The Stayton mail. (Stayton, Marion County, Or.) 1895-current, July 03, 1919, Image 5

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Look m ore to thfc quality* o f your* G roceries th an \o th e price. W h e n
you buy c h ea p groceries they are cheap. If y ou w artt th e best grocerit-.;
the m a rk e t affords, b u y '' here. Y ou will g et full vain« for y o u r m o n e y '
Summer Clothing
Summer Goods
N ew w hite w ash. Skirts in g re a t
v a rie ty ' o f styles and m aterials.
G inglm yi a p ro n s and hotise dresses
c h ea p e r th an you can m ak e them .
S u m m er u n d e rw ea r.
Sheen for men, women and children. This
store has no unworthy stoclf to «»lief or to
advertise. Satisfaction in guaranteed.
S am ples o f ta ilo r m ad e clothing
from the celeb rated In tern atio n al
line o f m e n 's g u a ra n te e d suits.
F ro m the larg e line o f sam ples you
can choose the latest styles.
Twenty years eyiwrience in pleasuring and
fitting Huits and garments for men and
young men Fit and materials guaranteed
W e still have some of theSpencer
hjardware Co. Paint at - $2.98
Varnishes a t ......................$2.50
Calcimine per lb - - 12 l-2o
Calcimine - Varnish
Salem Hardware Co.
How’s This?
W » o lf# r O np U iinH r«-l I>>glar« R aw »
f o r a n y cnne o f r a i u r r h t h a t c a n n o t
c u r e d by H a ll's C a t a r r h M e d lin e .
H a l l 's C a ta r r h M e d icln r h a s L ie n ta k
b y c a t a r r h n i f f r r e r s fo r th e p a s t t h i r t
flvo y e a rn , a n d h a s b eco m e k n o w n a s tl
m o st i» |ia b l» re m e d y f o r C a ta r r h . H a ll
C a ta r r h M edicine a c t» t h r u ih e B lood c
t h e N fncoue » iirfacc» . e*p«-lllpir t h e P n l-
u n fn>m th e B lood a n d h e a lin g th e d ls-
«»•*1 p o rtio n s .
A f te r y o u h a v e t a k e n H a ll'* C a ta r r h
M e d icin e f o r a s h o r t tim e y o u w ill see a
.g r e a t - im p ro v e m e n t
In y o u r g e n e r a l
h e a lth S t a r t t a k i n g I l n l l 's C a ta r r h M e d i­
c in e a t o n ce a n d p e t rid o f c a t a r r h . S e e d
f o r te s tim o n ia l» fre e
F J C H K N E T dr C O .. T o le d o . OhU
Bold by a ll D ru g g ist» . 7Sc.
G E. KRA.VIER, Proprietor
Ur ion Hill Personals
S i a n O
A number of people from here
attended the Pioneer picnic Sat­
urday and also the dance in the
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Scott and
family were visiting with friends
near Victor Point last week.
m / 1
The Walluga Club met with
Mrs. J. Frank. A social after­
noon was enjoyed after which
refreshments Were served.
*l'he parant teacl er’s association
.net Friday 27th at the school
era r è o
house and a very interesting pro­
gram was had by the closing of
Ev**' 'IX'ujfl. 'h«- »*p«a; ol if,«- a a y l i g m »avia* m » i» Ooi effe«-
tlvi- .m i) 0<l ?f auc 1 Of lalt- to mo f a r m « '* d u r i n g I it IS «till agri,
a flag drill by 10 boys and 10
c u i i u r u i ra n t h a n k then*- n/fen tor iti* successfu l fighi m ad« in Con-
girls after which refreshments
gr.-,» which m ike* II effective*h th a n S en ato r* W i l li a m » 'o f Mia-
ippl ai.rt C ap p ar of K a n s a s lad rh a fighi in fha S a n a ta w inning
were served.
6*. ». « w hile K u p r a ia n t a ti v » Bland I>f In d i a n a a n d R a p r a a a n u t i * *
Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Scott and
h w h ..r « '■ ■ » ...i n won in »ha H ouse *** to l i i
f a m i l y visited relatives and
M t. P le a s a n t Ite m s
! H. It. Shank, wife and son, friends in Salem Sunday.
| and Ernest Kuapp spent Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Ashby
G. H. liay, John Flick and Mr. at the Mrs. Koxie Shank home. were visiting with relatives in
• tberhoard attended the sale at i G. H. liay wAs a Lebanon and Shaw the last part of the week.
the Curtis Cole Ranch near Lacomb visitor Monday.
Tom Tate who has been in the
Albany Saturday.
| Roxana Shank visited with her Army for the past £0 months re­
Ed. Smith is the proud owner aunt Mrs. Nodataned of Salem turned home. Mr. date was
6f a new Ford.
a few days of this week. •
accompanied by his mother from
G. H. Ray motored to Salem Portland where Mrs. Tate lias
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Senz and
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Senz and Tuesday.
been visiting relatives. Mr. Tate
‘little daughter were Sunday
jWas fortunate enough to return
Coon Hollo« Notes
visitors of Mr. - Shoemaker of
Mr. and Mrs.* Cornish* and
Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Ryan and . Miss Violet
. . . Rossiterof Portland daughter Mable of Stayton visit­
family accompanied Mrs. Frank 18 no* visiting friends and rela- ed at W. H. Rqbens and family.
Haberman to Salem Sunday o n 't‘ve8' n ^ °°n Hollow
A large crowd attended the sur­ Mr. Adolph Heater returned
her return to Aberdeen Washing­
to his home from Salem where
ton, after visiting the past few prise party given in honor of Mrs. he has been for the past week.
John Hafner, Barbara. Alex and
weeks with home folks.
Mr. Heater will return to Salem
Ernest kuapp of Elk City is Pete, lapt Wednesday nigh«, who in a few days on business.
spending his summer vacation had jupt returned home from
Mr. and Mrs. Clark Seibie
with Mr. and Mrs. H R. Shank. Portland.
to Salem Monday.
Laurance Siegmund of Fern
* Mrs. P. H. Lambert and Hazel,
and daughter Dora
¡Mr. and Mrs. Roy Brenner were! Ridge spent the week-end in and Mrs. E. Carter and son Lyle
Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. j Coon Hollow.'
were in Stayton Saturday.
j Linp Lambert;
. A few of the neighbors gather­ The Walluga Club will meet
Cora Ray is visiting with her; ed at the Bennett home Friday next with Mrs. M. M. Gilmore
evening of last week.
sister Mrs Don McKnight.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Downey. Thursday 10th.
Maude Sm ith,, Roxana Shank Daniel Kelly, Tony Neitling and
W. H. Moiiet and family and
and the Eberheardt sisters were Laurance Siegmund were callers Misses Zeima and Elsie King
Sunday visitors of Elsie Downing. at the Apple hom£ last Sunday. visited friends near Silver Creejc
Lyle I.ittz and Roy Brenner.
Mrs. Hafner and children, Mrs.
Senz Bros, and Dave Aegerter Frank Basl, Rosie and Johnnie Falls Sunday.
G. D. Scott motored to Salem
were among the Albany visitors all of roon Hollow have gone to
T uesday.
;the berry yard.
this week. .
Dicter-Bell & Company, Merchants, of Sublimity, Ore,
Are Going Out of Business
Entire stock thrown open to
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Now is the time to lay~ in
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is complete.
Dry' Goods Department is a
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Outing flannels 19c yd. Calico
9c yd. Dress ginghams 19c yd.
Entire line reduced in pro­
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Shelf * Hardware
and ' Cutlery
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u ra T u g
w n R " O i: