The Stayton mail. (Stayton, Marion County, Or.) 1895-current, August 29, 1918, Image 1

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i h•'!»<ni II Hociat/
Has the Largest Circulation of Any Paper in the Santiam Valley
¿4th. Year, No. 35.
Monday h v p i i U ik Hepaiet* Co. A,
Niuyton Oregon Guard* marcli««! to
Sublimity whore they wore light roy­
ally received l»y tin* citizen* of that
IniHtl^iK little city.
Tin’ fleet «top wa* mail« In front of
IXtter, Hell A Co.’a «tore, where the
hoy* were treated to Ice cream by
the flitll
The captain then led the
hoy* to the Mchool xround* where
Lev Father l.anck, III a few choice
wind«, welcomed Co. A, and then
Introduced W. II. Downline, v. ho
talked to the boy« for Home little
time and hi* remark* were well re­
ceived by the company. There wa*
quite a crowd of the citizen* and
country people precent and before
Ibe boy* left three cheer* were Klven
them by the eltlzeu*.
On returning to Slayton, the Com­
pany wa« marched to the liakery
where Mr. and Mr*. Kramer had pre-•
pared Ice cream and rake for the
hoy*. The bakery waa ta*tefully dec­
orated with rut flower* and the *tara
and «tripe*.
Patriotism like thl* make* the
hoy* feel that their effort* are appre­
ciated and the art of Mr. and Mr*.
Knimer will not aoon be forgotten
by the member* of Separate Com­
pany A of Htnyton
The all important ‘ ‘zero hour” of
the battles in France i* to have it*
counterpart in the campaign o f tiie
Fourth l.ihertv 1. tan in Oregon.
Hattie* in Frsnce are timed from an
hour, or minute* of ail hour Thin tune
i* known a* the "zero hour” and is a
secret closely guarded by the division
held*. All movement* o f troop* Hmi
all action i* based on time r*lcu at o i*
made from the "zero hour.”
A cer­
tain infantry receive* instruction* to
take a certain objective at so many
minute* past the zero hour.
In that
way a whole campaign can he worked
out in detvil, with all commander* ful­
ly aware of their relation to other
movements, waiting only the secret
which is the key to the whole move­
Oregon’* “/.ero hour” for the next
Liberty laian is nine o’clock, Septem­
ber 28. This is to be the watchword
of the whole drive and through volun­
tary subscription* this stats i* expect­
ed to hsvc attained all objective* and
again be “ over the top” first by nine
o'clock of the day when other state*
will just be getting into action.
Oouney manages and committee men
in their recent meeting in Portland de-
cidee that it could be done; that all
Oregon needed wa* to be told how
much Uncle Sam needed, and how bad­
ly he needed it. and it* patriotic cili-
xen« would each do their part an wil­
lingly that the effort of «olicitmg com­
mittee* would not be needed.
Huttons for subscribers to the next
loan have also arrived in Oregon and
are now being distributed to the coun­
ty organizations. The button is slight­
ly smaller than the l**t.
It is pat­
terned after the honor Hag of the last
I >an, being a rectangle o f white bor­
dered with red and crossed by the four
blue stripes, syinnolizinn the Fourth
Liberty Lnan.
Poster* and other advertising matter
are arriving in gleat quantities and
problem* ng .previous drives with re­
gard to slow deliveries o f supplies have
been overcome with ei rlv moven ent
from Washington in the way o f large
posters and lithograph* and local pro­
duction of the atnaller matters.
laical Committees will gel what they
want when they need it so that they
will he able to offer their Huhacribera
every inducement to make his volunta
lary declaration in plenty o f time to
make good the plan of the atHte < om-
“ l «aid ehat when I received 1000
!• tier« urging me to he an independent
e rdrdate for «tr.te treasurer against
Mr. Hoff that 1 would announce my
candidacy,” Raid Judge Thomas F. Ry­
an, a*«M»tant state treasurer, last
week. ‘ •Well, the number o f letters
nave pa**. < the (KiO mark arid it is a
foregone <•. nclnaion that I will he a
candidate. I expect to make my an­
nouncement and file next month.”
¿ ¡ i '*
■J? vi A
tlf lU
w ffff .
,*p ’
l t
D raw n by Oaar WllUama. D ivw ion o f P icto ria l P ublicity.
Food «avingi of million* of American« during our firat year of w ar enabled thi» govern­
ment to «end enormous food shipment« abroad for our fighting forces and the Allied nations.
Our savings in cereals— out of a short crop— amounted to 154,900,000 bushels; all of which was
shipped to Europe. W e increased our meat and fat shipments 844,600,000 pounds. Thi* was
America’s “ box from home” to our army abroad and the civilians and military forces of the
Allied nations.
Day Of All Nations
V* ill Open Slate Fair
A "day o f all nation«” will be the
U|>emiig day of the Oregon state fair
this year, according to an announce
meat made la»t week by Professor J.
A Hall, who h>.* been lequealed by
the stole fair management to direct
the patriotic nrogiam for mat occasion.
A larg Amerioun Hag will be' lai-eil,
with the Hags o f other nations be­
neath. The Hag* of the otner nations
will be raised by former citizens of
those nation*. A patriotic celebration
is to be helJ in the auditorium at the
fair grounds.
There will he music,
singing short addresses and a patriotic
livin g L Crook. Macie s y
Fred (ierig, n in ' 6, Snlem
K 1) Burton. 5-K N 17th St. Salem
” nul ( . Gilbert, Sh*w
Flnm C. Jort. roc e I. Salem
William A. Guerne, Turner
Otto D. Bn rg -r, r.-ute 7. S*.lem
Frank Etzel’ St* y ron
Harney Leighton, Silverton
Wm McKinley Forhis, 2330 North
Commercial street, Salem
H.irry L. Riche*. Silverton
( ’ hat. Schmitt, Show
Fred A : Miller, Turner
Owen H. Smith, Stay ton.
Jos. 0. N u ien, route 9, Salem
Louis F. Cornu, Macleay
Vernon P. Mentzer, 1055 North 18th,
Carl W, Hangen, Silverton
Roy W. Hammer.of the Oregon state
hospital, Salem
Albert Flnnell, Marion
Frank E. Caspell, Shaw
A veld Bserieh, Salem
Fave Your Pit Seeds
The nped o f eons-rving peach feids
or pit», ¡.irk tv nuts, wslnuts and but­
ternut* for i *e in making carbon for
gas mask* is urged in a statement is-
, ‘ Ued today by the gas defence division
o f the Lotted States Army.
ides o f the magnitude o f these needs is
afforded in the announcement that 300
tons a day o f this raw material is be­
ing used and that the demand is in­
Next to a Liberty Bond, the best
investment you can make is a col­
lege education
for your son.
' Address T. I. Mver.
Food will win the war.
Serial No. 1176
manufactuie. The army of labor must
keep step with the world day by day
to render civilized life possible.
If these are the obligations of the
nation to labor in times of peace,
how much gt eater do lhe> become in
times of war. The army of working
men is lessened by the drafting of
men for the non-productive Industry
of war. New duties are Incumbent
upon the men who are left. Ships
tutiBt be built, equipment and ammu­
nition for the army made, there must
he nn Increase in the coal mined and
shipped, and additional supplies of
all kinds must be transported.
Without the army of labor at home
there could not be the army of com­
batants In the field. The obligation
of the United States to its body
workers Is great. The workers have
shown in the main loyal acceptance
of the alms of the government and
loyal endeavor to assist In carrying
out these aims.
Labor Day this year of all others
should tiring different classes of
Americans closer to each other In
sympathy and understanding.
dier and civilian, capitalist and work­
er, we are a people inspired by one
great purpose. Let us give honor to
the force of working men who help
It is well that the government has fo make the attainment o f that pur­
ael aside a day out of the year, dedi­
pose certain.
cating It to the cause of labor u
day when we are called upon_ to turn
our thoughts to this great element of
The local exemption board last Tues­
the world. At ordinary time* we are
day made the first draft call for Sep­
likely to take the conveniences of life
tember. There will be 28 men who
for granted anil to overlook the fact
will go from Marion county and they
that from the beginning to the clone
will entrain for Camp Lewi* about the
of our day labor Is the bnslc element
sixth of September. Following are the
which provides these convenience*. It tiHme* of those who have lieen called to
mines the coal which heats our go on the above date:
houses. It Is essential to the light­
Daniel M. Doll. Portland
ing of our streets and the running
Roy B. Davenport, Si verton
of our railway trains and street cars
Andrew Brown, Peach, Wash.
F.very article which we use. whether
Herbert J„ B-a’ , St Louis. Me.
It Is made of wood from the forest.
Chss. E. Urum*ickle. Metslin halls,
Iron ftom the mines, or snv other Wx-h’ngton.
p.oiiuc' of :) nine, leqUiT’ * I 'r'" it
v i.lin
l: .If,. Rente **. S » l« m
everv sten from the procuring of the
• I- 'V M*'•>(''•***•., Ro.i>- 3. Salem
iua . nl .o t'i f i r * - h -ch of
. i t , A j ,'n. . . R. ., galt m
So will
So will' hardware— and
And courage
And loyalty.
Mt. Angel College, St. Benedict. And, if we must admit It. so w ill that
Ore., w ill begin its 32nd year of edu­ much vilified ingredient of our inter­
cational work Sept. 12, 1918. Ad­ course. the sordid commodity called
dress T. 1. Myer.
The national revenue is among the
Make a real man of your son. Mt.
When we think of It
Angel College. St. Benedict. Ore.
the Capitol dome at
Address T. I. M>er.
It is the wish of Separate Co* “ A " Stayton
Guards, that you lay aside your work, Monday
night to attend a joint drill of the Stayton Co. A
and the Silverton Guards. There will be a
large delegation from our sister town and it s
the intention of the Stayton boys to make this
one of the biggest events of its kind ever held
in the history of the town*
Everybody is invited to come to the school
grounds and watch the boys drill, and after the
drill there w ill be some sort of entertainment
and a lunch w ill be served. Turn out and
show your appreciation of the boys' patriotism
and help them entertain the Silverton bunch.
It is the request of Capt. Lam bert that all
members of Separate Co. A , Stayton Oregon
Guards be at the hall by 7 :3 ) Man h r evening.
Judge Ryan was a candidate for the
Republican nomination for state treas­
urer in the recent primary election
and w as defeated by a narrow margin
by O. P. Hoff, the present labor com-
n issioner. Judge Ryan said that Da­
vid Mason of Albany, who .received the
D.mooratie nomim tion for state tte-s-
urer, had agreed not to accept rhe
nomination hut instead throw ais sup­
port to him.
In a letter to the editor from
Secretary I*ee, of the State Fair
Board, he says that the state
fair this year will be bigger and
better than ever before.
automobile race will be a feature
of the first day and will be d if­
ferent from the usual auto races.
All the machines, which will
be stationed at certain distances
apart, v ill start at the 3ame
time at the crack of a gun and
whenever a machine is passed
by another it must drop out, the
race to continue until all ma­
chines but one have been passed.
Another feature of the open­
ing day, which has been previ­
ously announced, will be the flag
raising, in which all the allied
nations will be represented.
Secretary Lea of the fair
board says he is endeavoring to
arrange for an Indian pony relay
The board decided to purchase
a good supply o f hay and other
stock feed to have on hand for
the convenience of the stock ex­
hibitors, as last year the exhibit­
ors had some difficulty in get­
ting feed. The feed will be sold
to them at cost.
Music for the fair will be fur­
nished by the Rosarians and
Campbell’s bands and the Old
Soldiers Fife and Drum Corps.
Opening Gun For
Salvation Army Drive
Fired At Salem Sunday
Great enthusiasm prevails at head­
Washington and Hre statue of Lib­
quarters in Portland over the coming
erty, c f C ant’s tomb and other em­
drive for the National War Service
blems of America's
abiding sov­
Fund of the Salvation Arm y in Ore­
gon, in the fact that already 27 enun-
The National Treasury Is con­ ties, through County Councils of De­
cern. J in your shoes and my Pan­ fense and kindreu organizations, have
ama. If all of us here in Stayton decided to put over this drive for the
have paid cash for everything we Salvation Army, beginning September
own, the store keepers we bought it 15th. The remaining counties in Ore­
know exactly where they gon, just as soon as the Held repre­
stand. Multiply that by the number sentatives get to see the Chairmen o f
of towns in the Republic. Every one the County Councils o f Defense, will
will know exactly what he can af­ also, no doubt, decide to do this work
ford to do and spend. The U. S. A. through their organizations.
would have taken its own measure.
It has been decided that Sunday,
Ot course, a theory like this can September 15th. should be Salvation
be pushed to an absurdity. In busi­ Army Sunday in the churches, and tl •
ness operations involving the balanc­ request goes forth that the ministers
ing of large credits the day would be throughout the state in their service«
too short if we tried to do everything on this day say something about the
nesses are on a modest scale, most wonderful work the Salvation Army is
of us are not financiers, most busi­ doing and mention the drive to the peo-
nesses are on a modests cale, most )1 , which really opons on this day.
Last Sunday at Salem, by invitation
transactions can be completed with
Governor Withy combe, the Marion
the exchange of dollar bills for value.
County Council o f Defense and the
Why, then, allow this disturbing
Commercial Club of Salem, “ B illy”
element, credit, to butt in where it
Sunday spoke at the Armory in behalf
does not belong?
Or, if we can't
y f this fund, and the citizens of Salem,
keep it out. why not prevent it from nearly four thousand strong, who had
getting in too deep?
tne brivilege of hearing and seeing
Perhaps this proposition sounds “ B illy” in action, never before in
like a sample from the top shelf of their lives heard such a speech, brim­
the Sunday School Library, or an ex­ ming with patriotism and urging folks
tract from the First Reader. A lerge to give rhe Salvation Army a chance to
part of our patriotic duty, when help the doughboys in the trenches o f
formulated, is merely a paraphrase France. Mr. Sunday fired the opening
of one of these moth-eaten author­ gun of the Oregon Salvation Army
Waa Fund drive and its boom was
It sounds like sentiment, but it is heard around the state.
really sense.
Hardly any one in
Stayton can make the excuse that he
“ Uncle Sam” Cards Out
is out of work
The W ork or Fight
Next Monday evening Stay-
rule takes care of that. The d iffi­
patriotic merchants will
culty is not to get work, but to dodge
in their windows
Wages are abnormally high.
There Is no famine of monev, but a card, informing the purchasing
there Is of men. We can work day public that their places of busi­
and night if we want to.
ness are closed from 7:30 to 9:30
For the duration of the war let us
Monday evenings through friend­
make it a principle here in Stayton
to run as few credit accounts as pos­ liness toward Separate Company
sible. and to pay them promptly. We A, Oregon Guard (Stayton Com­
could establish a rule to hold a gen­ pany) and courtesy to the busi­
eral "P a y Up W eek’ ’ here at inter­ ness men who are drilling with
vals. and during that cheerful festi­ the company.
Friends of the
val wipe the slate absoluteU’ elenn.
Guard will do the company a di­
Other towns might take a tip from
us. and if Washington became a con­ rect service in making their pur­
vert io the idea and appointed ‘ ‘ Pay chases during other hours, and
Up W eeks” throughout the country, by trading with the merchants
we In Stayton would share with the who will in the future have
inventor of the Thrift Stamp and
these cards on display in their
the Liberty Bond the distinction of
windows. ‘ ‘Watch for the Un­
forg'ng a financial weapon that
By order o f
would stiike the Kaiser frem his cle Sam cards.”
i o ic.