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    An Associated
Negro Press
Serving the
Pacific Northwest
Oregon’s '^I^egro Weekly
Prominent Physician Heads N.A.A.C.P.
At the last election held by the Local N. A. A. C. P. Or­
March of Dimes GOP Control Due
ganization in Portland, Dr. Robert N. Joyner, well-known
Elsewhere in this issue you will find notice that a and popular physician and surgeon, was elected as President
Campaign to Be In Philadelphia change
has been made in the personnel of the Inquirer and of the Portland Branch. He and the other officers were
— (ANP) — that the responsibility of editing, managing and publishing installed Dec. 16.
Underway Jan. 14 The PHILADELPHIA
The other officers are Mr. George Thomas, 1st Vice
Republicans will gain con­ same have been entrusted into my care, and that I am now
Multnomah County’s 1940 March trol of congress after next year’s j in charge of same.
of Dimes campaign will get un­ elections, and the country then
In accepting this position I realize the responsibility
der way on January 14 and close will return to a sound economic
burden I have assumed and pray and seek your in­
January 31, it has been announced
by George H. Buckler, Multnomah nell Jr., chairman of the Repub­ dulgence for many reasons.
lican National Committee, pre­
There is an old saying that “The mill cannot run from
County Campaign chairman.
Buckler said the county’s goal dicted here Friday night.
the power of the water which has already passed under the
for funds to fight infantile pa­
He spoke at a meeting spon­ bridge”, so is it in life. We cannot profit by talking of the
ralysis this year would be $100,- sored by the National Council of
000, half of which will go to Negro Republicans at the Pyra­ mistakes and misunderstandings of the past. “Let the Dead
Past Bury Its Dead”.
agencies in Multnomah County mid club.
providing care and treatment for
I realize that all persons are not possessed with the
Among other speakers were
adult and children paralysis vic­ rnest T. Weir, chairman of the same thoughts, temperments, traits, characteristics, emotions
board of the National Steel Corp., and education, and therefore, when some of us are quick
The other half of the total will and Walter D. Fuller, president of
tempered, seemingly antagonistic, in some cases self-opinion­
go to the National Foundation for the Curtis Publishing Co.
ated; when we cannot see “eye to eye” with our fellow man
research into the causes and the
“We will put the nation in con­
methods of treatment of infan­ trol of a reliable and efficient and who, seemingly, carries a “chip on our shoulder” it is
tile paralysis and emergency aid group of patriotic men,” Brownell very unfortunate are we should be the object of pity rather
to local chapters in the event of said, “and rid the country of the
than be censored.
an epidemic.
cheap and petty politics played in
In the past management of the Portland Inquirer I
Buckler said he had accpeted Washington today.”
realize that there has been misunderstandings, bickering,
his appointment as campaign
He said that the Republican
embroils, and as a result many persons, firms, and organiza­
chairman for the third consecu­
party is opposed to intolerance
tive year at the request of Aaron
and is the only agency in the tions either were reluctant to aid and assist in furthering
M. Frank, Multnomah County
United States to day to “main­ the plans of the management or else were outright hostil
chapter chairman of the Nation­
tain the financial stability of the and would not contribute funds nor news towards its prog­
al Foundation for Infantile Pa­
country, promote full production ress and advancement.
and provide an economic policy
“Having headed the March of
Now that the managmeent has been changed I hope and
which will make this nation the
Dimes campaign for the past two
that the storm has passed and peace, quietude and
greatest in the world.” z zz
years, I know it is a worthy
Weir said it was imperative tranquility shall prevail and that I will rot inherit the ills
cause,” Buckler stated. “It is
that the Republican party should
essential that we continue to return to power and solve tht and misunderstandings of my successor.
As to the future I will quote a letter which I mailed
care for victims of this dreaded greatest problems in its history.
disease and be in a position to He said that administration in to some persons a few days ago as follows, (quote)
f’^ht infantile paralysis epidem­ Washington is “Commt.'aistic and
j ,
Portia-.,cl, Oregon
ics when they occur. It is for inimical to the interests of Ne-
December 14, 1945
these reasons only that I have I groes.”
accep'ed chairmanship of this
In urging support of the Re­
I have the honor to state that I am now editor and pub*
drive for a third time.”
publicans, Fuller said: “Look at
At the same time he announced | the record of the past 30 years Usher of the “Portland Inquirer”, the weekly newspaper
the appointment of Craig Carroll, and that of the past ten years and published in Portland; Mr. H. D. Robinson is Business Man­
vice-president and general man­ decide how you can be anything ager of same.
ager of the Jackson Implement but a Republican.”
It is my purpose to give the public the latest, up to date
Company, as manager of the
and spicy news and to print and circulate a “clean journal”,
county’s 1946 March of Dimes
stressing local and state news as much as possible.
I expect to publish special “Christmas and New Year’s
Carroll has named John E.
Chloupek and Major R. M. Rice
Editions”; the Christmas copy to be issued December 22; the
as his assistants. Both men re­
New Year Edition December 29th.
T U S K E G E E — (ANP) —
turned to Portland recently after
It is my desire and request that you send your Christ­
active participation in World War “America is in the midst of the
II. Campaign headquarers will greatest moment in its history,” mas greetings and New Year cheer through the columns of
be established in downtown Port­ said Homer S. Brown, distin­ our paper to your friends throughout the nation; we will
land in the very near future, Car- guished Pennsylvania legislator, have specail rates and space for same. I am sure that your
when he opened Sunday night in friends will appreciate it and you can be assured that sam?
roll said.
the institute chapel the second
annual Carnahan Lecture Series will be appreciated by us as it will materially asssit in the
incipiency of my efforts and help take care of the expenses
on Citizenship.
If we in America can “only of these editions.
abolish the fears and hatreds,”
May I hear from you at once? Please have your ads
there is no other country in the
and greetings in not later than Wednesday of each week
world “better fitted for world
leadership,” continued the speak­ prior to date of publication.
By R. A. Fisher
To those of you who have been advertising in the paper
er. For America “has the struc­
ST. LOUIS— (ANP)—Compul­ ture of government, materials, re­ in the past I desire to thank you and to request your con­
sources, manpower, educational
sory peacetime military training and scientific institutions and tinued support and co-operation; to you who will give us
was condemned by Judge William above all the background of a your first advertisement and greetings it is my fondest de­
Henry Hastie, dean of the Seward fine and noble religipus heri­ sire that you see fit to become a regular advertiser or sub-
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University Law School, at a Pub­ tage.”
"It is one thing to talk about
The speaker warned against the
lic Affairs Forum meeting, at
general public’s indifference to matters by which men attain full citizenship, oting politics and
Pine Street Y.M.C.A. Sunday aft­ local, state and national govern­ citizenship status.”
government,” said President Pat­
Then followed a challenging in­ terson, “and it is another thing to
ernoon. He declared that com­ ments. Too many people, he said,
pulsory military training would leave study of these important terpretation of the preamble of have achieved in that field of
the constitution and a review of service. Our guest xor this eve­
prove futile and would be harm­ questions to the “politicians and
the social-political changes under ning has served for six tei ms as
ful to racial equality.
war years reduced to about one- which our present government a member of the legislature of
Dean Hastie based his opposi­
“I believe,” emphasized Mr. was evolved. “Great victories the commonwealth of Pennsyl-
tion to peacetime conscription
Brown, "the school and church have been . won by . decisions
. vania, member of the board of
upon his experience with the seg­
would do w ell if both of these ^ r^ g e ,„.OU.n
education, a member of the state
regated system and un-American
institutions would take as part lified insofar as enforcement *" housing authority and holds many
policies of our government set­
of their programs more interest
positions of honor and distinc­
up while serving in capacities as
in the practical study and appli­ officers of the law who could not tion in the legislature and in
assistant solicitor United States
cation of what citizenship means be elected if we utilized fully Pittsburgh.”
Department of Interior and Judge
and actively participate in these the free use of the ballot guar­
On Monday, Mr. Brown met
of the Court of Virgin Islands.
anteed by our fundamental law” with student and faculty groups
“No on can be so well prepared tern of segregation would have a was the speaker’s contribution to and continuing his lectures spoke
as to win another war,” said large and serious effect on our current thinking on the poll-tax at Alabama State Teachers col­
Hastie. “The next war, if any, youth and the principles of racial and other ballot restrictions for lege on Tuesday and Atlanta uni­
will result in the destruction of equality toward which we have Negroes.
Versity on Wednesday,
been working.” Hastie resigned
n presenting the speaker, Pres- *—
“Considering the racial aspects," in 1943 as civilian aid to the Sec­ dent F. D. Patterson told of the F. E. P. C. OFFICIAL
Hastie continued, “I am opposed retary of War in protest against establishment of the Carnahan 'VISITING IN CITY
to compulsory training because it what he termed outright discrim­ Lecture Series by Miss EH la Car- [ Captain Dovey M. Johnson,
is doubtful that it would be car­ ination against Negroes in the nahan of Pittsburgh in memory WAC AUS is in the city this
ried on without segregation. One training program of the Army of her father, the late J. Wilson week conferring with those inter-
Jested with legislation.
year in a federally sponsored sys- Air Forces.
Tuskegee Hears
Penn. Legislator
Hastie Against
Peacetime Draft
Pres.; Mrs. M. S. Wyman, 2nd Vice President; Mrs. Rose
Parker, Sec., and Mr. Isadore Maney, Treasurer.
After being installed Dr. Joy - 1
ner said “With all due respect to |
the outgoing officers, I hope to
do a better job at the helm of
this organization and I hope that
my successor will give me the
same challenge.”
The officers and Board mem­ The national Catholic Welfare
bers were installed by Rev. J. conference announced last week
James Clow, the President in 1944 that “strong Catholic action” had
and 1945.
been decided upon at a meet-
A committee was appointed to ing here to help solve the eco-
secure a 1946 meeting place, com­ nomic problem of the Negro.
posed of the following persons:
The announcement said the
Messers Kenneth Smith, Oliver conclusions reached at a two-day
E. Smith and William McClendon. conference held by the social de­
An Executive Board meeting partment were being sent to a
was called for Thursday, Decem­ long list of Catholics active in
ber 20th, the President announced. this field through the country.
Dr. Joyner came to Portland
Among the matters discussed
from Boston, Mass. Since his ar­ and approved, the anouncement
rival he has a well established, said were:
planned and working clinic with
“The establishment of Cath­
very efficient and trained help olic inter-racial committees; the
that are busy from morning until encouragement and development
of Negro leaders in and Negro
closing time.
We feel sure that Dr. Joyner’s organiation for the strengthen­
administration will be a great ing of Catholicity among all ele­
ments pf the community.”
Asserting discriminations in
employment have resulted in
“wholesale injustice” the group
urged establishment of a perma­
nent federal FEPC and staf*v
Cvunrniitees • patte*Wd after the f
one in New York.
The group also urged exten­
PARIS — (ANP) — Army offi­ sions of the Social Security law
cers here protested loudly last to employees not now covered,
week to the navy’s race code in including those in domestic serv­
the shipment of Negro troops to ice, the raising of the federal
Minimum wage-hours law to a
While yielding in the transfer 65-75 cents minimum and the
of a Negro quartermaster truck elimination of “discriminations
company from the U. S. S. Crea- by unions against Negroes.”
tan to the Thomas Johnson Vic­
Better housing also was re­
tory on racial grounds, the army commended by the report, which
refused to compromise on the said, “Efforts must be made to
right of one Negro officer and relieve the tension and fears
five enlisted men to sail on the among whites which keep Ne­
Creatan for the states.
groes from expanding into new
The six high-point Negro sol­ neighborhoods.”
diers sailed over the objection of
navy officers, who said that the
navy’s general policy was not to
■nix the races. Army officials
replied that the men would not
be removed, unless they were re­
moved by navy personnel.
The clash between members of
the two branches of the service
on the race question is said to Washington, one-time All-Amer­
have resulted in bad feelings. The ican halfback now starring as a
123 men in the Negro Truck com­ professional gridder w i t h the
pany were snatched off the Crea­ Hollywood Bears of the Pacific
tan, a baby flattop, because there Coast Pro Football League, car­
are no segregation facilities on ries the ball for the American
the flight deck of the ship. Only Red Cross since he saw what
the large, roomy hangar could the organization is doing in the
accommodate the 1,226 men.
China-Burma-India theater.
Member of a U. S. O. sports
troupe that entertained Negro
troops during a four-months’
trip this year, Washington recalls
This is to inform you that Mr. he Red Cross staff members by
Ralph L. Faulk, former owner name at virtually all the leave
and publisher, of the Portland clubs he visited.
Inquirer, is no longer connected
“They made such a fine im­
with the paper any more and has pression on all of us, how could
no right or authority to solicit we ever forget them?” he said.
ads, subscriptions, make collec­ “We were treated in fine style
tions or received funds for the all along the Ledo Road.”
Inquirer, or do any business for
In addition to the All-American
or in the name of the Portland football star, the troupe included
Hammering Hank Armstrong,
The Portland Inquirer’s Office holder of three world’s boxing
has been moved from its former crowns; Joe Lillard, great Negro
address, 2736 N E. Rodney Ave., j back from Oregon University;
to 1453 N. Williams Ave. Mai! j oe Louis, world’s heavyweight
will be sent P. O. Box 3877, Zone champion; and others.
8; The telephone LAncaster 1568.
Because the Red Cross was do­
Mr. Chesley E Corbett is now ing such a “grand" job among
Managing Editor and Publisher the Negro troops in the CBI
of the Portland Inquirer as Mr. when he was there, Washington
Faulk’s successor.
is convinced that the organiza­
tion will continue its "topflight
work for the men still overseas
B. D. Robinson,
Business Manager with the armies of occupation.”
Caiholics Promise
Fight for Negro
Army Objects to
Navy's Racism
Kenny Carries
Ball for Red Cross