The Stayton mail. (Stayton, Marion County, Or.) 1895-current, January 30, 1919, Image 7

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    2.80 January Shoe Sale
UWES $4.50
Black Kid; lace or button. French heels, sizes
2 1-2 to 6. W o rth $5.50. O u r Price has
been $4.50 in this sole they go at
$ 2.80
Remember, tlmt the Aunt
Polly Outsize Line o f Shoes, the Comfortable Shoe«
that fit the foot and lace or button at the top are
»old during thi» sale at
During the Fall and winter we were very busy and did not have any "Retr-
ular S a les," but did intend to »tart one early in January to clear the shelves
for the sprin«: lines which will Income to come in before very loriff. Then
the ••flu’’ ban» were pot on so we had to »elect another date and it al»o
made the later buying lijrnter, ko we have more shoe» on our hand» than we
hove anticipated at this time.
And a very large spring stock coming.
Therefore we must uidoad regardless of profit.
MENS $6.00
Tney are Gun Metal. English last, Neolin sole,
leatheJ heels. Most of the sizes. A r e ^
worth today $7.00. Our price was $6 ' O f A C
They go in this sale at ...... .................... t
Lot 813. Boy Scouts in
button or lace, leather or Neolin
sole», sizes 1 to 6 $3.95 at ............................
Ix»t 863, same in sizes, 9 to 13$, $3.65 at
Lot 816, boys G, M button and lace, job lot
sizes 1 to 6 , $8.35, $4.00 at ...............
Lot 826, extra heavy grain blucher $4.50 at
Sale Will Be On
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Jan. 30 and 31, and Feb. 1
16 2-3 Per Cent Off
W e will Give 16 2-3 Per Cent, or O N E -S IX T H O F F
On any goods in this store, Rubbers only Excepted.
Just buy your Shoes at Regular Prices and take your
check to the Cashier's Desk, where the 16 2-3 Per Cent will be deducted, unless some of the extra specials
enumerated on this page are on it, which are reduced in some instances to 50 per cent of present value.
rsV. >
January Shoe Sale
-— - ^
M ilitary and Low Heel
Lot 726, Stetson" Gun Metal, modified E n g ­
lish lace, an elegant shoe, regular $11.60
on sale a t .................................................
Lot 703, Excelsior Kid, lace, straight last,
regular $7.50. on sale a t.....................
Lot 751, Black and Tan service shoes, heavy
Regular $4.50, on sale a t.................
Lot 754, Brown Grain Blucher, heavy welt
I/>t 242 Black Kid Vamp*, gray and white
cloth t 6 p», regular $7 »hoes, at »ale
<r» i
i JI t
<50 (¡u..iiti< > at *..!«•
D its 230 and 231 Brown Kid and Calf. lace,
cloth tops to match, regular $7.50 an I
$8.00, ori sale at ..................... ...........
Lot 267, dull ca'f. E glish, l«ce, Mack cloth
t<>) ». Our regular price $r».(H), sale prie.'
Ladies Fine Dress Shoes, French Keels
Cut 20 to 50 Vr of Their Present Worth
I/it 228. Mifiogariy C alf V am p *’ cloth tops
t>« mau l), regu:. r
o r
'-C I i E
n p LJ,
/ • J
$ 4.90
V '
Special Lots
1/it 178, "Red Cross,” Dark Grey Kid Vamp,
* cloth top to match. Very fine.Reg. $9. Sale...
Lot 181, Dark Gray Kid Vamp, cloth top to
match. Regular $6.00. Sale .....................
$ 4.90
O tC
L«'t 126. "R ed Cross," Khaki Kid V’ amp with
cloth top to match. Present worth $ 10 ,
regular $9 sale ...................... ....................
!/>t 152, patent cloth top, button, 7 inch top
French h > !
Today’s value $ 6 . our
Lot 131, N igger Brown Kid V’amp, cloth top to
match. Narrow widths. Sizes 5 to 8 only.
Reguular $ 8.00 » a l e .....................................
*r ** ’
Ladies Bargains on the Tables
Lots 213 214. Black Kid. lace and button
7 n-h t«.p, Kreneli lu els. wn-th $ 6 , reg-
/ f .% ;
Lot 179. Light Gray Kid. clcth top to match
Regular $8,00, s a le ........................... ...........
One lot. All leathers. S
3 t > 5 only
Regular $ 1 to $6 grade» at ...............
V. ■ :
Knglnnd I* delighted, nnd Ju stly an.
With ln-r surprising su rress ut wliriit
riiliu ri' On* i-rcu-iii turnip-grown crop
of which rrlpfiM-d ninny thou an nd
Iona ’ of shipping for use r lw w h r r t,
Incldeiifiilly, i i I ho , H ip homp proiluct
saved K n glind ninny tullltoriM Unit
tiiiriniilly would hnvp tippn apiit lipyoud
t’ln- oppiin t-i Argentina mid the I'tilli-d
Stnti-s for Ini mNtuTTH. It In now pre-
dh ted that iipvi-r lignin will the "Island
kingdom" allow lior niirtcnt agriculture
to (nil Into evil wnya us during tin*
Inst luilf century. Ilow well, Indeed,
the world has learned during the trlnla
unit restriction* o f w ar that Mother
Knrtli Is 11 cherishing mother Indeed,
tyid that In hours o f distress It I* to
her ttuit limn must turn fo r com fort
and succor.
<r i
4* A
Lot B)7, fine black, all Kid, a regular $7.5» hoe.
On sale a t....................................................
$ 5.90
Lots 141, 142, Black Kid Vamps. Grey Cloth.
8 -inch top, lace, French heels, reg. $ 8 , sale
Lots 143, 157, Patent and Black Kid Vamps,
grey cloth 8 inch top, lace, regular $6.25 and
$7. on sale a t............ .............................
sole. Regular $ 6 , on sale a t .......
Lot 757. Black Grain Blucher, nailed sole
Regular $4.75, on ^aie a t ......................
Lot 762, Tan Grain Army. Buckhecht, best
grade. Regular $7, on sale a t ..... .....
Lot 759, Dark Tan, Army Welt, Lion Brand
Regular $7, on sale at.
Special Lots
Lots 100 and 112, black, all Kid, button and
lace. 8 -inch top, sizes 2 $ to 6 $ only.
Regular $ 6 , on sale a t............ .........
Lot 114, Black Kid with black cloth tops,
all sizes and widths, Worth now $7.50
Out regular $6.50, on sale a t ...............
vM J
(gv-j n o
$ 5 .1 5
Lots 515 and 610 little Gents Hi Cut, laces
brown, grain stitch down— in sizes 12
to 2, regular $4.50. on sale at ............
Lots 516 and 619, Misses and Childs, dark
brown, sizes 6 to 12. reg $3.75. sale
Lots 516 and 619 Misses and Childs dark
Brown Vamps, light tan tops, button
lace— sizes 12 to 2. Regular $4,35, at...
Sizes 8 to 12, regular $3.65, sale........
Lot on table o f Misses and Childs tan and
black, button and lace, all sizes...........
(T -i
^ > « 3 .0 0
< 3 * ^ Q ~
Ng—'• s O
m m m m :m m
^>-5 n n
Little Gents Misses and
Childrens Special Cuts
m m
Knur departm ents of the l- rendi
(in\t minent have asked the American
Y. W.
A. to open social und recrea­
tion celili rs for girls employed by
t h e m Finance, Commerce, W ar und
I alitor.
I.lelitennnt Ponret o f the M inistry
of Lnhor recently requested that this
Y. \\ .
A. V o l k be begun for girls In
Ills ofllccs a fte r seeing the social mid
recreation editerà which had been
opened at the requeat of the .Ministry
o f War. Sixteen cen ters of tills kind
are operated In six cities in France.
Three of them are In Parts.
The Inst o f these Foyers des Alllees
is for girls who are working In the De­
partment of L ib o r. It Is fa r down the
Seine, under the shadow of the Riffel
Ton er, and overlooks the Qual d’O rsay.
The rooms are bright and cheerful,
with chintz hangings and cushions, QiOJQ
com fortable elinlrs, reading and w rit­
ing tablas and a I)replace. A kochen
lias equipment so Unit girls cun pre­
pare meals for them selves. They go
Y. W. C. A. S av es W lfa of Gensral to the fojtf*r for their two hour lunch­
From Becoming Charwoman.
eon time, for soclul evenings and for
When the w ar work o f the Y W. C. classes In Ruglish.
A. In Russia him all been told one of
the moat Interesting stories will 11 « In
Itlue broadcloth- skirts used for or-
the establishm ent o f the Drat Women’s gaulzatldn Insignia and |»uld summer
Co-operative Association ill Moscow.
dresses reconstructed Into window cur.
T h ere day a fte r day prUic.-saes work tains are a fter w a r economies of the ■
side by side with |>ensant glrla, wive«
nine Y. W. C. A. secretaries In Arch­
of high Uitsslsn ofHclals m ake drees,;«
or trim bats at long tables with simple, angel. R ussia.
T hese secretaries have Just succeed­
unletlered women, and the money Is
used for se lf support of these prin­ ed, In the fnce o f food and cloth short­
cesses and notable women ns well as ages, in opening n Y. W, C. A. Hostess
House for American troops stationed
fo r the peasant dnssea.
T h e need and sulTertng throughout In Archangel, n lo«rn behind the silled
nil Russia w as so great at the time lines. It w as necesaary to hunt up a
the Association was established that voile summer dress which one o f the
It w as 11 problem to And where the secretaries had discarded for heavy
money would help the greatest num­ w inter clothes In order to have cur.
ber of people. It was thought best to tains at the windows. They live on
expend It to help cnpltullse o rgan isa­ regulation arm y rations.
tions for giving work and permanent
Archangel Is the fourth city In Run-
opportunities to fam ilies and Indlvldu- sla where Ib e ’ Y. \V. C. A. bus estab­
nla 10 curn their own living.
lished work.
Centers were opened
The women tiring their handiwork first In Petregrnil and Moscow and
to the Association for snle or take or­ then In Sam ara. POO miles eastw ard t o
ders to do dressm aking, m illinery, etc., from Moscow.
In the ro o m s o f the society iririit home.
Miss Kllzaheth Holes, bend o f Rus­
Suitable work w as found JiW In time sian work nud one o f the few Am eri­
not long ago to.kecp lb *1 w ife o f one o f cans who remained In (lint country
R u ssia's greatest generals from e d n g
hroughoul the revolution, Is en route
out ns n charwom an to earn b rc u iA o r
o Amerlen by way o f Kngland to re-
her husband, who w as Ilk
i crult w orkers for Russia.
New Spring Goods Now Here At Lower Prices
Hope Bleached Muslin,
Berkley No, 60 Blea Cambric
Utility Dress Cinghams
Red Seal Dress Ginghams
A. F. C, Dress Ginghams
Fancy Dress Ginghams
Best Grade, 36 inch Percale
Table Oil Cloth
20c a
25c a
25c a
30c a
30c a
35c a
35c a
40c a
32 inch Frolic Cloth
35c a yd
32 inch School Day Cloth
35c a yd
Heavy White Outing
30c a yd
Heavy Colored Outing
35c a yd
Mens Heavy Blue Bib Overalls $2,00 a pr
Mens Gray Bib Overalls
$2,25 a pr
$1,25 a pr
Boys Blue Bib Overalls
Mens Heavy Work Shirts $1,25 each
Compare These Prices W ith Catalog Prices
A. P. Speer & Co. Aumsville, Ore.
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