St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, December 30, 1904, Page 2, Image 2

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Pair Deal Wanted.
I'll I (in- Ifi.vlnu-! I U'ImIi In miv (lint
if (ho merchants of St. Julius want
(lie people to deal with tlicin, instead
of Ku'mg to Portland, they !ionld set
tliu cxnmnlo themselves, for when
some of (ho principal business men
wnnt work done, (hey take pains (o
employ outsiders to come in anil do
A I I I t SI 1
i lie woik. mere nro n coiipio 01 not-
nliln I'litim nf lliiu Unil in (lin rilv. Till"
men who live here mid do their trad-
nitf hero Jlnd very little encourago
meiil to coiitiniio trading at home,
when they nro compelled to stnnd by
iiiici sec outsiders come in nnu xui inc
work. I hope, .Mr. Kdilor, when you
ndvoente trading with the local mcr-
oiiant, you will also mivocnto tne
homo merchant patronizing homo
labor. Wu have just as skilled
inecliatiirH in all lines ns can he found
outside, mid if our merchants want
our trade, they must give us theirs.
tours truly,
Note. Mechanic is right, and no
mistake. II tile merchant citizen
don't patronize homo laborers, me-
I'limiii'M unit nrnrpHKltiliM. hit en n liiml
ly expect them to patronize him. He-
lit ii
e. proem iriiuo is necessary in nil
('(immunities, mid no putt of it should
he exempt. The metehiiiil etui Ilnd
skilled workmen to do any job hu
may want done, mid rtlit here at
home, mid he should, in all fairness,
patronize liim. IMIIor Itoviow."
About St. Johns.
Hdilor Itoviow: Vou beam fow of
the I'liroiiirs who never hnd liny
money and mo too lazy to earn n
Imp ..f iflii1i linn fnnptirtfl lliia nfflpp
.1 (V fV.iinn mi filil frimiil rif nil (tin
printers ot Urcgon, tlio unservcr puu-
nsiiers iimonir ino numuor, is ni mu
heiiil of the Review ns editor and mil)
lishcr, and lie is putting out n paper
I...1 -t I... I.!. .1.1.. ..! !((.... I,.
llllll IJIH31 uu llllll Biliaia.wijt iw
its constituency, it is an excellent
Journal, both from the literary nnd
mechanical point of view. bt. Johns
tu n imitrittiF rim! ntnlllf lima (nU'tl 111
MJultnomnh county, near Portland, and
in mo lieview, wiiii .nr. uroino at me
head, it has seemed n capable ndvo
rate. Tim Observer extends conirrnlu
lations mid good wishes. Grants I 'ass
A new paper, the St. Johns Review,
is in (lie Held, vol. J, a. l, nt t.
Johns, the hitstlini; suburb of I'ort-
I I t. . I I.l.l ..! t
hum!, ii snows rcmnrKnoio viifur nnu
(he Held In riiiii lluil Is fertile nnd in
need of what it has evidently mciired
n live, hustlimr newspaper mnn
who knows bow to publish n paper
that will make ht. Johns known
throituhoiit the state. J. C. (,'rome is
editor mid publisher. I.oiil' life to
the Kcvien. (.'nltflirc Orovo Lender.
ht. .Johns, the nourishing unburn
of 1'oitlnnd, down on the pcninstiln
lias n new tinner, (lie ht. .loh.m lie.
view, presided over by John C. L'rotnc,
who has made himself known to every
liriuter in the Northwest llmutli
many years ronncction with the typo
I'olinililiL' business. John Is a miller.
mid we wish him abundant success.
Corvnllis (Juliette.
A hriuht little weekly ramo to liidit
the other dnv n( Si. .Idlnm. mut will
hereafter be known as (he Si. Jnlnm
Review. The paper is edited and pub
IMied by J. ('. ('mine, and will he
IdVolod to the inli'icxlx of I In- iieiitn.
siiln, the lumitil'acltiriiift renter of the
llvliw, Mivinit "SI. Job..; Is hnvhiir a ""'"l tn"rn:lrln '!; r ''
boom. Wail tiulil a vear from now wc iiPsrnw
give evidence of. -Hood Iliver (Jlne-ler.
The Review is the name of n weekly
Q. Now about the prices of prop
cr,y? . . it
A l,in,,a nrn mnst reasonable.
Uiisincss properly fiom .$10 to $50 per
I fnnt. flood residence nroncrlv
from 1 to $10 a front foot.
ft Anv snlnonsr
A. No, and not likely to have soon
U. any Oilier lnuusiriui imuiuuo
na 111 tfti trnl 7
ill iiyi?jtv
A. Yp! Kovnrnl mills nnd factories.
... - 7 '
and a meat packing nousc.
Q. To whom can I write for furth
cr information?
A Unnfilrtpt' Pnmtnnritnl Ancnrnn
ill lulULi A V It J VVUlVy Willi w
(Inn. nr (tin ndi(or of The Review will
- ; -
answer nil questions.
Snt-nnlti Tlnu A it vnnl ipl tilm Hi
school nt 10 A. JL; regular scrvico nt
11 A. Si. every Sabbath. I'rayor
meetlnir Wednesday cvcninir. h, D.
Hurlbcrt, Kldcr.
Jf. K. Church. Preaching 11 A.
jr. nnd 7 1'. Jl.: Sundny school 10
A. Af. pln tneptlni? 12 M. I'rnvnr
mcctiiiK Thursday evening 7:30 P. JL
Lpworth league, u:.iu i'. .M. bunuay.
junior icaguc i'. m. sunnay.
Tim Vint ITniled I'vnnt.nltrnl
church of St. Johns. Preaching every
Sunday at 7:H0 P. Jf. nnd 11 A. JLt
Sundny school nt 10 A, JL; Jr. K.
h. u. K., nt 2:30 1 . Jl.; Sr. K. h. U.
It., nt fi!.t.ri I. M.t I'rnvnr merline on
Thursday nt 7:U0 P. JL, tho first half
I . I. I ka o .
inur spent in suujcctivo study ot tlio
rr i I . i id l . t
.'Best Buy in St. Joh
Block adjoining Woolen Mills
Six-Room house, good barn and fine well, owner
P200 WOIU1 VI liuit Hum putc una ytar,
Only $2,650 for the next Thirty (hjJ
Lots 54x92, with alley, also fine river view,
$250 to $275 each, $50 down and $25 a month
North St. Johns Lots, 50x100, $25 down $i0 .
per month
I ST. JOHNS, Oregon
at 1 MU ('. JI. All nro invited nm
wclcomo lo nttend tho services nn
imunced nbovc. K. K. JloVickor, pns
Coast Laundry
Now, Up-to-dnic, with nil tho lntcst nnd most
modern improved Lnundry JInchincry
Witt call for work and dellrer promptly
Deed work curnltfil t prlcri rraiomtlr mil alUfaclory
lieu- Teslnmenl. Inst half In devotion. 8 Oivo Us a Trial ...ST. JOHNS, OREG
nl servieo. Song servico every l'Vidny acftc'SS X;C.0;0.:
... r.nii t ir tit 1 t il
watcli ntectititr on New
eve at the KvniiKcllcnl
will conimciice at 0 t. 111.
and il will he dead." Such tot and
nonsense only comes from blalher
skiles. Think of the advantages (bis
liiwn has over any other suburb, in
any iliieelion It mi I'orthind. Wo
havu the best haihor on the Wilhim-
file river, ltok at the tin laeurers . . . " V "n- k mm
that nr.. them today ami look nt ' r 'V, .'. "'I'1 f""1"1", n,,vwn" l"nimcntnl and vocal, liv local tal
lol nil Mm liimiiiioM iilni-im nf Hi.. .!... 'I't... t .. I
mints 111 timer mini 111111 inn vnenni , . . .. .. .
iiniii ruff 111111 iik; iiiijnrrui viunes.
a in- m; 11; I. in I 111; llllllli; 1 1 11 II I'ril I V I II I V 1 1 ..III iwilllllvlllv Hi If 't III.
paper stinted Inst week in St. Johns Ditritio; the first hour there will lie
111. .1 P (V.,. ..I 11.1 ..II.. Il I.. .. In l.'l...n.. ......I .1 f I
.v . v.ifmk; ... nun 111,11 Ii in II 111 IIIVI1IIJ ,1117111111 IIIHIVIVII 11 Hilll'
luelvi! piiKe, four minimi pner, well iiif,'S. select readings and music, liolli
.II.ll.l.l M...I ...... I. .t I Itu I . I I .1 . I ...
cut. I he second hour will lie sncnt
in n scH'inl manner that (lie residents
. . -
now, inn iiim lining up. Ion ran not ,. , ' , i ' T. " umi uic resiiiem:
in all your travels Ilnd n low., s,. situ- ' Mnt,M 0,,t v, 'r. of St. John, may become Letter ac
ii in . i ii.ii.ii i.ii t...,n.,. i. ... ..r u n "'11111111 i.Hiiu iii.
? f
I ho river for miles, nil foiein ships
pHMdmr IIh door, ami every known
cnift that leaches I'nrlhind him to
pasd Ht. Johns, liming such ml van
liiKits, is not this the ideal place lor
.vou Why should people Iniilil their
homes in other directions from I'mt-
iniiiif iniiiiiil. w lifin tliey have no
I'ow Qucitlon Propounded and
Watch Free
With the appearance of this notice the Free Watch offer Is im,
nnu competitors must turn in tiieir ticKcts by i-ridny, Dec. 2J
Elliott's Pharmacy
iiiniiMi, Burin iuey nave mi inr inn itiinrinalioii or ninny dis- commence tne new year with new
scenery or view, esiK-einlly when it nlll ri.MI,)rH of TJ0 ,(uvuvv w, pnqHises and under more
lii'i'iunes Ih cklv sellleil. anil inilli Iiil'I . . . .. . ' . I ....,lii!,... f... il it...... ..r .1. .
. lies rn IIS 01 LTII lit' rul lllllll v" nlll 1 1 IV viivu. ui inc
IIvI.ik on the l.aukH of 1. river when, V "' 'y
II... pa-sin.: slenmeit. , boats ,,. '' "H Mr"'1"
I IIIIIIUIIIIII1 1 1 .1 ... ... W. I.
T"n 11 in-ill in .Minimi
Answer 111 .Multnomah
iltiailltei With each other. Tim l.ict
I ...ill I.- t.l .1
limn win nt- v.i.uMC(i wiiii devo
tional nml rcliiMous services, a ser
mon lieitur preached durinir the
lllllll il. win. ...III. V..... "-- I
1 viiiiii 111111 nciv ii.n ni - . - -
Krectintr. A hearty welcome is ex-
littiliil tn fill Pimm nml .iii!i ilmlX
..... vv.i.w iiiiii viiji 1111; 1
last nonrs ot iyo.j together ami
tract our attention, especially iluiimr
I In. winter month, mid it does not
Ii me luonolonoiiK as il does living
tti In in I. Another ndviii.tapi living nt
St, Johns, Ii 11 1 nl ct t h of H'ople lire
woikiiiK' nt I'oitlnml that lint here,
the Mime dlnliiiiro uwny as Mople who
live 111 stiliurlis inland Iroiu roithitid,
t Iinl wink theie. WIIH:,WAKi:i.
.Mr. I'.tlitor: We were dad lo
note the marked improvement in
our little city. List Sunday Hie
litiNini'ss k'iiip; closed, there seemed
to he that quiet, peaceful air pre
vailhiK which was mi lidittiiiK for
the dav. Auv one eomini' inin St
Johns last Sunday could not help
(Tmiti I v.
()ieon, seven miles north of Port
0. Is it an incoiiNirnted riivt
A. It Is. uild hits 11 eovernnipiit nf
t.. ' "
is own.
O Am Inv.iu I.I..I.I
-I. ...a. n llllll , I.1IIIIV.IV1II V. I III I V. 1 1 llllll lllvll
A. No, (ho hint levy whs only two annual church election of officers
for HJ05 on Wednesdav. This
. What is the MipiilntloiiT church is dilTerent than anv other
A M.... iiiuiii .1 . .
...-,,, . , in us lorm 01 novermnent. While
v. is it mi nm ocean 7 u is Melhodistic in doctrine it is
' lorateil betwen the ( oiiKrei'ational in its -oveniment.
Uev. II. A. Deck, of Corvallis,
will preach the sermon at the watch
.. 1. .. ... ..1 lv.i i . . I
HiiiiHK 111 1 1 i. 111, .Mi.ii ji, muijit.1
.Sunday morning, "The Ilroken
Vow": evening, "What I Have
I-ailed lo Do in iyo.j that I May
Accompiisn 111 1905.
The ISvntiKelienl church held their X
W. II. KINO, Prcildcut.
Al. I.. IIOI.IlkOOK, VIcc-l'rcihlMl
Abstractsj;of.TMe carefully nnd accurnlcly prcpar
Charges Reasonable.
Office. King's Building, Jersey St., St. Johi
(.oliiinbia nnd Willnmetto rivers. All
vessel enleriiiK' rorllmid liaibor 111 imt
pan St. .lonh docks.
Q. Am tho river imvlirnhlnt
A. .Most cciliiinlv thev
clerk, Wosloy Penny.
R. Jo!m Cnnm No. 77J. V. 0. "W
iKieis evrrv weunii-mv ivpiiIiv
...... ..i.ii, in., nviiii . . ii..,. ...1.. 1.. .1 . 1 ... - r
iKiinn impressed with the nrcvailiiiu rn .. .' "i V"n . ,,re; rnun s o'clock p. a., HIckiicrM hnll,
condition, and I am sure our Inisl. 1 1. .1 . . - ' ,are.t John, annul .omumi.der, U.
ms nun could not ..... ,u,,,i ,,v" '" 'r tt.o CiniU;
lovhiL' the lilionv nm fr . " """ ,,M,,," 'Br n:oc
S'.li'n,,1!,',1' nir'M 's'Ml'm1a,ul Q'-Aro thoro nny rnilrondsT
. . uj opened heir hus.nes Mon; A.- Yes; the 0, t. & X., pni t of
day did so with new v.Kor and land, mid . O. It, & N., , ,
Miiurw-, more than they haw es.eri- II,.. Kouthen, Pneillo te. ... tr ivers "
lllll'l'll 111 IIIMlll, n .In., All I....M .1... .1.. ... . . . .. ' I ""Ul"
mil. on 11,111 nil-111111 water imm t.n-k !.,. 1 ...n.. 1
l.i. . 1. , . "
1 mi? Miruii'rn I'ti.iin.i ic ,,.
. ----....-...,, ....n.,,
ACIMZKN. side if tlio Willnmetto
iiiuiii in iii.ii 1 - ,1 ;t
new order of things.
side wo luivo nn oxrelloiil elrctrio line
nnu niio mn rnto tu any part of Port
luud.for 11 livi'-eeiit fnre.
Q. What Hue of business nro
A, Seo tho ndvcrtikini; column of
Cedar Cami) N'n. .Till,
hor nf Ainorit-n, meet every Thursdiiy
eveiiinjf. .itr. r.iniiin (i.iluin, urncle;
.ui. 1.. . Churchill, recorder.
rnini nf'ill.i 7c
i it'iiii iiinen, llllll 1 , , " miv iiiv, i.t
in on thu ooiHiiiito I viMiiii); ins sister, .Mrs. Tower, at
netto river, U. I ntversity. Mr. Cone is on the
11 iir.i.-.mi : I z e .1.
Plcturt rrimloi and ruroltun Ripalrlnj
Aa Others Soe Ua.
Tho brethren nf tlio pencil mid
MtisHir Imvo Kiid some rather inm
plimelaiy limits about Tho Itoviow,
nmuiitf nl.iel. mo tho following:
ollllllO 1, N'o. 1. (if till! Si .liilmu lllitu
Itoviow, published in Portland ' lliriv- (J.-l liiuiuen overdonof
ir iiiiiiiiiiiiviiiiiuK Mini. 10, nn lencli
d our Initio. It i neat well edited,
liaudMiiiioIy tuimj.'inplied, and ovidont
ly liberally patronized. Wo don't
know whether it "illl a long feh
want," hut Iioihi it will i.nil.nii.l. ili
liiinmo of our old t'liend: nod II1U
present trial
Slates court.
jury of the United
OjoJi d1UrrJ Ut ot clurir
lift bjrouJ ririimool Junt.lon.
Oooil rirnU.J o U ii rfprritoKJ.
W will rtwlt i.rtil tr (r lo purcbiun tUll
24210 and 218 RUSSELL STREET
Station B
i T. PARKER 00000000400oooo000
A. No: thero i liuim f,ir
biilistanl al Inisinosn limn..
Q. What SlIIUHirl the townt
"''l'0 l,,rKo mill and faotorie. I
niero niv iiuvo sawiuilU, 0110 veneer
inctory, 0110 wx mid banket factory.
...... . 1.1. 1: . . .
Notary Publics
Lunch Room, Confectionery, Ci
k'ars. Ieo Cream. Kl..
rhoo Union
nnnios i .,t , old friends mid thU two shipbuildin,; vanl one Iniw Urv i -
The inilii.l number of tho St. John
Itoviow, a livo newsy weekly publiea
lion, devoted to tho and limn
ufuDturin intorosit of St. Johns,
Multnomah county, bus heeit received.
J. C Croiuo is the editor and pub.
IJkIjou Oivkoii City KiiteiprUiv
Tho St, John Itoviow is (lie title of
n now weekly paper, tho ecoud num.
0110 Hour mill, ono wool 11 mill .iiitl
bovernl other smaller factories.
What i tho nav ndlf
A. About f.'O.OOO iwr month.
Q.--llov about school nii.l ..imp...,
privilege f
A. Duo Imvo sehool limw. ni,
second ono contemplated) and three Tho univcitiity i nbont a
milo from St. John.
cord's real cstnto oftlce.
Repairing Neatly and Promptly Done,
I tou ran tlwiri d.Dn,l it. .v.i....
. ,UUIf.
1 . ....
1 uromni iu.i. 1
. . , ,u. u, IIIIUII loitniclor of InitrumrnU) Mutle.
,a rr.ciicai in.tniftlan. n
VWin. l'Uiw, K,ti Q,ta, 0ulUr ,n4 k4Bj
..irunifnu. Trm r rnb llrin.
nut iii rrctlT frfut atUnlion. Call or
nwii tt Kllou Uu Stort.
St. Johns Market
J"I7 S.HU ST. JOllVS niirnnu
OMf hOUrit 9 In 9 t .n
Ilf.ldfnci) I'hon. Rrnll tnai
OStt Thou Union 03.
Beildancil 81. JohiuHlt
OtilCtl St Jntin. A..
Omtt Hours 1 U to 13 A. II. I to 1 1
1 m v i . ai.
Office houra. a In t. m
Ke.lJcncc Phone Kraii (ui '
Office rbone Union 6494.
OiHcu Upilalri, mil KUJolf Vnt i