St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, December 23, 1904, Page 5, Image 5

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tahns will bo Borvcd with Tho Review
trough tho postomco, excopi mobb
i !(... tn Hin rnntnr nf town. Wfl
aDSCIluuia w
wo tried tho carrlor systom, ana it
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.tittirr tn rncoivn their naner roir-
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llarly picaso nuwiy mu iiuuhbuui.
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arvest cnleliing logs on the nvci
ils week.
i.'.iflp.iiln linn a ncwsimttcr. the
Sews. It 19 I'riK'it nttlc sheet, pub
liel bv II. A. Willinins.
Tin srlmoiior Wntson took on nbout
" ...
ir.nnnn fni'l of lumber nt Cone's dock
Iiiil' cleared for Han Frnnclsco Tues
W .
Ti,i ri. urn no ess tlinn one dozen
l.nitrH under construction nt St
lolm.i HeWits, nnd they ore modern
louse?, too.
Mr. HiiLifnrtv. who nurchnsed Mr.
latin's nroporty, is building two
y is tho contrnctor.
the contrnctor.
' mill U closed down this
kroV for rennirs. A new sawdust clc
Lator is noinjr installed, nnd other
leeded repairs are being innuc.
rnntirnn llrothcrs have sold tho
LmI linlf of tho Hoar block to 11. P.
Ifcdlor from ensteni Oregon for
IJ00O. This Is a clear uniti ol ffiouu
In two months.
The Inst of tho old motor car, or
Lnttlo cars, as sonic people termed
lliem, were reduced to ashes last
Monday, nnd tho iron parts removed
lo Portland.
There nro quilo a number of peo
Wo rcaldlnjr here, who were fanner
frcstdontH of tho New KiiL'lnnd states.
rhoro is talk of forming a New hng-
Intid society amo-itf them.
Miss Amy Howlnnd, teacher of
iilano music, has finite n Inrue class
bf nunils. add they am makimr rapid
progress. Quito a number 01 seiioini
rill bo added niter tho holidays.
Tim Ktimlnv dinuerH nt the St.
johns hotel art) growing in popular-
y nnd nro very much appreciated,
tin im'iiii U xcel!ent. nnd Miss Ilich
Iwrves tho prnlso so profusely be
Thu winter term of my music class
Kill open January 'Jnd. New pupils
klm to tnter thu winter tenn.
Ilenno call nt my homo nt the corner
ft Jersey and Lcuvit streets. Miss
my Itowlnnd.
N'oxt Ktiinliiv. Christmas day. Itev.
p. J. Staiib will conduct tho Congrfga-
oiutl services at Hickncr' hall.
Kpccial mimic Iiiih been arranged for.
Preaching at :i:;IO p. m. hverybody
Invited to attend.
(leonru T. Ziiiiiiiornmn. 0110 of tho
Ltatn nrL'iiiiizLini of tho Modem Na
tional Itcnorve, n fraternal insurnnco
tnler, with headquarters at Cliarlcfc
'it v. Inwn. was in town Inst week
looking over thu (lied with 11 view of
tirganizing 11 lodge in St. Johns.
After tlm first of Jniiunrv Tho He-
Liew will lin mi ftitindv St. Johns
traduction. Our now cylinder press
Mill ho in nlnco. nnd Tho itovivow will
liavo a thoniughly equipped plant, and
win uo in a ositton to turn 0111 an
flasse of printing, both book and
Tho Artisan degreo team from
I 1'ortmnoulli will assist in thu initia
tion of u class of candidates nt this
Iplaco on Monday evening. Tho Ar
tisan lodge at this place is composed
I of some of our best people nnd is
rapidly increasing in numbers.
At an early dato in January the
Modorn Woodmen of tho World, of
this city, will givo a select musical
entertainment, which will include
wiiiq of tho best talent of Portland,
as well ns local talent.. Dato and
particulars will bo announced later.
Now that tho volunteer Are com
pany is permanently organized, tho
boys might And it to their advantage
to get up somo kind of entertainment
or dance as a starter. We feel quite
sure thoy would bo well patronized,
and their exchequer bo put on n good
Mr. Belcher, who recently purchas
ed two lots on John street, two blocks
from tho school house, is preparing
to build thrco handsomo cottages. lie
is removing all unsightly stumps from
bis lots, and surroundings, which
tends to beautify his Dlace exceeding
ly. Others who have residence lota
should profit by his example.
Tho arc light on Jersey and Hur
lihgton streets is n marked improve
lnent over tho old order of things.
A scenic railroad down tho boule
vard over the cliffs from Portland to
8t, Johns would ho a profitable in
vestment, nnd tho most picturcsquo
rule m tho state.
"Tho St. Johns Hcviuw graciously
alludes to Portland as "our neighbor
on tho south." Yes, and we're not
going to be annexed to St. Johns,
cither, though thnt is a good town to
get next to." Oregon Journal. Truly
said. St. Johns don't want you, nor
your Tanner creek sower.
The enclosed grounds across the
river, that have tho appearance of n
baseball park, is tho placo where
prisoners from Portlnnd nro employ
ed in breaking rock. They nro token
there by boat. Thoso grounds should
be an object lesson for tlm evil in
Mr. Davis, manager of the St.
Johns grocery, has patented n cake
box cover, that is n big improvement
over nil other covers used for such
purposes, particularly so in construc
tion, and method used for display of
goods, as well as tho adjustment of
the lid. Tlicro is a fortune in it for
him. It can bo seen nt the store.
Last Sunday was a lovely day. It
was quite common to sco people bask
ing in tho sun shiuo whilo lounging
on the front porch. Tho nowly-nrriv-cd
easterner looked on in nmnzemeut,
and their minds reverted to tho old
homo back cast, where their friends
were shivering in atmospheres below
zero. Oregon climnto beats tho world.
Woodmen of tho World, Camp 77.1,
will give a masquerade ball at Hick'
tier's hall, next Wednesday evening,
Dee. 28. Arrangements nro being
made to accommodate n big crowd.
Thu mask ball given by thin camp a
few weeks ago was 0110 of tho big
successes of the season, nnd tho ball
next Wednesday evening gives prom
ise of even surpassing thu Inst one.
Admission, gentlemen, en masque, f0
cents; Indies free. Hectators, 125
Fred Kocncr is a rustlor, und of
thu kind that does things. Ho hits
contracts for several buildings on
Jersey street, but owing to tho un
certainty of tho grades, and realiz
ing tho importance of having tho mat
ter settled, Fred didn't stop to think
very long, but took n subscription pa
per, and in less than a half hour had
sulllclciit money pledged by thu own
ers of buildings 011 thu street to pay
thu surveyor fur doing tho work. Mr.
Koenier believes mora in work than
he does in street corner talks.
Old friends and neighbors wero
more than glad to welcome thu Itev.
Mr. Aldcrsuii,,who visited Saint Johns
011 Sunday thu 11th. He attended and
took part in tho services bundny
morning, nlso preaching Sunday ev
ening, lib is tho pioneer Methodist
minister of tho bnint Johns church,
lie was a guest of Mr. and Mrs. A.
I Miner 011 Sunday, lie nlso spent
a part of Monday with Mr. and Mrs.
Hanson at Point View. Ho always
predicted n futuru for Saint Johns,
second to 110110 of tho towns between
Portland and Astoria. Mo ossibly
may buy and build in tho old town ho
loves so wull. Ho also subscribed for
The Keview.
Deeds and Oontr&cU.
Tho lteviuw has printed and keeps
in stock tho latest nnd most perfect
fonns of deeds nnd contracts, which
may bo purchased at tho ofllco nt
prices less than is usually charged for
such blank forms.
will be held and refreshments served.
The M. W. of A. band of this city,
will nttend.
St. Johns Camp, 773 Woodmen of
tho World, hnve elected tho following
olllcers for the ensuing year: If. C.
Clark, consul; C. B. Mallet, advis
er; II. B. Biekncr, banker; II. JO. Coon,
clerk; It. 1). Southwell, escort, J. M.
Moore, wntchmnu; P. Holnmn. sentry;
Uobt. Anderson, I. E. Fornker, Clyde
Heath, managers; Dr. uossiter, Phy
Quito a Dcscropcncy.
The diffcrenco in the bids for build
ing tho tcm)ornry school addition is
most marked, and it makes n man
think if lie contemplates building. Tho
highest bid was $1143, while tho low
est wns only $51:1.50, n difference of
.$029.50. The difference between tho
lowest bid nnd the next lowest is
$154.50. Certainly the highest bid
der must linvo expected to make n
very big thing, or the lowest nrc figur
ing on n pretty close margin. Tho
balance of the bids ranged from $175
to $500 above tho lowest. There were
fifteen tenders in nil.
Closed Town.
Considerable agitation lias been
goining on recently in regard to Sun
day closing of business places. City
Marshal Organ was instructed ns to
the law regulatiii,' tho matter, by tho
city attorney, nnd thnt olllccr circu
lated an agreement which wns signed
by nearly every business man in town,
stipulating that they would voluntar
ily close up. This plan was a wlso
one, nnd relieves the marshal of tho
necessity of invoking the strong arm
of thu law, ns is clearly in his lino of
duty. The agreement Is ns follows:
Wo tho undersigned business and
nrofossionnl men of St. Johns, do
hereby agree to close our respectivo
i) aco of business on binulay, com
tnenclng Sunday, Jan. 1st, 1005.
S irncd: Shepherd & Tuns, real cs
tatc; Geo. II. Bonvllle, electrician; A.
E. WS son. jeweler; St. Johns Land
Co., real estate; J. C. Crome, publish
er; T. T. Parker, abstractor; W. A.
Edgcrtou, general merchandise; O.
H. Van Houten. real estate; Edmond-
son Co., hardware; Peterson & Smith,
Hour and feed; Couch & Co., general
II IT 1... "'..
merciinuaisc; .uuck imruniuu i.,
hnnlworo; Biekncr Bros., general
merchandise; N. Frecdinnn, clothing;
West Coast Laundry; I). C. llogcrs,
real estatot W. II. King, real ectato;
N. F. Noren, real estate; St. Johns
Grocery Co., groceries; u. u. uiapci,
real estate.
Christmas BUI of rare.
I'lillowlnir is thu bill of fare for
tho Christmas dinner nt tho St. Johns
1UW Ojt" Hlt Hhill
80CTI , . MM
UltUfl i'rtn of CtWrjr
Ollvo Clfry
Younk Turkr Ortr I)rrtlns
Crtnbmr Utacs .
Millird l)uek . am Hiuc
I'llm Until llirl
,umm KrAi.i.Br,m H4U"
Or. 1'm ....
MWt I'OtMOft "' ""
ll..r I'll.
Kmllili I'lum 1'uJJInf llrotlf Hof
CUrrt LfMOMilt
Officers Elected.
The Modoru Wodmcn of America,
Cami) 7610. elocted tho following of-
llcers for tho coming year: C. D. Ed
wards, past consul; II. h. Knight,
consul; C. F. Bailey, adviser; lu C.
Butt, banker: O. I. Thompson, clerk:
B. II. Smith, e-eort; Alfrod Scott,
watchman; Wiu. hdmonson, sentry;
A. A. Hnnno, J. M. Hanks and C. D.
Edwards, manngcrs; C. C. Taggart,
examining physician.
Tho Boynl Neighbors of Amoriea,
Cedar Camp 3544, have choson tho fol
lowinsr officers for tho ensuing year:
Mrs. Emma Gillarn, past oraclo; Mrs.
Ada Pennington, oraclo; Mra. liullis,
vico oraclo; Mrs. C, Ilanna, chancel
lor: Mrs. C. O. Churchill, recorder;
Mrs. Wm. Evans, receiver; Miss
Bertha Titus, marshal; Miss inancn
Hanson, insido sentinel; Mrs. E.
Snnuldlnc outer sentinel: Mrs. Pas
cal Hill, Mrs. C. A. Auderson and
C. D. Edwards, managers; C. C. Tag
gart, examining physician.
Tho obovo oflicers will be installed
a ioint session of Grapo Camp M.
W. of A., and Rose Camp R. N. of A.,
at Unchurch hall. Portland, tho sec
ond Monday evening in January. Af
ter installation ceremonies - a danee
Winitrd A woman to work by tho
day. Mrs. Orin Multby, ucroM from
Dr. Hick'a residence.
u'nnti.,lA food cook, steady job.
good wages, at tho St. Johns Hotel,
St. Johns.
Attention, Homeekersl
Wo have a few good homesteads,
ready for tho plow, eloo to railroads
and markets; also a few good timber
claims. Party leaving soon. Koom
18, Citizens' Bnnk, Portland, Or. Ho
ban & Taggart.
Short, Dry Fir Slab Wood
93.00 per Load
Short, Dry Fir Cord Wood
95.00 per Cord
Same kind of Wood; What's
the difference? Why one is
split by n saw, the other with
an ax, (lint's all.
2.50 per Load
Or Phone Eat 3035
Boulevard Addition
Te St. Jekas. HtftH ks4 betwees
car Hm sa4 rircr. Uts MilM,
alleys, m. Esit SMatUy psy-
Q. H. VANHOUTEN, St. Johns
ie 1
Hardware Opening!
Christmas Specialties!
Whatever you select you will have it when the
Christmas of 1904 is nothing but n
pleasant memory,
The Muck Hardware Co.
To the People of St. Johns.
And rendy for business. The dclnycd nmterinl 1ms
arrived and is being put in place as rapidly as our
workmen can do it, and the current will be turned on
without further delay.
Persons desiring to use electric light or power should
make application at the offices of the Company, comer
That wc arc Solo Agents for the Celebrated
Stoves and Ranges.
Never Equaled ! 53 Years in the Field I
We also carry a complete line of FURNITURE,
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
182 First,
183 Front,
The RtlliMt tii up-to-date
Family Grocers and General Merchants
Tin iif Sitri 00 Brtttwiy Mr fuMim
Are receiving Fresh Goods daily, and the people under
stand they sell only the Best and at City Prices,
Oir Slock of CMMrci's SCHOOL SHOES can't be Beat
A good line of DRY GOODS, Boota and Shoes, and General
Merchandise, Feed, Hay, Grain, Etc. 'HONE UNION tM
i U
f " TftHfc Hif - - f'-- V"
-.snag' T,--y