The Stayton mail. (Stayton, Marion County, Or.) 1895-current, October 02, 1919, Image 9

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til Doubtful Foaturoo of Pact Aro
Explained Away By Prssidsnt, and
Forxnsr Doubters Hasten to Qlvo
Him Their Support.
(B y Independent Mews Bureau, form ­
erly Mt L'lenMBi News Bureau.)
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Aboard President Wilson's Special
Train—A continuous ovation along the
Pacific coast and then on bis eastward
way back toward the capital waa given
to President Wilson as he came
toward the end of his month daylong
speaking tour In behalf of the League
of Nations. California, particularly
the delightful city of Los Angeles, went
wild in its enthusiasm for him and hla
advocacy of the League, and It was
in that state, perhaps, that he did hla
most successful missionary work.
Hiram Johnson. California’s former
governor, now her United States sena­
tor, and considered by her as the most
likely Eepnbllcan candidate for the
presidency In 1920, had before the ar­
rival of President Wilson, convinced
a great number of citizens that the
League as at present formulated was
not a good thing. He had told them
that the United States, because of It,
would be drawn Into every petty
European quarrel; he argued that w«,
would lose our sovereignty by Joining
with the European nations. He had
blamed the president for assenting to
the possession by Japan of the Penin­
sula of Shan Tung in China. ~
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But Mr. W.lson, with clear logic and
with compelling eloquence, answered
and The Portland Telegram for one fu ll year by mail
to the entire satisfaction of Califor­
nia’s people every objection which
N a m e ................................................................................
Senator Johnson had made to the
League. And thousands of the state's
Address .............................................................................
citizens deserted the Johnson stand­
N ew eut>«'-rlption> s ta r t at once— old s u b a s rlp tio n s e x te n d e d one f u ll yea r.
ard Immediately and rallied to the sup.
port of the president. More than that,
they came forward and said. “W e
were against you, Mr. President, but
you have cleared everything up and
now we are with you heart and souL”
Still more than that, they let Senator
Johnson know that they were no
the young miss begun to condemn vig­
longer with him and that they disap­
SHE UTTERED NO CRITICISM orously a very parsimonious member
proved pf the speaking tour which he
Financial physicians are warning himself was making In opposition to
Of the church.
But Many Will Sto Deep Significance
. “ He wouldn't give a cent to recar- against the new disease which is ap­ the League and so powerful was the
In That Kir,« Bestowed by
petlng the parsonage." stormed (lie pearing in many parts of the country. volume of public opinion which reach
MlntctoiJs Wife.
visitor, “ yet he hsd plenty of money They have named It 'T'mthruenza.” ed him, that the senator almost Im­
tn buy himself a new seven-passenger Persons attacked by this disease uni­ mediately abandoned his tour. The
Now, sveryon • knows that the mn- touring car. I Just hope that every formly utter the cabalistic words. “The
Shan Tung question, because of the
lstrr”a w ife most not say hiimh tilings time he starts out In It he'll have a war Is over,” and decline to take any
further interest In the nation's affairs. anti-Japanese feeling which undoubted­
about anyone, no matter how she panel ure.”
ly exists along the Pacific coast was
thinks. Also tint (bough she be forced
The minister's wife had only that No serum has been discovered which the most serious which the president
to listen to criticism she herself must morning spent three hard hours mend­ aan prevent the allmeat, but Investing
not give any. The < (her evening nn ing the old carpet. She didn't say a regularly in War Savings Stamps and had to answer. He explained to the
Indianapolis parsonage woman was sit­ word of reproof—merely looked at the Registered Treasury Savings Certifi­ people tLe» he had been powerless to
ting on her front porch, when one of young girl a minute and then went cates Is a preventative as well as a prevent the rich peninsula from being
given to Japan. England and France,
the young girls of her husband's con­ across the veranda and kissed her eure.
through a secret treaty, had promised
gregation came to cnll. Hardly hnd cheek.— Indianapolis News.
It to Japan for entering the war and
H|ie settled he ’«e lf romfnrtnhTy before
remaining in it. That treaty had to
be carried cut. Vnyway It was not
China that was losing Shan Tuns, bat
Germany, which had seized the terri­
tory from China in 1S9S and held it
ever since. Japan had promised, tho
president explained, to return Shan
j Tons as soon as the p- ace treaty win
ratified and It was only through the
ratification of the treaty with tho
League of Nations inclusion, that
! China could ever expect to get her
! former property back. And she surely
would get it back, he declared, through
the ratification of the League. There­
fore, through the same Instrumentality
no other ncticn could again prey upon
tli-' “ Great, patient, diligent, but help­
less kingdom.” As to cur being drawn
ii to „ny European conflict. The pres-
Id nt ¡>ointed out that no direct action
-uch as the sending of troops to any
>art f the world to maintain or re­
store order could be taken by tlfe
Council of the League without a unani­
mous vote of the council members,
therefore our vote could at once nega­
tive rny such preposition as sending
our soldiers whore we did not want
' hem sent. Besides, Mr. Wilson argued,
“ If you have to quench a fire in Cali-
omta you don’t send for the fire de­
partment of Utah.” But, he argued,
j there probably never will be another
war, if the League is established, for
the members premise either to arbi-
: trate their difference and accept the
j decision of the arbitrator, lay the dtf-
I ferences for discussion and publica-
' tion before the Council of the League
i for a period of six months, and then,
il possible, accept the council * advice.
That failing, they agree to refrain from
! war for a further period of three
I months and nine months of “ cooling
| off,” the president contended, would
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