Crook County journal. (Prineville, Or.) 189?-1921, September 27, 1917, Page PAGE 4, Image 4

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SEPTEMBER 27, 1917
The City
M. D. Powell has new Velie.
H. L. Maker is In Culver this
J. N. Williamson has a new
Franklin roadster.
Sid Rogers was in the city Satur
day from Barnes. ,
Preston Dunham was in the city
from Roberts Monday.
J. R. and AVm. Post were In the
city yesterday from Post.
V. F. King and mother returned
from Portland yesterday.
Pr. Hosch and wife, of Redmond,
were in the city yesterday.
Fred F. Hoelscher is in San Fran
cisco this week on business.
Willard Wlrti returned from
Portland yesterday morning.
Several cars will go from here to
the fair at Tumalo tomorrow.
G. Springer and family have gone
to Crater Lake for an outing.
W. H. Harvey and wife were in
the city Monday from Paisley. j
C. W. Ebberts was in Prineville
the first of the week from Paulina, j
George B. London was a visitor in
Prineville, Saturday from Powell j
Butte. j
F. S. Towner left yesterday on a
business trip to different points In
Pr. Van Waters will hold services
at the Lyric Theatre Sunday morn
ing at eleven o'clock.
Helen Claypool this week pur
chased another 40 acre tract of land
from the O. & W. Company.
Mrs. T. J. Minger, Mrs. A. H.
Lippinan and Miss Alma Llppman
motored to Bend, Monday.
P. Md Fuller, grading superin
tendent for the Ochoco Irrigation
District, arrived in the city yesterday.
E. L. Barnes, of Portland, arrived
In the city today and Is a guest at
the home of his sister, Mrs. R. W.
Rea. " .
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Knighten. who
have been In the city several days,
left for their home In The Dalles
Miss Ruth Lipson who has been
visiting at P. M. Ruthncld's ranch
near Prineville, left for her home In
the east yesterday.
City Engineer Horace A. Kelly Is
suffering from a very bad wound in
his hand, which was caused while
splitting wood.
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Ayres and
Rev. and Mrs. Laslette made a trip
to Redmond Tuesday evening to be
present at the Lyon meetings there.
Look for the
Educational Exhibit
At our garage in the forenoons
and in our booth at the Oregon
Inter-State Fair afternoons
Prineville, Oregon
Public Auction
On Saturday, October 6
at 1:30 p. m., my stallion
At the Fair Grounds, Oregon Inter-State Fair,
to the highest bidder for cash, or payment will be
accepted on one year's time, acceptable paper.
This horse is a natural pacer, weighs 1200
pounds, is 16 hands high and has won 7 blue rib
bons at various fairs.
Home Builder and Cabinet Maker
Shop on East Sixth Street
to Paulina
I. M. Mills returned
Miss Orlsa Sears was In Prineville
Harold Matson returned from
Portland, Friday.
Edward Meter, of Paulina, was In
the city Saturday.
Chester Starr was In tha city from
Howard, Saturday.
Farmer Powell returned from
Portland, Saturday.
Donald McKay was in the. city Sat
urday from Gateway.
Mr. and Mis. T. K. J.' Duffy were
in Hend last week-end.
Horn to Mr. and Mrs. Jauiea tiuun
last Thursday, a Klrl.
George Walker was a business
visitor In lleud, Monday.
Frank Nichols was In Prineville
Inst Thursday front Tumulo.
8. L. Morris and wife, of Suplee,
were In tha city last week-end. I
G. K. McClure, of The Dalles, was '
In the city the first of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. 11. J. Lister were In
Prineville, Saturday, from Paulina.
Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Iledlund were
business visitors in the city Friday.
Herbert Angell and family return
ed to their home near Paulina, Monday.
M. S. tin Me y was In the city Mini-1
dav from his ranch on Crooked
Mrs. Walter Klllott and son were
in the city the first of the week from
Ross Daniels was a business vis
itor in the city Saturday from Culver.
Lawrence, Robert and Toby Lister i
were In Prineville Saturday from
R. L. Schee, who has been In
Salem attending the State Fair, re
turned yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Houston and
children were In the city for several
days last week.
Mrs. F. N. O'Connor and son,
Francis, were In the city from Mad
ras last week-end.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Barnes are
visltiiiK at GeorKe Kelley's ranch
near Post this week.
Lucille Cohrs returned home Mon
day. She has been traveling during
the summer, with the Quaker Com
pany, j
Wilfred Belknap will leave to-j
morrow for Seattle where he will I
attend the University of Washington j
this winter. ;
C. O. Pollard left Monday for;
Seattle where he was called to the
Quartermaster's office, having taken j
the examination some time ago.
Daniel P., Malloy and Helen L.
Sherlock, of Powell Butte, were
married by Judge A. R. Bowman at !
the Clerk's office Sunday morning
at six o'clock.
A telegram from Ernest Estes
says that he left for Kansas, Satur
day. He has been stationed 'at Fort
Worden, Washington, since he en
listed several months ago.
If you wish to read the Crook
County Journal when you are at the
State Fair this week you will find J
it in the University of Oregon booth, j
Journalism room, State Fair '
grounds. j
Geo. Kole, one of the best deco- j
rators on the Coast, has moved his 1
location from Redmond and will be 1
with us. He has gone into partner- j
ship with A. B. Roller and the pub
lie will be able to have any class of
work they desire.
Harry Stearns and Leland Bel
knap left yesterday for Eugene by
way of the McKenzie Pass In
Harry's "bug". Harry is going to
attend the University at Eugene and
Leland will go on to Portland to
continue his course in medicine.
The small son of Jack Dee who
has been so seriously 111 following
an operation for appendicitis, Is
slowly improving and will probably
recover. Dr. Horace Belknap, of
Portland, was the attending physi
cian. At a meeting last week of the W.
C. T. U., Mrs. Ada B. Milllcan was
elected as a delegate to the state
convention at Albany, October 4.
Mrs. Oliver Powell was elected as
alternate. The next meeting will be
at the home of Mrs. Josie Yancey,
October 10, for the purpose of
electing officers.
Rev. T. H. Fertlg will preach both
morning and evening at the Meth
odist church next Sunday. Mr.
Fertlg Is the rcKiilar pastor.
Jack Long, of Loomla, Washing
ton. Is visiting friends and relatives
In Prineville this week. He Is a
brother of Tom Long, of Powell
The ladles Annex party that was
to have been given tomorrow night
at (he club rooms lias been post
poned until October 10 on account
of coinllctlng dates.
. K. McClure, of The Dulles, who
has been In Prineville for several
days, returned home yesterday. He
was accompanied by Warren Urowu
who will return by train tomorrow.
The reception committee consist
ing of the president, and all the past
presidents of the Ladles Annex, also
the chairmen of the music and re
freshment committees are requested
to meet at the home of Mrs. H. P.
He Ik imp tomorrow afternoon at 3
o'clock to perfect arrangement for
the reception to be given the visitors
at the meeting of the State Federa
tion here uext month.
f you have not yet called upon us, please do so. Old
friends are renewing their former pntronnge. New
friends re made daily. Come and welcome; a cordial
reception awaits your call. Everybody pleased because
they receive Fair Treatment and q Squire Deal. We
have a distinctive line of larjje and small partem hats of
deendrtljle styles, showing the art of clever workman
ship. We confine ourselves to Exclusive Millinery.
I "Kllp-Ou" VclU, no pins or fnslciilUKS.
About twentf people from Print
vlllu attended the opening of the
new Fischer Hotel In Madras, Friday
evening. Tills Is n modern new
two-story bricks structure that has
just recently been completed and
was formally opened with dinner
and dunce. A great many visitors
from Crook and Deschutes counties
were present.
Following Is R partial list of
those from Prineville who slt"mlJ
the Hound I'p In Pendleton last
week: J. K. Htewurt and wife, Har
old Prose, I, in key lloiuiey, Adrian
Yancey, Jim iMxou, Fred Noble mid
wife, Claudn llrentiHU, Cllntou
lliintnii, Kva Sylvester and Mrs.
Dudo Detuarls.
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