Crook County journal. (Prineville, Or.) 189?-1921, July 07, 1921, Page Page 2, Image 2

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    THt itNDAY, Jll.Y T. IMI
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. Time Tbto Mo.
TfecCiT 11:01 A. M. Huadjijr, Fab.
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Station Motor Motor Mlxd
No. I No. I No. 1
P. M. P. U. A. U.
Lt. Prlnerille T:1J 4:45 I: It
Lt. Wilton T:(l :
Lt. McCallfcter 1:1 B:ll :
Lv.O'Nail - t:tl
A). Prinerl Jet 8:1 1:45 ;
Em4 Boaad
totlou . Mlxd Motor Motor
No. I No. 4 No.
Ar. PrIneTlll 8:i5 4:65 1:1
AT. Wilton 1:10 :40 1:34
Ar. McCAlUitar T:0I :!! t:tl
Ar.O'Netl 7:65 4:15 S:4S
L.PrlnTl Jet 7:40 :00 1:15
Editor And Publisher
Entmd at tin poetotttca at PrWrUla,
Ovraaa M MMao-elaaa awtter.
Frfaa H.N par tmr. parable (trictlr hi
aaaee. la caM of Chans at addraa) pUaat
aettfr aa at aoca, (ivinc bath oM aa aa
atfdreaa, .
X rum rmctiTor? Mt
The Sign 0
a Service
At First-clat Garage
And other Dealer
During the month the Slate Edi
- tortal Association is coming to
Central Oregon for its annual con-
rentlon, the meeting place being at
Bend this year.
There is no better place in the
state tor this meeting, and we are
sure that the scribes will hare the
time of their lives as guests of the
r Bill city, with side trips for fishing.
camping in uij ,ubuiu, auu Bwitu-
mlng ln the lakes.
Many no doubt will bring equip
ment to camp for some time and
will start from that -point following
the meeting.
Then, there are other advantages
of the meeting place for Just this
rrnnn nf men. Knt thd lpnat nf
these Is the opportunity to study, in
its native habitat, one of the most
unique of the newspaper species.
Since Ben. Franklin founded the
Post, there has been no greater ex
ample of newspaper freak than one
Bow at large in Bend. Every news
paper 'has its difficulties In keeping
wrrur. irum iu cuiuuiiis. ma me
beat papers have misspelled words
and other typographical errors all
too frequently these days but for a
sheet that can be depended upon for
this tort of thing, among the frater
nity of the state, there la none bet
ter than one printed in Bend, and
lt la but fair that we say here that
we do not refer to the Bulletin.
In a recent issue the paper re
ferred to carried a story in which
the name of a prominent business
man appeared four times, and each
time spelled In a different way. It
Is but a fair Inference to gather that
had the name appeared a dozen
times, there would have been that
many versions of the correct spell
ing of it.
Every issue Is much the same,
however, and pi lines, transposttons
of slugs as well aa letters in words
are as conspicuous on every page of
the sheet, practically every week,
as -well, as a band of Powell Butte
sheep grazing on Willite pavement In
Bend. Truly, the scribes are to be
guests in the home town of Oregon's
"Horrible Example."
We have had the pleasure this
week of a visit of one of the pro
gressive men of Oregon, and one who
has done much toward the highway
development of the eastern half of
the state, R, A. Ford of John Day.
Mr. Ford was for years a resident
of this county, ; having been school
superintendent of the county before
It was divided "like Gaul, Into three
When he first moved into the John
Day Valley, Mr.Ford preached a
modern highway up that river from
its mouth.
He was alone, In his effort at
first, but the meeting of the state
highway commission this week vot
ed to complete the John Day high
way, past the front of the Ford home
at Dayvllle, and during the year the
water grade from the Columbia to
John Day will be an arcomplished
Another matter of note, and one
that Is not generally known, U the
fact that Mr. Ford was present at
the drafting of the original highway
map of the state In about 1917, and
It was largely through his effort at
that time that Prineville received
its only highway on the original map,
the Eugene-Mitchell highway aa It
was then called.
The state needs more men like R.
A. Ford, men who have a vision, and
stamina enough to fight for its realization.
Retigned tn Vice Presidency.
The only vice "irstiloM to relim
was John C. Calhoun, who gnve up
the vice prefllitciicy to become Cul
led States senator.
Entirely Too Much.
"It Is terrible what I spent during
the entertainments for charity." re
clared Mrs. Nenrtch. "Two thousand
foi my dress and live hundred for my
coat, besides the twenty for tny charity
contributions It Is too much."
Right Ui ol Scclety.
It Is not rejection of society, hut
wisp nnd rlKht use of It, which rhur
arterlxes rtie man who lives most rich
ly In the t hi lies of tlie mind. Hamil
ton Wright Mnhle
Expertly C'.issified. '
Pen trice, wtm Ims three sisters nnd
one brother reirn'iir little rotiMn.
hoot, when asVed. "Ilow tuiny chil
dren are there In your family, dear?"
replied. "Four children and one hoy."
rortunea Left te Pets.
Sometimes cats fare very well a
beneficiaries under wills. It was a
I'urlsiun woman, a few years ao, wtu
left tO.OiiO francs to her cat. On I t
death the money was to he sent or
elementary schools. The feline hat
since died ami the money distributed
Recording to directttns. In numerutu
Instances fortunes have been left tc
found homes for cats and dogs. Some
irofi these wills have beeu dictate:
by love of animals, while In others
alas, they have been written merely
for the purpose of "getting even" wltr
grasping relatives.
A Classified Ad gets results.
Opposite Masonic Temple
All Ford Work Done on Contract Price.
Auto Repairing and Ignition Our Specialty.
Ed McGilvray, Prop.
PfcoM Black Ml
FOR SALE Rhode Island fries one
dollar each. Phone 41. 41-41.
WANTED Good farm hand, a man
who understands Irrigation.
Three months work or more to
right party. Address W. E. Rob
erta, state farm, Prineville, Ore
gon, or Inquire at Journal office.
HEMSTITCHING and Picoting At
tachments, 12.00. Buttonhole
Attachments 19.85 fit any Sowing
Machine. Personal checks lOo
extra. Lights Mall Order House,
Box 127, Birmingham, Ala.
morning delivery of fresh vege-,
tables and garden truck.
J. U MINER 41tfp
FOUND 1121 Oregon license plate'
number 100660, Owner can have
same by paying for this notice.
Call at Journal Office. 41tfc
Nntlr la tiaraby fnn that the andrnlcn. ,
rd aiimlnbtralor of Ilia aUt. of Sophia A 1
O N.-lll. ita-mrd, hu (IImI In In. anuntr mii i
of Crank County, gut. of On-ron. all final '
arcountina nf hi. admlniatratltia of aald a,
lata, and th. Judc. of Mild eourl hu ftd
Monday. Auirut I, Itl'il, al t o'eliirh p. in. u
th. tlma, and th. county court room In th.
OHirthouw In Priiwrvllla, Orwui, aa lha nlac
for hcurlni ohJnMlon. lo and for lha Mttl.-'
VMnt of Mid final aronantlns. and all per
ron. Intoraatwl la .aid ailala am hanby ra.
quired to ai-ixwr at .aid Urn. and viae, and
how niiH It any than h. why aald aenmnt
In. ahould not ba arttlrd and allowad and
aid adminialratnr diM-hawd from hla truat.
n.tdl and publUord tint ttaw J una It, '
mi. ,
Administrator of th. EaUt. of Boi-hla B, ;
O-Ndll, dix-nurd. i
Attorney for Admmlatrator, It-tfs.
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon for Crook County.
In the Matter of the Guardian
ship of
O KELLEY, Minora.
Notice la hereby given by the un
dersigned guardian of the parson!
and estates of John O'Kelley and
Marlon O'Kolluy, Minors, that by
virtue of an order and llcenaa here
tofore granted by the Hon. N. 0.
Wallace, Judge of the above entitled
court, on the 24th day of June, 1921
that I will anil for cash at private
sale upon and after the 20th day of
July, 1021. the Interest of (he aald
minors In and to the following dee
crlbed real estate, to-wlt:
Southwest quurtor of southwest
quarter of Section S; southeast
quarter, of southeast quarter of 8ee-
tlon 6; north halt of northeast quar
ter, southwest quarter of northeast
quarter, southeast quarter of north
west quarter, and northeast quarter
of southwest quarter of flection T
and nprthwest quarter of northwest
quarter of Section !, all In Town
ship 10. south of range 21 east of
Willamette Meridian, In Crook
county, State of Oregon.
All bids to be received at the of
fice of L. M. Dechtnll. In Prineville,
Oregon, attorney for aald guardian.
Dated at rrlnevllle, Oregon, and
published first time the 30th day of
June, 1021.
Guardian of the person and estate
of John O'Ketley and Marlon O'Kel
ley. minors. 414(4
Delivered In City Limits.
Call Phone RED 201
gOBfeVMfilai Ln
30x3 Standard Non-Skid Tire
Th is new low pr
is made possible
by strictest econ
omies and special
ized production.
Plant No. 2 was
erected for the sole
purpose of making
30x3-inch Non
Skid fabric tires.
With a daily ca
pacity of 1 6.C00 tires and 20,000 tubes, this plant permits refined pro
duction on a quantity basis. .
All materials used are the best obtainable. The quality is uniform.
It is the best fabric tire ever offered to the car owner at any price.
Firestone Cord Tir
Tire repair men, who judge values best, class these tires as having the
sturdiest carcass made. Forty-seven high-grade car manufacturers use
them as standard equipment. They are the quality choice of cord users.
30x3-inch Cord -
32x4 " " -
34x4! " " -
For Sale by LAK1N HARDWARE, Where it Pays to Trade
New Price $24.50
" 46.30
" 54.90
GoodrichHre Price Reduction
applies to all sizes
without reservation
1 U it I
I !- f : f " 11 1
1 IT Mm
The name of Goodrich on a tire means
just one thing quality. And that quality
is always the highest that can be produced.
Each tire is specially designed for the ser
vice it must deliver. Goodrich Fabrics, in
the popular sizes, have established them
selves as unusual values from the stand
point of real economy. Silvertown Cords
in their class have always held first place
in the esteem of motorists, not only be
cause of their symmetrical perfedion of
finish, but furthermore, by reason of their
long life, complete dependability and sat
isfactory performance.
Your dealer will supply you at these fair
S1ZB Saffffrrtl TUBES
30x31 $24.50 $2.55
32x31 32.90 2.90
32x4 41-85 3.55
33x4 43.10 3.70
32x4 47.30 4.50
33x4 48.40 4.65
34x4i 49.65 4.75
33x5 58.90 5.55
35x5 I 61.90 1 5.80
The anti-skid safety tread
Silveriown Cord
20 Lower Prices
The Goodrich price reduction
which took effect May 2nd was
without reservation. It included
Silvertowtu together with Good
rich Fabric tire and Goodrich Red
and Gray inner tubes.
Smooth 1 30x3 I $12.00
Safety 30x3 13.45
Safety 30x3 j 16.00
Safety 32x3 H $20.25
Safety 32x4 26.90
Safjcty33x4 I 28.30
oAkron, Ohio