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MUSTANG: ‘Willingness
and trust is a big part’
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Bill Hugill (second from right) from project consultant Leathers and Associates talks with Dave
Bauer (far right) about food logistics while at the Big Toy playground site at Keizer Rapids Park
on April 7. Standing by are project general manager Mark Caillier (far left) and Bill Lawyer, the
Public Works director for the city of Keizer. Community volunteers will be building the 15,000
square foot play structure from June 10 to 14.
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“Everybody is on track
and knows what they need
to do,” Hugill said following
the meeting. “Mark has done
a good job getting everyone
going in the right direction.
There are some groups that
have a bigger job ahead of
them, but that’s the nature of
the job. Some of the jobs are
Caillier expressed confi -
dence as well after the meet-
“I feel pretty darn good,”
Caillier said.
Hugill said Leathers will
typically send two consultants
to a build site, though there
might be a third coming to
Keizer in two months.
As various people gath-
ered at the Big Toy site in the
morning, Caillier emphasized
the need to keep an open
“We’re going to learn a lot
today,” he said. “A lot of things
I thought we were doing right
were not right.”
Hugill started at the site
by having measurements tak-
en and stakes put in to mark
boundaries, while comparing
what he was seeing with what
the drawings showed.
Surveyor Robert Hamman
with Multi-Tech Engineer-
ing said it could take two days
to get staking done before
the build begins on June 10,
which is a Wednesday. That led
to discussions about how early
work should be done on the
site before actual construction
of the play structure com-
“I have laid out some play
areas, but not one with this
much detail,” Hamman said.
Hugill wasn’t just looking
at the site to make sure every-
thing fi t. He was also decid-
ing where other things like a
pre-fab area, food and snacks,
volunteer check-in and park-
ing should go. The level of
detail went down to decisions
like how many portable toilets
should be brought in as well as
how many tents and what size
they should be.
The fi ve days of construc-
tion are scheduled to be com-
pleted on a Sunday, leading to
Caillier asking if the structure
would be offi cially open on
that day.
“I would say you could do
a soft opening on Sunday,”
Hugill said. “You can have a
limited opening on Sunday
evening, for maybe an hour.”
Volunteers are encouraged
to sign up for one or more
time slots on the project’s
website at www.keizerbigtoy.
org, in part so the food com-
mittee can know how much
food to have on hand. Dave
Bauer, who is heading the
food team, told Hugill the
Keizer Fire District is being
used as a base for the food.
“The number of volunteers
you’ll have is a crapshoot,” said
Hugill, noting many times
volunteers will show up un-
Hugill, who made the trip
to Keizer as a replacement
for injured colleague Doug
Hanauer, briefed with proj-
ect manager Kyle Cundy at
Leathers about a week before
coming here. A representative
from Leathers was last in Keiz-
er back in November 2013.
“This is about fi guring out
the logistics, where things will
be and how to get things on
site,” Hugill said. “My job to-
day is to fi ll in people on what
their job will be. Everyone has
a lot to do. It benefi ts every-
one to be prepared.”
horses that have been easy
to work with, but she’s an
overthinker and I’ve got to
get into her mind,” Elisabeth
said. Elisabeth knows this is
happening when Calypso
freezes up and her eyes go
While the training has gone
smoothly for the most part,
there was one scare. Elisabeth
was cleaning Calypso’s rear
hooves when the horse kicked
her in the knee. Elisabeth went
down and was able to stand up,
but the room was spinning.
A trip to the emergency
room revealed nothing more
than a bad bruise and sprain,
but Elisabeth was undeterred.
She used the crutches she
needed for a few weeks as
simply one more thing for
Calypso to become less afraid
“I put her and my other
mare out in the ring. I would
rub it on Suzie and then
Calypso,” she said. “I’ve been
really surprised by how willing
she is to learn new things. She
wants to please people but she
doesn’t know how sometimes.”
Elisabeth has even gotten
Calypso to lie down a few
times. It’s a horse’s most
vulnerable position and no
small feat on the part of her
“Willingness and trust is a
big part of the score,” Elisabeth
Elisabeth spends about 15
hours a week working with
Calypso in preparation for the
day of competition in May.
After that’s over, Elisabeth
Elisabeth Burleson lays hands on Calypso for the fi rst time
more than two months ago. Burleson has about 40 days left
before Calypso must be competition-ready.
has to reassign the horse.
Fortunately, Calypso won’t be
going far. A family in Hillsboro
has agreed to give her a forever
Since taking on the
challenge, Elisabeth’s mother,
Tamra, has a new word for
what she thought was her
daughter’s stubbornness.
“She’s tenacious. If she sets
out to achieve a goal with
Calypso, she won’t quit until
she makes signifi cant progress,”
Tamra said. “I was hoping
the stubborn would pay off
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