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    Mrs. T. Fisher.
The Order appreciates the help
of all the m em bers and friends who
helped m ake this one-hundred dol­
betw een the Burton H om e's A. C.’s lar goal a success. M ost N oble Gov­
The B urton H om es C om m unity and the P ain ters a t B urton H om es ernor, Mrs. Josephine M orrison.
Mrs. A. L. Randolph, reporter.
Church serv ices opened a t 9:00 p .m . w _, . T ,
_ .
.. „
__ _
M onday, Ju ly 10, w e r e : P ain ters 10.
The P astor, the R ev. R. L. Johnson,
Burton H om es A. C.’s 6. Earl
delivered the serm on. The Rev. M.
Brow n, new m em ber and second Dentons Entertain
M. B urnes, Jr., D. D., spoke on the
basem an, h it tw o hom e rim s and
Armstrongs and Band
subject, “The Church, H er F ounda­
also does a good job of stop pin g the
The Cy D entons entertain ed the
tion and P ro sp erity .”
ball w hen it is hit down second base. Louis A rm strongs and the world f a ­
The A. C.’s third basem an, G eorge m ous A rm strong orchestra a t a
The m arriage of M iss E llie H am ­
Chisum , hails from Chicago, is a beautiful buffet dinner M onday
ilton to Mr. A aron S tam p s w as so l­
player at heart. Chisum stop s any night, Ju ly 10. The affair w as car­
em nized Sunday, Ju ly 9, a t 4:00
balls that are hit down the third ried out in a m ost unique and in­
P. M. a t the residence of the bride’s
base line. The A. C.’s had a little form al w ay. (One, it seem s, that
m other, Mrs. E. H am ilton. The Rev.
hard luck, Jim B ates, sp righ t field ­ only the C y D entons can put over.)
M. M. Burnes, Jr., o fficia tin g .
er, A rthur Crump, le ft fielder, who
A fter cock tails w ere served, the
Mr. and Mrs. W illiam E nglish,
is a hard hitter, and F rank P ratt, dinner began w ith Italian sp a g h etti
w ho cam e to B urton H om es seven
w ho did som e fine p itch in g in the and m eat loaf, green vegetab le s a l­
m on th s ago, have left V ancouver
gam e, all received an injury. This ad, strin g beans w ith pickles, relish,
for their hom e, Chicago, Illinois;
w on ’t hold the boys down though, etc., hot rolls, and then, of course,
lea v in g m any old and n ew ly a c­
so w atch out P ainters in the return the dessert (not so very m any ra­
quired friends. The popular couple gam e.
tion points, I hope, an yw ay.)
resided w ith relatives, Mr. and Mrs.
A gam e w as cheduled here at
A m ong g u e sts present, other than
Leonard E n glish, 234-B Ft. George,
Burton H om es by the Ordnance the honored gu ests, Mrs. and Mrs.
w ho hope to follow them som etim e
Service Command w ith the Burton Louis A rm strong and orchestra,
in the near future. Mr. W illiam E n g­
H om es A. C. The gam e w as not were: Mr. and Mrs C. Young, Mr.
lish is w ell know n in C hicago for
played because the Service Com ­ and Mrs. Charles R aw lins, Mr. and
w r e stlin g and w as considered one
mand did not get here, another Mrs. Charles P atterson, Mrs. D a isy
of the b est and m ost en ergetic chip-
gam e will be scheduled at a later W arwick, Mrs. Scru ggs, w ife o f the
pers in the V ancouver yards.
dean of Lincoln U n iversity, Mr. and
W ayn e O. Bow m an, son o f Fred
The A. C.’s also w ish to inform Mrs. Charles M organ w ith whom
O. B ow m an, P roject Service A d­
the public that their dance pre- Louis and w ifie are sta y in g in
visor for B urton H om es; le ft Se-
viously announced as of July 17,
a ttle J u ly 10, for Jacksonville, Flor- wU1 be postponed untiI further nQ_ Portland. Mr. and Mrs. Jack M artin,
and the v ery charm ing M iss P ricilla
ida, to en ter the V-6 N aval Program t j
Coleman. A lso Mr. and Mrs. E dgar
w h ich includes aerial gunn ery and
A ny new s that you w ish to sub­ Slaughter.
m echan ics.
m it to the P ortland Inquirer for the
A fter the m ost delicious and en­
good of the N egro and also Burton joyable dinner, the gu ests enjoyed
M iss M erlene K elly, tap and ballet | Homeg w m be glad ly appreciated
a short gam e of bridge. It seem s j
teacher, has been pleased w ith the | by your reporter
that all g u e sts were reluctant to
e n th u sia stic response she has been
leave the lovely home o f the D en ­
g e ttin g from the race pupils in her f « n n B O f i u m i T Y p c
tons, but le ft w ith the desire to re­
classes. M iss K elly is teach in g her I m I B U H d v t l L l / U l i L o
turn again soon and enjoy the
pupils the essen tia lities in obtain ing COST-OF-LIVING
onderful h ospitality of the Cy
tim e, rhythm and grace in dancing. f vf>]VI, I lP F i r f <f l
D entons.
M iss K elly is p atien t and interested
« H fillU L
in her w ork, thus m ak in g it so m uch ,
Lal?or stlH m aintains the right
easier for her pupils to follow her. to s tn k e in one im portant respect
I can’t fail to m ention Mrs. M ary
’ ’ af ainst hiZ h prices>” declared
A yrs, M iss K elly’s able accom pan- Joseph M' C asey- regional labor ad-
ist, w ho plays the piano so ligh tly, visor to the O PA a t a m eetin g w ith
Vancouver, W ash., July 11— L ast
so ftly and w ith such accu rate la^or and ° P A officials Thursday,
tem po and cadence.
w here final pIans were m ade for the n igh t the Inter-racial Council of
Did you parents know th at som e join t "Cost o f L iving C onference” Vancouver and Clark County, W ash­
to be held in Portland all day Sun­
of our future orchestra leaders and
ington m et. This organization m et
day to enlist labor’s active support
band leaders are now learning baton
for the purpose of form ulating a
in price control. C asey will be prin­
tw irlin g under the com p etent gu id ­
program to prom ote better feelin g
cipal speaker a t the conference and
ance of M iss H elen Snider, a n ew ­
and understanding betw een the tw o
w ill discuss “Labor’s O pportuni­
com er to the G reater V ancouver
races. The plans w ere all form u­
tie s.” He w as accom panied to P ort­
R ecreation Com m ission.
lated, and will be announced a t a
land by Robert B. Parks from the
later date.
San F rancisco O PA office, w ho set
K ayo H ooker, p u gilist of w ide r e - ,
C itizens of Vancouver and Clark
, .
, . ,
; up sim ilar cost o f livin g conferences
nown from coast to coast, is t
county are insisten t that the races
.. .
. _ ,
«. in California recently. Irvin g Enna
m g the hovers of Burton H om es a t i .
, ^ .
understand each other better, and
1 is general chairm an o f the con­
the recreation center. Som e of the
th a t in order to understand and
trainees are Terry Johnson, R ocky
have a better feelin g tow ards each
H igh ligh ts o f the program follow : j
M arbaly and Chet H enderson. We
other, there m ust be a com p lete pro­
M orning session — Richard Stein-
w ill hear m ore about th ese b o y s .
. . .
„ „ ,
gram formed, and carried out as is
. .
er, m inister, U n itarian Church, in-
la ter on, and w e hope to see them
_ ’
form ulated. Leading educators and
. vocation. K eynote speaker, C. L.
in action at the recreation center in
citizen s of this v icin ity are w h at
M cKinney, who represents the Rail-
an exhibition.
„ . , ,
, r ______ _ , ,
citizen s of other vicin ities of the
v., ligh
V.; ts in the softball
H T- igh
gam e w ay . Brotherhood
_ on the
„ O PA labor w e st coast term “w id e-aw ak e.”
_________________________ ad vistory com m ittee. Com m issioner
A nyone interested in the race
Wm. A. B ow es w ill extend greetin gs
problem s that are confron ting the
on behalf of M ayor Earl R iley. •
world today are invited in to som e
Problem s o f local boards and
o f the m eetings, and are urged by
l price panels w ili be discussed by
Two organizations, the Interna- F ather F ogarty o f the U n iversity all m em bers to becom e a m em ber of
tional Red Cross, and the War of Portland. Earl C. Hald, district this inter-racial council.
A special m eetin g of th is group
P rison ers Aid o f the Y. M. C. A., O PA price officer, will talk on the
is scheduled for M onday, Jul y 24th,
now serve prisoners throughout the price control program .
and all m em bers and anyone inter­
world, under the term s of the Gen­
A fternoon session — A1 L ake of
eva Convention of 1929, w hich sp eci­ the A lbina Shipyarus w ill discuss ested are urged to be a t this
fies the trea tm en t and righ ts of w ar war w orkers’ problem s in general, m eetin g.
prisoners and the duties of their follow ed by Franz W agner, d istrict
captors. Such service to prisoners O PA enforcem en t attorney, who
is reciprocal, each belligeren t per­ w ill speak b riefly on enforcem ent
m ittin g th is so th a t its own n a­ policies under the am ended OPA
tion als m ay receive it in the cam ps law. F inal address w ill be m ade by
A fter a separation o f tw en ty -six
o f the enem y.
Joseph M. Casey.
years, three o f the form er M ason
The Red Cross distrib u tes supp le­
Each local union has been asked sisters are com ing to P ortland to
m en tary food, cloth in g and m edical to send tw o official delegates to re­
v isit their sister, Mrs. R h etta Pryor
supplies, w h ile W ar P rison ers Aid port back to their m em bers, and as
of 2023 N. E. Rodney. T h ey have
of the Y. M. C. A. stim u la tes the m any additional delegates as they
not all been together in tw en ty -six
program s, and provides th e n eces­ wish. All union m em bers are invited
years, and that is a m ig h ty lon g
sa r y m aterials, for all o f those lei­ to attend.
tim e for anyone to be separated,
su retim e a c tiv itie s w h ose object is
The conference will be held a t the and is an extrem ely rare occasion
to m aintain spiritual, m ental and S te a m fitter s’ H all, S. W. Third and
for sisters to be apart. Since seein g
p h ysical health throughout the Columbia, Portland, beginning at
each other, each has m arried and
dreary m onth s or years o f cap tivity. 9:45 ▲. M. and w ill close about 4
has her own fam ily.
N eu tra l Y. M. C. A. representa­ o’clock.
One sister, Mrs. H oward M organ
tiv e s v isit prison cam ps, talk in g
o f Baltim ore, M aryland, has trav­
w ith both com m andants and the
eled w e st to help m ake the reunion
e le c te d lead ers of the prisoners Household of Ruth
a com plete success. T his is Mrs.
th em selv es, to discover the needs of No. 844 Holds Bazaar
M organ’s first trip* to an y part of
th e m en. N e c e ssa r y m aterials are
A m ost enjoyable evening w as the w e st coast, and in her word, “I
th en shipped from the organ iza­ spent by m em bers o f the H ouse­
am carried aw ay w ith the natural
tio n ’s h eadqu arters a t Geneva, hold o f Ruth, No. 844, on June 30th.
Sw itzerlan d , or from one o f its The m ain feature o f the evening
m a n y other cen ters. H undreds of w as a lovely hand-em broidered
to n s o f ed u cation al, recreational luncheon cloth by Mrs. Clara W ill­
and religiou s su p p lies are thus iams. and won by Mrs. Jessie Floyd,
shipped reg u la rly to cam p s all over All m em bers and visitors w ere try-
th e world. The W ar P rison ers A id ing for this exq u isitely embroidered
o f th e Y. M. C. A. is a p articip atin g cloth, but Mrs. Floyd w as the w in-
serv ice o f th e N a tio n a l W ar Fund, j ner. The door prize w as won by
¿ íx J - r L * .v.tar-.
Intei-Racial Council
Meets at Vancouver
Y.M.C.A.-Red Cross
Aid Prisoneis
beauties of th is great w estern coast
Two other sisters have arrived
from Tacom a. W ashington, to com ­
plete the group. T hey are M esdam es
Robert Jones and M organ Jones.
The m ain fa m ily reunion dinner
and party w ill be held Sunday, July
23rd, a t Mrs. P ryor’s hom e.
Portland’s Most Modern Restaurant
337 N. W. 3rd Ave. at Flanders
Home Cooking a Specialty
MR. AND MRS ANTHONY SMITH . . Owners and Proprietors
George Olson’s
Prescriptions C a re fu lly Com pounded
Lunch at our Fountain
Closed Sundays
Open 9 A.M. to 10 P.M.
Distinctive Atmosphere
We Specialize in Home-Cooked Meals
N. Williams Ave. at W eidler
Mrs. M. S. Williams
Where Cares Are Forgotten
1504 N. Williams Ave., 2nd Floor
Sammy's Shine Shop
Pittsburgh Courier :: Chicago Defender
Portland Inquirer
All Brands Hair Dressing — Expert Shoe Cleaning and Dyeing
220 North Broadway
W here the Younger Set Gather
Sofe Drinks - Ice Cream - Sandwiches - Music
Re-United Alter
Twenty-six Years
They are seein g som e o f the
sig h ts that Portland affords. Som e
o f the places th at th ey have already
been seen v isitin g are th e G rotto,
the W ashington Park, and the P o rt­
land A rm y A ir Base.
Mrs Morgan is a volunteer senior
h ostess and nursery school w orker
in the city of Baltim ore.
Bar-Be-Q and Fried
151-B W haler Drive, Bagley Downs. Washington
Portland's Ony Store Sel l i ng
Men's Full Drape Sui
25 S. W. Third Avenne (corner Ankeny Street)