Crook County journal. (Prineville, Or.) 189?-1921, June 30, 1921, Page Page 2, Image 2

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    Till RHDAT, JI NK 80, lOil
iMMiumw BAvraaataa
LJM ,11
Lt. Prineville
Lt. Wilton
Lt. McCaWater
Ax. Prlnevl J't
ISP rr ihimi mmM
.;" .-.J V3kffiS The Sign 0 II
WW !;" aj.rnrx . 1 Opposite Masonic Temple
Motor II !r" II . I irrrvr rwr urf mwn RATTFBY STATION
No. 4 No. ( f At rirst-ciaM vianges in nvii t a a-a-4 1 a-, rr aaai v - ...... i,
'h lilQ d other Dealer
; ; fa vfSPS r i All Ford Work Done on Contract Price.
gg Auto Repairing and Ignition Uur Specialty.
-' Ed McGilvray, Prop.
. rtioM buo. ni
and form a model farm group. The ' V A NT E D--G ood fiirm hand, a man I
Ar. Prineville
At. Wilton
Ar. McCalllster
At. O'Nell
Lt. Prinevl Jet
Wct Bound
Motor Motor
No. I
P. M.
East Bow ad
Mixed Motor
No. 8
A. M
Editor -lid Publisher
stored t th poatnfflra PrllwrUte. i
OrrfO. M vond-clj matter.
frk 12 M par W. Dybl itrk-tlj la 4
Mm la east of chant of addraa pUaa.
BntK. at one. (Win tot aM and aa
and form a model farm group. The
farm will be under full operation by
fall, and will be of great value to
this part of the state aa a demonstra
tion of what can be done with proper
buildings and farming method.
The big June Ball given by the
Powell Butte Co-Operative Associa-
tlon at the Community Hall, Friday
evening, June 84th, was another,
one of those enjoyable evenings for(
the dancers. A large crowd attend
ed from Prineville.
The music was well up to the
standard and full of pep- Refresh
ments served at midnight consisted
of generous portions of cake, straw
berries and shortcake, and were en
Joyed by all. j
The dances are becoming popular, '
and will soon necessitate the en-'
largment of the Community Hall.
Improvements are being planned,
which the completion of the Macken
sie Highway, will make this Hall
the popular center of Central Oregon
The proceeds from the dance arj
used In the various activities of the
Powell Butte Co-Operative Associa
tion, which is the commercial organ
ization of that Community.
The midsummer Ball will take
place on the eve of July 15, and will
have added features to make it the
rent of the summer season. Furth
er announcements will appear before
the event takes place.
Foreman W. E. Roberts has just
bout completed the erection of four
of the small bulldngs at the state
farm, the poultry house, brooder
house, hog house and machinery
shed all practically ready for paint
The barn and dwelling are all sup
plied with concrete foundations
Bozeman, (Mont.), Daily Chronlcle
The body of Mrs. Lillian Walrath
Towner, wife of Frank S. Towntr,
who died Sunday at Prineville. expected in Boieman on
the Northern Pacific train at 8:40
this afternoon, and funeral services
will be held Thursday morning at
10:30 at the home of her mother.
Mrs. Harlet Walrath, 303 Third av
enue north. Interment will be in
the Bozeman cemetery.
Deceased was born in St. Law
rence County, New York, November
25, 1872. When she was about six
years old she moved with her par
ents to Michigan, and she was ed
ucated at Ferris institute. Big
Rapids, Michigan, becoming teacher.
She came with her parents Mr. and
Mrs. Amos Walrath, to the Gallatin
Valley in the fall of 1895, and they
located on a homestead near the
present town of Amsterdam. Miss
Walrath was a teacher in the county
for a time, and she was married to
Orlando Foley, a daughter, Reetha,
from this union surviving the
On December 13, 1813, Mrs. Fol
ey was married to Frank S. Towner,
and they have since resided In Prine
ville, Oregon, where she died after
a brief illness from pnuemonia.
She. is survived by her mother, Mrs.
Hariet Walrath, of Bozeman, by one
brother, A. J. Walrath, and one els-
ter.Miss Alice Walrath, both of this
W A NT E D--C ood farm hand, a man
who understands irrigation.
Throe months work or more to
right party. Address W. E. Rob
erts.state farm. Prineville, Ore
gou, or tuQuira at Journal office.
HEMSTITCHING and Plcoting At
tachments, $2.00. Buttonhole
Attachments $9.85 tit any Sewing
Machine. Personal checks 10c
extra. Lights Mall Order House,
Box 127, Birmingham, Ala.
FOR SALE Rhode Island fries one
dollar each. Phone 43. 41-43.
I r I r
Qutatlen About Cancer.
That cancer apcars by preference
at the point 0f lowest reslatnm' la
well known, although urgeon speak
simply of precancerous lesions or
areas of Irritation, uiys the Medical
Record. But when they say that tli
growth results from trauma or chronic
Irritation alone they go too far else
every excessive smoker weuld have
Delivered, In City Limits.
Call Phone RED 201
mow Rainfall Is Ptcordd.
The government gauge for record
Ins rainfall consists of a cylluder two
feel hint', eight Inches In diameter,
upon which a funnel of the name
diameter flts. Within that la a hrn!
cylinder of the same height, the dinm
eter a little over two and one-half
ii.'hi's. In It Is a measuring tul. the
urea of which compared with the n rm
f the funnel Is as ten to one. so
ilmt when a oue-hmidredth of an Inch
falls In the funnel It become one-
nth of an Inch In the measuring
Puritan Custom Also Chines.
The Puritans of old Knglnnri and
New England were unconsciously Imi
tating the Chinese when they called
fhelr children Faith. Mercy. Hope,
Prudence. Perseverance, Temperance,
I'harlty. Love, Glory and Felicity. All
these names have been used In China
for 3,000 years.
Marys Little Lamb.
Regarding the authorship of "Mary's
Little Lamb," a recent number of s
London magazine says: "There have
been many claimants to the distinc
tion, but most of the evidence seems
to show that the real author was Mrs.
Sarah Buell Hule. who for a numbet
of years edited the Lady's Magazine,
the leading journal of its kind for al
most half a century In the United
States. She was the author of many
popular poems for children, and her
on. Horatio Hale, stuted that the
j.oetD was Bret published by bis moth
er In IfWfi"
Prince Albert's a new
note in the j oy s of rolling 'em!
Talking about rolling
your own cigarettes, we'll
tell you right here that
Prince Albert tobacco has
'em all lashed to the mast!
y .
You've got a handful-of-happiness
coming your di
rection when you pal it with
P. A. and the makin's
papers ! For Prince Albert
is not only delightful to
your taste and pleasing in
itsrefreshingaroma,but our
exclusive patented process
frees it from bite and parch!
And, for a fact, rolling
up Prince Albert is mighty
easy! P. A. is crimp cut and
stays put and you whisk it
into shape before you can
count three ! And, the next
instant you're puffing away
to beat the band!
Prince Albert is so good
that it has led four men to
smoke jimmy pipes where
one was smoked before! It's
the greatest old buddy
smoke that ever found its
way into a pipe or cigarette !
Print Albort It
mold in toppy rd
bag n, tidy red tint,
handsomt pound
and half pound tin
humidors andinthm
pound cryutul gtat
humidor with
cpongd moiattner
M a-a - -
Copyright 1921
by R J. Reynold
Tobacco Co.
Health is Wealth !
Health is your Heritage. You
will find it at
Rooms 3, 4, 5, 6, Benton Block
Phone Red 561 Prineville, Oregon
Indian Nam of Quaint Old City.
The Indians called a strait "Kehec,
and the name waa given to the sit
of the present city of Quebec from
the peculiar configuration of the St.
Lawrence river at that point, for th
river there grows narrow and from
Its deep waters rises the bold height
on which the ancient city stands. Tin
French-Canadian still pronounces tilt
name Rebec.
Mrchandling RoaJ to Millions.
A careful slutlHtlclun recently uimln
a list of 4,(H7 American millionaire
and what each imiile Ills money In.
The result shoucd that general mer
chandising Is the best road to millions
In the Vnlted States, and presumably
everywhere else, too.
Bachelors and Children.
According to one eminent literary
suthorlty the heat descriptions of chil
dren and of child life have been writ
ten by bachelor.
Why They Ar Blind.
The Lancet mud dun from on
qunrter to one-third of the Inmate of
Institution for the blind ur there he
ranse their eye were not adequately
treated whea.they were born.
WathlnQ Bottles.
Put cruxhtNl etn Rhclla In amnll hits
or a few carpet tack nr a small quan
tity or guu shot Into a bottle. Then
till one-half full of itrong soap suds;
shake thoroughly. Then rinse In clear
water and the bottl will be Hennaed.
. .. i
Goodrich Tire Prices
reducedQ per cent
The last word in Quality
The best word in Price
J i I vMllltl 1 Sill Aial-MuaS-Wyft! TUBES
" t 4 fillP I SO3 $24.50 3LSS
- I lilt If! 32-3 $31.90 90
ill1 Iff ri 34 Hl.85 35S
' If J 1!L !4 43.1Q -3.70
5 fell if J III 32 47.3Q H50
t 1 m if ! 48.4Q 4j65
5 jj I Frfl l 49.6S H.7S
jf Mf 33S 58.9Q 5.55
Bf! I fill I 1 355 II $61.90 1S80
Ut II 1 1 ait If i Fabric Tires ,
m ml fill" I 11303 11100 ifcty3242690
il' fin! Efa 7 30 45 Safety 334 230
Coodrich 50x3
anti-tkU safety tread
fabric tire
Goodrich 303! five Voints of "Excellence
1. One quality
2. Extra size
3. Specially designed
4. oAnti-shid
5. Fair price
The name of Goodrich on a tire means
one quality only. Like all other Goodrich
tires this 30x3 1 is one quality. This stand
ard is a fixed principle, and that quality
must be the best our resources, skill and
experience can produce.
adkron, Ohio
the national joy smoke