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    ° r,‘K I» Mi. tor ir
Has the Largest Circulation of Any Paper in the Santiam Valley
24th. Year, No.
W. H. Hliaff.
"M n n 'i Inhumanity to man nitk«’
counties* thousands mourn."- Hup«
I t u « «liiiR the tale» of German
fright fulness one hear» comments.
"In ered lln b le!"
"W ithou t p a ra llel!" and »o on.
Uuul patriotism I» u» oiuiuary m itti
The proof that tlxme atorle« are
u real American aa the uli he
breutha. It la au 01 (Unary that the true, or that n n »t of them are, lie»
muli y demonntrutlon» ot gcnulu;' pa- In the fact that historical precedent»
1 11 o 11 mu tuke pince lu our initial are a* common aa blackberries.
uauully go unnoticed. This I» an ex- ; Hpnce permit» the telling of only
Head the thlrty-flr»t chapter
latliiK tact which Khould alway» be; few.
Note verse» 17-18.
fo r true patriotism doe» not demand o f Number».
or deserve he aided pi nine uny more Here you find the Morale fo rm -o f
Pick up Josephus and
1 hun it man or u womun who luburs "K u ltu r.”
you will find In the Jewi»h war* a
to heat atarvatlon.
However, there are occa»»lon« of museum of horrible deed». P o llin '»
newborn loyalty to thl» noble country ancient hlatory I* another catalog of
that deserve mention. For Instauce, terror», (llbbon tell* you of Puga t
a young Ifollaitdor named (MVIlllaui itonte un«l the reading 1» not plcas-
DeLangh, twenty year» ot age and a ' an,
<« q u0 vadia" present* a picture
resident of Went Stayton called u t; l){ o hr|t ttana persecuted; o f thous-
the Office of a local member of the
pu, fo
}>y (.rU(.)fix|„n im-
Advlaory Board for assistance In pitlcd on B(8ktl,
Mv|ng torche»
answering hla Questionnaire
J nf. |(l f||r| #ny form o f ,iI 1 g..r|11K
In » «» w e , In« Series V II relatin g,
u lg aald tlla, 8 l.
to citizenship It developed that Mr.
crucified head downward.
DeLangh was a subject of neutral
So much for ancient history.
Holland amt that he had taken the
little further down the luue of his­
Initial steps toward derlarlng bis In­
tory the scene Is much the same.
tention to become a citizen iff the
Prisoners mutilated In every way—
t'nltod State».
It was carefully explained to Mr. thrown Into vats o f boiling oil, burled
DeLangh that Congress has enacted “ > ,he •>"<* •«
a law providing tbul a citizen or
f*,u wars of Middle Europe furn-
subject of u country neutrul In the !»h one continuous record. Note the
present war, who has declared hi» Jewish masnacre of 1340. Head of
Intention to become a citizen of the the Netherlands during the reign of
United States, shall be relieved from ('harlea the Fifth and Phillip of
llubtlfty to military service upon hla Spuin and where Alba executes 18.
making a declaration. In accordance *¡00. Kvery school boy has read of
with such regulations as the Prest- the massacre on the night of St. Bar-
denl inuy pres« rihe. withdrawing hts tholun; w. The story o f the Span-
Intention to become a citizen of the i*), inquisition with Its rack and tor-
Unlted Stales, which shall operat«« tur,. chamber Ik too well known for
and he held to cancel his declaration | comment
The times of the Reform-
of Intention to become an American! att),n
the Thirty Years Wnr show
citizen snd zhall forever debar him
bllirk M nny
tht annals
from becoming a citizen of the Uuit-|o f pr|me.
Special Primary Election October 1 7 th , 1918
The City Council met In special
uession last Thursday evening. Sev­
eral matters ot importance were act­
ed upon. A general primary election
ord.nunce was unanimously passed.
This course was necessary on account
o f the recent charter amendment
adopted by the town. In the future
candidates w ill be required to file
with the recorder petitions for nomi­
nation as In* larger towns. Petition*
must be filed at least ten days before
tlie primary election. Partisan poli­
tics have been entirely eliminated.
Candidates in the future must stand
on their own personal merits for the
office sought. The primary law pro­
vides among other things that canJ'-
dates receiving a majority of all
the votes cast at the primary election
shall be declared elected and no fu r­
ther election will be required. This
feature has been adopted In many of
the most progressive cities o f# the
State, and has proved very satisfac­
tory. It also eliminates the extra ex­
pense of two elections In many cases
Petitions for nomination sre required
to be signed by at least ten per cent,
o f thel egal voters of the town to be
determined by the total vote cast at
the last proceeding gene-al election
held within the town.
The council also passed an ordin­
ance calling fo? a special primary
election for the nomination of town
''d •s <atea.
jror instance, after the surrender
¡o f Magdeburg T illy allowed hi» troops
He was then asked Qu«*»llon Nos to do a» they pleased fo r three days,
13; namely: "D o you wish to be re
and th#» result was the killing of
lloved from liability to military ser­
j JO.000 persons, and the river Elbe
vice by withdrawing your Intention
was choked by the mass' of dead
to become a citizen of the United
Tlie recent addition to the l amp
bodies thrown therein.
State:, upon the eondltlons nan'.ej In
The hlrtory of Spanish wnrfare Is Meade family, the «3rd Infantry from
the foregoing note
California, is distinguishing itself at
Hi» answer given to the local , d - ' » n‘» h,,r " ,0 ,> ° f
{ ' arlyl* ,n the rifle rat^ge. Up to date it is re­
visor was: "No. I want to become
"French Revolution" paints an-
ported it hus the highest average of
a real citizen of this country and I <>'h<,r picture of cruelty. The rellgl-
any regiment which has gone to the
atu willing to fight In the United «us persecution In Scotland blots an-
range from Camp Meade.
States army If necessary to become a other page of history, while Belgian
O f course there is a reason for this
i rule on tb* Congo and Germany's proud success. The regiment is com­
This young man, though Interested treatment of her African colonies posed o f strong, husky braves of the
In agriculture In a way and having darken» another. To sum up. the west; men who have been accustomed
hts saved earnings Invested In a student of history. Judging from the to handling a rifle or shotgun since
leased tract of land and not strictly past, will conclude that the reports they were boys in knee pants.
amenable to the army draft, asks no of teutonic cruelty ate, In the main
The rivalry existing between the
True, and that the German idea of different companies for marksman-
As evidenced by his conversation, war Is this- a destroying agency In ship u interesting to both officers and
Mr. DeLangh bellevea this country of wb¡<-h civilization. Christianity or men alike.
In the midst of this
Ills adoption to bo the best in th«- mercy does not enter. In fact, a elaborate tented city, no small pup
would, and his belief is amply sub- means wherein every attribute of tents ultowed, is an inconspicuous
stanttated by his willingness to help; „avnKety ,* justified to attain the ond blown-roofed canvas structure with
fight America's battles to earn him nought tor.
a triangle in front, known as the
his full citizenship.
" Y ” tent.
This young man Is a subject of a first prize,
which will be a gold
neutral country respected by tlx« modal.
But each of the ten young
E. Roy is wearing his left
world and worthy of that respect Ho people tn each county whose essays
came to the United States, acquslnt - 1 wore doomed of enough excellence by hand in a sling, the result of
ed himself with our government and i their
county superintendent to be severing the middle finger with
all it means to him and the result Is sent to state headquarters will re- an axe while chopping wood.
ceive a special pin in reoognttloh of
as before related.
i)r. Brewer dressed the injured
Any naturalborn citizen of this thetr efforts.
member and reports that Mr.
great country who Is not willing to
fight for the country of his birth of the county superintendent not Roy will not do the family wood
should go elsewhere for a timely so­ later than September 27.
chopping for some time.
63d Boys Make
Hits at Ranjce
journ. When he comes home be will
Ten million posters and display
realize that hts homeland has untold
cards designed in th# spirit of "no
Ideals worthy of hl*“ be*t protection.
_________ __________
compromise with the Hun" have
Tlie state-wide essay contest In the been prepared by the Bureau of Pub-
Interest of the Fourth Liberty Loan llclty o f the Treasury Department
drive Is nttrartlng considerable a t-; for the Fourth Liberty Loan cam-
tentlnn among the school children of palgn. which begins September 28.
the state.
The subject chosen for The designs are 11 in number, 10 of
the youthful writers Is "M y Liberty them being pictorial In their appeals.
Bond and I," and It Is hoped that a and the eleventh, a c-rd. carrying a
large proportion of the 2^0,000 grade representation of the Fourth Liberty
and high school pupils In the state Loan button and exhorting every loy-
who are eligible will take part In al American to wear the button as
this Interesting competition.
a badge of honor.
Pupils of the third and fourth
The new posters "h it,th e Hun be-
grades will write not more than 2(>0 tween the eyes" figuratively speak-
words; rifth and sixth grades, not ing. reveallrig the menace of Teu-
more than 40,i words; seventh and tonic ‘ kultur” In all Us hideous sig-
elghth grades and high schools, not nlficance.
more than 1000 words. Each teacher
A strong appeal to the nobler in-
wlll select the best assay In her room, stlnrt* of humanity Is contained in
Each principal will select the best W alter H. Everett's design, the orlg-
esHR.vs In her building, one from each Inal of which Is a fine oil painting
compel lug grade. These will be sent of a mother clutching a child to her
to the county superintendent, who breast while another clings to her
will choose the best essay tn each skirt, the mother’s left arm stretch-
grade, ten In all and forward them ed forth In an ngonv or appeal. This
1 «, Fr«' I 1 Bca’.t. chairman or th " pouter lettered “ Must ehlldren die
E«ra f o r t e • S itlo r . Room 203 N. and rr.ixheis plead In vein ?” Is Hth-
W V.'.pl hol’d.I’ p. poit'o,:«’ ()r*«.;uh. orvaolipd 'n in Printing».
The celebrated lithographer. Jo­
where the 370 essays stibm tied will
It ■ - • > r ■ ? ’ 'n 1 one from «-nefi seph Pennell, hn4 dB'.Inbatrl the
■ will l
*1 as worthy of a Striae of Liberty crumbling u n V
J. B. Jeter and family attend­
ed the fair at Salem Tuesday.
German shell fire, and silhouetted
agaiifst a lurid sky and the blazing
ruin» of the city of New York. This
poster Is captioned “ That Liberty
Shall Not Perish From the Earth.”
Five hundred thousand are being Is­
sued in four printings, and a smaller
size in retrogravure.
The menace of Hundom is exem­
plified In a poster by F. Strothman.
which shows a green-eyed Hun with
a bloody bayonet peering over the
edge of Europe, his predatory gaze
fixed upou the United States. The
picture is captioned “ Beat Buck the
Hun with Liberty Bonds.”
One of the most powerful posters
of the series is a bloody hand print
captioned “ The Hun— His Mark:
Blot it Out With Liberty Bonds."
typifying the murder Inst of the Hun.
The artist Is J. Allen St. John.
A pair of bloody hoots, ornament­
ed with the Imperial Oernixn epi.le
nnr rrintlonfd "K eep These O f the
I . S V " constitutes n inther posiev
und cwoveys a mersage which mar be
re td and understood at a s ’ a;.cc. 7 he
avtid 8 John Norte.;.
officers, to be held on Thprsday,
October 17th. At this election there
will be nominated a Mayor, Recorder,
Treasurer and at least four Council-
men. The four councilmen w ill*b e
necessary for the reason that fou.'
must be elected at the next genera!
election to be held in November, two
of whom will serve for four years
auj iwu for two years. The council-
men elected w ill determine by lot
which shall serve for four years aad
which for two years. Thereafter two
coqncilraen will be elected every two
This arrangement was made nec­
essary on account of recent changes
in the State constitution and amend­
ments to the town charter.
A petition was also presented to
the council, through the public ser­
vice commission for an Increase In
electric lighting rates. This Includes
all lighting rates within the town.
The petition sets forth that the pres­
ent rates are inadtquae for service
rendered and that an increase Is nec­
essary on account o f necessary ex­
penses involved In furnishing ade­
quate service. The council took the
position that the service rendered did
not Justify an inrease in rates and
that until better lighting service was
assured they would oppose any at­
tempt to Increase the rates.
The Loggers’ Lament.
Serial No. 120
It Is not entirely our own fault I
that we get false, estimates of the |
merits of public men. What they do;
; most conspicuously Is generally what
: matters least.
; How many public men have you
seen In the flesh? Tw o? 8 !x? A do*-
.en? What was each of them doing!
at the time? Riding In a parade. or| Th„ 3fayton Electric Light Co. has
laying a cornerstone? And when f * , made application to the Pab ic Service
a man more useless than when Pa- Commission to increase its Electric
tailing or cornerstonlng?
rates in Stayton and has submitted the
As a rule we In —tayton don't see, following application;
our public men at all. but we hear i In the Matter of thy Application o f
them aplasb. W e read about their the Slayton Electric Light Company
' noteworthy activities. A statesman for Authority to Increase Rates,
clim b» into the spotlight when h«
The application o f the above named
put» through a piece of legislation. Stay ton
and a general when he wing a battle shows;
At the moment o f »uccess we notice
I. That Stayton Electric Light Co.
them, but the real spade-work es- j is the firm name and style under
capes us. It has already been done. ; which C. E. Taylor, a person, is en-
VVhen the W right brothers became gaged as a public utility in the owner-
ended ship, management, control And opera-
They were unnecessary. They were tion o f a system for the production and
Important when no one had heard o f edlivery o f electric energy,
them except their fellow townsmen
H. That its principal piace o f busi-
who laughed at them for trying to n*** '■ at Stayton, Oregon,
make a bird out of a gas engine
H I. That a» a public u tilty it is
Struggling obscurely against preju- subject to the provisions o f Chapter
dice was their important work. A fter 278 o{ ,be General Laws o f Oregon for
recognition came any one could carry 19M* and law* supplementary thereto
it on
and amendatory thereof.
A picture of an insignificant book-
J_hat under G » provisions of
keeper at his desk would not be very ^ect,on 77 ° t 8a”1 Chapter 279 o f the
different from a picture of General General L » w» o f Oregon for the year
Pershing toiling through reams of 191;* 11 “ unlawful
» « > public utili-
typewritten records concerning trans- ty wUhln ° re* >n to demand* « * " « * , or
porution and commissariat. A fter receive * * r,;ater c°n>P*™*tion tor any
subtracting everything than can pos- 8* rv,ce than **• char* * fixed in ,he
lowest schedule o f rates in effect for
sibly be entrusted to subordinates, (
the same service on the first day o f
try to estimate how much he has to
January, 1911.
V. That on and since the first day
A bronze statue o f him accomplish­
o f August, 1913, it has had in effect
ing the prosaic routine work that
and on file with tlve Public Service
culminated in his tremendous vie- ,, _ . .
- n
f. .
Commission o f Oregon, the rates and
tones would be a faithful likeness. .
„ _ . . .
. „ „
, ,
charges specified in the Schedule here-
but it wouldn t be worth looking at ,,
after attache« and designated as O. R.
as a work of art.
q ^Q ^
W e have grown so fam iliar with
yj ' ^
of) j .
1#n it
his name that we take him for grant- had jn effect the rBU;s #nd chargM „
ed, and fail to appreciate the mag- gpecifigd ,n the Schedule hereafter at-
nitude of our debt to him. On the tached Bnd de(,ignate<i a8 0 R c No
friiits of his labor depended Europe’s j
estimate of America, and he has had
y i L That it applies to the Corn-
countless opportunities of bungling, mission for a revision and increase of
^Lack o f imagination bas spared us the rates sod charges set out in Sec-
Gone, is our foreman, so gentle and j the tension o f suspense, but now tion 5 hereof, In such manne» and to
! that the crisis is past we should such extent as the Commission may de-
And left us (ioor loggers all behind.
draw a breath o f relief and thank termine as reasonable after a' full ar.d
Crepe has been properly, and sadly- Heaven that Pershing had the job.
complete investigation o f the property
_________ _
and finances o f the applicant and the
Around the bunk house and over his
conditions surrounding its operations.
V III. That it applies for these .con-
(Gone but not forgotten) says the pla­
sidération for the reason that the oper-
card on the shack
In the first week o f September a »»>«!? revenues under present rates are
We are eagerly waiting for we want working man entered the bond depart- n°t sufficient to meet reasonable and
him to come back.
ment o f one o f Chicago’s largest banks, necessary operating expenses includiug
Our old Co., it was easy, our uew Co., He asked for the last list published, proper allowance for depreciation, and
’ it is wise.
and picked out a six per cent issue, that certain of the rate schedules in-
With the aid of our new foreman
He then asked ong of the salesmen for volved in the application, especially
Opened wide their sleepy eyes.
a quotation, and received a sad, sweet the flat rates, are inadequate and are
We were easy pensions from the Hook­ smile in reply. .The bonds had all been unfairly discriminatory to both cus-
er to the punk.
1 sold.
tomtrs and company.
And our new Co. wouldn.t stand for
His lamentations melted the sales-
W HEREFORE, said Stayton Elec-
that kind o f costly bunk.
_man’s heart. “ I ’ ll try and get some , tri*: Light Company prajs that after
Wc stood with sinking heart and low for you on the market,” he promised, due hearing and investigation the Com-
bowed head.
and adroitly extricated himself from mission make an order granting the
While talking to the company, this is the customer’ s embrace.
! application herein and establishing the
what our foremen said;
The issue had been for $60.000,000.- said proposed rates, or su-rh rates as it
'T am going to have, 1 will not In- 00 , and the impoverished dwellers in may find to be just and reasonable in
; this war-wasted land had gobbled it the premises.
“ I will resign in favor of an old and , like ice cream. Since those of us who
Dated st Stayton, Oregon this 13th
better man.
¡don’ t fight must work—whether v e day o f September, 1918.
“ The camp is vours, everything Is up j like it or not—we naturally have mon- | Stayton Electric Light Co.
to you,
By C. E. Taylor, Gen. Mgr.
I ey-w h eth er we like it or no», and
“ Take your men and welcome, and tell sound concerns that want $60,000.000.-i
them what to do.”
00 at 6 per cent can Soon get it.
Don’t know as he knows anything
We slowly raised our heads with a tear
“ Those o f us who don’ t fight.” ! about it. They are taking about 40
in our eye.
What is our answer to the fourth loan
And with a trembling hand bid our appeal on behalf o f those who do? ; men out o f each company and are
. starting a new regiment, and hear
foreman good-bye.
What will the munition shop hand at that , hey wU] make another regl.
Now that, the truth is out we have all ten dollars a day do for his khaki clad
ment of this soon, and then fill up
lost our nerve.
brother at thirty dollars a month? We
We are going to work and pay for the are not all high priced workmen, but with new men; that sounds like we
will stay some time.
Both of the
money we didn’t deserve. •
there are few o f us who can not buy a
Forette boys were transferred; they
Our new foreman is honest in every bond by installments.
are about two blocks from here.
kind of way.
We boast that American soldiers are
We have to do the work, and then we the best fed and the best treated in the Some time ago the 63d had a parade
In Washington and made a big hit.
get our pay.
We shall be eternally dis­
And now out to the woods where we graced if we fall below that standard; Wilson said we have the second best
band that ever played in Washington
used to have our fun.
we are the richest nation.
For those
We send the butt hooks flying and who daily risk mutilation, torturing — there are several bands here but
they are not In It. Guess we w ill
catch the chockers on the run.
wounds and death no sacrifice that we
We are loggers now, and I can tell you mhke can discharge the full measure go on another range next week about
twelve miles from here, that will be
o f our obligation.
long range shooting.
I will send
We don't even walk, we just right up
some clippings ! cut out of a paper.
and fly,
From Csinp Mead, Baltimore.
But when the work is over and we are
Nearly every day there is somothlng
Camp Mead, Md., Sejt.
ready for the bed.
Dear Marie and Frank: W ill drop |n the paper’ about us. Frank ought
With tired feet, and aching throbbing you a few lines to let you know that to he here and get some target prac­
1 am fine and dandy, hoping you all tice; don’t cost anything for ammuni­
'Tis then we wish for our old foreman are tl\e same. W e came back from tion. W e do lots of It— we have ten
with his rummy grin,
the target range yesterday and was rounds In our belt at all times. W ell,
Then we would start to work with our glad to get back to camp so we could must close for t^ls time.
pensions again.
clean up. W e had a shower yester- soon. Hello to all.
With 1 ot -\
I day but it Is all over again;; but had
— Charles A. F.
A Stayton Logger.
a real thunder storm the first o f the Co. F. 63rd Inf., Camp Mend. Md.
i week, but don’t sound like they do
--------- - — -------
ora Cooper, th e e ffic ie n t
Sloper & Murphy have moved
flr,t rain I seen since we left home.
G arH n e r’o p to re
their pav.- mill from the Ferry ’ The weather Is getting none cooler .
. . . .
place to West Stayton.
They now; guess it gets pretty coid in the n ere. w taking; her yearly 7 I C I -
One o 'f c r »nid that 'w e tion . S ««» w ill ho a w a y fo r a-
cor’ plot"d the work the first of „ !- c;
! would cat Christmas dinner here, b o llt t h ir t y days.
the week.