noise at the door. The
husband was urged by the young
wife to get up and investigate, but
as the noise continued, fright be
came master of the situation. The
wife jumped up, rushed fpr the
window, raised it, got astride of the
window sill and commenced yelling
lustily for help, while the husband
and the sister, who had also been
aroused, sought safety lxmeath the
bed. The continued yells of the
wife, who held her position astride
the sill, brought out the neighbors,
among them a young bachelor.
Usculaplan disciple, who bethought
himself of deeds chivalric. and
rushed to the rescue where a fair
woman was in distress. The bride
of a few mouths told our would-be
hero in hysterical sentences ot her
for frinlit. and he, brave
.bachelor, commenced investigation
On going to the back door, ne
found a bold. bad. armed-to-the-
hilt burglar! no, not.-so
bad as
that it was the house-cat, the pet
of the heroine of this story.
scratching at the door for admit
tance where it could comfortably
He 'ncath the stove. The hero, af
ter discovering the harmless cause
of the trouble, rushed to explain
to the shivering heroine, still
sticking to her chilly seat astride
the sill, explained gently, assisted
her to dismount, closed the window
and departed. It was a chilly ex
perience, as all parties concerned
were in their nightrobes. The
wife assured the husband and sis
ter that all was safe when they
emerged from their hiding places,
built up a fire, let the cat in uud
gave it u cuffing, then all returned
to bed, chilly and chagrined, be
cause of the burglar alarm.
Moral Keep the cats in the
house these cold tlights.
Smith-Perry Wedding.
A very pretty wedding occurred
1 ucsday, at 1 1 a. in., at the resi
dence of the bride's mother, Mrs.
Riley, comer Tacoma and Ivauho
streets, the contracting parties be
ing Philip Smith and Miss Valla
Pern. The ceremony was per
formed by Rev. I. M. Boozer, of
Piedmont Presbyterian church.
After the ceremony a wedding
breakfast was (served. The bride
was becomingly dressed in blue
broadcloth traveling suit trimmed
with white. The groom in con
ventional black. The happy cou
ple boarded an afternoon car, amid
showers of rice, for Portland,
thence to Seattle, where a week
will be stHMit. when thev will re
turn to their comfortably furnished
home at the corner of Burliueton
and Modoc htreets, this city. The
manv friends of this nonutar voum?
lunitih-ovtimi ntmtrittti tut nnn.
t : r
Those present were Mr. mid
Mrs. Sullivan, of Portland; Mr.
and Mrs. Boozer, of Piedmont; Mrs.
P. T. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Outh,
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Smith, Mr.
and Mrs. Poff and Mr. and Mrs.
J. Henry Smith.
The rush to get seats in cars at
the Piedmont transfer station i
getting to be something fierce. Hoys
nnd men in their haste jump off
before the cars stop, and lints nnd
dinner pails arc spjlled promiscu
ously. One young fellow jumped
out of a oar window the other morn
ing, nt the peril of his own limbs
and to the consternation of the
1 of the pas-1
lie alighted. I
sengers, among whom
If. 1 J
Series of Accidents.
Jamie Allan, the baker, while
splitting kindling wood, made a
mlsslip and stnick his index finger,
nearly severing that member. Dr.
Heusel was called and dressed the
wound. Jamie was lucky to save
the finger.
A mau by the name of Hunter,
an employe at the woolen mill,
fell from a ladder to the cement
floor. He was so badly stunned
that he had to be carried to his
home at St. Johns Heights. Be
yond a severe shaking up, and a
few slight bruises, he was not seri
ously injured:
E. W. Gorlick, also a woolen
mill employe, had the misfortune
to have his hand badly lacerated
by being caught in a loom. The
injury will incapaciate Mr. Gorlick
for work for a few days.
An exhibit showing the method and
extent of flax growing iu Marion
County, Oregon, will form a part of
that county's exhibit at the Lewis
and Clark Centennial.
Work on the Oregon building for
the Lewis and Clark Exposition has
been begun and the building will be
completed by March 1 5. The struc
ture will be of handsome appearance
45 x 90 feet, and will cost $9275,
Au infernal machine, intended for
the commander of the Spanish war
ship Viasa, which visited New York
just after the destruction of the
Maine, will be displayed at
dead-letter office exhibit at
Lewis and Clark Centenuiai.
Bring us $1 and we will send the
Review to your friend for a year.
Wants to Make a Creditable Showing
at the Lewis and Clark
Ways and Means Kill be Devised to Carry Out
the Plan Successfully
St. Johns' public school must be
well represented at the coming '
Lewis and Cl.trk expo; ition. St. '
Johns has just us bright boys and ,
girls as other to vns, just as goo.l '
teachers, and so:te of the ma-
teriaiior tiescr , uve ami a repro -
uuciivc worn, v. ; iiui nerous inu s -
riestm good sen. o. nouse. ine!llle Coile r,limiK.r company, and
idea that nice 1 tic compositions tllcir rcSp0n9ibilitics will be con
alone can attract t te eye of the or- Bt.i...i.i.. .....i oi ,i... ..t..i.
uinnry visitor imisi 1101 ne emer-
.1 ft.
taiticd for a moment.. Photographs,
the very best photi graphs, tiro nec
essary, litis is true of everything
that is worth showing. Let any
man try to describe in words only
the different processes at the wool-
Wll Millies tMIWtllVI IIIIIII III.",
ill-j I ttt itltrvlli.tM limn
' " " ''"VE ""
Will not the second surpass the
Al'Illll. St. lollllS !l!l4 K(lllll (if till.
best, school rooms in the whole
suae 111 urcuun. oeais, ucsk.s.
........ --r . .... .. .
lighting, heating, ventilating, all
arc modern. A good photograph
will show many of these desirable
The managers of different manu
facturing establishments have
shown marked courtesy in making
arrangements for photographing,
and for the numerous visits by pu
pils and teachers in the near fu
ture. Only one thing is yet neces
sary money todefray the necessary
excuses. The school board has
not refused assistance, neither
it definitely promised any.
,ti.,.,..f..,,r..l,U,...J ...ui..,i ..
school entertainment. Money can
be raised that way, but it is
mot exiiensive of all ways.
,fn. Imt li lit td..
1 1
costs more than $20 11 day to
our school. Two days prepara
tions would be very little, and
would le inadequate, yet that would
mean n lovs of sLo to the district.
Moutavilln school board has set 11
good example. It promptly in
forme,! Prlmdmil Ilinvhiiwl llml ll,.l,lla, cil'' "le traveler Haw his fellow
should make proper preparations,
and that S100 would beset aside,
'sflTH 4J JtIBbbbb
if necessary, to pay excuses
for a
good school exhibit.
Our teachers are receiving
smaller salaries than Portland
teachers. This burden cannot In.-
justly thrown ution them
.Miuikr i
can it be exacted that the mills
and factories should pay the bills,
but they should help.
Plans are under consideration by
which the necessary funds can be
raised justly, and St. Johns can ap
pear in the front rank with
school exhibit.
The next issue of Tim Kitvutw
will tell about these plans.
The George W. Cone Lumber Company-Busy
The Geo. W Cone Lumber com
pany, employing an average force
of fifty men and turning out 65,000
feet of lumlK-r every day, is one of
the enterprising industrial institu
tions of St. Johns. Geo. W. Cone
is owner and manager of the enter
prise and one of the most thorough
mill men on the Pacific coast. He
has been identified with the in
terests of St, Johns since last Feb
ruary and has, during that time
developed an immense business,
a business that has tested the
capacity of his mill in a ten hours'
run and now makes it necessary to
put on a night shift in order to sup
ply the demand for the output of
the enterprise. This is largely due
to the unprecedented growth of St.
Johns during the past few months
and the assurance of au increase iu
the volume of building contracts
until the peninsula shall have been
j covered with business houses and
, the homes of one hundred thousand
people. Even at the present rate
of growth, the reader can easily
figure it out that Mr. Cone has
not a life contract, by any means.
This mill has au immense local
trade and n constantly increasing
business of a foreign character,
large sihpuicuts being frequently
made both by rail and water. It
makes a siecialty of railroad am!
mining timbers, in which it enjoys
a large trade,
Manager Cone formerly owned
the Peninsula mill protcrty. He
is most favorably known to lumber
men and lumber consumers
throughout the northwest.
11.W.M ir c n ni.;.. ,iii,i
, t.orcinaii ik.l01, Yost are two
, i)Usy ,, Verv Kciiiul employes of
iiiuv.iuun tsiiivv. 1111111
j iiistallotl.
Franklin Wiley, In l.aclic' Home
Journal for April, 1U0U.
i. ... , ... l ...,.
- a railroad train, a few year, ago
was a iiwcct-faccd woman who cx
, cited the curiosity of a fcltow-truvclur
, 1 1)' frequently rc:iclilnn out of the win
low liolilc her nntl Kcutly shaking
1. 1.... .I..., .1.- 1.. 1. 1 i.. 1.... 1.. ...1
n -
1... , ., ......
i'tiparciilly no other pannciiKcr noticed
linked, the one who did happen
ilo see it iiiIkIh not have done no had
there lircu anything in the view from
I the car to direct the iniiid from the
wearisome monotony of the journey
1 inn 1 lie landscape showed only a
dreary .-amcncM of contour and color,
urn! the traveler, forbidden to read 011
the train, wax KaxliiR about him when
he chanced to olxcrve what III iichjli-
,,,rl wnH "rc,w l'id in
'; inn Miij- 'lie tun 11
object in her hand seemed to be
a" or i'cicr casinr,
I ' l" ' ' v ' a "
"" viiicmiy wen Moreil Willi
mle ,(,,,1 (lf ..uni-M. nniolof n, (In,..
.---.-- " -
1 tiratncil ccd. Hut the rcaiiuii for her
1 ...,.,.. i,.., ..... .1
HIIW, .TM". Wlll VIII , illlU
when the left the train, mime time
later, the matter mill remained ns
much of a mystery as ever.
Several months later, while out
walking in Atlanta with a rcsid"ciu of
j Peiiicr drlvinir by and asked his
Vau 11wl, ,,c wa5 "Sll ' Mr.
Connally, the wife of Dr. IJ..L. Con-
jnnlly, one of our wcaliliiot citizens,
jniid the daiiKhtcr of Gi-nrKiu' ureal
war Governor anil United State
Senator, Joseph Iv. Brown."
When the traveler mid what he had
ecu her do on the train, hi friend
"Where were your wits," he ex
ainiel. "ilwit you coulifnt make out
' hat On- wu iloiiiK? She wa sow
i ll'.wcr-Hceils. of oyirnc. Beauty,
he licliovt's. uiakfk life brighter ami
l.rttrr So she uw the hiKhwayi.
mid byway nnd barren' place with
l 111 llit shape of llowcrs. By the
w'hv, a you're K"i"K over that name
n 'He np,ain today, you keep your eye
pen. am! I haven't a iloubl you'll sec
"iiicihiiiK worth kecing."
Hut when the traveler started on
Ins trip, hi friend's word bad been
J.-rn aieu mill he koitled back iu his
at, ri-.-'.lved lo doc away as much
f iht tircixinie journey as possible,
before Ions;, however, he wa roucd
by deliKlitcil exclamations, which soon
became mi rapturous that lie sat up
ami looked nbout for the cause of the
coniinoiion uvcry one was siaziuit
ut of till' car window anil nointiim
here and there; ami when he Rlanced
(nut himself, he, too, exclaimed in dr
, licht ami stared with all his eyes
For the blank miles were iransfnrmrrl
,,e ",lec iiiiUitcrcMiiiK landscape had
i,i.t ,.,,, :, 1,. m. '
"i"" "I nil", iiiuuiy. 1 ne lllldll
bntiful of seeds, sown by the wayside
and wafted far ami wide by the wind,
had hpruiiK up into a radiant sister
hood of hcnrlet popplci., thousands up
on thousands of them, to gladden
Hrrd eyes and revive ilrooniiiL- snlrits
It wai ainazinir to sec over what an
(immense area they had spread. They
iriiiKcu ine 1 racw with flame for miles
and miles. They flared from the sides
of the cuts, and blazed aloiiu' the top
strains! the pale blue sky. They
swept in fiery torrents down the em
bankments and hrolec into crimson
iiray at the bottom. Here and there
they iverspread out into the green
meadows in blood-red pools, or rolled
like cascades of rubies down the near
At one point in a woodland they
had partly encircled In their brilliant
embrace a Iiurc gray rock, down
which a beardlike streamer of moss
bunt; from an omstretched limb and
had even crept up a crevice in its
front, as if to clasp it closer, remind
ing one, as a lover of Tennyson re
marked, of Virin trying to beguile
Merlin in the wild woods of nrocc
' So mind and eve were alike bene
fited by the sight of these myriads of
floral apostles "that with voiceless
lips preached the creed of the helpful
ness of beauty." To sow them was
a simple act. Yet how immeasurable
was the harvest of joy and cheer they
vicldcd! Most of us arc willing to
I eautify the spots that we ourselves
can enjoy; hut few of us think of
brightening the places which we may
never see again, yet which a handful
f seed may transform into sources
of beauty and joy to the multitudes
coming after. The lesson taught by
the way-Ide poppies was one that
might well convert all who saw them
into sowers of beauty.
Business Room For Rent
Good Business Room 011 Jer
sey street, 25x50 feet.
Rent Reasonable.
St. Johns Laud Co.
and PIES iu the world -Give
us a trial
Phono Scott 3101
St. Johns
The Jeweler
.111..,.. in ,. . . .. . ... ....
n minis 01 orii none itoiuihiv
At UonMin.ible prices. Give ine 11 cull
Jcisey Street, St. Johns, Orciori
Vuu ran lwi itttxmt on Ik rliolcvil
lmiliilit tlftllirrrv Ati.l f(iurloiia IrttaliutttL
when you urder (runt lit ult itlUbU
St. Johns Meat Market
Hlrsncrr coining Into HI. Johm will flint
Ihrlr riU will to iri(lstfil, Slot lliilr
Maul upllnt In thtlr lalliftcllon, If
St, Joluio Market
Jsnty fittest OT. JOItNfl, OKttaoit
"Sluard parlor"
OlRars, Tobacco and
Confectionery , , , .
St, Jolinn, Orogon
J. M. Moore
SI. Johns Park
S T. JOHNS, O It li Q 0 N
For Choicest Cuts
or rnriHit meats, bum-, tork
Huh. IU'uu. I.tnl, HI', klwijri Hit ltd
Out u IrUI
JEKSUV HTiilil'T. Msr Hliol Jlotut'
Phone Union 3100
F. J. Koerner
'bins nml Hiiucincntions promptly
furiiibhcd 011 implication. All woilc
lono witti neat nusH and dispatch.
One Price Clothing Store
L,arge stock of Spring Cloth.
nig; Men's ladies' and
Children's Shoes
N. FREEDMAN, Jersey St.
Flooring, Ceiling, Rustic,
And All Kinds of Building
Prompt Dtliwjr OuarintMil,