Stayton standard. (Stayton, Marion County, Or.) 1915-1917, March 29, 1916, Image 5

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    » ) ( * * )(•
—r r "
uchamp, M. D.
Rom« Interesting facta
mountain troop « r « «lv »o by Baos A
Mills I » bis ’¿ttocfcy Monntsln Wonder
lami "
(is oays:
“ A tow timbar Ult« tree* II*# a thou
•ami your*, but half this timo la s rtfie
old ago for moot of Dm tlmbor Uno rat-'
a i c i a n and S u r f eon
oraus. Tim ago of tbee# tum» eanuot
OREGON l*o Judged by thoir also or by ilielr fon­
emi a|>|*amimo. Thors may bo ceutft.
risa of difference In 'the e«e* o f two
lbur N. Pintler, D. M. D. arm la arm tro«« of aluillar »ls«. 1
vxumlued two trw « that were arowlqg
within a few yard« o f «neb other In tbs
•heltor or « crn¿. On« was foortoM
Office drer Stay ton 8tat« Bank
foot high ami sixteen turbe» tu diame­
-phon« 2162
Stay ton. Of«. ter and hud 337 unnunl rings. Tb«
othar was sor an faat high and II?«
Incluía lb diameter and hail lived 402
- 1.
"Ona day by the sunny iutd alielterad
PH YSIC IA N AN D SURGEON •Ida of a bowhlar 1 found n tiny soefi
(murar at uu altitude o f 11.SOO faat
Ui*w splandldly unconscious It was of
Its six# and Its utterly 'wild surround-
Intrs! This brave pine bore a ilulnty
cono, yst a drinking glass would b«ve
completely housed both tbo trsa and Its
fru it"
Both Phonos: Boll Black 482
Independent 276
Origin ef the Latter V.
The tetter V may be regarded ns the
State Bank
mutilated remains of ooe of tbe sym­
bols used by tbe auctent Egyptians In
tbalr hieroglyphics or picture writing.
A common animal In their country waa
(be two honied aandvlpor. a repreaan
N O T A R Y PU B LIC tattoo of which stood for V. The priests
ultimately found that for tbo practical
• »
purposes of tvorydsy Ilfs U was a
waste of time to use elaborate bier a
glypblcs and Invented a kind of short-
haul to meet tbe occasion. In this tbo
was reduced to s V witn a dash
Tv—» to represent horns and body.
OfTVca Room No. 6, Roy Bldg.
Tbo Phoenicians adopted this letter,
and from them we got our V hr loss of
(tie ds»h. leaving only tbe two UttU-
horns of the original pk-turo This
snake is still common In Egypt and Is
probably tbe one mentioned in Ooneola
«11*. 17. “ Dsn shall bo a serpent by tbe
OREGON way. an adder In Dm path, that bitotb
tbe borpa bools, so that bla rider shall
foil backward ” Travelers tell ns that
G. F. KORINEK, Y. S., B. V. Sc It la atlll addicted to this unpleasant
Dr. Mary M. Marshall
Musis of the Church.
Treat« all Domestic Animals. Also ap­
plica the Tuberculin test
Nothing Is plainer than tbo seemingly
hopeless decadence o f tbe music of tbe
Telephon« 3x7
church as compared with modern pv*
stlilltttes and irstltlce o f musical art to
day. It Is now » huk - 3UO year« since
the spirit of music left tlm ebunh-
slnCe the rhurcb could bold and splr-
Itnally f«*ed a great composer ns It had
done In the preceding. jcenmrles. The
»plrlt of niuNlr. emancipated from the
Greene-Supple«* and Gysl's Methods
ui.iterlallatic and puritanical tuttueuces
Used in Making Plate
« hicti overtook established religion
214 Masonic Temple.
brought forth'ilie’ great modern art of
musk, with Reetlioveu as Its lender,
snya Mu*ical-America. What has Imp
pened to Hint art at tt>e bands of com
The old Chiropractor shod I b«- consult­ posers less lofty and less spiritually
ed forn ii acute "and chronic disorders. minded than be the world knows only
t»u well, esix-clatlv of late. The dl
He finn make you well.
vurce . lias t>cci>me almost' complete
Hubbanl Bldg.
SALEM. Not only tins musk. In Its greatest |s>w
era. forsaken Die forms of the-cburcb.
latterly It has departed from spiritual
vision and napIruMon wltblu Its own
• rttstic province.
. DR. P. H. M A Y
Factor« Th a t Determine Salaries.
In the ^Vornan'« Home Coui|miil»n a
successful business man says that sal
Sties are fixed by tbe amount and qual
tty of work that a man can deliver
“ Pull." In his opinion, is a negligible
factor In tbe busluees world.
"And that applies to the men wbo Is
getting 630.U00 a year Just as truly as
tt does to tbe man wbo bi getting 930 a
month. The only way that I can be
paid more money than I am getting to
by delivering more work to my cote
puny than I an* now do live ring or by
•bowing my company bow to sevr
mom money and so bave a larger profit
at tbe end o f tbe year.**
W a s Matches.
Suit 11-BasirBank Building
Suit 1, K. o f P. Building
Bell Phone 281-R
A LB A N Y ,
* i4
I f you havew. property to sell, list it
with me. If you want to buy
give"me a call.
Office in Lancefleld Building
Poland China Swine
Can furnish anythin» from wean­
ed pig to brood sows find service
boars. Write me your wants and
I will do my best to please you
RAY ). FOX, Lyons, Ore.
iiiun ? aii’f
King# and Shaving.
Tbe classic c tu ^ o f a king wbo knew
better than to let anybody else chavs
him ie that o f Dionysius the eider, ty­
rant o f Syracuse, who appears to have
I wen unable to abave blmseir. for he
Is said to bav#1 resorted to tbe un­
comfortable device of singeing off his
lieard with hot walnut shells, says the
London Chronicle. We may suspect
Diet Napoleon's was another case of
the kind.
Rogers asked Talleyrand
whether Napoledh shaved blmaelf.
"Yes,” replied Talleyrand; “ one born to
be a king has some one to shave him.
but they wbo acquire kingdoms shave
themselves." That way o f putting-lt
pleasantly emphasizes the practical su
perlority of the parvenu to the help
less, spoiled child of heredity, but pru­
dence probably entered Into tbe mat­
ter also, if Talleyrand's statement was
A Queer Fish.
A male flab which batches the young
o f Hs mate is tbe Cbromla paterfamil
las. It is found in tbe lake of Tiberias.
I’alrstlue- Strange to my. ibis Indus­
trious flak batches Its young tn 1U
i south. When ths female has.spawned
In the sand tbe male approaches and
draws tbe eggs into bis gills, where
they remain until hatched, when they
struggle oat o f tbelr confinement Into
the pa rant's mouth. As many ee 300
perfect young am sometimes found tn
fbe mouth o f an ednlt male. Bow the
fish manages to food itself without
swallowing Its young is a mystery. The
grown fish Is about seven Inches tong
and our and three-quarters wide. Its
back to oUve green, abbt with bine, and
tbe belly to stiver white, n
green and bine.
Reason For Complaint.
"1 keep the beet breed." said a
tain baker tbe other day to e poor
fellow wbo complained o f the Inferior
quality o f tbe article be bad purchased
of him tbe day before.
"I do not doubt I t ” replied tbe cus­
‘Then why do you complainT' asked
tbe baker
"Uecanxc | would suggest that you
sell the best bread aud keep tbe had."
was the reply.—Pittsburgh Telegraph.
Social Distinctions
C ity an d C ou n try
Wag matches, so rolled, are made by
drawing strands of Hoe cotton thread,
twenty or tblrty at a time, through
melted stearin with ■ small admixture
of paraffin The wnx harden» quickly
upon the tlircuila. and tbe long le ­
pers thus prodm-cd are smoothed and
rounded by pulling them through Iron
plates perforated with holes o f the de
sired sire. Finally the tnpera are cat
Into match lengths and dipped.
The Gants «1 Life.
L lf« becomes, as tbe stoics more
than once tell ua. tike a play which
la acted or a gam« played with coun
term. Viewed from the'outside, these
counters ere valueless, but to those
engaged In the game tbelr Importance
la paramount ■- What really end ulti­
mately matters Is that the game shall
be played ea It should be played. God.
tbe eternal dramatist, has cast you
for some part tn bis drama and bands
you tbe vole. It may turn out that
you are cast for s triumphant king.
It may be for e slave wbo dies of tor
turn. Whet does that matter to tbe
good actor'; Me can ploy either part
Hie only bustness la to accept tbe role
given him and to perform It welL • • •
Success or failure Is i thing bo can de
termlne without etirring a hand. It
hardly Interests him. W b a f Interests
him to that one tbiug which be cannot
determine—tbe action o f yonr tree and
conscious wllL—Gilbert Murray.
"Whitt truth do you U ikc coining into
Some Evidence.
town lb the morning?"
“ You say that preparation will make
"L used to take the Pinochle express tbe hair grow?” asked tbe thtu haired
at 7:44. hut alucv I became a member man of tbe druggist
of the firm I've been traveling on the
"W hy. «ay." came from tbe drug
Bridge Whlat limited, which leaves at man, “ I know a customer wbo took
x.iffi.” —8t- Louis Post-Dlaputeb.
the cork out o f a bottle of that stuff
with bis teeth, and now he's got • hair*
Sailing )rdsrs.
Up” —Yonkers Statesman.
"What's Dint sheet there?'* asked tbe
sick sailor.
Part Often Overlooked.
"Th u t” explained tbe nurse, "to your
" I t to all right to pat yourself on
the bock occasionally." said the dis­
"So? Well, what's the next port I penser of sage advice.
make after quinine? I don’t Ilka that
"Yes?” said the player up.
stop."—Kansas City Journal.
"Hut dou't forget to call yourself
gown when you need It. my boy.” —
rittshurgh Post
Concbologists bold that rbe finding
<tf certain land snails ou the Island of
Treat For the Boarder«.
Madeira, known to exist or to have
"Mil." queried-the small daughter of
«dibit leu In uo other place lu the world the iMisrdlug housekeeper, “ what shall
except Europe, to sufficient proof tbat I do with these basting threads?"
Madeira was at oue time connected
"Give them to me uud I will stir them
with tbe mainland. *
into tbe fronting for tbe cocoanut
cuke," said ber mother.—Youth's Com­
Highly Reeemmsndsd.
Replying to yours of tbe lOtb Inst,
asking for Information about one John
Lively Choose.
Mullen, beg to state tbat I can say
J o h n -r 11 bring you a fork. sir. Tba
uotlilng to discredit of same, to bis Customer— W bat fqr? Jeba—Tba ca-
.-radit even leas.— New York Post '
memhert. sir. Tbo Customer—A fork’s
■o good Bring • revolver.—Exchange.
' Character to-to wear forever. Who
will wonder or grudge tbat tt cannot
Sincerity’s own realm to one's
be developed In « day?—Henry Dram •bomber; strong bora, « man to
All that to meet rim i en
In prescht day jtufigfirian ari to direct­
ly or Indirectly traceable to <hq activi­
ties set in mdtfod fit.’ Nagybeoya, a
beautifully situated little town lu east-
lluiigary. Here, under the Inspir­
ing. leadership of lU ÍoB ' HoUoey, a
group of tbe most progressive artists
were-tjtilted by kindred alma. They no-
nUlrmed Dw gospel of. figbt sad air tri­
umphantly enunciated by ' Monet and
Mnuet; tkqy Introduced Into Q unga rinn
art a fresh and vigorous note of real­
ism that liberated personal and fucini
traits. oPHbaracter. “ Nagybanya be­
came tbe Hungarian Barbizon in tbe
sense that bere art returned to native
and was purlfifd." With this return to
usture rame a revival o f Interset In
tbelr long uegjected peasant art, and
thenceforth naturalism developed band
In hand with a marked tendency to­
ward decoration that found Un Inspira-
Hon In tbo oldest tradition« o f Urn race.
After many and divers« wandering«
Uuugarlaii aft came back to ft«
and was. rejuvenated.—J. Nlisou Lour
vik lu Century.
cataracts |g existence. They n ay he
found In yorwaj. southern Cbfle §nd
British Columbia, where narrow fiords,
er erme of tbe eee, ere obstructed. by
barriers of rodi- ‘ TpS rising tifie
ever the filters tbroofib su
tbe greet natural reservoirs
bat tbe water to bel4 beck at tbe ebb
until it bratto .ever the obstruction 1*
Irresistible terreóL Moat curious
ell to the'waterflUl et Canoe pas­
se««, where the island
approaches the I
Hare 'to é
eg Georgia to tbo
hack at a narrow
Islands until tt pottrs over In a boiling
enecedo eighteen feet high, with per­
haps double tbe volume of the Rhine.
A t tbe torn of tbo tide, however, tbe
a ten from tbe uortb rush beck Into
w golf, producing a cascade o f equal
bright and volumei. Tbe waterfall ac­
tually flows both waya^- Baltimore Son.
Don "t fail to c*H fit
fitting Shop, 166
corfiet on nuurfcfit,
afford, find
fit $8.60. Best
Cedar chests t o ____
62t4 Madam»
Slayton Meat
<a T h o m
F resh , S a lt and C ored
C ream ery B a tte r and L a rd
Highest Market Price
’ Wet Weather and Camels.
Paid for F r I Stock
* van
Camels ere very sensitive to
re. In tbe region of tropical rains
H «r guggeetien.
are usually absent, end if they
. P . B . P H IP P S
In tbe American Magazine a
come Into such with caravans tbe ro-
T h erapu bca
tells q£. a suggestion she made an the aplts e f tbe rainy season era greatly
result of a butcher's Indifference.
foerod. The groat humidity o f tbe air
D rugless H ealing
"I don’t 1 wish to complain about ««plains tbe absence of tbe cnmel from
your service.” she stated tp tbe man­ the northern elopes o f tbe Atlas and
ager. "but 1 should ilk# to tell you bow fRom well wooded Abyssinia. This
to improve It—at least in my town.”
sensitiveness expresses Itself In the
Tbe manager smiled in a wearied Character o f different races. Tbe fin­
sort' o f way and resignedly asked. est, moot noble looking camels, with
“ Well?"
abort silk like hair, are found fax tbe
"Tell your buteber at Blank to ex­ Interior o f deserts, as in tbe Tuareg
tend the same courtesies to n woman region In north Africa, and they can­
wbo makes a twenty cent purchase o f not be need for Jourpeys to moist re­
pork chops that be dees to on« who gions. Even tax Fezzsn. sooth of Trip­
buys a two dollar leg o f tomb. Your oli. the hnlmato era shorter and fatter,
man to a good buteber. but be to hurt­ wttb long coarse heir, and la Nile
ing trade by" humiliating yonr poorer lands and on coasts It to tbe same
90 Y ear* Experience
customers. H U method fig obtaining These animals, too, are leoo services Mo
big sales will result In
as regards spaed and endurance. '
All work on watches and n
Tbe manager, to her surprise. Jump­
clocks guaranteed for
ed up and grasped ber by tbe
; British Red Tap«.
One Year. -
"Thank you." be said, "fo r the
An English officer wbo bad been,
criticism that baa come to me for through m latatfitttported "killed tn • T ry My Work. I t Speaks fo r I t e e l l «
weeks." And he gave ber a good Job action."
from tbe front •
Located in the Shoe Shop
rben and them.
went to bto^oaw ^l^caab one o f hto •
In rear o f Stayton State Bonk
check« Tbe cidra* a t ib o counter, in­
Birds •• Oeaolea.
stead o f asking ¿be welcome question. S Stayton,
Oregon |
‘A moat remarkable superstition o f "H ow wilt yon take it?" looked doubt­
tbo Kenya hs o f Borneo to tbe consulta­ ful and puzzled, stared at the soldier •e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e n
tion of binds. If. for example, a Ken end finally hurried away to seek ad­
ysb has to -undertake a long Journey vice elsewhere. He presently returned
Statement of Ownership,
be will not risk to without having first with the news tbat the check could not
me, n notary public in and fo r
consulted the “ flakkL" a kind of hawk. be cashed. "But you know me, end
the State and county aforesaid person­
I f tbe hawk diet with its wings spread tbat to my signature!" exclaimed the ally appeared E. £>. Alexander, who,
out to tbe right side It to a good sign, astonished officer. "M — yes." said the having been
en duly
but if it goes to tbe left or flaps its clerk hesitatingly, "but tbe fact to. s t ^ says that he to t the editor, owner
wings then tbe Journey to not begun in that you’re—you’re dead, yon see, ana publisher o f the Stayton Standard, A
any circumstances. Tbe next day fbe I’m told we shall require yon to give weeklv newspaper published at Stay-
Kenyah tries once more until tbe hawk proof to tbe contrary before we can ton, Marion county, Oregon, am*
there are no known bondholders.
gives tbe sign which be waitta. Thus pay tbe money."
ogees or other security holders.
tbe continuation of tbe Journey de­
E. D. A L E X A N D E R .
pends on tbe flight- o f tbe birds. Some
Sworn to and subscribed before me
birds are of greater Importance than
this 24th day o f March, 1916.
others, and also to tbe singing of tbe
* ▼. A. GOOD«,
birds attention is given. Other animals
Notary Public for Oregon.
Chiropractic Spinologist
are also consulted, and tbe sea Dyaks
Gradaste Pslmrr Fountain Head School
call every auitnul a “ bird” when they
at C h ir o p r a c t ic
cousult i t -----—
T ry Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments k
S / h U v
S i l l U f m l l
to t V f Iv
ii - w
and get welL
Phonograph Record».
U. S. N at’ l Bank Bldg.
Phonograph records are made by tbo Rooms 406-7-8
cutting of lines in wax, from which a
matrix Is then formed for the manu­
Will make regular tripe every
facture o f tbo records fo r use. Edison
Sundays included, aafoltews
found tbat tbto matrix could be made
■’ Stayton
7:46 a. m.
by gold plating tba wax Impression
and backing up tbe film o f gold with
8.-00 “
copper, a special war. to need, made
820 “
o f stearin and paraffin, and when tbe
Connect with train 62
record to originally made
8:36 “
It to elect retyped with
Ar. Salem .con. Or. Elec. 9:10 “
nickel to give tt n hard wearing H p
Bath Tuba, Lavatories
4:20 p . m.
face. Tba actual records used on the
4:50 w
and all Sanitary fittings.
phonographs are made from tba ma­
trix o f shellac, wood charcoal, barium
Farmers—We carry a
Connect with train 61
sulphate and earth coloring mattare:
line of Pumps, Leader
tbe matrix to bea tod and-placad In tbe
Sublimity 606 “
Water System*, Gasoline
warm plastic material, where It to
5:46 “
pressed and cooled. Records aro made
Engines, Etc.
. *
Stage leaves Salem from Ore*
by tbe various phonograph manufac­
gon Electric depot
Swiss Jeweler
Df. 0. L Scott, D. C
Auto Stage
Jacob Spaniol
On« of Gafrisk's
It was Garrick wbo first struck a
blow at tbe custom o f allowing mem­
bers of tbe audience upon tba stage, a
practice which at Lincoln’s Inn
ter. tn London, tn 1721. tod tn n
dsugeroua disturbance, only quelled by
calling out the military. In October.
1747. a Drury Lane playbill had the
following appended notice: "As tbe ad­
mittance of (tenons behind tbe scenes
has occasioned a general complaint on
account o f the frequent Interruption, lu
tbe performance. It to hoped tbat gen­
tlemen won t be offended that no mon­
ey will be taken there for the future."'
Matrimonial Considerations. - —
"W hy do you object to my marrying
your daughter?'' {
"Because you can’t support her in
tbe style to which she has l>eeu accus­
tomed all ber life.”
"H ow db you know l can’t? I can
start ber on bread and milk, same as
you did.” —Chicago N ew s
Real Troubles.
"Does It .require great mental effort
to be a photographer?” .
“ Yes, Indeed." replied Mr. Snappum.
“ You have to sit up nlgbts learning
funny stories to tell customers In or­
der to make ’em smile and look nat­
ural."—Chicago N ew s
'There to only one way tbat people
can live happily—that’s together."
"Yea. and there to only oue way that
people can live at peace—and tbattf
Dad’s Reason.
• “ Your father refused hto consent”
"H e did. Did he give any reason?"
"Only tbat be In slats on ' selecting
Is ew a eon-to-law.” — Detroit Free
■ o that Uvea for «old
- ........
• t o .t o .t o .t o .t o . t o . . t o . t o . t o . t o . t o . t o . t o . t o . g
A full line of up-to-date goods now
on display. Prices reasonable.
M RS. H. P. S T IT H , Salem.
to * M . » . to • to '•'to
Hair Tonic, Face Creams, Hair
Goods Made to Order, Manicur­
ing, Scalp and Face Treatment.
OM Time WHeHorofL
Jan« Wenfaem was Indlotad «4
a the
FlartfordahlfoÜMlaea on M a n * 4. I/IX
ftp "convening with tbo fievg la, the
form o f a. n t . " ander tbo provMono of
tbo act of 1004. repealed In 178«. Her
prosecutors wished to have her also In-
tiered for practk-iuK or tubera ft to (be
barm o f AnnTboru. g serva ut girl si*,
tosa years old. but tbls was not ^
lowed, although evidence was produced
at tba trial to show what lujuty bad
been done the victim by meaue of
crooked pitm and by placing cakes and
cat«‘ hair in Ann Thorn's pillow end
bow tbe prisoner bad censed tbe death
of some cattle simply by walking
through a turnip Held. *
T b « Jury brought her tn "guilty." and
Justus Powell passed., seutnic« of
death, but took step« ro quash tba ver
diet. Wen ham's prosecutors published
an account of tbo c«ee. but tbelr argu
w o n pulverized by adenti fee
Jane Weubum herself was liber
«t«d and taken under tbs' protection of
Colouel Plummer, who gave her a cot
tag«, and wo a ro told by Dr. Uutchln
son that tn 1720 tbe whole country was
fully convinced o f ber lunoceuc«^-Lon­
don Spectator.
416 State St., in K afou ry" Bros. Store.
ot * « t * st * at
•t • to
at • a • a • a *«t