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Topks of I
the Times 1
The bill collector's work may not be
Very pleasant, but It has to be dun.
Even In the case of n whent crop It
Is better to wear out Uinn to rust out.
1cm soma nro to bo blamed; tho fath
om, tlio great, successful men, are
primarily at fault because though
they niado tho money and n name, they
did not givo any time or pains or
thought at all to tho most Important
work In the world, which Is the rear
ing of honorablo nud useful men.
Naturally, the Chicago counterfeit
ers who neoded "dough" did their work
lu tho kitchen.
When a man gets too lazy to enjoy
Ids vacation ho obtains his salary un
der fatso pretense.
Tho war's baby has Inspected tho
Ilaltlc fleet, but declines to glvo bis
opinion of It for publication.
livery young man who clean hla
clothes with gasoline doe not gt cred
it for owning nn automobile.
Every autumn thousand play foot
ball; hundreds of thousands watch It;
and almost nil tho participants and
spectators enjoy It Tho only cloud
over the gaino Is tho belief which
nomo hold that football Is mora dan-
gcrouB than other vigorous sports.
Anything la "dangerous" to which n
greater number of accldonts than oc
cur in the normal course of llfu can
bo directly traced. Tho sailor pretend
ed that bed was a dangerous place, be
en ti so many peoplo dlo there. A year
ago a professor in Illinois University
Investigated tho statistics of football
Almond l'uddltig.
Tills Is mado with a henptng quart
of grated bread crumbs, rather firmly
mickedi two tcAsnoonfula of baking
powder, a scaM three-fourths of n
quart of milk, n cup of sugar, a cup of
awcet almonds, blanched and shred
ded; n quarter of a pound of citron,
also shredded; tho whites of four eggs,
nml from ton to fifteen drops or
almond extract Tho bread crumhs
In sixty American colleges, to discover J should bo thoroughly mixed with the
whether tho common impression about, baking powder, and thru the citron,
tho game waa well grounded. He nuts, sugar, extract and milk ndded.
It la now proposed to establish train
ing schools for chauffeurs. It would
bo mora sensible to start training
schools for pedestrians.
Pointed ihocs are coming back Into
tyle. Thla will ciiablo tho corn doc
tors to qidt viewing with alarm and
again point with vMA
Tim sou of Tolstoy, the novelist,
ay Hint Russia Is destined to conquer
tho world. Of course It will be nec
essary to conquer Japan first.
Miss Tnrbell la now devoting hor at
tention to John I), itockufullsr per
sonally. 11 Is unlikely that alio will
bu ablo to get any of hi hair.
A Wisconsin court m decided that
n parent may hurt hi boy's physlquo
with a paddle, but must not Injuro hla
dignity. .Most boys would like to have
that decision turned around. The re
covery would bu sooner.
Tho reason moot of ua don't resign
our Job like Mr. J.orco la because
through liiexcuslhlo carelessness In
making the contracts wo could not con
tinue In draw MC,(W n year and re
tain o f.VVM) cash bonus.
Ninety-live rich men nro going to
linvo a town of ,vlr own near Cleve
land end permit only millionaire to
live In It. They will ur-cd eomo vigor
ous wiiti'hiiioti to keep people from
throwing stones nrrosa tho line.
In Miasm the (.ninn posted a proc
lamation on the walls commanding the
Inhabitant "not to hurt the llrlllsh
nn long a they belinvu Iheinselve."
Tho Ulna ran not claim that he bus
established n protectorate over thu
found that In ten years, among two
hundred and ten thousand student en
rolled In theso colleges, twonty-threo
Uiousand, or eleven per cent, played
football. Of theso only two hundred
and sixty wero Injured badly enough
to lose any tlmo from classroom duties.
Thrco wero killed, In vlow of tho
largo number of student engaged In
the gamo, the professor considers tho
numner permanently injured "so
small as to bo a practically ncgllglblo
quantity." He find that in all good
Institution football is adequately
supervised by tho authorities, and that
college officers approve tho gamo In
the ratio of twenty-woven to one,
Flnnlly, accident Insurance statistics
show that many other sports nro more
dangerou than football, The case for
football rests on tho broad reason for
all vigorous, manly sport( young men
take to such sport naturally, mid they
need It not only for their physical well
being, but for their moral steadiness.
As President Kllot of Harvard has
said, athletics are a moral safeguard
In discharging the high energies of
fold In last the whites of tho egg.
sillily whlppod, and bake In a steady
oven for over an hour, or until It Is
a rich brown and thoroughly dono In
tho center. Bervo tho pudding hot,
with hard sauce, flavored with almond
extract This pudding can be baked
In Individual molds, which should bu
buttered and sugared, or In an ordi
nary pudding dish. It will not need to
bake so long If In small cups.
ZX French Cup Custard.
Ono quart sweet milk; place on tho
flro to boll, with tho fresh peel of n
M. L. H0LBR00K 1. B. CfflPMAN
Successors to
uiaest iveai estate company in I
St Johns
We have for sale the largest and
choicest list of property in St, Johns
Have you n hobby of somo kind) If
not, got you ono. What sort of a hob
by! It matters not so It I clean and
diverting, (loir, gardening, tennis, cro
quet, cooking, photography,
We still have about 30 fine lots in St. Tofin
lemon; when It bolls, remove from tho't'arK, Convenient TO Car line ailO laCtOtteS. Which Uf
irSmS ieTtmSi Mean sell $5.00 down and $5.00 a month. WhenJ
into it four weii beaten egg, ten ia-' these are gone your opportunity will be lost.
oii-njiuuiiiui KTunuinicu nngnr. nun n
pinch of salt Till cup two-thirds full
of custard, place In a steamer over n
kettlu of boiling water, mid steam in
We also have 3 new Houses left which we can
sell you on very easy monthly payments. If these
til custard 1 Arm. turning steamer oo-frfnn'f Sff f Vntl vjp wi hflflri ntlf thnr will and Lf
caslonally. If fresh lemon peel Is not: ,. ' 7""
at hand, a toasiwxinful of lemon ex
tract may bo added to thu custard be
fore tilting tho cup. Cup ciislnrd,
steamed in till manner, Is much su
perior to tho old'fathlnitfd mode of
baking lu tho oven, In a pan of water.
Hn.ct lluii.
Two quart flour, one teacup sugar,
twi rn. hmf teacup butter, one pint
I ....., ..., ,, ..! I .... . ...1.1.
iS""i j-nu 10 ii sun miner wiiii 1
'sweet milk, luke wirin. Knead Into n I
work nr w.,rW i ,.... I """ Jsu iUI io a sun miner Willi of these or of a hundred others ,IU "" 'U. , ."V"' , , " ,
may save your health. Ono who lake f T"' ,u"h, ct r'' owf ;.
pay for it as you can.
Five Lots In St. Johns Park for
51150.OO. Worth $250.oo each.
If you want a business location we can furnish
it lor you. Will build you a store or office room to
suit and rent it to you right.
.JTJ cXZXZr ZT We have unexcelled water frontage factorv sltM.
mi . IUIIIUI II I'M n-M II. IV ! , , ... , a , , ..' 41 I "
putting crow feet niH.ut hta yes, gmy i ,: i 7' , , i wnicn we can se I on very easy terms.
hair In hi. head, stn-s on hi nenv. I?" ,l,0"r; J. oru baking bnuU jr waojf
Ho I carrying about a load, ono end j
tfm top of each cake over with n little
Thl come the bun to
The 1'utted Hiatus bought Alaska
from ItiiMla In 1807 for ?7,3)0,0s,'.
What uould Alaska be worth to Itu
ela now, lu her light hIIIi Japan, at
which lirr Heel rould ri'iidexvou nud
coal? A II Is, Alaska ha produced
us JI(kVU and ha furnlsheil a
market for million of our product,
r . is
Tim (lennan luiml may disappear
from the tri-t. but a stimwMur to I In training. Cries of "llwirl
liearl" 'rweully attracted tJic iittcn-
mih orjino oweiii- In a Now York
npartmr nt Iioiimi. A with n meg.
' Mphoiif at'liU mouth and a covered ta
blo at hU lil hms ikioii dlvMverdl by
teiuinl who fnnviliM hu windows nlul
flneiK-ape. When tho nu.Uemv sivin
-el hrge (lioiiKh, thu iiihii tiuiveril
(ho tsbi., on wlili-h thero waa n phon
ograpli, a smveion of ikiiiks so.ui
wiiiiim uie iWd, aiM lli thrifty In
Vcnlor of n turn Wulm., K,ht, 4
tho win i..i, down to iiiin, nud tj0.
J't'M for fnvtli Held.
nt It lil.Ol niala linn.. 1,1. I.-.I.. .1... I"le' lUIIK,
... i.fFi, i.tiiin mill ii;
other upon hla heart. Thl rt of a
man need relaxation from hi task
and n change lu tho course of hi
thought. Without such n short mental
vacation ho cannot go to hi work with
that friithnes that I demanded by
our comjiv'tltlvc living, (let a hobby
aim ride it some. It I not nnVMiiry
to rldb tho hobby nil the time. One
neM not become a crank. Tut It
through It pace when you rjt tlnil,
The change will rest you. Hide It
when you aro blue. The color of life
will change. Itelax the bent Inw hi
that It may go back with u auap,
Note the optimist. Muo out of ten
of them either have a hobby or were
iHirn to sew the bright side, A hobby
well ridden will clarify your vision
and correct moral or mental strnbl
mua. You can't rldo your hobby cro.
yl. Tlio trouble with most of u
I that wo do not kh the nitsl of n
hobby until It Is rather Into to choose
ono. Wo aro going to b linppy some.
lime. Wo liti'il a toiieli of Kill Vi... . '
phllofcophys "Unjoy f while you ' lM)),ful of wit, a half liiblenpooiifnl
If you want anything call on us. We loan.
tako a nice brown, iiako carefully, but money on real estate security, write ffrc insurance,
1" louses; in fact we do everything in the line of a
general real estate and insurance business.
Call on us. lVIake our office your headquarters.
St. Johns Land Co.
or coffee.
I' I' Cukr.
Have ready mashed Hitnto, either
hot or cold, and to two cup of thl
allow two tablespoonful of butter mid
one egg. rut with the Nmto an tipinl 1
quantity of naked tUh-bakeil or
bolled-nnd mix thoroughly. If there
I no llsh much with which to moisten
the mixture nud It seem too stiff,
soften It with n very little milk. Komi
Into cake, fry slice of bacon lu tholr
own fat, and after taking them out fry
tho cuke In the fat that I left lu tint
lxiii. Keen the bacon hot while tho1
cuke are cooking, nud serve It on tho!
wimu dish with the tUh cukes.
Cumin! Corn 1'utllr.. I
Tako ono ran of luwi i mm n.i
chop tine lu n chopping tray. Add two S00
liyuohliiK should be stauitiM out,
North and South, lii.t and West. The
newspaper, tlio churches and all t.ii
vtUiual force should uultu. Uws
can't bo ciiforvM with efftct If .p
Ulsr aentliiient I sgaliut their eufoni
liient. Autl lyiwhliig seiitlnieiit must
be cre.itod by uluiMtlon, The pulpit,
tho pnw, the forum and tho bohm sre
the ItMtltiitlons that can trliig Into rx
UIsikv a stalile, e.iniMt, law-reHjiectliig
oiiidltloii of public mind. The tnK-
iiisj- im slow, nut It will bo effective.
can, for you will bo dead a long time "
It Is n pathetic fact Hist many of u
nro dead lung time In-fore eoinen the
iiotiiiay wo had promised oumelve,
flot n hobby,
Csolu lliiiion orMetlom
Certain of the Indian tribe of Meil.
co huvo a curlou belief atKiut the cue
tu button, Thl I a small apple of
n certain kind of cacti. Heforo It I
ripo it l plucked and prcucd Hat mi
ni 1 1 I niMiut tho slxo of mi American i
mi cent piece, but of about half the
thlckne. These cacti button are
od at quite a high price, because the
plant Is somewhttt rare and I found
only In high, rocky places, generally
dllllcult of aive. Thla cactus baa the
errect or leaving the iuot wonderful
The Pioneer Land Company
Portland Office, 728 Cham. Com.
I . . . . . v
mnieii eggs, to WHICH lm Ikh'II adibsl 9 TTT L ti I T 1
two tablespooiiful of milk, a table. S lAaQCt I'AQnr I 0 11111111?
of pepp.r ..d oro even tablcupoouful
of Hour, ltent well and fry on n grid
dlo In a tnblespoonful of mlicd lard
mid butter, dropping one oonful for
each jwtly. Try brown on Mb aides
aim servo not.
llrnn.wlck Tou.t.
Tor this purpose use small bits of
breadwhlto, grnlinm, or brown bread
will answer or a mixture of all. Hut
ter rather thickly all the little pieces,
place lu an earthen pan with bits of
ouner among bread. Ha t a little nn.i
cover (villi milk. Let boll, then serve
hot. A nice way to use small pieces of
New, UiMo-dntc, with nil tlio Inlcut nml most
modem improved laundry Machinery
Will call for work and dtllw promptly
S flood irk cuirsntrfd tt jirlcr. rfstontbl. in J txUUrlor
i OlveUsaTrlal ,5T, JOnNS, OREOOK
rolalfi Hull..
Mash, or grate very line, cold boiled
potatoes; to three teacup of potato.
MlM lll - ...... . '
ahe aittl lynching cruwde should be- rosiM-olonM dreaut to him who beaten until stiff, two tat'le.i.oonfiiis
cornea lutloiuil ,,,er ,h .octlom,, f V" !1' I1" imuMoiuCCSi
Ul ,,in ''' i iat ,fler,oiii.half teacup sweet milk, a half
enilll una nn.i (I... ... . . - . . ""' Hull
cruii, i or, though It my , lm,ro
frovslent In snno .Ktt.)iu tltnti lu nth
era, there is evidence that :riauce of
aw can Iuhviiio a luttUxial dUortler,
Men who inirate thennM-lve from
their famllle pay a very high prKv
fur success, S.iue of the very groat
tt failure In life lu America In nvont
m.T .vo Iuhii f'.lun of men whose
Uys nud farcer are blatuut aluvad
us tho of .rcat, ufu in,.n,
Their ioii are noliM for their worth
Jfjsmss, degenerate sou of worthy
sire. TIiumi jouitg men are unlit I is I
(o autke a living fur. thomsulves ami
thoy are unflttM to spend tho mousy
which tlictr fathir plied irjl wltli li.
Culte pativi and lUrs. In thVso cao
It la sxtremsly doubtful It the worth-
thl caclui was once the fivid of the
go.1. 'I lie evil (.plrlt stole It from
men who had found It and boiruii to
rat It, He did tt lu tho steen moiin.
lain, w here tt was lost for mam- him
dred of years, Hut man. who was
norii wiiii a taste for It lu hi mouth,
leaspooniui or Jtepper, a little salt.
Heat well together and bake lu roll
Chocolute FrostliiR,
i ncai wiiito or oiio egg to a stiff1
troth, add eight tablesmwnfuis mw.i
never gave up the itsirxdi for It until l'1'' BU'nr' 0IU ouiico. or n square of!
lit 111 Hi lm fniiii.l If 1. .... linker's CllOCOlnttv. Ilnelv
. . . .. .. - - ...v .,...,..-.., ... ' - -
power io give one vision of heaven ""'""""' vnuma extract. Spread
Its ancient home. ' , wthly over the cake, uud place la
iuu vv4 unui naMoned.
ho Water n Asllfat,
A new fad for reducing fat Is cu.
mg a gooii deal of tlk In thestrli
Corn (liui.
Sift togother one pint of enrnninnl
circles, n u uio deeji c water cure, , , . ur "'ul ,wo '.(Hwuful
Any man who can successfully run
an automobile, could do wall wit
fly log uMchlus,
or taking powder: Add one-third of
.mm. eacu or miK oud water. Mix
Into a Arm bctteKlnd nil greased gero
pani two-thirds full.
KIINKST KI.I.I0TT, P. II, 0 PreprLlor
T0., ETC.
von ?"r pr,if(,SInr?,'"!, wi,Ul I4,rtln'", So" as cheap s
you enn gvt it in Italian.1
if .SO Mottle Swii.ii)) Root 450
1.00 Holtle Swamp Root 850
1.00 llottle Itaunu 85o
.50 Holtle Syrup of Figs . 40a
.2.1 llottle Carter's Pills !.!.'"0o
,'J.'i Hotllo Ilnuno-Seltzer ,,,,,,, 20o
.'-V Cake Ciltieurn Sinn. "iin
Our space is too limited to mention all UiVcut prices,
., l'1U'iT " . , llt ,imo wo 0ll ot nnything
waut we will send and get it,
Telephone Union 4062
CnUcton of rsper Hanging, Houi Palntloj. Tlallnf. OUslng, Etc
Tbon Unioa 6315 4-
559 'Williams Avenue PnvTT.iKrt nonir --