The Stayton mail. (Stayton, Marion County, Or.) 1895-current, May 23, 1918, Image 2

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    Tü£ S T A Y T
Entered as second class matter at the postoffice at Stayton, Marion
County. Oregon, under the A et of Congress of Mardi 3, 1879.
N o te s
Following is the program for
Dr. Gilbert of the University
C. E. Dailgherty
of Oregon has l>een engaged to
deliver the graduating address
S. and
for the High School on the even­
ing of Wednesday. May 29.
Paul Stayton
l.eo Kleoker visited the high Lincoln's Gettysburg Ad­
school Tuesday.
Win. R\an
Melvin Nipple has resigned his
position at Newport and will
work during the summer in Port­
Star Spangled Banner. Everybody
All students are very busy
finishing up their work by the
end of this week,
The eighth grade program will
be held in the H. S. Auditorium
on the evening of Tuesday. May
28. A good program has been
prepared, a feature of which will
be an address by Mr. Edwin T.
Reed, College Editor, of the Ore­
gon Agricultmal College.
Reed is one of the most enter­
taining and instructive speakers
in the State, a man whom you
want to hear again. His subject
will probably be “ Over the Top”
one of particular interest to
school graduates. This is not a
graduating exercist because the
returns from the examinations
are not expected until after that
A program will b* given at
the high school at 10 a. m. on
Thursday May 30. which is Dec­
oration Day. The G. A. R. and
the High School are co-operating
in this imd it is the intention of
those in charge to have a pro­
gram to the standard of those of
former years. Memorial Sunday
May 26. will be observed at the
Ice Cream and
Soda Water
School Books,
Flash Lights, Drugs
and Prescriptions
M R S. E.
Dora Murphy of Mrs. Lau’s
room bought a WarSavings Stamp
this week.
There is a new pupil in Miss
Sehilferer’ s room. Maxine Cas-
pell enrolled last week.
Miss Gladvs powning carr.e
home from Oregon City Friday
to visit over the week end with
home folks.
rest. Backache often indicateH had
kidneys and calls for prompt treatment.
The best recommended remedy is
idoan'a Kidney Pills. Profit by this
nearby resident’ s experience:
Mrs. M. E. Bilyou, 3tk> E. Fourth St.
Albany. Ore., says: “ I never knew
what it was to be without backache
from the time I was a little girl up to
two years ago. The older 1 got, the
more 1 was bothered with my ba-k
and kidneys. My back nearly killed
me at times, it ached so badly. When
1 got down to pick up anything or sat
in one position very long it was all
I could do to straighten up. I suffered
n groat ileal front inflammation o f tne
bladder. I used three boxes o f Doan's
Kidney Pills and they cured me o f that
awful backache and put my kidneys in
good working order.”
Price 6bc. at all dealers.
lHm’ t sim­
ply ask for a kidney remedy—get
1)'s Kidney Pills the same that
Bilyou uses.
Co., Props., Buffalo. N. Y.
On account of being drafted and having to report M ay 29
1 will sell at Public Sale on the old Going place 1 mile south
and 1 1-2 miles east of Aumsville
TUESDAY MAY 28, 1918
Beginning at 10 o’clock the following described property
l Brown gelding 5 yr old wt 1400
\ 44 44 3 “ “ 1100
1 Bay gelding 4 yr old wt 1200
1 Sorrel gelding 10 “ 44 1100
Farm Implements
3 1-4 Bain farm wagon, hack, buggy, No, 222 Oliver steel beam plow,
Oliver H plow, 60 tooth harrow, set doubletrees, set 3 horse doubletrees,
3 sets work harness, set single harness, pair stretchers, Swanson grub­
bing machine No, 2, 2 power pulleys, one nearly new, about 400 feet of
cable in short lengths, other articles too numerous to mention.
TERMS OF SALE:—All sums of $10 and under cash, sums over $ 10 six
months time at 8 per cent on bankable security.
Geo. Keech,
A uctioneer.
H. F. Weitman
O w n er
A rout II or UHAVM.V
ÄW. n a n on
I h t lomkmmt
D aalar* all a rou nd Kara carry il in lO c .p o o c h « * .
A 3 c. d a m p w ill put it into hi* hand* In any T ra in ­
ing C a m p o r S oop ort o f th o U. S. A . E * » a "o v a r
th » r a " a 3 c. ita m p w ill taka M to him. Y o u r daalar
w ill »a p p ly au valopo and give yo u officia l diractioaa
h o w to addra*# it.
A piano teacher from Seattle, Wash,
tuts purchas'd a nome at West Stayton
and will tal.«' a limit.'.I munticr o f pu­
pil» at summer fl t M ,
R*f(tW M N
Mrs. Rossell visited Miss Crab­
tree's room one day last week.
G iva any m an a t-h.-w of Haal G ra y d r Plug, and
ha w ill tali you i S a l ' t tho kind to iamJ. Sand lha
O rd in a ry plu g U falsv a con om y. J t coat* Ia n
par w a «k to ch aw Raal C r a w ly , bacaua# a •■nail
ch a w o f il ta il« a lon g whila.
T. W . JOHNSON, Prop,
Last Friday the Junior (‘‘lass
of the high school gave one of
the best programs ever rendered
here. The stage was tastily dec­
orated with their colors, blue and
old gold, and their class emblem
But N ot S o Pad If Y o u K n o w H o w to
and the program took up most of
R ea ch the C ausa.
the afternoon. This is the first
class day ever celebrated by any
Nothing more discouraging than a
class in the High School, and the constant backache, l.ame wlirn you
Juniors are proud to have this awaken, pains pierce you when you
bend or lift. It’s hard to work or to
Mrs. Henry Smith conducted
the eighth giside examinations
this vear. There were sixteen
in the class to take it. and all
being strong in. their work, high
averages are expected.
Caldwell ranks highest in this
If he doesn’t chew yet, he’ll alice it up
nnd mix it with his pipe tobncco to give
it flavor nnd improve nia ainoke.
You will tend your friend more tobacco
comfort and satisfaction in one pouch pf
Rt a! Gravely Plug than in half a dozen
plugs of ordinary tobacco.
Address all Communications to The Stayton Mail
school by fitting services in the
Auditorium at 3 p. in.
Whether He’a Flflhtlnfi on Sen
Send him u pouch of
Real GRAVELY Chewlnu 1‘ lug
M i m i , a rivai o i K ta l {.'raat/jr k t t f t
la |M jj I*« lomg, «fari Avan.
It. C R A V I .L V
T O B A C C O C O . Danville»Va.
IVh A v s g c i t h r e th i s%J C i te s ti m u d
— i i f# n u t H orn ! (iruvt/r w i t h o u t O n « /'re fctli. n
I .1 i MUIA m I |H 1| «
Th«»r# la m ore C a ta rrh In (h it iw ction
o f the c o u n tr y r . m ail o th er ili.«oai»es
put Ie c » ther. und tor v t u r f il arua *>up-
|H*ar.l to be in cu ra b le I»... t « t*r* r rtM d
lo ca l r em ette«, am i by tu iv fa llu * '
to c u r e w ith I ihm I ••catnum» i»r> n»um v«I
It Incurable. C a le r ti» is u local dluuuN ,
g r ea tly It.tlu rn ’cd by run a»Itutlonul t o n ­
n i and I
I r«
t " 1 '
ttonul trea tm en t.
H til * C atarrh
d n e , m a n u fa c tu r e d b
V* i c »etioy ea-
C o.. T oled o, O h io, le a co.iK titutlonal
r«T ed y. la tak -n in tern a lly a al acta
th iu th»* F lo o d on the M u rcu e Surface«*
o f the S y atcm
O ne H u n d red l> o !l» !» ro-
w ard ta offe re d to i a n y c i*e that l l a l l ’a
C a ta rrh M odi Tne fa il» to cu re. Send fo r
c ircu la r* un i t stitnor.laU
F J. C H E N E Y «ft CO.. T o le d o . Ohio.
Sold by D ru g g ist*. 76c.
H a ll's F a m ily I ’Ll* (o r c o nati pat loti.
£ a 2 Ready F or
An Opportunity
One often hears, " If / only
had a lit lie money / could make
a fortune. ”
In theCircuit Court o f the State of
( 'regon for the County o f Muriou.
Department No. 2
Grant Murphv an Adminialrator o f
the Estate o f S. H. Bur,on «iveeaaed.
plaintiff vs. O. I.. Burson an«i Fannie
R'irson. his wife. Defendants.
To Fannie Burmin, one o f the defend­
ants above named.
In the name o f the State o f Oregon,
You are hereby required to appear and
answer the eomplatnt filed against you
in the nlmve entitled Court and »nit
within six weeks from the date o f the
first publication o f tins Summons, to-
wit: On or before the 23rd day o f M ai,
1'.*IS, ami if you fail so to answer, for
wuni thereof, the plaintiff will apply to
the Court for the relief prayed for in
the complaint, viz.
For a foreclosure ui>on the following
■■.crilM'il premises, to-wit:
■ iicgmnii | at t ie quart*: Sect mo cor­
ner between ections
" d 9 in To n-
ship 9 South. K« i e 1 W e ' o f the W 1-
lamette Meridian, .Vi . ion C 'U nti, Ore-
gon; thence West n ci.aina; thence
North 2.7 .10' West 11.92 chains; thence
west 5.9<) chains to the middle o f the
Salem Flouring
Mills water ditch:
thence down sni l ditch to »¡">int where
the iniildle o f the same is in ter si cted
by the East line o f .< :tU a. re tract o f
land owned by E. C. B ater: thence
north 2.tto chnins to the Northeast cor­
ner o f said .30 acre tract; thence North
89 30' East 8.44 chains to the North­
east corner o f E. C. I’.aker’a land;
thence South 25 30’ East 27.22 chains
to the place o f beginning and contain­
ing 23.53 acres, more or leas, situated
in Marion County and State o f Oregon.
Also for a judgment against the de­
fendants O. L. Burson and Fannie Bur-
aon for the sum o f $235.00 together
with interest thereon at the rate o f
eight per cent per annum, from the
the 17th day o f September 1916 until
paid and foi the further sum c f $50.00,
attorney’s fees, and for the costs and
disbursements o f this suit; that the us­
ual decree be made for the sale o f said
premises by the sheriff o f said Marion
County, Oregon according to law and
practice o f this court; tiiat the pro­
ceeds o f said sale be applied toward the
payment o f the amount due the plaintiff,
including attorney’s fees ami the ctsts
o f this suit; and that defendants O. I,,
Burson and Fannie Burson and all pe--
sons claiming under or through them,
or either o f them suhsct|ueu* to the e x ­
ecution o f the mortgage aet forth in
said complaint, whether as purchasers,
incumbrancers, or otherwise, may lie
barred and foreclosed o f all their right,
claims, liens, estates, title, interest
and equity o f redemption, in, on, or
to said premises and every part thereof;
that the plaintiff may become a pur­
chaser at said sale and that the sheriff
execute a deed to the purchaser; that
said purchaHer be let into the (Kissession
o f aaiii premises and the whole thereof
upon the purchase o f the same and that
plaintiff have such other and further
relief in the premises as to the court
mHy seem just and ¿.|uit»hle.
This Summons is served upon yon by
publication tin ftwif in tin . layton Mail,
a newspaper published weekly in Stay-
ton Marion County,Oregon, by order o f
Hon. Geo. G. Bingham, Judge o f the
Circuit Court o f the State o f Oregon,
for the Third Judicial District.
Dated on the 10th day o f April, 1918.
The first publication to be on the 11 th
«lav o f April, IPlH, and voi. are required
l<> aptiear and answer on or before ^he
23rd day o f May, 1918.
StaVti.r«, Oregm..
Attorney for Plaintiff.
* at
W hy not be rca !y when op­
portunity knocks at your door?
Plan to place in the bank a
certain percentage o f your a al­
ary or business profits.
Then when the main chance
comes along you'll be ready
for if.
Banking in every form.
Farmers <5c Merchants
Bank of Stayton Oregon
C a p i t a l $ 25 , 000.00
W e c^rry a large line of
dry goods, shoes, notions,
gents’ furnishings,
caps and rubber goods, etc.
has a large line of fancy and
staple groceries, canned goods,
smoked meats. In fact ev­
erything you will find in a
first-class Merchandise store
is to be found here at prices
that are right.
r. f . A
* *
-. g. A ,. c A c. ♦
c. a « *
« *•> A
% A a
y A A