St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, December 23, 1904, Page 7, Image 7

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(Contlimoil from I'nRo.1)
St Johns and district are growings
Why not grow up with it by building?
Estimates on all building material cheer
fully given
Present climatic conditions do not
dry your wood, but we have dry wood
under cover at all times
Foot of Westanna St Phone East 1846
, .... -a. "
comply with n notice to repnlr, Im
prtno or mnlntnln such portions of tho
sireots, nueya or avenues so used, ntiil
for Which nttdl crnnl on nr t.U - ii
successors, nro liable, or for neglect or
iciiisa. to pay nny legal assessment for
repairs or improvements, tho condi
tions Of Sllcll frniirlllHO ulinll nlillmrl.n
tho city to doclaro by ordlnnnco tho
immeuinto lorreuurc or such franchise,
nnu in mo enso or street railways, or
other rnllwnva nr tram
- - .i u iiiu a vsttu
or track constructed thereunder shall
likewise bo forfeited. If any rtreet or
ijuunc pioco oo auamtonod by tho
grantee or user of n franchise, that por
tion of tho franchise undnr uhlrh on 1.1
utroot or public place was used by tho
nrnntco or hln mh'rrmsnru ahull timr...
nftor bo null nnd void, and shall bo
rorreited without any further action on
tho pnrt or tho city.
Powers of Regulation Over 8treet and
utner Hallways.
9. NO CXClllftlvi! fmnrtllsn ni- nltl
loco shall bo Krnntcd and tho rnilnrlt
or St. .f nil tin ahnll tinvn nt nil ll
power to rcgulato by ordlnnnco street
mnroaus, irninwaya and other rail
roads and tho tisn nf trnrku nml
to comticl the owners nf tu-n nr tnnm
such roads using or having the right
10 use mo snmo sirccts, bridges or elc
vated roadwnys, for any dlstnnco not
exceeding flvo blocks over snld street,
and over tho entlro length of bridges
nnd olovnted roadways to uso tho satno
tracks and to dlvldo tho cost of con
struction nnd cost of ninlntcnnnco
thereof equitably between them; to
regulnto tho rates of speed nnd tho
linn nf almoin lit ulrrnil rnlltvnvu n.i.l
other railroads nnd to pnss ordlnnnccs
to protect tho public from danger or In
ronvetilonco In tho operation of such
Limitation of Time of Grant of Fran-
10. N'n frnnrhinn ulinll tin itmniml
for nnv orlinimliiii fiA'fit lit frtrtl u t tut.
lie places of the city to nny street rail-
way company or 10 nny ono ror Its uso
for n Inllecr iinrlnil thnn tint llfn nf ihn!
franchises held, owned by nnd under
which snld company Is operating which
hns tho longest period to run nnd no
hiicii irnncniKo sunn Do granted for n
longer period timn twenty-nvo years.
Qrantee to Tile Accentanee.
11. Ilverv nrnnlnn nf nnv fmnnlilan
- - - r " - " ii a . ii .... i. .ou,
rlelit nr nrlvllnnn. wllliln itilriu
after tho ordlnnnco granting tho satno
Miinu uo in torcc, sunn nio in tho omco
of tho recorder n written nccoptnncn
oi ino snmn. nnu n mi urn nti thn nnri
in ino grantee to mo much written nr
COIltnnPII Wllliln tlm limn nnnlnn.l
shall ho deemed nn abandonment nnd
releetlnti nf Mm i-lrliln
conferred, nnd tho ordlnnnco granting
uio snmo sunn tiicrcupon no null nnd
void. Much ncceiitnueu shall Im nnnnnl.
I II I'll mil' ulinll Im mtmlriKnl I
ncceptnnco of all tho terms, conditions
nun remricuoiiK ronwtincii in tho ordl
nance granting tho same.
Ordlnanco Granting Franehliei to Fix
Maximum Farm Mm PmuMa
That Council May Chanae Same.
2. I.VOrV lirnill nf n frnnrliUn
Which liriivllloit fnr tlm rluirulmr nf
nil en. i area nnu ciiaririin hiuiii rnntnin
n provision fixing tho mnxlmum rata
of fares, rates nnd chnrues. which thn
grnntw, hln, Its or their MucccsNors
or assigns can charge or collect for
services rendered or performed by vir
ion nf nml iltirlnir llui llfn nf miMi tmn.
cIiIno and tho operation of his or Its
niniiL nr nmnoriv iiinrmimiitr- nml nni.i
grant may also or In addition provide
Hint thn council reservo tho right to
thereafter from tlino to time chnnge,
niter. TOinilntn mill flv fnritll mlim nr
cnnrgoH which tno grantee, his, Its or
their mirrtifiHiim nr iiuulirnu f-nn Minn.
or collect thoruuiider during tho life
ot hiicii grnni or rrnnciimo.
Aonronrlatlona! Limitations nn r.
penoituro; No Warrants Without
flection TO. No inonov shall tie ax.
ponded or payment mado from nny
fund of thn rltv. nxrnnt Hiinrlnl nn.
sexsment funds, until u upeclllc appro-
lirlntlon liliall tin inniln tlirfnr nnil nn
OnllnUllPA nilttllni? nil nnnrnnrlilllnn nf
money must not contnln a provision
nn nny other subject.
All illilnnmlH fnr Intni-nat nn llm
bonded illlllilllltilllOHU nf Ihn rlli- nml
other fixed chnrges shall ho paid as tho
wnnu inniura or in accordance wim tno
terms of contract.
Tho council mnv bv nnllnnnrn limit
IIIO OXnonilltnrn nf 'nvnrv ilnnnrlmnnl
of tho city government, except lntorost
cunrgen nun ntuer ennrgea iixea by
Contract or llV tills r)mrlrr ilnrlnp
eacn nscai yoar, or during nny month
thereof, and any contracts mado, debts
crriiuni nr iinuiiiiv lnrnrroii in rriin
of tho amounts authorlxed by tho coun
cil, where tho council may so limit
tlio oxnendlturo of moneys, shall hn
mill Hllll VOlll. ami thn rnunrll ahnll
not authnrlxo any oxpendlturo during
any imcai year, nor snail any liability
bo Incurred bv or on account nf thn
city of Fit. Johns. In hn nntil In nnv
particular fiscal yoar (for tho payment
ot wmcn ino approval or tno council
shall bo necessary) which alugly or In
the aggrcgato shall bo In oxcess of tho
revenues received during such year
appucauie, or ninuo nppucaulo Dy
runnier, to ino payment or such lla
bllltV or liabilities. And nnthlni rnn
talned In this charter shall authorlzo
tno enforcement against or collection
from said city, on account of any debt,
contract or liability, nf nnv nnm I n nv.
cess of tho limitations prescribed In
this section.
TllQ dtV Rlinll IbkiiA nn nrnrrnnlo n-
Other evidences nf Indnhtnil
cept under special assessment fundB,
uuiesu mere is money in tHe treasury
duly appropriated and applicable to
tho tiavmont nf thq snmn nn nMBAnlfl.
tlon, nnd all evidences of Indebtedness
insueu contrary to una provision shall
be null and void. Any councilman
voting to Incur any liability or to ere-
ato nny debt In excess of tho amount
limited nnd authorized by law, shall
jbo deemed guilty of malfeasance In
omco, nuti ior sticn mnircasanco such
member of tho council niny bo re
moved from omco.
Issue of Bonds for Acquisition of Pub
Ho Utilities.
Section 77. Vnr thn nnmifalllnn
cither by purchase or construction, of
r.ny piiDiio utility or ror the erection of
nubile llllllrllnrn nr Ihn nnrnhn.n
nubile n.irks nn In tlila rlmrim-
vldcd for, tho city of St. Johns Is nu-
uiurizcu ana empowercil to Issue and
dlsnosn nf hnniln nf Ihn rllt. nf t.n .!
nomination nf from nnn hiin.lrn.l
lnrs to flvo hundred dollnrs, na tho
council may detcrmlno, under tho seal
of tho city with Interest coupons at
tached thereto. Thn nnl,t nnn il a ulinll
bo signed by tho mayor and attested
by tho recorder and tho city by snld
bonds When Issued nnd cnlrl el.nll
held nnd considered In substnnco nnd
effect tfJ tinrinrtnfen nml nrnmlan In
consideration of tho promises, to pny
the bearer of each of snld bonds at tho
expiration of tho tlmo for which thoy
nro Issued, ihn mini nnniml llmrnln In
gold coin of tho United Stntes together
With Interest thereon In llbn rnln. nt
n rate of not to exceed six (C) per cent.
per annum, pnyauio linir yearly ns pro
vided In snld rnnnnna. Thn tnlnt
amount of snld bonds, that Is tho par
value thereof, shall not exceed tho
cost nrlco of tlm till 111 lr llfllllv nt tirmt.
erty for which thoy nro Issued. All
SUCh bonds must tin snld hi- Ihn rnnn.
ell after advcrMsIng tho sale thereof
In at least ono local newspaper atitl
ono financial paper In New York City.
Sealed bids only shnll bo taken for
such bonds nnd they Rhnll be sold to
tllO htchest rpmintinlliln hl.htni- tin!
among cnunl bidders preference In tho
rnlo nnd nllotmcnt shall bo given to
bidders residing In the stnte of Ore
gon. The council shall hnvo power to
releel nnv nnd nit hlda nnd t.
ttsa for bids fnr thn nninn All Imn.l.
Issued by St. Johns under this net
shall bo exempt from tnxntlon cither
u) mo siniu oi uregon, or uy nny
county or municipal corporation there
in. Tho council shall fix by ordinance
tho tlmo when bonds shnll bo duo and
tiavnhln hill nn IwimU tnihnr limn l.
provement bonds Issued In purstinnco
of nn act of tho legislature or tho stato
of Oregon, entitled "An net to provide
for the Issuance of bonds for tho Im
provement of streets nnd laying ot
scwora In Incorporated cities, and for
tho payment of tho cost of such im-
lirovt'tnentN nnd Invlntr nf anwnrn t.u
instalments," filed In tho onice of tho
secretnrv nf stnte. Pnhmnrv 59. tsnt
ns nmended by an net entitled "An net
to nmcnil ncrllnim I. 2. n .1 r. ft nml i
of an nc entitled, 'An net to provide
tor ino issuance or munis ror the Im-
lirnvi'Mlnnl nf nlrinl nnd Incln.. nt
sewer In Incorporated cities, nnd for
tho payment of the cost of such Im
provements nun laying or sewers by
Installments' filed In thn nith-ii nf ihn
secretnrv of state. Pnhrnnn- 52. IKn!J
filed In tho omco of tho secretnry of
state. 1-Yhriinrv ?S. mm.t ulinll Im rp
n shorter period than ten (10) years
nor ior n longer period (linn thirty
Section 7R. 1. Thrrn ahnll hn n r.v.
corder of 8t. Johns who shnll hnvo
been n duly Qualified voter of tho city
for nt lenst two year next preceding
his election! hll shnll hindnrlnd v Ihn
people and shnll hold his omco for two
(-j years ami until ma successor is np-
DOlnteil nr eluntiwl nnd linn iinnlllln.l
Tho recorder shnll ulvn IumhIh fnr ihn
faithful performance of his duties. Uo
shnll receive n monthly salary of
Tho recorder shall hnvo ono or moro
denudes or clerka im Ihn rnunoll mm-
Thn rnrnrdnr la hnrnhi- nnlhnr.
lied III ndllllnlltnr mi nnlh nnd rnrllfv
nny acknowledgment authorlxed or re
quired to bo taken by nny ordlnnnco
of Hi. Jftltnx nr Iiiu' nf nniinn nnd tin
mny rcqulro nny person presenting for
settlement nn nronnnl nr rlnlm nf nil
kind against tho city, to bo sworn be
fore him as to tho validity nf mild no.
count or claim, nnd when so sworn to
answer orally ns to any facta relativo
to tho merits or lustlco nf snld nrrnnnl
or clnlm.
Duties Of Recorder.
3. Tho recorder la tho accounting
nnd clerical officer of tho city. Ho
shnll bo In personnl attendance nt hln
OltlCO dally dlirlnir nfllrn linnm II .i
shall recolvo and preserve In his omco
nil accounts, bookH, vouchers, dotfu-
monta nnd nnnnrii rulnllni- In Ihn nn.
n ... ..... v -
cnuntH nnd rnnlrnrlH nf thn oliu liu
dobts, revenues, and other financial
affairs. Ho shall glvo Information an
to tho exact rnndlilnn nf Ihn irnnmiru
and of every nnurnnrlntlnn nml fund
thoreof upon demand of tho mayor,
the council or any committee thereof.
Ho shall bo tho custodian nf Ihn rllv
seal and shall ncrfnrm Hiirh nihxr diu
ties ns this charter or tho council may
Recorder to Keep Accounts of Moneys;
uan aii uemanat.
A. Thn mrnnlnr hhnll Iidaii nn nn.
count nf nil mnnnvM nnld Inln mil
Of tho treasury. Any ordlnnnrn nr rnn.
olutlon providing for tho payment of
nny oeinanu out or tno treasury,
Whether from nubile funds nr frnm nrl.
vote funds deposited therein, shall al
ways be construed an rimiiirlni? Dm
auditing of such demand by tho ro-
corner oeiore tno samo do paid.
Recorder to Keep Record of Demands
fi. The rernrdnr Hhnll nimilmr nml
keep an official record of nil demandu
audited by him, showing tho number,
illite. amount, nnmn nf ih n nrlflnnt
holder, ailll ncnlllHt whnl nnnrnnrlnllnn
drawn and out of what fund payable,
and ho shnll nnnrovn nn dnmnnd nn.
less tho samo has been nllowed by tho
officer, board, department, or commit
tee required to act thereon.
(To U CoDtinued)