The Stayton mail. (Stayton, Marion County, Or.) 1895-current, October 03, 1918, Image 7

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With no thought of bursting shrap­
nel and poisonous gases into which
they plunge—with every muscle tense,
with every faculty of mind alert,
with one thought only—TO FIGHT'
That is the way our men are going
into battle. When the shrill whistle
sounds the advance, out they go—their
whole heart in the task before them.
9 W e have “Disk Harrows”
Alexandre Dumas Fila Received Only
$S0 for Manurcnpt of Great
N o pow er on earth can hold them back.
For the Fordson Tractors
The same sharp challenge to battle
is sounding for us. We must answer
in the same proud way—the way of
our fighting men—the American way.
W e must lend the way they fight.
We must show the war-maddened
Hun a united American people mov­
ing forward shoulder to shoulder,
irresistibly, to Victory.
Our task is to supply the money,
the ships, the guns, the shells that we
must have to win. It is a tremendous
task. We must do it as our fighting
men do theirs—with the indomitable
spirit of Victory.
We must work, and save, and lend
with one thought only—TO FIGHT
Valley Motor
Agents for Polk and Marion Counties
State and Front Streets, Salem, Oregon
Elbert Thompson Manager
Race of Ciants Who Saw Important*
to Them of the Food
T h u Space Contributed by
Swift & C om pany
saves eggs in baking
flour as urged by the gevernment.
C orn M eal G ridd le Cakes
!<• cap* rorn
1V. rupi bolline wat.r
) oui> milk
blsupoon ahortentng
1 txbl.apoon m ol*»..,
• cup Hour
1 touipoon unit
4 t . 4 » poor,. Royal Baking Powd.r
Bcald com meal In bowl wltli boiling watar: add milk,
r-ialtod chortontng and mulaar.oa; add flour, aalt and
taking roardar which hav. boon alftod togathar; mix
Will. Bake on hot groaaed griddle until brown.
(Tha Old M ethod called for 2 egga)
Eggless, M ilkless, B utterless
1 cup brown turar
% teaspoon aalt
1'^ cup« water
1 teaapoon nutrrr-
tup aeedod raíalo,
1 teaapoon cinnamon
1 enp flour
t ouncea citron, cut fine
! i cup abortanlng
1 cup rye ton.'
b taaipoona Royal Baking Powder
Boll an gar, water, fruit, abortanlng, aalt and aplcoa
tc Tether In aaucepan 3 minutea. 'When cool, add
flour and baking powder which hare been alfted to­
Mix well; bake In loaf pan In moderate
oven about 43 minutes.
(T h e Old M ethod [Fruit Cake! called fo r 2 egga)
*$• ££++&
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Trover=W eigel Studio
In Stayton, will be open
Next visit to Stayton
•F Saturday and Sunday October 5th and 6th 4*
4* 4* 4 * 4 * 4 * 4 * 4* 4*4* 4? t Xtt 4* 4? 4* 4?i4r4? 4* 4*' 4* 4*
Send tor our new booklet “ 55 Waya to Save Eggs.” Mailed free on requeat.
Address Royal Baking Powder Co., Dept. H ., 135 William Street, New York
The Latter la, Beyond All Qtieation,
Dependent Upon the Respect
of the Former.
I do not agree with tlie pessimist*
who think thnt ii democratic civilisa­
tion la n«‘cessnrily an enemy to linn
writing for the public, Henry Seidel
wrltea In the Century. Such crlllea
underrate the challenge wliloh these
rallllona of mlnilx to he reached and
non I* to he touched must poaaena that
writers, like nctors, are Inspired by a
crowded house.
But the thought and the labor nnd
the pnln thnt lie behind go<>d writing
are doubly difficult In an atmosphere
o f easy tolerance nnd Rood nntured
condescension on the part of the
renders o f the completed work.
The novel Is the lest case for demo­
cratic literature. We cannot nfTonl to
pay Its practitioner« with c»sh merely,
for cash discriminate« In quantity nnd
little more.
Saul nnd David were
Judged hv the numbers o f their thou­
sands slain ; hut the test was a crude
one for them and cruder still In Action.
We cannot afford to patronize these
novelist* ns onr ancestors did before
Russian Bolshevik Authorltleg An­
nounce Intention of Giving It
It* Former Indepenflenco.
A little more than ten years ago. In
1007. Persia censed to be n sovereign
nation In anything but name nnd was
resolved Into twin “ spheres o f Influ­
ence." The northern half wns a Uus-
slnn sphere, the southern half British.
The pressure from north and south
grew until It forced out the American,
Morgan Shuster, who had come to put
Perslu on Its financial feet.
That wns an Incident o f Imperialism.
It wns a Hrltlsh-Russlan alliance to
block off Germany from getting Into
Persia from the west by way of Turkey
nnd the Berltn-Bagdad line. Under
the Queensherry rules o f Imperialism
It was a fnlr stroke, with plenty of
historical precedent, say* the Boston
Now the foreign minister o f n Hus­
sion government thnt has no regnrd
for Imperialism nnd Its rules has sent
word to Persia that the 1007 agree­
ment Is all off, null and void, nnd that
Husain will now try to relieve her of
Finland Has Right to Be Welcomed
Among the W orld’s Republics—
Its Great National Epic.
The Sublimity Cider Works is now open for
business« Bring your apples and kegs* I
will put your cider in kegs for 2c a gallon«
Sweet cider for sale at 25c a gallon if you
bring your own kegs or jugs«
Finland o f to-dny Is a prosperous
nnd rapidly developing country. Inhab­
ited by an enterprising, progressiva
and hospitable people. The population
Is. roughly speaking. 3,000,000. Dairy
farming hna become one o f the most
Important Industries. It la more profit­
able than the raising o f grains be­
en use o f the uncertainty o f the sea­
sons. There is absolutely no reason
why the republic o f Finland should
not he a success. If left undisturbed
la Placa «r ia War
by more powerful anil ambitious neigh­
bors. The people are Intelligent, demo­ K F u lly e q u ip p ed lilternl cu ltu re nnd n cie n tlfic d ep a rtm en t*. S p e cia l
cratic nnd frugal, and have had enough H train in g in <«>uiinerce, .lo u rn iilis in , A rt'liite clu re , I. jiw , M e d icin e
experience In self-government to be of ■ T eac h in g . Librar y W o r k , M u s ic , llotiMchold A ria, P h y s ic a l T r a in in g nnd F in e A rts. j
4 M ilitary S c ir n r c in r h a rg r o f A m erica n nnd llritin h o t lic c r » . D rill. Irrlw re« nnd firld w nrk
great help In solving the various per­ H
B P * all up>to««lnlr. Imitcd o n v x p e r ir n r r in preaettl «ear. C'-ompIrtr «yw lrni » ( trvnrkrw, bridge*.
plexing problems that are sure to arise. P
Ctr. Slndrnlw rt*rom nirndrd for L om nu H iion m O tfk ial—«govern m en t It. O . T . C.
T n ilio n F R E K . I.iltrnrv o f Nll.lHK) v olu m e*. D orm itoriea f4»e m en and w om en .
There Is no logical reason why they
Fxpenwe lo«v r«l. m uch «»|>pa»rfunify fo r w ork in i} one** w a y.
should he subjects o f Slavic Russia.
W rite Itegiw lrar. Lug u r, Oreg«»n. I«»r illuelYated b ook let.
Hence the republic o f Finland should
he welcomed among nations of the
I j u A -'
■ - V iiM lT f a n
IP ’
\Vc arc Indebted to Finnish litera­
ture for the Inspiration of one of our
great poems hy one o f our sweetest
n w n s í cETsesn
4 3
T'— 1
In the Hotel Drouot recently, the
library of Jules Claretie, the eminent
French Journalist, novelist, dramatic
author and former director o f the
Corned le Française, who died In 1816,
wns sold. Among other gems, his col­
lection o f books Included the manu­
script o f Alexandre Dumas Fils’ “Tale
o f a Lottery.” sixteen pages in all, pub­
lish« d In 1311. The manuscript con­
tained a letter frem Dumas to Jules
Claretie, Informing the latter that for
these sixteen pages be was paid tha
sum o f ?1’40.
“ I was almost as much ashamed as 1
wns pleased.” writes Dumas, “ to re­
ceive this amount. It was far mor«
than I was paid for iny entire manu­
script o f T-a Dame aux ComelUas,*
which I sold to Michel Levy for the
sum o f $S0.
Tlds novel, which Michel Levy pu»-
cTin-wd for <80. yielded the latter $10<V
°°0. Long after he had signed it,
Dumas regretted this contract whl«A
enri. h d liis publisher at so slight a
p-ofit to himself.
Get into the fight— with you r whole
heart. Buy Bonds— to the utmost!
Royal Baking Powder
Try the following recipes which also conserve white
The flr-f general attempt to Intro­
duce Christianity Into China date*
from April 24, Ifi4.r- w’-cn the t'hlbcse
government, following the dlsimtroua
war -vttl Great Britain, grunted per.
RiiM. m s« foreigner« in teui-li tha
Christian religion. Missionaries from
ninny countries In --an Immediately to
flock to China, but In most places the
“ white dev'!»” were received with boa-
The Emperor Tuou-Kwang,
wlio In the latter port of his reign
favored the Introduction of European
arts and religion, died In 1^50, and
his son. Hlrng-Fung. adopted a reac­
tionary policy.
One o f the <w’ l Result« o f the Intro­
duction of Christianity In China was
the appearance Ir. 1 S ' 1 o f n rebel lend­
er who called h in te lf Tlen-teh, and
who announced himself ns the restor­
er < il the worship o f the true god,
Mtang-tl. and derived many o f his dog-
r .r s from the Bible. He called blrrt-
•!f the brother o* Ji c
the second
con of God and the mon-Tt-h o f nil be­
neath the skies, and demanded uni­
versal suhtnis.don. 1'is Insurgent fol­
lowers ca ll'd themselves Tneptngs, or
“ Prince o f pence,” but the title was
utterly belied by their atrocious deed*.
s * «r<
In many recipes only half as many eggs are required, in some
none at all, if an additional quantity o f Royal Baking Pow der
is used, about c teaspoon, in place o f each egg omitted.
Miazlenarico Followed tha Close of
tha V/ar VAth Croat Britain
in 1645.
Il F’ ordson TI âctors
Vick Brothers are receiving FO R D S O N T R A C
TO R S in Regular Shipments. Demonstra­
tions every Saturday. Come ¿ind see
the Tractor W ork. Orders taken
in Rotation
There is a quaint old legend o f Al
«ace, recalls the Christian Selene«
Moult or, c «corn in g a family o f giants
who. once um>n a time, lived >n a cer­
tain castle in the o!d country, flie
moral o f the story seems u p ,„op r;a t;
at n time when the French minister of
a-.grfmlture Is making s;vecial effort to
• ac.urage the cultivation o f land.
The giants lived, says the leger. 1
fa< from the peasants o f the plain,
uod one dny the daughter o f the
rmuse who, th. ugh quite a chilli, was
u,ready 30 feet high, strolled townnl
tne plain and saw a laborer peacefully
Plowing his field. She p ick «! up the
peasant, the horse and the plow, and
put them In her pinafore nnd returned
to the cosile t«i show what she had
found to her father.
“ What you think is but a toy,” said
the giant, “ is what produces the food
v filch enables its to live. Put bach
the laborer nnd his horse where you
f.mnd them.”
From that time on-
f nrd, adds the tale, the peasants wert
never molested hy the giants.
Bugs in France.
In the reign o f Louis-rhilippe, a
Monsieur Tt rrat had been charged
wLh the duty o f fighting hugs In the
oa -racks o f Paris. It must be believed
thi.t the result was satisfactory, since
by virtue o f an order o f the general
insoector contracts were made In 1840
with Monsieur Terrat for the destruc­
tion o f these frightful insects. Mon­
sieur Terrat demanded 80 centimes foi
each sleeping room. In case the first
flglt with the bags was not decisive
and If he should have to begin again
after some years, the second operation
shothl cost only 50 centimes n room.
Moreover, In these operations he de­
stroyed the Insects In the arms-rack,
guard house, police quarters and
prisons. When he became old Mon­
sieur Terrat offer«! to comraunUcatu
the secret to the stnte for nn Indem­
nity. But this offer was not accepted.
The secret dl«>d with the proprietor.
And that Is why the soldiers o f today
are yet struggling against the bug.—
Lc Crl de Taris.
A Real Compliment.
B’Uy .Sunday has had many com pll
! «neats, but the one he prizes most
deatly came to him. oddly enough,
fraia a criminal’s lips.
It was In Philadelphia. Sunday had
v lslt«l Moynmenslnog prison. Tber^‘
he hail talked with a hous«‘hr.-aker se
convincingly that the man had prom
tsed to lead, on hia discharge, a (’’hrin
tlun life.
This housebreaker, discussing Sum
dny with a guardian afterward, said!
<“ IIe come in hpre, Sunday <lld, an«!
he fairly turni-d me Inside out— mad,
tne sic!» o’ oneself, that’s v.' it he donq
ilh, he's a winner. 'I thin'; lie's one ol
ns—o:ie o’ the gang— r -.'ermetl, yo«