St. Johns review. (Saint Johns, Or.) 1904-current, November 11, 1904, Page 3, Image 3

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I St. JoIhw is " oC tho !,108t
rr m..l local I cs on tlio western siupc.
,,. (111 till I IK" I""' V, . "
' mature of public ntorcst, k .
necessity, ' r,,, ;v "
. ppo.tuni los as they nra
,.M'iik'.l. It '. ho '"'.'T'1 1,11,1 1,rf?"
I" . . ..iii.jini u'lll I'lii'iniinirc'
I In. roiiiiiieremi "jMJ "
,.,u,lv dgning the membership to
lltll illieil" in"-- '"V"- '" .I ,.
pf ilIKtl IttjT IIIU Oiyoein ui win ui.iinwi-
s hiii'ImmIv asks whul aboul Tho
CVicff S Mtllll-H. VU'll. Ill DO JI'HIIK
,11, vim, U(i render, this pnpoi has
mi. iiii'llllMliilll. Ill meddle
it Mini' -. ., ..
.1 lit. ..ii itintliTX. Not. 111 IIH lllll1.
1111 lll.llliw.. - :
he Review has n Inr inoro agreeable
i.L- before il, I. iV mo iiirinoinnco
f tho industrial, eninmoreiai nun soc-
..i ..iii til nil! iiiiiiiiiiiiriui iiiu
lill inn..-.; v.- . . .i."
rtllll'l "I I11" I"'1"1 Minni, IL till
iwiHT t'Lttttiitntlf its share In accent
iiii-liiMtr n measiint of Uootl 5n this
direct ian. il "'II hnvo done far more
uiHut limn laminar some oniec-secKer
into n Mililinil juli. No, no, Tho Re
view 1 t i MiliiicH.
Tin' ucncroits support driven Tho
tintlew. hi evidenced by llio ndvortis-
miliums of this Ihc initinl until
tier, hcpenks in no uiieortnin tonu (lie
liilillr Clltcl'lulsO of HI. JollllS. It
n hertllhy illdieullon of tins feeling
nf ho people townrd now enterprises
uhicli niv H'tiimtiMi mi' mo iipiiiinii
inir ui' I In1 district. Tho Roviow enn
ii-iii.' ilf patrons of tin full npprcci
niii.n. mill trusts I hut tlio fnlnri! is-
ih. of the piper will give cm pilaris
to this feeling nnii prove una uioir
favors hnvi not been bestowed in
Another fen I tire which limy be well
iiihI pmllliilily I'liltivnli'it: Whenever
linturcrs riiiiit' among no mm:" mom
uclenine; give tlii'in n good hand
IhiU, show tlii'in nroiiiiil, nml let
litem see the magnilleent opportun
ities which iilioiiiiil for n groal oily.
.Mnke the stranger feel tit home, feel
n llmiiuli lie hnit eome iiiiioiik a ho
i)i with wiioin he eonlil mnke n home,
tiiul mi iireenliie one. There i no
nilvertifeineiit io elllencloim nntl lnit
inir i- lin-piliillty. It Ik In-tin mnl
MtivAiN, lii'iuiiiK Kin ui fruit wherever
tin leeipienl limy fto,
Tliii roniinniiiiy, Imppily, Imleeil, ix
iwilinilinly free from the iniinv petty
ji'dlmn-ieM mIiIi-Ii loo freiuenlly tier
nili' mmiy vinwin elllen. Thin fire
ilmii from iIiIh licM-lliuif cin In n mnn
nmeli. nml Im ii rnililll Inn which will
iiiiptinl itcelf imlelihly on Ihu nlTiiln
of the ililrirt. I .el tin hlrivo to er
w'tiiitle thU luippy htnle. II will nmke
lull it nml tniiii! UM'ful eilixetiK; mill
in our Mirn,i, not only In n rummer
I'inl ct'ti-e, liul iiiciiilly mnl mornlly tn
We wmit to mil your nttenllon to
the tiilveiliM'titent of Ivenniiril & Ail
mil on n mil her pnue. The npociiil in
iliiii'iiientn they ulTer will Im of in
liiil to nil iriiiilenlK within mmiy
niilo of their Mine.
If yon have miylliliiK In m1I. or yon
wmit lo liny iinylliiiu., mlvertlM) in
The llevlew. Tlio per ifiichcw every
hiiiiM'holil on the I'.Miiimiiln, nml linn n
Kintniiitrt'il vlrciilntion of 1500 eopicn.
Tlio Tuclinilogicnl Bchool, nn nc
connl of which nppenred in tho Port
litnil Jonrtinl, n lew ilnys nf?o, is, we
nro nssnreil by Cnpt. Goodrich, n
Hclieinu which will hood become a real
ity. Tlio Captain in now eiipwetl in
drawing plans for tlio btiililinH and
it will he located on the Peninsula.
Mine dellnite data later.
Kpcal:i"s of hospitality, the Com
mercial Club will, no doubt, becomu
an important factor aloiu thin line
and it is hoped (bat duo attention will
be jiiven this jjieat feature. Tio in
teiestH Itern aiti of such niaf,'iiilndo
that many "captains of industry"
will be attracted at visitors, with the
view of seckitiL' investment. To all
such a hospitable reception by an or
ganized body of business men, such
as the Commercial Club, will p a
Inuir way toward formiiii; irood im-
tircssioiis in the minds of such men
It is to be hoped the elub wilt ive
tins matter consideration.
There Is no more con eel index to
the thoimhl and pro'rressivo stunt
which characterizes a city than the
suimort unveil the local newspaper, ex
cept il be said newspancr itself. The
publisher of Tho Roviow appreciates
this fact, and it is his purpose and
aim to make the paper worthy of llio
support of every resident of the 1'en
Insula, and enable its patrons to refer
to it witli a leclinn ol prule and sat
isfaction. Your support is asked for
as von iiinv deem Tho Roviow worthy
f it. The more liberal you render
viiur patronage, tlie butler paper you
will have reason In expect.
The future of Ht. Johns is bright
and full of iiiomlse. All that Is re
united for a full realization of our
loudest nones Is it stunt oL "null-to-
Uclhorivcnoss." Cast aside nil feelinjr
of selllshncss. and lei every deed nml
thoimhl be for the general welfare
of lliu community. If our neighbor
does anything to Improve himself, il
is so much toward I lie licnellt of all.
Kncotirnge till enterprises which ndd
tn the growth and development of
the district. No legitimate project
...I.1..I. tl ...... u I... I M.I.I.. I..
n nil ill ll li'liriii.'imi'.i, llinin 11. irui
growth in any dcgi!c, Is too large or
loo small tit enlist on. syimminy iimi
Apptupos of this trniliMil-liome
idea. In a crtain town not far from
St. Johns, the good Indies of it church
organization decided lo iiinku their
pastor n "iHiiiml party" donation.
Of course, llio subscription iitur was
ciiciilalcd. Konio thirty odd dollars
was subscribed, almost every cent of
il b.v (he local grocer, dry goods deal
er. butcher, baker, ele. Tho ladles met
collided out their Ihlily odd dollars,
then apMiinlcd a eommillee of Illicit
lo lake the money and t:o lo a certain
city fourteen miles away mid buy Ihu
various "ihiinnl" articles from deal
ers who never contributed it cent.
didn't know the pastor, mid, still
furl her, didn't emu it continental, ex
cept for the homo dealers' dollars.
This ticlnally occurred in a (own close
by. llio thoughts of Ihu contributors
would not look well if uttered mid
printed in this column.
The crying evil of inativ snbutlmn
towns nml, Ihu "unpardonable, sin" of
which hi mmiy complain, mid in many
instances justly, loo, Ik tho disposition
lo ignore Ihu homo merchant nml
denier nml go to n neighboring city to
trade. This praclico is an .vil and a
serious one. Tho Roviow believes,
and strongly, too, in tlio principle of
patronizing heme industry and homo
institutions wherever nml whenever
it. is possible lo do so. Of cottrte, in a
new town it is sometimes impossible
to secure every article from slock Hint
may bo desired, but in all such cases
the home merchant can secure il for
you, ami at the same prices which ob
tain in the neighboring city. To the
customer who makes a praclico of , or
even occasionally, purchasing away
from home, the importance of litis
matter may not present itselt. Hut
it is important and vitally so. The
home merchant pays taxes to build up
and beautify your surroundings, con
tributes toward tliu support of your
churches and all other public lieii'v
llciarics. If a donation for any pur
pose is wanted, the llrst person you
go to is your grocer, your butcher,
your my goods mail, etc., mil never a
rent do you get from .Mr. Merchant in
tho other town. You don't even ask
any one else lint tho home man. No
use, and you know it. Dear reader,
gel in mid organize your family into
a Iraile-at-ltoine club. (Jivo your
home merchant (lie bencllt of tho dol
lars he helps you to earn, and you will
soon K'e the henellts. Trade at home.
Peddlers' Llconsc.
A city ordinance is in force levy
ing it licetiso of two dollars per day
on peddlers. A righteous and jusl
law it is, ami the city authorities
"lioulil see that it is vigorously en
forced. A I'oillain butcher III in
presented a sparsely signed petition to
tlio council Monday iilghl asking
the lepcal of the law, or at least to
ledttce the feu to n nominal sum. To
the credit of our city i'allicts they
refused to do so. it would be man!
feslly unfair to the butchers of this
city to allow mi outside fit tit to invade
this territory ami compete with them
us proMiscil, without contributing to
the exchequer of the city, and liber
ally, too. The llrms in this lino of
business here have invested their
money, pay their taxes, and are idcnli
lied Willi the town, ami if other linns
want to compete with those already
established, let them come mid do the
same. It is their right, if they wish,
hut they should not be allowed to
couiK'te on unfair basis. Patronize
home enterprises il you waul llio city
lo build up.
Seventh Dnv Aili'ioili!. Siibbnlli
school at III A! M.; regular service til
11 A. M. everv Nililmlli. Prayer
meeting Wednesday evening. I!. I).
Iluilhetl, llhler.
luencing next .Sunday. Kev. II. L.
Prnltj Presiding lOMer of Portland
District and T. It. Smith, tlio singing
evangelist recently from Ohio, will ho
a special feature each evening. There
will be a special prayer service of 10
lo 1 minutes in the side room prior
to (lie regular service". All Christians
of all denominations me invited to at
tend this service. The services in tlio
mailt room will commence each even
ing at sharp 7:.'ll). All are welcome
and urged to attend these services.
m:.M,KK i.v
Furniture if Hardware
Nrnr Itiuai'tl fitted
rhone Scott aoos PORTLAND, ORE.
Home Bakery
Keeps constantly on hand a
fresh supply of Mread, Cakes,
Pies and all linker's goods.
We cull your attention to our
Homo Mado Bread. All or
ders promptly tilled nml de
livered gANDKRSON & ALLEN,
Phono Scott 3101
Specials & je
A oll-piceo Dinner
Our Special lllenil of
Mistletoe Ten, a perfect Crtp
lilcuil, per IHiiiml .... Ovs"
which Is Kit) feet long mid 12 feet
M. K. Chut ch.-Preachlng 11 A.
M. nml 7 P. M,: Sunday school III:
A. .l.; class meeting Yi .M. Prayer
meeting Thursday evening 7 till) P. M.
Knworlh U'imue. Ilt.'lll P. M. Si.:dav.
Junior League 'Jillll P. M. Sunday.
The Culled KvmmcHenl Church
Services 11 A. M. and 7:110 P. M.
Morning subjects "Necessity of a
Kevivnl." Kveiiitig: "(lod'n Chill
Sunday school, 10 A. M.
Jr. K. L O. i:., 'JiIlO P. M.
Sr. K. I. 0. i:.. (Is l5 P. M.
K. Iv. MmVICKTI!,, Pastor.
Theiu will be n series of services
held in Ihu Kvmigclicnl church com
170 Third Street
licit, rr i llnrrlvun mnl Ymnlilll
l'lion Miln 1700
P. J.
Plans and specifications promptly
furnished on application. All work
done willi neatness mid dispatch.