Crook County journal. (Prineville, Or.) 189?-1921, July 07, 1921, Page Page 8, Image 8

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    THVMDAT, tVLX f 1M1
Page I.
llll, k? MaCinr Kteitaaar Sr allow.)
"tJhetro, old darP
1 "Whirtfi get that tuff, cheeroT
"Cheer up I Look at the sua shiuing
"Littl blrdlM singing tweet tweV
I suppose I" growled Ko Id a ton of
tter disgust Bringing his foot down
from too window till with a bang and
rising with a bug yawn ba stretched
la already long aruia to their utmost
Aa he atood In tbla position he
looked like aome colossal figure sup
pllcatlng the cohiuIc power, bla mouth
wide In Invocation. So thought the
apparition aa (he opened the door and
atood hesitating ou the thriholdt
Rosa, crlmsuu, brought himself Into
shape, while the men opMslte slid the
cuspidor under the desk with bla foot.
For the girl In the doorway was the
Brat bunian being, other than thein
elves, who had opened that door ; that
door lettered with ornate gilt letter
tag: Ross Adams
Henry Demson
Real Estate, Mortgages,
Jostle of the Peace Notary Public
Th girl atepped into the room and
took th chair proffered by the mo
mentarily flustered Rosa, while Henry
evaporated toward a door marked "pri
vate" In severely plain, blsck letters.
Th aanal light remarks bad been
Bade, and Roes, taking a gaaplng fly
r Into bla' first taat of business,
"There Is some matter I could assist
yon In, Mite?
"I cam to se a Justic f th
tce," replied th girl, blushing
"Well, I am Ross Adams, Juitlc of
the . peace."
The girl looked at th flow, bit her
Hp and stammered:
"Ton marry people?"
Be took a grip on himself and an
awered airily:
"Oh, yea, to' b sure, when very
thing appears all right and parties
lave th license."
"How many people hav yon mar
tied, Mr. Adams V
"Why, er er hundreds of conrs
I never kept count"
"Oh, I am so sorry ; I wanted to b
the first Will you marry met"
"Tea, Indeed. I aball be delighted."
am lied Rons.
At this moment th door swung
pen and two men, heavily bearded,
stalked Into the room, and In military
precision took a stand on earn aide of
Root, while In duet they chanted:
"We are wltneNses to your promise
to marry this young ladyT .
With a swift back-action swat, Rosa
raffed the pseudo girl soundly serous
the cheek, while with lightning speed
a clntched at the men'a beards. They
tame forth In each hand, but there
also came forth a startled yelp In an
ininlstakahly feminine voice from the
girl In the chair, and Rom was staring
horrified at "Girlie" of college days
In the face of one of the men he had
denuded of a beard.
"Now, gee here, tllrlle,"' said Rows,
"I always told you that no good ever
same from pnictlcal Joking. You hnve
brought this upon yourselves. Hut,"
turning to the girl, who was crouched
down in the rhulr wilb a hand held to
crimson cheek, "uiy deepest regrets
to this young Indy for my brutal act
and my only hope la that she will for
give me. Who .la alie anyway?"
"Oh, that's only my kid winter and
he don't mind a little crack like that I
Ought to see her sometimes after she
bus put on the gloves with met"
"Huh!" flushed the girl. "Mr. Ross,
' you should see him when I get
through with him! He looks like a
beef steak pie for a week ' after I
But though I know that every tooth
Is knocked down my thmat and that
my jaw is fractured in a thousand
pieces, I guess I'll forgive you this
"Gee !" mourned "Girlie," "went and
messed up the whole show after our
rehearsing for a week. But, see here,
Ross, this Is Jim Turner," motioning
toward the other man who hnd leaped
to to the side of the girl and was
trying to comfort her In a most lover
Hke manner.
"All right," replied Rons, "and now,
the why of all this fool' farcer
"Oh, Sis and Jim want to he mar
ried, that's all. Folk kicking up a
rumpus, hut Sis and I are strong for
Jlqj, 'so go to It!" - ' -
Ross, frdm whom all tlnrlrtlty of
"first business" had fled, took from
iuV'; desk drawer the necessity hook
and cafWng In the grinning Henry as
witness Joined the couple in mar
riage. - - I.,"-' "
, "Now," said Koss. "my privilege t
klBS the bride shall tie tuken advan
tage of and may it in some measure
erase the memory of the blow,"
Sq. floss pel-formed this ceremony,
"ahw, to everyone's satisfaction with
tn exceptiou, possibly of the brlde-
groom's. g 1 P'd'-' - '
. "The Joke's on me, so It's my"
Ross put his hand Into his pocket
where reposed safe and Round Just
even coppers, one dime and a pant's
I should say not. It's our splurge,"
aid "Olrlle," pressing a fat. roll Into
Ress' hand. "So, on with the feast 1"
After this spectacular entry Into the
business world, Ross went surely and
flnnly upward In his practice and the
day was not long In coming when the
same group, with the addition of a
certain girl, made up another wadding
(B lilt, fer MoCltm MewitM wuuai.i
Noll Latimer bad met Cell rinch
and Ethel, th youngest of that pop
ular family, noted for It feminine
pulchritude, but of Rosamond, the eld
est, be bad only heard echoes ot bar
cairn beauty, Man aald ah waa a
marbl atatua and that nothing culd
awaken her dreaming peace.
"My sister Rosamond V Oil had
repeated ou day. "She's the dearest
thing, but ahe wouldn't b Interested
In any of this," ah waved her fan at
th room full of dancers, "She I
browsing among book most of th
time, Is th most absent-minded crea
ture Imaginable, and we are missing
most of this dance, aren't wt" sh
ended wistfully.
Nell npologlsed and In a moment
they were vanishing In the mase,
Ou afternoon when th fever of
spring was In the air and he could
not remain Indoors harnessed to th
routine of busy office, Nell got Into
hi car and rode out Rast avenue to
th country club, Th Finch resldeuc
waa on Kast avenu and he bad passed
Mrs. Finch and the younger girls In
the shabby car driven by a middle
aged negro. Th Finches went poor
In this world's goods but. aa the
cam of a good old family and bad
many rich relatives, th fatherless
family went around a great deal and
entertained occasionally In their love
ly, decaying horn. Oiled with heir
looms. Just aa Nell reached th Finch resi
dence he becam awar that the ma
chine needed water. A maid waa
landing with ber back t him hanging
out a snowy washing of clothe.
Hh wore a pink sunbonnet, but b
could see a couple of clothespins pro
truding from the depths. of th bonnet
"Qood morning," he said In his pleas
ant vole. "May I hav pill of
water, my car" he did not flulsb th
sentence bnt paused In dismay, for th
clothespins were removed from th
loveliest of lips and th face turned
to bis was never that of an ordinary
maidservant Such rar beauty could
only belong to the sister of Cella and
Ethel she aaw his embarrassment
anc" smiled gravely.
"Water Certainly," she aald In a
vole which mad bla pulses tingle.
"If you will com to th hous I will
give yon a pall : there la water In th
garage, but you may aa well fill th
pall In the kitchen." Hh led th way
luto a great kitchen, Immaculately
clean, where an ancient colored wo
man, crippled with rheumatism, sat
In a comfortable armchair by the fir.
She croaked hoarse protests when th
girt gave Nell a shining pall,
"No, Miss Rosamond, honey, don
yon b waltln' on folk Ink that "
"Please, h quiet. Aunt Heppy,"
chlded the girl.
"I am sorry to trouble yon I didn't
know that I might be Intruding I am
acquainted with Mrs. Fiucb and her
daughters and "
"You must be coming to dinner to
night, then," suggested the girl. "I
recognized you at once I am Rosa
mond Finch."
Nell took her hand. "May I stay a
little while and he kitchen company?"
ho asked. "I'd like to get acquainted."
Rosamond looked doubtful. Then a
wave of color Invaded her fairness.
"I shall be glad, Mr. Latimer, but you
see It would embarrass mother and th
girls If It were known you see, Heppy
Is crippled, so, as we cannot afford
another maid, I come out and -help.
Heppy directs me and I love to
cook "
"She shore am de beatenest cookl"
Interrupted Heppy.
Rosamond joined In Nell's laughter,
"Heppy Is a good teacher, and It gives
the younger girls a chanc to go
about. "I've been out two seasons al
ready, and I do like a chance to keep
up with my studies. I must fly around
now because there Is dinner to get
oh, we have an extra maid in for that
to help Aimer In the dining room. Can
you mix mayonnaise?"
"Can I?" Nell washed hla banda
and pushed back his cuffs.
-If yo-i will let me help you a lit
tle I'll forswear any knowledge of you
and your, dark plottlngs In this
"Very well," she laughed merrily,"
"only you must fly at the stroke of
fcur, so that yon will not scandalize
mother and the girls."
Nell never forgot that hour spent
In the kitchen wllh lovely Rosamond
That night ot the happy, Informal
dinner piirly for which the Finches
were fiiiiious Nell saw her aguln and
she seemed unother girl. Her family
and friends took fire from her gayoty
ami It was a never-to-be-forgotlen eve
ning. Rosamond Finch hud awakened.
During the weeks that followed Nell
learned more about the Interesting
family of girls who maintained their
social position on a depleted Income,
remade their own clothes, until there
came a day when they had to unpack
Mrs. Finch's own wedding dress and
veil for Rosamond's bridal. After all
the "eldest Miss Finch," who had con
tentedly stayed at home In the kitchen,
was the first bride, and Aunt Heppy,
who had turned her Into a famous
cook, was almost as proud as Noll
himself as the bride came up the aisle,
"She looks, like a lovely etatue," said
some on that day.
.. Nell only smiled. He knew that
beneath the marble there was flame
had he not- kissed his Galatea into
life? , . ;
Varleu Rtaeens Adveneed Why P to
pi Will Pay High Prlo fr theft
Trip Through tftoe.
Why do people fly
Would you car for apln In th
air to much aa to spend 110 for a 20
minutes' flight? If so, what la your
Interviewing a half doao commer
clal aviators along Miami's water
front on this subject brought th fol
lowing facta to light)
About 60 per cent of all paeeengets
carrtedoo th abort 20 minutes' sight
seeing flight ar women.
According to aviator the types to
whom scraping the clouds appeal
The wealthy man the business
man. He wants to e what flying la
like, lit sees th future of commer
cial aviation. The short flight offers
also a novel method of uiertalulug
Th "sport" H flics for th ex
citement of the thing. II usually In
sists on stunt flying. Then, too, an
occasional flight provides a way of
demonstrating to hla friends his sport
ing self.
The average man. fie finds In the
short flight at $15 for himself or a
tor himself and a companion a method
of realising th thrill and pleasure of
th air. lie Is presented wltb an op
portunity of realising an overwhelm
ing desire at a minimum expense.
The large percentage of women
passenger Is considered something of
a slap at tbos raveling In th thought
that woman were too timid to fly. Ac
cordtng to pilots, In most cases wom
en accept an offer of an aerial spin on
the direct dare of their mstcullne
companion. Miami (Fla.) Herald.
Government f Igyptlan City Has In
stituted School Whr Stray leys
Will Is Idueated.
It looks as If th problem of the
wslfs end strsys of Cairo was going
to receive at last serious attention.
After much Insistence on the part
of some public-spirited officials a spe
cial school for boys of this clsss has
been opened In the environs of Cairo,
where tbey will be looked after and
trained by the government without
their having committed some crime to
admit them Into the reformatory, pre
viously the only Institution of the kind.
Nothing so far baa been doue for th
girl children, though another home la
promised for this purpose. It Is there
fore satisfactory to bear of th forma
tion of an organisation called the
"Brotherhood Federation," ostensibly
nousectarlan and International, with
the object of looking after and Im
proving th lot of th child waifs gen
erally. A meeting recently held In support
of this movement was given iliuch
prominence In the local Kngllsh paper,
but In spite of Its Intimate hearing on
a purely Egyptian problem none of the
Aruhic papers appears to have gtveu
the mutter any pulillclty. Christian
Science Monitor. '
Progressed by Slow Stages.
Thirty years ago the men of Hart
shay, a hamlet of Derbyshire, Kngland,
were accustomed to meet at a brldg
on the edge of the town, where they
would read the papers and discuss
events. This whs ull right In summer
time, hut In the winter It was differ
ent and tliey would occasionally ad
journ to a sheltered spot under1 th
bridge. From this they moved Into e
vacated pigsty and later annexed an
other pigsty. This rude building "was
Improved by their own efforts until It
was a fairly comfortable pluce.' ' From
this humble origin there Is now ' a
rather pretentious library, .with th
best paper? and magazines and a
stock of good books. , . .
Willed Everything Away.
A lawyer In Chicago was retained
by n contractor to draw up his wllL
The task was accomplished apparent
ly to the satisfaction of the clients
the lawyer's fee was paid, and the lat
ter supposed, of course, that the mat
ter had been concluded. To his great
surprise, therefore, he received an
other call from hla client the next
day, who expressed hla conviction that
the affair had not been properly ad
Justed. "Why, what's the trouble?" asked
the legal light.
"Trouble enough," said the man. "I
didn't sleep the whole night through
for thlnkln' of that' will ! You've fixed
It so I've not left myself a chair to sit
on !" Milladelphla Ledger.
Comparisons Are Sometimes Odious.
Johnny was attending his first
grade scli'ol. nfler graduating from
kindergarten, where he greatly adored
Ids teacher, a pretty young woman In
her teens. Ills mother noticed his
luck of enthusiasm In bis new studies,
nnd that he never mentioned his
Finally, one night when she wae
putting him to bed, she asked:
"Johnny, don't you like your new
"Oh, I like her well enough," he1 re
plied, "but, mother, alio looks Just like
a potato chip."
Chinese Railways. "
Of 6,830 miles of railway In China
In 1918, more than 4,(XM) miles of main
and branch lines were owned and op
erated by the government, these com
prising 14 railways In 14 out of the
provinces. In addition there r
provincial and private rallw
owned by mining comp
gating 425 miles and
lines aggregating near '' : '
110 acres ot Irrigated land under
Ochoco Project adjoining olty of
Prlnevlll at stockyards, all fanned
and cultivated, 60 per t-cre cash.
Address Mrs. B, t. Newsom, Prlne
vllle, Ore.
The Reverend W. O. Tenlnty,
paster of th tint Presbyterian
Church, will leave today for Paul
ina where he and Mrs. Tenlnty will
spend practically th rest of the sum
mer. There will be service held reg
ularly at Paulina every two weeks,
beginning on Sunday July 10. Th
noxt service to be held at Prlnevllle
will be July II. Services will be
at Post, Suplee, - and other points
during the summer.
Net Necessary to Btnd Knd Over
Flat Against Bolt or Rod
Just Prevent Slipping.
After having slipped th cotter pin
Into plar do not bend th ends over
flat agalnat the bolt or rod. It Isn't
necessary to do this, because the cot
ter will lock Just aa securely If the
end are apread Just euough to pre
vent slipping out
When the.enda are bent considera
bly. It Is harder to straighten them
sufficiently for later removal of the
pin, and further, th ends are very apt
to break off when the part la In serv
ice, with th very probshl. result
that th Ill-treated cotter will slip out.
Thus, Instead of excessive and bend
ing being so effective locking means,
It Is la reality no lock at all.
Contraption Will Be Found Convenient
by Owners Who Intend to Lay
Up TNIr Care,
Th Illustration ahowa a bit of a
contraption that abould Interest such
automobile owners as propone to lay
Handy Two-Pleee Jack.
op their car for the winter or to leave
them (mm of service for any great
length of time. It Is simple two
piece Jack made of round bar steel and
capable of lifting the tiros off the floor
with one motion of the lever. No car,
or course, should he left Idle for long
with Ita weight resting on the tires.
HIT-OR-MISS methods of manufac
ture produce tires of qualities vary
ing from A-l to Z-13. If If you
get the A-l sualtty, you are lucky;
If you get the Z-13. you are stung.
Every Kelly-Springfield Tire Is In
spected twenty-four times In the
course of manufacture. This rigid
tnspctlon eliminates any chance of
Imperfections.- It assures A-l qual
ity ln every tire.
Kelly-Eprlngfiuld tires are not the
lowest priced, nor are Uiey the
highest, but they ARB the cheapest
dbecauaa they can be depended on to
deliver more miles than any other
tiro you can buy. ...
Phone 801.
( till, Warfare Htwaaaaar "
Janet Darcy stepped from th train
tt WUIowby Junction, and stood peer
ing through th bslf-darknet. The
small station was dosed and locked
for the alght, and the great train rush
ing again x It way left Janet
Krtltary arrival Troubled, she walked
th length of the platform, then sat
down on the crude step" to tblnk the
situation over. Bhe bad left her beauti
ful city home that afternoon hastily,
ind In an unenviable frame of mind.
Mother, father and the governor were
all Insistent In their demands for an
rarly marriage, while Janet was not
ure that sh wanted to b married
it all
In br hasty departure Janet bad
oever considered the possibility of ber
present position. Taxis, she supposed,
waited train arrivals In even WUIow
by town.
Aunt Clarsbelle's cottage, Jsnet
knew, nestled st the foot of the strag
gling village street, two miles swsy. It
wss not th walk of th two mile
that ah feared to attempt, but the un
accustomed dark nee of the tree bor
dered road. A she sat on the station
steps, the sheltered girl became nerv
ously alarmed; the spot was exceed
ing desolate and the purs in ber
traveling cloak pocket waa filled with
bills. Desperately, at last she arose
and began ber stumbling wsy.
Ruts and twisted bramble seemed set
like a trap for the unwary.
Then, almost directly before ber. sh
suddenly aaw a light Someone, bad
come from among the tree to th
roadside, and th someone carried
a lighted lantern. Janet drew back fear
fully, but aa the light went twinkling
on, noiselessly sh followed. It would
be uaelee to try to locate Aunt Clara
belle's abod In th confusing twist tt
This light must toad to some com
panionship, perhaps to the village,
where she might be sccommodated for
the night ; Jsnet steadily and with new
courage pressed onward. The striding
figure before ber tuned abruptly down
a hidden lane; at Ita end Janet saw
th outlines of a small house.
The man, ss she drew near, put down
bis lantern to open the bouse doon
Jsnet silently waited, aa unannounced
he entered and struck a light She
saw at a aid of th room a sick wom
an lying upon bed, with a child fret
ting at ber aid. Th tsll man
advancing lifted the child gently In
hla arms and with a laughing word
sent It after aa orange toesed on the
floor. Then, throwing aside his cloak,
he bent an anxious face over the sick
woman, Janet studiously regarding bis
face, waa all at once reassured, "Yea,
doctor," Sh heard th woman gasping
ly answer a question; then, Impulsive
ly, Janet stepped pust the lantern Into
he room. The doctor glanced up
"Take off yonr wraps," be startllngly
commanded, "and come here."
Half unconsc'' - of her own action
Janet Darcy obeyed.
"We will have to work fast," the
man told her. "Kindly follow direc
tions without question. Hot water at
once." Peremptorily he Issued his or
ders. Janet the sleeves of her white waist
rolled high, went to the cold kitchen
stove. There was wood piled near,
mid nintche
,.LU J 1 .. U , , !, LL
I ( WB-llMM MllTiilM
Are Dependable
KK 5i 1
V,. effU
i 7 "
Our Rest Rooms
Men and Women
UMPerateiy, as the woman Moored
breathing reached ber, sh bent to bar
ak. A Are was crackling at taat
beneath the kettle- Janet' soft flnge
were smudged and blistered, but ber
eye shooe vlctorlowriy.
g he aaw the pereplratloa oa the
young doctor's forehead a ah re
sponded eagerly to hi demands.
"It's pneumonia," ae una ner as
tbey rested. "Pretty bad. but I think
we will be abl to break It Rural
peatman Informed m of th cas. re
turning from bis rout thl venlng.
Immediately I telephoned to the dqr
for you. That Is, I telephoned for my
usual nurse, but I uppose you hap
pened to be the only on available at
th time. Ton made good time get
ting out Now, we will leave oar
patient Look to the comfort of the
Janet turned with a smile In her wear- ,
Incus this Isnguag of command she
bad never known Impressed her
pleasurnhly. It was a If between th
strong capable man and herself ex
isted some bond of understanding snd
sympathy. -
Janet washed snd fed snd coaxed
the baby to sleep. Then, disheveled
snd star-eyed, she sought the watch
fully slert pbyslclsn.
"Any further orders T she ssked
It waa ten days later when Janet
Darcy stood In the smsll bouse door
wsy, while Bukey Wells sang Inside,
wltb the patient now well on her way
to recovery. Alan Brent, looking down
rn the volunteer nurse, smiled a very,
very tender smile. To him, she bed
just made full confession ; to him ah
had told ber atory.
"Ton ar wonderful," he said softly,
"I think," mused Alan Brent the
doctor, "thst I will send little Sukey
Wells, our genera helper. In the morn
ing. Ton will both be kept busy."
"Rut, oh I Janet, you who have been
so sheltered, ar yon certain that you
will never regret your refusal to mar
ry the great governor?"
Janet Dairy's answering smll was
"Tour light" sh said, "showed me
my true wy,"
Pwr ef the Dane Broken by Brian
Bom In 1014 Normans Became
Amalgamated. . '!
- - - viltt
About 800 A. D the pagan boats
of th Northmen and Dane fell on
Ireland with fierce destruction. After
a century of destruction, Irish kings
led their people In a succession of
ware, for the deliverance of their
country, and Brian Borama, or Brian
Bora (026-1014), king of Hunster, by
hla great victory In the battle of Clon
tarf. on April 23, 1014, finally broke the
power of the Danes In Ireland. In
1171 Ireland waa Invaded by the Nor
man from England, In the time of
Henry IX and Its conquest began. "In
Ireland," to quote the words of Prof.
Edward A. Freeman (1823-1882) "the
Norman was more purely a conqueror
than anywhere else, but In Ireland hla
power of adaptation caused him , to
sink In a way In which he aank no
where else. While some of th Nor
man settlers In Ireland went to swell
the mass of the English of th Pale,
others threw In their lot with the
native Irish, and became. In the well
known saying, "more Irish than the
Irish themselves." Detroit News.-''
WANTED Clean Cotton fUgs at
the Journal office.
- laMI IH) 11111111 nil ll 11 Mllaalllfeil llfaiB fat
HE v fvt
,. um .
are open for