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Physician and Surgeon
S t a y t o n . O reoon
Wilbur N. Pintler, D A D .
If vou arc paying a high ra te of in­
te re st. why not refund your loan at
a lower ra te and more liberal term*.
It In not good huainese to pay a
higher ra le of in te re st th an the
m ark et durnanda, nor la it goodhoai.
ncaa to keep your aurplua lurid* on
tim e deiawita a t 3 to 4 p e rc t. p er an ­
num when 8 per cent can readily be
aecured on flrat Farm M ortagca, If
you have money to loan or wiah to
refund or aeeure a new one, eall or
w rite 8. II. H ELTZEL, S tay Urn,
Oihro Opp. Lanrcfleld Shu« Store
Phone *162
S tiv lo n , Ore
Surprise Party
H. H . H E L T Z E L
Mrs. Chamberlin and family,
who mode in the northwestern
part of town, were very agree­
ably surprised Sunday when
Home of her relatives motored
over from Salem and gave a sur­
prise dinner in honor of her fath­
Office Room No. 8, Hoy Mil*.
er's birthday.
Those present were Mr. and
Thomas Gosser, father and
G. F. KORINEK, V. S., B. V. Sc
mother of Mrs. Chamberlin, Mr.
V eterin arian
and Mrs. Fred Anderson and
T rent« all domentie animal«, alar little daughter, Mr. and Mrs.
appliua th e Tuberculin teat.
Frank Wells and two small sons,
Telephone 3x7
and Mrs. D. S. Gosser and
O ffic e a l S ie y lo n S ta b le *
Delphine, Mrs. Thomas
STAYTON . . . .
Gosser Jr., and Masters Randolph
Phillip, Eugene and Clarence
Gosser, also Miss Florence Gosser
who had spent the week end with
her sister in Stayton.
A ttornev-at-L aw — N otary Public
School Notes
Million Letters In the Mails Today
Bearing Magic Words “ With the Colors”
Keynote of the Splendid Work the Y .M .C .A . Does Among
Our Men In Uniform Is Keeping Them In
Touch With the Folks at Home.
w as
evening on tb e broa<l
H em pstead Plain, Long Island,
where the Rainbow division was
• pending It» last night bef re em b ark ­
ing for France. It had been raining
hard In tbe afternoon -a cold, steady
autum n downpour and th e re w ai
nothing to suggest the rainbow In the
outw ard asp ect of th e camp. Lines
and lines of sodden canvas housed
27.000 men, g athered from 27 different
sla te s Tiie ground was dotted with
pools and quagm ires. U nder tbe wet
ran v as It was damp and cold, with a
p en etratin g eldll. Lit by flickering
candles, tbe te n ts were far from ch eer­
ful sh elter for a m an's last night In
his native land
But there were seven big ten ts
w here electric lights, num bers and
friendliness m ade th e night p le a sa n t
W orld’s Beat Loved T radem ark.
Tula war lias made ua think hard
and fast.
Your b jy or your neigh­
bor* b-y or t o u t buy you know and
love has been ca lltd to do his sh a re
in the big J.b of policing tbe world for
democracy and human liberty, la U
any com lort to yon to know th a t wher-
aver h it duty may call him your boy
will nave a friend th a t will serve him
In body, mind end soul? Are you
In each of th ese a soldier was stru m ­ gmd to know th a t tbla friend wl.l place
ming on a piano; o th ers were reading books end m agazines a t bis disposal,
books and m agazines; hundreds were organize claasae to teach him w hat­
w riting le tte rs home.
Behind the ever he w ants to learn, give him a
raised counter e t one end th ree or four pocket testam en t and Invite him to
young men were busy p astin g oat Join religious m eetings of the faith
en v eo p ea.
selling tba*. he w ai brought up In? Did ytru
stam ps and weighing parcel*, which rea:t„e tha the association provides
the men were ten d in g home. One of athletic equipm ent for his favorite
the soldiers said to me as I stood In games, teaches him gam es If he knows
the te n t used chiefly by men from none and holds concerts, lectures,
Iowa: "W e cornu all tbe way here movies, Bible classes, dram atic en ter­
from Des Moines, and we were m ighty tainm ents and every kind of w hole
lonely Then we found tnia Y. M. C. some am usem ent to keep him In terest­
A on the Job, and It’* been a home ed ; Are you glad to know th a t this
and more than a home to ns. It gav# frlerd will go with him overseas, help
us w hat we w anted when we needed to shield him from a score of difficult
It most. W e’ll never forget I t T he and dangerous tem ptations and follow
him right up to tba front line trench
boy*' best fr> n d la the Y M. C. A.”
Fine. Clean-Cut, U pstanding Fellows. and beyond#lt? The last contact the
How close those benches w ere pack­ soldier has with this life he loves so
well la a cup of tea given him by the
ed with men. bending over the long
Y. M. C. A. tree Just before he goes
tables absorbed In th e ir wrlUng! "ever the top” to a hand to hand stru g ­
W hat an appeal to th e sym pathies gle with the enemy. And aa he cornea
those g reat groups of sc’disns make! tottering back from No k.r.n’s Land,
Fine, clean cut. upstanding fellow*, wounded, but strong enough and
some of them m ere boys, one thinks plucky enough to keep on his feet,
Im m ediately of the sacrifice they have even before hi* wounds are dressed
made for the rest of us and how pre­ the Y. M. C. A. Is waiting for nlm with
cious they ere to some one back home. tea and sw eet chocolate, the greet com­
forts of the man In the trenches. Do
Som ew here. In far off »arm or village
you wonder th a t the Red T riangle la
or city stre e t, th ere are p aren ts or called ’ th e best loved trad em ark In
b ro th ers or wives who would give all the worldT” One soldier In F ran ce haa
they p o sses* 'fo r one glim pse of th o se called It "th e last evidence th a t an y ­
sunburned faces as you and I see body care*."
If every thinking cltlsen could see
them on th e h la st night before going
aerate. And It wes with a th ro b of with his or her own eyes som ething
th e h eart th a t I w atched them , bent of tb e actual work being dons for our
over th eir le tte r paper. In one afte r men by th e association th e re would be
no question of th e Y. M. C. A. having
an o th er of those seven big tent*.
to appeal to th e public for money.
T hese w ere th e tenia of the Y. M. C.
R ath er than lot this easentlal work
A. On th a t teat night In Am erica the
for an In stan t rich men wonld
association was serving th e soldier*
eall th e ir m otorcars, poor men would
In the best of all ways—giving them
an opportunity to w rite home. On forego coveted possessions o r even ne-
previous n ig h ts they had enjoyed box­ cessltles. T h* work m ust go on. be­
ing bouts, movies, concerts, dram atics cause th ere is no on* th in g th a t con­
and a acore of h ealthy en tertain m en ts trib u tes *o much to th e sp irit and ef­
s s well as roltglous meetings. But on ficiency of the troops. T he Y. M. C.
th is la st night home ties w ere strong­ A. Is w orking night end day to help
est. And perhaps th a t la the keynote tbe governm ent win th is war. And
of th e splendid work the T. M C. A. every penny th a t la given to eld the
Is doing am ong our men in uniform — work la a direct assistan ce to the
h ealth , happiness and stre n g th e t your
keeping them In touch with home.
boy and mine.
Magic W eeds, “W ith th e Colors.”
•n ap eh o ta of Keleldeeoeple W ork.
U these tlm ss there a re som e le t­
In all th e big cities In F ran ce where
te rs th a t m ean m ors to s s than any
w a have aver read before. T hey ar* our men pans through In large num­
w ritten oa sh e e ts of paper a tam ped bers. th* Y. M. C. A. is operaUng
w ith th e S tars and S tripes end th e hostels, w here they can get bed* and
red trian g le of th e Y. M C. A., and m eals a t a minimum c o s t In London
they beer tb e m agic words. "W ith the th* A m erican Y. M. C. A. naa erected
Colore “ T h ere e re m any m ore then e U rge building for our eold teru 'aad a
a million auch le tte rs in the m alls now clubhouse tor A m erican officers.
T h ere are Y. M. C. A. dugoute rig h t
whllo you reed this. P erh ap s o ne a t
behind the front line Irene he*, w here
le ast la on it* way to you. Each one th e soldiers can get hot drinks, crack­
of our I I cantonm ents, where the new ers and o th e r com forts a t all hours.
n ational arm y la boing trained. Is
O ver 2,000 mon who had been reject­
using more than a million sh eets of ed on ecconnt of physical disability
th is paper every month. In the d ra ft ■ have been able to get Into th* B ritish
arm y alone th a t m eans 14.000.000 fila­ arm y by reason of th* physical work
m ents of love every month reaching ; of th e B ritish Y. M. C. A.
out from the great encam pm en. w nere
'A fleet of m otor car* leave* th# big
the men are being trained lo ts the Y M. C. A. h ead q u arters In London e t
g rea test arm y tble nation ha* ever m idnight every night to pick up sol­
dream ed and binding inem to th e diers who are w andering about tb e
h ea rts e t home.
Multiply th a t by stre e ts w ithout an y wholesome lodging
thinking of all the o th er places where tn which to spend th* n ig h t Thee*
Uncle Bam has men w ith th e flag—In cere a re o perated by Engllahw om ea
navy yards, on the high ease. In arse- of position and refinem ent, who rep o rt
n a’s and officers' training camp* and th a t they never m eet any dUcourteay
"Over T h ere” In France. In all th ese at th* bands of th e soldiers. T he Im­
places men a re w riting home. Thoae portance of thU service can be esti­
unassum ing little sh eets of notepaper m ated by th e fact th a t a t least 60.400
gladden million* of h earts e day. soldiers are on leave In London every
They tra n sfe r m ore love from one week, p v e r half of these sleep la Y.
M. C. A. beds every n ig h t
Sophomores from scoring above
E n tertain m en t on Vast Scale.
them but they would win. The Th* Y. M. C. A. haa erectad a big
score was 23 to 16 in favor of the auditorium , seating 3,000. In each of
th e big d raft camps, and h u g e Chautau­
The Fresh played a qua tents, seating 2.500 In the otner
heavy game but the Juniors car­ encam pm ents. The association Is run­
ried it by 3 scores, the Freshmen ning a 22 week en tertain m en t circuit
the cam ps and Is paying 16
had 15 scores and the Juniors 18. Mnong
com panies of en tertain ers, who are
The Basket Ball games for Fri­ tra v e lin g to 30 camps perform ing be­
day evening will be plaved bet­ fore th e men.
ween the two Literary Societies.
In each of th e d raft camp* tb e Y.
L C. A. has ten secretaries engaged
The average attendance of the In
educational work Tbe association
pupils of the grades and high t« seeing to *tt th a t every man who
schotfl is very good at the pres­ canhot speak E nglish la vaught to do
ent time.
so. In m any of tne cam ps tha asao-
cU tlon haa a singing director, who Is
teaching th e men to sing th e popular
Sylvester Bronn was taken to and m artial airs th a t do ao much to
Salem Monday, where he under­ keep up th eir spirits.
Of 14 Y. M. C. A. men e t Camp
went a surgical operation. His
Dlx only th ree ar* being paid full eal-
The potatoes are dug and the
high school students are proud
of the results of their work.
There were four wagon loads of
* Lulay & Schindler
potatoes hauled from the fields,
the students feel that the
Contractors fc Builders
yield repaid them for their
Dwelling houses a specialty
trouble. The boys left town
Let us figure on your build­
early Thursday morning and at
noon they were ready for the
We can save you money
"eats” prepared by the girls.
A good job gauranteed
The girls helped the boys in the
afternoon and the work was fin­
Phone 77
P- 0 . Box 198
ished quickly.
In order to help the Red Cross
work as much as possible, many
of the high schoolgirls spend the
noon hour snipping. This work
was crowding the Red Cross
workers and the giris are help­
ing by doing it for them.
Bath Tubs, Lavatories and
Walter Goss and Harold Aekin
all Sanitary fittings—Farm­
spoke to the high school students
ers-W e carry a. line of
Monday morning, on the Y. M.
pumps, leader water sys­
C. A. campaign now on. They
tems, etc. Gasoline engines.
told how the Y. M. C. A. work
was hflping the boys at the front
and how the students could help
make things more pleasant for
the boys.
The Apollo Literary society
a short business meeting
Monday and elected Lynn Neal
the B. B. Captain, and the A. C’s
also held a business meeting and
P ro p rie to rs .
elected Roy Follis the Basket
Ball captain.
Several of the high school stu­
dents went to Corvallis last Sat­
urday to see the football game
between the 0. A. C. and
K fkst Market Price Paid Far Fat Slock
the Washington State College.
While in the city some of the
students visited the
If in th e M arket
Commercial D epartm ent
Loreen Parker, County Food
Administration demonstrator, is
C hevrolet o r Biiick
to give a demonstration to the
F our o r Six Food Preparation class Thursday
Phone or Call on
(today) at 1 p. m. in the Domes­
Science room.
0 . M. B aker, A gent
7th and 8th grades are
Kingston. Ore.
doing special work in drawing,
preparing posters for the Thanks­
giving program which is to be
given in the higt\, school auditor­
Kingston- Stayton- Salem ium. Friday Nov. 23.
The 6th grade spent last Sat­
Will m ake regular trip* every day. urday at Fulton’s, enjoying a
.Sundays included as follow*:
very pleasant late fall picnic.
A. M.
;P. M.
The 5th grade is making a
7:40 l . v . . . . K in g sto n ---- Ar 5:30
7:50 ........... S t a y t o n . .. ......... 6:00
| thorough study of Indians, the
8:00 l. . . . . ..S u b lim ity ........- 4:60
3rd and 4th grades are studying
•8:20 ......... A u m sv ille ......... 4:30
Pilgrims and Indians.;
8:40 j . ......... T u r n e r .:.............. 4:16
9:16 I A r . . . . Salem '
.1 a : l l >
The pupils of the fourth grade
•M eet* T rain 62northl>oumi a t A um s­
planning on dramatizing a
ville. S tage leaves opposite 0 . E. de-
■pot In Salem.
fable and putting it on the stage.
The poems of James Witcombe
Stayton-West Stayton
Riley are being read and discuss­
o. »
. 8 r : fi;()0pln
4 6 a.m . i ed by the pupils of Mrs Lau’s
7:00 a.m . • Lv Stayton
4:10 p.m.
8 K)0 a.m . A r W. Stayton Lv 8:12 a.m . room.
mother and Mrs. H, J. Marking
6:18 p.m.
6:00 p.m.
The Basket Ball gam-'» of last .ore with him. He is reported to
Friday evening were played.
H a T rm n A*.:to Stcjre The Seniors worked to keep the be recovering nicely.
Fresh, Salt & Cured Meats
Lard & Creamery Butter.
part, of the wor'd to r.nnfh»r than ata-
t l i t l c can nx press. S tatistics e re
pretty poor anyw ay w hen I com et to
reckoning In term s of love and human
L et’s put It t la way:
T hat the Y M. C. A. la th* b: :geat ex-
prea* com -any the world has ever
*e ,-n. ar. I the parcels It la handling
are the love* and devotion* of human
* -’** Tn all th e p-m*« t*-« majority,
of t » Y. M. r . '
e h.(v# .»ft lucre
•lea ro«tr>p« t „o i '» work a la :-’*
[ »«cause ita appeal is rre s ie tio ie to
I any red blooded man. H arry Lauder
the faosMus . Scotch singer and com *
die», new on his farew ell concert tour
In the U nit 'd State*, la giving all hU
sp are tim e to th e service of the a sso ­
ciation and Is singing to th* soldiers
a t ah th e cam ps he can reach.
In one of th e d raft rs m p s th e Y. M
I C. A. 1* supervising ath letics on 120
I playing flelda, providing full athletic
! equipm ent. T be w inner* of th e Inter-
regim ental gam es will play th e cham ­
pion* of th e o th er camps.
One of the g re a te st service* ren d er­
ed by th e association Is th e making
Kidnap TroebU May Be Sapping Yew-
Life Away. Many Peepla Have
Learned This Fact.
When a healthy m an or woman be­
gin* to run down w ithout ap p a ren t
cause, become w eak, languid, depres­
sed, suffers backache, headache dizay
«pells and blader disorders, weak kid­
neys may be the cao*«r. The slig h test
symptom of kidney trouble ia too se r­
ious to neglect. _ Doan’s Kidney Pill*
i out of money orders by which the men have earned th eir fam e by th e ir effec­
can send th e ir pay hom e to th eir fam­ tiveness in stren g th en in g the kidneys
ilies. In som e of th e big c a ro ls the and keeping them well. Can S tayton
Y. kl C. A. Is providing banking facll- reader* dem and fu rth e r proof of th eir
; itlea for th e men aa well.
m erit than the following statem en t?
Do Your Bit W ith a T enner.
Mr*. M. B. Churchill, 706 Belmont
T his m onth (N ovem ber) the Y. M. S t.,Salem , O re..says ’’Three years ago
: C. A. m ust raise f35.000.040 to carry ! was down in bed fo r a week w ith my
on It* w ork am ong our soldlera and
their alllea until next July. Of this back. I couldn’t g e t up or down w ith ­
j 135.000.000 about 324,000.000 will be out help and my back was w eak and
•pen: on tb e work with our own troops lame. I was sick all over. H earing
or about $10 for every man in Uncle ao many recommend Doan,a Kidney
Sam 's uniform , if everybody who has Pills, I sent for a box and had taken
received le tte rs from soldiers and sail only a few doses when I fe lt b e tte r.
i m w ere to co n trib u te $10 th e task Two boxes stopped the trouble in every
] would be easy. Are your boy’s health way and I fe lt like a different p erso n .’*
and happiness and clean soul worth
Price 60c, a t all dealers. Don’t sim­
$10 to you?
Your town mayor, your pastor, your ply ask for a kidney rem edy—g e t
I school su p erin ten d en t will kr.ow who D oan's Kidney Pills—the sam e th a t
j Is th e tre a s u re r of th e cam paign com Mrs. Churchill uses. Fnster-M ilburn
j m tttee in your county or town. Other- Co., P rops., Buffalo. N. Y.
! wise send a check or money order t o '
i Cleveland H. Dodge, tre a su re r, 134
Dare Sloper and wife returned
E ast T w enty-eighth stre e t. New York Saturday from a business trip to
I city.
Only sacrificial giving by m illions of Portland.
j givers will m ake possible t-ho contln
Harvey Anderson and wife
! nance of th is v ast work for Am erican
visiting in Milwaukie.
! soldiers and for thoae of our allies.
Several from here attended the
foot ball game at Corvallis Sat­
There will be a big mas.* meet­ Mrs. H. Beauchamp and Mrs.
ing at the high school auditorium Lee Tate were in Salem Friday.
Friday evening. Out of town
speakers will be present. A cor­
dial invitation is extended to all
Services 2nd 4th and 5th Sun­
to be present and hear talks on
at 8:30 a. m.
important issues of the day.
Rev. Fr. Lainck. Pastor
Big Meeting Friday
St. Marys Church
i» T O W E R 'S
Its loose f it and “good
feel "put you at ease on
any job that turns up.
a j
. Town» co.
—J . M. RINGO—
S ta te o f O hio, c ity o f T o le d o , I _
L u c a s C o u n ty .
F r a n k J . C h e n e y m a k e s o a t h t h a t h e la
e e n lo r p a r tn e r o f th e firm o f F . J . C h e n e y
A Co., d o in g b u s in e s s In t h e C ity o f T o ­
ledo. C o u n ty a n d S t a t e a f o r e s a id , a n d
t h a t s a id firm w ill p a r t h e s u m o f O N E
H U N D R E D D O L L A R S fo r each a n d ev­
e ry c ase o f C a ta rrh th a t c a n n o t be cu red
b y th a u s e o f H A L L ’S C A T A R R H C U R E .
F R A N K J. C H C N E T .
S w o rn t o b e f o re m e a n d s u b s c r ib e d In
r t y p re s e n c e , t h i s 6 th d a y o f D e c e m b e r.
A . D. UK.
(S e al)
A. W . G LEA SO N .
N o ta r y P u b lic .
H a l l ’s C a t a r r h C u r e Is t a k e n I n te r n a lly
a n d a c t s d ir e c tly u p o n t h e b lo o d a n d m u ­
co u s s u r f a c e s o f t h e s y s te m . S e n d f o r
te s tim o n ia ls , free .
F J . C H E N E T A C O .. T o le d o . O.
S o ld b y a ll D r u g g is ts . 75c.
Taka H alt’s F assilv P ills t o r a
A . A . Cutter Loggers and Cruisers
Currin Loggers, Factory Calked
Florsheim and Master made Dress
Shoes for men
School and D ress Shoes fo r Boys and Girls
Lancefield Shoe Store
Low Round Trip Fares to Land Products Show, Portland
Through California
T o
th e
Costs B u t L ittle M o re
You have
Choice of 4 Trains Pailv Portland to San Francisco
Superb Scenery of Siskiyou and Shasta mountains
Visit to Dear old San Francisco
Choice of Three Routs East
Through Ogden with Wonders of High’Sierra Nevadas
Through Southern California and Sunset Route
Visit Los Angeles—Tourist Centre Of the West. „
Visit the ApacHe Trail
L et us arran g e your trip to th e best ad v an tag e
Ask any A gent fo r p articu lars o r w rite
Jo h n M. S co tt
G eneral P assenger A gent
Portland, O iegon
i ..