Prineville review. (Prineville, Crook County, Or.) 1???-1914, December 31, 1903, Image 2

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CTltc Jlriuc utUr 3Sruirm
Entr-rM at the rrwtoAW at rriueville, Orajun.
a Mioolul-olass manor.
IIP tTOII i.M) I (!!H.
wants to see u ruilrtwd in Crook
oounty fully ti budly its the most
anion t disoiple of tlio iiintrniti
tent future of 1'ond, for vlioh
pluoo iiiul its inhabitants wo liavo
tlio warmest regard.
On? year
Six month
Thrfo month
. Adyfrtising rh pn pplirHon.
A-lvprttr tlostrlns to cbiinnMhi'ir 1 rt
ft'.jupstitl to tains in oopy for chance not Utor
Ihmi Tut'srtnv a'rno,Mt. Olwrrvow o( tin
etnl wiU Innure Witer work iu tuplfcy.
AH Lael tlilwrtiifmcnt .sc jvt lute.
PEC. SI. ItX"i
Twontv-sevon dtrloaJa, Worth Ovor
$100,1'l. of Fiiio, NoW.VManos
Eilers Tiano Housa orfjimisod
five nior co-oporntive piano clubs-
sale ami delivery tt begin at once
prieei virtually cut in two pay
ment of 5 monthly in Club A,
and l.t!0 a week in Club K.
Over four hundred tine, new
pianos net'fl fold lnt-hle of five
weeks in the full of l!02 bv Kilersi
Piano House on the co operative
plao, which was then for the first
time introduced iu Western piano
selling. The idea originated in
Philadelphia, and is a plan that
appeals at once to the best judg
ment of practical people. Five
hundred piiuos ran be sold in five
lots a great deal cheaper than they
can be sold in the regular retail way'
to fire hundred individual buvers.
It is the same principal of sell
ing large quantities to a single
firm applied to selling one hundred
pianos to as many people who
unite in one club for that purpose.
Over two months of most pains
taking preparation have been de
voted to these five new piano clubs
Over a hundred thousand dollars
worlh of strictly standard, brand
new, fully warranted pianos are
involved among them the most
costly Kimballs and Cbickerings,
and Webers, tog' her with sucb
famous makes as the Vose, the
Hobart M. Cable, the Halleit k
Davis and twenty other high-grade
There is no ijuestion now as to ! the use of medicines.
our abilitv to tiil the clubs S0 ' nek don I be inielrd.
The Bond bulletin accuses the
Kvi.'w t f !-.-. "querulous"
. :' o , (' .- of the Col urn
' , S,..-.; ;; Invid to Rend
.iiv:l :H 'M !-!- uildiiiir of that
t'ru'i- mty in conse
i. .-suv. .T1-; - a decided mis
take on the part of the Bulletin
man. The Review's present
management lias reasons suf
ficiently sottish to he umnistak
ablo for wishing the construc
tion to begin as soon as Harri
nian and the Almighty will por-
" mit it reasons that any country
newspaper man. who is in a
chronic state of bankruptcy on
account of , freight rates, can
readily see and appreciate. The
. Review uses, in news paper for
its editions alone,- about 1100
pounds a quarter. Ihis costs m
t-ortland -fll. By the time it
reaches Prineville at lie freight
during the summer months the
bill amounts tn?tW.50, and then
it is possible that freighters are
so overworked that we have to
order two months .ahead. As it
is now, we have u prospect of
paying ?ie at least, .and possibly
3e. in order to get our winter's
supply of news, which would
bring the bill for a quarter up to I
f.i.oo-or resect iveiy. lipT"'. " Corno, bunions, ingrowing BAil,
tins isn 1 n gtxxi and s'.imeient j ' cv "lr i"i'0- Jiemoers el0 ) removed without pain.
rea.m for wishing the advent of iot these elubs do nut even have to; Located Lawyer Bell' old office.
ceniber 2(, nt the home of . the
biido's parents in Prineville,
Judge rigg tied "tho knot. The
young coupU nrb well known in
Prineville, where they have lived
for several years past. The Re
view extends congratulations.
For work on irrigation
oatial of Pilot Butto IV
volopniont Company noar
Man and team found
ooopt sholter for loth,
which is furnishotl ly
the Company. S '.-." a
day; man alone ifi.OO.
Steady work. Apply to
the Company at Bond.
lli'tntf in the Uiwls.
Piineville, Oro, Sept. '20, UK)'!.
Kd i tor Prini'villo Review : The
undersigned has been requested to
act e collector for the St. Louis
exposition and the Lewis and Clark
fair at Poitland, Oregon, in lDO.'i
and having promined to get to
gether a good representative collec
tion of the products of ("rook conn
y would ask the cooperation of
nil residents of tlio county in get
ting together the best possible of
the following named articles :
Wool, woods, grains all kinds,
grasses, wild and sown, vegetables,
fruits, minerals, building stone,
Hour from wheat, rye and all other
'ursine aud products of the mills,
j Hair ropes, saddles, rawhide ropes,
! furniture from native wood, school
I work by pupils in the county,
'samples of mineral and medical
I waters, and anything manufactur
ed or collected in the county any
thing put on exhibition will be
duly credited to the donor and
atterwards relumed to form part of
a permanent exhibit of the county's
Geo. Si'mwkrs.
" .K. "V,' -..' -
the range west
.... 1 .... i;.,.. ., I oUs anil Cm n t S 1
We would call espetiiu niH'iiuiiii iu ui . - w . - - - - Vyf "1
which we have just received a largo hPm.,t$ nf
Our pri'-us are as low as is consistent with the quality i nCjK 'A-l"
most fastidious,
'If '
We have the most complete and up to dato line of Gent-' DrBIS Mats in IBWtliy, s,
If you expert to buy a hit soun nsk to see some of our values. It will cost you halMntf to fa
thorn, and v;o think we cau show you junt what you are looking for. jjy-1
Wo also have a Inrse lino of Mon's autl Hoys SUITS, s
isg SWEATERS, anil all kinds of Furnishing tiooels and
y-A on r prices aro UKJIIT.
From the range west of the I
Ilorton v Saver mill, 0110 black j -
mrc, oranneo ; wun uar over 011 1
shoulder, scar on knee; one back 1
N,tUv Is ht'lvl'V Rh-i n that i.-n'i-.! tM will
1m- rffiel ly tin IVar-t f Trnftftm .f tlu
Firt I'r,-ln t rUii Church Frim-nllt-. or,1
t:'tt. tinlil X iVki-k J. tn atllrtlMv, jMiunrv
rhu'rrh buiMlng t,i tin- pmn- ami ! gelding will) whitU llilldl'oOt brand
:ih..K?wsX:VSt.n" " " bell on. Pre-
Bi.ii (or t'h.. loiin.ut .m n,i i..r tho lui-r sumablr strayed toward Silver
Til.- rilti to r.-j-.H-t n U't all tul li hf rob
I'r.nvitte. Or., l'w. 9. la
r M BAItuviN.
Sec. ll.iftr.1 ol Truftna
Creek and Prineville. Suitable r
ward for information.
linn. W. Conk, Iiurne, Or.
Dr. Cameron,
is located here. lie cures all man
ner of diseases, rheumatism, ca
tarrh, stomach disorders, paralysis,
aod all nervous derangements ; re
tltirefl th.nh. rHinnvaa wrinkl
m.W-a ...1, nn.,U .ill,.,,, ! !
N. (tro i, lirrel' Riven thkt thi TtwnUr U
Ilttnl in-'ftinK nt th :mi ttoltff of tin Oflio
to Milhiiie Hill 1 hcl-t I tli ttn ol
.Mimp-M it A Wilttn., t'r tin villi, Ort'i-i'ti. n ihc
,!st ittt of liflTtTlNT PA.' ett 4 o'eh'. a, (t M for
the iurt-e of ieetili( ft lx'rd ol lire-tnri for
the i'mitiif teiir aiil trttMMtr fity i-tt;T
I'Mum i tliat iiiaty ci'iu l.'(or' the iiiit-titti.
PruitM tile. ir. hmtt'W Wii.hhs,
iVt 1, Ii;t. scrviry
Our Motto: "Quick Sales and Small Profits
is the Way to do Business."
Salomon, Johnson &
uo. n
It you are
tio to him
one will have to wait now for others and !" m',(,8 wel1' He fhy
loiogical treatment.
Don't fail to see him.
within the reach of nil.
Sheriff's Sale.
know now who the other members!
of the club are. Selection is not'
limited to a few makes. The en : Rle9
tire Eilers Piano House lines are i
included in these clubs. The in-!
. ; N.uic- is li.-r. liv t n thut t...' irtiu-
strumenis are nere in l oruand lor ' v-..uu.mi i-n.-t ,.m t ti -r, i. i ,H.r:,.; n-.
. (.....( or. -,n f.-r ui. rMunt ...! rr,.i on ti...
you to select from. Tliey have i i-n iy vt1o.-r. i-.t a. t.. .iir-n.-i
" . ; ill n d,.!i..n w L.-r.-m Nimti: -i.,m,,n .!"iiiti-
fceen comn,g in each dav at the trfn ( i. .i.,m..n.-tt... i. .:nif n.i
- ' , H.-nrv i. .1. ,-.-.. iitt. a ij 1 it -.11 Jii'lrf
rate of two or more carloads, and " "i.i -r-n m u,,,- ,. i,. tt r
mi -rt .tnu.ii ,iitii iii.irnir. i ,,r i. I. ?-ii'-
a railroad into this territory ve
give up and declare we are quer
uouslyiiiclined.".rAs every
business is affected in a like
manner to a greater or lt.-ss ex
tent.' Prineville merchants will
Tejoice with Bend . when the C o
lumbia Southern or any other
ra.iadL Is" "projected into this
vicinity. Pririerille's freight bill ! on one single day last week no i ;"
At the Hedl.y Hotel, Itoom 1-1
MISS HAWKINS. a firet class dressmaking
and ladies' tailoring estab
liehment. All work strictly
up to date and guaranteed.
Make Xmas Merry
Place to
trv Vw.-
mi w&h lvt
X in us
'ri'utcst ph'iisuri
time. Ydu'll !
v tMiiM-s. Hals, ( litis, etc , suiv tn in- wi-N-ntni-d lis Anias r
The largest sum ever paid for a : surf to be a I 1 'u i nr n'mciulii'.iiin-all wiiit. !
prescriplion, changed hands in J . ,
San Francisco, Aug. 30, I'JOl.jV WHY NOT
i'lie transfer involved in coin and i ,,. . .
line u t luii 1 1 it 1 1 - r i , ' r ,t s ii t i i-1 wh'n in ail i 1 v 1 1
fur ymir liiisbaiul i r Ih v ' l .f.i. a tun' hii"
biuniilfs frtiin twti tlilliTi-nt le;iii:n t.t: !. in id,' hintv-i
! k Momlrrful laveatiua.
' It is ililrrrrlitig to l.rte ihst
:fortunrsre frntirnilr ittade It
the invriilH'ii cf artit Irs of nuimf
iin ortaiu . M.ti.y f the ii.ut
1 d'-vi.-es srr ll.ose driipitsd
to Uliilit the J-rcJ-lo Mild nir(
jn'.ti!ir Ciiiiditions, and one nf '(.
A llitml liilennlil g td llirim !,a!
' rvrr liern iuvri.trd i I In- I If.
!' hilf K.iretilc! C. Itib, !(t.U.J
A' Jan. I, "V'J TIhou wcmlrtfut
V c - nff . ' e..i.itui iw. aili .,tv t-tirti . I, ..,!., it '
HI I i il'T. ' ovc mnijV -i
T55-,J"J j"!- 1 A hnif f-tlhng out, i. k and i.e:v..,m
L' fls at 4a
( in. is illalr llftisti are )iinivr!y tioria.
cumi's frmu
I!i'.ini.iI with
nur urntv
hrndst lii'i, and when ue l in ure
nt-i-tiitli wi;h Pr. White's Kli.-iijf
1 ill ut I .
a.i'1 ("r
Htrtlp. .-r Mi,
runs up into five figures everv ! l'ian ri'ne earlnads arrived. " i'-' u,.. m , i i,M- i. -. i.-i
- - j hi-. n llu' f. !!",. !rttr-'l,-M-ri!p-'l pr, i-rrt.. wit
year. ith a railroad the bill is i "en Yu have chosen rour piano I .' n" i i" i .-i-trr cm,
,., " " i . , , . . . I Cuuntv, ur-sun. ami 1 will, mi
jiui imeiy 10 De reduced, but on : B,lu ,uaue inuiai payment ioe; Hi.. :w.h .u 1 1 Jimmr)-. i:m.
t tin. hour "f 3 oVUi.'k p m of .la,-. Bt
i 1 1 r t n , ii -,l.r m t'r i n.-, iii,-, i r nit i'."i
. till.' aii-l
the other Jjand'rfeither is the ton-i Piano ia delivered promptly, ac-
najre likely to remain anywhere companied by tbe manufacturer's
near as tow as it is txiw. (guarantee and also by Eilers
-The hsat ..f thn ! Houte "Monev back if not satis-
. - , . - j f
CO-unt"vyu suffer a little upjn i 'aciory agreement. Arm me pay-
' i,.i. iir,.,-,.n u-n ;! it,..
l. rt sl llu- -I ll-nri Hn. i, ,n
K',l r--al i.ri,- r'y
stuck 1 1 12,.")is).(HI and w:is paid by
:a party of Impiin ss men fur a spe
citic for I'right's lisease snl I'lu
liftes, hitherto incur.'ible diseases.
! They couiuienced llie seriuim j V
, inveslig:itii)n of ti e eix-cfic Nov. 15, !
j l'.'iW. They interviewed scores of
()ii i the cuied it on its merits by putting j
is . over three dozen case on the treat- j a
m(ii t ami wiitrlilii'T llitiin. rli, v I
t- rd iu make !rij?hl hair iu ; ia
We also have tin- pivUii -.t line nf li.hhes ym; eer viw
..ii i.r ,u-'r' ti''. : .1.,, ,,t w.;. ....... ,.i, ...nin i 4444AAAAAAAtAAAAAAAiAAA
.. ,.i i. , t. .t-. ,.. , . - . . i . " " hv .ii.iiio iu iiiiiiit liiiuiiii,, - - -w -r v w -w v yr w -m v -w if -a-
' J'iiU-iii. ii! an. I all (mi ami a.i-nmur i-,..i. ,.r i incurable CHFes. and "' ' - - -
-i in, n ii in. ri in a- nta m- n.-i-i---ar i lo 1 1 ; v -, -,i ,i 1 - e i
ii..-aami- ' :it with the physicians for judges
f'ar.-.l al Prfni-vi!!.. Crfi., Cumiv lir......n il'.. ... .1- ..-..I . i
fltofVMtogmAfke railroad, f,,r -fents range from 1.50 a week (or ,, ,A salTlr ' ,,'nt of the ten w,re either well or !
the h.3Ht market here Ls liV " a month) to fl.CU, n aad 50 ' -I.-.w.;'.7..:, 1 r,K-
'" days' lini". Tliutuand nfslits
elrt tfic cnii.t s have Leenv.!,i fa
the vnfiotie eilir nf Cuinn,
and ll,i drinanj is rotislmiUf lie
i reaamg . i r nrtitai am r,i) iiiiy
In '('Milling lieh avllinj these c iriit-s.
Thrr pimilieely 1 0H aKt
Send fr sinplc. Men' fitn iie,
ladiV half price whiie we r '
ilitr.xliliiiig tl.ein. hen Waist
t'olilllllnif 1'iin futprr. Tlie hit'
tn.- Comb
I'cvatur, Iii.
h.3Ht inarket here Ls
highsJt-tJiarL at a point on any a weki or correspondingly amounts
' railroad, ndremains so all the! if you prefer to pay by the month.
Notice of Stockholders Meeting.
year-around, fit iJMso probable
that tlaeJi&ilrDad. nd irrigation
presets SjiAd - will increase
the acreage In whfet in the coun
ty nearly 0fcr cent, so that in
the end w"wfU much bet
terott. TfceTIeview liits always believ
ed thure.AvMd V rdil "communi-
It is impossible for us to make
detailed mention of prices here
Suffice it to e,y that pianos for j i"7 Vl.u.Z
which ordinarily 223 and 250 is : WWll,' b"",r'! """' ."""'
nakod r nnw illl St 37 ,. i ! iH-cniiWr lu. Will Wmiwrn . s.r.
progressing fvorbly.
i There being but thirteen per cent
;of failures, the parties were satisfied
land closed the transaction, the
Nittir-f Ii h,'r.'hy (rlv.-n llial th nniial ni't
i'!"L"L"a'";' l"'"l'i1;.'"' '.''""'"rT"' 1 proceedings of the
i. int-.-t t inr ' r..n i.uiiiitv cu ritiiiiiii- iu i ouininitlee aud the cliiiicsl reports
erili.-v.ll. or,-iron, on M-'ii-lay. llit- llhitavol; r.i . ii- i , ,
January. IH.ui o eln.-k , in. lur llu ,,,r. , 01 1111 l'Sl CIIW'B W( re pUIHISIlefl and
hi ?! .-iinsc nmi-ri. l"r t ri - rtmilnii r
ui-li olln-r liii.iarta a mily
In Class B are found the choic-
catioAfith tlje outside world j est of Marshall tfe Wendel. Ricca A
soone arlAter1-,ff!thcihgh it has Son, U'eeer and the beautiful Esil
"haddoub'ts as-to the preference ey I'ijncs. 1180, 121 1, 22C and
payments of f' down and f 1.60
week buys them. These are pos
itively the lowest prices ever seen
in print.
Corresponding reductions prevail
also in Cass C, D and E. Full
look to Portland as the base of j particulars will appear in these
- suppliae. Its coming will de-' columns each dar till sale closes.
velop he country; its coming
wilr build tliree (Ksd-sizr;d cities
"m ,or lne "sum fi.o Wastid A trustworthy gentle
and 300 styles. (Class A.) man or ladv in each count to
of different lines pointing toward
- Central Oregon.. The Columbia
? Southern is the'.mojt feasible
,'line t tap . tfii's . portion of the
, ' 6ite, find we: will wtcome glad
i -JT its extensioX as naturally we
" Madras, Forest's and the
Bend Ly tie - Desch utes town
sites; its coming will reclaim a
Vast desert that is now blistering
in the heat of summers and .shiv
ering in the blasts of winters.
. unproductive, desolate, shunned
by all except the wild animals
and human beings who an
on. IAN ci.r us too.
manage business for an old estab
lished house of colid financial
standing. A straight, bona fide
weekly salary of 18.00 pais! by
check each Monday with all ex
penses direct from headquarters.
Money advanced for expenses.
Enclose addressed envelope. Man
ager, 360 Caxton Bldg., Chicago.
Two orjan clubs will also he or
ganized by Jan. 2nd.
Remember when yeu deal with
Eilers Vjfhpo House you are deal
ing wrfti thi
Tlmbtr Lan4, Act June S. 1S7V
L'. S I.nd Ofllee, Tlx- Ha)li, On-iron,
Oi-toiwr ji, I'm
'i)l!i- l hrby glvan that In i-iiii.llanec
witll lh tiruvlaii.n. of I hi! Art of I ,iiiirri.aN of
June S. !;. entillo.1. "An rl lur lli- iai. nf
timlir land In Ilic iu"-i nl ralffuriila. Ore
iron. M-vadn, O'l Wanhlnu.n Territory," aa
rxlfnileil In all (he public laml alaLca by act l
Aiiguat i. W,
Samuel IV. Comtun
of Frlnivllle county of t'r'wik, itatf ol Ori-fon,
nai on iari-n , j-i.-.. n)i.'l in tnu nmi-a ma
1K almn.iLl .... . ,1 nati-inni ( no I.SM, lor th! puri'liwe !
trie eirongett, largest and tk, 1,1 rmir n.i hi w.r Mni, tp ii, r ia
nlrtauf salalilil,il R , . w in. and wi II offiir (irwl to uliow that the
Oldest eStalJllCtied i lariO firm, WhO ; ,d aouxhl 1. mor valuabl. fr II. timber
'(.oil l,,otri,ni..r,la Ml nil ilm. or aloim than for aurleiilt url mr (o, and to
.sell instruments at nil times on j -.iiLh im naim to .id land i,.-ior.. m u
i,m;. .,ln..,. ..-.,1 ' 4 Hll-. I' H I O III III ! ( OH f-r . Si I' T I IM-V I 1 1 1', Ori.'lflin,
their merits i lone, and at puces . on Monday, ti,H itn d.y of ji.rv, i;m.
,aji, nncaililt. nr.lir 1,,. ll, ,... "" "'" ' ' riMafa : William Mi-M'wkln.
possiijie only liy the many f a:mm i ni,ii. join, u.ium. of eriiic-niic. or:
Wyininm. ni.fl nri-ti.flat. dv,,la,eatLli"'n'!'',.,!,'''''';r'z''.l''..0r' . .
pehe( to it in search oflth,r .mi. sl,, tHr' ',' ' 'f."r'?". ' .
w . .. -j 1 - ........ - inwn i minis in mil inu-i; mi or tjnire n; aiu
the more valuably livestock that to morrow. K,rii..t l,ver; h.v.. Vl : !'
' 1.0 IS n-i. it I ' " ' - in. i.i, .. ut,,,!,,,
i will be mailed free upon application.
Address John J. r niton Company,
420 Montgomery St. San Fran
cisco, Cal.
All persons are hereby warned
against discounting or purchasing
four notes of 15 each which were
uttered by me in July, 1902, arid
for which value baa not been re
reived. These notes are protested.
A. H. Kknnkdy.
is n'ertatofy that tfye'prospec-
i., ..a .i:tt 4 it ... I
;vT"u n'" "ut f u'roQ land. Eilers Piano House
..i....v,,w.M,c,,.t?Jua;E Washington street, corner
r; -enuti,.r -fiiany reason-i for!,.ark. V(Vit, m , . fur,her ar.
the piek of the, finest col
lection of pianos ever Been in I'ort-
Timbi-r Land, Act Jun3, 1S7S,
w isijing riiiiroau aim ior rejoic
ing: wheu one i-chcIk.-s us. but
sjiuce forbids; and . we will sub
side after assuring the Bulletin
man once more that t he Review
awa aain n aaiaii ittm im aianam 11
In Tattle earl b prevented.
ticular, eic. Out of town inijuir
ies promptly attended to.
On Sutd.) v
tih! fiOfliO of
tmn I-rune mo
Our vauiut arc lot sale by
if. F. Adaaitou, I'noeviilc, Of
V H Land Office, The ImU-, Orison,
j NotiPfi in hi-ri,),v lyr-.n thil iti fffJiipltrinc
i wilii the rirovf foni- ,t Ih n' l -f 'rtiiirM r
J Jmift '4, rVf'4, f.-ntitl'r'i "An act for i', of
rffin, f'vJia hh'I 1 ni'iii I (rr ltory,1' h
A 1-IAr.lliJl 1a. nil It... r.iil.l I . f .. i.,t Ui.l... I. .,,1 ..I
Anti -it 4, Ml.
W ilflnrii f,'iiiMi
of J'r.nvi!!(', (v.t)uty nf t f'i'ik, U: i Or'K'iti,
1.5 (HI JfctJiidry a?, IV, UU- hi l:,m hru hi.
worn MintfMM'Mt No IM I, for Ut jriircliufi of i
'.'I'- lis iji- titf nf ltti'1 nw nr in- or ia tn i:t .
ftt I ' ' - f' m.flfi'i wlil oner roof to uliow that th
land ftuj(iii I. uMire a!uaMp f-ir limtn-ror
Of) t'Me liiftn for fU;iilturtl fMirpo-), hii'1 t.
CIHHnai I" SAl'I lll'l'l tx-r.n! M ii
mnm-ioiH-r. wl I'lm- k' j lie (r
,V, U.i numc.1 si tjfrii"ietr,; Jw-.u Hiulili of
J nrx?ly. Or; Klwnr.J Jout;n( Frtcl Htuart, C A
j WUI'-f, of I'riHcvilJe, or.
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Wanted Several industrious
persons in each state lo travel for
house established eleven years und
with a large capital, to call upon
merchants and agents for success
ful and profitable linn. Perma
nent engagement. Weekly cash
salary of $18 and all traveling ex
pc noes and hotel bills advanced in
cash each week. Experience not
essential. Afention reference and
enclose self-addressed envelope.
Tins National, 3.'M Dearborn Kt.,
Chicago. mT r4
Wa.ntkii Live agents to sell I)r.
Whites I'.leclrio combs, patented
Jan, 1, "J'K Cure dandruff, hair fall
ing out, eick and nervous bond-
aclies, yet cost no more than ordi
nary comb. Hells on sight agents are
wild with success, Hcnd TOo for
sample (half price). Write iiuick.
The Dr. White Klectrio Comb Co.,
Poena lur. III,
No pains will Im upaivd to make th,.,,, .-nj. .y ut.l. as
tli.-y have biM.ii lieri'tofnic in tin. Old Hull, which 1 : hlii'll t ! v
d stlgured but still in the ring."
AilinlnUlral'1 "eilr.
Com in it tee
Oru Parker, I'litice
Tickets, each night, $1.00.
I i,i- .t.!i i t ..mi. ( t it
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1 "ut, k I'n.o'aMjamu 'i tat v4
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rrIlVi f;.ir.
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Jt ltr,ihltrrftt "t Kti'itti . ( UtU K. Mt-
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A (Wit. Altcf r?y o fiaUt.
h l-s-fft. App'-UttaM br lit I u .tt !
IK Mri4 (,( ttlfifutl fnr t'tiuitly. 'tira'
i'trt .r , 1CI t,,,. fti-U. -ib lii(rli.
.!'-. I ltt nf r.-il .M "t"
' taVTti.f (;! f',,
ly f--t .Irr.l t J-fe't.;: M t'
'rTwf vM.Mt,ri ttiHll fivl)iMUI
ilu, isimiiai ititun.t'w ut - I iU
1 1 is 1 1 r(in
I at 1 1 tills JtM.e. TJ, Iwitl
H k (U lfl. Ii .lriili.l.trt.if at Ih Nfttf
Rail.tfiii liftirtrh 4 -"!
W. A Hfcl.t, AMwrtif win.
il,250 REWARD.
jf'yflJlt P' menil. ia l"l
rj'jff . v trai,l I. r
iillri $ 'ff1- i'i 0"
I I ' I O X ! ' W'
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' V Kwa"
Tha llainer Couair
l. ai,a
Una of oliMS I '
a menit-. .' I '
iraai a v
V'e an; nislied to deutli on
CL'aTIR'SBLM.KUGVACCISL. ! , i. i r . i , , . '''Uli kli elalma l. aai'l la'i'l l.i f .rn M H
a-llfora.aaf.voritethe,nn.o " lilvtr. Viliu'l J. 1 1 1 Ii n I lH', I 1
,. - . ,
(i.iul, e.t. aaed and loweat I I,.,l. T .l -
priced raliabU vara-l4. ! I'OUa llutll liy.or,
parder itnngor pill form. Write ; (j I. ,. L - ft- , . ; -- -(or
free MlarV tvyiUi-t. v R i b.ilOi UllHg.
'-rnie I!al
tt..I' I TI
oMAVt ir for Iftiiul
i", Kiifunwitlm. hir in
Durn, Ask 1 si )1.l,.lavh atrid
i am. i ttfuriJf !jtjml
Otiir-r nil mid . Mll
IH.! IIIWaaitsfllJtt, trlj( "i'l.
tiiooili J.Mik 'uvvir.
Plymouth Honk
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rwu.t- ly ut II, u worlij. U la
tito (,, KM Iiwl.t
im tttivtii) it Ji.-allnai otlt
mm Yon I'urlhfjii tealHfm
It. 60i; t Im. bt,.rwtf ( ,
Ii in., I r.f
11 '
I'ut you nocil not lieNitnto lo hoihI or lu in
iih morn m tlniliiofoiii,!. ivint injr, flrHt-flsiHH
jiriiilin, dono iilniosl wliilo you wail. Wo
l i i i . .
navo ino im out. lV,o I'lUTs si tic I know
uso llicm lo I :--! f llllvUlllil'.M!. .l, ,(
I.'iiM-H llio )oviov ollirn.lmf ,.,.im, IkuiiIhoiiio
prinlin llinl a ,;,inn, in never jih-lia m.-.l
lei Ili.S lill.sitirsrt ilf ( j u .! "l 11 1 iin--H Hoc. 1'oilliitnl
Jirici-H I'levuil. Tliis is h;u!Iy fir (,0 uh, lint
wt Htiunl for it, juHf Ju; hhuic.
ov lo
i wiirk
dv.;',",, tr',r. v
Sanae. Il.,.r I -4 , .Ti.k T.,iiii
lluraca wt,rt a.lil HtHia .I.I M Pf
lliri.ugli Una aeitum rni,i..t ,'',
il"-l Ifn ilau tawtlr! Rl'-aat iH "t I"
,l,i, Ii. Ida Tlif Tliiir. .V.M Mam t Mniliatn.
w, weaTli.iw H, I ifr. ti("
All kinds, l,et printed In the la;V,J
kel. ahsoliiLly eorruet and resist'd ''
to dtf", snd at 1'orllaiid juices, t
vkMMj nn viarb'
Jk&Li'.:,,, IXPtRIENCE
v-T3 -r m aa
f,nl(ttl7 MSi'strlnln
TflADt M0H
mlltig a fcnlfH nnd rlMrrtnllcn
M until"-
lll-ltl.rltl Upri' IMlfchlHliln
ti-..,.,.rt.'tir-',tii iiAMiiDOOK
"I ffftt iH.Uai (,,,, ,o for mfitiiiBT tnl '''
i ftismu tiih'xi ii.rMivli Hinni A Ua r"" 'Kffli, ivltli.iiit )IU, III till)
Scicniitic Jfftttcrlcatt.
A tiaiiilamiu,l lllnirt rut ... warlilr. I arnnat
i,iI,iii,,ii .ifiuir.i l it,' I'l'iinal, .'I i.iii,. I1
."' r f'Hir iiiuiiilia. SI. rtulil tij all tiiiwaili."'.'".
MUNN & Co ''B'- N6vv York
liraiimi uni.ia, mt r HI. Waalllnaluo.
- 'j ....