St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, November 18, 1904, Page 6, Image 6

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Br Hturlc Huttrllnck
( i Maa loves the dog, but how much moro would
51 he lore him If he considered In Uie Inflexible
I II I ensemble of the law of imturo tho unlquo excep
I WJ I tlon of the lore of a belli which, In order to
I U ' approach us, succeed In pusslng tiirough the par-
I I tlUon. impermeable to everything else, tuai Sep
I J. i urate u from their species.
IPk I We are alone, absolutely nlonc, on this planet
Imj 1 0 chance, and anionic nil the forms of llfo which
surround us not one except the dog has made an alliance
with us. Borne beings fear us, the majority do not know
us. and nous lore us. In tho world of planU we haro mute
and Immobile slates, but they nerve us In spite of them
clrea. Thy submit simply to our laws and our yoke,
Ther are powerless prisoners, rlctlms incapable or nignt
but silently rebel, and ns son as wo loso sight of thorn
ly hMtrn to play us false, and return to tholr savage
and malerolent liberty of fonner unit, nan incy whirs
the roio and tho grain would lice At our approadi, a the
birds fly from us.
The dog Is nn animal truly prllvleged. In this world he
occunles a situation uulmio rind onvlnblo of all others. He
Is tho only llrlng being tlmt lies found nnd rocognlied nn
Indubitable, tnnglblo. undenlablo nnd dollnlto Kod. lie
knows to whom to dovotii tho best of himself. Ho Mot not
March a perfect power, superior nnd I nil nl to In ahndows,
successive deities, hypotheses, nnd drnams. It Is there!
brforo hi in. He knows the supremo duties of which wo nro
II Ignorant He has a morality Hint surpnasos nil Uiat he
discovers within hlmsolf, nnd which he can practice with
out scruple and without fonr. Ho iwssoss tho truth In IU
fullness. He has an Infinite and certain Ideal.
Br nt. j. r. Butfr.n.o,
V ' 1 ' J Tlio cloilng years of tho nineteenth contury
Kfl marked an e-poch of discovery both In hearon
If labor and rnrlh bcnnatli. Tiio opening years of
WJ I the twentieth contury haro not falsified tho prom
rl llso tho dying contury gave. Homo romnrkablo
(discoveries Imvn already liuon tnado, nnd that we
JL I shall roinmuulcntu with Mars Is not so visionary
ICk In (I renin ns was otico considered. The Intrat dli
EjLjcoveiry hus a significant hearing upon tlmt point.
I'rof. Alberts')!! hna Just announced that ho Jinn Invented
an nppnrntm by which he can detect sounds from tho far
off stars and listen to thu mils! of tho spheres. The ijimn
tlty and quality of tho aoum t appears, are dependent
Upon the kind of light that liiif ui,jt upon Uio tympanum,
or focusing disk, of his apparatus,
Wo read tlmt when Ood hsd finished his creation of the
world, "the miirnliig stars snug together nnd all tho sons
of Ood shouted for Joy," Commentators and others have
boon at n loss how to Interpret the phraso, "tho morning
Inrs sang together," or In harmony. Homo said It was
inotnphorlonl language, others tlmt It was pontic llconso,
and all ngreed It could not bo taken literally, Hut now
I'rof, Alberlou comes forward with his receiving machine
end tells us It Is a demonstrable fact Hint the tienrost
plnnets nnd farthest stars each gives forth n sound pro-
duclng angelic harmony or uiaooncai uiscoru w
ears. Hut how ore thesa different notes and sounds pro
duced? In two ways; first, by tho motion of the stars
through space, and, second, by their Inherent or reflected
light The spheres by their motion through space com
munlcute motion to the ethor which Is propagated In waves
to the earth. The light ns a mode of energy also sets the
ether In motion, nnd undulating through Infinite spa.-e Im
pinges upon the earth and so falls upon the ear. Hoth pro
duce by vibration of tho auricular tympanum harmonloui
sounds in sweetest strains of melody tho music of the
Br T, ft O'Connor, H, ft
According to tho Spanish historian, Hcrrern.
a name nlono decided two French ambassadors
in their cholco of a queen for Louis VIII. The
cholco lay between two Hpanlsh prlnccwcs, one
with a pretty face but nn ugly name, the other
with a plain face hut a pretty name. Tho plain
princess, having the good fortune to bo named
"Hlaiwhe," was chosen, because, contended the
nmbnssudors, the name of the prttty prlncins,
"L'rraca," was Impossible! Tho Bpniilnrd themselves nro
tho most sfi.sltlvo people in liurope to tho sound of names.
Fuller says Hint In Uio reign of KlUabcth the Spanish
ambasFMidor was mortally affronted whon ho learned Hint
tho iiueoii hnd deputed a wealthy London citizen, named
John Cuts, to receive hlml The whole offense lay in the un
dignified curtnosa of "John Cut" not certainly an impos
ing name.
Apropos of political nlckmimci, it Is curious to think
that the name of n worthy French mlnlitor of state should
bo Immortalised ns tho name of a special kind of portrait
.Silhouette was an honest but narrow French finance mln
later, Mho In 1760 tried to fill a doplotod treasury by new
economies Instead of by new taxes. Ills suggested econo
mies, hownver, wore so niggling nnd fantastic that the
wits of Fart burlesqued them by cutting tho talis and
slooves off tholr coats, and by having their portrait! drawn
In profile by a black pencil on Uio shadow cast on the
paper ny a candlnt And this shndow picture Uiry chrls
totied After Uio minister who suggested so odd an economy
of featurn.
toned after tho minister who suggested so odd a feature
of ivonomy,
Bargains in Real Estate
Money to Loan on Good Security
Phone, Union 1143
City Lots in North St. Johns, $25 Down, $10 a Month.
Five and One-Half Acres one block cast of Point View, $1625,
. n . 9 9 J n Y . 4 m .
One and One-Halt btory iiouse, 4 Kooms, JBath and Pantrv
with Lot 50x120, St. Johns Heights, $800.
One-Fourth Acre with House 16x18, Oak Park, $450.
Four Room House, Chicken House and Lot 75x100 in Point
View, $850,
Ten Room Hotel, only one in town, Livery and Feed Stable,
1'IUU X IWlrO, A U1W If UIW,, A JA fcllAWJ f WWW, Jk W All UfQ.
Corner 100x100, at end of Woodstock car line, $265.
Lot 100x129, 4 Room House, Cement Basement, Bath and
Lot 91x204, 2 Story House 30x40, Oak Park, $1500.
r Arttibliken Hrn,
El have several wives, without Uio Inconvenient
II and expense of keeping Uiem together. We art
wl going back to polygamy, ami we are going hack
lU to whuro wo wero boforo Christianity corrected
Uio ovll. The condition of woman In pagan times
mndo )ier tho sttve of man; she was degraded
by iolygsniy, degraded by divorce. If Chris
ScLJtlanlty loirs Its hold woman will sink by dlrorci
to Uio lovel from whence alio wns raised, sink by polygamy
and tho brutality of unchristian men.
Adnilrnl Itnticrt Wlrcii Miillcrd lijr Ills
Admiral Hubert Wlren, I ) whom tho
romiiiiind uf the ri'iiinant of tho litis
Inn iloct nt I 'ort Arthur hits been hi
trusted, Is ono of the must rvmnrk
ablu men of his own or nny other
iinry; for hundriMts of Ituistnii blti
Jiirkels belloro Unit bo N NeUiui iHtrn
again ns n Itiikilnii. And tliouwiniU
of others who draw tho lino nt this
ere convinced that ho Is u mini with n
In person ho Is short nnd spnro of
build, with a slight wiry imistncho,
AllUIHAL wua.t.
and tight iMirly bnlr now turning gray.
Ills i;c are pcrliNis bis uuwt reuinrk
nbln feature, iiililcnl liluo eye that
laugh gently, but which upon occasion
ran cow tlu most mutluoiu sailor Into
clitldHhe fill Hi and ohcdleiuv. 1'er
aonnl iiinKiiellsm Is his to an it in or
dinary degree thu gift of making
men bellevo nnd trust In him. If
nny lima can extrlcato the Uusilau
Heel front Its plight ami peril, Admiral
Wlren, till lately Junior enptutu In th
Ittu.laii unvy, Is tho limn to do It.
Anecdotes of Admiral Wlren atv In
nuuiernblo In the Itusilnii imy, lie
wns In early llfo a cutlet on the l'eler
Vrllky, and went a way lu a Ust,
Threo miles from tho ship tho boat
upset In a squall. It was night, and
tho boat was not expected back for
some hours, so that rescue was prac
tically out of tho iiut'stlon. On tmard
tho Peter Vellky, however, a brother
oltlccr was suddenly seised with tho
Idea that Wlren was In danger, and
ou his own responsibility ho lowvrtd
I 1 il
i "ii riilw Hi' L
Run in City Style and Prices
By an Up -to-Date Druggist
Brick Corner Portsmouth
llnrbln, iiortiasist of Mukden, em tint lino of tho TrnnMlberlnn Hallway,
bus been nmilo "n abetter In the time of storm" by tho Htuslnn nnny. Deem
Iiik tho city Hrtfo from (ho Jnpitneso for miiiio time, tho Itusilnus hnvo cstnb
lUluv well pmliviiil winter iiuiirtera thoro niwl hnvo uvea gouo to fur ns to
build, or, better, dig. many underground dwelling The) servo a doubla
iurpi"o. They nffont pnitocllon Agnlust coM nnd snow nnd nlso ngnlnst tho
bulleli and sliolN with which tho Jnps nro certain to bomhnrri tliem If tho
Mikado's doughty little fighters penetrate that far north. Tho practice of
building underground ipmrlers la nn old ono. During tho sieges of pracUcnlly
nil tho cities tu the various Kuropetiu wnrs Holdltrs nnd cltlions HvM at times
In cellars and caves. In Paris hundreds of terrllled peoplo lie. I to tho sowers
on some iKvaslona. In tho Civil War hero In America underground lmliltntlona
wero aomettmixt rcirtcd to. During tho iMiubardmeuts of Atlanta nnd
Charleston tho women and children wero In ninny otsi placed lu cellars
nnd cnvellko "iKimb proofs."
n boat and stnrted to look for him. Ily
provldeni'o or elmiico bo, workliu
blindly lu tho tliirkne, enmo upon
.li.i..k vltli Wlr.tti IIim
solo survivor, clinging to It In tho Inst
stages of oxlmuiiion. l.mio wonuer
that. In the hour of defeat. Ituwlaui
remember this Incident nnd two lu It
miiiio destiny nt work.
I.nlitr on 'lrm nllplleil n nililtnr
Mliiulikliiiiulml noil ilnrlnir IIia In at fu-
Vtrir Iihb li.uoi llm HL-lil.lmitil ninti uf
Ibo (Irnud Duke Alexander In tho tight
for etiU'ieiioy.
Tin Prlok lioil to Vlolorr.
Nelson caliitM bis irreat vlctorr of
the Nile througli a pin prick. It came
about tu this way: lllr John Acton,
then ciioiuninter tn rlili'f of IIih tati.1
nnd sea forces of Naples, happened to
a III hln wlr.i m ,lrikltiir rik)m uf flu.
moment she wns preparing for dinner.
Lady Acton's French maid was alio
lu the room, mid was so startlM at
lecetvlug a letter from luT brother, a
sailor In tho Trench navy, whom she
believed to bo dead, that she ran a
pin Into her mWtrv' Doth.
Apologlilng for her catvlcssnc. tho
maid stated tho rauso of her sur
price. With carefully suppressed
engemesi Sir John offered to nad th
letter whllo tho maid contlnuett her
duties. The maid gladly coL.-onUM.
Having read the letter, tho com.
maudor In chief loft tho bouso in
itentvli of Ixird NeUon. who hait in
vain been seeking (lie Fronch fleet. Ho
found litm and lmuartisl to htm ih
content of tho letter,
It gnvo nil tho Information th ..i
mlrnl hnd so long vndoavorvtl to ob
tnln. Hotting sail Immediately, Nelson
enmo up with tho French, nnd tho vic
tory of tho Mid was tho result
mrny stories,
.Man Agwluat Mnu.
Whon Senator llannn, as chairman
of tho National Uepubllcan Commit
ten, wns conducUng tho campaign In
U) ho was annoyed by a man who
tipplled for tho position of messonger
at tho national hoadnunrtor Tim mn
calleI to si tho Souator four daya In
succession to prosont his appIlcaUon
and urgo his claims.
After his fourth visit Senator Han
ns sent for tho man who was serving
as mesaeuger. "You saw tha m.J
wno was
"Yes, sir," said the messenger.
"Do you know what ho wautsr
"No, sir."
"Well, he wanti rour nlae n,i i
I sea him ngaln ha will get It"
Senator llauna never saw iha -
.. :
voiem appucani again.
Mean Many Things,
Thoro aro words In tho Chinese Inn
guagit which haro as manr n.
... .... v"
uiuvii-111 iiirnuiuga.
Thn. arc Carilinal 1'rlnclplfi WHlt
His Mock of OltOCKltlKS in the frealtMt nnd tiiont comiilcto.
t,r' PKa "ii !,f,i)HV,n90DS' ,K,t,, nml SW nl General
Oivc liiui n trial nml yon will stny with him.
Broadway, Next Pot Office.
fit) Easy Qopseiepe
horo Just nowr imjulrvd
Tlmt is tho correct thinjr, nnd tho mnu who enn feel Hint ho
has done tho correct t liniven 1(1 ounces for n iiound-
til!l,'1Uai. ? fVt " Knl ".n,,,,a ke?l ,10,hi,1' bl" 'o best h is Rood nt tho rijfht prices, nnd nmilios
feel , nnd nets, mid his customers know it. He sella nothinjr
but rs -class Biocerus general merchandise, etc Doa't
torget tho old rvlia'jle den er ...
ST. JOHNS, OREGON , jerst-v atbW
Dr. Watanabo. tho Jananea.. mi.
Ing oxicrt, estimate Uwt Uio ono
fourth of the new Invata mi.i ii..
ho examined will yield fjavftuooii
Tho other throe-fourtha la
Dlri In
C1 Vtlrtrti at Porlland r,lf. ru. On..H.l( Frelrht Chart
Prompt Pdlmy and Correct Prltfa
Phone Union 3101