The Stayton mail. (Stayton, Marion County, Or.) 1895-current, June 24, 1920, Image 8

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If you wunt to enjov a real
Fourth of July celebration, come
to to Stayton on the Third ami
help you.* neighbor celebrate.
Toe old Queener building be­
longing to Geo. Spnniol, between
the Commertia! hotel building
and the J. R. Gardner store
building, is being rased this week
irrrrrrrr n*aaMW*w*a*Nt**» bv Ed. Burnett, who will use the
lumber for building purposeSgon
West Stayton Stage bis place. There arc* an number
of such ^uildings in the town
Herman Marking, Prop.
i -------------------------- \ I
that are an eye sore and should
* Highest Cash Prices J * 2 hips daily Sunday included
be treated to a lik<* fate.
Leave Stayton 7 a. m. and
4 p. m. for West Stayton
John Mielke and daughter«
Clara and Cacilia and Wanda
P a rc e ls called for an d de­
at the
and VV'ava Brown autoed to Mill
livered to an y p ru t o f
Tow n
Stayton Feed Store 3
Leave orders at
| NENDEL and’RIGGS, Prop’s
Gehlen Bros. Store
We wish to express our sincere
and gratitude to all those
Cacilia Mielke visited friends
piace your order now for your
kindly assisted us during
at Portland Wednesday.
Overland 4 with J.
the sickness and death of our
' He is now in position to make dear father and husband. Also
Male and Female Sat. Star!delivery of these cars
for the many beautiful ttoral
Florida soil is very fertile. 1 Signed:—Mrs. Heny Miller,
John Thoma made a business year they planted cat-tails there
Ilenry Miller.
trip to Portland. Friday and quite plentifully and that fall they
Mrs. Leondine Hunt.
raised “ C atts” for governor.
Mrs. Adele Cam.ll.
i Eggs Wanted j :
Bom to Mr. and Mrs. Alva
Mrs. J. L. Quinn was a visitor
Get your fishing tackle at J. F.
0. Myers at Quinaby. Ore. a 7 lb. Mielke's. Also the place where
at Salem, Monday.
baby boy on Sunday, June 20th. 1 you can get that angler's license
Apples get in to pies and He will be known as Alva Robert. ' you need.
peaches into short skirts.
Miss Clara Spaniol left for
the first of the week. ;
John Braun was a Salem visit­
or Monday.
One bay driving horse 5 to 7
Shriners Convention and Rose
yrs old, wt. about 1000 lbs.
Norman Keinedy of the Val­ Festival.
shod all «round, came to my
ley Motor Co., is celebrating at
See J. F. Mielke for your farm place about a month ago. Own­
Portland this week.
machinery. Prices are right and er can have same by paying
Cecil Schaefer is in Portland he can furnish you with Binders. | charges. Harry Porter. Aums
June 10-tf
this week takin in thfe Rose Fes­ Mowers, Cultivators, Rakes, e tc ., ville, Oregon.
tival and other sights.
Wanda Brown and Edwin
are home from the Uni­
klale and Female Saturday Star
at Eugene, for their va­
Mary Lulay visited at the A.
Dr. Pintler, and Mr. and Mrs.
P. Kirsch home a few days the
A. Thomas were among the
first of the week.
Staytonites that took in the do­
Don’t trade off the good old ings at Portland this week.
wife for a 1920 Model.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mayo
A 9 reel super production
Chas. Schaefer, transacted had as their Sunday guest Mr.
business at Salem the first of the and Mrs. Day and children, of Price 25c-50c. Show starts 7:40
Albany. Mrs. Day is a sister of
Mrs. Mayo.
In spite of preachers and editors
Margaret Mulkey, daughter of
the devil is still on deck.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Mulkey,
The Valley Moter Co. deliver­ formerly of Mehama, died at
Comedy-"LIGHT FIX”
ed a newSFord to Byron McEl- Salem and was hurried Monday
haney of Shaw, this week.
She was 17 years old.
Sloped s
D ru g
S to r <
New Line of
F eaturing -
R j)o y ~ a l
V o g u e
Fr"*ee Sample
These Popular Brands are guaranteed
R R R R R R .R R R R .R R R R R R R « J j y ^ R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R R *
S to re
T h e ^ S ta r
Male and Female
“Wagon Tracks”
Mrs. Alva Thomas and Mrs.
The Misses Cleo and Marie
Clarence Beauchamp have been Weddle returned the first of the
spending the week in Portland. week from a few days visit with
their friends Edith and Ethel
Mrs. J. L. Quinn is in Portland Fresh at Rocky Point.
this week visiting relatives and
taking in the Rose Show.
Anybody wishing to advertise
T e le p h o n e F a c te .
on the celebration programs see 1 T h e »«Seplmne
ln«lu*try In 1017 guv«»
Luther Stout. Norman Ken­ Harry Humphreys, Secretary.
eii'plnym ent to 202,029 portions. of
nedy and Lloyd Musson spent The rates are just to pay the ex­ wh-mi 171.110. o r over 05 |»*r cen t w ere
wot ion. T h e ■urn pit 1<I out in sn larlcs
Sunday at Niagaria fishing.
pense of publication.
“oModern Love”
an d wane* a m o u n ted atn $175,070,440.
T h e re em ployees o p e ra te d p la n ts and
eq u ip m en t v alu ed a t $1.402,329.015,
w hich yielded o p e ra tin g and nonop
«-ruling revenue* o f $391,400.531.
Bill Hart Sunday, Star Thea-
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Stcut,
ter. 15-30c
Mrs. Lou Taylor, of Stayton,
Misses Anna Stout and Meral
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lesley Mulkey of Mehama, attended
went to Salem Wednesday to the M argaret Mulkey funeral at
take a peek at the shriners and Salem Monday.
, Andaman Widow« Carry Grewsomc
Relic for Full '.'ear. and Then
to see the big parade.
Take Another Mate.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Fox return­
A big 6 reel featnre and 1 reel ed from their wedding trip the j W idow* In th e A ndam an lalnnd*
comedy, Wednesday.
first of the week and are spend­ I m ourn on rim doiith of tlia lr hit-bund*
b.v d e ta c h in g th e Jaw* o f the dead,
ing the week here with Mrs.
the Im ada on a p la tfo rm In a
Mr. Foison, boss weaver of the Fox’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. placing
tre e fo r th e bird* to pick, then clean-
Tom Kay Woolen Mills of Salem,
They will go to i Ing and o rn a m e n tin g them w ith ahella
spent ast Sunday here visiting their new home at Mill City the an d w earin g tlm m on th e ir hark* fo r h
! y ear, even w hile w orking. At the end
Mr. and Mrs. James Ashe.
last of the week.
: o f th e y e a r th ey a re fre e to m arry
Miss Alma Nendel, who is
Baker & Stevely, Kingston,
T h e widow h as a w a rrio r picked out
making an extended visit with has delivered Sampson tractors fo r h e r by th e chief, and he I* tiau-
ally accep ted by h er a t *lghf. T hen
her grand parents, at Salem, was to A. A. McKengee, H. R. Shank, I sh
e go*-* ro so m e lone spot, hurle* her
home for an over Sunday visit! T. F. Epping and John Stein- beloved skull an d retu rn * to th e «tamp
with her parents here.
breimer also the proper equip- to fe a s t and d an ce. She soon, how ­
. -- .
ment for same. If you are in ever. re tu rn * to th e skull and spend*
a week In p ra y in g and fa stin g In If*
Seveiai of our townspeople are
fnar*<et 8ee u8 ho fore buying, com pany, a fte r w hich th«‘ skull I* un­
e a rth e d and b ro u g h t to th e village,
in the Rose City this week, tak­
w here It I* stu c k on a pole and m ade
Card of Thanks
ing in the Shrine convention and i
to look on a t a scene o f fe a s tin g and
W hen th e m a rria g e cere­
the sights of the Rose Show.
We take thi.i means to thank mony I* o v er th e skull I* h u rled som e­
those who so willingly and kind- j w here a n d fo rg o tten .
T h e dead m an Is o f no Im portance
NOTE:- Mrs. Dena Mack is ly gave their aid and sympathy
to th e trib e .
t th e b a n q u e t th e
offering her entire stock of hats during the illness and death of people gorge th em A selv
es an d w hirl am i
at a 21 per cent off until after our dear mother who passed d a n c e like m ad th in g s to to e sound of
the 4th. Bring the lady in and ; away June 8th. Also for the th e yerm iga. a n a tiv e In stru m en t, until
th e y d ro p one by one from sh e e r ex-
buy her that ta t while these re­ beautiful floral offerings.
h u u stlo n .
markably low prices are on.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Shaw
This bank acts as guardian of minors,
incompetents, or insane persons.
Our services are sought by relatives who
wtsh to see the business of their wards,
unable to manage their own affairs,
entrusted to trained and experienced
' S t a t a o f O hio. C ity o f T oledo.
I > u f u C o u n ty , as
F r a n k J. C b a n o y m a k a o o a th that ho
la a a n lo r p a r t n e r o f th a Arm o f
V J.
C lien ay A C o., d o in g b u sin e ss In th a C ity
o f T o la d o , C o u n ty a n d H ta ta a f o ra s a ld , f
: a n d t h a t aa ld A n n w ill p a y (h a su m o f
O N B I I U N D R K P K 0 1 .I.A H 8 f o r e a c h
' a n d • v a ry r a s a o f C a t a r r h t h a t c a n n o t t>a
I c u re d b y t h e u s e - o r IIA I .I 8 C A T A R R H
F R A N K J. C I I E N I T .
S w o rn to b a f o ra m * a n d ■ u b aertb ad In
m y p re s e n c e , th i s ( t h d a y o f [> #csm bsr.
A. D. MM.
A. W O t.K A B O N ,
(S e al)
N o ta ry PubU o.
H o l l a C a ta r r h M ad lcln * Is ta k a n la -
t s r n a l l y a n d a c ta t h r o u g h th a R lo o d o n
th a M u co u s flu rfa c a a o f th a S y ste m . B and
f o r te s tim o n ia l« . f rs a .
r J. C H JEN K Y A CO ., T o la d o . O.
S o ld b y a ll d r u g g is ts . I k .
B a l l 's F a m ily P ills f o r ro n a tlp a tlo m
The fees of gurdians are fixed by law, and are
no more for a bark than for an individual,
v rn u w L U i Ä f t Ä
J-JX . I atlas—Murin« for Red-
J F ' nc*a. Sormaaa, Granula
r v / r Ç d o n Ilching and Burning
Lit J of the Eyea or Eyelids;
*‘l D rope"
----- Affet th he 1 Movlea.
M ovie«. V
M otorinv or G o lf
nil wie Your con' raencr.
Jener. A
tk Your Drug|».»t
«Ait * M urine w
hrn your
nur Eye
Eye« « Need
Ner C iirr.
M u r in e E y t N tm c d y C o .,C h ic a g o
DID YOU S E E - -The BIG Contest Announcment?
Before you dispose of your
Santiam W oolen Mills
Exclusive Manufacturers of
High-Grade Woolen Blankets, Wool Batts, Wool Comforters
and Wool Mattresses
Sell Direct to the Manufacturer
105 Union Ave. N.
Portland, Oregon
Philippi & Pieser
Local Buyers
Mills at
Stayton, Ore.