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Devotee o tio Interests of ffie Peninsula, the MAnttfacttirlng Centre of the Northwest.
"NO! l I
Various Topics of Local and
and Tersely Treated.
Timely Mnttcrs
Dcnlt With and Interspersed
tlons on Local Affairs.
Tim resources of the northwest nro
I attracting the Attention oC the capital
u ilirotUioiit the Iniul. and every
I day s-ynic new development is taking
place. A witcr has said: "It tloca
not require n prophet nor tlie boh ol n
prophet Id discover that tlio Pnciflo
Northwest is destined nt no distant
tiny to l? ll'C nrenn lor gigantic op-
.1 . - !...1..u..!,it ..inti.t.i Hinl
ICI'iUll"IS IM lOUHBll nil u.tirtiumuii iiiui.
will put our greatest enthusiasts out
. ....!.!.. n..1 ,11l nnttbl Jill
ICl t'OHiinif'JlUU II11U M 111 l-tllinw win
tli"cli(l ochievmcnts of the past to
j .ilc into insigiiicnnce. This is not the
it-mate dream of a professional boom-
er, hut the echo of opinions expressed
bv the wealth-builders of the world."
It has been some thrco yonrs slnco
tlio 0. It. & N. railway first laid its
tracks along tho water front. Since
' that time St. Johns has increased in
Imputation from liit) to over 12000 pco
itle. and tlio question is would it not
he reasonable that the company should
build u ficiuht and passenger depot,
and give St. Johns the hencllt of local
freight and passenger service. As it
is at present and has been, unless
freight was consigned in carload lots
it ranuot be handled by tlio O. It.
& X. It may bo tinted that the trnflld
will not justify such a course. This
may to some extent bo true, but lot
another railroad witli transcontinental
Connections enter Bt. Johns, or
-l ! Mill I '. v A
ven snow cerium indications ol
coming here, it would not be long lie-
1 fore the 0. It. & N. would II ml reason
cimuu'li to justify it in giving such
M'rvire as the conditions now demand
It is trulv wonderful what an impetus
'to trade npwisition gives, and it is
true of transportation companies as
well as in the lesser lines of trade.
The conditions, the growth, tho de
velopment and tho time, nit warrant
the 0. It. & N. in considering this
The suggestion in the llrst issue of
The ltoviuw, as to tho desirability of
n building and loan association, ha
met with favor among many citizens,
and it only requires that home live
' man should take hold of the matter
to innke it a success. Thete is no
' (mention about the usefulness of such
nu association, especially among tlio
wage earners. It would enable many
men to build and pay for boms who
do not euro to ko into debt on the
usual trade plans. Small weekly In
stnllments would suit them butter.
It is hoped that some of our "live
ones" will take hold of the mutter.
It's all a mistake. What has ah
ways been taken us a notorious gamb
ling house, the Portland club turns
out to be a wholesome resort of the
Y. M. C. A. order, if Hip testimony
taken in court hut w;el: is to bo be
lieved. If tho keeper of such places
can make juries believe their tales of
woe, and they seem to bo able to do eo,
it works n handicap 011 a conscientious
officer who endeavors to do bis duty
in enforcing the laws. Portland, since
public gambling bW been closed, which
is coincident with the timo courageous
Tom Word assumed the duties of the
sheriff's office, has been just as pros
perous, and more 60 in ninny iustances,
as it ever was The howl and cry that
it requires gambling (wh'.ch means it
requires the laws to be defied and
broken)) to make business good and
the city commercially lively, is the
veriest rot nnd humbug. It is false,
and the reasonably decent people who
give vent to such rot stulify them
selves and blacken the good name of
the favored metropolis of Oregon. The
gambler is a leech, who lives by suck
ing the life-blood of women and chil
dren who depend upon the husband
and father for the necessaries of life.
If Multnomah county and Portland
had more of its offices filled by Tom
General Interest Briefly
with Timely Surcs-
Words, a more wholesome condition
of nffnirs would prevail, and tho coun
ty ridded of many of its parasites.
The decent people of the county up
hold the sheriff, because ho knows his
dutv and dares perform it.
A number of people interested in
St. Johns hnve prepared a booklet,
giving valuable statistical and descrip
tive fncls concerning St. Johns nnd
the peninsula. The pages will be fine
ly illustrnteed and altogether is val
liable and reliable as setting forth tho
resources and information of this dis
trlct as a desirablo placo for invest
ors. The copy is in tho printers
hands, nnd will bo out nnd ready for
distribution in n few days.
It has never been quite clear to us
what benefits nro to bo derived from
party strife in selecting municipal of-
llcers. Oregon City is now in the
throes of n red hot municipal cam
paign, in which the republicans and
democrats nro in battle array as
though some great national issuo was
dependent upon tho result. Wo ilon
think any good can come to the muni
cipallty which indulges such methods,
The business, commercial and moral
Interests of Oregon City are certainly
not decided on political lines, ana
how the affairs of that city, or any
other city, for that matter, can bo
administered "to 'tho best nilvnutnge
of the moplo as n whole, by cither im
litical party, is a conundrum. It seems
to us that jMtlitics about reach their
limit in stnto afTnirs, and for a bles
sing, party prejudice is being ignored
to n considerable extent even there,
but to bring (ho abominable "crit
ter" into minor city governments, Is
carrying the jnko too far, entirely.
If tho money spent in carrying on
partisan ixditical lights in some of the
smaller cities of Oregon was turned
into a common fund to help nlong
some needed local improvements, it
would bo of some purpose, ion l;nov
it requires the "sack" to run both
sides of political fights, and the con
tents of the aforesaid "sack" nro
generally distributed where it .does
the most good for tho wardhecler, nnd
the least (rood for tho rommunity nt
I a rue. In fact, it not infrequently
hapeus that tho real sentiment of tho
community is often thwarted by tho
biggest "sack." No, party politics in
municipal affairs is "11 demmed barren
Manual training in tho public
schools has just gone into effect in
Portland. Thoso who have struggled
so valiantly for this long cherished
end will soon havo tho occasion to
feel thankful that thoy persisted till
their efforts were crowned with sue-
cess, now our -jou,uou scuooi or
technology at St. Johns, would
be one of the blessings of the ago for
the youth of the land, and an imper
ishable monument to their benefactor.
.augh not, but aid all you can in hav
ing this materialize. May Portland'
exeriment provo nil that its noblo
and ardent advocates have hoped for,
"Perjured Peter" is the pot name
applied by a prosecuting attorney to
witness who testified in n gambling
case before a court in Portland tho
other day.
It is a very encouraging fact, that
the class of buildings already erected,
oud in course of eiectiou, throughout
the peninsula, are in most instances of
a most substantial character, and
creditable to even older1 communities.
This is a feature upon which the dis
trict is to be congratulated, it dem
onstrates that home-builders realize
and hive faith in the future neatness
of the peninsula. They have come to
stay, nnd participate in the benefits
which nrc sure to nccrue as a result
of tho establishment ofj great Indus
trial enterprises, anil int tho same
own comfortnblo homcsfin one of tho
most healthy and agreeable places on
the Pueillc coast to live'.
A correspondent wants to know if
St. Johns has good schools, churches
and opportunities for the exercise of
the social privileges which go to make
a home hero desirablo for itrilics
Of course, it has. No moro cultivated
and higlMiiindcd social, educations
mid religious condition, exists nn
where. Another feature, which may
appear somewhat rcmavknblc for
factory town, there is not n sitigle sn
loon on tho entire peninsula, and the
pence olllccrs hnve litttc or nothing
to do. Think of a city of ovor 2000
iwople, and not an nrrcst for drunk
eness or disorderly conduct in threo
mouths. This Is n record which oiigh
to satisfy the most exacting morntist
Not satisfied with (the Chinese
gambling and saloon "graft" which
is cut off temporarily, Portland is now
developing a "sewer graft," fitine
where nnd somehow, nn.l wo don
know but what a sowetuls just an ac
ceptablc to tho PortIaiuU"grufler
anything else. 1
St. Johns is indeed fortunate in
hnving so few "knocker" in its
midst. There are a few, however.
lint wo suppose this stiecimcn of the
genus homo is n necessary ?vil in nl
communities. There is one good thing
about this type of characters, they nro
easily discovered and soda found out
They nro car marked so Unit tho strati
gcr does not have to hctold who ho
is, or hnve him Milntcd out. Ho boln
to tho surface like a cork", and "butts
in" at every opMirtunlty nnd thor
oughly exhausts the batch of tiro
nouns in n jiffy. No, thanks to whom
we know not, St. Johthas only n
lew, hut tlilu fow could easily be spar
ed, and their places would soon bo fill
vd with men who would benefit the
There is another class, not numer
ous either, who exists here, known as
the "smart nlecks." They bear
close resemblance to the "knocker."
In fact, many people versed in such
matters, say they are both "chips
from the same block." Hut whether
this is true or not, The Review man
don't know, but docs confes thoy
bear a striking resemblance. Thoy nro
loth parasites, anil known by nearly
he same spots. St, Johns ran well
spare hoth or them. Hut after nil,
they don't do much harm. Thoy are
like water, soon find their level, nnd
llont off into sea oblivion.
is a rule, however, tho business and
industrial community of St. Johns is
comKscd of men of sterling qualities,
honored and respected nt home, nnd
n credit to the district when they go
abroad. They stand well in the com
merciul world outside, and wcro lost
to their former communities with feel
ings of regret.
Our old-tlmo friend, fi, II, Flagg,
ot the St. Helens Mist, is getting n
move on himself with tho viow of get
ting up u splendid display of Colum
bia county products at the Lewis and
Clark fair. As usual, his demands, as
commissioner for bis county, is mod
est. He asks for a ton or two each
of apples, "spuds," com, wheat,
pumpkins, etc. Hopo you'll got them,
Dre'er Flagg, tho coming winter
promises to bo a stunner.
A gentleman, well known here, and
a staunch friend and beliovor in St.
John, called Tuesday nnd handed us
a check for five subscriptions to The
Roviow, with the request that the pa
pers be sent where the editor thought
they would do the most good, Ibis
act was unsolicited, therefore the
more appreciated, far above the mere
matter of dollars and cents. The fact
that this gentleman substantially ap
preciates that a live local paper in a
benefit to the community, goes a long
way to spur the publisher on to great
er efforts.
Id 0. Gee is building a home for
John Oliver in St. Johns Park.
About People Who are
v From
Other Local News Matters A New Bank Hulldlng The V. O. W.
Masquerade Ball.
Mr. nnd Mrs. A.. II. Blackburn re
turned Monday from a visit to friends
nt Ivalamn.
Miss Muzcttn Hamilton, of Van
couver, returned homo Saturday, af
ter a week's visit with her sister, Mrs,
L. Flint Chase.
L. C. Slater, of Sherwood, is now
i citizen of St. Johns, having re
moved his shcmnking outfit to this
place Tuesday.
Miss Goldie llowland, who is teach
ing in St. Johns school, seven miles
north of Vancouver, spent Thanks
giving with her parents in this city.
T. W D. Dunbar nnd .Mr. Jones,
both recent arrivals from Qreely, Col.,
hnve purchased lots in St, Johns Park
addition and will build homes nt
James McClcllnii nnd family havo
arrived in the city from HulValo, N.
Y. Mr. McClcllan will build u good
residence on lots purchased at Point
Dr. 0. K. Watts, n prominent sur
geon of Portland, ttpent Sunday in St.
Johns and vicinity and expressed as
tonishmcnt nt the rapid growth of
the city.
J. M. Stone, millwright nt Jobcs
new pinning mill, hns purchased lots
at Point Viow, mid will build a fine
residence and locate in St. Johns tier
manently. His former residence ns
at Oregon City.
Chns. Hrcdsoti, returned from
Drowning, Montana, whero ho has
been engaged in work for tho govern
ment on the lllnckfeot Indian reser
vation. Ho is nt homo on u thirty
days' term of absence.
P. M. Shaddock, of l'ort James,
Cal., was in the city, and left for
home n few days ago. While hero Mr.
Shaddock purchased lots in St. Johns
Heights, and will return hero in n
couple of weeks with his family, and
build a hoisc, becoming n permanent
Tho singer, Hcv. T. It. Smith, who
was to assist through the sjiccial ser
vices at the Lvuiigelical church, was
taken sick, so it was not possible for
him to participate during the past fow
days, but wo hopo ho may bo able to
render some assistance later on if his
httiilth will ermit.
Prank Livcrmoro has a Hue camera,
and will furnish The Itevicw with
views of many of the prominent
buildings and factories about the city,
which will bo reproduced in theso
columns. Mr. Livormoro is one of the
old-timers of St. Johns, and Is full
of enthusiasm over the future pros-
iiects of his chosen town.
James Oliver and wife, originally
from Ohio, but hnve siient some timo
in Idaho and Washington, are recent
arrivals in tho city and nro building
a home in bt. Johns Park. Mr. and
Mrs. Oliver say that of all the places
u the west where they havo been bt.
Johns strikes them as the most favor
ed spot, and they will mako this their
future home.
A. B. Wooley, of Wasco, Ore.,
is n firm and true friend of St. Johns,
and has given evidence of a warm
niche in his big heart for The Review.
Tuesday's mail brought to this ofllco
a letter with five new subscribers, and
the cash for to pay for same. We ap
prcciato this act of our friend Wooley,
and whenever he comes to St, Johns
he will find The Review latch-string
on the outside, and a warm welcomo
awaiting him within.
More School Facilitiea.
A petition circulated by the com
mittee appointed at tho last meeting
of the Commercial Association, was
numerously signed and presented to
the school board of District No. 2,
asking the board to purchase, con
struct or rent suitable rooms, and In-
Going and Coming to and
St. Johns.
ish tho same, to temporarily accom
modate the largo number of school
children of this district who are now
deprived of tho full benefit of school
privileges, and to take proper step
to spend a sum not exceeding $1000,
or such less sum as may only be nec
essary. The school board will meet
this evening to take tho necessary
steps to put in effect the prayer of
the petitioners.
Tho Tlrst Cloth.
It is expected the llrst piece of cloth
will he turned out nt the woolen mill
some lime next week. Tho prepara
tory stages of fnbrlc making are nil
in operation, nnd it will bo only n few
days before the rattle of tho shuttle
will ho heard, and the fruits of the
loom become n realty in St. Johns.
The mills, of course, nro not attempt
ing to operate anywhere approaching
their capacity at present, and the
processes now going on nro moro of
a testing character. Flannel cloth
and blankets will comprise tho first
Tho W. 0. W. Masquorado Ball.
The masquerade ball given by the
Woodmen of the World, at Hlcknor's
hall, Wednesday evening, was well
attended, and certainly n most com
plete success. About forty couples
were cuinnsquo nnd tho characters
represented presented both tho sub
lime and the ludicrous. The grand
march stntrtcd about 0 o'clock, at
which time tho ball was crowded
with sK?ctntors. Kxccllcnt music, was
furnished by tho W. 0. W. orchestra.
The affair was well-conducted, the
committee, W. Coon, chairman, P.
Holiuau and (I. II. Mnllctt, sparing
no pains to hnve tho nrragenmonts
perfect, mid tho evenings' entertain
ment satisfactory to participants and
A Tine Two-Story Structure
Bank Purposes.
St. Johns is rapidly assuming met-
rojMilituu iiiiMrtnnre, and needed ad-
litions to the business community
follow close on one another. It is
dellnltely given out this week thut
Cochran Bros, havo about closed u
deal with eastern capitalists for the
sale of tho lot cornering on Broadway
and Ivanhoo streets. It is the inten
tion of the purchasers to erect a sub
stantial two-story brick building, to
bo used tor blinking put-pones. Plans
nro being drawn and the work of
building will commenco about Janu
ary tlrst.
The parties interested in this en
terprise uru men of ample capital and
experience, uud projmso to establish
a bank with facilities to accommodate
tho future as well as the present de
mands for such nn institution. Tho
pressing need of a bunk bore, based
on n sound nnd safe foundation, is
apparent to every business man, and
wo have no doubt it will receive gen
eral support. Some local capital will
bo represented in tho concern, but to
what extent is not definitely known
at tliis time.
A longshoremiii, who camo from
Vancouver with the steamer Dispatch
last Friday, fell from Jones' dock to
the deck of the vessel, a distauce of
about forty feet. The force of the
fall was broken by his striking a
deckhand who was standing on the
deck. He sustained no serious injury
beyond tht breaking of three ribs. He
was taken to the hospital at Portland,
Ed, L. Stockton sold his home in
St. Johns Park addition to W. R. Pet
tigrow, a recent arrival from Oil City,
Pa, Mr. Stockton will build a new
home at once in the same locality,