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Claire J. Reed (1930 – 2017)
Known for her cheerful
disposition and positive attitude,
Claire was often looked up
to for her guidance, support,
and love for friends in need
experiencing diffi culties in life.
Her fi rm belief in a personal
God, and a curiosity which
took her to new experiences
throughout the world, well
showed that she lived the life
she had to the fullest, in spite
of many disappointments and
Born in 1930 during
the Depression, of Russian
immigrant parents, Timothy and
Stenia Ejov, she spent her early
years in Englewood, N.J. She
proved herself an outstanding
student, and subsequently
graduated magna cum laude
Houghton, N.Y. Her liberal arts
degree well prepared her for the
years to come, which took her
through an early divorce and
the unexpected responsibility of
assuming full fi nancial support
of her family.
Initially working in the Cus-
tomer’s Security Dept. of the
Fidelity-Philadelphia Trust Co.
dealing with stocks and bonds,
she subsequently became sales
offi ce manager for Franklin
Electronics Corp, a private fi rm,
which in conjunction with Jet
Propulsion Labs, manufactured
the high-speed digital print-
ers used to track the fi rst space
shuttle fl ight in stations around
the world. Thereafter, she
moved on to Temple University
as program administrator for the
psychiatry department, which
had just received an unexpected
$3 million grant establishing the
fi rst Community Mental Health
Center in the country. Upon
successfully carrying out her
duties there she was appointed
the fi rst Grants Management
Offi cer for the newly created
Temple University Health Sci-
ences Center, breaking the ex-
isting “glass ceiling” for women.
During this time, in addition
to her in-house responsibili-
ties and government/faculty
interactions, she developed a
computer program for grants
administration, which was rec-
ognized nationally, became a
key player in the formation of
the “National Society of Re-
search Administrators”, which
included university, industrial
and pharmaceutical adminis-
trators, all dealing with massive
Federal funding; was invited to
join the NIH
as an ad hoc
in evaluat-
g ram/proj-
ect grants in
C. Ree)
throughout the country for
both the Neurological Diseases
and Stroke, and Heart and Lung
institutes. After many years in
this position, she did a short
stint with the Michigan Cancer
Foundation as Research Ad-
ministrator, and was the model
for the American Cancer Soci-
ety’s poster, “How to stop Wor-
rying about Breast Cancer”. She
fi nished her career at Lehigh
University, in Bethlehem, Pa. as
Assistant Director of the Offi ce
of Research, after serving many
years as Program Administrator,
negotiating grants and contracts
for the various Engineering
departments, including an ex-
periment on the space shuttle
Columbia. She authored a Re-
search Manual on the “Conduct
of Research at Lehigh Univer-
sity,” assured compliance of the
small animal facility, and wrote a
brochure on “Solid State Stud-
ies at Lehigh University.”
Over her lifetime Claire
has traveled the world, having
visited over 50 countries, always
curious of other cultures and
their history, sharing this with
others via travel presentations.
Upon retiring in 1989, she met
and married the love of her
life, Robert P. Reed, a mining
engineer at Bethlehem Steel,
who predeceased her in 2009.
During their 20-year marriage,
they traveled extensively both
here and abroad, entertained
friends at home, where their
hospitality was always enjoyed.
Both were deacons at the
First Presbyterian Church
in Bethlehem, Pa. for many
years, and without doubt, their
Christian faith gave them both,
strength throughout their lives.
In 1998 they moved to Tucson,
Ariz., and in 2004 to Keizer,
Ore., to be near family due to
Bob’s increasing disability with
Lewy Body disease.
Nevertheless, life did not end
with Bob’s passing on. True to
form, life began again. Realizing
at 80 that life was now playing
out, Claire fulfi lled a life long
dream of owning a sport
convertible and hence purchased
a Mazda Miata M-5, which
indeed, has given her a “new”
life. Joining the local Miata club
she enjoyed rallying with the
boys, giving older friends rides,
which they claim made them
feel young again, and simply
having fun. She continued to
travel as much as possible until
her death, knowing that such
stimulation provided much
needed social interaction and
good conversation. She will be
well missed.
She is survived by her
daughters, Diane Morris, Salem,
Ore., and Robin Dittmer of
Ivins, UT, as well as son-in-law
Tom Morris; grandchildren,
Kenneth, Casey and Amie
Rose, her husband Mike and
great grandson; and Nathan,
his spouse April and two great
granddaughters, Jason with
great-grandson and Kassandra
Dittmer. Claire was also much
loved by her step children,
Robert Reed III and his wife,
Patricia, Amy Reed Link and
her spouse, Don, Christina
Reed Williams, and her spouse
Don, as well as their eight
grandchildren. Throughout her
life God has been a comfort
and blessing without whom she
could not have “made” it, in her
words. She will be missed by
the many friends and lives she
has touched throughout her
lifetime, as well as her dinners,
for which she is well known.
At her request, no services
will be held. Assisting the family
is Virgil T. Golden Funeral
Service, Salem, Ore.
Jaxon Matthew Maghan
June 8, 2015 - April 21, 2017
Jason and Holly Maghan, resting in the arms if his lov-
along with their parents Mike ing family members in heaven
and Jan Maghan, and Ron that have passed before him.
Public funeral ser-
Smith are saddened
vices will be held at
to announce the
Church on the Hill,
death of their beloved
2707 Marantha Court
son and grandson
S.E., in Turner, on Sat-
Jaxon Maghan, who
urday April 29, 2017,
passed away suddenly
at 1 p.m. In lieu of
at 22 months old.
fl owers, well-wishers
Jaxon was a happy,
are welcome to join
beautiful child, full
J. Maghan
the family at Apple-
of spunk, who won
bee’s in Keizer for a
the hearts of many
people especially the heart of breakfast fundraiser on Sun-
his brother Bailey. He is now day, April 30, from 8 to 10 a.m.
• Salem Keizer School Dist,
595 Chemawa Road N, Salem
Keizer School Dist, repair sid-
ing and stairs to existing por-
table classroom, April 21, 2017,
• Santiam Barns & Supply Inc,
6700 Field Of Dreams Way NE,
new pole building for batting
practice, April 14, 2017, $60,721.
• Linden Severe, 5450 River
Road N, Winco Foods LLC, re-
model existing occupancy for
Waremart TI, April 18, 2017,
• Stephen M. Skinner, 7105
22nd Ave N, Stephen M. Skinner,
new residence, April 18, 2017,
• Kyle Juran, 4195 River Road
N, James S. Hobbs, change of oc-
cupancy/use to business offi ce,
April 20 2017, $2,000.
• Tyler Kolb Construction
LLC, 4385 Shoreline Drive N,
Comer TR, home remodel, April
20, 2017, $70,000.
• Terry Johnson, 3675 Brooks
Ave NE, Terry A. Johnson, 480’
addition of bedroom and living
room, April 24, 2017, $52,826.40.
Gilbert Martinez
November 4, 1960 – April 21, 2017
Gilbert Martinez passed his Harley Davidson Fatboy
away on April 21 in Temecula, in the sunshine and lived life
in the moment. He
was passionate for his
Martinez was born
family and dog named
in Orange County,
Harley. He
Calif. but spent most
cumbed from pancre-
of his childhood in
atic cancer and will be
missed by many spe-
cial friends and family.
from McNary High
G. Martinez
Martinez is sur-
School in 1979. He
vived by four broth-
moved back to Cali-
fornia where he loved riding ers, two sisters and his mother.
Stu)ents artists: Help Willamette Hospice
Willamette Valley Hospice
is seeking student artists to
design free-standing paintings
with face cut-outs for dogs to
pose behind in a photo booth
at its annual Walk-n-Wag.
Country Financial is spon-
soring the contest, which will
award $50 prizes to two stu-
dents and/or student groups
to fund the supplies needed
for the student artists to make
the display before June 9. The
a design that allows a person
to give the dog a treat to en-
tice them to put their head
through the cut-out.
To enter, send your sketch
by mail or email to shelley.wa- Include your
name, age, school, and contact
information for the student as
well as a teacher or parent.
For more information, call
503-588-3600 or email info@
Walk-n-Wag event will be
held Sept. 9 at Minto Brown
Island Park.
Sketches are due by May 5
to Shelley Wagener, Pet Peace
of Mind program coordina-
tor at Willamette Valley Hos-
pice. Two separate sizes are
needed—one for large dogs
and one for small dogs. Selec-
tion criteria will include ar-
tistic skills and visual appeal,
imagination and humor, and
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